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Gates of Heaven
Three nuns are killed in an accident and all arrive at the gates of heaven together.

St. Peter says to the first, have you ever had contact with a mans penis?

She says I did touch Father Davids a few times.

St. Peter said ok Mary go and rinse them in the bowl of holy water over there then you may enter heaven.

St. Peter then said Sister Teresa can you please come forward.

At this point Sister Margaret jumped up and shouted No, No No I want to go next.

St. Peter said does it really matter who is next?

Sister Margaret replied It certainly does, I am not washing my lips and mouth in that water after Sister Teresa has had her ass hole in it.

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2014-08-31 13:14:07
I've worked with a few parotgrhpheos but Rita is the best! What she didn't write was that this was my second photoshoot for the same picture. For the first ones were with a different photographer, the lighting was a bit off and none of the pictures were particularly flattering. Rita flew in from Austin and bless her heart, all of her pictures were phenomenal. And they are exactly what I wanted. She told me what to do in order for a good picture, and she slightly altered a couple of things that I didn't want in the picture (blurring a wrinkle never hurt anybody!). And she tried a few different color schemes which was very cool. Thanks Rita for the fantastic job. Highly recommended!

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2013-01-09 19:31:49
js Hellman has all rights to do this, wimmer does it on everyone's jokes, and then denies it, even though the post come from the same up a dress as his jokes. just saying

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2012-10-22 08:02:24
Umm, are you really just ginvig this info out for nothing?

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2012-07-02 18:59:13
These comments are worse than youtube.

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2011-08-27 16:16:14
A Negative vote for your bullshit joke..... js-hellman posts much better and much more funny jokes. people go checkout his jokes you will laugh like hell.


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