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Hi again, guys. I know a lot of you complained about the length of the last one, but no worries, the third part is longer. Now a couple of comments and PM requested some Hannah Montana or Suite life stories. I’ve been thinking about it, and I want to try a Hannah Montana story, but I want some suggestions. What do you think would be good for content? Thanks, and comment.

The next morning, Justin woke up with a start, not sure of where he was. But then he remembered, and shook himself awake even more quickly. He reached over his sister’s breasts and shook his younger brother Max awake.
“Max!” he whispered loudly. “Get up. You’ve got to get out of here!”
“Mmm what?” He asked groggily.
“Mom and Dad could find us!”
That woke Max up. It also startled Alex awake.
“What’s happening?!” Asked Alex.
“You’ve gotta get out of here! Its morning!”
“Oh right. Max, let’s go.”
The boy and girl wizards got out Justin’s bed, picked up their discarded clothes and walked out of the door, closing it behind them. Max went straight to his room and Alex stopped in the bathroom to take a piss. She sat on the toilet and started to pee. She noticed that not just urine was coming out, but was also mixed with two loads of Justin’s cum. She waited until both liquids were completely drained out of her before standing up, throwing her clothes in the hamper, and walked back out the door.
As she turned out of the bathroom and towards her own room, she ran into her father. She immediately covered herself, crying out. “Dad!” Her heart was beating with the thought of her dad catching them.
“Ho…honey, what are you doing naked?” His eyes went down to the arm across her breasts and the hand on her vagina. His heart beated faster, sending blood through his body and giving him a full hard on. His own hands went down to his crotch and covered the lump in his basketball shorts.
Her mind worked at full speed, looking for an explanation. “I…I was going to the bathroom and decided to put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket!”
“Oh…well next time cover yourself, your brothers could see you!”
“Okay, sorry Dad.” She walked past her father and opened her door, slipping in quietly and sliding into her bed without waking the sleeping Harper.
Jerry Russo turned his head to watch his daughter walk by, his eyes immediately going down to her firm, jiggling ass. His erection got even harder, if possible. He shook his head and turned back to go to his own room, completely forgetting the drink he had been going downstairs for. He walked up to his and his wife’s bed, took off the shorts and tee-shirt he had put on to go downstairs. And now just in his boxers, he slid under the covers.
‘That was quick,” Theresa said in a mumble, still sleepy and her back to him. Jerry didn’t answer, but instead moved up closer and rubbed against his wife. She felt his erection and pressed her butt back into him, rubbing it around and stimulating his male member.
“What’s that for, this early in the morning?” She flipped over so that she was facing Jerry and he planted a kiss on her lips.
“Does there have to be a reason?”
“No, I suppose not.”
She put her hands around his neck and kissed him, and their hands began to rub over each other. Jerry’s hands landed on the middle of her back, and her hands on the back of his head and his hip. He slid his hands down some and took hold of the short nightgown that Theresa wore, and pulled it up, over her head and onto the floor. The only thing she was left wearing was her 34C lacy bra. Even at the age of 38, Theresa was still looking fine, with not-yet saggy breasts, a still firm and juicy ass and a figure to die for. Jerry considered himself very lucky as her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. He moved his fingers, fumbling with the clasp of her bra. But the latch stuck and he mumbled “Fuck.” He finally got it undone and it was pushed off the bed, discarded.
Theresa smiled while they kissed and slid her hands down his chest and stomach to his boxers, where she peeled them off, down to his toes and off on to the floor to join her night gown and bra. The hot Latina housewife slithered back under the sheets until her feet pressed against the tucked in sheets. She took her husband’s rock hard cock into her hand and ran her tongue up and down his 5-inch cock, around the tip of the head and around the shaft. Jerry moaned in ecstasy and almost blew his load right then and there. Theresa saw that he was close to ejaculating and dug her long fingernails into the skin of his cock.
