My name is Kelly; I am 14 and ½; this is the story of my first penetration of a woman. Her name is Reena, she is my mother.
When I was 12 I came across a site on the NET, it had stories, pictures, and comments from people about sex. I watched and read everything at first but soon got tired of the videos. The video’s seemed fake to me. Some of the pictures were gross, so I steered clear of them also.
By the time I was 13 I had narrowed my interests to the stories and still pictures; some of those ladies where unbelievably beautiful. My friends and I talked of sex from time to time; I learned some stuff from them too.
My mother is 36 yrs of age. Dad was a little older, 40 I think. I have a younger sister, and that is the size of my family.
I am 5’ 2” and 112 lbs., a skinny kid.
Mom is a little over weight, but she still has nice curves. She is lovely to hold; I love my mom, she is beautiful to me.
I decided to fuck my mother in the ass. I made this decision based on my desire to go off inside her and not get her pregnant. My research was conducted discretely. I felt that my little prick would not hurt her. I knew I couldn’t ask her so I had to do it on the sly.
Mom and dad liked to go out once a month to their friends and have a blast. Most of the time they would get really shit faced. The other possibility was that dad had sleeping pills for his insomnia.
Some of the kids at school had already had sex; they where the cool kids. I was not cool enough for that to happen; but I had noticed the change in their confidence. I figured that having sexual experience would help me with talking-to girls and move me up in the school socially.
How to do it?
Halloween was coming next weekend and I know that mom and dad would be partying hard.
........... ...............
Hallow eve was upon us and I took my sister out trick or treating. She picked up about a million candies of which she shared some with me when we got home. I love my sister, she is 12.
Slipping a sleeping pill into her drink to keep her out of the way during my exploitation of mom; Nikki, her name, went to her bed before mom and dad got home.
.............. ...........
I fell asleep only to be woken up after 3:00AM by mom and dad. They were laughing and giggling as they made their way to bed. I waited over 1/2 hour before I did my recon. To my surprise, dad had fallen asleep on the living room sofa; he was snoring so I knew he was out. Where was mom?
I looked in her bed room and she wasn’t there, I got worried. I looked about the house and I could not find my mother, having sex with her was very much a secondary thing now. I looked outside and in the garage; finally I checked each room again, including my sisters. I found her in the half bath. Duh!
Mom was passed out sitting on the toilet with her head bowed down.
“Come on mom, wake up.”
She never stirred; I tried to lift her but that didn’t work. I remembered something about cold water. I poured a little on her head with no affect. I took a glass of ice water from the refrigerator and bought the glass to her. I spilled it over her head and down her back. Mom woke up with a start.
“Oh, hi sweetie; I gotta’ go to bed....... “Mom slurred.
She got to her feet and stepped toward the bed which was behind me through the bathroom door. Mom’s panties tripped her up. She tried to keep her balance, and in doing so she staggered toward her bed tripping over her panties; which tore and fell to the floor. She ploughed right into me and drove me toward her bed; I was trying to hold her up. She had hold of me, staggering; mom ran over me, flattening me underneath her, upon her bed.
I lay there for several minutes waiting for my mother to roll off me. When I heard mom snoring I knew I was trapped under her. I lay there, under mom, laughing at how the coy boy had been blitzed by his own mother. No matter how this night turns out; I am going to tell mom about this; she will die laughing.
Mom has a good 40 pounds on me. Not only that, but her costume is a full length black dress which makes my situation worse. Mom went to the party as a witch. My mom is a beautiful witch.
I started to think about my situation. I’m lying under mom; we are crossed in the form of an ‘X’.
It’s about 5 feet from the toilet to the bathroom door; another ten to twelve feet from the bathroom door to the bed. When mom tripped on her panties I tried to keep her from falling. In roughly 5 to 8 steps we were falling on the bed; she bowled me over, leaving me as I am now; pinned underneath her, my passed out mother.
