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The sun was now behind the last peak still covered in snow, in a few minutes it was dark. Mountain darkness comes quickly after sunset. I was returning home after being in town to get some supplies for the last two weeks that I still had to spend here before I return to town. I put nell'autoradio a tape of classical music that was always my loyal companion for travel and inspiration. By now there were a few corners and I would arrive when I saw him on the roadside which was hitchhiking. It seemed strange that someone asks you for passing on this road at this time and so I slowed down to allow time to better understand who they are. And I was thunderstruck. A boy, no young man between 25 and 28 years perhaps, with a nice clean face and short hair, but thick brown like his eyes. He had a backpack on his back and was dressed as a hiker. Yes, I said, this was happening, a hiker who asked for a ride. I stopped approaching a little ahead of him and watched him in the rearview mirror as he ran towards me.
- Hello ... I'm going to Pontelungo sir, I would give him a ride sir? - Said sagging toward the car window. I watched him for a brief moment
- I'm also in that direction ... all right I can take salt for a while --
I left by plane last journey as much as possible
- You know usually I do not usually give passages to unknown but you made me a good impression. Where are you from? --
- Milan, my name is Max e. .. thanks anyway I understand not to be trusted too much ...
- Give me pure tu me feel not so old - I laughed - I still am called Joseph, please. You're returning from a trip right? --
- Accurately, I was on top of the spur of the Taurus, a real grind --
- Eh I imagine - I said - I assume you'll be hungry --
- To be honest, yes ... as a wolf - he said, smiling. Had a beautiful smile I noticed
- Well if you like, you could hear Max eat something from me and then after dinner I'll take you to Pontelungo --
He thought for a moment and then agreed - okay if not too much of a nuisance for you ...- Joseph
- Oh figured, no disturbance on the contrary. You know I live alone and a bit of company every now and then I'm glad -.
I threw the hook, instinctively, as the real hunter and the prey was hooked immediately. Fantastic I said as I drove slowly towards the house enjoy the music. Now I was again inspired: this was a great opportunity to finally test Leonardina.
Arrived that it was dark. My house was the last house at the bottom left before the curve which then led down to Pontelungo. It was a little cabin in the alpine style with stone walls and sloping roof of wooden beams, with a small garden in front.
On the east side had built a small garage for the car. I parked and entered the house. Max put his backpack into and then followed me into the living room.
- If you take a shower down the hall is the bathroom. You'll find everything you need, including bathrobes. Meanwhile I'll make something to drink and then start to cook something - I said. I lit a small fire that was in the corner of the room and then went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks while Max was washing.
Uncorked a good Chianti and poured two glasses. In his later added a mixture of sleeping pills that I had already experienced other times, very effective mixed with alcohol and also quite rapid effect. Then I returned to the room, checked the fire in the fireplace and I relaxed in a chair waiting for him. I turned on the stereo. Bach, ideal for the evening I had planned. I closed my eyes drifting from note ... here ... the inspiration was coming ... yes it was a wonderful idea ... oh my god ... Bach was a genius. The bathroom door that opened interrupted my thoughts. The boy had finished washing and was now there in the hall in front of me wrapped in my blue bathrobe.
- Max sit back, relax, drink some wine. Do you like wine? --
- Oh yes sure all right - it sat on the front and took his glass.
I watched as he drank. Was relaxed and seemed really at ease. I tried to think what would think of me, this whole situation and what he expected. I was almost sure that he will expect me to approach sex. Certainly, this is usually what would happen. Usually ... but not this time. Tonight was totally different ... very different. So there was no approach from me, but only amiable conversation. I asked him some of what he did in life every day, of who was waiting at home, of his excursions. Things like that ... And while I sipped my wine and watching him ending his. Refilled his glass. At one point I saw that the sleeping pill began to take effect.
- It's all right Max? - I asked
- Yes, I think I'm just very tired, you know it was a long walk ... tiring --
- I believe you - I said, smiling - who knows what you'll also have sore feet. If you like you massage them a bit before eating. Come closer and place it here - I said pointing to the armrest of his chair. The boy sat down beside me and put his bare feet where I had said. I began to massage the soles starting from the heel and back along the arch to the toes.
