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Since Jess enjoyed the rougher things I decided to try more. We did go a lot further this time. And yes, we really do talk a lot when we have sex.
Jess & I, the Line Between Pleasure & Pain

I managed to get a week of good weather and didn’t see Jessica alone again for two weeks. Tim was back to school for his employer after just a week and a half home. The last time Jess and I were alone together, before the night we spent with Tim, she’d found great excitement in the rougher things I’d done, and seemed turned on by those closest to being painful. I’d offered to bring some toys that would give her pain without permanent harm to see what she liked and just how far she wanted to go and she’d been more than agreeable, maybe even openly excited. In addition to the ropes from before, I’d thrown in some clamps that could be used on either nipples or clit, and that could be weighted for added effect or discomfort. A blindfold with heavy ear plugs to increase a sense of disorientation, and a selection of paddles and crops rounded out the toys I hoped to use. At the last moment I decided to toss in both a ring gag and a ball gag, just in case.

In the three nights I’d spent in Tim and Jess’ bed I’d checked the heavy post and rail frame and the four sturdy canopy posts and determined that the bed had some interesting possibilities for tying Jess up and inflicting discomfort. To say that I was excited about the possibility was an understatement, but I still needed a good excuse to stay over and play with Jess. Possibly more importantly, I knew Tim would be wholly supportive of my efforts, since he and I had shared our interest in administering discomfort for sexual purposes.

Sure enough, the weather turned bad even before I left the office. That I couldn’t make it home was clear before I got near Tim and Jess’ house, whether I’d even get that far was a real question. The more I thought about not getting there the more I wanted to, and the more I wanted to, the harder my cock got, and that just made it harder to drive and concentrate. As before I stopped at the station off the highway and called both houses, mine so my wife wouldn’t worry, and Jess’ to let her know I’d be staying over again. She sounded like she almost came just from anticipation. I drove that last couple of miles in almost breathless anticipation, and as soon as I’d parked the car and turned off the engine I was out of the car with both bags and into the house in a flash. I set one bag down, the one with my clothes that I wouldn’t need until morning. The other I handed to Jess with a whispered admonition to take it upstairs and put it on the bed, but not to open it or look in it or she wouldn’t get to see the uses for what it contained. She trembled a little when she took it, but she did as she was told.

As usual we had a bite to eat and got their son to bed. I’d told Jess to prepare herself as she had the last time, and she did. She went up and showered and shaved and came downstairs to do the tucking in routine wearing a plain robe over nothing. Just knowing that she was naked and freshly shaved under a robe that shouted “Mommy” had me stretching the front of my jeans. Since the weather forecast was for this storm to last a while, possibly even a couple of days, we sat up to watch the late news. I convinced Jess to lay down and put her head in my lap, and as soon as she did I untied her robe and flipped it open so I could see her body. Every time I look at her I think she’s more beautiful than the last time, and this was no exception. I rolled her onto her back and reached between her legs to rub her pussy and her clit and get her properly prepared for what I had planned.

“Open your legs.” I ordered. She spread them a little. “No, I mean open your legs, spread them wide.” She pulled her knees up and put her feet together, nearly up to her butt. “That’s better.”

I slipped a finger on each side of her clit and rubbed. She was still a little dry so I slipped my fingers inside to get some lube, then rubbed some more. A few repetitions and she was very wet. “That’s much better.” I moved my slick fingers to her lips and she licked them eagerly. “Have you given any more thought to finding a pussy to eat?”

“I have but I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it.”

“You know that both Tim and I would be very pleased if you’d learn to eat pussy as well as you suck cock.”

“I know, and I want to, I just may have to start some way other than one on one.” She hesitated. “Does that make any sense at all?”

“Are you saying that the first time it might have to be in a setting other than one on one sex, or even two on one sex with you and a woman and either Tim or me?” I went back to rubbing her cunt.

“Yes. I have fantasies about making love to a woman, and to even more men than just the two of you, but I’m not sure I could do it with just one woman and wake up in the morning and look at them. Her. I don’t know. Oh god. Yes. Just like that. That feels so good.”