“Not yet, dear.” She said. The pain helped Jerry to hold back finishing, and Theresa climbed back up his body, kissing his stomach, chest, neck and then mouth again. Jerry rolled over, bringing Theresa with him and laying on top of her. She spread her legs wide and took his dick back into her hand, guiding it to the moist wetness of her pussy. Jerry stopped her though, and instead slithered backwards on the bed, bringing his face in close to her puffy pussy. Jerry loved her vagina, because of the largeness of the clit. Underneath the hood, when aroused her clit got to be about an inch long and was wicked sensitive. He loved eating her out and feeling her withering around under the care of his tongue and fingers.
He inserted three fingers into her wet pussy and stuck them in as far as he could. He started to fuck in and out with his fingers, and soon his wife started to quiver. He stopped with the fingers when she was wet enough and bent down with his head, sticking his tongue in and massaging the walls of her vagina. Then he came out and licked her clit, which sent her over the edge, practically screaming in joy. When the tremors of her orgasm subsided, Jerry crawled back up her body and whispered in her ear, “Ready for the main act?”
“Fuck yeah, baby. Put your cock in my pussy.”
Pushed on by the dirty talk, Jerry again lay on top of Theresa, and she again spread her legs. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed in around her pussy, and when she had it placed where she wanted, he pushed his hips forward and entered her pussy. Even after three childbirths, his hot Latina wife was still as tight when he had first had sex with her, back on their second date. They both gasped at the tightness, and Jerry slowly built up his hip speed, thrusting in and out of her cunt.
“Oh fuck yeah baby. Keep it up.” And that’s what Jerry did, his hips moving a frantic pace, and they both began nearing their climaxes. They both reached it the same time and Jerry erupted inside of her, feeling his own cum mix with her love juice. His wife was a squirter alright. He loved the fact that they didn’t have to use condoms or other birth control devices since she had her tubes tied. Now they didn’t have to worry about having kids.
Theresa lay there in bliss, the feeling of multiple orgasms subsiding and the after sex feeling settling in. She loved these recent, morning quickies. As Jerry collapsed on top of her, she heard a noise from behind the door and glanced sharply in that direction. She thought she saw an eye peeking through the slit in the door, but then it was gone. She wondered which one of her kids it had been or Harper, and how much they’d seen. Theresa decided not to think of it; if it became an issue, so be it. She was happy right here and didn’t feel like moving.

Justin crept away from his parent’s door. He wondered if his mother had seen him. He was turned on by the naked picture of his mom being fucked. He was glad he heard his dad confront Alex outside the bathroom and had followed him back to his room to see if his parents talked about anything out of the ordinary involving him and his siblings. And then he saw the whole thing happen, right before his eyes. He didn’t care if that was his mom; she was a stunning looking woman who he would fuck in a heartbeat.
He had a hard on now, just thinking about it and went back into his room to take care of it, by himself.

Half an hour later the whole family was up and gathered downstairs for a breakfast of pancakes and sausages. The sat around the rectangle-shaped table, Jerry at the head, Theresa at his right, Max at his left, Alex next to Max and Justin after her, and Harper next to Theresa. They ate in silence for the first couple minutes, the three children scared to say anything in case it would give anything away what happened last night.
Harper finally broke the silence, saying “So how was your date last night, Justin?”
He glanced up and said “It went okay.” He narrowed his eyes at her, though, showing her that he knew that she had been the one disrupting it. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise that he knew, and her mouth opened and then closed again. She looked down at her plate and then pushed her chair back, standing up and saying “I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”
“Okay, honey.” Said Theresa. She looked up at everyone and asked “So what’s on store for today, guys? Friends?”
“Naw, I think I’m going to stay home today,” responded Max. He looked at Alex and raised his eyebrows, reminding her of her promise she made last night.
“Yeah, me too,” she said. “Some homework and then just hanging around.”
“You, Justin?” Asked Theresa.
“I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll stay here. What are you doing, Mom?”
“I’ve got cleaning to do around the house while Jerry goes to his baseball game.”
“I’ll help you out, Mom.”
“Thank you, Justin.”
Jerry pushed his own chair out and stood up. “Well I’ve got to get going, dear. I’ll see you guys later!” He walked out of the door.
Max and Alex stood up as well, putting their dishes in the sink and going up the stairs to their rooms. Alex nudged Max before she entered hers and whispered “Meet me in my room in half an hour.” Max nodded and entered his own room.
