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A Dog ties his Knot

Shelby raced down the field, her tan skin and toned muscles were flawless and all the men on the sidelines couldn’t help but stare at her. Her long blonde hair was tangled, but that only made her more appealing and her perky breasts were a full firm B cup that you could see in all their glory as her thin jersey clung to her moist skin. With 10 seconds left in the game she ascended the last few feet and landed the ball into the net for the game winning goal. As her teammates gathered around her, she couldn’t help but notice all the men on the sidelines staring at her and she grinned playfully at them. Now at 18 she was probably the last girl on her soccer team who was still a virgin, but that didn’t bother her at all. It was not that she was a prude; she just didn’t like any of the boys at her high school and found them immature and none the less sexually unappealing. She was quite the tease however, flaunting her body in tiny daisy duke like shorts and tight tank tops that hung low so her cleavage was clearly visible.

Shelby threw her sports bag into the trunk of her car and climbed sorely into the driver’s seat. The soccer field was only a short distance from her house and she couldn’t wait to get home to take a long hot bath.

As the water ran filling up the tub she slid herself down into it letting the warm water relax her, but her mind floated and she soon found herself feeling quite Horney instead of relaxed. She was used to masturbating and loved playing with her clit to make herself cum, but, she loved it even more when the pressure from the shower assisted her, causing her to have an even more intense orgasm. She positioned her legs on either side of the faucet and slid her butt down towards the running water. Making sure the water fell right onto her clit, beating down on it, sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her knees buckled as she got closer to Cumming and a loud groan escaped from her. She soon found herself thrusting her pelvis closer to the faucet allowing for harder water pressure on her clit as she suddenly released moaning loudly as she came. She fought her best the hold herself up, allowing the water to run its full course surging her into a second orgasm but her legs were weak, both from the game earlier and the strength it took to hold herself up against the faucet.

She climbed out of the shower her legs buckling under neither her from exhaustion and wrapped a towel around her wet naked body. Exiting the bath room she opened the door to her large dog Cain who had been staring at the door, obviously interested at all the commotion going on in the bath room. She nudged him aside and made her way to her room where she promptly collapsed on her bed. She was worn out and exhausted from the day and she felt her tired eyes closing.

Shelby was awoken suddenly, she felt something cold and wet working its way up in between her legs and then, oh god, she felt a warm wet tongue run from the entrance to her pussy up to her pert little asshole. She was startled, but for some reason it seemed to excite her as the tongue probed deeper into her pussy, separating her pussy lips and into her small, tight, virgin hole. The dogs tongue once again made its way from her pussy to her ass and she felt it poking and working its way into her tight ass hole. The pain was immense and she let out a cry. So she scrambled quickly to remove herself from the situation. She stood up and felt wet fluid running down her leg, although she had sort of found it degrading and totally disgusting that she had just allowed Cain to lick her naked pussy and ass apparently it had also caused a quite large arousal in her cunt which she could now feel was beginning to ache, wanting more.

Shelby headed back to the bathroom to finish herself off once more when she felt the cold nose press up against her behind as she was walking down the hallway. “CAIN NO!” she ordered but the dog paid no mind to her command. Without warning he jumped up onto her back, his large paws landing on the shoulders. His nails dug into her smooth skin and his weight, along with the pain and the pressure coming from his nails forced her to the ground. She fell to her knees and she furiously turned to give him a smack when she felt her towel slipping off her. She reached to grab her towel and secure it once more but instead froze in fear as she felt Cain’s paws fall onto her once more. She tried to push him off but the sheer weight of the dog pushed her further to the floor. She was now on her elbows and knees when it struck her, Cain was mounting her. She let out a deafening scream and she felt him start to move back and forth. His claws digging into her, she could feel them ripping her skin and the blood trickling down her sides.

His motions became more fluid and she felt his dick hit against her pussy lips. “OH FUCK” she let out, her mind racing, she was not going to let herself get fucked by a dog, much less allow herself to lose her virginity this way. She tried scrambling forward to get away from Cain’s grasp but that only made the situation worse. She soon felt the tip of his dick hit the entrance of her tight virgin ass hole. She let out a gasp but it was to late, Cain had known he hit his mark. Thrusting forward he forced his cock into her ass. Shelby screamed in pain as she felt her tight skin ripping and expanding. He began to pump his cock in and out of her ferociously and she began to cry. Shelby screamed out in pain again and the dog tightened his grip on her, pulling her closer to him, scratching her deep with his claws. Suddenly she felt his cock tightening and became aware that a large lump was slapping against her asshole. Max thrust again and she felt the Knott in the dogs penis start to enter her ass. The pain she thought was unbearable until she felt him thrust again this time shoving the whole knot into her now raw but still tight little hole. She cried out in pain and felt the Knott growing larger and larger until it felt like there was a baseball right inside her ass, and then she felt him cum, his warm cum shot up deep into her ass and he seemed to spasm a few times letting out spurt after spurt of dog cum deep into her ass.