I took my hand away and put my fingers back in her mouth. “Wouldn’t you like to know whether another woman tastes as good as this?”

“Yes.” She put her own fingers on her clit. I don’t know. I do and I can’t.”

“Did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“No.” She moved her hands away.

“Better.” I put my hand back on her mound and rubbed her again. “Maybe we should arrange something where you could have your choice of one or all of several women and you could explore with them, but they’d go home after the sex. Would that work? Maybe if you were blindfolded or in costume so they wouldn’t actually have you, but what you were pretending to be?”

“I think I’d like something like that.” She moaned. “I like what you’re doing too.”

“Good. Let’s go upstairs, we’re going to play a little rough tonight.”

“I think I’ll like that.”

“I think you will too. Leave the robe, you won’t need it and I want to watch your ass while we go upstairs.”

When we got into the bedroom I looked at her. I was struck again by just how beautiful she was with that tiny slim body and her freshly shaved pussy. “Okay, before we start, do you want the toilet? Because we’re going to be at this a while and once I start you’ll not get a chance until much later.”

“Yeah, I think I’d better.”

When she finished she came back and stood by the bed. I’d laid out some ropes, but flipped the bag closed over the other toys. “Okay, hold out your arms, one at a time.”

I tied a length of soft rope, about ten feet, around each wrist. “Stand up here on the bottom rail of the bed, facing away from the bed.” I got on the bed behind her. “Now give me your arms.” She raised both arms and I secured the ropes near the top of the canopy posts with just enough tension to hold her firmly.

“Okay, now for your legs.” I adjusted the position of her feet between the posts so that her feet were spread almost as wide as her arms. I used another length of rope to secure each ankle to a post in the footboard. The top rail of the footboard forced her hips forward and made her balance awkward, which of course, was the idea. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy. She was nearly dripping with excitement. I let her lick her juices again, then went behind her on the bed to start selecting toys. Jess turned her head to see what I was doing.

“Ah, ah. Eyes front. I’ll tell you when you can look.” I laid out the clamps and attached the medium sized weights, then selected my favorite paddle. Flexible enough to sting but not cut.
“I’m going to paddle your ass. Because I like that, and because it’s a good way to start. I want you to remain completely silent and focus on the sensations it produces. Not just on your ass, but anywhere else you feel stimulation.”

I applied the paddle sharply to her ass. She bounced a little in her restraints, and there was a hiss of breath, but she stayed quiet. Again, similar. After five she was clearly stimulated. Then she turned her head to see what might come next. “I said, eyes front. Now you’ll get extra strokes and then something else extra.” Jess hung her head and I applied five more sharp strokes of the paddle to her ass. It was suitably reddened and warm. I rubbed her ass. Felt wonderful. I dropped my clothes to the floor and stood in front of her.

“Now, for looking to see what was coming, you’re going to get another surprise.” I went back and got the three clamps and brought then around and stood in front of her. I held the clamps up in front of her face. “Do you know what these are?”


“They’re weighted nipple clamps.” I explained. “Although they’re not always used on nipples, which is why I have three of them. I’m going to put one on each of your nipples. Do you know where the third one will go?”

Jess’ eyes got big. Especially when I opened the clamp to show her the teeth that held it in place. “My clit?”

“Good girl.” I placed the first clamp on a nipple and she gasped. The second produced the same result. I flicked the weights with my fingers and she moaned but didn’t cry out. I knelt in front of her and felt her pussy. She really was dripping now. I licked her juices then sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned again. I sucked long enough to make her hips move then pulled back quickly and snapped the clamp on her clit. I flicked the weight and she moaned loudly.

“Excellent. I like the way those look hanging there. How do they feel?”

“They hurt a little, but in a good way, kind of. Does that make sense?”

“Only if pain is good for you.”

“Then maybe pain is good for me?”

