Katie rides up to the 16th floor of the Hyatt Regency on her
way to a job interview. She has never had a job interview in a
hotel before, but the man explained that the video production
company is just expanding into this area, and they have no office
yet. Katie is interviewing to be the administrative assistant
when the office opens; but being smart and pretty, she is hoping
that she will get "noticed" by someone important, and that she
will soon be able to move into acting or modeling.

The man who answers the door is tall, 6'4", quite trim at about
190 lbs., and Katie thinks his short-cropped blond hair makes
him very good looking for a man in his mid-40's. He introduces
himself as Dom, and closes the door. He motions Katie to a
chair by the window, while Dom deliberately takes a chair closer
to the door.

"Let me tell you a little about our company," says Dom. "In fact,
why don't you take a look at some of our product. Here's a new
video we just produced; it's already a hot seller." Dom clicks a
remote at the television, and the screen comes to life.

Katie's blue eyes widen at the scene on the TV in front of
her. A man dressed in little more than a leather jockstrap and
leather hood is tying a rope to the wrists of an attractive young
woman in a sundress. She already has leather cuffs around her
wrists, and is gagged with a rubber bit through her teeth. The
room is lit with candles and full of strange medieval symbols on
the walls; it looks like a dungeon or maybe a church. The man runs
the rope through a pulley in the ceiling, and with a hard pull, he
forces her wrists high above her head.

"Wha -- what IS that?" Katie asks, mouth agape. Dom smiles.
"It's called 'Virgin Schoolgirl's Devil Rape.' That's Monique de
la O starring as Julie. Watch what happens now; you may find this

The man in the video has a knife, and is ripping the sundress off
the woman's body. With her dress in tatters on the floor, she is
standing suspended in her bra and panties. The hooded man grabs
her ankle and forces it far to the side, where he ties it with a
rope. The other ankle gets the same treatment, and the woman --
Monique de la O, Katie recalls -- is forced to stand open-
legged in front of the man. Another few cuts of the knife, and her
bra is shredded on the floor, revealing her large and perfectly
shaped breasts. Then another two cuts of the knife, and her
panties fall, revealing a gaping cunt, covered with light brown
hair. She is standing nude in front of her attacker.

Dom flicks the remote, and the set blinks off. "Well what do you
think, Katie? We pay well and have great benefits. Could you
work for a company like ours?" Katie takes a big breath. This
is not at all what she expected. Still, she needs the job, and
there was something about that video that she found strangely
exciting. Not that she would ever admit it to anyone, least of all
the low-class middle-aged man in front of her. "I -- I suppose so.
But I wouldn't have to sell those tapes, would I?"

"Oh no, of course not," he answers, and Katie's relief is
evident on her face. "But there is one thing, though," says Dom.
"I'm afraid that the administrative assistant's job has already
been filled. But I'm sure we can find a spot for you. Just looking
at you, I think you'd be perfect for a starring role in our next
rape and bondage video. How about auditioning for me right now?"

Katie's jaw drops. Is this a joke? She looks at him, and he
looks serious. "Oh, no. I couldn't. Sorry!" She tries to make a
run for the door, but Dom is in front of her. "Not so fast,
young lady. You think you can waltz in here with that cute little
body of yours and expect to just walk out? No way." He rushes
towards her, and with a shove she is pushed off her feet an onto
the bed. He is on top of her in a flash. At 5'7", Katie is
small enough that he easily holds both of her wrists with just one
of his large hands.

"Oh, God!" she cries as Dom grabs hold of her right breast with
his free left hand. He sqeezes her titflesh though her clothes.
"Don't say that!" he says. Katie has never even let her
boyfriend touch her there, and now a stranger is squeezing her
breast like an overripe tomato at the supermarket. "Ohgod ohgod
ohgod," she sobs, and Dom squeezes her tit hard three times.
Katie is crying continuously now. "Listen, slut," says Dom.
"Nobody prays to God in my presence. Every time you pray to God,
you will be punished. If you want deliverance, you pray to Satan.
Let's hear you say it. Pray to Satan for me."

Katie is sobbing. She is a good Catholic schoolgirl; what has she gotten
herself into? "Please," she says, "please let me go." Dom squeezes
her breast again. "You have a few things to learn, slut. First thing
is, when I give you an order, I expect you to obey. Now pray to
Satan." Katie sobs. His strong fingers dig into her defenseless
breast again. "Invoke his name. DO IT!!" He squeezes her very hard,
and Katie erupts in a squeal of pain. "Oh, please, I'll do it,
stop it, I'll say it, please, Satan! Satan! please stop hurting me!"

"That's better, slut," says Dom. "Since you obeyed, I'm going to
reward you." Dom releases her abused breast and takes Katie's
chin in his hand. Then he bends down to kiss her full on the lips.
Her young lips yield under the unexpected kiss, and then Katie
realizes that she should not be kissing back, and violently shakes
her head away from him.

Dom looks down at her. "I see we still have a lot to learn." From
his pocket, he removes two wrist cuffs just like the one Katie
saw in the movie, on the wrists of Monique de la O. He fastens
them to her wrists, then uses a clip to attach the cuffs together.
Then he picks her up off the bed like a sack of potatoes, and puts
her on the floor. Moving behind her, he pushes on her shoulders
and kicks at the back of her knees, forcing her to kneel. Then he
comes in front of her again and lifts her chin to gaze deeply down
into her tear-stained eyes.

"Now I'm going to teach you a catechism. I expect you to learn it,
and I expect you to recite it perfectly whenever called upon. If
you fail to recite it, or recite it wrong, or just answer slowly,
you will be punished. And believe me, you punishment will be much,
much worse than a little tit squeeze. So learn it and get it
right." Katie's breath is coming in short gasps. Her hands are
useless in the cuffs, bound in front of her. She says nothing.

"The question is, 'Who are you?', and your answer is 'I am your
slut, and you can fuck me any way you want.' Now let me hear you
say it. Who are you?"

Katie realizes that she is in way over her head. She is tired
of being abused. She just wants to get it over with. At that
moment, she decides not to resist any further. She will say
whatever he wants, even the cruel words of submission he demands.
She knows that she is going to be raped. But he is too strong, she
cannot resist. She opens her mouth. "I -- I am your slut, and you
can . . ." ohmygod, I'm going to say it, "fuck me any way you
want." Katie lowers her head in deep shame at her own words.

"Very good, Katie. Right the first time. Who are you?"
"I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want."
"Who are you?"
"I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want."

Dom smiles. "You certainly are my slut. And I certainly can fuck
you any way I want. And I will. Now turn down the bed. Take a good
look at the sheets on which you are about to be raped."

Katie's knees are weak as she gets to her feet and turns down
the bed with her bound hands. She is surprised to see that the
sheets are completely black. She is going to be fucked on black
sheets. She is going to be raped on these black sheets. She is
going to lose her virginity on these very black sheets that she is
turning down. When Katie lays down on the hotel bed, she will be
pure and untouched, a good Catholic schoolgirl; but within the hour
she will arise from that same bed as the forced sex slave of a
Satan-worshipping sadist. He will force her to yield her body to him.
She will have no choice.

