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When a younger brother started stroking his sleeping sister, he had no idea where it would lead...
Chapter 2

I didn’t sleep well at all, partly the hard floor and heat, but mostly because I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister, just feet from me. I woke at 6am and immediately sat up to look at Chloe. She was lying on her back, the quilt was back over her stomach. Her fingers, fingers which were teasing her pussy just hours ago, lay by her side. I quietly leant forward and inhaled them... that now familiar musk filled my nostrils, instantly making me hard. I watched her breasts rise and fall for what seemed like hours, imagined kissing her full, sexy lips, fantasised about resting my hard cock on them.

She got up at 8am to me vocalising my discomfort on the floor, jokingly accusing her of abusing a younger brother who she was charged with looking after. “Good morning to you too,” she yawned, brushing her silky hair from her face, “I slept like a log.”

She whipped the quilt off, stepped over me - a quick flash of pink - and went for a shower. The regime begins. I couldn’t wait to smell her panties this morning, knowing she had masturbated in them, imagining her sweet juices soaking into them. I went to make breakfast and cool down.

I heard the bathroom door open, Chloe cross the hall and return to the bedroom. “Don’t come in,” she called, “I’m getting dressed. I’ll have Weetabix and orange please.”

As usual I headed to the bathroom, but nothing. Of course not, she wouldn’t put her knickers in my aunt’s laundry. Oh well, will have to wait ‘til later. I started back to the kitchen, but stopped in my tracks, noticing the bedroom door was ajar. There was no way I could peek though without being seen, she was on the other side of the room. I was about to carry on when I noticed her reflection the full length mirror which was screwed to the wardrobe door. It was half open, and provided exactly the right angle for a peeping Tom like me. My luck was in!

She was sat at the end of the bed, towel wrapped round her head with a tub of coconut body lotion next to her. What happened next almost made me faint. She deftly tugged lose the beige towel wrapped around her body and it fell to her waist, exposing her breasts, which I’d never seen in their mature state. They looked perfect, wonderfully full and pert, and her dark pink nipples were just the right size and colour against her pale skin. She scooped cream into her hands and began to massage it in liberally. She started with her arms and shoulders, and then quickly moved on to her breasts. She seemed to take much longer than was necessary rubbing, squeezing and kneading her bosoms, creaming them one at a time, then both at once, pushing them together. Her nipples were very stiff, and I noticed she tugged them a little. I stood as a statue, trying to be as quiet as possible, if she looked in the mirror she would see me staring. She then creamed her lovely soft tummy, before opening the towel and starting on her thighs. Unfortunately I couldn’t see between her legs, but could make out the top of her pubic thatch, which seemed well trimmed. She moved down her legs, stretching them out in front of her to do the shins and calves. Her hands then drifted between her thighs. I could see she was rubbing down there, but not exactly what, was she stroking her pussy? If only I had a better view... She then stood, leaving the damp towel on the bed. I quickly backed away, listening for footsteps, but heard none, so leant back in. A truly gorgeous site. She was creaming her buttocks, and I could see them in full as she had turned around. She massaged the soft flesh, and I was surprised how deep between them she pushed her fingers, spreading the glistening lotion. She really was beautiful, the curves of her body left me breathless, her faultless skin, shapely hips catching the sun light. It ended all too quickly though, and she bent down, picked up some panties, yellow, and quickly pull them up. I walked to the kitchen, head spinning, shaking a little.

As I poured the orange I sensed her come up behind and tickle me, “naughty!” I replied and, as she had done to me the day before, pushed back into her. I felt those lovely breasts squash against me and was surprised when she put her arms around me and gave me a lingering hug. “Thanks bro,” she said, before releasing me and taking her cereal into the garden wearing nothing but a green bikini top, flowery sarong and those lacy yellow knickers. I quickly went to the bedroom, found last night’s panties and took a sniff. Mmm.

We spent the morning in the garden reading and chatting. At about 11am Chloe lay down on her front, hitched her sarong to halfway up her thighs and untied her bikini.

“Can you put some sun cream on me please,” she asked. She didn’t need to ask again, any excuse, and within seconds I was rubbing it into her warm back, kind of massaging her at the same time. “Mmm, that feels sooo nice. Can you do my legs too?”

“Sure thing,” I said, eagerly squeezing out some more Factor 15.

I started at her heels and rhythmically worked my way up her calves, my eyes transfixed on her sarong-covered arse. I was surprised when she parted her legs, only a couple of inches, but definitely deliberately, presumably so I could get cream all over them, so I obliged. As I started on her lower thighs I noticed my erection straining at my shirts and prayed she wouldn’t turn around.

“Actually, can you go a bit higher? You’ll need to push my sarong up a bit further,” she said. “Sure thing,” I croaked, like a boy whose voice is just breaking.

She lifted herself off the ground a bit and I duly slid the light material up her thighs. I took a risk, pushing it right up to her buttocks, half-expecting her to protest. She didn’t. As I smeared lotion around her upper and inner thighs, I started at her yellow gusset. She must have known I could see it, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. I could clearly make out the shape of her pussy underneath, the material was pulled taut, she had quite a camel toe going on.