“We’ll know shortly.” I went back to the side of the bed and retrieved the paddle. Jess gripped the ropes holding her arms in her hands. Good. She was anticipating more pain to come. I swung the paddle against her ass. Whack! She rocked in her binds and moaned. I varied the timing and didn’t allow her to anticipate, nor wait too long, but before I got to the twenty strokes I’d planned the paddle and the weights brought her to an orgasm that rocked her body and left her sagging against her arm ropes.

I went around in front of her and discovered a puddle on the floor between her legs. She’d cum and squirted before she passed out. Tim was going to love this!. I knelt down and removed the clamp from her clit and sucked it into my mouth. She moaned again and her eyes fluttered open.

“I can’t believe you made me cum like that.”

“I can, but it’s still a pleasant surprise.” I untied her feet. “Grab the ropes again.” She did and I swung her legs up and put them around my waist. I lined my cock up with her opening and shoved it fully into her pussy. The weights on her nipples jiggled and she gasped again. She used her arms to swing into me so that we were pounding against each other, my cock pleasuring her cunt and the clamps drawing pain from her nipples. We went at it like that for several minutes until another orgasm hit her. This time she did scream. I gripped her hips and slammed into her as my own orgasm hit me and my cock spurted furiously deep inside her. When it was done I had to lean against the bed for support. Jess was sagging by her arms and panting, the weights were hanging ay her sides and pulling her nipples out and down. I reached up and rolled both weights. Her cunt muscles spasmed on my cock and her hips bucked, which moved the weights and brought another spasm.

I unlocked her legs from my waist and lay them up against my chest, then I swung her thighs over my shoulders as I knelt in front of her, bringing her pussy level with my face. The spasm in her cunt dribbled cum down the crack of her ass. I leaned forward and licked it up, continuing all along her cunt lips and ending with a long suck on her clit. Jess bucked her hips again, the weights swung, and she spasmed. I feasted on her cunt and our mixed juices, bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm. I slipped a finger in our juices and lubed it up, and as her orgasm built I slipped it into her ass. That sent her over the edge into another screaming orgasm. I reached up with my free hand and took the clamps off her nipples quickly. The pain of the returning blood flow only served to increase the power of her orgasm as she bucked her hips into my face and drove my finger deeper into her ass. Slowly the orgasm subsided and she sagged down supported by her arms and my shoulders, hanging limply between the bed posts. I pulled my finger from her ass and leaned my face away from her cunt. My face and chest were soaked in our cum. I swung her hips onto the foot of the bed, where she sat sagging between the ropes. I climbed onto the bed behind her and untied the knots from the posts, then lowered her back onto the bed by the ropes. I left her lay there smiling while I stacked pillows in the middle of the bed.

When I had the pillows the way I wanted them I picked Jess up and turned her around and over and lay her face down with her hips on the stack of pillows and that sweet tight ass in the air. I tied the ropes from her arms to the head posts and the ropes from her feet to the foot posts. Now she was spread-eagled, face down, with her ass propped high in the air. I grabbed the bottle of oil and massaged some into her back, then more onto her ass. Jess moaned low. I picked up another paddle, this one larger and shorter and raised it over my head. I looked at her sweet ass and knew I wanted it burning hot when I fucked it. I brought the paddle down sharply.

Whack! Jess bucked and moaned. Whack again! Other side, same response. Ten strokes, then more oil, rubbing a bit around her asshole. Paddle again. Whack! More moaning. Whack. Whack. Ten more strokes. Her ass was reddening nicely. I rubbed my hands on her ass cheeks and they were hot. More oil. A lot around her asshole this time. Then the paddle again. Whack. Whack. Ten more strokes. Jess was moaning deeply now. I climbed between her legs and laid my cock against her ass. I poured a little more oil into her crack and leaned forward.

“What should I do now Jess?” The head of my cock was pressing against her sphincter.

“Fuck my ass.”

“Is that how you ask?” The heat off her ass had my erection pounding. I knew I wouldn’t wait long but I wanted her to beg.

“Fuck my ass. Please!? Please baby, fuck my ass. Put your cock in my ass. Please?”

I pushed forward and she opened readily and took my entire length up her ass in one long stroke. It was my turn to gasp, while Jess lay there and moaned her pleasure. “Oh, thank you baby. Thank you for giving me your cock up my ass.”

