Lacy has a friend Stay over for a Sleepover
Little Lacy pt 5

A Day had passed and Lacy and I were sleeping in the same bed now. I woke up one morning and looked over to see her hot little ass facing me. Lacy was wearing a pair of cartoon panties than made me start to get hard thinking about how you she is. I spooned her with my now hardening cock right up against her little ass. I pushed my dick hard up against her and I could feel the heat coming off of her little preteen pussy. I then slowly slid her panties off and rubbed my fingers up against her little pink asshole. She moaned slightly still asleep but probably not for long. I ran my fingers up and down her little pussy lips that were now getting moist for me. I started to stroke my dick and started to lick the little girl goo off my fingers. I then pushed my cock in between her legs rubbing my cock against her little slit.

Suddenly she started to wake up asking what I was doing. I told her that her little ass made me hard and I wanted to cum. She then started to squeeze her legs tight around my cock forcing my dick to slowly push up and inside of her pussy. She let out a slight groan and then started to make little “mmmmmm” “mmmm” noises. I moved my head down to her little neck and started to kiss it and tell her how beautiful and pretty she was. She turned and looked up at me like a little sexy kitten in love. This was all I could take, I pulled my cock out of her still between her legs and started to stroke my cock hard and shot my cum all over her little night shirt and her chin.

Lacy said “I like making my daddy feel good” as she looked at me passionately. I told her how much I really liked being with her and wanted to make her feel just as good as I did.

She hopped up and took off her the t shirt she was wearing now standing in front of me naked. She then asked in the most begging way possible “Daddy can I have a friend come sleep over tonight and watch a movie?” What am I supposed to say to a naked little preteen that calls me daddy and still had cum on her little chin?

That afternoon a woman came over to the house with the cutest little blonde hair girl. She was only 8 ½ years old her name was Mina and had blue eyes and blonde hair down past her shoulders. She wore a pair of purple cheerleader shorts and a bathing suit top.

I opened the door to great Mina and her mother. After the greeting and motherly grill over what we had planned for the day she said her goodbyes to her daughter and left. The two girls ran into Tiff’s room and were talking and giggling. About 20 min later they both came out in their two piece bathing suits. Lacy wore a red and white bikini and Mina wore a pink and purple bikini.

Lacy Said “We are ready to go to the pool can you take us?” I said “Sure let me slip on my suit and we can go.”

We all three walked down to the pool in the Condo complex and there were about 15 people there just relaxing and enjoying a hot day. The girls found a spot with a couple of tanning chairs and a table. We set our stuff down and the girls ran off to the shallow end of the pool to jump in.
I took of my shirt and put on some suntan lotion asking them if they needed any. They both returned and Lacy asked me to put some on the both of them since I already had the bottle. I had to be tricky about this if I wanted to do it my way. So I decided to have them come around the table where it was slightly more private to apply the lotion. Lacy and Mina started talking about music and school; both were oblivious to my actions.
I started rubbing lotion on Lacey’s back and shoulders moving kind of slow to feel her soft skin. I then moved down to her butt rubbing just under the hem of the bikini bottom squeezing her ass a little. She squirmed and started to laugh. I then moved down her legs and then up in between them rubbing her little mound under her bikini. She let out a soft “mmmmmm” as I did it. She then turned around and had me do her front rubbing lotion over her arms chest and belly. I neared the top of her bikini bottoms and rubbed just underneath the hem again loving the soft young skin of this angel. Lacy said that it was Mina’s turn to get some lotion.

Mina approached me and stood with her back to me as I started to apply the lotion. She had slightly darker skin than Lacy and it was just as soft. I started to near her bikini bottom and then when underneath the hem and rubbed slowly into her skin. She said that it felt kind of funny but nice, so I continued down her legs and then up in between them. She turned her head to look at me as I slowly rubbed her little slit under her bikini. She closed her eyes and slightly bit her lower lip. I ran my finger across her little 8 yo slit and then slid my finger out of her bottoms. She turned around for me to do her front and the girls started talking again. They still both watched me apply more lotion to Mina’s body. I ran my fingers all over this girls arms and chest and down across her little belly. I ran my fingers up between her legs and squeezing them slightly and enjoying touching this young girl in public. I finished with both girls and they looked down at my swim trunks to see my cock had gone to stone.

Mina said “Did we do that Mister?” I replied “Yes, two young beautiful girls did this. They will probably do it again if they are lucky”. They both giggled and ran towards the pool and jumped in.

Moments later, I snuck into the pool without anyone seeing my hard “little girl pleaser” sticking out. The girls wanted to throw a ball around and we messed around until I was at one end with Mina and Lacy was 5 feet away from us. She would throw the ball and Mina would have to catch it without me getting it. This gave me a chance to get my hands on this young girl. At one point Mina was in front of me and I was behind her. She backed her butt up against me trying to block my hands from getting the ball. She liked the feeling of my hard cock pushing against her little ass. I think she even grabbed it trying to distract me from catching the ball.

Slowly people started to leave for their afternoon and we continued to stay and hang out. The girls would tan for a bit then play around with me in the pool. At one point I had Lacy upside down with her bikini covered pussy in my face and her head by my dick. I dunked her under and she grabbed my cock inside my swim suit. I let her go and she swam to Mina and whispered to her. Mina came over and did the same thing grabbing my cock. I swam to the side of the pool where it was shaded and saw them both come over to me. Both were standing in front of me reaching for the cock in my pants. I had to keep it under water so no one would see what they were doing. They started to jerk my cock off right there in the water. Mina started to stroke my cock as Lacy rubbed my balls at the same time.

Lacy put her head under and took my cock into her mouth. It was weird with her mouth and the water so pulled her head up. I had her turn around and face Mina. I slowly slid my dick inside her now water lubed pussy. Mina watched and was talking to Lacy so it didn’t seem odd that the 3 of us were quiet in the pool. Lacy grunted slightly as I started to slowly pump half of my cock inside her now deflowered walls. Mina watched with excitement as her friend was being sexually molested. She looked into my eyes and I looked back as I fucked her best friend. She grinned slightly knowing that this sleepover would end with her being in the same position as Lacy was. We looked around and saw that everyone had left so before I came I decided to hop out of the pool and let Mina see what she was gunna get later. We went over to the table and I had my cock out for Mina and Lacy. Mina started to play with it and Lacy showed her how to pump my dick to make me feel good. I started to groan some as this 8yo little girl jacked off a grown man’s dick to her curiosity. I pulled her closer with my legs and I came with 4 big squirts of hot cum all over her chest and the side of her face. She let go of my cock and looked at the mess she had caused all over her. What shocked me the most was that Lacy scooped up some cum and ate it. She then convinced Mina to try some as well. Soon Lacy was licking the cum from Mina’s little face and belly as Mina cleaned the remaining from her chest.

Tonight’s Sleepover Party was the beginning of some real fun.

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