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Young women get lost in the woods.
Ladies don’t let the first couple of pages scare you off. The story gets better.
There is very little sex in this story that’s why I put it in the non-erotic category.

A Cabin in the Woods

My name is Dave. I enjoy fishing, ATV’s, snowmobiles or anything else that lets me be in the great outdoors. My favorite outdoor sport is hunting and the best type of hunting in my opinion is deer hunting. I would rather deer hunt than do just about anything else.

Today is my favorite day of the year; no it’s not Christmas or Super bowl Sunday. Its Friday November second the day before opening day of deer hunting season. I have a week’s vacation coming up and I’m going to spend it deer hunting in the north woods at my cabin. My cabin… it used to be our cabin that is my Dad’s and mine. We hand built it by ourselves just the two of us.

This year hunting will be a sad time for me. Just before hunting season last year my father passed away of a sudden heart attack. The funeral was so close to hunting season that I didn’t have the heart to go so I skipped deer hunting all together last year.

After his funeral Mom and I were depressed and we didn’t know what to do. We ended up sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and had a long talk about Dad. She told me that dad loved the time we spent together building the cabin and hunting so much that he wanted his ashes scattered in the woods where we hunted. Last winter I drove my Mom to the woods and we spread his ashes by his favorite hunting stands. Mom wasn’t a hunter so I rode her around in the woods on the snowmobile and showed her our cabin, where dad’s stands were, and where I shot my first deer.

Several years ago my father bought one hundred and sixty acres of land on a lone dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. The property was square, measuring one half mile by one half mile. It’s so isolated that there weren’t any houses or power lines on the road. Our property sits on the north side of the road and is surrounded by a huge state forest. We could walk north off the back of our property onto state forest land and not hit a road for five miles.

Some of the property was worthless swampy land with large areas of spongy peat bogs. There are also a lot of high ridges running through it making it perfect for hunting. It was impossible to drive an ATV or any other type of vehicle through the bogs without getting stuck except in the winter time when it all froze over.

The first summer we worked hard cutting in a driveway that we purposely curved so we could park Dad’s truck in a place that couldn’t be seen from the road. We could only drive in about three hundred feet before we came to a swamp that we couldn’t drive across. There are two swampy spots that we had to cross on foot to get to the cabin site so we built foot bridges out of four by four’s to span the bad spots.

As winter set in we used dad’s snowmobile and an eight foot long toboggan to carry in the tools and lumber we needed to build the cabin. We built the sixteen by twenty foot log cabin on a high spot about a half mile from the road at the back edge of our property.

Dad and I spent all winter cutting trees, hauling them back with the snowmobile and stacking them in place to make the cabin walls. We also collected from the surrounding area enough bowling ball sized rocks to make a stone fireplace at one end of the cabin. We spent just about every weekend there finishing up the cabin in late spring the next year.

The door to the cabin was at the south end and the fireplace was at the north end. On one side of the door was a set of bunk beds and on the other side was a double bed. Next to the fireplace we built cabinets and a countertop for our food and hunting gear. On the other side of the fireplace was a small table and chairs. We put an old couch in the middle of the room in front of the fire place.

The following hunting season my dad and I used the cabin for the first time for hunting. He had a week’s vacation and we spent nine days hunting. We arrived an hour before sunrise on Saturday opening day and stayed until the following weekend, driving home Sunday afternoon.

I shot my first deer that year on opening morning; he was a small six point buck. Dad made me feel proud by making a real big deal out of it. He was so proud and so happy that I got my first deer. Dad shot a nice ten point and an eight point that year but it was my six point buck that he brought to the taxidermist to be mounted.

I still remember my dad talking to me on the ride home that year, he said he enjoyed all the time we spent together building the cabin and hunting. I remember that time so well, I was sixteen years old and it was the first time he talked to me as his equal and not as his child. I was happy I had proven myself to him and he treated me like a man. A few years have passed by since then I am now twenty three years old.

I thought about inviting a couple of friends of mine to go hunting with me this year but I wanted to be alone. I wanted time to think about my father and to say goodbye to him in my own way.

Two weekends ago I drove up to the cabin and split enough firewood for the week I would spend hunting. I brought the mattresses outside to air out and I cleaned up the cabin. Last week it took me two trips, back and forth from my truck to the cabin to pack in everything I would need including food, water, and clothes.

