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Taz or more accurately Thomas Alexander Stevens sat in the car next to his sister as the left the only house they had ever known.
Taz or more accurately Thomas Alexander Stevens sat in the car next to his sister as the left the only house they had ever known. There mother had won the custody battle, but because of a prenuptial agreement between her and their father she could not have the house. Instead the court ordered they find another place to live. The only place their mother knew for sure that would take her and the kids in was their grandparent’s house. So from the comfortable and familiar streets of Cleveland suburbs they began the long trip to the middle of nowhere Alaska.
He had just had his seventeenth birthday when their father announced to their mother he wanted a divorce, and to make it worse he wanted nothing more to do with him of his sister of nineteen Barbara or Babs as he called her. The cartoon character names had come while they had been growing up and the kids began calling him Taz for short and he called her Babs the cute female rabbit opposite Bugs Bunny. He had shaggy brown hair and green eyes at five feet ten inches and guessed he looked about average for most guys his age.
Babs, she however was more like their mother. Babs have long brown hair that was slightly wavy and always looked like silk. She had bright blue eyes and looked like sapphires against her cr? colored skin but she stood just as tall. She also had better curves then their mother though. He had managed one day to look at her bra to see how big her tits were and found a 32DD on the little tag. His moms were only a 34C. There were times when Babs looked like she was going to fall over because of the way her chest protruded from the front of her when she wore tight shirts.
But for all the looks she had, she had the same problem with other kids he did as they were both nerds. She had tried out for the cheerleaders when in junior high once and because her chest was large she spent more time stumbling then cheering. She was not really interested in sports after that and focused on her education instead. So they both worked hard to pass our classes with perfect grades. While he got picked on she got every guy in the school to look at her when she walked down the hall, as long as they thought their girlfriends were not looking. Being as close as they were it was not uncommon for them to share and even do things considered out of place amongst other families. He had seen Babs several times with only her bra and panties on, and she had seen him in his boxer briefs just as much.
Since neither of them was really wanting to be awake this early in the morning both sat in the back seat instead of arguing who got the front seat. They traveled west on Interstate 90 west headed toward the Pacific Ocean and it was not long before they both fell asleep. A bounce woke Taz up and he noticed that his mother had stopped at a gas station. He was going to get out of the car but Babs had lain down and was now lying on his lap. He could not help but think how close her mouth was to the head of his cock and he started getting hard. Clearing his head of the though he gently shook her away saying he needed to go to the bathroom. Seeing the large bulge in front of her face she sat up but did not say anything not even really looking at him. After he got out of the car he managed to get the attendant to give him the bathroom keys so he could take a piss. As he was coming out his mother and mother was standing at the female restroom waiting for who ever was inside to finish.
“You should grab a few sodas and several bottles of water as I don’t know when we will be able to stop next.”
He found one of those small shopping baskets that people use to only hold a few items and walked back to the beverages. After grabbing several cokes he moved over to the water making sure to grab two or three for each. Making his way through the aisles he grabbed a box of powdered doughnuts, some chips and a few crossword and find a word books to give themselves something to do while awake. He looked to try and find his mother but she must have been in the bathroom, and noticed his sister over by the coffee and fountain drinks.
“Hey Babs you want anything in particular food wise?”
“I don’t know what did you grab?”
“A box of doughnuts and a bag of Doritos.”
“Should probably grab something we can use to make sandwiches preferably out of a can so we don’t have to worry about it spoiling.”
“That’s great idea,” so I looked for bread, found several different types of deviled meats and through them in the basket. I also found a tub of peanut butter and jelly. Mom came out of the bathroom and headed for the counter so I followed. The clerk rang everything up and placed it in a bag for us to spending most of it looking at Bab’s chest.
She noticed and told him to mind his own damned business, which got a word from mom about language. The guy stopped staring at the counter as he handed the change back to my mom. As we climbed in the car each taking our previous places Babs commented that the she thought the guys at school was jerks when they looked at her. Mom said something about having to get used to it, it was part of being a woman as we were driving away.
Sometime about noon mom found a little rest area with tables for people that needed a break. We took out some of the food I had bought and made a quick lunch spending about twenty minutes before we were off again. As it got dark mom began to look for places we could pull over and rest for the night. A small town provided a little motel that only had two rooms, each with only a king for the beds. Mom paid the fees and we parked in front of the rooms.
