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My boss and I and several others
Flashback time: This took place several years before, when Deb was my boss.

I was playing poker with several of my friends and doing quite badly for the moment. I had lost on the last several hands and was now looking at a pair of tens with a king kicker. When my doorbell rang informing me I had a guest at the door. I folded so I could see who was at the door, a few minutes later I returned to the game with Deb. I told the guys I had forgotten she was coming over and if they mind letting her play with us.
They said it was fine, they even poked fun they'd enjoy taking her money as well.
She told them 'we'll see about that.'
So after we all got settled Jon dealt the cards and we all looked at our respective cards. After the first round of discards I found I was holding a decent hand. So I made my bets and sent them to the center of the table.
All the others did as well and I won for the 1st time that hand.
After a few more hands and the usual banter amongst us card players, Jon, Greg, Matt, Deb and myself. Deb excused herself to go to the bathroom and we took a break, to reload on drinks and chips.
Deb soon returned and even though she wore a black mini halter dress. I could tell she had made an adjustment.
I was the dealer for the next round so I dealt the cards accordingly. After everyone and myself made our discards to get new ones, Deb announced a new change to the game she suggested we now play for clothes as bets instead of money.
The rest of the guys readily agreed. I smirked at Deb knowingly to let her know what I knew she was up to.
After all the joking and jostling was done we began to lay our cards down and I won yet again.
Matt told Deb to remove her dress and I held up my hand to stop and pointed out I won so I get to say, but I was too late he and the other 2 were now pantless and Deb smiled at me, leaned over kissed me on the cheek which got me a 'damn dog, you da man' comment. As Deb was near my ear she told me not to worry.
I stood up to undo the button on my jeans then removed them as well, at the same time Deb pulled her dress up over her head to reveal she wore no bra under it only her high heels and black thong panties were on.
I joined the other guys and commented on how hot Deb looked and she merely smiled at all of us and told us we'd all get a turn.
It was her turn to deal so she suggested we play blackjack, and we all agreed. I got my cards and requested another which caused me to bust and after all hands were done Greg was the winner and told Deb take the panties off.
The rest of us losers took our shirts off.
So now Deb was nude and standing off to one side of the table to let the rest of the guys see her nude and she got the guys to say they fold even before the next game was dealt and they stood up and were stripping off the rest of their clothes.
Now that Deb had me and the others nude, she had us get around her and she dropped to her knees and began to caress and toy with our respective dicks.
Greg who was standing on my right ordered her to suck dick and to do it now. She smiled at him while she toyed with my cock with one hand and Matt's with the other. Turning to look up to me she licked her lips seductively and blew a kiss up to me and I nodded towards Greg's direction as if to say go ahead. She then turned kissed the tip of Greg's cock then turned to Matt and sucked down on his cock.
This earned her an 'aw man I wanted to be first' from Greg. She merely stroked his cock then after giving Matt head for a few moments she turned to Greg and sucked down on his cock. She went around all of us guys giving each of us head for a few moments then stood up.
"Okay men, since I've already had sex with Tim and I know how his cock feels deep in my pussy, I want you other 3 in my pussy and since I gave you each head, I know how big you three are. So I'll take Greg on first." She announced as she put her arm around his waist to take him to my bedroom.
"What about the others?" Greg asked.
"They'll get their turns to I want one on one right now. Unless you want Jon to go first." She tells him
"Don't forget your rubber she is married bro, Matt tells him jokingly.
"Oh he won't need one and thanks for reminding me." She replies, as she takes off her wedding ring and walks over to me. "Hold this or put it somewhere safe honey." She finishes as she hands me her wedding ring.
As she turned to go back to Greg she grabbed my cock and I caressed her petite ass as she walked back to Greg.
So she and Greg went into my room and soon we could hear them going at it. I decided to open the door so we could lean in and watch them fuck.
Deb was on her back and had her legs opened wide urging Greg to fuck her hard and deep. Jon nearly fell forward into the room causing her to see us and she motioned us to come in.
"Fuck me stud fuck me hard." She ordered Greg to continue on with his pumping himself into her open legs.
Soon Deb got him to give her what she wanted and he unloaded a fury of cum into her pussy. She had him pump his load into her pussy and she begged him to fill her up.
Soon after she let him suck on her tits he got up and she motioned for Jon to go next. And he joined her on the bed readily, She made out with him. got him harder and as she got him ready she mounted him and had his cock inserted up into her cunt and she rode him. He pumped her hard as he grabbed her petite ass.
"Damn woman you are horny, Guys she can fuck holy shit she's riding my cock hard." Jon grunts as Deb rode his cock.
Kissing him to shut him up Deb presses her firm tits to his chest and begs him to drive deeper into her body. Jon does as she demands and he thrusts his cock deep into her. Deb got him to go on top and as his cock drills deeper she opens her legs wider and soon his load fills her cunt.
Draining his load Deb takes all she can into her pussy before he pops out and shoots some on her crotch and stomach.
Soon after Deb cleans up in the bathroom, she returns and takes Matt by his hand and takes him to the bed. Deb kissed him passionately and allows his hands to grope her body. Soon she again lowers herself this time she goes down on Matt and sucks his engorged cock and preps him for the eventual enterance of her pussy.
Matts lays on his back and Deb goes down on his cock sucking his dick deeply down her throat. She bobbed her head back and forth up and down on his cock. Deb was going to town on his cock while the rest of us stood there and watched, until I decided I had enough and stepped out of the room. Greg and Jon who had already gotten their turn attempted to tease me about my stepping out. But I shrugged that off and said I was getting a drink, returning to the room Deb now had Matt on top of her and he was thrusting his cock deep into her accepting pussy.
But what was different was now Greg had his cock back in her mouth and she was sucking his cock all over again. Jon was standing next to Greg and she would suck Greg's first then move on to Jon's
Soon Matt was grunting he needed to bust his load and Greg and Jon was shouting encouragement to him while they too began to convulse in sexual release as they both creamed Deb's face and body with their loads while Matt's load swam up into her cunt flooding her with more of her needed man juice.
Short time later after I explained to the guys I too was going to 'tap that ass' Deb came out to rescue me by thanking the guys for the wonderful time but she wanted to be alone with me now and grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom where she purposely left the door open for them to spy on us.
Deb was down on her knees giving me head after ensuring they were peeking on us and I grunted pleasurably while grabbing her brown hair and feeding my cock to her mouth.
Hearing the door close I grabbed Deb's head and grunted as she got me to explode in her mouth.
She swallowed my load greedily and smiled up at me as she licked my shaft and sucking on the tip to get just a little more out.
She then stood up and ...........

End part 1
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