I took an additional length of rope that I’d set aside and looped it twice around her throat. Not really tight, but enough to make her fully aware. I started stroking in and out of her ass and reached around to manipulate her clit and nipples. The heat off her ass was making me crazy with lust. I pounded into her ass and twisted her nipples and her clit. Suddenly she stiffened and moaned, “Oh yes. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

That was too much for me. My balls boiled over and erupted into her ass. I pushed as hard as I could into her while maintaining attention on her clit and nipples while it felt like my brain might erupt out of the head of my cock. We twitched and bucked and rocked against each other until our bodies shut down. I fell forward onto her back and it was all I could do to catch myself enough not to crush her beneath me. We lay like that for several minutes, panting and trying to catch our breath. Jess turned her face towards me and smiled. I couldn’t do anything but grin.

“Every time I think you’ve given me the best sex ever you do something that makes me cum even harder.” She said. Now grinning too. She tried to reach for my face and remembered she was still tied. “I like this when we’re fucking like that, but it’s a nuisance when we’re done and I want to touch you.”

I reached up and untied her wrists. She reached out and stroked my face. “I guess Tim and I are going to have to get some rope and paddles.” She smiled. “Or invite you to bring yours and join us.”

“Are you sure Tim will always want me to be the one to paddle you? Or that he’s going to want two cocks in you that often?”

“It’s not entirely his choice. Is it?” She smiled. “Besides, I may want you to help me tie him up and paddle him instead.”

She looked deep in thought for a moment. “Besides, he’s got an asshole too.”

“Uh, Jess, I don’t go that way.”

“No, that’s okay, you’ve shown me toys for that.”

“Then you may need the rope and paddles around here. I know Tim would love to get you involved with bondage with him. I’m certain he’d love to tie you up and paddle you, probably use a lot of what we just did. I’m not sure how much he’s going to be into receiving.”

“How about you? Are you interested in being on the receiving end of the paddle?”

“Not very often. That tends to be something I’d rather give than receive.”

“That’s okay. You give excellent paddle. I’ll let you practice on me about any time you want.”

Jess pulled my face to hers and gave me a long hard kiss. “Babe, I hate to do this, but I need to get up, and if you don’t untie me first we’re going to make a mess of the bed.”

I reached behind me and untied her ankles. “I hate to let you take me out.”

“I know, and I hate to kick you out, but I need to pee, and obviously I’m going to need to do more than that once your cock isn’t plugging my ass.” Jess pulled the pillows from beneath her. “It’s worse because you’re still mostly hard and I love having you inside me. Damn.” She pulled away and my cock popped out audibly. “Get washed up, I want more.”

With that she was gone for the bathroom. I gave her a minute then followed. Ten minutes later we were snuggled back in bed, Jess tucked under my arm, one of her hands stroking my cock and one holding a weighted clamp as she examined it closely. I wonder if you could do the same thing with a weighted piercing?” She asked finally.

“Probably something similar, at least once it had healed completely. Although you’d want to be extraordinarily careful with that.”

Jess opened the teeth of the clamp near my face, exposing the bare steel. “You’d want to be pretty darned careful with this too, I’d think. Those teeth could do a lot of damage to some very sensitive parts if you got carried away.”

“That’s part of why bondage and discipline, and even more, S & M, which is what we were playing with tonight, requires such absolute trust. You could really hurt each other if you don’t play carefully.”

“I trust you completely.” She kissed me.

“Not Tim?”

“Sometimes I’m not entirely sure. We’ll have to take small steps.”

“Seems reasonable.”

“Do you have other weights for these?” She asked, changing the subject.

“That’s two ounces. I have them as small as ¼ ounce, and then in steps of an ounce up through four. Although truth be told, I’ve never used more than three ounces on anyone.”

“Would you put three on this and put it back on my clit?” She asked. “I want to walk around and see what it feels like to move with a weight hanging from my clit.”

