A young teen sees his neighbor fucking a stranger and gets pictures. He and his friends use the pictures to loose their virginity.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

Three virgins get a MILF

My name is Billy and I turned 16 about six months ago. We live in a nice home in a suburb of Phoenix. Next door to my house lives Debbie Davis. She is about a year younger than me but she is already getting a nice figure. I love to look through a hole in the fence between our houses and watch her in her two-piece swimsuit out around her pool. I get a good mental picture of what she looks like under the suit as I spend as much time as I can, looking at porn on the computer. I have two close friends, Tom and Paul that come over and look at it with me and sometimes we jerk off while we look at it. We spend most of our time talking about sex and what we would like to do with all the girls we know. We were all virgins at this time but that did not stop us from talking. One time I did see Debbie's cute little boobs for a couple seconds when she was adjusting her swimsuit top. That gave me a hard-on and I had to go to my room and jerk off thinking about her.

One day I was home on a Monday because I was not feeling well. Dad was at work and Mom had to go to the store so I was home alone. I went out in the back yard to pick an orange off the tree. I could hear some noise next door so I went to the hole in the fence to see what it was. When I looked through I saw Mrs. Davis and a man that I did not know. They were next to the pool and they were both naked. She was on her hands and knees and he was standing in front of her while she sucked his cock. I had seen it a lot on the computer but this was for real. Wow. She was bobbing her head up and down his shaft and every time she came down he pushed his hips forward and his cock went all the way into her mouth. Her tits were flopping back and forth under her as she sucked him. Mrs. Davis is about 35 and not all that good looking like the girls on the computer. She is a little heavy but she does have big tits. I would guess that her tits were about 42D and her other measurements were maybe 30 and 38.

I rushed into the house and got my camera and ran back to the fence trying to be quiet. I got two shots of her sucking him when they stopped. I got nervous thinking that they spotted me but she turned around and he put his thing in her pussy from the back. He pushed in and out of her a lot of times and I kept taking pictures. Then they both started getting very loud and stopped again. Mrs. Davis turned around and the man jerked off till he shot his stuff all over her face. That was my favorite photo. Then she put him back in her mouth and sucked him a few more times before she got up and they kissed and went into the house. I went to my room and downloaded the pictures into my computer and labeled the file "special biology class". I jerked off again and imagined myself shooting my stuff on Mrs. Davis' face. After school got out I called Tom and Paul and told them that I knew how we could all get fucked. I told them to come over and I would tell them all about my plan.

They were there in about ten minutes. Mom was home so I told them that I wanted to show them something but they had to be quiet. We went to my room and I opened the computer file and showed them my photos. At first they thought it was just another porn site till they recognized Mrs. Davis. They both almost shouted "Oh my God that's Mrs. Davis". I had to calm them down so Mom did not want to know what was going on. We sat there and looked at all the pictures over and over again. Then I told them my plan. I would copy the pictures onto a cd and show it to Mrs. Davis and tell her that I would give it to a lot of people if she did not let us fuck her. Tom said that that was blackmail and I said Ya and asked them if they were ready to do it. They both were.

The next day I told Mom that I was still a little sick and she said I could stay home one more day. Dad went to work and about noon Mom had to go to a meeting about the town library. I was old enough and not real sick so Mom was ok with me being alone for a few hours. She gave me the phone number in case I needed her and went off to her meeting. I knew that Debbie had cheerleader practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school so this was the right day to put my plan into action. I took my cd and walked next door. I rang the bell and Mrs. Davis answered the door. She gave me a smile and said hello and asked me what I needed. I told her that I had just finished a school project and thought I might get her opinion of it before I turned it in. She looked a little puzzled but said sure and asked me to come in. We sat at her computer and I put the cd in and opened it. The first photo was her naked on her hands and knees with her friend's cock fully in her mouth and his hands behind her head. Her reaction was to start screaming at me. "You fucking little son of a bitch. Give that to me and get the hell out of my house." My voice was a little shaky but I told her that this was not the only copy of the photos and that my friends had copies and that if she did not do what we wanted her to do they would see that a lot of people saw the cd, including her husband and Debbie. She stood there in silence looking at the monitor and I quickly ran through the rest of the twenty photos that I had on it. I got up and told her that when the guys got here from school at three we would be over. I left that copy of the cd with her so she could see just what we had and told her to be naked when we got there. I thought she was going to hit me as I left but she thought better of it.