Dom pushes Katie face down on the bed with her bound hands in
front of her. He grabs her ankles and removes her shoes and socks,
then reaches underneath her slim waist and unbottons her waistband
and unzips her skirt. As he pulls her zipper down, he presses against
her pubic mound with his large hand, massaging her sex through the
denim. Katie squirms at the touch. She has never let any boyfriend
touch her there; she is surprised at how much better it feels than
with her own hand.

He pulls off her skirt, and he is pleased to see that she wears
very skimpy bikini panties. Her ass is small but perfectly heart-
shaped. His cock swells at the sight. He moves his hands slowly up
along her white thighs, allowing his thumbs to caress her
asscheeks as he continues up past her hips to her waist.

She can feel his fingers caress her her ribcage, and her breathing
is rapid as his hands continue upward. Omygod omygod he's doing
it, he's touching them, his hands are on my breasts! She can feel
his fingers pause on the underside of each breast, then continue
upward to her sensitive nipples. His hands meet underneath the
center of her chest, and he unbuttons the top button on her
blouse. He now moves downward on her chest, unbuttoning as he
goes. When the last button is free, he pulls the sides of the
blouse out from under her, then forces the blouse up to her bound
wrists, leaving her back bare except for the thin straps of her

She immediately feels his fingers on the clasp of her bra, and
faster than she can think, he has undone her bra and pushes it
upward to her wrists to join her blouse. Her bare breasts are now
resting directly on the black sheets of the bed. She gasps as she
feels his hands on her hips again, and this time they are moving
down, carrying her bikini panties downward as they go. She feels
the waistband of her panties as it stretches past the cheeks of
her ass, and seconds later she is completely nude. She is lying
naked and bound in a hotel room, at the mercy of a ruthless
stranger who is going to rape her.

Dom examines her slim backside with appreciation and lust.
Katie is one hot chick, and he is going to enjoy using her body
for his pleasure, whether she consents or not. He runs his fingers
along the crack of her beautiful ass, then spreads her cheeks to
reveal a perfect, but ever-so-tiny asshole. It is so small, and
she is so young, that Dom thinks it's possible that she has never
been used back there before. Dom is excited by the thought that he
may be the one to take her anal virginity. He knows that his cock
is thick, and although he could breach her narrow passage with
great effort, he decides it will be easier for him and more
humiliating for her if he loosens her up a bit first.

Dom reaches into his bag nearby and retrieves a butt-plug. This is
a small one, starting at finger width and widening to barely twice
that before narrowing again just above the flared base. He smears
the butt plug with vaseline, then puts a dob of vaseline on his
finger. Holding her asscheecks wide with one hand, he runs his
slickened finger down the bottom of her crack until he reaches the
puckered orifice. "Who are you?" he asks.

Katie knows the answer. She feels his fingertip on her
untouched anus, and she knows what he wants her to say. She
doesn't want him to hurt her again. She opens her mouth to speak.
"I . . . am . . ." She feels his fingertip as he presses against
her rear opening. ". . . your . . ." He presses harder, and her
anus betrays her as it widens to admit the tip of his finger. " .
. . slut . . ." She can feel the dob of vaseline as it advances
INSIDE her, ohmygod it's inside ". . . and you . . ." His finger
is in to the first knuckle now, and he rotates it to spread the
lubrication. ". . . can . . ." He presses deeper, and his finger
advances to the second knuckle. ". . . f - fuck me . . ." The tip
of his finger has passed the sphincter, arriving in the larger
space of her rectum. ". . . any . . ." He rotates his finger
again, spreading the vaseline around her sphincter from the
inside. ". . . way . . ." He bends his finger at the first knuckle
and gives a little pull. " . . . you want." He keeps his finger
slightly bent as he withdraws from her ass, stretching her anus as
he does so, but the passage is now so slick with vaseline that
only moderate pressure is needed to pull out of her.

On the bed, Katie is mortified. The evil man behind her has
violated her anally, and she has encouraged him to do so with her
words. Her anus is now well lubricated with the slick substance,
and she knows what that means: she will shortly feel something
much larger than his finger inside her ass. She wonders how wide
it will be, and if she will be able to take it all.

Dom picks up the butt plug and puts the tip against her slickened
asshole. "Who are you?" he asks again. Katie replies "I am your
slut, and you can fuck me any way you want." With her own words as
permission, Dom presses the vaselined plug forward and watches
eagerly as her narrow entrance stretches to accomodate its widest
point. The lubrication allows it to slide easily inside her, and
her anus settles around the shaft just above the flared base.
"We're just going to leave that there for a while," he says. "If
it comes out, you will be punished."

Katie feels totally violated by the hard plastic shaft that is
breaching her virgin ass. The bulk inside her rectum makes her
feel a desperate need, as though she has to shit. But his warning
rings in her ears, and she tries to clamp down to prevent its
passage from her. With a shock, she realizes that she can't clamp
down: the shaft is holding her anus wide open!

Dom reaches up to Katie's torso, and allows his fingers to
brush the sides of her breasts before he grabs her by the sides
and turns her face up on the black sheets. Katie instinctively
pulls her bound hands down to cover her naked tits from his gaze,
but Dom quickly ties a rope between her cuffs and ties off the
other end to the headboard. Her hands are now forced above her
head, and her small but perfectly-shaped young breasts are
completely revealed to his eyes and fully available to his hands.

Dom takes another rope and ties her left ankle to the foot of the
bed at one corner. The right soon follows, tied to the opposite
corner. Katie is now bound nude and spread-eagled to the bed,
her legs parted wide to reveal her gorgeous pink cunt lips peeking
out from underneath her soft brown pubic hair, with the base of
the butt-plug just visible beneath.

From his bag, Dom brings out a small but very menacing knife with
a serrated edge. Moving to the head of the bed, Dom rips into
Katie's blouse and bra with the knife, removing them from her
wrists and shredding them in the process. With a start, Katie
realizes that he is doing just what the man in the video did to
Monique de la O: cutting off her clothes with a knife. The man in
the video was masked, and she does not know who he was; she has a
sickening feeling that this is the same man. Dom picks up her
skirt and panties, and rips them into tatters as well. Then he
takes the pile of shredded clothing into the bathroom and flushes
the toilet repeatedly until they are gone for good.

Katie is now trapped in the room. Even if she could escape her
bondage and somehow manage to overpower him, she is naked and has
no clothes. She is utterly at his mercy. Katie thinks it can't
get any worse than this, but she is wrong. When she sees what he
pulls out of his bag next, she gasps in horror. He has a camera.

"Smile pretty, Katie!" Dom begins snapping pictures, winding
the film between each shot. Her bound nudity is now lewdly
displayed to the camera, and Katie is helpless to stop him. "We
get a lot of traffic on our website, and these shots are sure to
be a hit. Within a few days, your nude body will inspire gallons
of cum to squirt from the cocks of horny old men all over the
world, as they jerk off while imagining what they would like to do
to you. They will download your pictures and save them on their
hard drives."

