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A day at church camp
My First Masturbation

This is my first story, so nobody criticize me too bad!

I was attending a church camp in Maine when I was 15. The people there were really strict religion, but for the most part, laid back and let the kids do whatever they wanted. I went with my pastor's family. There were three boys and only one girl. She was small, but was blossoming, and at 14, she was my long time crush. I had never seen any skin on her, and she was always dressed so modestly, along with all of the girls there. They were forced to wear long sleeved shirts and skirts that came to the ankles. There weren't many rules. Basically have a good time, but don't compromise your christian values. I wasn't really all that religious. My mother never cared and I basically came to have a good time. The pastor was going to be the youth leader at this camp, and would be doing all of the youth services.

We had decided against sleeping in tents, and had opted for a private dorm. The dorms at this place were fabulous! There were two rooms, adjoined by a bathroom. The bathroom was very big and open. Two showers, two closed off toilet areas, and a large three sink counter. The boys were in one room, and my pastor's wife, himself, and his only daughter, Laura, were in the other. You'd think that with a bathroom like that, privacy would be compromised just a little. Not here. The pastor made strict boundaries. When someone was in the bathroom, they would lock both doors going into the bedrooms. Only one sex allowed in there at any time, and god forbid a boy and a girl would be in there together, even brushing their teeth. One shower was strictly for the boys and one for the girls. Same for the toilets. Separate laundry hampers were in the toilet areas, and when someone was showering, no one would be in there. Period.

The very first day the pastor decided to open up with a teen service on dating and sex... perfect. Mostly stuff you would expect to hear: "sex is bad. don't do it til you're married, don't be a slut......"After watching everybody get red, a couple of bulges in the guys pants, and girls giggling nonstop, he decided it was time to end. I don't even think any of those kids knew what sex was. Most were home schooled and had very limited internet access. No porn or sex forums for them. So he ended, but not before calling church elders up to pray for God's blessing of purity on their lives, and for them not to give in to the temptation of sex.

At this point in my life, I had never had sex, never even masturbated. After the service, I had walked back to our dorm to change. No one was there. I changed, and then really had to pee, so I ran into the bathroom without locking the doors. I closed the door that separated the toilet from the rest of the bathroom and took care of business. While I was there, I heard the bathroom door open. I was about to open the door and say to hang on, when Laura started singing some church song crap. "Oh shit!" I thought "If she knew I was here she'd tell her dad and he'd kill me!" I waited for the door to open, but it never did. Then I heard the shower start and someone step in. I quietly stepped out, only to find her clothes laying on the floor! Sitting on top were her panties and bra. My dick instantly got hard. I had a sudden urge to take her underwear, and run, but I knew that wouldn't work. I snuck out of the bathroom, with my huge boner, to get my hands on some of her underwear. I had an idea. I snuck into her room, and began to search. It didn't take long to find her suitcase. I was in heaven! She had about a dozen pairs of panties and bras there! I pulled out a small yellow pair and pulled down my pants, then I paused for a second and thought "do I really want to do this?" Hell yes! I pulled down my boxers, took off my shirt and laid down on her bed. I grabbed my dick and just started stoking as hard as I could with her underwear, thinking of her tiny butt and tight pussy. The pleasure was amazing. Reaching into the suitcase, I felt out a bra and put it on my chest, picturing her breasts on me. Her soft silky panties rubbing my dick seemed unreal, but totally awesome. I'd never done this before, but it felt great. Somewhere in me I knew what to do. Her panties had a growing wet spot on them. I shut my eyes as hard as I could. Suddenly, I almost felt like I had to pee, but I kept on. Then came my first orgasm! I came and came and came!

Gasping for air I opened my eyes. To my horror, there naked, stood Laura in the doorway leading into the bathroom, bright red, and as shocked as I was. Her pussy was shaven, and her tits were beautiful. I didn't see her ass. She was still wet from the shower, and shivering. Her nipples stood firm. Cum was everywhere, on the bed, her underwear... OH CRAP!!! She grabbed a sheet off the floor and covered herself up. I had a boner again...


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2010-06-20 18:39:25
I wish more people would write some stories like this and with the church theme! It's great!


2010-06-11 18:16:00
good start lol got to love the state ur in.... as a boy i think i went to a camp just like that in Maine..i live in maine lol...


2010-06-10 13:29:14
You have my cunt on fire and dripping wet. Please live near enough so we can arrange something. Like.... your cum in my throat and your cock plugging my cunt. PM me and don't delay

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-10 11:10:12
While I was growing up in the late 60's my parents tried to keep me from 'questionable' personality types but when it came to my church youth group activities and parties, well, that was OK with them. Little did they know that those parties ended up having the most sex and drugs and rock and roll.....I got laid at one of 'em and I wasn't even trying to.....I was uncomfortable with the surroundings having other people nearby and I didn't perform my 'best' then but good enough I suppose....
God bless us all!! It's OK to be horny and still believe in God!


2010-06-10 10:49:59
Good start - and your GRAMMAR is better than your reader's SPELLING!

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