My right arm had it the worst. It was pinned under mom’s chest, between her boobs and sticking out past her neck to the left of her head; her left. My left arm was free but hurt from mom falling on me. My right leg was off the bed from the knee down, but was pinned under moms dress and her left leg. My left leg was completely on the bed, but was under her dress and her right thigh; her dress immobilized me.
Mom’s body crossed with mine, her right hip bone digging into my belly button. The right side on mom’s chest was on top of me; her lower stomach was centered on my right hip bone, with her pubic bone somewhere between my spread legs.
My situation was difficult at best; I had to get out from under her because she was crushing me. I pushed myself to my left using my left arm, pulling my right hand and arm along underneath mom’s chest. My hand moved under her left breast and I stopped; feeling her breast; my very first boob. Moms boob was big and soft, I squeezed it to see how that felt; mom did not move so my confidence gained as I felt up her breast.
I gently kneaded her breast for several minutes; my hand was cramped but my lush and the newness of this exercise kept me squeezing her breast. I lay back on the bed, moms boob in my hand, closing my eyes I relaxed and enjoyed my predicament. Women’s breasts felt great, I just knew I was going to like feeling breasts.
The bathroom light shone across mom’s body showing her bum rising above me. I decided to feel her ass and placed my left hand on her waist. Sliding my hand about her waist and then down her curves over her ass. I moved my hand over her cheek, gently squeezing my mother’s bum; her ass was firm. Wow, my mother has a nice ass. I was hard. I moved my hand about mom’s ass but that dress she was wearing was too heavy and interfered with my pleasure.
I pushed and pulled myself as gently as I could; I slowly extradite myself from underneath my witchy mother. I had my right arm free and was sitting up looking at mom’s body lying across my legs. Moms dress was clinging to my pj’s, and was keeping me from sliding out from under her. I picked moms right leg up some and finally made my escape.
I stood looking at my mother lying on her bed, face down, snoring ever so slightly. The bathroom light shone across mom’s draped body, her lovely shoulder length light blonde hair in contrast to the black costume dress.
I move toward mom, lifting her dress up as high as I could, uncovering her left leg to mid thigh; mom’s right leg was going to be a problem; that damned dress. I placed my left hand under mom’s leg, just above the knee; which I had determined through testing on myself was a less sensitive area; lifting her leg gently, I placed a pillow under her thigh and knee. Now I was free to lift moms dress up.
First however, I will check on dad and Nikki.
All is quiet on the home front. I approach mom with my small flashlight, to view her with. Picking up moms hem I move it high enough to expose her beautiful ass. Wow, mom is a doll, a big doll. My flashlight illuminates her crotch. I am in lust; she is as pretty as the models on the Porn site.
Mom’s crotch is wide; she has only a little hair between her legs. I move my face in close for good look, and sniff of a woman’s pussy. She has no smell at all; my mom is a clean woman. Sticking my tongue out and licking her pussy, and pushing my tongue between her lips. I taste my mother’s cunt. I sit back, smiling, I have tasted a women.
I just stare at mom, flashlight in hand, beamed at her womanhood.
................................. [My cock is dripping cum] ...................
I put the flashlight into my mouth to hold while I spread mom’s cheeks. I see my mother’s bum hole. It is a bit weird looking at her bum. I stare at it, so wrinkled, small looking, cautiously I move in and smell her, voila, tres beau......... mom has some French ethnicity to her, so I know some French.
I gently touch moms bum hole, it feels very odd to-do this. Her anus feels like used bubble gum, dried hard like and rippled. I rub her anus with my finger, sensing the thrill of doing something that is forbid. Spreading mom' cheeks, a finger from my right hand plays with my mother’s bum.
Moms bum hole is dry and pushing a finger inside her bum was not happening for me. I knew from the Porn site that spitting would help. Spitting on my mother seemed very disrespectful to me. I remembered cum acts as lubricant; so I decided to try to fuck my mother’s ass, as per my plan.
