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Dawn teaches sister about sex and enjoys daddy again
Diane quietly walks up to Dawns bathroom door and peaks. There is Dawn cleaning her legs and pussy from the cum leaking out. Diane enters and “well you got laid tonight, so was it good, I bet David is happy.”
“I don’t know if David is happy or not and yes I got laid and it was wonderful” Dawn was not telling all.
Diane noticed something about Dawn and then an idea crossed her mind, “I don’t think it was David and so who was the lucky boy?”
“I am not telling you right now, maybe later after I figure it out better.”
Diane was puzzled but this and then it hit her “oh god you did it with daddy, oh man was it good, you have to tell me”.
“Quiet, okay but you have to promise not to say anything to anyone and I mean anyone, if you do I will not talk to you ever again”
“Okay, but tell me everything” Dawn when on to explain in detail what it was like to get fucked by daddy. She went into a lot of detail, so much so that Diane got very excited and wet.
“Oh Dawn I want daddy to fuck me too.”
“No not yet, one at a time or it might get to involved and then neither of us gets daddy”
“Oh, but I am so hot and I want to get fucked too.”
“Are you still a virgin?”
“Well yes and no, depends on if you count a carrot or not.” She gave a devilish smile as she had broken her cheery with a carrot a year ago.
“Well a carrot will never compare to the real thing and I don’t think any of the boys will ever compare to daddy.” Dawn was thinking back to just a couple of hours ago and how wonderful it felt to have her father’s cock deep inside her and the feel of the hot cum filling her. She got a faraway look and a funny smile.
“Well I want what you got from daddy and I am going in there now”
“You can’t do that, it will upset him if we both are wanting it from him now, you have to wait besides you need to know something.”
“Like what do I need to know and who besides daddy will teach me?”
“I’ll teach you but you have to promise to wait and not tell anyone”
“You’ll teach me, mmmmm, well okay we will see.”
With that Diane was about to start her lessons in sex. Dawn first showed her how to really kiss and French kiss really good. They were in Dawn’s bedroom and she was in bra and panties while Diane was in a mini skirt and blouse. The kissing lesson got a little further than Dawn had intended. The feel of lips against her lips and a tongue in her mouth playing with her tongue brought back memories of earlier kisses. She became aroused and pulled Diane in close and tight. Diane had bra was thin and her nipples had gotten hard. Diane had nice 36D tits for a 15 year old and they turned Dawn on.
Dam sis you got nice tits. She then moved down and opened the blouse to expose the breast in a white lace bra. After pulling a tit up and out of bra she kissed and sucked a nipple and sucked it hard.

Diane was a little taken back by Dawns advance but when she sucked on her nipple the sensation over rode the apprehension and she pulled her head into her breast and moaned with her head back. Her hips had bucked into Dawns hip and she straddled her leg. The girls were the same height and the fit perfect together, each was pressuring the others mound and they took turns wiggling against each other’s leg. Dawn finished taking off the bra and blouse and Diane reciprocated but taking off her bra. Now they wrapped arms around each other and they were tit to tit kissing passionately as their hips humped against each other and the rubbed up and down.
Dawn move to remove the mini skirt and Diane helped then the each took turns pulling the other panties off. Dawn went first and pull Dina’s down and as she did she kissed her sister wet fuzzy pussy. She thought, I am going to have to show you how to shave your pussy sis and maybe I can get mom to help. She stuck her tongue between the lips and Diane moaned and arched her back.

“Oh sis that feels so good oh lick me some more, oh yes you can show me more” She pulled Dawns head into her pussy and Dawn responded by tonguing her clit. She responded by moaning loudly and arching her back and bucking her hips into Dawn. She kept up the moaning and “oh yes” as Dawn licked harder and faster. Dawn thought oh what the heck and she put a finger in the wet pussy as her tongue worked the clit she thrust the finger and then another. Now two fingers reached into Dian’s pussy seeking the spot. They had only just got there and Diane has an orgasm.
She grabbed Dawns hair and pulled while bucking her hips back and forth. She moaned loudly and gave a short scream. The wetness of her pussy increased and it flooded Dawns mouth.

