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Jessamine Twins pt 3
Damn my nephew is a stud

Jessamine Twins pt 3

Iintroduction: Josh decides to seduce his Aunt while his mother fucks he nephew for revenge sex.

Sally felt great when her sister finally arrived several days later it was like the plantation was alive again with so many people staying there. Ellen and Sally were identical twins except for the way they dressed. Sally was a country girl she wore jeans, t-shirt, cowboy hat and boots and her sister was a lady of high society in Atlanta. She was wearing a designer dress with $500 high heels and a handbag that was $250 or more.

When Sally saw Dustin Ellen’s husband he looked hotter than he ever did before. He had a buzz cut and it looked like his eyebrows were thinned and he had a clean and tight goatee. Their son was a little dorky looking he was just at the start of puberty and his voice cracked when he spoke. He wore glasses but had a nice body. Dustin held out his arms and hugged his sister-in-law, “Hey sis.”

Sally let him go from her embrace and quickly went after his son Ralph. Her hands quickly went around Ralph’s waist and Sally kissed him on the cheek then Ralph’s cock sprang up because of his Aunts warm embrace and his voice cracked, “Hello Aunt Sally.”

Sally turned and grabbed her sister Ellen up and she said, “Oh Ellen darling it’s been so long – give me a kiss – you look great!

Ellen nodded her head and wrapped her arms around her sister giving her a very warm embrace as their matching tits smashed into on another, “Yeah, just like you sis, just like you.”

Now the girls had never been that close even in childhood but they hadn’t seen each other for years and now they were very happy to be together again. Sally broke the embrace from Ellen and turned her attention once again to her nephew Ralph. She wanted to feel his hard cock on her stomach again. She hugged him again pulling him in nice and close. With her hand she cupped his chin, “Shoot Ralph, you’re all grown up and stuff. You’re a handsome young heartbreaker.”

Ralph was nervous by his Aunt’s embrace and stammered with his words, “Oh Aunt Sally, we missed you so much.”

Then Josh entered the room and Ellen quickly picked him up out of the corner of her eye. She immediately went to greet him fist. When Josh took his aunt into his arms Ellen felt quite uncomfortable for some reason. Ellen could swear Josh’s manly way was too manly for his age. Josh’s eyes were ogling and undressing her in front of everyone. Sally noticed the great interest in Ralph’s eyes as well, but it didn’t bother her at all.

The very next day the wild crazy adventures started early in the afternoon when Dustin and Ralph decided to go fishing. Both Sally and Ellen were up early packing a small picnic basket for both of them. Ellen hugged her husband good bye, “Bye darling, goodbye honey, listen to your father okay Ralph?”

Ralph turned his head, “Yes Ma’am, bye.”

Dustin turned before he shut the door “Yeah, yeah bye girls.”

Sally just had to chime in, “Ralph, Dustin, good luck you two.” She then turned to her sister Ellen, “Ellen you can find your way around the kitchen can’t you?”

Just then Josh walked into the kitchen just wearing his overalls, “Good morning ladies.”

Ellen became nervous for some reason, “What? Are you leaving too Sally?”

Sally looked at her son eyeing up her sister and after a few seconds she said, “Yeah, sorry didn’t I tell you yesterday? I have some tiny bit of business in town. You know veterinarian stuff.”

Ellen looked back at Josh whose eyes were scanning her body up and down, “Ahem okay I guess – Well I guess I’ll be fine and Josh is here to help me.”

Josh stood off to the side and had a smirk on his face as his hand was under his chin shaking his head up and down with approval of what his aunt just said.

Now Ellen didn’t tell her sister that she was afraid of Josh. Soon enough Ellen managed to gain some confidence and started rooting through the kitchen getting ready to prepare some lunch for her and Josh then she broke the silence, “So, Josh, how was school this year?”
Josh continued to scan his aunt’s body, “School sucked. Besides, mom always seems to need a hand around here. I can’t leave her slave alone all day long so I just kinda don’t go to that school anymore.”