“Fancy a massage?” I blurted out from nowhere. “Sure, okay,” she replied. I straddled her, basing myself just below her buttocks. As I ran my hands from her lower to upper back I would ‘accidentally’ brush my crotch lightly against her arse. I did this repeatedly, and as I went to work on her shoulders I actually left it resting there. I knew I was pushing it, but was almost feverish with lust... did she just push back against me!? I must have imagined it. Keep calm. As I massaged her sides I let my fingers repeatedly brush against the side of her breasts. I felt her lift slightly as if inviting me to go further and cup her breasts, but I relented. Don’t be silly.

“Legs?” I asked. “Mm-hmm,” she replied. As I started on her inner thighs they were now about four inches apart. I resumed staring at her crotch as I kneaded her taught flesh, fingers almost touching her knickers. As I stared I noticed a small patch of darker yellow, was she wet? I quickly moved down her legs so I could secretly lean forward for a closer look. She was, and I actually noticed she was rhythmically rubbing herself against the lawn in sync with my hands, barely noticeable, but definite. She was getting off on this! I leant right in and was shocked by the heat on my face coming from between her legs. I quietly took a deep, long sniff. A mix of body lotion, sun cream, fabric softener and that intoxicating musk. I crossed my fingers no one was looking over the fence as I held my face millimetres from her almost exposed arse! When I finally leant back the wet patch had doubled in size. She must be oozing.

This was definitely the hottest thing I’d ever done. The slightest touch on my cock and I would’ve exploded. Tragically, all good things must come to an end, “That’ll do thanks. That was lovely, you should work in a health spa,” she said dreamily. I went inside, and came a few seconds later before I’d even pulled my shorts down.

Later I thought about the massage, did she want me to make a move? I was longing to plant kisses all over her body. She definitely seemed turned on, but she was probably thinking about someone else. I figured I would have been in line for a slap had I done anything.

In the evening we ordered a Chinese takeaway, watched a naff film and drank a few beers. As bedtime approached I started making jokey comments about the uncomfortable floor, another restless night. We both knew what I was angling at.

“Okay you can share the bed, but you’d better not hog the quilt!” she relented. This day was getting better and better.

I lay there, listening to her brushing her teeth and humming ‘Strangers in the Night’. I was on fire, anticipating how my hands would soon be wandering, waiting with an erection I would have to hide. She came in the room, hopped into bed and turned off the light. “Nighty night.” “Night.” I could smell tooth paste and shampoo. I just wanted to hug and kiss her envelop her in my young arms. Not in a lustful way strangely, more of a tender, loving way.

The lust soon returned though as I waited for the deep breathing. She was lying on her back, face thankfully turned away from me. Every so often she would make a cute little snuffle. The time had come. It was a cooler night and she had the quilt pulled right up. My hand began the slow, steady journey towards her... contact, warm body. I felt bolder tonight and quickly got my bearings. I was resting my fingers on her waist, trying to find the bottom of her t-shirt. I was pleased to discover it was pushed up again and I was soon underneath it, caressing her soft skin. I ran my fingers over her taught stomach and snaked upwards, trying to ease the T-shirt up with my arm. I was soon on her rib cage, and the between her breasts, my hand rising and falling with her breath, my eyes glued to her head, watching for any sign of movement. I was breathing heavily now as I moved across to her right breast and took it fully in my hand, just cupping it at first and then gently squeezing it. I felt her nipple stiffen against my palm and started to lightly tease it. I moved to her left breast and repeated the process. I was gagging to lift her top all the way up and suck and nibble on her nipples, now sticking out half-an-inch, but there was no way I’d get away with that. This was amazing, the best night of my life. So wrong, so right. I snaked my hand back down over her stomach, her perfect belly button and carried on going until it was on top of her lacy underwear. Her legs were parted just enough for me to slide my hand between them without having to push too much against her thighs. I began stroking her mound. It felt so sexy and she was noticeably hot down there. I repeatedly ran my index and middle finger from the area around her clit to the crack in her arse and back. I did this for several minutes, always looking for movement, ready to quickly lay prone and pretend to sleep. I noticed the knicker design had no elastic at the top – perfect. I was now sweating and almost panting as I deftly slipped my fingers underneath the lace, very quickly touching hair. I was almost complacent now, she was obviously sound asleep, and I pushed through the wonderfully soft, light bush. I felt the beginnings of her pussy groove and froze as I touched the flesh of her clit. She moved ever so slightly. I waited, her breathing continued, and so did I. Soon my middle finger was between her lips. She was so hot, and very wet! I’d never felt anything so sexy, so soft, almost not there. I slid my finger up and down between her slick, swollen, parted pussy lips and even dared to push my finger inside a bit... it slipped into my first then second knuckle with ease. Out of nowhere I came, shocking myself so I jolted, quickly pulling my hand away. Chloe made a sort of groany, half-asleep mutter and rolled away from me. I cursed myself for wasting such a great opportunity before holding my finger to my face, inhaling her musky sent and then sucking my finger like a lolly pop. She tasted so creamy, both salty and sweet. I had to have more.

To be continued...

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