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We went sailing - we ended up fucking.
I am a nudist.
I have been attending nudist beaches for nearly 10 years and my first experience was with a guy on a sailing dinghy. He had deliberately overturned it so as we were both wet. He then took the boat and I to a deserted beach in a military area where he told me they allow the boats to land but not go further inland. He said the only access is by water as you cannot get access through the bushland area surrounding it.

After we made the boat secure from the tide he just stripped off. I was a bit taken back and he ignored my feelings of being uncomfortable with him being naked. He just told me to do the same and we could dry our clothing before sailing back to the boat club. It is extremely secluded and we would not be seen.

I had no feelings of romance with him and we had sailed a few time together with other crews and had good times together on the water. One of the girls who crewed with another guy had told me she had been intimate with him and had enjoyed it. They didn’t have anything going between them – it was a spur of the moment thing and she just did it actually while they were sailing and said it was quite exciting having sex in the dinghy while they were actually under sail.

I was reluctant to strip off but I was uncomfortable in wet clothing. We had not bought anything with us as we had only planned to sail for a couple of hours – or so I thought.

Reluctantly I decided for the sake of comfort to do it. I had no romantic aspirations for him and thought he was just another guy, more or less a friend. He had partnered another of my friends some months earlier but they since had split up. They were together at this party as he was still with her at that time when we all jumped into the pool and the girls all removed their tops and some even skinny dipped. I didn’t. Many of the boys also stripped off and behaved what I would say was badly – deliberately exposing their penis both rigid and in its deflated state.

I could not remember what he did as I was more concerned with the guy I was with, who didn’t get into the flashing act and restrained himself although naked in the pool. I have to admit we were intimate afterwards. It was not my first time but it was with him, and again it wasn’t the only time – I enjoyed his company a few times as he was a very considerate lover and sex with him was a very enjoyable experience.

I turned away from David as I stripped off and was somewhat shy with him being there and naked and alone with him. I don’t know why because I am normally very much at ease when I am naked and alone with a lover. I am trimmed around he pubic area and I didn’t know what he would think of a girl who did that. I needn’t have worried as he was cool. During the next half hour or so he made no approaches or suggestions that we should do anything – we were just enjoying each others company sunning ourselves and chatting. I relaxed and thought nothing is going to happen – great.

After a while sunning ourselves we were both hot and I suggested a swim – he joined me and we frolicked in the water for a while and our bodies touched frequently as we wrestled about and tried to dunk one another, playfully. I didn’t realise I had become slightly aroused with the games we had played due to I suppose the naked intimacy which was never sexual. Sure our hands had touched each other private parts but never with intent. As we came out of the water I saw him pull his soft penis down as it had shrunk down to be about 2 inches long with the cold water. It then resumed it natural length of about 4 or 5 inches. He was circumcised and I had not been that close to a circumcised penis before and I had to admit I was little fascinated and impressed. It had a far more attractive appearance being circumcised than the couple of uncircumcised ones I had experience with. I realised my nipples were hard as well with the effect of the cold water.

I said something about the fact he looked better with it like that – I don’t know why I said it but it just happened. It hung down and looked quite attractive in a funny sort of way.

He stood there facing me – not saying anything but my mind was racing – what if he says something – I was warming to him and my arousal was still quite positive. I said it looks beautiful – I have never realised how much better looking a cut penis is to an uncut one.

As I said it his cock began to firm and rise.

I said shit I didn’t mean that to happen.

He said neither did I but I am also looking at a very beautiful naked woman and what normally happens in my pants and out of sight, is now very exposed and visible. I can assure you it is not the first time it has reacted to the sight of you naked or nearly – remember that night at Nats party – I would have given anything to have been Tony that night. I know what happened afterwards and I was so envious of him.

I said you did alright for yourself.

He said I know – Jan is a very good in bed. I have no idea about you though as Tony would not discuss what happens other than the two of you have slept together a few times.

I was somehow drawn to him and I moved toward him as he just stood there – but his penis was rising further and had become rigid. It looked fantastic. It was longer and thicker than Tony’s.

I got close to him and then kissed him, he had not attempted to make a forward move and allowed me to make the pace. I didn’t stop there – we kissed passionately in the middle of the beach – we had no audience that we were aware of. The passion reached a stage where I said after kissing for a while – make love to me. He was hard and his penis firmly wedged between our bodies as we kissed , I was grinding my pubic region against him and indicating I was enjoying the sensation of his penis between us. It was hard and as kissed him I was manipulating it between us over my pubic area. I knew I wanted to have sex with him – and I hoped he would feel the same – from all the indications I was pretty sure it was going to happen. He touched a nipple and I let out this wonderful moan in his ear.

He said you are sure you want to do this.

I said – certain. There is nothing I want more right now than to have you inside me.

We just got down where we were and lay on the sand. I positioned myself ready for him to enter me.

He got down and I looked at him and I shuddered with delight and knowledge that we were about to make love.

Then he put his head down and engaged my vagina with his mouth ……. oh god it felt amazing.