Max did have some beautiful feet I noticed. Small, a 41, well-groomed, short nails, plant close and slender fingers. Hardly seemed to even walk male. I kept rubbing the skin making him curl under the trees in those fine lines that I adored and meanwhile I watched him relax more ... more and more.
mmm .... it's great you are ... ... you're doing very good sleep - he said as he closed his eyes. I went a couple of minutes then got up and went into the kitchen to pour more wine. When I returned to the room the boy was fast asleep. Now it's gone I thought. We are, it's time to get to work. I grabbed her arms and dragged him toward the bedroom. There, hidden behind a fake closet door was a door, closed. I opened it, turned on the light and dragged him inside. It was a grind. The boy weighed just some but I was not in better shape as before. I thought that maybe I should study another method of transport for the future. The room where we were had no windows, lit by neon lights from the ceiling. That was my secret room, the playroom prohibited. Except that I never used it. Tonight I would have opened. I had only one doubt: the Leonardina, even she had never been tested. The Leonardina was the main piece and in fact prevailed in the center of the room. Had cost me a 'summer job but the result, even from the aesthetic point of view was magnificent. It consisted of a cross of St. Andrew Wood often. A form of X, was tilting, which could be either horizontal or vertical or with an intermediate angle of 45 degrees of tilt. The four arms could be adapted to the person opening them or closing them as needed. At the bottom of each of the four arms were fixed to the thick leather bracelets, however they could slide along the tracks. Indeed each of the bracelets was connected to a metal cable in turn connected to a gearbox. GEARS The four were linked to an electric motor that I could control via a small control box. With difficulty I managed to raise the boy and unwind on the cross that I had left locked in a horizontal position. He was still sleeping soundly. For a moment I was terrified of having exaggerated the sleeping pill and was dead, then I saw that ever breathed regularly. The slipped off the robe from under his back leaving him completely naked. Allineai the arms and legs along the axes of the cross and then stared at her wrists and ankles inside the bracelets. Now he was completely bound hand and foot. I stopped to watch him still asleep. I wanted to savor every moment, without losing anything. I watched her breathing, deep, regular, who is sleeping soundly. Max had a really nice body. I had guessed at once, but now so seeing him completely naked was different. Nude is revealed in all its beauty. He was a slender body and defined, typical of a boy his age, very athletic. Her beautiful feet I had the opportunity to appreciate them, and now see the rest. Finally decided it was time to wake him. With cold water and pat him I brought some reality.
- Welcome back among us young - I said, looking
- Where are ... ... but what are you doing ... - was naturally somewhat confused over such a rude awakening, so I helped him to understand better.
- You are in my house Remember Max? But now, however we are no longer living but in my secret room. The playroom note. - I saw that the boy tried to move, tried to get up but obviously could not - still - I said - you can not get up. You are bound. I have to do know. A much more beautiful because you're tied up and two because I need that is stationary. Absolutely still. Unfortunately, being sick, very sick, and it is also for this reason that I've had to tie.
- But ... why - said the boy was beginning to understand what kind of trouble he had got - why are you doing this to me? --
- You want to know why? Why excites me a lot and because you are very beautiful, you have a perfect body for my tastes and what I'm going to ask you. - I said staring into his eyes. He looked at me terrified. - What do you want me you bastard! --
I liked the way she told me. It was not the usual plea for a great big doll but a tearful response from man. One with the balls I say.
- You'll see once dear - and pressed a button on the control box commanding the mechanism of the cross. The motor to which were connected to cables of metal bangle set in motion by starting to roll around their wheels. Slowly the rope was passed to the ankles and wrists of the boy and his body began to tense even more. Slowly but inexorably. I turned off the switch only a little break before the limit of its tendons. He was screaming in pain he felt at the seams and joints. I stopped and stood to observe him carefully. Now he was possibly even more beautiful than before. Say a different beauty. Her naked body subjected to a tension so strong was shiny with sweat.
