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Outdoor fun with a complete stranger
I visit the local gay clubs in town quite a bit when on a night out but not just because I’m bi, but because it’s a good night out. The music is good and the drink is cheap. I normally go there to pick up girls (who you get quite a lot of in there) but I always tend to draw more attention from the guys.

This story is about a night out I had with my work colleagues where some of us ended up in one of the gay clubs I visit regularly. As with all work nights out most people tend to disperse home or to other clubs towards the end of the night but I worked with a couple of gay and bi guys so I would always tag along with them to the gay clubs.

It was about 2:30am by the time we got to this club and we were all quite drunk by this time so I was just hoping to have a couple more drinks to finish the night off and have a good dance, I wasn’t at that point expecting or trying to pull anyone. We were in the club for about an hour before I needed to go to the toilet for a pee so I finished off my drink and made my way to the gents. I normally use the cubicles but they were all in use so I had to use a urinal. I was there cock in hand peeing for a few seconds before a lad came up to use the one next to me. I noticed out the corner of my eye he was checking me out as he stood there and pulled out his cock to pee. I kept my head down trying my best to aim in the right place.

“Nice cock!”

I looked up and over to the guy standing next to me who had just said that. I was a little bewildered but I looked down at his cock which he had gently grasped with his right hand

“You too” I replied

I finished off, zipped up and made my way over to the sinks to wash my hands. This other guy did the same and again I noticed him checking me out through the corner of my eye. I gave him a quick smile as I headed out of the toilets and back to the bar. I bought myself another drink and rejoined my friends on the dance floor. For a while I was completely oblivious to this guy from the bathroom watching me from across the room but then I clocked him and for the next 10mins or so I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He was a tall guy, about 6’2” so slightly shorter than me, with light brown short hair which was swept forward. I wouldn’t say he was slim but he looked toned and athletic but he did look cute with a tight arse, and, well a nicely sized cock.

I finished my drink and headed back over to the bar for another one and I saw this guy heading in the same direction. The bar was busy so I had a little wait ahead of me to get served. The next thing this guy walks up to me and says

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Err sure, Vodka and coke please” I replied

A few minutes later and we were served our drinks. We headed over to a corner of the club where it was little quieter.

“I’m John” said the guy

“Nice to meet you, I’m Dave” I replied

We stood there and chatted for a while about various things before John came out with

“Do you fancy some fun?”

“What kind of fun you got in mind?” I responded

“I know somewhere quiet we can go to get to know each other a bit better” John said

I was quite drunk by this time and probably would have agreed to anything

“Why don’t you show me then” I replied

We put our drinks down and I followed John towards the club entrance. I looked over to my friends and they were all partying away so I didn’t bother to say anything and carried on. We got our hands stamped so we could get back in and left the club.

“It’s just round the corner” John said as we left the club

I followed John round the side of the club and to an ally that runs along the back. It was a dark alley but there was some light from the neon club signs on the walls. It was lined with industrial size bins where the clubs throw all their empty bottles and glasses at the end of the night. We stopped next to a pile of empty crates pushed up against the wall. John turned round grabbed hold of me and pulled me in towards him. I felt his warm body press up against mine as he moved in and planted his lips on mine.

We stood there kissing, tongues darting about the inside of each other’s mouths for what seemed like ages. Our hands running up and down each other’s bodies, pulling ourselves into each other. I felt Johns hands wander down to my pants and he started rubbing the bulge that had developed down there. I did the same to him but his bulge was bigger than mine and it started to turn me on so much. I felt John trying to undo my belt, buttons and zip and the next thing I know my pants are falling to my ankles. He quickly reached inside my boxers and grabbed my hard cock. He started to stroke it nice and softly at first but he began to get faster and grip it harder as he went. As he did this I started to fumble for his pants. I struggled a little getting his belt undone but once that was done I made short work of the rest and dropped his pants to the floor. John was wearing a tight pair of white Y fronts with a huge bulge in them. I pulled them down and let them also drop to the floor and I was left with this big cock hanging there just waiting for me to play with it.

I wasted no time in grabbing hold of it. His skin felt so soft in my hand but his cock was so hard. I began to run my hand up and down his long shaft and over the head. He was circumcised, my favourite. We were still kissing at this point and we could sense each other getting hornier and hornier. I felt my hand get a little moist as his pre-cum began to trickle out of his swollen head. I couldn’t resist it; I wanted that cock in my mouth. I pushed John back onto the wall and I dropped to my knees. His cock was perfect height for my mouth and I immediately sunk his throbbing cock into my mouth. I swallowed the whole thing before pulling it back out again, running my tongue up the underside of his shaft as I went. I wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock as it slid out of my mouth. I grabbed hold of it and began to stroke it nice and slow for a little while, while I used my tongue to tease his cock, licking the head and sucking on it a little. I could hear John moaning with pleasure as I did it and felt him trying to push his cock into my mouth. I gave in and let him sink his cock deep down into my mouth till it hit the back of my throat. I began to suck him slowly at first but I got a little carried away and got faster and faster. We were there for quite a while and my mouth was starting to ach a little before I felt his cock start to tense ready to cum. I kept on going, wanting his hot cum to shoot down my throat, in and out of my mouth till eventually I felt his warm sticky cum fill my mouth. I was used to guys shooting their load in my mouth by now so it didn’t faze me when his cum his the back of my throat. I sucked him dry, wanting every last drop in my mouth, swallowing every little bit. Once I was sure he had stopped cumming I pulled back, licking his cock as I went. I stood back up and John grabbed me and started to kiss me, wanting to taste his cum in my mouth.

We stopped kissing and John said “Your turn now sexy”

We swapped positions and I leant against the wall that I had just had John up against. John dropped to his knees, grabbed my hard cock and sunk it into his mouth. I could tell this wasn’t his first time as he played with and teased my cock, making me want him more and more. I felt myself starting to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth while he teased it with his tongue. My breathing became deeper and I could hear myself starting to moan and Johns sucking got faster. He used one of his hands at the same time to switch between wanking me and sucking me and soon I felt myself needing to explode. He could tell it to and he sunk my cock back into his mouth to catch my load. I felt my body start to tense as my hot cum started to pump out of my cock into Johns waiting mouth. I must have been really horny as I pumped load after load into his mouth. He couldn’t swallow the lot and cum poured out of his mouth and down his chin but he kept on sucking, making sure he had every last drop.

John finished sucking me dry, pulled away and stood up while wiping my cum from his mouth. I leant against the wall completely exhausted from the ordeal with sweat dripping off my forehead.

I looked John in the eyes with a huge smile on my face when he said;

“That was great Dave, how’d you like to carry this on?”

“How do you mean?” I responded

“How’d you like to come back to mine and we can continue this in private” he replied

I was a little nervous as I had only just met this guy but I was also still drunk and I was anybody’s.

“Sure” I replied

A huge smile crossed Johns face as he pulled up his pants and readjusted himself. I did the same and made myself look presentable.

John pulled out his mobile and called a taxi to pick us up outside the club as we wandered back round to the entrance. The door staff of the club grinned as we rounded the corner so they must have known what we had been up to.

We waited outside the club for about 10mins just chatting until out taxi turned up. We jumped in and John directed the driver to his apartment not to far from the city centre....

Please read Part 2 of this story to find out what happened next


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2010-06-19 19:32:38
when I was 16 2 men used 2 pik me up on the street go 2 a place give me a good blow job and take back would do 2x a month was great

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-09 18:10:56
sounds just like an experience i once had, was such a hot experience. loved your story and cant wait to read more

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2010-06-07 05:51:43
Awesome story, loved every minute of it and made me cum really hard reading it

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