Tom and Paul showed up right after school and I told them that I thought everything was set and we walked over to Davis house. I rang the doorbell and nothing happened. I rang it again and still nothing. I rang it repeatedly - Ding Ding Ding Ding. The door slowly started to open. I pushed it open so we could walk in. There was Mrs. Davis naked but with one arm across her chest and the other hand covering her mound. Tom and Paul stood there staring. I reached out and pulled her arm away from her chest. "OK you've all seen me naked. Now you can leave and destroy those cds." I told her that this was far from all that we had in mind, that she was going to let all of us fuck her. She said that was going to far and she would not do it. I said to Tom and Paul that it looked like we were going to have to pass out some of the cds. Mrs. Davis slumped down onto the couch and we sat down beside her. I reached out and squeezed her tit. We had seen porn on the internet so many times that we thought that knew all the different things that you could do with a woman and what we wanted her to do to us. I told her to spread her legs. She just gave me a mean look. "Do it or else." I said. Her legs slowly came apart. "Now reach down and rub yourself." Her hand slowly went down between her legs and she started to rub her pussy but her look never changed.

I nodded to the guys and we all took our clothes off. I stood in front of her and told her to jerk my cock. Her other hand came out and softly took my cock and moved up and down on it. That felt much better than when I did it myself. I was rock hard, 5 and 1/2 inches long and about as big around as a broomstick. Paul came to her other side. He is about the same size as me. She took his cock in her other hand and did the same to him. Tom was about an inch shorter and a little thicker. I told her to get down on the floor so she could put him in her mouth. She shook her head no but again I told her to do it or else. She got off the couch and Tom stepped up in front of her. She leaned forward and put her lips around the head of Tom's little but rock hard peter. I guess she had decided that there was nothing she could do at this point as she started sliding her mouth up and down on Tom's shaft. I was easy for her to take all of him. Tom groaned and said that nothing had ever felt so great. It wasn't 30 seconds before Tom shot his little wad of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it. Tom stepped back and I moved in front of her next. I remembered what I had seen her and her friend doing as well as what I had seen on the internet. When she put her lips around the head of my cock I put my hands behind her head and pulled her firmly to me. I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her mouth and she gagged a little and she pulled back part way. She shifted position a little and then pushed forward taking the head of my cock into her throat. I moved my cock in and out of her mouth as fast and as hard as I could and in about 30 seconds I was coming too. I made more cum than Tom and a little of it trickled out of the corner of her mouth but most of it went straight down her throat.

She reached for Paul's cock and started to put him to her mouth but he said no, that he wanted to fuck her. She lay down on her back on the floor. The look on her face had never changed. Paul got between her legs and started to poke at her pussy without finding the entrance. She reached down and took his shaft and guided it to her hole. Once he was lined up Paul pushed in and started fucking in and out like we had seen so many times on the internet. Paul kept pulling out too far and he would come out of her. Twice she had to help him find her hole again. The third time he found it himself and you could see that he was proud that he did. He fucked into her cunt for a couple minutes before pulling out and shooting several squirts of his thick cum on her stomach and tits. I remembered something I had seen on the computer so I told her to eat Paul's cum. She did not do anything so I told her again. She took two fingers and scooped it up and put it in her mouth. I had never gone soft after fucking her mouth so I was ready to get my cock in her pussy. I told her to get on her hands and knees, which she did. I got behind her like her friend had done and lined myself up. I hit pay dirt the first and shoved my cock all the way in. I heard a little groan but that was all. I was feeling the wonders of a woman's cunt for the first time and I never wanted it to stop. After just a little bit I could feel her start to push back against me each time I rammed my cock into her hot wet tight pussy. I could feel my balls slapping against her. I was a man and I loved it. After a couple minutes I felt my balls tighten and I shot my cum into my first female conquest.

Tom took hold of my shoulder and pulled me away from her saying that it was his turn. Mrs. Davis rolled back over onto her back. Tom stood between her legs. As she looked at him I almost thought she was going to laugh. Tom stood there, short, chubby and not looking a day older than he was. His little pecker stood straight out pointing at the ceiling. His cock was not much bigger than a grown man's thumb and he had almost no pubic hair. Mrs. Davis spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up toward her chest to let him get in as deep as he could. Tom got down and inserted himself into her waiting hole and started fucking. After she had had Paul and me in her and I had shot my cum in her I wondered if she could even feel Tom's boy toy. Tom pumped it into her for several minutes. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. I guess she had to feel something. We were amazed when Tom kept fucking her pussy for over ten minutes. He was sweating when he finally pushed it as deep into her as he could and yelled and emptied himself. She put her hands on his ass cheeks and held him tight to her as he did this. You could see her biting her lip. Then she pushed him off and he fell to the floor.