Dom bends down to get a very close-up shot of Katie's gaping
cunt. "And guess what, Katie? When I saw your resume, I checked
your name and address against our list of credit-card subscribers.
It seems that your Daddy is one of our regular website customers.
What do you think he'll do when he sees nude pictures of his own
daughter on his favorite porno website? Do you think he'll be mad
at you? I'll bet he won't. I'll bet he'll take out his cock and
jerk off when he sees you naked and bound, just like everyone
else. I'll bet that Daddy's been wanting to see his little
Katie like this for a very long time. I'll bet that one day
very soon, when you come home, you will notice Daddy's sticky sperm
covering the computer monitor because of you. And then you'll be
in real trouble, won't you, Katie? Because then Daddy will want
to see a lot more of his little Katie, won't he? So how about
it, Katie? Are you going to let Daddy see more of your naked
body? What do you think he would do if you showed him? What would
he do if you showed him in your own bedroom at home, while Mommy's
away? Would you be punished for being a bad little girl? Would
Daddy be very very strict with his little Katie? Would Daddy spank
his little Katie on her bare bottom? Or maybe Katie would get a much
stiffer punishment, forcefully delivered by her own Daddy."

Katie is crying in embarrassment. "Oh no. Oh god. Oh no." Dom
is back on top of her in a flash, and taking her nipples in his
fingers, he pinches deeply until she yelps in pain. He bends close
to her face. "I said, no praying here, unless you pray to Satan.
Now pray. Pray to your lord Satan."

Sobbing, Katie says nothing. Dom squeezes her tiny nubbins
again, and Katie realizes that it is no use. She will have to
do as he wishes. She whimpers in a tiny voice, hoping that God
will not hear, "Satan. I pray to Satan." Hearing the words, Dom
releases her breasts. He notices with satisfaction that his abuse
has forced her nipples into stiff erection. She enjoys it.

Dom has reached the end of the roll of film, and puts the camera
back in the bag. He unbuttons his shirt and removes his shoes and
socks. Katie's beautiful blue eyes are in tears from
humiliation, knowing that thousands of men, including her own
father, will soon see her bound naked and helpless. But that does
not prevent her gorgeous eyes from widening as Dom drops his pants
and boxers, revealing his male prick standing at full attention.
Although Dom's equipment is only a little larger than average,
Katie has never seen the erect penis of a full-grown man
before, and she is shocked at the size. She knows that it cannot
possibly fit inside her. It's going to hurt, she thinks. Her
stretched anus twitches in anticipation around the plastic shaft
it embraces.

Dom gets on the bed between Katie's widely spread legs. He
reaches forward and rubs her pussy lips. Katie groans at the
touch, the first time any finger other than her own has touched
her in that spot. Dom rubs and strokes her clitoris, causing it to
peek out from its tiny hood. He teases it between his fingers, and
Katie groans again. She is bound naked and spread, and her
rapist is causing her to become aroused at his relentless touch.
Her cunt begins to moisten. Her body betrays her; she wants
release. She wants it. His fingers slide into her wet vagina. She
moans. She has been violated in her most intimate place, and she
wants it.

Dom starts in surprise as his fingers reach an unexpected barrier
inside Katie's open cunt. Damnation, she's a virgin! He cannot
believe his luck; this is going to be even better than he
imagined. He had planned to fuck her as soon as her cunt
moistened, but this changes things. He has long been plotting what
he would do the next time he had a virgin under his control; now
he has in mind a far more diabolical way to rend open her
maidenhead, a method he once read about in an ancient book of
strange medieval rituals. The Dark Lord is fond of virgin
sacrifices. He will dedicate the destruction of Katie's
maidenhead to Satan.

Dom gets off the bed and unties the ropes holding Katie's
ankles to the foot of the bed. He pulls her body down the bed
until her arms are at full stretch from the headboard; this leaves
her knees almost at the bottom of the bed. Then he pulls her left
ankle up to the headboard and ties it to the top corner of the
bed. After securing her right ankle in a similar way, Katie's
private parts have been exposed in the lewdest possible way: her
virgin cunt is thrust upwards and gapes indecently open, utterly
defenseless to her rapist, while her anus remains filled with the
hard plastic shaft now clearly visible below.

Dom retrieves something from his bag, then climbs on the black
sheets below Katie's exposed crotch. He bends close to her
cunt, then gently blows on the gaping labia, moving a stream of
air up to her clit and down the other side. Katie gasps at the
feeling. As he blows, Dom sticks his tongue out in a curl, then
gently touches just the tip of his tongue to Katie's virgin
clitoris. She cries out at the touch. Then she feels something
cold touching her. She looks down past his head and freezes at the
sight: he is holding his knife at the entrance to her cunt.

She screams in fear, but does not dare move. "No! Please don't!
Not that! Anything but that! Please! I'll do anything!" He looks
up at her and smiles, then carefully moves the razor-sharp blade
past her cuntlips and into the entrance of her vagina. Her cunt is
so wide open that with careful precision he is able to position
the blade inside her cunt without touching the gaping walls of
flesh around it. The slightest move on her part, however, and her
cunt will be cut to ribbons. At last the shiny steel is deep
enough that the sharp point of the blade touches the stretched
skin of her chaste hymen. He steadies his elbow on the bed. Then
he leans forward, and again touches her clitoris with his tongue.

Katie screams in terror. She cannot move, or the knife inside
her will cut her still-unused cunt to shreds. But her rapist's
tongue is relentless, arousing her budding sexuality to new
heights. She desperately wants to thrust her hips up to meet his
tongue, to ride the wave of pleasure she knows must await, but to
do so would force the sharp point of the knife past her
maidenhead, slicing it open. His tongue flicks against her clit
quickly back and forth. She wants to thrust, she needs to thrust.
He sucks her clit into his mouth, and she can feel her orgasm
building. She has to, she has to thrust! He sucks her clit and
flicks at the same time. She is going to come. She is going to
thrust! She can feel the knife on her maidenhead! She is going
to thrust!!

As Katie's body claws up to the peak of her strangely
motionless orgasm, Dom reaches down with his other hand and pulls
the butt plug from her ass. The renewed stretching of her virgin
anus sends Katie completely over the top. She screams in the
release of unbridled lust. She comes. She thrusts her hips
instinctively, and the sharp blade slices through her maidenhead,
sending a rivulet of red onto the black sheet beneath her. The
force of her thrust re-buries the butt plug full into her ass.
Dom holds his hands quite still as she bucks repeatedly under wave
after wave of orgasm. Now neither Dom nor Katie is able to tell
if her screams are from pleasure or pain. With each thrust,
another slice of membrane is ripped inside her, the butt plug re-
enters her stretched asshole, and Dom's teeth bounce hard against
her swollen clit. Finally, spent and exhausted, Katie lies
limp, gasping and moaning. Dom carefully removes the bloody knife
from within her, and smiles. He has forced the young virgin to
carve open her own maidenhead with the irresistable force of her

Although Katie's maidenhead is gone forever, she is at this
moment still technically a virgin; she has not yet felt a man's
erection within her. Dom is now fully aroused. He kneels between
her widely splayed legs, and pushes his erection down to the
entrance of her cunt. The knob touches her pussy lips. Katie is
still gasping from her previous orgasm, but she will get no rest.
Dom speaks in a deep chanting tone: "To You, O Satan, I Dedicate
This Virgin."