Ellen still felt nervous being around Josh, “You’re a good son! Especially the way you worry about your lonely mom, that’s so sweet!”

Josh went to one of the cupboards and pulled a jar with clear liquid. It was his special blend of moonshine. Josh thought that his home brew was the best thing to use to get his aunt in the mood. Josh is used to his mom and him having sex several times a day and since she wasn’t going to be around today he figured he would try to get his Aunt drunk and try to get her naked. It was tasty and the same time extremely strong. Josh loved his game of seduce your uptight decent aunt game a lot. He began to imagine the consequences and he became excited and Ellen asked him, “What’s that in your hand Josh?”

Josh smiled at his aunt, “Home brew an all natural pure home brew.” Offering her the jar to his aunt, “You have to try it Aunt Ellen I made it myself,”

Ellen began to relax. Her nephew was very sweet and modest even though he was eyeing her up and down all the time. So she agreed to drink a bit of the moon shine with him. Ellen was just trying to be friendly and nice with her nephew who differed so much from the men who were normally around her. She smiled at Josh, “Okay, let’s give it a try darling. Will you keep me company?”

Josh smiled a cute little smile back at his aunt, “Here try it. It’s the best thing in the whole world. You’ll never forget it, I swear.”

In less than an hour Ellen was a real mess. She was giggling and laughing out loud at Josh’s jokes. Ellen was so drunk she didn’t even notice Josh’s excitement and lust for her as he began to rub his aunt’s thighs. Ellen smirked back at her nephew as she suspected something, “Ah, I like your home brew Josh and you.”

Josh became even more aggressive as he picked his aunt up out of the chair and slid her on to the kitchen table and began grabbing her gorgeous body giving special attention to her huge tits. Ellen didn’t even realize right away what was happening, “Josh what the hell are you doing?”

Josh ignored her question and said, “You have pretty large melons Aunt Ellen just like my mom.” Josh wanted to compare Aunt Ellen to his mom’s breasts. He didn’t like the fact that she wore a bra and wasn’t as free like his mother. Josh did like the way they felt and her areolas were smaller than his mother’s she must not be letting Uncle Dustin or her son Ralph suck on them too much.

By the time Ellen realized what Josh was doing to her he had her jeans and panties off of her. Josh unhooked the two buttons keeping his overall on and in a second they were around his ankles with his cock erect ready to penetrate his Aunt. Ellen was pushing him Josh off of her, “What in the Sam Hill are you doing to me?”

Josh pushed his cock inside of his Aunt, “Oh stop it Aunty, and your pussy is sloppy wet.” The one thing she did have in common with his mom is that her pussy gets wet awfully fast. Her pussy was identical just like her mother’s and she shaves it clean like his mother as well. Now that he was inside of her he noticed that she was a lot tighter than his mother. He like the way he was pushing her pussy open instead of it just slipping in like with his mother. Ellen was more intense as well she felt like a younger version of his mother.

Ellen looked up at her nephew forcing himself inside of her and said, “You’re a liar. Now stop it right now, you’re my nephew!!!” Ellen couldn’t help it. She was drunk but when she began to ogle her nephew’s body it became apparent that she really wanted him, rather than him to actually pull out. His chest was perfectly chiseled and his rock hard abs, he looked like a chip n dale dancer not her little nephew that she used to hold in her arms when he was an infant. My how time changes everything and Ellen is starting to like this change.

Josh continued to ignore her and pushed his cock all the way inside of her, “There we go Aunty just relax.” Josh looking down as his cock was not covered with the pussy juice of his Aunt turned him on all the more. Her pussy juice made Josh’s cock slick and he began to fuck her hard and deep wanting to pleasure her more and more.

Finding his was inside of his Aunts sweet pussy Josh liked the way that his Aunt Ellen Marshall screamed with ecstasy, “Josh what are you doing to me? I’m your Aunt Josh, Oh god yes please don’t stop. Are you really going to make love to your poor old Aunty???” There it was he knew right there that he had her for the rest of her life. He knew that just like his mother she would always crave his big thick cock.