My whole body tingled with the sensation as he opened and spread my labia lips apart with his fingers and then licked his tongue the length of my opening reaching my clit and then rubbed it a little and then resumed his licking. I could not resist touching my nipples. It felt awesome. He then inserted a finger just inside me and continued to lick and gently finger me – I was in sexual heaven. He continued for a couple of minutes and by this time my juices were beginning to flow and he took his mouth off me and said – you taste absolutely magnificent – the salty taste and the nectar of the female body makes a wonderful cocktail. I have never tasted anything as wonderful as you are at the moment.

I said not even Jan.

He said not even Jan – we have done this a few times but never after we have been swimming in salt water – only chlorinated pools …. but she never tasted anywhere near as wonderful as your salty slit.

I said I wonder if it makes any difference to the taste of you.

He said you are welcome to see.

I said I will but not now – I want some action and I think you know how, when, where and why.

He said too much information and he went right back to licking, sucking and fingering me.

He kept at me for about five minutes before the sensation became more than I could bear and I began to show the signs of an approaching orgasm. He recognised my movements and then began to increase his pressure and drive me forward to a most wonderful climax of orgasmic pleasure. I could resist no longer and I came and as I did I bucked and moaned and ground my vagaina into his face covering it with the love syrup now being excreted by me for him to devour. I don’t spurt as such but my flow does increase and it is possible to lick and suck it from my vagina. He kept going sucking and licking my clit until I indicated by pulling away that I had reached the limit of my sexual pleasure and my climax was subsiding. I had enjoyed one of my best oral experiences – one of many but one of the best.

After wards we lay together and we whispered to each other the words we both wanted to hear about how good it had been.

He said you might not believe this but I didn’t plan for this to happen – but I had hoped it might.

I said I was the same – when we were sailing I was enjoying the sailing and sex never entered my head – now I couldn’t care less about sailing – I am more than happy here.

His cock had wilted and I looked at it laying there and I put my hand on it and stroked it – he didn’t move. It firmed up and within a few seconds I had a hand around his magnificent cock and I began to stroke it and masturbate him. Do you like that I asked.

Just don’t stop – it feels beautiful.

Does Jan do this for you.

Never - we only ever fuck – I have never even eaten her out like I did to you – I have only done that once before and she showed me how girls like it to be done.

Who was that anybody I know.

No – it was a woman I met on holidays – she was much older than me, but I will leave that for another day. I am enjoying being with you for the moment. You do that nicely as I slowly stroked his beautiful cock.

I said a bit of experience helps. How about you and Jan – how serious is that relationship.

Its not – I just fucked her one day. Hasn’t she told you about us.

I said no – everybody knows you two do it and we just thought you were an item.

No we are just fuck buddies – we don’t love one another we just fuck, and we both enjoy it.

Ok I said well lets fuck – like you do with Jan.

He got up and his cock was still hard as I had been slowly wanking him. As he brushed the sand of his ass he stood right in front of me and his cock was virtually right in front of my face. I didn’t hesitate and I held it and put it in my mouth and sucked it in as far as I could. I then got the head of it and sucked and rubbed my tongue around the rim and held his balls in my hand as he moaned with delight – shit he said – you are a real pro. Only one other woman had done it as well as that.

That older one.

Yes she knew it all – really experienced that one – had been a flight attendant from all accounts and was not short of experience and ability – she taught me all I know.

I sucked and put my other hand around his cock and stroked it as I gently sucked it and slid my lips up and down the shaft. Even if I say so myself I don’t give bad head from all accounts. He just stood there with his eyes closed and allowed himself to be treated with utmost ability by me. He didn’t last very long and he came in my mouth as I wanted after about four or five minutes. I swallowed his cum and after he had given me every drop it slackened off and I took it out of my mouth.

Oh God he said – that was amazing – I would say it was my best ever. We will have to do that again. I said likewise.

He sat down and we talked about how I had learned how to give head.
I had learned most of it from a few porn sites that described how to and then watched some girls give it to their guy on the porn pages. It seems I leaned well.

He kissed me and said he could taste his cum on my tongue – do you like it he asked.

I do now – at first it was a bit hard to take but after a while you get used to it and I have no problems now – I rather enjoy it, but the taste doesn’t get any better, but I don’t really mind it – I am fascinated by it really.

As he kissed me I could feel his cock rising again so I said ok now for the big one – we have done it every way but one and now its my turn to see what Jan gets and likes.

He got down ready to fuck me – he said you are safe aren’t you, I can cum inside you.

I said you wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t – I never trust guys to pull out before they cum – they are the biggest liars in that department ever – I have had two instances of it and they never got another chance with me. Fortunately I never got pregnant but I did have some troubled days.

He then put his cock at the opening of my vagina and said…….. ready.

I didn’t have to answer he just slid his cock into me and I could feel it going in further and further – he did it slowly and it felt great. I love being fucked like this and I said right up as far as it will go then stop. I love to feel it in there and my cunt lips around your cock and the feeling of it deep inside me. It feels fantastic – I really know I am being fucked, its much better than a dildo even and it gets a lot of use.

Do you masturbate often he asked –

About thee or four times a week some weeks – it depends upon how much sex I get.

