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The Jessamine Twins

Introduction: Sally has an insatiable lust for cock but seeing how the only male living on the plantation was her son Josh she had no other choice but to seduce her sixteen-year-old son.

Howdy Y’all! Meet two southern belles from South Carolina – Sally McCoy and her twin sister Ellen Marshall. Although these ladies are twins they’re different as much as two sides of a coin. Probably that’s because Sally had been living all her life on their family’s plantation the Twin Jessamine. It was named after our precious ladies whose father felt that they were beautiful little buds just like the small yellow flower of the state of South Carolina.
Ellen married Dustin Marshall who was a divorced businessman from Atlanta. She has spent the last fifteen years in the big beautiful city of Atlanta. Although she would visit from time to time it had been four long years since her last visit with their son Ralph.

Our story opens with Sally walking back into the huge house on the plantation looking for her handsome young song. Usually the plantation, The Jessamine, is quite a lonesome place. Sally who had never been married lives there alone with her son Josh. Sally to this day is not sure which one of the many cowboys that she bedded over the years is Josh’s father. Now, Josh is not the brightest bulb in the pack and the lack of neighbors has affected Sally’s and Josh’s relations dramatically.

The days on the plantation are slow and boring. You could say that one day just runs into another to the point most of the time you don’t know what day it is. On this sunny, hot afternoon Josh as always was being lazy and napping on the couch in the living room but Sally was horny as hell, yet once again.

Sally walked into the family room where Josh was sound asleep on the sofa. There was her little angel the one thing she loved the most. Joe is sixteen and a handsome young man who had a hard rock body. He does all the heavy lifting around the plantation and has a perfect body for a young man, Sally thinks of him as her chiseled Adonis. Sally stood over her son squeezing her breasts gently and as her body temperature began to rise Sally said, “Hey boy what are you fixing to do this afternoon?”

Josh was startled as he was a very sound sleeper, “Dang it mom why you keep waking me up?” As Josh opened his eyes he was treated to his mother’s breasts on display as her t-shirt was pushed up to her neck.

Sally then put her boot between her son’s legs and leaned forward as her breasts were pushed into her sons face and repeated her original question, “Hey, what are you going to do this afternoon?”

Josh pushed his cowboy hat up off of his brow and smiled at his beautiful mother as he drank in her beauty. Not only did she have 38-c breasts for him the good news was that she never cradled them with a bra they were always open for Josh’s amusement. Sally was in her early thirties and still had the body of co-ed sorority girl. “I don’t know mom! But I would like an ice cold beer since I just got done mowing the front lawn.”

Yes, you do get the situation right. Sally is still a young woman with ordinary sexual desires. Since there is nobody around Sally has been seducing her own son for a several years now. Incest has become a normal, everyday thing in their secluded plantation. Sally began to make her move as she grabbed both of her breasts once again trying to seduce Josh and said, “Come on Josh, don’t you think your mommy is a hot piece of ass?”

Josh likewise wanted to show his mommy that he was ready to have some fun by grabbing his cock and looking directly into her big brown eyes said, “Yep!! You are hotter than a three-dollar-bill momma.”

In fact sex was so frequent that Josh was a bit tired of it already at the age of sixteen. Sally is insatiable and fucks her poor son several times a day and always wants more when they finish. Not long ago Josh began making up some excuses but it wasn’t very easy for him to avoid his mommy’s hungry pussy. Giving Josh her loving look of desire she said, “Well then you must want to fuck your mommy, don’t you son?”

Josh took a deep breath in and then let it out very loudly, “Oh shoot, mommy you really want to again today? I mean this is the third time today.”

Sally did have to be very insistent to make her son interested in their special family fun. One of the most reliable ways to get Josh hard and interested in fucking her was to go down south on him. Falling to her knees her palm began to work on his penis over his overalls. Sally was intent on getting him nice and hard so she could have her way with him. When she felt the flow of his blood making her son’s penis hard as a steel rod Sally smiled and looked deep into her sons eyes and said, “Maybe if I give a nice deep throat blow job that could cheer you up a bit baby? Once I get your pretty cock nice and wet I promise I’ll ride it like I’m on the back of a buckin’ bronco, I promise.”

Sally’s hands went down to her son’s zipper and pulled out his rigid cock and began to stroke her son when Josh smiled at his young and beautiful mother and said, “Cool, mom!!! You got yourself a deal.”

Although Sally did everything in her womanly power to pleasure her son, Josh hasn’t been nice lately. Sometimes Sally has to literally beg her son to fuck her! Sally’s addiction to sex forced her to forget her pride and she began to worship her son’s sixteen-year-old cock. Finally after stroking her son for several minutes Sally looked up at her son and smiled and said, “Oh Josh you’re cock is burning up in my hand. In all my born days, I’ve never seen such a cute cock honey.”

Josh wasn’t all that impressed with his mother stroking him even though she had his cock in her loving caressing hand, “Yeah, yeah, you already told me that mommy – just start sucking like you promised.

Sally began to lick her sons cock like a lollipop and then popped the head in and out of her warm loving mouth. Sally even like pushing his head to the side of her mouth as it makes popping sounds as it leaves her mouth. As sally continued to kiss her sons cock she felt an enormous excitement and the temperature in her body begin to rise. Josh’s dick had been her forbidden fruit for so long that now it was a real pleasure for Sally to eat her sons stiffy. Running her tongue up and down on Josh’s meat Sally felt her cunt getting sloppy wet! To be honest, at the moment Sally was receiving more pleasure than her pampered son Josh. Even though Josh’s cock was erect he wasn’t as excited as her mother was but he himself was kinda dull just sitting there taking his blowjob like it was an annoyance.