I watched the weather report Friday night before I went to bed and it said Saturday afternoon I could expect six to eight inches of snow and temperatures dropping into the teens at the cabin. Perfect weather for hunting, starting on Sunday I would be able to track the deer and see them much better with the snow cover.

I woke up around three a.m. Saturday morning, grabbed my rifle and backpack and left on the two hour drive to the cabin. Because of the cold temperatures I was expecting I decided to take my snowmobile with me. I had plenty of time to stop at a diner that was about ten miles from the cabin. Dad and I stopped here every weekend to eat when we were building the cabin; it was the last bit of civilization before heading down the long dirt road.

I pulled in and stopped at the gas pump and was filling up when I noticed a car with two young college looking girls. They looked out of place to me; most of the people who come in here are locals or hunters. I saw a blaze orange piece of clothing in the back seat of the car but the rest of their clothes told me they aren’t hunters.

I finished filling up my truck and went into the diner to eat. After I finished eating I started driving down the dirt road to the cabin. After a couple of miles I noticed the same car that I saw at the diner, they were driving real slow. I figured they must be hunters looking for a place to hunt so I passed them and continued to the cabin.

As soon as I passed them they sped up and stayed at a short distance behind me. I pulled into my driveway and parked. The car pulled into my driveway and stopped by the road. I got out and walked back to the road to see what they were doing and why they stopped here. They got out of the car and put on orange hunting vests that were in the back seat of their car. They didn’t have any guns or other hunting gear like jackets or boots, I was having serious doubts that they had ever been hunting before.

The two young women looked nice, one was a rather tall blue eyed blonde with Nordic features and the other one was shorter with brown eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair. They both looked healthy with slim waists and good sized chests. They both wore tight designer jeans, sweaters and running shoes. I smiled and asked them, “Are you OK? Is there something I can help you with?”

They stood by their car and the brunette said, “Shooting animals is wrong and cruel.”

The tall blonde said, “Ya if you shoot a deer you’ll go straight to hell!”

Oh shit, I said to myself, animal rights assholes. I had seen something on the news last year where these people take it upon themselves to shadow hunters in the woods and scare off any deer that may come by.

I was pissed I said, “This is private property NO TRESSPASSING!”

The tall blonde sassed at me, “How do I know this is your property? Why don’t you go and get the sheriff and have me arrested?”

It was plain to see that they would be happy to be arrested as long as it kept me out of the woods. I sighed and headed back to the truck and they both followed me at a distance. I loaded my rifle and thought about going to my cabin and just waiting them out but I decided I didn’t want them to know that there was a cabin back there. They may come back with some friends in the future and destroy it to keep me from hunting.

I headed off the trail to the cabin and decided to see how far they could walk by leading them in a big circle. When I was about a hundred yards into the woods I was having second thoughts. I remembered the weather that was headed this way so I stopped and looked back at them.

They stopped and the brunette said, “You should give up and go home. You’re not going to shoot anything as long as we’re here.”

I said, “Ladies it’s dangerous out here and I can see by what you’re wearing you’re not prepared to be out here. I advise you to turn around now and leave.”

The bitchy looking blonde said, “Go to hell!”

The brunette gave me a wicked smile and sassed back at me, “We’ll leave if you leave.”

I answered back, “I’m not leaving.”

I meant that in more ways that one. I knew they thought I was just hunting for the day and that I would lead them out of the woods before it got dark. I said, “Suit yourself there’s bad weather heading this way and you’re not ready for it.”

I turned and started walking, I headed northwest and over the next few hours I gradually turned north, then northeast. I knew these woods like the back of my hand because I had criss-crossed them quite a bit over the years on the snowmobile.

They talked to each other non-stop the whole time they followed me. I wondered to myself how big of cell phone bills they had.

Every once in a while they would say something to me like: “Hey you you’re not going to shoot anything. Why don’t you just give up and go home?”

I didn’t say anything to them and just kept walking every once in a while stopping and surveying the surrounding woods. We were about a mile and a half from the road and about a mile from my cabin when I stopped. It was about noon so I took off my backpack and sat down on a log. I opened up my backpack and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of water and ate.

