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Getting wiser to the naughty fun
I am back to offer my third true account with an apology to all the anonymous visitors that read and commented on the first two posts, it saddens me that you have not joined our wonderful site and contacted me personally on my profile so that I can talk to you all individually, but that is after all your choice and I respect that. My second apology is that with the passage of time my innocence and naivety dwindled (or matured) and so my deive language will take on a more adult turn of phrase so I hope you will bare with me and accept the change.

Ok! so I promised to be truthful so I have put myself in the hole that I dug for myself and have to confess to being very disappointed when uncle did not let me suck on him on my next visit. He spent time caressing my naked body after slowly undressing me, getting me very juicy by softly stroking my inner thighs even though he did not actually touch my sex. I was disappointed and thought that I must have done something wrong the last time but I need not have troubled myself as he went to my vulva with his tongue and soon had it pouting so that my clitoris was an easy target. He took no time at all to bring me to orgasm and thank goodness I was getting used to having one after another as he did not stop until my third. He was beaming as he watched me still writhing and gasping even though he had left me and even while I was still shuddering with the after effects he put two fingers into me wriggling them and working my inner flesh so that I was soon panting again and thought my clitoris would burst it was so swollen but once more he gave me respite.

We sat and relaxed and I calmed down, wondering what he had in store for me next, secretly hoping his cock was to make an appearance but instead he pushed two fingers back into my cum slippery tunnel. He did not work them much this time and slid them out after a minute or so and looked at all the juice that was clinging to them then surprised me by bunching three together and went back into me. Wow!! that made me jump as he really stretched my vagina walls, surprisingly it did not hurt though and I soon realised what a wonderful new feeling he was treating me to, wondering how my small hole had managed to take them so easily and as waves of pleasure swept over me I climaxed without him hardly touching my clitoris. He was satisfied and as I dressed he softly and calmly told me it was as he had suspected for a while, my love of dancing and the hard exercises and regime I had to follow had already broken me in naturally, then explained what he meant by saying I did not now have an intact hymen.

Things were back to normal after that and even if I say so myself I soon became adept at my favourite hobby of looking after uncles cock, handling, sucking and generally making it shoot semen at every opportunity. I was well rewarded with numerous orgasms of body shuddering proportions and the new three fingered working of my vagina, which I especially enjoyed. Now the fact that uncles house was only two streets away was nearly my undoing as all I would dress in if the weather was ok was my coat and panties so that I was near naked as soon as I arrived, much to the delight of uncle when he always laughed and took my coat off in a hurry. I bounced in one afternoon and came face to face with my aunt and her husband, sat down with my coat clenched tightly round me using the excuse that I had only called in for a few minutes so would keep it on. I soon beat a hasty retreat, laughing all the way home at my narrow escape but from then on I went fully dressed, enjoying the thrill of uncle slowly stripping me ready for the fun.

Disaster, well almost, as I got a plum job touring with quite a well know provincial ballet, dancing the parts of elves nymphs or young ones for which I obviously fitted the bill perfectly. We were away for two months and I had fun even though it was very hard work and I had a brilliant time, it doing my CV a lot of good. The tour was extended and another birthday passed but I did not feel any different or older and when I measured myself the statistics still laughed back at me with no change.

Now I had no idea why at the time but at the end of it all I was really yearning for sexual release and I actually had stomach ache and felt quite lethargic on arriving home, tried to find an excuse to visit uncle but my mum thwarted that for a day or two by fussing over me all the time. I plotted my escape, kept out of my mothers way and went out dressed only in a shortish dress with not a stitch on underneath as I wanted uncle to know from the start that I was in need of some fun. I thought the gods were against me as I got there and my aunts husband also greeted me and my spirits dwindled as I just sat while both men asked for the story of my tour. I relaxed more as I told them all about it and what with all the movements from demonstrating dance poses and forgetting my lack of underwear my dress was suddenly rucked up almost round my waist and both men were staring at my naked lower half, the look on their faces betraying what had happened. I squealed and blushed and pulled it back down as best I could, much to the mirth of the two men and it was the newcomer (uncle Bob) that told me not to worry as he had been told all about me. I was by then beetroot red and looked at uncle to see a guilty look spread across his face and new I was being told the truth, almost crying with the shame of betrayal.