He lifts high the knife in his right hand, and brings it violently
down into the pillow beside Katie's head, causing her to scream
in panic. At the same moment, presses the tip of his swollen penis
into the wide open entrance of Katie's virgin cunt. He presses
forward, and his large cock enters her. Her cunt is sopping wet
with blood and the juices of her recent orgasm, and her vaginal
walls stretch wide to accomodate the invader, just as they were
designed to do. Lying helpless in her bondage, Katie can feel
it. She can feel his hot penis inside her, she can feel the last
moments of her virginity being raped away by the force of a
stranger's lust. He presses deeper, and the tip of his penis reaches
the shredded remnants of her lost maidenhead. Katie groans as the
tender internal skin is abraded by the thickness of his erection.

Dom presses in slowly, wanting to savor every moment of this first
thrust into a virgin's cunt, wanting her to savor it too. Damn,
she's tight! Another inch slides in, and Katie is moaning in
little gasps, her breathing rapid. Another inch, and he leans
forward to play with her exposed breasts. Another inch, and he
pinches her nipples as she squeals beneath him. Another inch, and
he leans forward to kiss her on her luscious little mouth. His
tongue plays over her lips and teeth, raping her mouth as his cock
plows deeper and deeper into her tight unused pussy. Another inch,
and his large cock is buried to the hilt inside Katie's close-
fitting cunt. He is fully inside now, he can feel the tip of his
cock on her cervix; he can feel his balls resting on the base of
the butt-plug. Katie is a virgin no longer.

Katie can feel every inch of his large cock as it slowly sinks
into her body, stretching the walls of her cunt in delicious ways
that leave her gasping in pleasure. She never imagined it felt
like this! When he finally is fully inside, she can feel his pubic
bone hard against her clit. As he slowly withdraws, she feels a
grasping emptiness inside where his cock used to be, and she
squeals in desire as he thrusts again deep within her. His
thrusts come faster and harder against her wide open pussy, and
she can feel another orgasm building relentlessly inside her.

Bound, naked, lewdly stretched wide by cuffs and ropes, her
virginity is being raped away by a stranger, and she cannot avoid
the intensely erotic pleasure building inside her. She loves it.
She loves what he is doing to her. Why has she denied herself this
glorious experience for so long? As he pounds his stiff cock hard
into her defenseless pussy, she can feel his balls slap the butt
plug deeper into her violated anus. Her arousal reaches fever
pitch, and she cannot hold out much longer. Above her, she can see
his eyes roll back in his head. He bellows loudly as she feels the
indescribable sensation of his swollen erection pulsing even
larger in her pussy as he cums. With a shudder, she can feel his
hot sperm hitting her cervix and flooding her cunt, and the new
sensation drives her over the edge into her own orgasm. Screaming
together in lust, bound Katie and her brutal rapist achieve a
shattering simulateous climax.

Dom lies on top of her for minutes as the aftershocks of intense
orgasm contine to wrack both their bodies. Then he raises himself
up off the bed and releases her ankles from the headboard. He sees
the curtains hanging on the rod in front of the window, and it gives
him an idea. He releases Katie's wrists from the headboard too,
and hauls her to her feet. His sperm and her blood drip down the
inside of her young thighs. Dom unclips her wrist cuffs, and faces her
to the curtain. He ties her right wrist high on the right end of the
curtain rod. Then he ties her left wrist high on the left end of the
curtain rod. Katie can feel the thick fabric of the curtains on her
naked tits.

Dom takes the ropes still on Katie's ankles, and stretches her legs
wide, tying them off to the legs of furniture. Her legs are now
too wide to support her weight, leaving her hanging by her wrists,
naked and spread-eagled in front of the curtained window. With a devilish
grin, Dom slowly pulls the cord that opens the curtain. Katie's suspended
nude body is displayed fully to hundreds of windows in the high-rise
office buildings around the hotel. Behind her, she can hear the squeak
of magic-marker on paper. Dom has made a sign, and he posts it in the
window beside her. It reads, "KATIE. ROOM 1634. EVERYONE WELCOME."

As she is forced to hang naked in the window, Dom reaches down and
caresses her ass. When he reaches the butt-plug, he slowly removes
it, then pushes it back in. After a few minutes of sodomizing her virgin
anus with the rubber toy, he takes it out entirely. His cock is hard
again, and he puts the tip against the now wide-open entrance to her
rear passage. "Who are you?" he asks. Katie is sobbing; she says
nothing. Dom reaches around and pinches both of her nipples with his
fingernails, sending spikes of pain through her chest. "WHO ARE YOU?"
he repeats. She answers, "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way
you want."

Dom presses the purple head of his cock inward, and her virgin anus
betrays her and widens around it. Katie moans at the violation of her
tight back passage; his cock is much wider that the butt-plug, and
she fights the pain as his member stretches her to the limit. As he
forces his hard prick deeper into her rectum, she feels an obscene
fullness from his size, and presses inwardly to expel the invader.
This is the delicious sensation that Dom has been waiting for; he
sets up a steady rhythm as he pounds away at Katie's ass. With each of
his thrusts in her backside, her round tits swing forward and slap
against the glass. Katie wonders how many people are watching her being
sodomized, and whether they can tell from the pained expression on
her face that she is an anal virgin, being raped in the ass for the
very first time.

With a grunt and a groan, Dom pulses his male seed deep into her hot
infertile soil. Katie can feel him cum inside her, a feeling that
would almost be arousing were it not for the pain that she feels in
her tightly stretched sphincter. When he withdraws his cock from her,
she feels the liquid in her backside, and she instictively clenches
her muscles to prevent its release. But she is unsuccessful; his sperm
drips down the inside of her thigh.

Dom unties her ankles and wrists, and forces her onto the bed again.
He takes a blindfold from his bag and puts it across her eyes. Then
he clips her wrists together again and once more ties her wrists to
the headboard. Turning her face down, he opens her thighs and roughly
pushes his thumb into her wet anus and first two fingers into her cunt.
"Who are you?" he asks. She replies, "I am your slut, and you can fuck
me any way you want." With those words, Dom withdraws his hand. Katie
can hear him behind her as he dresses. She can hear him as he leaves the
room. But she does not hear the door close; he has left it open.

Naked, bound, and blindfolded, Katie is alone with her thoughts. She
wonders how many people saw her being raped in the window, and how it
made them feel. She had caught a glimpse of the sign as her asshole
was being reamed, and she hopes that the letters were too small to
be seen from across the street. But she isn't quite sure.

Far down the hall, she hears the elevator ring and the door slide open.
She hears footsteps in the hall. Heavy steps; it must be a man. They are
getting closer to the open door. She catches her breath as she hears the
door open and footsteps enter the room. She hears his breathing behind
her. She hears him as he takes off his clothes. She knows what is going
to happen. She is going to be raped again. But this time, she will not
know who it is. She will not see his face. God, she hopes it is Dom,
and not some stranger.

She feels his weight on the bed. She feels his hands as they touch her
waist, then move upward to her tits. She feels his penis enter her cunt.
The cock inside her is definitely smaller than Dom. It is someone else.
Dom has publicly advertised her naked young body in the window, and this
is just the first horny stranger to answer the ad.

