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A series about someone I know
Rebecca was on her knees, again, hungrily sucking a cock. She was sitting in a double wide trailer with two men in the living room. One of the men, the one whose cock she was working on, was her drug dealer. The other was another one of her drug moving fuck buddies.

“So Becca” her dealer said “what if I told you I could hook you up with an extra quarter?”

Rebecca slurped hard on the cock once before looking up and asking “What have I got to do?” Then before getting her answer went back to sucking the cock.

“I’m going to have some people over. You’re going to be on the coffee table and we’re going to take turns fucking you” the dealer answered as he reached down and unbuttoned Becca’s jeans and began to pull the down.

Rebecca hadn’t answered yet but stood up now, bending over to keep the dick in her mouth, so that her pants could be taken off of her. Quickly they came down as she stood bent at the waist with her mouth wrapped around a drug dealers cock. As she stood there bouncing her head up and down her fuck buddy got up from his chair and stood behind her. He reached down behind her and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She moaned softly, the sound muffled by her full mouth, and pressed back against his hand. She knew just what she was, a slut, and she had come to terms with that. She didn’t like it, even as her panties were being pulled down and fingers slipped inside her pussy, but she accepted it.

Rebecca didn’t realize it but she had been set up to be a whore for more than a year now. It all started with one of her boyfriend who realized how much potential she had to be a quality slut. A boyfriend who spent over a year training her to be submissive, to do as she was told even if she didn’t like it. This is her story, starting with her fall into depravity.

It was just a normal day in the life of fourteen year old Rebecca. It was 7:20 in the morning and she was getting ready for school. Pretty soon her boyfriend would be here to take her to school and she needed to be ready when he got here. It was a Wednesday so she was dressed accordingly in blue jeans, a t shirt and converse, with no panties. She wasn’t going to bother wearing the panties today, since every Wednesday she went straight home to be her boyfriends bitch.

A few minutes later Rebecca was brushing her hair and she heard the door to the small two room apartment that she and her mother share open. A moment later her boyfriend was standing behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against him. A couple of kisses on the neck and a whispered “good morning” and then she was finished brushing her hair.

“My sister doesn’t need a ride to school, so I decided to come inside and spend a few minutes with you.” He said to her, sliding his hands around to rest on her ass.
Rebecca raised an eyebrow, knowing full well that she was about to be doing something sexual, though not knowing what he had in mind. He took her hand and led her into her tiny living room. Her mother had left already for work. They were alone. He had already considered this and had decided that since they had time he would enjoy himself. Rebecca stood there, waiting to be told what to do. A quick kiss on the lips and then “What are you?” he asks.

Rebecca knows exactly what she is to say. She had to be trained, and the training wasn’t easy forget. She settles onto her knees in front of him, very deliberately kisses the front of his jeans, and then obediently says “I’m your bitch.” She looks up at him. He’s smiling. Rebecca smiles, he is pleased with her, she did a good job.

“So heres what I’m thinking bitch. I’m going to take some time out of my morning to fuck your ass. Then we’re going to leave for school and get breakfast on the way. Before we get there though I’ve got a place I’m going to pull over so you can suck my dick.” He told her, walking around to stand behind her as he spoke. He reached down and placed his left hand on the back of her hair, stroking her head gently as she knelt there. Then he pushed her head forward, lowering her onto all fours. Kneeling behind her he reached around and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down. He smiled as her panty-less body was exposed.

He began to finger her, slowly working his hand back and forth. His top two fingers slid in and out of her ass, his lower two worked her pussy. Rebecca gyrated back and forth to get as much of him in her body as she could. He moved faster and harder, causing the bitches body to jerk back and forth and Rebecca whimpered with pleasure. “What are you?” he began asking, repeating the question as he finger fucked her harder and harder. “I’M YOUR BITCH!!” Rebecca cried as she was violently fingered. She began to quake as a orgasm built up in her. He pushed harder and faster, she began to shake, then cried out once and fell down and lay there. As she sat there on her knees and face he stood up and took off his jeans and boxers, kneeling behind her again.

Rebecca felt him getting ready to take her and tried to catch her breath. If she was tired when he started in on her ass it was more painful. He knew that and that was why he fingered her so hard right before, he liked it to hurt her when she got her ass fucked. As she was breathing heavy she felt him line up and then thrust. He forced his hips forward as viciously as he could, pushing her ass up into the air and making her knees come up off the ground. She cried out in pain and pleasure. Rebecca thought of how much it would hurt sitting down the rest of the day and started to softly cry. It was all ok though as long as she did a good job and was a good bitch. She knew that if she did good he would take care of her. She just hoped that she wasn’t still sore in the afternoon when she would have to service him again.

After a few more minutes of brutal sodomy he grabbed Rebecca hair and rammed home a final thrust before cumming deep in her ass. Then he got up and began to quickly get dressed. Only about 15 minutes had passed since he had entered the house. He looked down at Rebecca, who was still bent over whimpering and drying her eyes. “Hurry up, we still need to leave in enough time for you to suck me off before school.” He said, dropping her pants on the ground in front of her. Then he stood in front of her and half crouched, putting his hands on her shoulders. “Hey there, just relax for a sec. It’ll be fine, but we have to leave sweety.” He told her, rubbing her shoulders as she composed herself.

They got in his car and went through the burger king drive through for iced coffee. The on the way to school he turned down a back road. “Suck me Rebecca.” He said as he drove. Rebecca leaned over and got his dick out. She immediately began giving him road head. As she was bent over he reached down her back and slid his hand under her jeans, grabbing her by the ass.

“Good job bitch, now lick and kiss.” He told her. Rebecca had been well trained and knew exactly what she was supposed to do. She took the dick from her mouth and wrapped a hand around it as she moved her mouth to his testicles. She slowly licked each one, then lovingly kissed them each. She kept repeating this process, knowing she wasn’t allowed to stop until he told her too. After a couple of minutes he gave her permission to continue sucking him off. As she worked his cock he asked “What are you?” Rebecca paused for a moment to quickly say “I’m your bitch.”. He smiled down at the back of her head and asked “And what does my bitch like to do?” Rebecca had also been taught how to answer this question. She dipped her head down and deep throated him, holding for a few seconds. Then she answered “Suck your dick sir.” And she went right back to it. “And what will you do when you’re done sucking my dick bitch?” He asked. Rebecca answered automatically “Swallow your cum sir.” And kept sucking. “And do you like swallowing me?” He asked sadistically. “No sir.” She answered. “Then why do you do it?” He asked, and she promptly replied “Because my master wants me too.” Rebecca answered, the thrill of being dominated so completely running through her like electricity. He smiled, grabbed Rebecca’s hair, yanked down forcing her to deep throat him, and then came in her mouth.

The school day passed pretty uneventfully. At lunch she snuck away to his car to suck his cock, just like she did every day. As she finished he smiled at her and said “so, I’ve been thinking about it and I decided we’re going to try something new. I’m going to give a few people permission to use you and I’m going to see how you do with a group.” He calmly said. Rebecca didn’t say anything. It wouldn’t make a difference if she wanted to or not, he had made up his mind. Rebecca began to wonder who she would be shared with. What strangers would be allowed to deposit their cum inside of her without her permission. The idea of it all disgusted her a little, how she had no control of what happened to her body anymore. But more than it disgusted her it excited her. She was a slut, she thought to herself. Her boyfriend must have caught a second wind because as she was lost in her thoughts he grabbed her by the hair and bent her back over the seat, shoving a dick in her mouth for the third time that day. It was ten minutes to noon.

More to come soon.

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