It was uncle Bob that came to me and sat at my side trying to console me, assuring me my secret was safe with him and took advantage of my confusion to put a hand on my leg and up my dress going very close to my slit. Before I could protest uncle joined in and had my dress off in a flash so that I was naked with two uncles for the first time so now three men had seen me like this. Uncle Bob did not waste time and he properly sucked on first one small nipple then the other as he worked two fingers into me and my juices flowed in an instant, his thumb sought out my swollen button and worked it slowly and gently and I was not long in having my first orgasm with him. I only just managed to hear him chuckling as he watched me quivering and panting in the throes of it and as I calmed down a little saw that uncle was now naked and sporting a rampant erection which he offered close to my mouth, telling Bob to use his tongue on me while I sucked on it.

There was soon a trio of bodies enjoying themselves and I had to come up for air as my second orgasm took me over, continuing to wank uncle though as Bob did not stop his attack on my clitoris and as the ripples of the first one subsided my body contorted once more as another joined it. I was going at uncles prick like a train piston and with a loud shout he ejaculated and spunk splashed my face and body as he emptied himself. As he gasped and panted he told uncle Bob to get his clothes off so that I could suck him too and the man was soon naked for the first time. It was a good job I was still coming down from my last pleasure trip and was in a languid mood as I giggled naughtily at the first sight of his cock, fully erect yes but it was so small. I covered any show of mirth by not hesitating to take the whole length in my mouth and soon had him gasping as I sucked on it, bobbing my head to masturbate it at the same time and he was oblivious to anything else as it throbbed and pulsed under my attention. I was suddenly taken completely by surprise when his prick jumped and jerked and he lunged forward with a roar, trapping my head against the back of the couch so that I had no option but to take his ejaculation. Thankfully there was not a lot of semen as I involuntarily swallowed it, grateful that there didn’t seem to be any unusual taste to it apart from a slight salty tang and, knowing what it was and how sticky, glad it went down easily. Eventually I looked beseechingly at uncle and for the first time that I could remember his face was as black as thunder, not with anger at me, I supposed, but more that he had not been the first to shoot into my mouth. Both men played with my body for a while and then I left, slightly perturbed by how the visit had ended up.

Now it seemed to be an unwritten rule that I did not visit uncle on two consecutive days, I did not know why but had always left it for a day or two, this time though it was different. I knew I definitely liked being naughty with him and did not want him to be upset with me over what had happened with uncle Bob and perhaps stop me visiting. For the first time I had a plan to actually start things off as a treat, vowing to myself that although he ejaculated a lot more semen than I had swallowed last time I would do my best to take all his down. I was elated and full of anticipation as I walked the last few steps, more ready than ever before to prove to uncle that I had learned well and could do the things he liked better than ever before. I was suddenly deflated as there was a stranger with uncle as I burst in shouting surprise! surprise! and blushed crimson as I saw all the naked photos of me spread on the table, realising that a new man had been scrutinising them. I stood open mouthed and rooted to the spot, glancing from uncle to the man and then the pictures hearing the man say that I hardly looked any older now than I did then, uncle happily agreeing as he came to me and took my coat off. As I had planed this visit I had one again made sure that I only had panties on under my coat so the stranger already had a good view of most of my naked body, a long low wolf whistle making me wonder what was going to happen to me in the next hour or so if I stayed.

Brother ProphetReport

2010-08-11 14:30:06
Really need the next installment of your story, please!!!!!!


2010-06-17 15:48:29
The finally aut to be awsome!


2010-06-12 17:50:07
please hurry, sweetheart. i need release again. love you.


2010-06-10 23:36:46
well written good combination of eroticism and realism

Eric the RedReport

2010-06-10 13:54:39
You are such a naughty little princess to end it on a cliff hanger like that, but on the other hand, I'v done worse to my readers, so I guess I deserve it. ;)
Can't wait to see what happens next.

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