He pounds her ass with each thrust, and cums quickly inside her. Then he
gets off, and she can hear him dressing. She hears him leave the room with
the door ajar as he found it. She is again alone with her thoughts. Far
down the hall, she hears the elevator ring again. She hears footsteps in
the hall approaching the door. Please, please, let them pass by, she thinks.
The steps reach her door, and pause. They enter. She is going to be raped

* * * *

It is hard to tell how much time has passed. Two hours at least, maybe
Maybe four. Katie has lost track of time, and lost count of the number of
men. Her ass and cunt hurt like hell. Some of the men have forced their
erections into her throat, and she has been lying in her own vomit as a
Semen from at least a dozen men are inside her cunt, her rectum, and her
stomach, and pools of cum cover her body and the bed. She hears another man
stripping behind her, and she doesn't care any more. When she feels his cock
at the entrance to her ass, she doesn't care. Then she hears a familiar
"Who are you?" Katie almost groans in relief. It is Dom again. "I am your
and you can fuck me any way you want." She feels him enter her oft-violated
anus, she feels his balls slap her cunt with each thrust. She wants him to
She wants him to cum quickly, so that he will be done with her. When he
spurts his load in her ass, she groans in relief.

Lying with his softening cock still inside her, he asks, "Who are you?" She
answers, "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want." And for the
first time, it is really true: the man who raped away her virginity is no
longer a stranger, now he is the familiar voice who will rescue her from
being raped by strangers. She is HIS slut.

Dom releases Katie's wrists from the headboard and removes her blindfold.
He then removes the cuffs from her wrists. He tosses her a shopping bag and
says, "Put these on." Dom has purchased a slutty tube top, an ultra-short
miniskirt, and strappy little high-heeled shoes that seem to scream
"Fuck Me!" There is no underwear in the bag. But the clothes are her means
to escape, and she will take them.

As she dresses, Dom says, "I've taken your car keys. Here's $1.50, which is
correct bus fare to get you back home. Since it's your only money, I suggest
that you use it for that purpose, rather than risking a phone call that
might end up on someone's answering machine. Just remember one thing,
Katie: you are my slut, and I can fuck you any way I want. And if you're
a good little slut, I will. I won't say good-bye; just 'see you later,

And with those words, Dom is out the door and down the hall. Katie is still
struggling with one shoe, and she cannot follow him; the skirt would keep
from running in any case. She picks up the bus fare and heads down to the

In the hotel lobby, she can feel the eyes of men looking at her. At the bus
stop, and in the bus, it is all the same: she has been forced to dress like
the slut she is, and she can feel the eyes of everyone on her. She wonders
how many of the leering men have already had their cocks inside her, and how
many are just wishing. Sitting on the bus, she tries desperately to hide her
well-used cunt from the stares of strangers.

When Katie finally reaches home, she has only one thought left: what will
she tell Daddy?

* * * *

[End of chapter 1.]