Josh was deep inside Ellen and she had to admit that she was excited and when Josh pulled his cock out of her snatch Ellen looked up into his eyes begging him not to stop and Josh said, “Nuh-uh – I’ll just fuck you if that’s okay?” He had to stop he was so close to filling his aunt’s pussy with cum. He needed to take a slight break so that he could continue fucking her. She felt incredible and he wasn’t sure if he would ever get the chance to do this again so he wanted to make it last as much as he could.

Josh twisted his Aunt onto her side on the kitchen table and he got himself more comfortable on top of his Aunty. Feeling his cock slip back inside Ellen again Josh’s cock was covered by the wave of wild pleasure but she still kept acting as if she was insulted, “Josh you really shouldn’t be doing this to me. I want you to stop right fucking now!” Ellen loved this position as Josh was hitting spots in her vagina that had been neglected for years now. Her body began to tingle all over and tried to anticipate each long hard thrust that was giving her a Zen like experience.

Josh looked down into her eyes, “What the hell you talkin’ about this is awesome Aunty. I know you love my dick Aunt Ellen! You need a nice fuck!! And you’re no good at hiding how bad you need it. I can feel your body trembling every time I go balls deep inside of you”

Josh had his point. It was hard for Aunt Ellen to hide her enormous lust and desire for her own nephew. Since he knew anyway she simply gave up. Ellen put her shame somewhere deep inside and started enjoying her young nephew who was cruelly banging her on her sister’s kitchen table, “Oh Josh, you feel so good inside of me.”

Ellen felt she was going mad. Before Ellen considered herself to be a very decent, good person, and there she was – screwing her teenage nephew on the table and enjoying it greatly!! Every time Josh pushed inside of her was waking up some hidden desires and emotions inside of her. It was crazy! The longer she stayed underneath this teenage Adonis the more she felt like she was having an out of body experience. It was like she wasn’t the one really underneath her nephew enjoying his teenage cock.

Josh climbed on top of the table bringing his Aunts legs up to rest on his shoulders as he began to pound his Aunt as she was more accepting of his cock now, “Yeah, Yeah that’s it take it all Aunty.” Josh began to feel several wave of wet pussy juice coat his cock. One thing for sure Ellen was definitely her mother’s twin sister the only difference was her pussy felt much more alive than her mother’s

Aunt Ellen reached her hands and got a hold of her nephew’s ass and began to pull him deeper and faster inside of her cunt. Ellen began to feel the real connection between her pussy and her nephew’s cock. Just as the two of them were getting into fucking each other Sally strolled in through the kitchen door and saw the two of them fucking each other. She stood there quietly thinking to herself, “Ellen?? And Josh? My Josh, what the fuck?”

You can of course imagine what a picturesque scene had opened up before Sally’s eyes there in her cozy country kitchen. There was her own son banging her own sister, twin sister. For a moment or so Sally lost her mind along with her breath, she was truly shocked. From her secret spot Sally could see perfectly well her darling sweet son slowly fucking and gently kissing Ellen who was obviously drunk. Seeing her young son humping was quite weird. Sally didn’t know what to do be angry, be jealous and curiosity were tearing her apart.

Listening to Josh’s stupid jokes and feeling his horny greedy hands around her overheated body, Ellen was in heaven. Her head was spinning and her nephew seemed to be so handsome and she began to create an insatiable desire for him to never stop fucking her, “Does my pussy feel good nephew?”

Josh looked deep into his Aunt’s eyes, “So damn good, I never want to stop.” That was the confirmation that he was looking for. Knowing that she wanted to please him became important to her he knew for sure that this pussy was now his. It felt good being the one in charge.

Putting her hands on the sides of her nephew’s face, “You’re so sweet Josh. I think that I’m falling in love with you and your cock. You are so much better than Dustin has ever been. Damn boy I think I want to take you with me when we leave so you can have me anytime you want.”

Josh smiled back, “Oh, Aunty if things get any better I’m not going to be able to stop fucking you.”