Well he said you may have to cut it back a bit – I know where you can get the real thing – far more often than before – if you are interested.

I said if what I am feeling now is on offer – yes please. How will Jan feel about it if you start fucking me.

He said I have already started and even as much as I have had – I want more. Fucking you feels a lot better than fucking Jan – she seems to just let me and lay there, you really enjoy it, it seems.

I said I wont mind if you want to keep doing it with Jan – I am not looking for a steady relationship with you – yet. I will make the best of an opportunity if one comes up – I wont be true to you and I don’t expect you to be faithful to me. We have too much living to do before I get serious with anybody. I just enjoy fucking and being fucked.

Good he said - I can handle that but don’t let on to Jan I am having it with you too – she may get a bit possessive.

No problem I said – now get on and fuck me or it might be your one and only time.

He then began to stroke me with his cock and it felt awesome – probably he has one of the biggest or thickest cocks I have had inside me and it feels great. The fact I am responding and reacting with him seems to be making him happy, if Jan just lays there, there is no fun in it and sex is great fun for me.

He fucked me well and we tried doggy and cowgirl with reverse cowgirl. Neither of us were fussed on not being able to see our faces as I love watching the guy above or below me when I fuck. We did a lot of cowgirl where I could do it for him – and he enjoyed missionary. He loved watching me sit on his cock and see it disappear up into me, and my tits bounce as I fucked him. I managed to cum once while I fucked him and he said it was the best thing he had seen me having an orgasm on his cock. He giggled as he fucked me missionary and made my tits bounce. They fascinated him as they moved about each time he pushed his cock deep into me hard. The two of us must have been fucking for almost 20 minutes before he began to get worked up. Then he said how close are you – I am almost there.

I said I might be able to – go harder and faster and see how we go – if you cum that’s fine – there will be other times for me.

He worked on me hard and he was into his climax and his cum was flooding me internally. He was grunting and pushing slowly as he pumped his cum into me. Ohhhh shhhiiittt he said fffuuuuccckkkk this is good and grunted as another spurt of his cum went into me. FFFFuuuuu cccckkkk….ing hell he said this is the best fuck of my life. Then I began to cum – keep it in me I screamed at him leave it there don’t pull out. The feeling in my clit was amazing – as always when I cum…. I wriggled and bounced trying to get the maximum pleasure of his cock and my clit rubbing together. I was pulling my nipples hard to increase the pleasure I was feeling. His cock was softening but I was still able to feel it inside me – it was awesome.
He then fell off me – he was exhausted and gasping for breath – my heart was racing and my clit was still giving me a slight spasm, I put my finger down and rubbed it and it felt great, I was almost having a second orgasm but it fizzled out before I could finish it off. I have only had a multiple once before when the guy was sucking on my clit and I nearly died with the sensation – it was the most intense feeling I have ever had. I want it to happen again as I know now what it is, and I love it.

His cock was all soft and cum covered. It still looked beautiful and I said that looks like one happy cock.

It is the most satisfied cock in the world – that was great he said really great – we have to do this again I have never enjoyed fucking anybody like I enjoyed it with you.

I feel the same way – this may be our first but I hope it wont be our last.

I agree – I think I could go all day and night with you.

I said its still daylight and I think we will have plenty of time to see if we can improve on that one – but I think it would be a bit cold out here for a night time pleasure.

We lay together and told each other how good it was and how much we want to do it again.

After a while I said come on lets wash this lot off and see if we can repeat the performance.

We spent about 10 minutes in the water and after washing ourselves he tried to fuck me in the water and after a few tries we made it – standing up and fucking each other – it was fantastic. It was a great feeling and a completely different sensation with the water splashing around our cunts and cock as we fucked. We finished it off by laying on the waters edge while he finished fucking me missionary. We both came – I did a couple of minutes before him then he came and once more the feeling of him pumping his cum into me was awesome. After he slipped out of me we lay there and washed each other on the edge of the beach in the water. It felt great and we both enjoyed doing it yo each other – he slipped his finger into me and washed me inside and I cleaned his cock and balls.

We did it again before we left, three fucks a suck and a wank. It had been a while since I had cum more than three times – having five orgasms in one session was a record for me, and for him too he said.

On the way back he said I hope Jan doesn’t want any tonight – I don’t think I could.

I said if you do feel like it I know somebody who wont say no.

Shit he said you are a glutton - and I will be more than happy to oblige. I have never had a day like this ever and I want more.

I said maybe we can get Jan involved in a threesome.

No way baby – I want you just for me – you are far too good to share.

He thought for a minute and said how would you handle sex with another girl.

I smiled and said that’s for me to know and for you to find out.

He looked at me and said – you havnt.

I never said yes but he knew from the look on my face.
It was a deliberately guilty look. Yes I had done it in a two and three way situation.

Shit – I would never have guessed – I certainly have to get to know you better.

He did – over the next couple of months we fucked regularly and he evidently kept Jan reasonably happy too. I wanted him to keep it up with her as I could very easily slip into another relationship if I got an opportunity – I had a long way to go before I settled down. From all accounts she realised he was getting it from somebody else because she said he is doing her differently. She never found out it was me.

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