Mrs. Davis got up and said, "All right you little assholes, you have had your fun. I let all of you fuck me now bring me all of the cds and erase anything that is in your computer and if I ever hear that any of you have bothered Debbie I will cut off all of your tiny cocks." As we all got dressed I looked at her and said that I never said that it would only be one time and that we would be back after school on Thursday. As we went out the door I told her to wear the sexiest thing she owned next time. We went back to my house and straight to my computer to look for more things we could do with Mrs. Davis next time.

Thursday we went straight to her house. After I rang the bell one time the door opened. There stood Mrs. Davis in a sexy pink Baby doll nightie with matching panties. You could see that they were crotchless. She let us in and shut and locked the door behind us. She did not look real mad this time but not happy either. I walked up to her and put my hands under the nigthie and lifted it up exposing her large tits. I could see that her nipples were erect and hard. I put my mouth on one and started to suck like a feeding baby. Paul came up and sucked the other one. Tom went around and squeezed her ass cheeks. She stood there and laid her head back. After a couple minutes she pushed us away and said "Let's get this over with."

She walked to her bedroom with us following her. She slipped out of her nightie and panties and told us to stand in a line. She got in front of us on her knees and started to take off our clothes. With all of our pants on the floor and our cocks hard and right in front of her face she started to suck us. First several deep sucks on one then moving to the next and then to the last and back to the first. She continued and Paul came first filling her mouth with his cum. Tom saw this and came before she could even get back to him. She came to me and put her mouth over my cock and pulled me in till my cock was in the top of her throat and held it there as long as she could hold her breath while swallowing over and over. Her throat muscles tightening on my cock head was almost like she was milking me. Then she started bobbing up and down licking the bottom of my cock head each time I was almost out of her mouth. She sucked hard like you were trying to get a thick milkshake through a straw. That was all I could take and I fed her my thick milk shake. She kept sucking me and I was almost going to fall to the floor.

Mrs. Davis went over to her bed and said, "OK, who wants to kiss me between my legs?" I was the only one who raised my hand. She told me to lay between her legs which I did. She reached down and spread her pussy lips showing me her pink insides and I could see her hole. She was very wet all over in there. "See the bump above my hole? I want you to lick and suck on it much like I did with your penis." I put my face between her legs. She did not smell bad. She tasted funny but not bad. Her wetness was very slippery. I reached out with my tongue and touched her bump. She jumped and moaned and said that that was the right spot and not to stop. She looked at Paul and Tom and told them to get on the bed on their knees on either side of her head. When they did she started sucking them again. First Tom and then she rolled her head the other way and sucked Paul and then back again. She rubbed their ball sacks while she was doing this. Then she pulled my head tight to her crotch and told me to do her harder. I sucked and licked for all I was worth. I was having trouble breathing as my nose was pushed tightly against her body but I could just enough so that I did not have to stop. I could hear Tom and shortly after Paul come again in her mouth. "Now Billy, fuck me good and hard." I moved up between her legs and put myself into her. "Do it hard and deep Billy." I pounded her as hard and as deep and as fast as I could till I shot my load in her. I pulled out and she took me by the hands and pulled me up so she could suck my cock and she cleaned off all of her and my cum. It was almost five and her husband would have picked up Debbie and be home soon so we had to get dressed and go. This time she smiled. As we were going to the door she squeezed my and Paul's cock and balls and kissed Tom on top of the head and said, "See you guys next week." We left knowing that we now had our own personal fuck slut.

For the next month we were at Mrs. Davis' house almost every Tuesday and Thursday. I found out that her first name was Brenda and called her by that name but she said that she would rather we called her Mrs. Davis. That was ok with us. We tried doing just about everything to her that we found on the Internet and she never stopped us. We fucked her ass, fisted her both front and back, gave her a golden shower and even she suggested some things like mild B&D. We were as happy as we could be with our toy. Maybe we did not need the pictures not but we took more and even movies.

It was in about the fifth week of our fun with Mrs. Davis. I was on my back on the living room floor and she was on top riding my cock. Tom was behind her with his cock in her ass. She liked him to fuck her ass best as he was the smallest. Paul was in front getting his cock sucked down her throat when the front door opened and in walked Debbie. Practice had gotten rained out and someone had given her a ride home early. She saw us and we saw her. She screamed "OH my God" and ran to her room and slammed the door. We all got dressed and left thinking that all of our fun might be over now.

The next day at school Paul and I were standing by our lockers talking about what had happened the day before when Debbie and two of her friends walked up behind us. Debbie put her arm around my waist and asked if we would be at her house tomorrow after school. Her girlfriends stood there and giggled. But that's another story ....................


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