What Josh said didn’t irritate Ellen; on the contrary she had to admit that her husband Dustin had never excited hr that much. Maybe the idea of incest itself became alluring to Ellen or was she drunk? Ellen didn’t know, she didn’t even want to think about it. Ellen just wanted Josh to fuck her brains out. Ellen switched her position so she was now on her stomach and Josh pushed through his Aunts ass cheeks then down between her out lips until he was back inside of her once again. Ellen pushed backwards wanting his full cock deep inside of her and Josh said, “Oh shoot Aunty Ellen, this way your pussy seems even tighter!”

Ellen was becoming encouraged by the young man, “Holy shit you are good. I don’t know who you’ve been fucking be she taught you well.” Ellen liked the feeling of being pinned down and being dominated from behind. Josh liked being in charge unlike with his mother who never seems to pleasure here was his Aunt Ellen who couldn’t get enough of his man meat.

Josh loved smashing his cock inside of his Aunts pussy, “Yeah, Yeah that’s it stick your ass out more Aunt Ellen.” Josh was given more and more pleasure the way Ellen was pushing her ass back up on her nephew’s cock. It began to radiate from his cock down to his balls and then down his legs. It was like his whole lower half of his body was on fire and he didn’t want it to stop.

Now usually Ellen was quite modest and passive during sex. Her husband Dustin, for instance, was bored to death in bed with her. Now that there was a new young and quite brainless lover seemed to light a special faire inside Ellen’s hot body. Josh’s Aunt began moving under his tireless torso.

Sally stood there shocked and in awe of the beauty of Josh’s and Ellen’s twisted bodies and frankness of their passion defeated Sally’s anger and jealousy. Sally was watching her son fucking her sister with genuine excitement. Her pussy got wet a long time ago and now Sally was thinking not about pulling Ellen and Josh in a thousand directions about rubbing her son’s nubbin.

Then out of nowhere Josh grabbed his Aunties hips and pushed deep inside of her. With his whole body on fire he actually for the first time in his life went into convulsions as he felt his cock get so hard inside of his aunt that his cock actually began to hurt. Pushing deep inside of Ellen he began to grind on her perfect round ass as his cock was now being suctioned by his Aunts pussy muscle contracting around him and he announced, “Damn it Aunt Ellen that feels absolutely fucking insane. That’s it, I’m cumming, Yeeehaaw Aunty you are one good fuck!!”

Ellen turned her head in disbelief, “Josh baby ease down a bit don’t cum inside of me please.”

Unfortunately Sally didn’t have enough time to get to her clit. Josh was already jizzing inside of her sister. For the longest time Sally hadn’t seen her son being so satisfied sexually. Sally knew she had to think some things over. Something had to be done to fix her sexual life with her son. Several ideas had already come to her dirty mind. Sally glanced at the exhausted nasty couple for the last time and quietly left before her son and her sister noticed her.

Ellen got up from the table and looked at her nephew, “Come on let’s take a shower together and get cleaned up before anyone comes home and notices my stud of a nephew just fucked his Aunts brains out.” The both took a shower together and promised to keep things quite just between the two of them.

Ellen the next morning was sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of milk in complete distress as to what she allowed to happen yesterday between her and her nephew. Ellen considered this morning to be the worst one in her whole life, hangover, depression, shame and remorse were tearing her soul apart. Ellen hadn’t seen her sister’s return last night and now she was extremely scared and ashamed to look in her eyes. Oh what was Ellen supposed to say to her twin sister whose son she had seduced the day before? Ellen sat at the kitchen table thinking to herself, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God – what have I done? Oh my God.”

When Sally entered the kitchen several minutes later it was very hard for Ellen to pull herself together and talk to her sister normally!! While guileful Sally had no problem with seeing her rival sister. She had already decided everything inside and had a very daring plan in mind. “Hello, darling it’s such a precious morning isn’t it?”

Ellen shot up out of her chair, “Sally!!! Ahem – I guess so, very nice morning.

Sally smiled at her sister, “Oh by the way – how do you like the kitchen? The table for instance – nice and sturdy isn’t it?”