He soon released his grip of her and stood over her panting; desperate for escape she tried pulling herself forward only to feel the sharp pain of the Knott stuck in her ass, she couldn’t break free, she was stuck on him. She looked back and saw small trickles of blood and semen running down her legs. In pain and exhausted, she blacked out.

She had only blacked out for a few minutes, but she would later realize this was where she made her big mistake. When she woke back up she was in a haze, unaware if she had dreamt being anal raped by a dog or if that was something that had actually happened. She soon realized that it was not a dream as she felt the tremendous pain coming from her asshole as the dogs tongue licked the remaining cum from her behind and felt his hot breath the back of her pussy. Before she had time to move the dogs furry legs were around her and she found herself screaming “Not again Cain, Not again” the dog had however found his target more rapidly this time and she felt his prick move up into the entrance of her pussy. Realizing from the last time that there was nothing she could do to stop Cain from having his way with her she stopped squirming and got ready to accept it, in fear that her moving might direct his cock into her ass again. His next thrust was quite a surprise as he fully forced his cock into her, stuffing the whole thing inside her, ripping and tearing through her hymen. She screamed in pain and felt blood trickle down her legs once again, but this time as he fucked her it begin to feel more and more erotic.

Shelby found herself thrusting back against Cain and fully enjoying her first fuck. All of a sudden she felt herself close to climaxing and she released, experiencing the biggest orgasm she had ever had. She found herself moaning in pleasure this time instead of pain and her own cum was running freely down her legs. Right as she was about to cum again she felt his cock stiffen and grow. She became aware that he was about to cum and feared his Knott being buried inside her once more. She felt the bulge starting and tried to move forward once more. “Oh please Cain stop. I promise ill suck it for you” she moaned, still very much enjoying the feeling of his cock being stuffed inside her. She felt him quicken his pace as his prick hit hard against the back of her pussy and felt him shove his Knot inside her once again. The Knott started growing and she felt an immense pain forming as it grew bigger and bigger. This to, was now beginning to feel like a base ball was growing inside her and she felt the entrance hole to her pussy slightly tearing. Tears stung her eyes but through the pain she still found pleasure and she once again found herself close to an orgasm. Right when she was about to cum she felt his cock pulse as Cain let out jet after jet of hot dog cum deep into her cunt. This sent her into major over drive and she screamed as her orgasm took control of her body once more.

When he finished Cumming he stood atop her panting and she laid there and waited for his Knott to subside. When it finally shrank, his cock slipped out of her and she looked down and saw all the dogs cum running down her legs into a pool onto the floor, she crawled over to him and on impulse took his prick in her mouth and cleaned the reaming cum off him until his dick subsided slipping back into its sheath.

This was when she decided that Cain would now be her new fuck buddy and she could wait till she found a smart college boy to have sex with. She didn’t like those high school boys anyways and she doubted any of them could fuck her as well as Cain had, or give her orgasms like he did. She went from a virgin being raped by her own dog twice in one day taking both her virginities to a woman completely devoted to her dog until she met the “man of her dreams” As they say “the dog is man’s best friend,” but I think in this case they mean, the jdog is a woman’s best friend.

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2016-08-29 12:59:48
Great story ....look forward to more like it ..maybe a part 2 to this one

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2016-02-26 16:53:43
Outstanding story, wish you would continue with the adventures of Shelby and Cain/Max until she meets Mr. Right. Maybe even after meeting Mr. Right she can use Cain/Max for relief when she gets super horny.

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2015-11-24 19:34:00
Dogs Winnick command

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2015-10-03 14:49:46
Fucking awesome I should try that since I'm still a virgin wonder if the knot is as hard as u say well u are a great writer u definatly made me orgazim u shoul write more.

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2015-08-15 11:43:25
I I thought it was really good and don't listen to wha the others say you are an awesome writer please make a nother one

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