I sat up and got the weight package out of the bag, unhooked the two ounce weight and put it away, then attached the three ounce. I held it out to her.

“No. I want you to attach it like it might be if my clit were pierced.”

“Usually a “clit piercing” really isn’t. The piercing is actually only through the hood above the clit, which of course puts a small and nearly constant pressure on the clit itself, especially when there’s any weight on the piercing itself.” I explained. “These clamps are made both to attach to a nipple or the clit, but also to swing freely below the attachment, so that every movement causes them to pull and cause either stimulation, or pain, depending on how much weight is attached.” I demonstrated the swing to her again.

“Please do the best you can.” Jess stood with her legs apart waiting for me. “I want to feel the pressure on my clit and see what it feels like when I walk around and stuff.”

I shrugged. “Okay. Let me see what I can do.” I knelt between her legs and just looked at her pussy. I love being so close to it. I licked her lips and up to her clit, which I sucked into my mouth. She was still so delicious. I pulled back a little so I could see what I was doing and used the fingers of one hand to spread her pussy open at the top, exposing her clit. I used one finger to push the clit itself down so I wouldn’t actually clamp it this time, then I held the clamp carefully and attached it to her clit hood. The clamp took the whole width of the hood when it was attached. I checked and then lowered the clamp so that it swung down onto her clit. I bumped the weight with my fingers and Jess jerked her hips back, which got the weight swinging, of course, which only served to stimulate her further.

“Stand still for a second and let it stop swinging.” I encouraged. She did, and it did. “Okay, now give yourself a few moments to get used to the feeling of just the weight pressing on your clit before you move again.”

“Oh my. I can feel my heartbeat against the weight. It’s like a tiny tap-tap-tap against my clit. That feels so good.”

“If you were pierced you wouldn’t usually feel that, of course. And even with a weight you’d have to run around with no pants so it could swing freely. The usual piercing for a clit or nipple is a barbell, which a weight could be hung on, but most of the time those don’t produce much sensation on their own.”

Jess took a couple of steps and paused to gasp. Then she walked quickly across the bedroom, whirled and nearly stumbled. “Oh my. I didn’t think about that.” She walked back over near me. “I really like this. Do you?”

“Jess, I think you are incredibly beautiful, terribly sexy, and everything you do and every move you make causes me to get hard and want to fuck you again. I want to stimulate you so that the sex is great for you. That’s why I brought these clamps. That’s what all this is about. That and the fact that I love you and I love Tim and I think I can help the two of you experiment more and get more out of your sex life If Tim hadn’t been so happy with the sex we had two weeks ago I wouldn’t have come back. But he was happy, and he’s told me that he would like to experiment with you like we have tonight. If you want I’ll help the two of you get started in bondage and maybe even some S and M.”

“What can I do for you tonight?”

“I want to put the clamps back on your nipples, then I want you to dance for me so that I can watch the weights and the look on your face.”

“Okay.” Jess said, but she looked just a little concerned.

“Just stand there a second while I turn on the radio and get the right music.” It only took a moment to find some slow swing that time of night. I picked up the clamps and went to Jess. I kissed her lips, then sucked the nipple of one perfect, round, pink tipped breast into my mouth. When it hardened I pulled back and attached the clamp. Then I switched to the other nipple and repeated the process. I kissed her again and climbed onto the bed. I leaned back against the pillows and told her to dance to the music.

Jess started swaying to the music and it was obvious that the clamps were stimulating her. I started stroking my cock with my hand. “Do you want this?” I asked.

Jess nodded. I shook my head. “Say it.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want your cock in me.”

“That’s better. Convince me with your dance that you want my cock in you.”

She danced. Jess swayed her hips and I watched the weight swing back and forth across her clit, her breasts swayed and the weights swung, pulling on her nipples. I could see that she was becoming excited, and it excited me. Even with the lights low I could see that her pussy lips were wet with her juices. She kept dancing and swaying, waiting for me to tell her to stop. I wanted her to make herself cum, so I asked. “Can you make yourself cum with just the weights?”

She nodded, then saw my look. “Yes, I think so.”