The thing that fascinated me was his torso. The rib cage subjected to the tension had been expanded and raised him and being further delineated this skinny all his ribs. I could see them one by one under the skin, protruding like blades. Wonderful. I ran my hand through his hairless chest with my fingers in the grooves of each of his ribs. In contrast to his chest was a flat belly. Indeed a basin. Stretched like a hammock between the last rib and the iliac bones of the pelvis. I watched as the kidnapped her belly bare, concave, flat, skin taut, and her beautiful navel in the middle round, protruding. Undoubtedly the Leonardina working well and a good body lean and hard as her giving the best results. The testing could be said to be made. Now I could proceed according to my plan for him. The only doubt was whether to devote a little more 'even the soles of feet. I decided to be, after all it was worth it.
- Okay dear Max - I said - it's time to begin --
I took a scalpel from a tray. I did so that he could see him and waited for his reaction that it was of sheer terror as I expected.
- No! No what you do! What do you want me damn! --
I smiled without answering, and I headed to the bottom of the cross, to her beautiful bare feet.
Have you ever heard of spank? Well if not I tell you. It is one thing they do in the world bdsm. In practice it means spanking. And what I did. Sculacciai the soles of the feet of Max, with his hands. First floor and then louder in a crescendo of excitement and enthusiasm. I stopped sweating and I went up to his face, close by.
- You liked my friend? - I asked looking into his eyes. He looked at me almost dumbfounded - but what do you do ... but what the hell you have in mind .... The bastard will pay for all this, You shall pay dearly ... oh-contact is very expensive. --
- Oh I do not think that will go well ... I do not think-I smiled and went to a table in the corner of the room. On it lay a tray that contained some surgical instruments. I took some gaps and a scalpel. I went back to the boy and showed it to him. - Do you know what are these true? And you know what they are. Now you understand why I connected so in this position and so tense. I need that your torso is as exposed as possible and then you are totally immobilized.
The boy's face lit up with terror when I finally understood what awaited him.
I approached him. One hand stroked his chest, feeling the relief of every one of his ribs very visible under the taut skin of his chest so unnaturally raised from the tension of the position. I ran my hand down to her belly. Her belly had become a hollow, the skin taut as a drum. The stroked feeling so excited. I appreciated the relief of his iliac crests as well visible at the bottom of the abdomen.
- You are wonderful Max said. -You have a gorgeous body. I am sure that within six equally beautiful -
I rested the tip of the scalpel at the base of her neck and began to cut, slowly, along the breastbone. The skin was opened with a disconcerting ease. He left little blood and it was immediately below the bone. Arrived at the bottom of the sternum continued to cut down down along the belly up to the pubic bone. Here too, the skin is cut with ease. Below you could see the muscles of the abdomen. Practically there was no fat, just skin and then muscle. My boyfriend was in shape. I paused a moment to observe his face. Was the contract in a grimace of pain. I passed the cut. This time I cut the muscles. Now she was really open. I put down the knife with both hands and opened the flaps of the wound, taking care to unstick the skin and muscles on the chest, baring the ribs. They were white, alternating with the red of the intercostal muscles. Even though I could not see nor his heart and his lungs even though his chest ventilated hours long. Fully opened also his belly. Was stunned by what I saw. I never thought that in a belly so thin he could stay there all that stuff. His guts were something fascinating. A skein gray-pink, long, all rolled up and compressed. Her belly was practically full of this sort of slimy cord. Had within yards of guts. I buried both hands between the loops of his intestines and started splashing around at the height of excitement. It grabbed her head and began to roll out the tangle of its slimy belly. Gradually it was emptying. He was still alive and awake and looked stunned as I was doing. - I knew that inside were beautiful - I said as I pulled out yards and yards of intestines. They were very long, it seemed that never end, it was unbelievable. Eventually he reached the stomach and then the liver, pancreas, spleen. In short his abdomen had been completely emptied. I looked at the boy, now dying because of bleeding. In a bucket placed under the table I had collected all his bowels. He looked at me one last time and then closed his eyes. Forever. The rest was finished to slaughter his body, cut into pieces and then dissolve it in the bin and delete all traces of acid. At the end of the day I was exhausted but very happy. The Leonardina had done his duty, had worked to perfection.
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