The two girls sat down about fifty feet from me and kept talking to each other. The brunette reached in her pocket and pulled out a big Snickers bar, she broke it in half and handed the bitchy blonde girl half. I noticed that both of their water bottles were empty.

After I ate I continued my slow circle all afternoon until I was walking south toward the road about one hundred yards north of my cabin. It was about four in the afternoon and there was only about an hour or so of daylight left. I could tell they were tired and beginning to get nervous, they probably thought they were three miles in the woods and it was about time for me to head back to the road.

A strong north wind started blowing and low dark gray clouds covered the sun. The weather front had arrived, the temperature was dropping and it was beginning to snow. I didn’t want them to see my cabin so I decided to wait here until they wanted to leave and then I’d point to the road and watch them leave before going to my cabin.

I had been up since three a.m. so I sat down against a tree, pulled my cap down over my eyes to take a nap. I heard the two of them talking about how late it was getting and finally the brunette asked me, “Hey it’s getting late aren’t you going to head back to the road?”

I sat in silence for a minute or so until I heard the bitchy blonde say in a loud voice, “This is bullshit I’m going back.”

I looked to see her turn and start walking north back the way we came. I stood up and yelled to her, “Hey you you’re going the wrong way the road is this way.”

She kept walking and said, “Screw you I know where I’m going.”

I looked at the brunette who looked cold and concerned not knowing what to do. I told her, “If your friend keeps walking that way she’ll get lost and die.”

She started sobbing and turned to run after her friend. I said, “Wait!”

The bitchy blonde had a stubborn streak in her and I figured she had her mind made up that she was heading for the road and nobody could tell her other wise.

I took off my jacket as I walked over to where the brunette was and handed it to her. “Your friend is a bitch but I don’t want to see her freeze to death. If she doesn’t come back with you give her the jacket.” She turned to leave and I yelled, “HEY! Don’t follow her.”

I watched as she caught up with her and they talked for about a minute. The bitchy know-it-all blonde was trying to talk the brunette into coming with her but finally she took my jacket and just stormed off north deeper into the woods.

There was a half a bottle of water and some beef jerky in the jacket pocket along with my hunting gloves so I thought she would survive the night if she was smart enough to find shelter.

The brunette stood there sobbing for a minute or so and watched her friend disappear into the woods. She had her arms crossed holding herself with her hands and slowly started walking towards me. She was crying and had that whipped puppy dog look. I was pissed, I had lost a day’s worth of hunting and my favorite hunting jacket. I didn’t wait for her to catch up to me, without my jacket I needed to get to my cabin fast.

By the time I got to the cabin it was almost dark, I went inside and lit the lantern. I started to make a fire in the fireplace when I heard a lite knock on the door. I went to the door jerked it open and pointed behind her and said in a disgusted voice, “The road’s that way.” And I slammed the door in her face.

I could hear her sobbing outside the door as the fire started roaring in the fire place. She knocked again and I ignored her. I could hear her crying and she knocked again. This time she said, “Please help me.” I sighed, it had been a long day and I was tired and wanted to rest.

She was a ‘babe in the woods’ and I figured she would get lost in the dark trying to find the road even though there was a wide path leading to it. I opened the door again and said, “You’ve ruined a days hunting for me and tomorrow I’ll have to track down that bitch of a friend of yours, so tomorrow is ruined too. Why in the hell should I help you?”

The snow was falling pretty heavy and she was shivering as she looked past me at the fire place.

She pleaded with me, “I’m so sorry I ruined your hunting please let me come in and warm up.”

She was a real nice looking girl and I thought that I wouldn’t mind trading a warm fire for a piece of ass from her. I figured that she was at the point that she would do anything to get inside and warm up. I gave her a wicked smile and said, “If I let you in what’s it worth to you?”

She said through chattering teeth, “Please, Please, I’ll do anything.”

I thought for a moment and said, “OK here’s the deal, you give me a blowjob and a piece of your ass whenever I want it for as long as you’re in here. Understood?” She was too cold to protest; she looked down and nodded her head. I said “What, I didn’t hear you?”

She looked up and said, “OK, I’ll do what ever you want. Please let me in.”