Oh you taste so good sis; she sucked the juices from Diane. Diane could not stand it and screamed again.
The noises had aroused Tom and he had gone down the hall and saw what was going on. He just watched his two daughters and jacked off by himself. He was thinking; man take it easy one daughter at a time.
Dawn had pushed Diane onto the bed and was now between her legs licking and sucking hard. Diane was so turned on she did not know what to think or do but squirm and thrash around. She then move around and grabbed Dawns legs pulling them to her. She proceeded to pull Dawns panties off and she then moved to her pussy and started to lick. Dawn then gave instruction on how to lick and part the lips. She showed her how to find the clit and how to suck it right. She explained about the different types of clits. Diane then thought; how does she know so much? That is another story indeed.
Now both girls were naked and Dawn was really hot as she moved to split Dian’s legs with hers and rub pussy to pussy. The pussy lips rubbing and the pressure on each other mounds brought both girls to orgasm and then they started to pinch and squeeze each other’s breast. Another orgasm ripped through both girls at the same time and they moaned loudly and there was a scream from each. They were bucking so hard. Dawn then moved in and up and grabbed sis’s tit and pinched a nipple and squeezed the tit hard. Diane let out a very loud “YES OH YES” and bucked and wiggled in frenzy. Both girls had had several orgasm and they collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Tom looked in at the beautiful sight of his two girls naked laying entwined in each other. The sight of all the naked legs, and ass, and pussy, and belly, and tits, and nipples was too much to imagine. Oh this is going to be too much and with that he went to bed.
The girls woke up still naked next to each other. Dawn looked at Diane and spoke first. “Well sis how did you like your first lesson on sex?”
“Man if all the lessons are going to be like that I want to stay in school forever”
“Well you have a lot to learn and the first thing is to shave that pussy, I don’t like pubic hair in my teeth.”
Diane was eager to do whatever her sister suggested and said “okay we can do it now in the shower”.
As the girls were naked they just went right into the shower and started to soap each other up and down.
Both girls found that there was a lot of enjoyment to be had with a sister. Hands touched all the right places and paid special attention to the very sensitive parts. Breasts and nipples got extra soaping and the pussy was played with until each had had a small orgasm. The show was large with dual heads and a bench. Diane finally sat on the bench as Dawn lathered her pussy with soap and began to shave.
They had decided to leave a little strip of fuzz.

All the horse play in the shower had told Tom there was something worth investigating. He had slipped into the bathroom and was watching the girls as best he could thought the fogged up shower enclosure. Even though he could not see very clearly he had not problem seeing Dawn and her beautiful naked body. All he could think about was fucking her again now and he jerked off to the sound of their conversation about sex and shaving pussy.
Tom cleaned up then put on some swimming shorts and a tee shirt then went to the kitchen to make something to eat. He really just wanted to eat Dawn and well even Diane would be nice. He drank some coffee and went out to the pool.

The girls, having finished in the bathroom dressed in shorts and tank tops. Dawn had no bra but Diane could not go without but today she only had on the tank top and her breasts barely fit.
The girls saw Tom in the pool and they both ran back and changed into very small bikinis. Dawn told Diane to back off and let her have Tom but Diane was not thrilled with that suggestion. They both jumped into the pool and swam over to him.
He had seen them come out in shorts and then run back, change into bikinis, and come out and jump into the pool. The sight of two very young and very sexy girls turned Tom on and he got a big erection. He really wanted to spend some time today fucking Dawn again and had to figure out how to get Diane out of the house.
The girls swam over to him and each reached out putting their arms around him then kissed and hugged him in a more than daughterly way.
His erection was straining against the shorts as the girls clung to his neck and he could feel their legs rubbing against his cock. The feel of the breasts against his chest and back sent shiver up his spine. His hands were around the waist of each daughter and then they moved down and cupped a cheek of each. He could not resist squeezing each and when he did each girl responded with a little giggle and wiggle and kissed him hard. Dawn kissed him very hard and deep and the tongue whipped back and forth. Diane then kissed him and to his surprise her tongue slipped past his lips and was playing with his tongue before he knew what was happening. She was on his back and under one arm with her breasts pressed into his side. He stopped kissing her and let go.
Diane was all worked up with the kiss from daddy. Dawn had seen the hot kiss and moved in pushing her back she whispered to her, “back off sis or there will be no more lesions”. Diane looked crushed as she got out of the pool and ran off.

Tom saw Diane leave and turned to Dawn, “hey what is with Diane is everything okay with her”.
“Oh she is fine, just put off cause I told her to back off.”
“Back off? Why did you say that and back off what?”
“I told her to back off you as I wanted you to myself today and she said she would go to Mary’s but then in the pool she started to get to hot on you”
“That was a rather an experienced kiss she gave me. Hey you said you wanted to have me to yourself today, mmmm, that sounds like fun”.

Dawn swam over to him and put her arms around his neck and let her legs part and wrap around his waist. They pulled each other together and kissed a kiss of real passion. The lips parted and the tongues fought with each other to see which could excite the most. His hands moved up and down her back touching the smooth soft skin and then cupped each butt cheek and squeezed. As he squeezed he pulled the cheeks apart and let his fingers slowly move in. They touched the little rose bud of her anus and then moved forward to the lips. As she was wearing a thong there was very little covering her hungry pussy.
She loved the feel of his hands roaming over her back very lightly at first but then with more and more pressure. As they move down along her spine the tingling sensation moved up it. The feel of his fingers as they moved over her ass cheeks made her moan. Their lips remained locked in passion. His finger passing over her anus made her tingle and she shook with the thrill. All she could think was how she wanted his finger in her and then his cock, oh that big hard cock.
She was kissing his neck and biting his ear while her fingers racked his back at the touch of his hands.
“Oh daddy, I want you so bad oh please please, I love you, oh please fuck me now”.