Sally rushed to the attack right away. As Ellen heard the word ‘table’ the image of her nephew furiously banging her on top of it appeared in Ellen’s tired mind right away. She felt weakness and blushed, “What? Ahem sure, great table! Very big and solid.”

The very next second Sally came closer to her sister, put her hands on Ellen’s shoulder, and whispered several words that almost made Ellen lose her consciousness. Ellen was burning with shame she wished the earth could swallow her up and the worst was yet to come. “Yes, solid, as solid as my son’s dick?”

Ellen was flustered at her sister’s accusations, “W-W-What? What are you saying? What do you mean Sally?”

Sally put her hand on her twin sister’s shoulder, “Oh, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! Stop acting – I watched you and my son yesterday!!”

As Ellen at last realized that Sally was watching her disgraceful immorality the day before she was totally ashamed of herself. In her whole life Ellen had never felt nearly as bad as at that sunning moment, “Oh, W-W-What?”

Sally’s eyes became angry, “I saw everything! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you did to my son!”

Not being able to stand all that awful shame any longer Ellen threw herself on her sister’s neck crying and lamenting bitterly. Sally liked the effect of her words, everything was going on the way it had been planned, “Oh, what have I done Sally!! Oh, I’m so sorry!!! I’m sorry, darling, I have no idea what had come over me!!

Sally had a smirk on her face and felt the glee in her heart, “Hey, Hey, Hey!! Ease down will ya? How could that happen Ellen? How could you do it with your nephew? With my SON?”

Ellen sat on the kitchen chair, “I don’t know!! I can’t understand it myself. Oh, I got drunk I guess.” Ellen was mumbling excuses and explanations which in fact seemed quite amusing to Sally, even though she acted as if she was truly shocked, upset and worried, “Then suddenly Josh – I mean – It’s all my fault – he was – I wanted him. Oh, I can’t – I can’t. Oh Sally what do I do now? How can I make it up to you and Josh?”

Ellen thought she’d do anything to forget the day before. To make it all better and to stop feeling so damn guilty! But Sally’s offer shocked her even more and made the situation a thousand times worse than before. “Well, in this situation to be fair – since you had fucked my beloved son I think you should let me fuck Ralph!”

Ellen went into shock, “What?? My SON? Are you out of your mind?”

Sally put her finger in the air and pointed it towards Ellen, “Hush, Hush, Sis, Quiet down!”

Ellen’s eyes were wide and her hand went over her mouth, “But he’s so young and innocent!! Oh Sally it’s impossible and you know it.”

Sally chuckled at her twin sister and said, “Oh come on! Josh’s age didn’t stop you did it? Oh should we ask Dustin’s opinion on that incest-dent?”

When Sally mentioned Dustin’s name Ellen’s hands began to tremble again. She completely forgot about him. Oh, how could Ellen, the perfect wife, cheat on her husband? Especially with her own nephew then another wave of shame covered Ellen, so she didn’t even notice that her own twin-sister was blackmailing her.

Ellen realized that she really didn’t have a choice here if she wanted to keep her perfect life and her husband and she asked Sally, “No, it’s family business. Let’s keep Dustin of this sorted mess. How will you do it with Ralph? I mean – “

Sally interrupted her sister, “Oh just leave me alone with your son. Good thing your husband is away picking up his daughter Janice, right?” Even as the words were leaving her mouth she was secretly rejoicing inside. Her plan worked out perfectly. Ellen gave up once again, she sacrificed her son’s virginity to redress her own sin and hide if from her husband who at the moment was absent. Dustin’s ex-wife called him and said that Janice their daughter would have to stay with his family for a while and this would give Sally the perfect opportunity to fuck Ralph.

In less than an hour Ellen and Josh were leaving the house. Sally made up several stupid plans for them and asked Ralph to stay and help her rearrange the furniture, of course Ralph was willing to help his sexy naughty Aunt while his mother was leaving with a heavy heart, but what could she really do? Sally went to Ralph and smothered him with an inappropriate hug smashing her large breasts into his face and when she pulled back asked, “So, Ralph can you help me around the house while you mother goes out for a while?”