"more public humiliation would be awesome!"
It is evening when Katie gets back to her dorm, and she is relieved to see that Dom has returned her car to the parking lot. But her biggest problem is her clothes; she will have to walk through the dorm dressed like a cheap whore. Right now she would give a hundred dollars for a pair of panties! Her best hope is to make it to the elevator before anyone she knows sees her. It might just be possible.
She opens the front door and makes a dash for the elevator, pressing the UP botton. She lowers her head, hoping nobody will notice. Then she hears a familiar voice. "Katie, is that you?" Katie's heart drops into her stomach as she looks up to see her boyfriend Tommy. "I got worried when your car was here and you were -- My God, what are you wearing??"
Too late! Tommy sees his pretty young girlfriend in her scandalous costume. The elevator dings a the door slides open. So close! She launches into the excuse she had been planning while riding the bus. "Oh, I'm so sorry to worry you, but Kacy and I were out shopping. I thought I would try a new look. Do you like it?"
Tommy's jaw hangs open in shock. Finally he says, "Well, I don't want to rain on your parade, but it's a little revealing. I mean, I know you like to look sexy for me, but this is, um, a bit much. Frankly," he says, dropping his voice to a whishper, "you look like a streetwalker!"
Katie is mortified. She hopes Tommy does not look closely enough to see the dried semen on the inside of her thigh. She has a desperate need to hide her thoroughly raped body from her boyfriend's curious eyes. "Oh, I wondered about that, too. I'll go change right away!" And with that, she is in the elevator, and the door slides shut behind her.
She takes a long shower, washing the seed of dozens of unknown men from her body. Then she changes into a very conservative skirt and a long-sleeved sweater before returning to the cafeteria. All through dinner, Tommy keeps shooting odd glances at her. At one point, he asks if anything is wrong. Anything WRONG? She has spent the entire afternoon being dominated, raped, publicly humiliated, and sexually violated by a parade of strangers, and he wants to know if anything is WRONG?? "No, Tommy, I'm fine. Just a little tired. I think I'll go to bed early."
Lying in bed with the lights off, Katie cannot sleep. The day's events play over and over in her mind. She keeps coming back to the car, realizing that Dom must have driven it home while she was blindfolded in the hotel room, being raped by that endless line of hard spurting cocks. Dom drove her car home. He knows where I live, she thinks. He knows where I live.
That night, Katie has an unusually vivid dream. She is in a Bhuddist temple, being led through a maze of corridors by a monk. There are strange scents in the air, and odd atonal music; the corridors are adorned with surrealistic artwork showing men and animals with distorted bodies. She is led into a room where Dom awaits her; the monk withdraws and bolts the door from the outside. She knows she is going to be raped. Dom makes her say her catechism, then he strips her naked. He leads her through another door, down a dark stone stairway, and into a large room lit by torches. She is surrounded by monks in hooded robes, who grab her naked body and tie her kneeling to a post in the center of the room. An instrument is inserted into her mouth that forces her jaw wide open; her head is immobilized as the monks drop their robes, and line up to rape her wide-oopen mouth one at a time. Her eyes look up with each new invasion, and she recognizes the men as they force their hard cocks down her throat; her gorgeous gynecologist, Dr. Syder is one; and her favorite professor, Dr. Miller; and her boyfriend Tommy; and Kacy's boyfriend; and her rapist Dom. The last one in line is her father, who shoves his erection deeper into her throat than any of the others, and holds it there, cutting off her breath. She mewls in the growing panic of suffocation he laughs at her; finally she passes out from hypoxia while choking on her father's sex organ. Katie awakens in a sweat, and has a hard time getting back to sleep.
After breakfast the next morning, Katie finds a sealed envelope in her mailbox. No address, just her name and room number. Opening it, she finds pictures of herself. Nude pictures. In the hotel room. Lying on the bed, her white skin stark against the black sheets, her legs wide open, the butt plug visible below the gaping lips of her cunt. Her hands tremble as she quickly slips the photos back in the envelope so no one will see. A few minutes later, she is alone in her room with the photos spread out on her bed. The envelope also contains a note. It says. "Tonight. 11 PM. Entrance to Watkins Hall. Come alone and you will get the negatives. Otherwise, copies of these go to Jack Lynch. So it's your choice, slut: me or Daddy." It is not signed, but she knows who it must be from. Looking at the photos, she is shocked by the sight of herself this way, bound and naked. She knows that her father must NOT under any circumstances see these photos. She is trapped. She will have to go to him. She wants to throw up.
Campus is deserted at 10:55 PM. Her steps echo on the sidewalk. Katie is walking across campus to meet her rapist. Katie is walking across campus to be raped. One foot in front of the last, each step brings Katie closer to her own rape. She knows what will happen. She is going to be raped. She keeps walking.
Reaching the entrance to Watkins Hall, Katie looks around for him, but she is alone. She hears her own breath coming rapidly in the darkness. She feels a hand on her shoulder, and she jumps a foot. "Who are you?" says a familiar voice from behind her. Katie's heart pounds in her chest. It is him; he wants her to say her catechism. "Please," she says. "Please don't do this. I came like you asked. Just give me the negatives and let me go."
"Who are you?" he asks again, tightening his grip on her shoulder. "Please, just give me the negative!" she begs. "Who are you?" he insists. She is making no progress. He will not listen, or even acknowlege her presence, unless she says what he wants to hear. "Who are you?" comes again from behind her. Katie bites her lip. She whimpers, then says the words. "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want."
"You certainly are my slut. And I can fuck you any way I want. Come with me, slut." Dom pushes Katie by her shoulder down the steps and around to the back of the building, where a van is parked. He puts her in the front seat, then gets into the driver's side. He has a black velvet bag, which he puts over her head, blinding her completely. He starts the engine and they drive for about 15 minutes. Then she hears the crackle of tires on gravel as they pull to s stop.
He says, "Listen, slut, you want the negatives, there's one thing you have to do. You have to dance for me. Can you do that, slut? Can you dance for me?" Inside her hood, Katie heaves a sigh of relief; she had feared much worse. She nods her head and says, "Yes." Dom grabs her left tit and squeezes it hard. "That's yes SIR, slut," he reminds her. Katie yelps in pain, and says, "Yes, sir! I can dance for you!" She hears his door opening and his footsteps on the gravel. He opens her door and gives her a hand down, closing the door behind her with a thunk. Then he removes her hood.
They are in a parking lot of a small building, some distance out of town. The big neon sign above the building says "Foxy Ladies," and in smaller letters, "Totally Nude!" Katie's eyes go wide. Just below there is a changeable marquee sign that says in block letters "AMATEUR NITE TUES." Her heart skips a beat. Tonight is Tuesday.
Katie is in a panic. "Oh, no. I couldn't. I mean I can't. Not possibly! I can't do that!" Dom takes an envelope from his pocket and opens it to show her the contents. "Here they are, slut. The negatives, just like I promised. You have the only prints, at least the only ones so far. All you need to do is dance, and you get the negatives too. It's you're choice, slut: either a couple dozen strangers see you naked for ten minutes -- or a few close relatives and friends see you naked for as long as they want. So what's it going to be?"
Lowering her head, Katie knows that she is trapped. Dom pushes her ahead of him to the back door of the building. He opens the door and shoves her inside. It is dark, and loud rock music blares nearby. From somewhere she can hear hooting and yells from the deep voices of men. Smells of smoke and liquor fill the air. Dom is talking to a bald man of about sixty through the noise; the older man nods and looks at her, then motions her over. "Okay, you're pretty late tonight, honey, so you've only got six minutes to change, then you're on. Is this your first time?" Katie nods. "Well, don't worry, it's not that hard. Just remember to look up and smile, and act like you're having a good time. You don't have to let anyone touch you, unless you're looking for the big tips. Dressing room's downstairs, you'd better hurry!"