Theresa and Justin were the last ones up, Theresa walking over to the sink to clean dishes. Justin joined her and started to dry. Ten minutes later they had cleaned up the kitchen and headed upstairs to start cleaning.
“Where first, Mom?”
“My room, I think. We have to organize your father’s and my dressers, dust, vacuum and change the sheets.”
Justin nodded and a though went through his mind. He knew the sheets had to be changed. The thought of what happened on them earlier this morning made him erect yet again. They entered their room and stood on separate sides of the bed, ripping off the sheets and replacing them with clean ones. The old ones went into the laundry in the bathroom. Justin walked around the room, dusting off shelves and tables while his mother vacuumed the floor. Twenty minutes later, when they were done, they put away the cleaning tools and met at the dressers.
“Okay. Your dad’s clothes need to be organized and folded correctly, and ironed. He’s such a pig. Mine need ironing and then refolding. We’ll do those first.”
Justin nodded again and Theresa emptied all of her clothes on the floor in one big pile. Something metal clattered on the floor, and Justin picked up a pair of metal handcuffs. Theresa snatched them out of his hand and put them in a drawer, her cheeks turning red. Justin had images in his mind of his mom tied to the bedposts and naked. He shook the thought away.
She told him to separate the shirts and pants into the ironing pile, and the undergarments in the other. He started, throwing two shirts and a pair of jeans in the iron pile. HE picked up a red lacy bra, and raised his eyebrows. He put it in the other pile. It continued like that for several minutes. He picked up a pair of lace black panties, and glanced up at his mom; she wasn’t watching, so he tucked them away in his jeans pocket. They finally finished sorting, and then moved onto ironing.
Theresa set up the ironing table and bent over it, ironing out a shirt. When she bent over, Justin, on the floor folding laundry, caught a glimpse of her cleavage. Her large breasts looked about to fall out, and he thought he caught a glimpse of a nipple. Theresa looked up and caught him looking. Justin looked down immediately, embarrassed. But she didn’t say anything, just continued her work. Justin began to get another hard on, and he was afraid that if he stood up she would be able to see it through his shorts.
Almost if she had read his mind, Theresa said “Justin, could you go downstairs and get me a glass of water?”
“Sure, Mom.” Justin stood up cautiously and Theresa watched him try and cover his hard on. When he left, she sat down on the bed. Theresa had to figure out what was going through her mind right now. She was extremely turned on by her son’s attention, but she knew just thinking that was wrong. She thought of how her husband didn’t completely satisfy her, and how a teenager filled with energy might be able to. She had to decide what to do.

At that moment, Mac walked into Alex’s room.
She looked up from the book she was reading. “Hey Max. I just cast a spell that will damper all sound emanating from this room. Now we can be as loud as we want.”
“Fuck yeah. When do we start?”
“Now, if you want.”
Max didn’t bother wasting energy with a response, but instead crossed the room to where Alex stood. She threaded her arms around his neck and he put her hands around her waist, joining mouths and kissing. Since Alex was slightly taller than her younger brother, so she bent at her knees to reach his height better. Her hands went off his neck and to his shirt which she pulled off and tossed to the floor. Her hands then went to his jeans, where she unbuttoned the top and dropped them to the floor where he stepped out of them, now just wearing his boxers. Max moved his hands to her shirt and pulled it off of her body, revealing the bra she was wearing, a red lace one. His hands moved back to her hips and unbuttoned her jeans, squatting and pulling them down to her feet. Alex stepped out of her jeans and Max stood back up. The panties she was wearing matched her bra, and they didn’t leave much to the imagination. His boner started to peek out of the fly of his boxers.
Alex smiled and crouched down in front of her brother, taking hold of the waistband and pulling it down, over his hard on. It stood out, 9” at a 45 degree angle to his body. Alex took it in her hand and moved it up and down, and pre cum began to ooze from the tip of his cock. She kept on masturbating Max, and he began to groan in pleasure. She stopped her hand motions before he could come, and pushed him back towards the bed.

A couple rooms down, Justin Russo was walking back into his mom’s room with a glass of water in his hand. He looked around tentivly for his mom, because she wasn’t in the room.
