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It was the last week of summer and me and my friends were going to a summer camp. It was me, Dominick, Matt, Joe, Eric, and Anthony. Our parents made us go cause they were going on a cruise for the week. When we arrived we were assigned to bunk houses ours was bunkhouse 34 which included me and my friends and two other boys both age 12 named Brandon and Greg. They were two of the cutest kids i had ever seen. when we got to our bunkhouse we unpacked our clothes. After we left for dinner we came back and went swimming while changing i notice the 12 year old have hard ons in their adorable blue briefs. Dom out of the blue goes hey i think those kids are curious. "No shit dumb ass" so i walked over to them in my blue boxer briefs and ask them if they wanted to have some fun. They didn't realize that fun mean't having sex. I pulled them over to where we were and we stripped in front of them. Their faces were frozen in awe of how much bigger our dicks were then theres. we all put our suits on and left for the lake. after about three hours we came back. we were all tired so we decided to call it a night. i changed out of my suit and put on a new pair of red briefs and got in my bunk. i couldn't help but stare at everyone while they were changing. Dom was wearing briefs along with the others with the exception of eric and anthony. after we got in bed we fell asleep. Then at about two i feel someone tapping my shoulder its greg. he had a nightmare and asked to sleep with me i said why not so he got in with me. his perfectly round ass was rubbing against my briefed erection. after i had fallen asleep if feel something touching me all over its Greg. I acted like i was still asleep to see what he would do. Then i feel the covers fly off and there's Matt standing there too. Matt began rubbing my thighs then worked his way up to my crotch. he then pulled down my briefs and licked my shaft. oh it felt so good. i then woke up and scared them i said why did you stop so i grabbed Greg and began to make out with him i grabbed his little dick through his tighty whities making him moan a little. them i grabbed matts briefs and pulled them down. i was stroking both of them till matt said he wanted to go all the way again. by now everyone was up due to the ruckuss. Dom was kissing Brandon and Eric and Anthony were kissing as well. I licked matt's ass then i told Greg to penetrate matt he didn't understand so i showed him. then he came around and shoved his 4 inch penis into matt. Then without warning i shoved my dick into gregs ass. he groaned and i could see a tear so i stopped and let him relax then i slowly pushed in and out which cause him to go in and out of matt. after 5 minutes of intense fucking i feel my orgasm coming the suddenly Greg's ass tenses up causing me to go over the edge and i came in his ass. i pulled out and went to matts front and sucked him until he exploded in my mouth. then Greg pulled out and shot a clear liquid all over matts back. he was wondering why his wasn't white so i told him that hes just not that mature yet. we all cooled down and took showers then we went back to sleep.

The next day we went through our scheduled activities we the went to the shower house to clean up. while stripping down i grab everyones underwear and give it a sniff. oh god i love the smell of underwear. then i stripped and joined everyone in the showers. as usual i went down on Dom this time i started sucking his dick then Matt came over and i stroked him. after a few minutes i grab Dom and put him on a bench i have him suck my cock then I licked his asshole all over. then i shoved my 6 incher into his ass oh he was so tight. I pushed in then pulled out. he was moaning and saying oh ryan fuck my ass oh god i'm your bitch oh fuck my ass harder harder. then i started yelling oh i'm gonna cum i pull out and shoot my load all over his body. then he used my cum as lube and returned the favor oh how good his dick felt in my ass it was so awesome he turned me on my side and lifted my leg up. he then shoved back in and began his crazy pace oh my god i was in heaven then i grabbed brandon and began fucking the shit out of him while dom fucked me ow i was in heaven again then dom pulsed and shot his load deep in my ass i pulled our of brandon and sucked him till he came all over my stomach. then i showered and put doms dirty briefs on oh i felt so dirty. Then we left to go to the bonfire. at the fire we roasted marshmellows then we left. when we got back we played some xbox then played truth or dare. I started i dared Greg to make out with Dom so he did then Greg told me to give him a striptease so i slowly removed my clothes till i was only in my tommy hifliger briefs he had a raging hard on. the Dom asked everyone if they wanted to smoke some weed he got. we were all down except for the 12 year olds they stayed back and from noise we heard probably had sex again. but we stoned out of our minds made our way back inside and fell asleep in eachothers bed cuddle close in just our underwear.

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2014-12-11 08:56:08
U fixed your spelling and grammar and the story was great

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2011-10-02 05:18:00
Love the story. I remember me and my friend Jake when we where 12. One night we decided to Play truth or dare. It started off pretty normal e.g. Who do u like, have you ever kissed someone. But when my friend Jake dissides to pick dare i told him to strip down to his sexy green Ben Ten brief and he has to stay in his underpants all night. He had a hard on it was almost bursting out of his underpants. When itcame to my turn I picked dare and he told me to do the same. So I slowly took off my top then my pants and then finlely my White Ben Ten briefs. We both were obsessed with Ben Ten and to be honest I thought he was cute. My underwear had Ben Tens face on the crotch and on my but I had in big letters Ben Ten with all the aliens on them. Me and Jake were both not very tall for our age, only about 5 foot but we were slim and well trimmed.

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2010-07-31 00:35:57
Write more, but slow down and double space between lines.

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2010-06-08 23:37:05
Did you write this while drunk? Your others were much better.

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2010-06-07 19:59:49
Way to fast. What happend all your old stories were awesome this was just to fast.

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