“Then do it. I want to watch you cum while you dance.”

And she did. First she started dancing a little faster, then her hips rotated instead of swaying. She bumped the weights on her nipples. I could see the excitement building. Her eyes closed as she moved faster and the movements became stronger, then she stopped and her hips jerked back and forth several times and she started moaning and humping against the weight on her clit. I saw a small stream of cum trickle down her pussy lips and run down her legs. Jess staggered forward and leaned on the bed. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes and looked at me. “Wow!” She sighed. “Can I have some cock now?”

“Soon. Climb up here and straddle my legs.” She started to face me. “No, face away.” I picked up the paddle I’d grabbed earlier. When she was kneeling astride my legs I said, “Now, lean forward and put your head on my feet.” She complied, her pussy poised above my cock. “Now, raise your ass as high as you can and keep the weights on your nipples off my legs.”

I could see her smiling back at me between her legs. She knew what was coming, and cumming.

I raised the paddle. “How many strokes would you like?”


“We’ll start with twenty then.” And I dropped the paddle sharply to her ass cheek. Then the other. I switched back and forth and watched the weights swing on her clit and nipples. When I had twenty total I looked at her face and could tell she was close again. “That must have been twenty each side?”

Jess smiled and I started swatting again. It didn’t take twenty more. A squirt of juice came out of her cunt and landed on my cock while she moaned and bucked. I finished the strokes anyway and her orgasm continued throughout the remaining strokes. When I finished I looked into her eyes and said, “You can have some cock now.” And I pushed it upright for her. She lowered herself directly onto the head of my cock, then dropped fully onto me.

“That’s better. I love having your cock inside me.” She smiled back at me. “Have I told you that?”

“Yeah, once or twice. I love being inside you too.”

She bounced on my cock, leaning back and placing her hands beside me. I reached out and played with the weights on her nipples. She quickly reached another orgasm and bucked on my cock, squeezing it powerfully. When she was finished she lay back on my chest and looked in my eyes. “You didn’t cum?”

“No, I may not for a while.”

“I want your cum too.” She pouted.

“It’s okay. The important part is you cumming.” I played with the weight on her clit.

“You like that?”

“Yes. And you?”

“Oh my god yes!” She enthused. “Do you think Tim would like me pierced?”

“Probably. But rather than have me decide, why don’t you ask him?”

“I suppose, but since he’s gone for a month I thought I could get pierced and be ready when he gets home.”

“Then call him now. He’s out west, it’s not that late.”

“But I don’t want to take your cock out of me.”

“Then don’t. Just grab the phone and call him from right here.”

“Okay.” She grabbed the phone and dialed.

“Does it have speaker?” I asked.

“Sure.” She grinned. “This is going to be fun.” Her cunt squeezed my cock.


“Hi Tim.”

“Hi babe. You sound happy.”

“Oh, I am. I have a question for you, and I hope you won’t think it’s too strange.”

“What’s that honey?”

“How would you feel about me getting a body piercing, or two?”

“You mean like your belly button? I’d love that. You have a perfect belly for a piercing.”

“I hadn’t thought about that.” She giggled. “Maybe that too. I was thinking about my clit, and maybe my nipples.”

“Rich must be there again.”

“Hi Tim.”

“Have you been fucking my wife again?”

“Actually I have his cock in me right now.” Jess giggled.

“I suppose in your ass again?”

“Not this time. This time he’s in my pussy.”

“So your ass is free for me?”

“Actually she’s laying on my chest but facing away. You’ll have to use her mouth.”

“Tim, are you playing with yourself?”

Tim moaned. “Yes.”

I reached between Jess’ legs and twitched the weight there. Jess moaned. “I wish you were here Tim. I haven’t had enough cum in my mouth tonight.”

“What’s Rich doing now?”

“He’s playing with the weight that he clamped on my clit hood. He keeps making me cum with it.”

“How does he do that?”

“Twice I just paddled her ass while it was attached, and once I made her dance with it hanging there until she got herself off.”

“So it swings down between her legs and rubs her clit?” Tim asked.