Ralph wanted to be alone with his Aunt she was a lot more touchy feely than his mother ever was and said, “Sure Aunt Sally I will do anything to help you.” For Ralph his Aunt Sally really excited him. She looked exactly like his beautiful mom and at the same time she was so free, so playful, so lovely. Aunt Sally was oozing sexuality driving Ralph a bit crazy and or course Ralph couldn’t resist a temptation to glance at her tits under her t-shirt as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Sally grabbed the arm of one of the large chairs in the family room and Ralph came over to help her and she said, “Are you ready lift it up on three.”

Ralph couldn’t concentrate as he just stared at his Aunt’s Sally’s breasts, “Whoa those are so beau – I meant the chair is a little heavier than I thought.”

Sally couldn’t possibly miss Ralph’s greedy look. She was actually waiting for it. The way to seduce her nephew was found. Horny Aunt Sally was ready to accomplish another dirty plan. She was extremely excited, but Ralph didn’t realize it at all. “Oh I see – This is what you’re interested in young man. Sit down now.”

Ralph was embarrassed being caught ogling his Aunts breasts, “Ahem, excuse me what?”
Sally wanted to completely control the situation, “I said sit down!”

Ralph was so damn scared and confused. His aunt’s strict voice and cold glance made him feel very bad and so fucking guilty for looking at her tits. You see Sally McCoy was quite a good actress. In fact at that moment deep inside that ‘ice queen’ was melting with lust and desire and Ralph said, “Oh, I’m so sorry Aunt Sally. I was lost in my own thoughts please excuse me.”

Following Sally’s orders Ralph crashed in the chair and looked up at his Aunt. Her next move made Ralph freeze and his tongue failed him as well, because his shameless Aunt pulled her t-shirt up and set her boobies free and she said, “Ogling your Aunt tits, shame on you! You probably want to touch them as well don’t you?”

Ralph’s eyes were glued at his Aunt Sally’s chest and he couldn’t believe his good fortune, “Please forgive me please.” Ralph wanted to reach out and touch his Aunt’s breasts. He had visions of sucking his Aunt Sally’s breasts but didn’t know what to do or how to try to seduce her.

Sally grabbed her nephew’s hand and pulled it towards her chest and said, “Do you want to touch them? I mean you can’t take your eyes off of them.”

Ralph was scared he never felt up a girl before and here was his mature Aunt braless and wanting him to touch her. “What Aunt Sally I don’t think so. That would be just wrong.” Ralphs palms became sweaty and his hands began to shake being so nervous. He didn’t want to do anything wrong he figured if he could get his Aunt nice and hot maybe just maybe he could go further than her tits.

No matter how hard Ralph tried he couldn’t draw his look aside from Sally’s huge knockers. Now she was ordering her nephew to touch her breasts. Ralph thought his Aunts methods of education and punishing kids were quite unusual. Ralph had no other choice than to stand up and approach his half naked aunt. Ralph’s knees were weak and his hands were shaking when he first felt Sally’s silk skin. Her heavy round tits. Aunt Sally’s nipples were tickling Ralph’s palms. This time Ralph was burning with excitement and Sally said, “At last, never make me repeat the same thing twice understand? Do you like the way my tits feel? Does this excite you at all?”

Ralph was embarrassed by his Aunt’s blazon forwardness and he said, “No, Ma’am not at all. I mean you’re my Aunt and this is incest and it’s wrong.” The words were flying out of his mouth but the more he touched Aunt Sally’s breasts the more the blood poured into his shaft. Ralph stood there hoping that Aunt Sally would just concentrate on her breasts and hot his hard throbbing cock under his jeans.

When Ralph said that touching his aunt’s tits hadn’t excited him Sally pointed at the bulge in his pants. Then Ralph understood how much his strange aunt was alluring him. He felt so wrong and so much in love at the same time. Sally grabbed his crotch, “So playing with my tits doesn’t excite you? Bullshit young man look what is sticking up right there then? You are a liar.”