I stepped aside and she quickly walked past me to the fire. As she stood by the fireplace warming up I went over to the cabinet and opened two cans of chili and poured them into a pan. I lit the Coleman stove and sat down at the table and watched her and the chili.

After about five minutes the chili was done. She had eaten only a half a Snickers bar all day so I knew she was hungry. She looked at me with pleading eyes hoping I would offer her some. I turned the stove off and dished up a bowl and asked her, “Are you hungry?”

She was nodding yes before I got the words out. I grabbed a spoon, a pack of crackers, and a bottle of water and pushed it to her. She sat down and whispered, “Thank you.” I dished up the rest of the chili into another bowl for myself and we ate in silence. She finished eating before I did and left the empty bowl on the table and went back to the fire.

She was still holding her arms and was watching me with a worried look on her face.

The fire was dying down so I said to her between mouthfuls of chili, “Put another log on the fire.”

She went to the wood pile and grabbed a log and put it on the fire. She turned to me and asked, “Is that ok?”

Without looking at her I asked, “Are you still cold?”

“Yes a little.”

“Ok put a couple more logs on it.” She went to the fire wood and added a couple more logs to the fire.

I finished the rest of my chili and looked at her and said, “Take off your sweater and bra.”

She looked down at her feet and whispered, “Do I have to?”

“We made a deal if you don’t want to you can leave any time you want.” She began sobbing and I said in a louder voice, “Quit stalling and take your clothes off or leave.”

She slowly pulled her arms out of the sleeves and pulled the sweater over her head. She turned toward the fire and unhooked the bra and laid it on top of her sweater. She was stalling again so I told her, “Turn around.”

Her hands covered her tits as she slowly turned around and looked at me. After a few seconds she slowly moved her hands away and dropped them to her side. She had nice firm tits with no sag to them; her nipples were rock hard from the cold and poked out like pencil erasers. I guessed she was around nineteen or twenty years old.

I wanted to get some revenge for ruining my hunting by embarrassing her so I said, “Bounce your tits up and down.”

She wiggled around a little but I thought she could do a better job of it so I said in a louder voice, “Faster! Make your tits bounce higher.”

She rose up on her toes and started bouncing her tits faster, she had tears running down her cheeks and she wouldn’t look at me. I smiled; I knew I had embarrassed her.

After a minute or so I said, “OK, come over here.”

She stopped bouncing her tits and slowly stepped closer to me. I reached out and tickled one of her nipples with my fingers as I put my arm around her back and pulled her to me until I had her other nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it while wiggling my tongue back and forth across the tip of her nipple and tweaked her other nipple with my fingers. It didn’t take long as I felt her begin to relax and she ran her fingers through my hair holding my head against her nipple.

I moved my hand down from her waist and rubbed her ass cheeks with one hand and rubbed her pussy with my other hand. My cock was rock hard and I wanted a blowjob so I told her, “Get down on your knees.”

“What for, what are you going to do to me?”

I said, “I’m not going to hurt you, I want a blowjob.”

I stood up and put some light pressure on her shoulders until she went down on her knees. I ordered her, “Take my pants off.” She undid my belt and pulled them down along with my long johns and boxers. My cock sprang out and pointed right at her mouth.

She looked up at me with a little smile and said, “Nice.”

She grabbed hold of it and stroked it gently with what seemed like practiced hands before she put it in her mouth. Now, I’ve had a few blowjobs before but this girl was better at sucking cock than all of the other girls that I had known. As she slid back and forth she had a talent for keeping my cock trapped between the roof of her mouth and her tongue without getting her teeth in the way.

I grabbed the back of her head and started pumping my cock deeper into her mouth as I was about to cum. The first shot of cum must have caught her off guard, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and flinched as the second shot hit the side of her nose and splashed onto her cheek. She began jacking my cock as she caught the rest of my cum in her mouth. “Oh, that felt good…thanks.” I said as she wiped the cum off her nose and licked it off her fingers.

I took her hands and coaxed her into standing. I turned the lantern off and I walked to the bed and she followed. I unfastened her blue jeans and slid them down her legs. I expected her to protest but she now seemed like a willing partner. I pushed her down on the bed and reached for her panties. She lifted her ass off the bed to allow me to remove them.