“Okay, here is your guy’s room, I will take the other. Don’t buy any movies or anything like that because until I can get to an ATM I have no cash to pay for them in the morning. Plan on leaving early as the check out time is nine”
“Alright mom, see you in the morning.” She gave each of both a kiss on the cheek before going into her own room. Taz carried each of their bags as Babs led the way to the room we were supposed to be in. As they entered she flicked the lights on and we both had our jaws drop. The room was done in a pink and white, a fireplace sat in one of the corners and a large jet tub next to it and mirrors everywhere you looked. The large king bed was decorated with the same colors. A small box of chocolates was placed in between the pillows.
Taz set the bags down and was about to go tell mom there had to be a mix up when Babs picked up her bag and moved to the corner of the bed. “Mom, already paid for the room, and she is exhausted, we can handle this for one night, even if it is the honeymoon suite.”
Grabbed his bag and moved to the other side of the bed as she went to what had to be he bathroom, as soon as she entered she came right back out. “There is no bathtub or shower in the bathroom just a toilet and sink.”
“So how are we going to get clean before we sleep?”
“We will just have to deal with it. It’s not like we have not seen each other.”
“Never naked.”
“We’re brother and sister I think we can handle one night of having to be naked for a few minutes around each other.”
“Yeah I suppose your right ladies first,” as he waved toward the tub.
“Why waste it, it large enough for both of us to get in and beside the jets from the tub would do wonders to the cramps from sitting in the car all day.”
“I don’t know sis, its wrong for us to do that.”
“How is it wrong, we’re not doing anything besides that thing full is going to cover everything we both have up so we one have to be naked around each other for a few minutes.” Before I could argue she moved over to the tub and began to run the water. “Look it’s late and we both need decent sleep. If you want you can get undressed and dressed in the bathroom and you can cover with a towel until you get into the tub.”
He moved to the bathroom and found the room a bit tight but managed to get undressed then wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door to find the tub only partially full. Babs waited until the tub was full then shut off the water. Taz dropped the towel and quickly dropped into the water after she started the jets. Babs however began to strip right in front of him.
“What are you doing,” Taz asked.
“Getting undressed, I said you could undress in the bathroom I am not running in and out of a room because you feel uncomfortable.”
She dropped her shorts and blouse to the floor where she stood leaving only her bra and panties. Taz looked away as she undid the hooks in the back only to catch the sight in a mirror of her lowering the bra to the floor and seeing the large breasts of his sister for the first time. He turned back to her as she hooked her thumbs inside the waistband and pushed the cotton material down exposing her neatly trimmed bush. She stepped out of the material and then climbed in beside him releasing a deep sigh as she closed her eyes to the relaxing water beating on her back.
Taz felt foolish as she relaxed next to him, even with the hot water to hide the large boner he had, and he knew his seven inches were not that impressive he felt like any minute she would run her hand across it and yell at him for being a pervert. Eventually he relaxed a bit and the swelling in his cock eased. The water from the jets did feel really good against his back and he let his arms drape on each side of the tub, being red from the heat of the water and the blood flowing close to his skin. Finally she asked if he was ready to wash the rest of the way and he nodded. Before he could say anything she shut the jets off and the water settled so they could see each other in the crystal clear water.
Babs grabbed the shampoo and after dunking her head under the water lathered it in before rinsing it out. Taz watched it all and felt him self getting hard again. Spotting the cr? rinse she used to keep the knots out of her hair on his side she asked him to hand it to her forcing him to expose the fact he was rock hard to her. She stared at it for a few moments before starting the lather and rinse with the new bottle. Taz once more felt like an ass and washed and rinsed his hair. When he was done she pulled the drain then climbed out of the tub and walked over by the bathroom to grab a towel. He watched as the sway of her ass made him catch his breath. She slowly dried off and then moved to the bed drying her hair then wrapping it so the last was sucked into the material. The last of the water drained out and he had no choice but to get out himself. He picked the towel up and dried himself telling himself he could be just as open as his sister even if he had a boner and she watched him as it bounced from his movements.
Not bothering to finish dressing Babs sat on the edge of her bed and turned on the television and cable box. She flipped through the channels only finding dumb sitcoms they both hated and one movie channel. Tempted not to let her beat him in showing she was more adult about being naked then he was he climbed up on what was his side and leaned against the head board. Babs turned and crawled up next to him before she too leaned back against the headboard.
It was then that the music started and the woman on the screen started to undo the guy’s belt and undo his pants. They both watched as the woman slowly began to lick up and down the length of his shaft and kissed the head. The guy bent over as she slowly stroked him and grabbed her shirt pulling it up over her head to expose her bare breasts. Once more she started sucking on the knob of his cock and swirled her tongue around its length. Everything in Taz told him to fight the urge to let the movie make him hard in front of his sister, but it happened anyway and she turned and watched it as it rose from being flaccid to fully erect. She turned back and they both watched as the woman on the screen slowly began to work her mouth along the length sucking him in until she had him buried to the base of his shaved shaft. She worked on him this way a few seconds before slowly pulling back with his dick cover him her saliva. She stood up and he mauled on breast with his mouth for a few second while the other tweaked a nipple on the other.