“Hey honey,” she said all of a sudden, walking out of her walking closet with clothes in her hand. He was so startled by her appearance that he spilled the water all over himself, on the front of his white tee-shirt and his black shorts. The water seeped through the shirt and shorts, making the thin material nearly see through.
“Oh, I’m so sorry dear!” She exclaimed. “Let’s get that off you!” Theresa could see his fairly big chest muscles and abs, and she could see the lump in his pants since they were plastered tightly to his body, and she began to get wet in her nether regions. Any hesitancy she had was forgotten now.
Theresa took the empty glass from his hand and put it down on the night stand. She pulled the shirt off of him and let it drop on the floor. She pushed him backwards until the back of his knees hit the bed and he fell backward. She yanked the shorts and boxer’s off in one tug, letting his quickly hardening erection spring free. The hot mom stood back and ripped her own short off, and then her pants in quick succession. She was dressed in un-fancy undergarments, plain white bra and panties. Justin could see the wet spot on her panties as her vagina lubricated itself.
She then pulled the panties off but left her bra on. She walked back to the bed and knelt down on the floor at the edge, where Justin’s knees hung off. “Scoot closer, baby.” She purred in a seductive voice. Numbly, he did so, until all of his legs were hanging off and his 7” cock pointed straight up to the ceiling lights. Theresa took her ample tits in her hands and plopped them still in her bra over his dick and pushed them down until his dick was pointing through. She then began to move her chest up and down, bouncing her breasts up and down Justin’s cock.
It felt so good to Justin that he almost felt like he needed to ejaculate already. But he held back, expectant for more. Theresa finally stopped moving her tits after several minutes and stood up over him. “Mommy’s going on bottom, honey.” Justin sat up and then stood, and Theresa lay down immediately. She lay on the edge, one foot resting on the floor and other on the bed. Her head was on the pillow. Justin approached and put his left knee on the bed, in between her thighs and then pushed it forward under the leg on the bed. He picked that leg up and put it over his shoulder, and moved in closer so his cock was pointing at her pussy, her right leg on his left shoulder, her left leg hanging off the bed, and his right foot planted on the floor next to it.
Theresa reached down and took his cock in her hand and positioned it at the entrance to her hot pussy. “Okay baby,” she gasped. Justin thrusted forward and stuck his cock into his mom’s still amazingly tight pussy. She gasped as her son’s cock hit the back of her vagina and then withdrew and hit her again as he moved in and out. She hadn’t felt this big of a cock since her high school years before she married Jerry. His less than satisfactory dick barely kept her satisfied over the years. Now she was more than satisfied.

Back in Alex’s room, Alex had Max on his back and she was sitting on his gigantic cock, barely able to hold him without screaming. Then she rose up on her knees and sat back down hard and did scream. The magic sound-filters stopped the sound from going through the thin walls of her room. She continued to bounce up and down on Max’s cock, her firm breasts flopping up and down. Max started to rise his hips to meet Alex’s bounces, and they slammed into one another again and again.
Then Alex heard a slight sound from the other side of the room that sounded like a gasp. From Harper’s side of the room. Oh shit. Alex had completely forgotten that Harper had come upstairs before the rest of the family, and must of hid when she heard Alex coming up.
“Alex, what is it?” Max groaned, still trying to hump upwards.
“Shhh, Max.” She said. “Harper? Are you over there?”
“Harper?!” Max exclaimed. “She’s over there?”
“Quiet, Max. Harper?”
From underneath the bed, Alex’s best friend crawled out. Harper stood up and said “Yeah, I’m here. And I can’t believe you’re doing this to your younger brother!”
“I can’t explain my reasons to you right now, Harper. I’m in the middle of something. So either sit there and watch or go away.” Harper sat down on the edge of her bed and fell silent. Alex turned back to Max and resumed their fucking.