She had a sultry look on her face and I knew she wanted to fuck just as much as I wanted to. She spread her legs and held her arms out to me. We smiled at each other in the dim light from the fire.

I reached under her knees and rested her legs on my shoulders as I kissed her thigh. I kissed her again and again moving closer and closer to her pussy. She spread her legs wider as I slowly licked up and down the fold of skin between her thigh and pussy lips. She moaned as I slid my tongue lightly across her pussy and kissed her other thigh. She grabbed my hair and gently tried to push me back to her pussy. I resisted and licked both thighs avoiding her pussy.

With my tongue I made a slow pass over her pussy lips and clit. She held her breath as I licked again and again. I wiggled my tongue back and forth between her lips and pushed deep inside her. I pulled my tongue out of her hot pussy and wiggled my way up to her clit making circle after circle around it until she pulled my hair holding me hard against her clit.

Her legs went high in the air as she squealed and squeezed her thighs against my head. She released my head as her feet hit the bed and she started breathing in short fast pants. She said, “Oh my god, that felt sooo good… thank you.”

My cock was rock hard again so I crawled up between her spread legs and pushed in as deep as it would go. I grabbed her feet and pushed them high in the air and rose up on my knees and pumped her long and hard. I began to groan and she whispered, “You can cum inside me if you want, I’m on the pill.”

I smiled to myself and in just a few seconds I released shot after shot of hot cum into her. I pulled my cock out of her, pushed her legs to one side and fell onto the bed next to her. As I relaxed I started to feel cold and looked to see the fire getting low. I told her, “Go put some more wood on the fire.”

She got up naked and walked to the wood pile and put some more logs on the fire. I watched her tits jiggling as she walked back towards the bed, she looked good silhouetted against the fire light. I pulled the bed covers back and she crawled under them and lay beside me. She rolled on her side and put her arm across my chest and laid her head on my shoulder.

I said, “Thanks that was nice.”

She hugged me and said, “It’s the least I can do for you. I really am sorry that we messed up your hunting. I don’t know why I let Carol talk me into doing this. What’s going to happen to her?”

I said, “Well unless she is an expert woodsman and has excellent night vision, I’m guessing she won’t make it very far. She’ll be OK if she just finds a sheltered place to sit down. My jacket has some food and water in the pockets.”

She asked me, “Are you going to look for her?”

“I don’t want too,” I said, “but if I leave her out there I’ll probably be somehow held responsible for her stupidity. Oh by the way what’s your name?”

“I’m Sara,” She answered,

I said, “Hi Sara, I’m Dave.”

We talked for a couple of hours as we got to know each other better. She told me that her father and uncles liked to hunt and she really didn’t mind that people hunted. She was a nice person that got talked into doing something that she didn’t really want to do. I found out we both lived in the same area of the city about five miles from each other.

She rolled over on top of me and gave me a nice long French kiss and then started kissing my chest. I didn’t have to ask her, she went under the covers and gave me another blowjob. I was exhausted, it had been a long day and fell asleep shortly after she finished.

Sara stayed cuddled up next to me all night as we slept; she woke me up a couple of times when she got up naked to put some more wood on the fire. I woke up first at about five-o-clock in the morning and started making a hot breakfast. Sara got up shortly after smelling the bacon frying and the coffee brewing. I told her that we should both go out and look for Carol.

I gave her some of my extra clothes and a pair of my Dad’s boots to wear and told her to fold up some of the extra blankets on the beds. We ate breakfast and just before sunrise we loaded the blankets on the toboggan and tied them down with bungee cords. I loaded my rifle and we left the cabin with Sara pulling the toboggan.

The temperature seemed to be in the low teens and there was about six inches of snow hanging on the trees and on the ground. I love it just after a new snow fall, the wind was calm and the snow absorbed all sounds making it so peaceful and quiet. We stopped on top of a ridge close to the spot where we last saw Carol. We called out to her and slowly scanned the woods for my blaze orange jacket but we didn’t see or hear anything. I retraced the way we had walked yesterday with Sara close behind me. We stopped every fifty yards or so and called out to Carol and searched the woods listening for her. After walking five or six hundred yards, we came to the top of a ridge and I suddenly caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked.