Ralph had no defense as his Aunt had his cock in her hand over his jeans. “Holy Shit Aunt Sally I had no idea I am so sorry.” Ralph wasn’t sorry he was just embarrassed as hell that he got caught with a hard on and his Aunt Sally wasn’t making things easy for him.

Sally got down on her knees in front of her teenage nephew and pulled his cock out and stroked it, “I guess this doesn’t excite you either right?”

All he could muster was, “Aunt Sally what are you doing.” The situation was getting out of hand. I mean Sally was on her knees and stroking his cock. Before Ralph had time to object to Sally’s forwardness he had a woman stroking him for the first time in his life. It was his own hot Aunt was pleasuring him.

Ralph had no more doubts about his Aunts intentions. She was obviously seducing him and even though Ralph was shocked and scared a bit he felt like he was in heaven, “Now it’s your turn young man?”

Ralph looked down at his sexy Aunt Sally, “My turn to do what?” Ralph was waiting for his Aunt to start sucking his cock for the first time in his life and now she wanted him to do something else. What the fuck all he wanted was her warm mouth sucking his cock. He was really nervous because he couldn’t fathom what in the world she wanted him to do to her.

Sally smiled and looked up at her teenage nephew, “To excite me silly.”

Ralph was trying to keep his composure as his Aunt’s hand felt so good moving up and down on his manhood, “But.. I don’t know how. I mean what do I do?”

Sally told her inexperienced nephew that normally men start with undressing their women. Then Sally turned around and bent over to let her young lover enjoy

The view of her tight MILF ass. Ralph was so excited he didn’t even really even look at her ass he was just wanted to do whatever his sexy aunt was telling him to do, “Damn, start with my pants take them off for me stud.”

With his shaking hands Ralph carefully took Aunt Sally’s pants down then pulled her panties off. Looking at her ass created an amazing picture in his mind and took his breath away. Sally’s beautiful pussy was staring him right in the face; he could smell her sweet pussy aroma, “WOW that looks awesome Aunt Sally.”

Sally looked back at her nephew and said, “I guess you like what you see young man. Now eat me out boy.”

Ralph was nervous he had never had any kind of sex before and said, “My pleasure Aunt Sally B-B-But how?”

Sally was becoming impatient as Josh new exactly how to take care of her and Ralph was turning more into a project then a revenge fuck. “You must be shitting me! Get over her and start your work boy. Don’t make me wait just do it over here.”

Sally moved to the chair and shamelessly slid her legs apart letting her sister’s son see her pussy in all of its glory. Aunt Sally showed Ralph the clit and the way inside of course. Ralph understood that he couldn’t try his Aunts patience no longer he took a deep breath and crawled closer to her pussy.

First Ralph was quite hesitant looking in his Aunts eyes he carefully kissed her pussy then he licked her pussy. Seeing Sally’s approving smile and following her hands Ralph closed his eyes and went lower and deeper. His Aunt tasted weird, but nice, her directions were clear and her moans, oh her moans were driving Ralph crazy.

Ralph was getting more and more carried away trying to satisfy his nasty aunty. Ralph was moving his tongue every possible way exploring ever spot of Aunt Sally’s snatch. Sally was quite impressed with her nephew’s talents. She was anxious to find out what else he was capable of. Ralph began to really enjoy eating his Aunts snatch so much that when she suddenly stopped him he was quite disappointed. Meanwhile Sally was thinking of the best way to fuck her virgin nephew. She decided on one of the easiest positions, “Was I doing it wrong Aunt Sally?”

“No silly goose I was just wondering what else I could do with you?”

Ralph was curious as to what she had planned for him, “What should I do Aunt Sally?”

As Ralph was taking his clothes off Sally went down on all fours, “Come here and fuck me from behind boy.”

Ralph wanted to push his dick inside Aunt Sally’s coochie but no matter how hard he was trying he couldn’t hit the mark. Tickling Sally’s snatch with the head of his cock her nephew was exciting her greatly but she wanted Ralph’s dick inside so bad! Sally was getting irritated with his clumsiness. Ralph was looking for some kind of help, “I just can’t get in sorry Aunt Sally.”