“Oh baby you have me so turned on, hang on while I move us to a better place” and with that he walked out of the pool area to the shaded lounging area where there were several chaise lounges. He sat down with her legs still around his waist and her lips still attached to his body in various places.
He kisses her tenderly and looked into her eyes. All he could see was a beautiful young woman that hungered for his body. He thought, she does not know about love but she sure understands sex and lust. The knowledge about love will come with time but for now I am going to teach you about sex. He kissed her tenderly on the lips and then moved to her ear and down her neck as one hand moved up and untied the strings holding the top of her bikini. His lips found her breast as the top fell away and he sucked in the nipple only. His teeth gripped the nipple and pulled back.

The feel of the hand pulling the strings of the top tickled her and excited her. Everything inside her was on fire and jumping with excitement as her entire body quivered. Then the top fell and his lips move over her skin and the as his lips covered and sucked her nipple she moaned a deep guttural moan of primitive ecstasy. The feelings and passions that were being released in her brought out the most animal actions. She pulled his head to her breast as hard as she could and arched her back while tightening her legs around his waist.
She was going wild and he sucked in more breast and bit down. He then reached up and grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back and turned to lay her on the lounge. He pulled her legs apart and untied the bottom’s strings. Once again the beautiful pussy was there in front of him. Those moist tight little lips just waiting to be parted by his throbbing cock. But first he wanted to savor the taste of that delicious treat. He fell down and licked the lips with abandon and she screamed and moaned without care as to who heard.
All she could think of was the tongue licking up and down on the lips of her pussy. She moved her legs over his shoulder squeezing his head between them while pulling him in with her heels. The feeling was so great she wiggled her butt and then grabbed her nipples and pinched them. The sensations running through her were fire and electric, pain and pleasure, and she wanted more. Then it rolled through her like a wave as the orgasm made her whole body vibrate. She moaned loudly and the body shook violently.
He felt her body tense and the start to shake and vibrated. The he head a moan so primitive and deep a shiver ran up and down his spine. Then as she quivered less and less and the moans became more of a sob, he kissed up across her belly to the breasts and nipple which he covered in soft tender kisses.
She felt the tension release and then feeling, strange feeling she had not experienced before, ran through her body and strange thoughts through her mind. For some unknown reason tears flowed from her eyes. Then he was kissing her belly and breasts and nipples and then kissing the tears. She pulled him in close and thought, oh daddy I love you so much and I want you, all of you.

He stood up and she sat up and grabbed his shorts pulling them down as he pulled off his top. Taking his short down had put her face right at his cock which was hard and erect and in her face. She took hold of his cock and looked at it and very hesitantly kissed the end.

At this point he went into an explanation of how to give a blow job, a short explanation as he could not wait much longer. As she kissed and licked and then took the end into her mouth he grasped the back of her head and guided her.
He could not believe how fast she learned and how good her lips felt on his cock and then they parted and the head was in her mouth. His body shuttered as the sensations of pleasure ran through him and he pulled her to him and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. There was some resistance but he did not care now and pushed. AH, she is so good and it feels so great, all I want to do if ram my cock down her throat. He pulled his cock out of her as she gagged and coughed. He pulled her face to his and kiss in a very passionate way. Then he turned and lay down on the lounge and pulled her on top of him.

“Okay baby get on your feet and squat over may cock, ya like that, now slowly sit down, oh ya like that ah” he moaned as she squatted all the way down and then she started to pump up and down. He reached up and cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her pumping became frantic and she squeezed her butt cheeks around the hug cock deep in her pussy. The feeling of the head cap rubbing up and down the pussy walls was driving her crazy.
He was getting close. Her pussy was so tight and got tighter as she flexed her butt cheeks. He looked at the breasts in his hands and the beautiful face was contorted in a smile of sheer ecstasy. She is so beautiful the skin so smooth and soft. Oh god I am going to cum, and he did with a power and volume he could believe. Then he heard her scream and moan as she had another orgasm. The cum pumped out of him more and more until there was nothing left but she kept pumping. She had gone crazy wild and was throwing herself all around. The cum was oozing out of her and down onto his balls and ass.
She could not believe the feeling. Again the cum pumped into her and she went wild loosing total control of her body. She bucked and twisted and bounced and then it was over like a wind blowing through her body the sensations had gone. She felt his hands and arms reach up and pull her down to him and covering her face with kisses. She snuggled to his chest as his cock slowly got smaller and softer. The feel of it slipping out of her pussy was so nice. She kissed his neck and ear and snuggled in.
The feel of her naked body on top of him was so wonderful. Slow and tender he stroked her back as he kisses her tenderly on the lips and cheeks. Then with one hand he pulled her head to his shoulder and the snuggled and rested.
There was a fleeting shadow that moved across the picture window in the family room. Diane had learned how to spy on the lovers.
The day had only begun and he already needed a rest. I sure hope I can survive this day. You can be sure he will get enough rest to finish out the day.

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