Down the ridge in a clearing about one hundred yards away I saw the biggest buck that I have ever seen in my life. I saw the down turned horns behind his ears and the twelve or fourteen points sticking up way-way outside his ears. He had at least a twenty five inch spread and looked to be well over three hundred pounds. He had his head up and was looking away from me so I looked at a tree that was about ten feet away that I was going to use to steady my shot.

I quietly stepped to the tree and looked back at the deer. ‘Damn’ I said to myself, he disappeared. He was gone, I looked at every possible spot he could have gone but he wasn’t there. I looked at Sara and whispered, “Did you see the size of that deer?”

She whispered back, “Deer? What are you talking about? There was a man down there, he was dressed like he was hunting and… and then he just disappeared!”

I looked at Sara; her eyes were wide open scanning the woods where I had seen the deer. “What? A man? No, that wasn’t a man it was a deer!”

I knew we had to go look for Carol but the deer was so big I had to go and check it out. I told Sara, “Wait here this won’t take long.”

“Dave please be careful, there’s something strange going on.”

I got to the spot where I had seen the deer and looked for his tracks. Nothing! The fresh virgin snow didn’t have one single track.

I looked back towards Sara to make sure I was in the right spot and I was positive this was it. I looked fifty feet all around me and not a single track! ‘What the hell is going on?’ I asked myself. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up; I questioned myself again, wondering if I had actually seen the deer. I told myself that I wasn’t crazy and I was positive I saw him.

I looked all around me as far as I could see when suddenly I saw orange, I walked in that direction and as I got closer I saw my hunting jacket then I saw Carol huddled under a pine tree. I yelled back at Sara, “Sara, I found her! Come quick.”

When I got to her she was shivering and sobbing. I said, “Carol, are you OK?” She looked at me through glassy eyes and didn’t say anything. When Sara got there we picked her up and laid her on the toboggan and covered her with all the blankets.

I carefully took off her shoes and blew a few hot breathes on each of her toes. I knew her toes would be the first thing to get frostbite so I had Sara kneel on the back of the toboggan, I said, “Her toes need warming right now! Open your jacket and hold her toes under your arms.”

I unloaded my gun and laid it on top of Carol and pulled them both back to the cabin. I picked up Carol and carried her into the cabin and set her down on the couch, Sara stripped her cold wet clothes off and we laid her on a quilt that I put on the floor in front of the fire. It looked like we had found her just in time, she was cold but she would be fine in a day or so.

I warmed up some chicken soup and Sara knelt next to her and began nursing her back to health. I asked Sara, “What were you talking about out there?”

She looked up at me with a worried look on her face, “When I saw you look I looked too and saw another hunter. I looked at you for just a second and when I looked back at him and he… he just disappeared.” She was blinking tears out of her eyes as she turned her focus back to Carol.

“A man?” I said “Sara, There was a big buck standing there, when I looked back at him he disappeared and, and… when I walked to the spot where I saw him, there weren’t any tracks… This is crazy. We both saw something.”

It was really bothering me, I had to get to the bottom of this. “Stay with her, I’ll be back in a couple hours. I’m going back to look for that buck… or what ever we saw.”

I thought to myself as I walked to where I saw the buck. ‘It’s a good thing I saw something down that ridge because I would never have looked for Carol in that direction.’

The hair on the back of my neck began standing on end again. My thoughts suddenly turned to Dad as I came to the spot where I had seen the deer. I didn’t realize it this morning but this was one of dad’s hunting stands and I was standing on the exact spot where Mom and I had spread some of his ashes last year. ‘Oh my god’ I said to myself. ‘Did I really see a deer or was there a supernatural force at work here.’

I was lost in thought about dad for several minutes, when I finally snapped out of it I looked to where I had seen the deer this morning. The buck was standing there just like I saw him this morning. It was the same deer with the same turned down horns! My mind quickly switched to hunting and this time I didn’t take my eyes off of him as I slowly moved to the tree.

I brought my rifle up and rested it against the tree and put the deer in the cross hairs. I pushed the safety off and squeezed the trigger. It was a perfect heart shot, I watched as he ran a few yards and dropped to the ground. I followed the footsteps that I made this morning and when I got to the spot all I saw were Sara’s and my footsteps and one set of tracks from the deer that I just shot. My heart was beating fast as I got close to him; he was a big beautiful animal. I couldn’t believe it; I had to count the points three times before I realized I had shot a fourteen point buck.