“The first time I actually had it clamped to her clit, but she wanted to know what it would be like to have her clit pierced and have a weight hung from it, so I moved it.”

Tim was nearly silent for a long time.

“Tim, he’s swirling it with his finger and he’s going to make me cum again. Would you cum with me? I want to hear you cum and think about your sweet cum in my mouth.”

Tim moaned. “Yes baby. I’m jacking it now, let me know when you get close and I’ll try to cum with you.”

Jess lifted the weights on her nipples and pulled them then let them drop. I kept working her clit and twitching my cock in her cunt. “Oh, Tim, he’s making me cum. Oh god! Tim, cum with me baby.”

“Yes Jess. I’m cumming! Can you taste it? Can you taste my cum in your mouth?”

Jess licked her lips. I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock. She really was cumming again. “Yes Tim. She’s cumming. She’s tasting your cum. Can you feel her mouth.”

Tim just moaned deeply and long into the phone. When he could talk again he said, “Oh baby. That was good. I’ve never thought about a phone sex threesome before. I kinda like that.”

“Thank you baby.” Jess said. “It helped me to think about having your cock and your cum in my mouth.”

We all paused. Finally Tim said, “Jess, I’d love it if you had yourself pierced. Your nipples, or your clit, or even your belly button. I’d even enjoy all four. You are so beautiful, but if it will make you happier and make you want me more I’d love to have you pierce whatever you want.”

“Thanks honey.” Jess said. “At least three, I think, maybe I will do all four. Rich says probably barbells for my nipples and clit so he can make weights to hang on them for when you paddle me. What do you want in my belly button? If I do it, that is?”

“I think I’d like a small sapphire on a dangle to show off your belly and the blue in your eyes.”

“Sounds nice. I’ll have Rich take a picture when I get them done.”

“I’ll like that. I’m also looking forward to paddling you.”

“I bet you are.”

“Yes, and I’m going to jack off again tonight thinking about how much I’m going to enjoy paddling you.”

“You old pervert. Just for that I’m going to have Rich fuck me again.”

“I don’t think that’s a change of plans.” Tim joked.

“No probably not.” Jess admitted. “His cock is still inside me and I haven’t gotten him to cum again yet. But I’m going to work on it.” Jess teased. “I may have to suck it out of him this time, just so I can get some cum in my mouth.”

“You are such a very naughty girl. I may have to paddle you a lot when I get home.”

“Promises. Promises.”

“Are you going to be pierced so I can watch the weights swing while I paddle you?”

I twitched my cock inside her cunt, and flipped the weight on her clit and Jess moaned loudly. Then she gasped, “Yes. I’m going to be pierced and you’ll hang the weights and paddle me until I cum . Please.”

“What are you going to have pierced baby?”

“Both my nipples and my clit hood. And my belly button with a sapphire dangle, just for you.”

“You realize you’ve made my cock hard again just thinking about that?”

“Ooh, goody!” Jess giggled. “Do you want to listen while I suck Rich off?”

“No. I think I’ll just jack it off while I think about paddling your naughty ass then fucking it until you scream.” Tim laughed. “How’s that strike you? You naughty, naughty girl.”

Jess’ hips bumped down against me, sliding my cock deeper and causing us both to moan. “Oh baby. I want that so much. Paddle my ass all hot and red and fuck it till I scream.”

“I’m going to hang up the phone now baby and use both hands on my cock. You fuck Rich tonight and I’ll take care of your naughty ass when I get home.”

“Bye baby. Love you.”

“Love you too, naughty girl.” Tim said. “Call me tomorrow and tell me all about fucking Rich tonight.”

We heard the phone click off. I tossed the phone on the bed. Jess looked at me and sighed. “You’re really not going to cum again tonight, are you?”

“No baby. I really doubt that I will, no matter what you try.” I admitted. “I am sorry.”

“No babe. It’s okay. I do understand. There is a limited supply.”

“Unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately around you. If there was an unlimited supply you’d probably fuck me to death.”

“And you’d die happy.”

“Yes, but I’d still be dead.”

