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Rookie heads out to the beach.
It was two weeks after school had ended, i was a rising senior in high school. I lived an hour away from Ocean city maryland, so summer was close all the time. I played football and golf for my high school, and had a 3.6 gpa, so college wasn't going to be an issue. I was not much of a party guy in school, but was ready to especially now that i had a license. I was 6'2'', 180. Not especially muscular. Brown hair, blue eyes. Irish catholic family. I was so happy i was nearly out of home. Anyways, tonight i planned to chill with my bro Alex. He lived a town away, and we went to the same school. We were best friends since Frosh year and he had so many girls, it wasn't even funny. He bragged about it all the time. We headed down to my beach house for the weekend since my parents didn't think i would do shit because i never had done shit, and we were half way down before we started calling bros for a party. He got one, so I was instantly scared. Had to start somewhere though.

Alex pulled out his wintergreen cope and was packing it, when my parents called. "Seb, will you leave a key for the Greggs when you get there? I want to have them check up on you."

"Yep. Do we have any food money there?"
"Second drawer down next to the fridge."
"Sweet. Thanks ma."

I threw the phone in the cup holder and grabbed the tin, pinched, and kept driving. I had a 08 camry. Black. It was a solid car for a new driver, i must say. Plenty of room in the back seat, if you catch my drift. I used the big gatorade bottle for it had a wide mouth. No dip stains possible.

I pulled up, got my bag, threw it on the stoop, and grabbed a key underneath the mat, and walked over to the Greggs, and the place was empty. No car. I was delighted, for no one could check up on me. I texted ma that i had seen them and handed over a key. No check in neccessary. Alex and I walked in, and enjoyed the aplentied fridge my father had stocked the week before doing his pre-summer prep for the beach.

It wasn't a huge place. Two floors, and the only way to get upstairs was going out the front door. I loved the place. Three rooms, two baths. The kitchen was awesome. Huge fridge.

Alex puts on the TV, and nothing is on. We have a party to attend, so I'm freakin shit not staying still. I spray on some axe and put on a polo. Not chilling. "Bro, come on."
"Sorry. New to the party scene."
"Yeah I can tell. Better not be scared tonight. Females will be there you don't want to seem rookie."
"Yeah yeah let's go."

"Turn left. Third house. Yep that's it. Park near the pole." Alex directs me to the party place. It's smaller than my house. We're walking up and like 10 people are smoking weed out front. Well, that's smart. "No thanks." I say to a fat dude who offers.

I remember little after that, besides alot of grinding and drinking one beer. I'm going home where memory resumes, and this chick Sarah is with me. Alex is sucking the face off some chick in the back. Sarah is shy, like me, so she's kinda sitting up against the door. She looks cute as shit like that. Long back hair, browinish eyes, light tan. Perfect tits, right for a 17 year old. Shes a little tipsy, obviously uncomfortable that her buddy Jo is dry humping on top of my buddy.

"He does that alot." I said.
"Oh, yeah. Uhh, she does too i guess."
"Who do you think is more drunk?"
"Hah. You're Seb right?"
"Yep. Sarah?"
"Yep. That's Jo."

She enjoyed my joke. Yes! I think im doing this right. She likes me, so her uncomfort may be sitting around me, hehe. Alex breaks the face-off back seat and asks, "When the fuck are we getting back."

As he's pulling out a condom, I say "We're here."
Jo tosses me the condom, says "Pill. You use it Sarah, hahaha."

My eyes widen in shock as she tackles Alex, and Sarah looks at me like in surprise. I respond with a weird grunt-sorrow noise. I'm pulling in, and Alex gets out of the car, still making the fuck out. "How many beds do you guys have?"

"Three. We're fine."

We walk in, and strike two. Sarah sees Alex's tin.
"You guys dip?"
"Nah. He does."
"Phakkll loo." Alex says through his interlocked lips.

The fuckbirds take the master room, and I had a bottle of water to Sarah.


The tv still has MTV on. Justin Bieber flashes on.

"God fuck him. It friggin 4 o clock and hes still playing."
"What? I love Justin."
"Well, whatever floats yer boat. I think he's a little douche."
"Yeah? What you think your hot shit? What, you listen to ACDC or some shit?"

Great. Strike Three.

"Nah, rap and newer rock. Tupac."
"Great. You suck. You probably go to East."