I struggled with the deer as I drug him the quarter mile back to the cabin, it would have been a lot harder had it not been for the slippery snow cover. As I drug him, I kept going over and over this morning events. Had I seen an apparition, a ghost deer? Was my mind playing tricks on me… and Sara? Had I witnessed Devine intervention? Or, did I get some help from Dad. I thought to myself, ‘When I saw the deer I was standing where Mom and I had spread his ashes and when I moved off that spot to go to the tree the deer disappeared.’ That, as farfetched as it seemed was my best guess.

It was early in the afternoon when I finally made it back to the cabin and hung the buck in the tree. I grabbed as much firewood as I could carry from the outside pile and brought it inside. Carol was sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace with a blanket wrapped around her, she was sipping on a mug of hot chocolate and she seemed to be almost back to normal. Sara was sitting at the table drinking coffee and talking to her.

When Sara saw me she looked relieved and said, “I heard a Shot. I was worried. ”

I smiled and said, “Ya it was me, I got the deer.” Sara smiled but Carol didn’t look too happy. I set the firewood down, took off my jacket and walked around the couch and sat at the table with Sara.

I asked Carol, “How are you feeling?”

She said in a meek voice, “I’m still cold but I’m feeling better. Sara said you found me out there, thank you for saving my life.”

I wanted to bitch her out for being so stupid and not listening to me but I just said, “Your welcome, whenever you feel up to it I’ll walk you to your car, we’re about a half mile from the road.”

She thought for a few seconds and answered, “I’m still cold and my feet hurt, if you don’t mind we’ll leave first thing in the morning.”

I poured myself a cup of coffee and said to Sara, “I don’t understand what’s going on. The deer I shot looked exactly like the deer that I saw this morning.”

Sara answered, “Dave, I didn’t see a deer. I thought I saw another hunter.”

“I’m curious Sara. What did the hunter look like that you saw?”

“Well,” Sara begun, “I only saw him for a couple of seconds. He was about your size with the same color hair, he was wearing an orange hunting jacket… and… oh ya, he was wearing one of those funny looking red caps, you know, the kind with the fur earflaps.”

I smiled and took her hand in mine and squeezed, things were beginning to make sense. I got up and walked over to the cabinet on the other side of the cabin. I opened the top door reached in and grabbed my dad’s red hunting cap and showed it to Sara. I asked, “Did it look like this?”

Sara’s mouth dropped open; she looked at me and said, “Yes! Exactly like that! But how did you know?”

I walked back to the table and set the cap in front of her and said, “This belonged to my father… he passed away last year.”

I heard a gasp and looked at Carol; she was looking at the cap on the table. The color had drained out of her face and she looked pale like she had just seen a ghost. She was shaking but I don’t think it was from the cold.

“Oh my god I saw him too… Last night… I was cold and lost… I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating… he spoke to me… he told me to sit down under a tree and he pointed to a big tall pine tree.”

I smiled at her, “That’s where we found you this morning. It looks like somebody was looking after you last night.”

A peaceful feeling came over me as I realized that I would never be alone in these woods again. I continued talking to Carol, “It would have taken me a long time to look in that direction for you, maybe too long. My Dad must have put the image of that deer in my mind so I would walk over there and find you.”

For the next hour or so I told them some stories about my dad and how he loved to hunt in these woods. They both smiled when I told them that his ashes were spread in the forest all around us.

Carol was convinced that my dad had helped her survive in the woods last night and she became a nicer person after we talked for awhile. She was still pro animal rights and we spent the next hour talking about hunting. She tried to convince me to stop hunting and I tried to convince her there was nothing wrong with hunting. In the end she was still pro animal rights and I was still pro hunting but she was a lot friendlier toward me.

I was getting hungry so I went to my cooler and got out a big pot of venison stew that Mom had made for me. I warmed it up and we ate. I thought it best not to tell them what they were eating. When they asked what it was I said ‘Mom’s beef stew.’