They moved to a piece of furniture what looked like a couch and the woman got down on her knees as the guy got behind her and teased the tip of his cock just inside the folds of her cunt. “He continued to do this until she obviously could not take it anymore and told him to fuck her.” No sooner did she finish asking then he literally rammed the entire shaft deep into her. The would pull out just far enough to see most of his shaft then ram back into her as he forced her hips back against him. The woman continued to moan for him to fuck her and if he liked it, as she fingered what had to be her clit and the little ring that pierced it.
Babs moaned a little as they both stared fixed to the screen. Taz could feel the little bit of precum begin to form at the hole and he reached down to wipe it away. Babs saw this and became mesmerized as more began to pool. Her hand moved down and rubbed along the outside of her lips before she returned to focus on the screen. Taz wondered how turned on she was, her nipples were bright red and looked like they could chip ice.
The guy flipped the woman over so her obvious fake boobs bounced as he began to fuck her and used his thumb to rub her clit while she made some ooh sounds and looked like she was close to having an orgasm. She became to give out a long ah sound before the guy pulled out and shot several ropes of cum over her stomach and chest which she promptly began to massage into her skin. When the last bit of cum began to ooze from the tip of his dick the camera switched to her as she started sucking him and then showed a mouth full of cum then over exaggerated that she swallowed it.
Babs clicked the television off the spell from the sex scene finally released. “Oh god, that made me really horny.”
“Really. I feel like I could cum a gallon after watching that.”
“I could probably gush out a gallon myself.” Her hand once more moved down and began to rub on the outside of her cunt.
“This sounds kind of disgusting but I think I would like to see that.”
“I would like to see you too.”
Taz ran his hand through the puddle of precum that was on the tip of his cock then spit into his hand to make sure he had enough lube then slowly began to stroke the length of his shaft in front of his sister. He watched as she moved lower on the bed and spread her legs over his so that she had her legs wide for him to see. “Damn, I need something to prop myself up with so I can watch you.”
“Here, use the pillows, but you need to move a bit closer up.”
She scooted forward toward him then took the pillows he handed her until she was raised up enough to watch him as once more he started to stroke himself. She began to run her finger through the slit rubbing it over the little love nub hidden until it was swollen and tingling. She used her other hand to spread her lips apart so her brother could watched as eh flicked a finger over her clit and slowly began to push a finger into her opening. With out realizing they soon began to match pace of her pushing deep into herself as he pushed his hand down the length of his shaft.
As both watched each other there breath began to get heavy and Babs nodded at one of the mirrors which had taken a fogged sheen to it from the heat and sweat they were creating as they watching the other masturbate. Babs said she was getting close and began to push as second finger in with the first scotching herself closer to her brother. As she began to drive them into herself faster he kept up the same speed telling her his sac was beginning to get tight and it would not be much longer ad he spit another large glob of fluid into his hand with out stopping.
He could see as fluid began to show heavily on her finger as she tipped her head back and began to moan deeply, then turned to look back at him and his dark purple head that looked like it was trying to burst. She could feel the climax beginning and new it was going to be a strong one that caused a bunch of pussy juice to gush out with each contraction of her womb. “Oh god, I going to cum,” and a large arcing rope of cum shot out from her brothers shaft to land dripping across her hand and lips. She didn’t know why but it was enough to trigger her to orgasm and Taz’s eyes got wide as he watched the gushing juice from his sister as it coated her hand and sprayed across his legs. The orgasm he had grew stronger and as rope after rope shot from him it continued to hand along her arms and hips one rope even splashed across her fingers the were flicking her clit.
Finally not being able to shoot any more he let go of his dick amazed as his sister’s hips and hand s were covered in his cum. It even surprised him at how much there was. His sister had pulled her finger from her dripping opening getting it as far as her stomach before to exhausted to move it further. Looking at himself he realized that he was covered just as much as she was with his sister’s cum, and while she had her eyes closed and draped back over the pillows he swirled a finger into it and brought it up to his mouth tasting the sweet tangy essence of her. When he looked back at her she was staring at him, and moved one of her cum covered finger into her own mouth to taste him. “Good huh,”
“I can live with it,” he whispered back to her.