Fuck. Strike Four.

"Well, you suck too."

She doesn't like me anymore. Great job tonight Seb. She called me a bitch. I have nothing to say, so i just respond whatever pops up.

"Say that to my face."

She gets up. What the fuck. She's ten feet away. I respond in standing up.

"Bitch. Close enough?"
"What's that?"

We are face to face. And I cannot stop switching glances from her eyes and her boobies. Yes, she catches me.

"Are you--? You bit-"

I thought she was gonna hit me. But in an extremely cliche move, she starts kissing me. Shit, im into it. Im kinda drunk. Shes sobering up. Her tits are awesome. I am it a state of bliss swapping spit with a girl i don't remember meeting.


Her groans are quiet, and we are are at it for a few minutes when we hear-

"No. No no no no. HOLY FUCK!"

Jo is obviosly suprised by something.

"That's HUGE!"

She is obviously talking about the length and breadth of my bro Alex's dick.

"That's just, fuck."

Sarah says. We resume kissing. Im sitting down on the couch and she's saddled up. She has a black tank top on with a bikini piece underneath. I think its brown. She has a yellow beach kinda skirt on over her bottoms. She takes the loose skirt off and straddles my lap facing me. We're kissing and she instinctively grinds herself on my dick. It feels great. I feel the heat through my shorts. My dick's ready to go.

"Take it out."

Im shaking-ish pulling my pants low and whip it out through the boxer slit.

"Have you ever gotten head before."
"Umm-uhh, no?"

She proceeds to beat me off. She has the rhythm down. She licks after every couple beats. The tongue makes me groan in joy. She makes eye contact with me every lick and my nuts contract every second she does.

"Shit SHIT!"

She gasps. I hadn't come yet. Alex comes out thru the hallway stark nude dick full out and graps water from the fridge.

"Yeah SEB! Shit dude we RULE!"

He doesn't give a shit Sarah is in the process of giving me pleasure, and Jo comes stumbling out, pushes Alex against the wall in the hallway, full in sight, puts him in herself, and bounces on him doggy while he just stands against the wall drinking some water.

"Yeah!" He dip snaps looking at me. How he can do this confuses me. Her ass is FINE. However, Sarah has a more perfect ass, not too much. Amazing hips.

While I gaze at the God doing his work, Sarah sits down next to me and points at my dick, widening her legs.


I stumble into my fuck position, find my cock to the hole, and push. Her pussy is amazing. Shes broken too.

"Not a virgin."
"No, youre my first, but i popped with a hair brush."

I do slow movements, she's kinda in pain, but she gets into it after some working. The fuck team made their way back to their room.

"(GASP) Shiiitt!"

My eight inch goes all the way quick, and i pump, and i pump. Her soft tight vagina is amazing. The whole warm canal is just all over, absolutely amazing. I slow down towards climax, and she's come twice already.


Those next few moments were amazing. The sheer glee felt all over is amazing. I look at her and just whisper "Damn."


I pull out, fall over onto the couch on my back. She rolls onto me, hugging me. Her shirts still on, her bottoms three-quarters down her left leg. My boxers are on my ankles. I shrug them off and take off my drenched shirt.


She leads me by the hand into the kitchen, and puts me against the counter. She backs her ass againtst my dick, and kinda rubs against it. The combo of her ass and the warmth against my dick is heaven.

"Ohh fuck."

She leads me in, and starts bouncing on me, less fierce than what Jo did, more sexual. I grab above the hips. I don't do anything else.


Bounce. Bounce. Her ass is beautiful. She fucks me back perfectly. I can't take my eyes off her fine ass ass. Her whole body is just amazing. Her hair complements her back and butt with a perfect tan. She leans over more.

"Wow, bitch."

She knows i can't handle it anymore and im close to busting. She picks up to a crazy pace and i blow it every where inside.

"Holy OHHHH"

We kiss as my soaked dick rubs soft on her pussy, and we go to my room and just chill, masturbating each other. She takes off her shirt and top, and we hang on my bed. My finger is having a great time inside her. Jo and Alex are still going at it, and i laugh.

"He's nuts. Is she really always like this?"
"She never fucked a guy herself on a wall."
"What, you've been near?"
"She shows off to like 3 people online."
"Haha! That's fucked up."

We spoon, rub up a little, and fall asleep. I have the house for five days by the way.

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