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Play along, and if you like it please vote and I'll keep it going!
This is a collaborative effort between myself, the author, and you, the readers. This is a choose your own adventure story done in democratic fashion. Each episode I will outline a handful of situations that our protagonist, Jack, finds himself in, and you get to choose which one he pursues. At the end of each episode, I will list the possible choices. Leave a comment on the story indicating your vote. After 20 or so comments I will determine the winning option and the next episode in the story will explore that choice and will end with new choices. Feel free to add suggestions with your vote for what should happen in the next episode, though I might not fulfill all or any requests. So if you read this and like where it is going, please vote! Have fun!

Because this is the first episode, it will only contain explanations of the possible situations and no sexual adventures. Please vote so that Jack may experience some fun!

Hi, my name is Jack. I’m 17 and just about to enter my senior year of high school. I have a big cock, but I need some advice on what to do with it. What follows are some situations I found myself in recently, all of which could lead to some real fun, but I’m confused. Which one should I pursue?

A) It’s the end of August, just before school will start, and I took a run on a hot afternoon. I’m very athletic, and on this afternoon I was running down the street without a shirt on because of the blinding August sun. I didn’t think much of the blue house on the corner as I was running, I’d seen it a thousand times before, but today turned out to be different.

“Hi Jack!” I heard a voice call. I slowed down and looked around, unsure of who was beckoning me. I didn’t know anyone around here, did I?

I saw someone waving from the porch of the corner house and I trotted in that direction. As I neared my vision came into focus and I saw a tall, slender girl smiling broadly at me. I halted in surprise when I neared, struck by the vision before me. She was standing barefoot on the porch and radiant in the sunlight. She wore a miniscule bikini that showed off her precious form, long legs, and smooth stomach. She had shoulder length brown hair with wisps of blonde, and I became keenly aware that I didn’t have a shirt to cover the growth of my erection in my running shorts.

Suddenly it hit me. “Veronica?” I said, bewildered.

“Hi big guy,” she flirted. Wow. I hadn’t seen Veronica since I’d stopped riding the bus over a year ago. Back then she had been an awkward middle school kid with glasses, short hair, and a lanky undeveloped body. Things had changed.

“I saw you running from the backyard, I was tanning, and I thought I’d say hi. So, hi.”

“H… hi,” I stammered. I climbed the stairs and stood a few feet from her on the porch. Her skin looked delectable and she had developed a beautiful figure. She had small tits that were perfectly round and sat nicely on her thin frame.

“You want a cold drink or something?” she asked. I didn’t really, but I took this as the opportunity to scope out her backside.

“Sure, water would be cool.”

“Okay,” she smiled and spun to enter the house. I knew it. She had a firm, athletic ass that looked to-die-for in that tight bikini. My bulge was growing, I would have to bail soon.

Luckily, the few minutes she was gone gave my erection time to subside. She returned with the water and we chatted for a while, catching up a bit. She was flirtatious, openly, reaching to touch my arms each time I made a joke.

“So you’ll be a freshman this year?” I asked.

“Yes sir, very exciting.”

“Sure is.” She would receive some attention in high school, that’s for sure. “Well, I should keep running, don’t want to lose my pace. But I’ll see you around school, yeah?”

“Definitely!” She smiled wide before blowing me a kiss and giggling. “See you around.”

I hopped off the porch and made my way back to the street. She watched me as I did, not moving from the porch. I noticed that no cars were in the driveway, she was home alone, and my mind raced with the possibilities.

B) Tony was my best friend and we hung out together all the time, most the time at his parents’ place. One of the perks to being Tony’s friend was the occasional glimpse of his older sister that I would steal anytime no one would notice. Lana was two years older than us, currently home but just about to return for her second year of college. She was a tall girl with a full form, not fat or anything but not athletically thin either. She had a sweet face and was one of the nicest people I knew.

Tony worked a crappy summer job that required him to be to work early each morning. This particular evening, Tony and I had been hanging out playing video games and I was planning on sleeping over. Eleven o’clock rolled around and Tony started to gripe that he needed to go to bed so he could be to work by five a.m. It sucked for him, but I wasn’t tired, so I told him I was going to hang in his basement and play some more video games while he went off to bed, and I’d just crash on the couch down there when I was tired.

About midnight, my eyes glued to the game, I heard someone descending the stairs into Tony’s basement.