I put a couple of big logs on the fire and I told Carol and Sara that I was going to bed. Carol turned and watched as I stripped down to my boxers and crawled in bed. Sara came over to the bed and smiled, “Do you mind if I join you?” I smiled back at her and moved over in the bed and pulled back the quilt for her.

I watched Sara as she took off her sweater and bra. I looked over at Carol standing with her mouth open by the fire. I said to her, “There’s room in here if you care to join us?”

Carol finally found her voice and said, “Sara, What are you doing?”

Sara looked at Carol; she was wearing nothing except for her panties. “I’m getting into bed with Dave, he’s not such a bad guy and he’ll keep me warm tonight. Come on and join us.”

Sara sat on the bed and crawled over to me as I threw the covers over us. She put her arm across my chest and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I turned on my side facing her and kissed her on the lips. We kissed again and she opened her mouth as our tongues met.

I opened my eyes to see Carol standing next to the bed looking at me. She pulled her sweater over her head and threw it on the bed behind her. She unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms, exposing her firm tits for me to see. She had a little smile on her face as she pulled the covers back and lay down on the bed.

I turned my attention back to Sara who was slowly kissing her way down my stomach. Her hand encircled my cock and she began stroking it. I pushed her head down until she put it in her mouth and sucked on it.

When Carol’s body came into contact with mine I could tell her body temperature was still below normal. I resisted the urge to push her away and pulled her to me making as much contact with her as I could to warm her up. She let out a sigh as I cupped her ice cold breast in my hand. She moved her mouth up to mine and kissed me on the lips.

I was having difficulty concentrating on the kiss with Sara giving me a blowjob. I took my hand off her breast and pulled her closer to me. Sara was doing a good job and I soon released all of my cum into her mouth without her spilling a drop. Sara soon crawled up and laid her head on my other shoulder. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be lying in bed naked with two women.

I said, “Carol, you need to get in the middle so we can both warm you up.”

I pulled her on top of me and moved to the edge of the bed and rolled her over into the middle. She lay on her side facing me as Sara and I spooned up tight to her. I think we all dozed off for a couple of hours. When I woke up the fire was almost out so I got up naked and added more wood to the fire. When I crawled back into bed Carol’s hand went to my stomach. She slowly moved lower and grabbed hold of my limp cock. It took just a few seconds for me get hard again. She stroked it a few more times and crawled on top of me.

My legs were close together and she spread her legs apart and moved down until I felt her pussy make contact with my cock. She rose up onto her knees and reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. She inched her way down until I was buried as deep as I could go. She began riding back and forth grinding her clit into me. Sara moved over and kissed me as Carol continued to grind away.

Her motion became jerky as I reached up and tweaked both of her nipples. She made a squeaking noise and collapsed down onto my chest breathing heavy. I felt her pussy contracting and I knew that she had had her orgasm. After she had somewhat recovered I slow fucked her until I came.

I fell asleep again only to be awoken a couple hours later I think by Sara as she began to stroke my cock until I was hard again. She crawled on top of me and began riding me cowgirl style. Each girl had one more turn before morning came. Sara tried one more time early in the morning to get me hard but with no success. My cock was worn out and would not cooperate.

I got up about an hour before sunrise and made a pot of coffee. I got dressed for hunting while the coffee brewed. I eat a couple doughnuts, filled my thermos with coffee and put some beef jerky in my pocket. As I walked by the bed Sara’s eyes were open so I whispered to her that I’d be back in a couple hours.

I went out to one of my close by stands and started hunting. I saw three doe and one small spike buck walk by but I already had a big deer hanging so I let the spike and doe pass by. After a couple hours I headed back to the cabin.

Both girls were up and dressed sitting at the table drinking coffee. Sara asked, “Did you have any luck?”

“No, I saw three doe and one small spike buck but I let them pass.” I set my rifle down and said, “If you’re ready, I’ll take you to your car.”

The ground was frozen so I walked to my truck and drove the snowmobile back to the cabin. Both girls climbed on the back of the snowmobile and I drove them back to the road. Carol gave me a hug and a kiss and said, “Thanks Dave for everything,” and headed for the car.

Sara put her arms around my neck and gave me a long kiss and said, “Call Me. My number’s in your phone.”

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this is one of the best stories on here

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