“Yeah. You wouldn’t be good for much dead.” Jess smiled at me. “Let’s take the weights off and sleep for a while. On one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked as I unclamped one nipple.

Jess winced. “That you’ll let me have a mouthful of cum for breakfast.” She smiled, then winced again as I unclamped the other nipple.

“That I should be able to do.” I agreed, as I removed the clamp from her clit.

“God. I hate to get up because it means I have to let your cock out of me.” She sat up, driving me fully inside her, then stood quickly and jumped off the bed. “First potty!” And she ran into the bathroom.

I just lay and watched her ass as she went, and smiled. I really did love my best friend’s wife. I got up before she finished in the bathroom and I finished my evening and met her in bed. We slid down under the covers and snuggled in. Jess kissed me deeply. “Good night, love.”

“Good night to you too, love.” I kissed her again and she took my cock in her hand and we fell asleep.

Sometime later I was dreaming of a talented mouth sucking my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down, and saw that it wasn’t a dream. I watched Jess work my cock for a little while. She had her eyes closed and was focused on giving me the best possible blow job. I waited a few minutes then reached down and stroked her hair. “I could wake up every morning like this.”

Jess paused and took my cock out of her mouth for a moment. “So could I, actually. Especially if you give me my breakfast treat.”

“Can I return the favor?” I asked as she swallowed my cock again.

“Hm umh.” She mumbled around my cock. Then she lifted her mouth off me for just a second. “This is all about my mouthful of cum.” And she swallowed me again.

I wasn’t going to argue. I stroked her back and hair and watched her work on my cock until the feelings of boiling cum in my balls forced my eyes closed. “Oh baby. You’re going to get your breakfast.”

That served to focus Jess on her efforts and she started fucking me with her mouth. My cum started to rise. I began to hump into her face with her movements. I got even closer. She jammed a wet finger up my ass and I screamed, “Oh baby! Yes! Drink my cum!” I grabbed her head and pushed it down, but she looked a hand around my shaft so that my cum landed on her tongue and not in the back of her mouth. I spurted into her mouth, over and over, but I saw no indication she was swallowing.

When she felt me stop spurting she tightened her grip and lifted her head. She looked at me and opened her mouth. My entire load of cum was laying on her tongue. She smiled, closed her mouth, swirled, then swallowed. “Yummy, yummy. Breakfast cum.” She smiled again and looked back at my cock. “Did I get it all?”

“I think so.”

“Let’s be sure.” And she dove back onto my cock with her mouth and sucked long and deep. She used her hands to milk my cock and balls into her mouth. “Almost all, that was for sure.”

She crawled up next to me on the bed and laid her head on my chest. She looked down my body and took my cock in her hand again. Then she looked in my eyes and smiled. “Is it possible to get addicted to guy cum?”

“I don’t think so.”

“That’s good. But I sure do like it. Actually, I think I like girl cum too.”

“I think you do too.”

“Would you like some girl cum for breakfast too?”

I didn’t answer, I just slid between her legs and buried my face in that sweet cunt. I spent almost an hour eating Jess to two orgasms in quick succession. After the second she was panting and begging me to stop. I crawled up her body and lay down on her and kissed her long and deep. My cock was back to nearly erect and pushing against her pussy lips. She smiled up at me. “I love the taste of pussy on your lips.”

“You’d like it even more at the source.”

“I think I might.” My cock parted her pussy lips and she smiled again. “As much as I want you inside me, if we start that again we’re going to be fucking when Trenton comes upstairs, and I really don’t want to explain to him why I’m fucking you.”

“Okay.” I rolled off her. “Let’s get in the shower then.” And I walked to the bathroom and started the shower.

Jess walked in and looked at me and asked, “Are you sure showering together is a good idea?”

“Depends on how good your self control is.”

Once I started to soap her body it turned out her self control was nearly non-existent, but we did only fuck once and fairly quickly, so we were still dressed when Trenton woke up.

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I just read the first three and this one and I absolutely love them. These are without a doubt the best I have ever read. Keep up the great work!!!

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