Grabbing the pillows she sat up and tossed them up next to the head of the bed then showed him a large soaked spot that was under her. They both laughed as she moved up beside him and wrapped an arm across his waist. He slid down until he lay next to her and flipped a light switch turning out the lights so they could both get to sleep.
Babs woke him just as the sun was rising and told him they needed to get cleaned up so their mom did not find out. The tub was already running when he sat up and they both got in and washed off enjoying the sight of the other. Taz put on a pair of shorts, skipping the boxers he normally wore then tossed on a t-shirt from the Cleveland Indians. Babs picked a sweatshirt pulling it over her head with no bra and found a pair of sweatpants she also put on with no underwear. She giggled as she lifted her shirt to show him her breasts and he retaliated by pulling the front of his shorts down to show his cock.
They quickly packed all their clothes then left the room getting to the area they parked the car as their mother approached from her own room dragging the suitcase behind her. They packed everything back up and climbed in the car, each crawling into the back seat once more leaving their mom alone in the front. “What do I stink or something?” she asked over her shoulder.
“No, its just to early to be up they said almost in unison.” Babs found a blanket they she had stashed behind the seat asked if he wanted to share it as they pulled out onto the road.
“Don’t sleep yet you two, I want to get breakfast and I am not stopping a second time when you wake up.”
After going through a drive through both ate a small meal and once more Babs offered to let him share the blanket. He nodded and she unbuckled form her side of the car and moved to the middle. She handed him one corner and moved hers up over her shoulder tucking it into the gap between the seats He did the same on his tucking it instead behind his shoulder. Babs put her head down on the opposite one and he laid his head on hers. Their mother turned on the radio to keep her from falling asleep and to occupy herself as she sang along to some of the older songs on the radio glad her two children did not spend car rides like some she heard about where it was nothing but bickering and fighting the whole way.
“Slide forward a little,” Babs whispered just loud enough for him to hear. He did as she asked and slid forward which made it hard for him to rest his head but he leaned it back against the seat cushion. “Try and stay quiet,” she whispered again. He was about to ask what she meant when she felt her hand massage on the outside of his shorts as she kept her eyes closed pretending to try and sleep. He closed his eyes, trying to keep from expressing the fact his sister hand had made him hard as a rock. “Slide them down.” He watched his mother as he slowly lifted his hips noting she was well into whatever song was playing that he could not hear because of the blood rushing through his ears and he pulled the material over his hips and having to adjust himself so he was not hung up against it. Finally he got himself free and he felt the warmth of her hand wrap around him. Her hand was slow so as not to move the blanket around as she worked up and down jacking him off.
He slowly raised his hips so it was more comfortable and tried to pretend to be asleep as well as his sister was. Her expression was completely blank save for a bit of redness that flushed her cheeks. He slowly felt his sac begin to tighten and obviously she figured he was close to cumming, She shifted under the blanket until she was spread across the seat her feet against the far door. “Thomas hunny, what’s your sister doing?”
He thought they were busted, but he kept a controlled face and in a way told his mom the truth. “She had a hard time sleeping while sitting, it was hurting her back so she asked if she could rest her head on my lap so she could sleep. To make it more believable Babs gave a snore loud enough that their mother could hear. “Okay, just making sure everything is okay.” Taz nearly choked when he felt a different warmth move over the tip of his head as a hot breath blew over it. Then he felt a wet slippery feel that could only be her tongue twirl across it then a sucking sensation as she lowered her head until hit felt like she was going to gag. The movement were slow to keep the activities unseen as her head bobbed ever so slowly driving him crazy. Babs shifted a little on his lap and caught his hand in the process dragging it over her sweatshirt then under to grab her breast. He caught her nipple between two of his fingers squeezing and moving his hand so it would rub along the sides.
He turned his head toward the window hoping that it would help keep the fa?e they were working on of both trying to sleep. He reached his limit and he could feel the pressure build then the first push of cum as it raced through him and into his sister’s mouth. She swallowed every time a burst erupted into her mouth but she was having a hard time keeping up and he felt a little run down onto his leg. He realized that he was squeezing her nipple too hard because he was trying to avoid bucking his hips that he let go of her gripping into a fist instead. Finally he felt himself go soft and heard the faint pop as she released him from her mouth keeping her head on his lap.
He slowly raised his hips and pulled his shorts back up the rest of the way as Babs bit his thigh lightly. Risking a look in the mirror through half slit eyes he saw his mother still focused on the road singing away. He leaned toward the center of the seats thankful they were not buckets. As he did he slid his hand down past her still exposed stomach taking a few seconds to tease her belly button before he worked his hand under the waistband of her sweatpants. When she figured out what he was up to she faked adjusting and pushed them down over her hips just enough so he could reach her without straining against the fabric which could give them away. His hand not being able to reach her the way he wanted went up over her hip and down along her ass as she slid her leg up so he could reach her better.