Dom guides her down to the door of the dressing room, then whispers in her ear. "See you after the show, slut. I'll be watching, and you had better be good. VERY good. I want to get hard when I see you dance. And if you know what's good for you, you'll go after the big tips. One of them could be just what you're looking for." With that, he opens the door to the dressing room and shoves her inside.
It is a bright narrow room, full of naked and nearly-naked women. A lighted mirror runs the length of one wall, where nude women sit fixing their makeup. Most of them are drop-dead gorgeous, with large tits, shapely thighs, and round butts; Katie suddenly feels terribly inadequate. An ugly fat old woman, fully dressed, looks at her as she enters. "You Kacy?" she asks. "N - No. Katie," Katie replies. The old woman looks at her clipboard. "Says here, Kacy. Kacy Lynch. That you?" Katie gulps and nods. "Yeah, that's me," she replies. Oh god, why did she say that? The old woman says, "You'd better hurry up, little girl, you got four minutes. Grab a g-string from that box over there. C'mon girls, lend a nand here, she's on in four minutes!"
Suddenly, Katie is surrounded by nude women; for a moment, all she can see are large round tits and pink nipples. She is set down onto a stool. "Raise your arms, honey," says a voice, and her sweater is stripped off over her head. At the same time, her feet are raised and her shoes and socks come off. Her bra stap is undone before she knows it, and she suddenly feels the warm humid air of the room caressing her bare breasts. "Now lift your ass, honey, let's get these off," says the voice, and her skirt is lowered; her panties follow at the same time, and both are stripped down her legs. The dressing room buzz rises to fever pitch as the women grab various articles of barely-there excuses for clothing, arguing over which ones would fit Katie best. They choose a red sequined g-string and matching bikini top that covers barely more than her nipples. Lifting her to her feet, she is pushed by six hands toward the staircase leading to the stage. One of the girls says, "Garter!" and from nowhere, an elastic garter appears and is pulled over her foot and up to the top of her bare thigh.
Katie wonders what the garter means, but she finds out seconds later as they reach the backstage wing. The music for the previous dancer is reaching its end, and she can she a beautiful Asian girl, completely nude, lying at the edge of the stage with her knees bent underneath her, legs spread wide and pointed at the audience, writhing in time to the music. She too has a garter, and it is stuffed with dollar bills. Reaching the end of her number, she raises her body so that she is kneeling, and immediately hands with money reach from the audience toward her garter, slipping the currency inside, and taking the opportunity to brush high up on the inside of her thigh in the process. Cheers and hoots of approval from the men in the audience greet each hand that comes teasingly close to the Asian girl's shaved pussy. The effect is darinly erotic, as fingers strive to get as close as possible without entering the forbidden territory. Katie shudders. Is she aftraid that she can't do that? Or maybe, is she afraid that she won't be as sexy as the Asian girl?
Finally the dancer rises to her feet, and dances towards the wing as the music fades. The men applaud and cheer wildly as she pauses on her way off to push her bare bottom backwards to them. Katie notices that the Asian woman is wearing some kind of jewelry on her nipples; as they pass each other backstage, she is shocked to realize that they are pierced earrings that pass neatly through tiny holes in each nipple. The emcee is speaking into the PA system. "And now, fellas, our final entry in tonight's amateur night contest. Now I'm told that is is her first time . . ." A rising "WOO!" from the audience. ". . . because she's just eighteen . . ." The men cheer wildly! " . . . so that makes her a virgin . . ." Yells and hoots from the audience! ". . . and everybody here can help to bust her cherry!" Huge applause and cheering from the men, while in the wings, Katie wants to die of embarrassment at the introduction she has been given. The emcee finishes, "So let's hear a big Foxy Ladys welcome for: Miss Kacy Lynch!"
Loud rock music beats again, a voice behind her says, "You're on!" and she feels herself being pushed to the edge of the curtain; but she freezes just offstage. The old woman has seen this before in first-timers, and knows just what to do; she lifts her foot and places it squarely on Katie's butt, giving a hard shove, and Katie lurches onstage, drawing a huge cheer from the audience. Katie Lynch is standing nearly naked in a room full of horny men! And they all expect her to entertain them! Mortified at her predicament, she has no idea what to do. Someone in the audience whistles in derision. A man yells, "C'mon, Kacy!" as she makes a halfhearted attempt to move to the music. Someone else picks up the chant, "C'mon, Kacy!" and pretty soom she is hearing "C'mon, Kacy!" from all over the house. Katie had thought that nothing could possibly be more embarrassing than to be dancing nearly nude in a room full of horny strangers; but she now realizes that she was wrong. It is much, much worse to be dancing nearly nude BADLY in a room full of horny strangers.
With a deep breath, Katie begins to dance. She gets a smattering of applause as she twists her hips to the beat. Encouraged, she sways her chest, and the catcalls fall off as she hears someone yell, "Go, Kacy!" She sighs in relief at the positive reinforcement, and begins to dance in earnest; a thrust of her hips brings a big cheer, and Katie smiles in spite of herself. And her smile brings more applause. She remembers what the man at the door told her: smile and look up. Katie raises her eyes from her bare feet, and looks at the audience; they cheer in response. The room is filled with men, now cheering her on. Young men, middle-aged men, old men. Businessmen in suits. Burly tattooed bikers in denim jackets. Young kids who might be college students. They all cheer as Katie sways her hips and brings her hands slowly up her sides to touch her breasts. "Take it off!" someone yells, and she gasps. Her tiny bikini top does not hide much, but it is psycologically important; she could not possibly remove it.
"Take it off!" comes the yell again, and it is picked up by others in the room; Katie is determined not to do so, and she gyrates her hips and body in the lewdest manner she can, in hopes of quieting the chorus. But this merely whets their appetite for more, as the cheers grow and the calls of "Take it off!" are picked up by more and more of the audience, becoming a chant that overpowers her. Katie has never known until just this moment how powerful a mob of men can be. Their testosterone-powered voices are so loud and insistent that she fears what might happen if she angers them. Slowly, reluctantly, she raises her hands to the strap tied behind her neck. The room goes wild with applause and cheers! Katie takes her hands back down, and a chorus of boos results; the chant "Take it off! Take it off!" grows even louder and more insistent. Katie raises her hands behind her neck again, and the chants again subside under cheering and encouragement. Her fingers rest on the bow knot tied behind her neck. She does not dare bring her hands back down. The music beats, and the men cheer. She unties the bow.
The room erupts into a huge cheer as she holds the untied straps above her head. From the edge of the stage, a hand reaches forward with a dollar bill in it. A tip. A strange man wants to give her money for stripping in front of him. If she takes it, she will be a whore. If she takes that dollar, she will no longer be a good little Catholic schoolgirl. She continues to dance, holding the straps above her head and looking at the dollar. Other hands reach out at the edge of the stage holding other dollars; one holds a five. Suddenly, she sees a hand at the edge of the stage holding a white envelope. It is Dom. As she dances, Dom opens the envelope and removes a strip of negative film, and wraps it in a dollar bill. Then he moves close to the stage again, and reaches his hand into the forest of dollars at the edge of the stage.
Katie needs that negative! Somewhere among that mass of dollars is the one she must have. She casts caution aside, and reaches down to what she thinks is his dollar, losing hold of her bikini straps in the process. The room erupts with a huge wave of cheering as her naked tits swing into full view. Katie takes the dollar in hand, but it contains no negative. She stuffs it into her garter and tries another. And another. And another. With each dollar comes a strange hand on her thigh, or knee, or foot; she feels as if she is being groped by the entire audience at once. Still no negative! Frantic now, she runs down the edge of the stage, taking every dollar she can see, feeling for the negative and stuffing the cash into her garter. Finally, one dollar feels stiffer than the rest; she opens it to find the precious strip of film, and amid the cheering crowd she sees Dom, smiling at her. He holds up the envelope, showing her more negative strips inside. Katie has more work to do!