As Harper watched her best friend ride Max, she began to become aroused. No matter how wrong and incestuous it was, it was still hot and Harper began to get wet and her nipples hardened. Her hand went to her pants and then down them, underneath her panties to her pussy. It was already soaked and Harper slid her finger in her virgin cunt. She stimulated the insides and then the clitoris, climaxing in seconds with her overly sensitive clit. She sat there gasping, and her brain flipped around and she stood up, tearing off all of her clothes and throwing them to the floor. She crossed the room to Alex’s bed. Alex’s eyes were squeezed shut in ecstasy. Max turned his head as he saw Harper moving in his peripheral vision and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw the naked Harper.
She stepped up on the bed and swung her left leg over Max and sat on his chest. Her hands went to Alex’s breasts and she leaned forward towards her mouth. Alex opened her mouth to talk, but Harper’s mouth engulfed hers and her tongue slipped in between Alex’s lips. The young wizard didn’t argue and slid her own tongue into Harper’s mouth; they’re tongues battling for supremacy. She stopped bouncing up and down and instead rolled her hips back and forth, which stimulated her clit even more. Twenty seconds later Alex came near her climax, and Harper reached down and rubbed her thumb under Alex’s clitoral hood and caressed her clit.
Max felt Alex’s pussy juices gush around his cock and then the warm and incredibly tight feeling of his older sister’s pussy disappeared as Alex fell off of him, her pussy clamping in on itself and her body shaking with an incredibly powerful orgasm. He yelled out, desperate for her hot cunt. Harper saw his need and slid her hips backwards so that she could bend down to Max’s cock. Her mouth engulfed his male member and started stroking the bottom with one hand while she tried to go down on his cock. Max looked above him and saw Harper’s pussy right above his face, waiving from side to side tantalizingly. Her pussy wasn’t completely bald, like his sister’s but had a small brown triangle of pubic hair pointing down at her cunt. She pussy had the lips of a porn star, with lips that protruded greatly. He reached up and grabbed onto her lush ass both hands and pulled her pussy down, where it met his mouth.
His tongue entered her pussy, past the lips and into the vagina itself. He lapped at the sides and tried to hit the back of her pussy with the tip of his tongue. He couldn’t, her hymen was in the way. So he withdrew his tongue and instead licked the clitoris, tracing figures, making Harper tremor. Even with that distraction, Harper still worked on Max’s cock, going farther and farther down each time. She was getting frustrated that she couldn’t go all the way down and deep throat him. It was harder than it looked that the videos, especially with Max’s gigantic cock. But she was determined, and tightened her neck muscles, impaling herself on his meat rod. She was down eight inches. She strained even more. Down at her pussy Max’s tongue caused her to climax, and with that shock she went down the final inch, her mouth at the hilt of his cock and her nose in his pubic hair. She held it there, gagging. Max gasped in pleasure and ejaculated down Harper’s throat. She felt the warm and stick cum go down her throat, even as Max’s face was bathed in her juices.
She couldn’t hold herself from gagging anymore, and came up for air, allowing the second, third, fourth and more streams of cum hit her in the face. Max’s hips bucked with the orgasm, and so did Harper’s as she had hers. When both were done, Harper fell of Max and the three teens lay on the bed, exhausted.

In the other room, a fourth teen was making his mother moan in joy. Justin withdrew and slammed back into the folds of Theresa’s pussy. Her clit was stimulated now and the very sensitive member sent orgasmic feeling through her again and again. The Latina Milf began to roll her hips into her son’s thrusts, and Justin neared his finish.
Theresa knew it, and pushed Justin off her and back onto the edge of the bed. She got up, even as the orgasms subsided throughout her body. She knelt back down on the floor, and reached back and unbuttoned her bra. Her amazing tits fell down, and Theresa took them and put them on either side of Justin’s cock, mashing them together and bringing them up and down the sides of his cock. Justin neared his finish again and yelled out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”
“Mommy knows baby, cum for mommy!”
And Justin did cum, six streams of cum shooting from the tip of his dick to arc in the air, hitting her chin, her nose, her cheek, her mouth and back onto his cock. When he was finally done squirting, Theresa stopped bouncing and licked his cock clean, and then with her hand she removed the cum from her face and hair and sucked don her fingers, getting rid of the last vestiges of his cum.
Justin left his mom’s room five minutes later, washed off and dressed with a happy and contented smile on his face. He wondered what else would happen on this glorious weekend.

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