He finally managed to get his hand to run over the manicured lawn of her mound and then he dipped into her slit finding the little nub she had worked so hard on he night before. She was already wet and his finger slid smoothly as he began to trace little circles around her clit as she tried to squeeze her legs together and lock his hand in place. Instead she bit down on his leg a bit harder making him clench his jaw. He took his time managing to move between dipping deep into her as he curled a finger slowly dragging it out as he felt the muscles of her try and contract around it and hold it in place or draw him deeper. Then he would work over her clit a little more until both her breath and the inside of her canal were both fire hot.
She moved a hand down between her legs slowly working her clit for him as he began to place a second finger inside along with the first. At first he moved his fingers together as he pushed them in and pulled them out. When he found that her hips bucked after pushing them in deep then wiggling them before pulling them out he felt the first signs of her getting close to her own orgasm. She pulled her sweats back up with out him understanding why until he felt the fluid that coated his hand as she literally clamped his hand inside her and between her legs. She had bit down on him almost to the point of drawing blood and definitely enough to leave a bruise as she shuttered under the blanket. He managed to flex his fingers inside of her once and she bit down harder and he took it as a warning. Finally her legs and insides stopped holding onto him for dear life and he was able to pull his hand out. She grabbed her hand and sucked his fingers into her mouth licking all the juice off before letting him go free.
About half an hour later Babs sat up from under the blanket, blinking from the sunlight that had come out during their little escapade. “Mom I really have to go to the bathroom, I don’t think I can hold it for very long.”
“Okay barb, just a few minutes longer and we will be at a gas station. Then you can use the bathroom while we get gas.”
“Thanks, oh and it might be about that time so I think I am going to have to change.”
“Oh dear, is there anything we can do before we get there?”
“No everything is in my suitcase.”
Taz, knew what they where talking about and Babs looked at him and winked, “To cover up the smell,” she mouthed.
Ten minutes later they were pulling up beside a gas station pump and before his mom was out of the care Babs was moving and climbing out of the car. She went through the trunk then raced into the building before he could even think of moving. He realized just then what she meant by the smell. As he opened the door and moved the blanket the smell of her from her orgasm hit his nose. He left the door open as he told his mom that there was a funny smell then headed for the building himself. He flinched as he walked his left leg a bit tender where Babs bit him. He thought about how he got it sending smile across his face. When he finished in the bathroom his mom was coming inside and headed for the bathroom herself. Babs came out just before and left the door open for her headed toward Taz.
They were standing by the magazine rack as she picked up a magazine pretending to leaf through it. “That was close.”
“You started it.”
“No, I had another orgasm while I was getting stuff from the back of the car. I was racing into the bathroom to keep the rest of the sweats I was wearing from showing all the cum that was pouring down my legs.”
“Oh, well you got what you deserved then,” as he picked up a different mag and flipped through hit.
“Sorry about the leg, I know I bit to hard, but I didn’t want to cry out either.”
“It’s okay. It will probably be bruised a bit but better that then having mom freak out as you gush all over the seat screaming in ecstasy.”
“Yeah no doubt, that would be a life cut short.”
They headed to the car not finding anything that was worth buying and saw mom after she came out of the bathroom go to the ATM and pull money. Babs moved to the front changing the station to something a little more her style as Taz seeing the spot where Babs had covered the seat earlier grabbed several paper towels wiping it up glad that it was a leather seat and that it was not actually blood. By the time there mother got back to the car it was aired out and there was no trace to their activities. He could still smell his sister from the back even with her legs closed and she and her mom talked about what Alaska was going to be like and where they were headed.
“I was able to call ahead from the gas station and found two rooms again this time with twin beds in one so you guys do have to share the bed. I know that must have been awful even if it was big enough for a small army.”
“Actually we fell asleep almost right away last night so we really did not have much chance to fight. And the room was a little creepy so having him in the room with me made me feel better.”
“That’s good to hear. I’m glad you guys are taking this whole divorce thing as well as you are, I could just kill your father for that crap he pulled. Not even wanting to see his own children just to be with the floozy.”
“His loss mom, but if he wants to be the ass in the equation better him then us. I hope she takes him for all he’s worth and leaves him high and dry.”
“Hunny, that’s not way to talk about your father.”
“He isn’t our father he said so himself.”
“Your right, on both accounts, he deserves to be sucked dry.”

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