Sally wanted him to penetrate her and gave him instructions. “Lower honey. No not there that is my asshole. Now a bit lower come on already you’re driving me nuts. Whew at last!!”

Ralph was looking for some approval from his aunt, “Am I doing it right? Auntie do you feel good with my cock inside of you?”

Surprisingly enough, when Ralph at last managed to push his cock all the way inside Aunt Sally’s bottomless cunt he didn’t feel as awesome as he had expected. It was quite uncomfortable for him to move in that position and Aunt Sally didn’t seem to enjoy it either, “I’m afraid it’s not gonna work this way boy.”

Ralph was upset with himself not being able to bring pleasure to his Aunt, “I’m so sorry Aunt Sally, I just don’t know what I’m doing.”

Sally sat with her legs spread open and her pussy juice flowing from the bottom of her love canal, “Shoot stop apologizing Ralph. Get down on the floor instead.”

Ralph didn’t hesitate and said, “Oh okay.”

Ralph felt confused and uncomfortable again for a second time he thought that he was unsuccessful attempt had disappointed Aunt Sally and that she would send him away. Well, he was wrong Sally decided to take their incestuous game under her full control for once and for all. “Get ready for the ride of your young adult life boy.”
“Sure Aunt Sally whatever you say I will just do it for you. I promise I will do better to try and please you.”

Aunt Sally squatted down above Ralph looking straight at his eyes. Her playful lustful look brought all the excitement back again right away. Sally’s nephew felt that something truly incredible was about to happen to him and this time he wasn’t mistaken. Sally caught Ralph’s hard cock with her cunt rather easily. Not making any effort at all she slipped inside of her pussy. Seeing her nephew’s joy Aunt Sally was happily jumping on top of him. Both felt enormous excitement, passion was overwhelming them. At that moment Ralph at last felt in the right way what it was like to fuck a woman. It was a nice feeling to fuck her, to give and receive great pleasure. Sally leaned back as she fucked him, “Now we’re talking young buck.”

Ralph even agreed that she was doing a good job of sliding up and down on his cock, “Oh yeah Aunt Sally don’t stop it feels so good inside of you.”

Actually Ralph got so carried away that he didn’t even try to postpone his orgasm. In less than a minute he was already flooding Aunt Sally’s cave. He had to admit that it really pissed Sally off. She had just begun feeling her climax approaching and her stupid nephew completely messed it up, “Dang it Ralph! What in tar nations have you done inside of me boy?”

“Oh, gosh, please excuse me Sally I didn’t mean to.”

Sally was really upset about her not getting to orgasm. She stuck a couple of fingers in her cunt and felt enormous amounts of her nephew’s sperm which made her more aggravated. That wasn’t part of her plan, “Shoot why the fuck did you cum inside of my pussy? And why did you cum so fast look at all the cum escaping from my pussy boy.”

I guess, I just couldn’t hold on anymore you got me so damn excited, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do I am so sorry Aunt Sally I really am, I promise it will never happen again.”

Sally got up and began to walk out of the room and announced, “I need to take a shower.”

Leaving her silly inexperienced nephew whose innocence and virginity she had just taken Aunt Sally made her way upstairs to take a shower and probably even satisfy herself. Ralph sat there on the floor with his cock slowly going limp watched his Aunts awesome swinging ass as he tried to come to his senses, “Damn, I’m such a moron.” Before she made it out of the room Ralph stood out and blurted out, “Hey, Aunt Sally what about the chair and all the rearrangement and stuff?”

Sally didn’t turn around but kept walking out of the room, “Take care of it Ralph, you’re a man now aren’t you?”

As Ralph heard Sally’s playful answer he understood that his Auntie wasn’t that mad at him. He was really glad the holidays were just beginning. Ralph felt that all kinds of crazy wild lusty adventures were still ahead. He was one hundred percent right

The End
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