With the blaring music in the background, Katie stuffs the nageative into her garter along with the cash. The men are applauding her naked tits, and she realizes that she no longer needs the bikini top, now tied uselessly around her waist; she discards it to cheers. She now wears only a g-string, and there are still more negative strips in the envelope. She knows now what she has to do to get them. She turns her ass to the audience and wiggles it, opening her legs wide and trying to be as sexy as possible; the tiny g-string conceals nothing from the rear, and the men go wild with whistles and shouts. Soon more dollars appear at the edge of the stage. She looks over her shoulder to find Dom, and she catches a glimpse of him smiling and taking another negative strip from the envelope. She backs toward the edge of the stage as she sees him wrap the negative in a bill, and does a bump-and-grind for all she-s worth as the men stomp and whistle. Dom's hand disappears again into the others at the edge of the stage. But this time, Katie is looking very closely, and grabs the bill with the dollar first time out, stuffing it right into her garter. Then, looking at the forest of green at the edge of the stage, she suddenly figures, why not? And stoops to grab as many bills as she can, as she lets the hands of strangers caress her from toe to groin.
Turning again to face the audience, she again sees Dom holding the envelope. There is still a negative inside. She knows that the dance will end soon, and she has to get that negative! Looking down, Katie realizes that she has shown them her tits, and she has shown them her ass. There is only one thing left to show. to get that last negative, Katie Lynch will have to strip totally nude on stage, in front of an audience of horny strangers, and show them all her naked cunt! She can hear the music reaching the last bars; there is no time left. Katie hooks her thumbs inside her g-string, and pushes it down her legs. The men are standing on their chairs whooping and hollering. Frantically she looks for Dom, but cannot find him. The edge of the stage is now thick with dollars, men, and hands. She just has to hope that one of them is Dom's hand. Quickly she works the edge of the stage, grabbing each dollar she can, as the hands of strage men cover her naked legs, working close -- too close! -- to her naked and open pussy. Still no negative! But now the music ends with a crash of cymbals, and the audience is cheering wildly for her performance. Katie is near tears, having missed the negative, but as she turns to walk off, she sees Dom at the very corner of the stage holding one last dollar. She runs over, scoops it up, and scurries behind the curtain where the young Asian woman, still nude, is watching her performance.
"You were great, Kacy," says the Asian girl, putting her arm around Katie's shoulder. "I can't believe this was your first time. You are so sexy! I got wet watching your performance." The Asian girl kisses Katie on the cheek, and for the first time in her life, Katie feels the touch of another woman's bare breast on her own. "I'm Michiko. Are you going to come back next week?" Katie has never had a come-on from a woman before. She gulps and says, "No. No, sorry!" as she runs back down to the dressing room. A sqadron of women with large bare breasts greet her with warm congratulations on her debut as a nude dancer. She finds her clothes, and carefully stuffs the negatives and dollar bills into her purse. She has taken money from strange men for stripping herself naked to become the inspiration for their obscene desires. The good little Catholic girl is a whore.
Dom meets her at the dressing room as she exits. When they reach the door, the bald man is smiling. "Congratulations, little lady, you won tonight's contest hands down! Here's your fifty." Dom grabs the fifty-dollar bill, saying
"I'll take that," as he leads Katie down the back steps and out to the parking lot. When they reach the van, Dom opens the back door. Katie gives him a questioning look as she steps in, and she notices that the bald man has followed them to the van. Dom holds the door open, and the bald man gets in after her, followed by Dom, who closes the van door with a thunk.
"You did a good job tonight, slut. But we were very late getting here, and you almost weren't allowed to compete. I had to promise our friend here a little something extra after the show. Now get on your knees and open your mouth." Katie is in shock. Dom pushes down on her shoulders and sinks to her knees. She is crying, "no, no, no, no, please, no," as the bald man unzips his fly and brings out his cock. Sobbing, Katie holds her lips closed. She will not. She cannot. Not this.
From behind her, Dom pulls out the envelope and shows it to her. One strip of negative is left inside! Her eyes widen in shock, and she breaks down completely in tears. Dom leans close and whispers in her ear. "You've come this far, now don't blow it. Everything you've done up to this point has been in public. This is in private. Just you and him. Do it, slut. Do it, or face the consequences." With tears streaming down her face, Katie realizes that she is trapped again. Once again, Dom holds the upper hand, and she must obey. She opens her mouth, and takes the bald man's penis inside.
Katie feels his cock swell on her tongue, and when he is fully erect he grabs her by the ears and pushes her head on and off his rod in a regular thythm. She is still crying at the humiliation of being given away like a party favor, but the bald man doesn't care: Katie is just a mouth to him, and he uses her that way. In and out, in and out, he works his cock in her mouth, and soon she can feel it swelling even harder; then it throbs and pulses, and the bald man pulls her mouth deeper on his cock, forcing her to swallow every drop of cum that shoots deep into her throat.
As the bald man is zipping up his trousers, a knock comes at the back door of the van. Dom opens it, and Michiko is standing there in her coat, smiling. "I heard Kacy was giving blowjobs out here. Does she do women?" Dom says, "Sure, twenty bucks," and Michiko steps into the van as the bald man steps out. The beautiful Asian girl hands Dom a twenty and drops her overcoat; she is nude underneath. The jewelry in her nipples glints in the dim light, emphasizing her large breasts. Katie is in a panic. Except for the brief touch backstage, she has never had a sexual experience with another woman. But Dom still holds the envelope.
Michiko leans forward and takes Katie by the nape of the neck, planting a long, passionate kiss on her lips. Katie's eyes widen as she feels the other woman's tongue run along her lips and teeth; she inhales sharply as the tongue reaches inside her mouth, and their tongues touch. Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind, Katie realizes that Michiko is an excellent kisser; she has seldom had a boyfriend with so deft a touch.
Michiko moans, "Mmmm, I can taste cum in your mouth," as she reaches up under Katie's skirt. The young student vainly tries to twist away from the rouch, but the slender Asian fingers easily reach the cotton panties, caressing the pussy lips underneath. Katies knees feel weak, and Michiko gently lowers her body to the floor of the ven, then reverses herself to straddle Katie's head while facing her feet. Michiko's shaved cunt now gapes wide open, just inches from Katie's eyes -- and mouth! Slowly, the Asian girl lowers her body to Katie's face. Her nude labia brush Katies's lips. Dom has his cock out, and he is masturbating furiously as he watches Katie's first sexual experience with a woman. She knows what Michiko wants, what Michiko has paid for; she opens her mouth and brings the naked pink labia within her lips. Katie Lynch, the good Catholic schoolgirl, has been forced into lesbian prostitution for the sexual pleasure of her rapist.
Katie doesn't really know what to do with a woman's pussy in her mouth. Tentatively, whe touches the labia with her tongue, and Michiko moans in pleasure. Michiko reaches down and pulls up Katie's skirt, again caressing the young student's cotton-clad pussy lips. Katie can feel herself become aroused, in spite of herself. Michicko shifts a little, bringing her swollen clitoris in cotract with Katie's lips, and the young girl licks it with growing eagerness as Michiko's fingers work magic on the student's moistening cunt. Michiko is breathing in little gasps, and as Katie brings the sensitive bud completely into her mouth, she can sense that the Asian girl is nearing orgasm. Michiko screams with delight as Katie sucks on her clit, and with a spurt of female cum juice, Michiko climaxes as she grinds her hips hard into Katie's teeth. Until that moment, Katie had not known that a woman could spurt during orgasm, and the liquid taste on her tongue is shocking.
Michiko groans with pleasure, lying on top of the younger girl as her climax fades. Then, with a deep breath, she raises herself off, reaching for her overcoat. "Thanks, kid, you were great," she says. Turning to Dom, she pulls something out of her coatpocket. "Almost forgot, here's the video of Kacy's dance tonight. Winner gets a free copy." And with that, the Asian stripper is out the door, closing it behind her. Throoughly defeated, Katie looks at Dom, his cock still luge and red from watching her lesbian initiation. He holds up the last negative. "Who are you?" he asks. She no longer fights the words. "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want."
Dom smiles, and tosses her the negative. "Turn over," he says, "head down and ass up." She complies, clutching the negative as he tosses her skirt up over her hips. Slowly he draws her cotton panties down her hips and under her knees, hen lifts them off her feet. Placing his knees between hers, he pushes a butt plug deep into her exposed anus. She gasps at the size, for it is larger than the one he used in the hotel room. Then he touches his fully erect penis to her cuntlips. "Who are you?" he asks again. "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want." With her words of submission, he drives his dick into her cunt and fucks her with abandon, each thrust pushing the butt plug deep into her ass.
With a grunt and a moan, Dom cums, spurting his load into her open cunt. Dom does not know if Katie has cum, and he doesn't care. She is his slut, and he can fuck her any way he wants.
* * * * *
The following afternoon, Michiko watches as her latest trick gets dressed. Good looking for a man of his age, she thinks. She looks at the check he gave her, and something about his name rings a bell. "Jack Lynch? Are you related to Kacy Lynch?" she asks. Jack freezes at the words. "Why?" he demands. Michiko stretches her nude body on the bed and smiles. "Oh, no reason. It's just that Kacy Lynch sucked me off for twenty bucks last night. In the back of a van. Cute young girl, blonde, long legs, small tits, athletic. Any relation?" Jack's jaw opens, then closes. Kacy? Working as a prostitute? He can feel the blood rising in his face. There is going to be hell to pay, he thinks. Kacy is going to be punished as she never has been before!

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2013-08-17 21:25:55
Nice story except the Satan worshiping thing. Too much.

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2012-05-05 22:47:40
the sister - heevan kissed earth that day with its tears of joy .rain came down and pressed 200 plus souls into a space where love had its way! joy could not be squelched and a great community felt God whisper tender grace as Linus and Dani moved into the sacred place of sweet communion. These pictures are a poetic rendering of a day will remain impressed in our hearts and are now gifted to our sight. Well done Tyler and well done Linus and Dani!

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2011-04-06 00:03:24
A prostitute that takes checks?

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A prostitute that takes checks?


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my fav ever please make a second

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