Seeing that her blowjob is no longer all that desirable to Josh, Sally decided to stop teasing her lonesome pussy – smearing saliva all over her son’s hard on Sally got it ready for penetration. Trying to ignore Josh’s indifference Sally was looking forward to feeling her son’s young hard cock inside of her love canal. “You look at bit tired Josh. Come on it’s time to paint inside of your mommy’s pussy with your warm cum.”

Josh’s head was leaning to one side and his eyes were beginning to fade and under his breath he said, “Yes Ma’am. Are you ready mommy?”

It was obvious that Josh wasn’t going to lift a finger, so Sally pulled his overalls down to his ankles. She then began to take of her jeans; of course Josh missed the sexy show that she was putting on for him as she danced seductively out of them. Josh just stared out of the window. Once Sally’s underwear was off she climbed onto her sons lap. Josh still seemed to have no interest in his mother whatsoever. He was a spoiled boy having sex several times a day not realizing how hot his mother really was. Josh adjusted himself to help his mom put his cock inside of her and said, “Oh shit! Mom your juices are all over my legs again. Damn it mom how can you be so damn wet all the fucking time?”

Sally didn’t want him too upset, “Sorry honey! But I’m always ready for your dick to fill me up my special little boy. Feel how wet my coochie is? You get me so excited your mommy loves you so much.” Finally Josh’s cock pushed through his mother’s pussy lips and began widen the walls of her slick steamy pussy. The steam that surrounded his shaft actually made him stronger inside of his mother. Sally felt her son’s cock react with her pussy like it was a shot of adrenaline and became very encouraged that her son was finally coming around and she went crazy on top of her son riding him long and strong.

In spite of Josh’s appearance of indifference on his face he could no longer hold in his moans as his mom’s pussy swallowed his hard on with her hot, wet and steamy slit. The muscles of Sally’s pussy were hugging her son’s dick so well that Josh again had to admit his mother was an awesome lover. Sometimes all Josh wanted was a little variety and to be able rest in between sexual experiences with his mother. “Come on baby let mommy make love to that sweet, sweet cock honey.”

Josh grabbed his mother’s hips keeping her from bouncing off of his manhood, besides she always felt so much better when she grinds on his cock, “Oh my stars mom you feel incredible, don’t stop!”

Sally knew better than to try to fuck him differently she wanted to keep him happy just in case she wants more cock tonight. Once Josh started getting into having his mother molest him yet once again, Sally’s pussy ached for him to pump her love canal full of his cum. Unfortunately for Josh sex with his mother used to be so much fun before (especially since she was his own mommy – nasty, gorgeous, and super-sexy MILF). Lately she wanted sex way too much.

Sometimes Josh’s dick was so fucking sore after several hours of fucking his mother that he would hurt for hours afterward. Josh closed his eyes and tried to remember how many times his mom had fucked him that week. Sally noticed Josh’s distraction right away and sped her thrusts up and down and the thrusts became stronger and stronger trying to keep her son nice and hard inside of her pussy. Sally wanted him to stay hard and she said, “Dang it boy your cock feels like a steel rod inside of me. You fuck me so good baby.”

At last Josh’s cock was waking up again inside of her pussy. Josh felt enormous joy as he began to moan with pleasure as he grabbed Sally’s ass and began banging his mom with all of his might. That’s what that horny southern belle liked the most, “Come on mommy this isn’t my first rodeo!! Ride this bronco mommy don’t stop.”

With all that hard pounding was eventually going to have to come to an end. Sally was ready to cum as she felt the mushroom head of her sons cock penetrating her deeper and deeper with each long hard stroke from her son. “Oh I’m about to cum boy don’t stop. Oh Josh make mommy cum on your cock. Give it all to mommy boy!!” The sound of his cock fucking sloshing inside of her drenched cave was sending Sally into wave after wave of ecstasy then she exploded all over her son.

As Josh felt his mother push her juices down over his mushroom head then down his shaft he finally woke up. Feeling his mother’s exquisite pleasure coating his cock he grabbed his mother ass and began to pound from underneath her. That’s what his horny southern belle liked the most the feeling of his hot rod fucking her like a piston in an engine, hard, fast and never ending.

The wild ride couldn’t last too much longer. Sally could feel her body begin to tremble once again on top of her son. She began to ride him like a horse on a merry go round up and down, long and hard and within several seconds she was flying high in her son’s strong hands and once again there was another enormous orgasm bathing her son’s cock, “Oh I’m cumming again baby.” She continued to shake on top of her son, “Oh my fuckin’ god I never want to stop fucking your cock honey. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much.”

Josh could feel his mother’s pussy muscle contract as her pussy juice was soaking his balls and thighs and even though she finished climaxing she wanted her son to finish as well. Josh’s hot piston was slipping in and out of her at an incredible pace at this point and Josh leaned his head back, “You gonna make me finish mommy! Do you want me to paint yaw face or fill ya pussy ma?”

Sally pushed her breasts into her sons mouth so that he could suck on her nipple, “You can do anything you want honey.”

Josh pulled out of his mother’s pussy as she lie on his lap with her legs spread wide open and Josh sucking on her nipple like he did fifteen short years ago when he was an infant. Then Josh felt the explosion nearing its climax. He stroked himself and his cum shot up onto his mother’s belly up to her breasts and hit himself on the chin. There were shots after shots of cum covering his mother painting her smooth flat belly, “Shit mommy!!! That’s a huge load I shot all over you.”

Sally ran her hands through her son’s hair and said, “M-M-M-M-M… Its ok baby mommy loves your sperm no matter where you end up giving it to me.” They both went upstairs and showered together and then Sally pulled her son onto her bed and they lay together on the bed and took a nap together.

There is more to cum as Sally’s sister Ellen cum’s for a visit.
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