Moving into position I pressed my cock toward her bum hole. Splitting her cheeks was fantastic, I kind of came a little just pushing between her cheeks. My dick breaches her crack and I pressed on, I feel the tip of my cock against mom’s anus, and I continued pushing. I could feel myself start to enter her anus, Oh.... God it feels so good, her anus squeezing my little cock. I could feel my cock slipping inward so smoothly, my cum was working well as a lube.
Suddenly mom moved her hips and I came out of her bum.
Mom stopped moving, and I froze; waiting; my mind flashed back to that feeling I had a few seconds ago. God, no wonder people fuck allot. The sensations of my cock in her; an inch of my cock inside her ass, were still strong.
Mom seemed to be sleeping again; once more into the breach I go; mom moved so her bum was in a little different position. I press forward trying to enter her; I slipped some, and aimed anew, slipping again. I was leaking all over mom’s crotch. Determined, I press on; my cock slips into mom, easily sliding into her. I push in tight, burying my cock to the hilt. I slide back and forth several times, my God this feels so good. I pull back so I can look at myself in her; GASP!
I am inside mom’s vagina. I pull out right away.
FUCK! ......... What if I made her pregnant, I’m leaking allot.
My God it feels so good though.
......................... [Thinking]........................
Slipping back into mom’s vagina, the damage is already done. Dad fucks her and she doesn’t get pregnant, she must take precautions.
She is so warm and moist; mom is a nice snug fit. Gliding in and out of her pussy, a gentle pumping, and her nice wide crotch open for me. I try and am mostly succeeding in keeping the pace of my fucking down, but it is hard. I can feel myself dripping into her; my sex is ready to fill up mom’s womb.
Biting my lip; one shot after another enters her, a continuous stream of semen filling mom. My first time in a woman and it is unbelievable. I finish cuming in her; I wait and let my cock shrink inside her body, I want to get the most out of this piece of ass as possible. I like my cock inside a woman.
I lay prone on mom, watching her breathe and feeling my cock shrink. Her warm soft body has thrilled me more than anything in my life. Her thighs are so comforting; feeling them on each side of me.
Moms ass is pressing against my stomach, her thighs corralling my body, I feel her heat; soon my soft cock is rigid once more. Slowly I move my cock inside my mother’s body again, sliding to and fro, what a great feeling. I fuck mom; cuming inside her; stopping once more, waiting, sure enough a few minutes later my cock hardens and I enjoy sex within her once more. I don’t cum very much but I sure enjoy the feeling of having sex. My little cock is in heaven.
I keep fucking my mother until I cannot keep a hard on anymore. Slowly, and with some disappointment, I leave my mother’s lovely body; I will return to use her again one night.
I lay awake for some time, musing over my newest feelings. I can’t get over the feeling of her thighs corralling me, and her ass. Sleep comes to me as I smile, pleased with my new life.
Xxxxxxxxxxxx ............

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-22 12:44:49
Thank you, Ami, they are truly beautiful as are you and your heart. Thank you also for the Mother's Day card. I wiaetd to open it at 5 this morning. Miss you a lot. It seems to be a contemplative type of day. We pick up Sarah in a few hours. She will be here for about a week. Sweet times. Mom

My sister and I are long time loversReport

2010-06-07 23:18:04
I see that the two votes, prior to my positive one, were negatives. Some people just don't appreciate a good imagination.
Twenty years ago, when I was thirteen, I sneaked into my sixteen year old sister's bed and fucked her. I knew that she slept naked and wouldn't wake up, even if a bomb went off next to her, and that's why I had the nerve to do what I did.
I was fucking her for four or five minutes before I realized that she'd started squeezing & moving her pussy up and down. I started cumming and got the shit scared out of me when she woke completely up. I was still cumming but it felt so tight, warm and good that I couldn't stop. I just held on and kept pumping my juice into her. At first, she started pushing to get me off but then she started pulling me in and holding her pussy up against me.
She told me she liked how big it was and made me stay there until I got hard again. Those two times were the first of thousands of times that we've fucked and cum for each other

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