“Dude, you’re missing it man, I’m kicking ass!” I hollered.

“Always playing video games, Jack, isn’t it past your bed time?” I heard Lana’s voice chime, and I was instantly pulled away from my game. “Oops. Did I distract you?” she asked, noticing my lack of focus had gotten my virtual self killed.

“Oh, hey Lana, no, I mean, no big deal. What’s up?” Lana flopped down on the couch across from me.

“Not much, it’s just my last night before I head back to school and everyone is asleep already. But I’m too excited to sleep.”

“Oh,” I said, “do you want me to scram?”

“No,” she laughed, “no, Jack, will you keep me company? At least until I get tired enough to go to bed?” I most certainly would. I killed the game and started to chat with Lana. It was idle chit chat for a while, my eyes repeatedly drifting to the luscious mounds beneath her tight t-shirt. As the night wore on, it turned out we had a lot to talk about. Neither one of us seemed to be getting any more tired than when we had started.

“So, I know I’ll do plenty of this when I get back to college, but what the hell.” Lana said and jumped up, her sexy body springing to life. She trotted off down the hall, affording me a gaze at her round and full ass in well fitting jeans, and returned with two beers.

“Oh, alright.” I said.

“Just two, nothing crazy,” she said. She sat back down, this time next to me, and cracked open the drinks. We began sipping and talking again, but this time the tone had changed. Lana kept putting her hand on my knee or shoulder, and I noticed she held my gaze just a second longer than usual as we spoke. I pulsed with desire for my best friends sister, a girl I’d silently fantasized about for just about as long as I’d know what fantasizing was, and I knew this was probably my only chance to see if something could happen between us before she went away to college again.

C) A nice warm night, plenty of cold beer, good friends, and a bon fire make for some good times. A small group of us were gathered tonight, not the entire circle of friends for sure but a fine group, at Shelly’s house.

Tony was there, my best amigo, with his girlfriend Laura. Laura had a smoking body and had long been an object of my desire before Tony started dating her last year. Obviously, as Tony’s girl, she was off limits, but still I admired her long black hair, full and perky tits, and delicious looking ass.

Brian and Steve came, single like myself, and were actively flirting with any female there. Kelly made it. Kelly was short, with short blonde hair and a body to rival Laura’s. She was kind of a bitch, not even kind of, but she’d hung with us for a long time and even though just about everyone had some reason not to like her, she was still one of us. Carrie had made it, a friend of Shelly’s who wasn’t that close with the rest of us. Carrie was a decent looking girl, kind of aloof but not shy, with a trim body.

And of course Shelly was there. Shelly had long brown hair, an infectious laugh, and was easily the nicest girl out of a group of bitchy high school girls. She was thin, had small but noticeably perky tits, and a small but firm ass. I’d had suspicions before that Shelly might be attracted to me, she was flirtatious, but then there is a lot of flirting in high school that doesn’t lead anywhere.

As the drinks took hold of us, someone suggested a game of strip poker. Everyone agreed and, knowing that I was the most able player amongst us, I figured I’d take this opportunity to catch some fine looks at some of my old high school friends.

Turns out, my friends weren’t drunk enough to overcome being shy about nakedness. Shelly and Laura found themselves in their bras and panties, courtesy of mine and Tony’s repeated winning hands, but a general consensus from the group was that no one really wanted to be naked. This was a bit depressing, though I was having a great time sneaking looks at Laura’s fabulous body. Shelly, too, looked fantastic in a black bra and matching panties. She seemed embarrassed, but she had definitely noticed that each time I won a hand I had her remove an article, and by the time we stopped playing she was smiling at me and staring deeply into my eyes.

When the game ended Shelly stood up, looking beautiful in the firelight. She slid her jeans and shirt back on to my disappointment, and looked directly at me when she spoke.

“I’m going to take a walk, there’s some cool paths in the woods behind my house. Anyone want to join me?” She was looking at me with pleading eyes.

So, should Jack pursue:

A) - the bikini vixen Veronica.

B) - the college-bound luscious Lana.

C) - sweet and sexy Shelly.

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2013-08-03 02:29:15
C is the best but u should also do B

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-02 00:23:07
A is the best choice.veronica sounds so hot

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-11 15:53:03
I believe all 3 scenarios deserve more attention

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-10 09:27:40
I'd say A but it seams you've put more energy into C

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-20 10:36:32
A is clearly the best.

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