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Molly and her 3 daughters move in next to Harry, he beds them ass
He was sitting at my computer surfing the web when he heard what sounded like his backyard gate shutting, since he couldn’t think of any reason any one would be in his yard he got up to take a look. There, standing by his pool were three little girls.

The house next door to his had recently sold. He’d seen the family move in two days ago. There was an adult woman and three children; he didn’t see any men except the movers. He hadn’t introduced himself yet, he’d intended to go over tomorrow, Saturday, and say hi. Now it looked like the kids beat him to it.

He went downstairs and walked out the back door asking, “Hi girls, can I help you with something?”

“Hi Mister, we’re just looking at your pool,” one of them replied.

“I’m Harry Leach, who are you,” I asked.

The middle sized one replied, “I’m Beth, she’s Anna, indicating the taller girl and she’s Cherry, pointing to the smallest. We just moved in next door.”

“Well Beth, et. al., would you like to go swimming?”

“Yeah, would we ever, can we?”

“Let’s go talk to your Mom and see what she has to say, ok?”

After traipsing next door; they all went in, where he was greeted by a chubby red headed woman who appeared to be in her early thirties. She was cute in a “girl next door” kinda way. Her light red hair was cut short; she had a freckled little pug nose, jade green eyes and the prettiest smile he’d seen in years.

“Hi neighbor, I’m Harry Leach,” said he.

“Hi Harry, I’m Molly Macklin. I see you’ve already met my brood, would you like some iced tea or lemonade?” she smiled.

“I’d love some lemonade,” he replied as she led him to the kitchen.

Molly poured each of them drinks then sat at the table with him. They chatted about her moving experience, she said she was almost unpacked and was tired from the effort.

He took that as an opportunity to ask, “Molly, the girls would like to go swimming. Why don’t you grab a suit, too and you all come over. You can get a little R&R and maybe a little swimming in; I could grill some burgers and dogs and we can have a barbecue for dinner, what do you say?”

“Harry, that sounds like fun. What time do you want us?

It was already 2:00, he said, “Let’s make it around four; it’ll give me time to bake some beans and whip up a potato salad to go with the burgers, ok with you?”

“Harry, it’s a date; do you want us to bring anything?”

“Maybe some towels, I don’t know if I have enough.”

Harry iced down some beers and soft drinks in a cooler and set it out near the pool, fixed the potato salad and beans and shaped the burgers so they’d be ready for the grill then he changed into my swimming suit and went outside.

Molly and her girls were right on time, led, not to his surprise, by Beth. Even though she wasn’t the oldest she seemed like the leader of the pack. Beth didn’t hesitate; she jumped right in the pool. She was followed quickly by Cherry and a little more hesitantly by Anna. Molly walked over to join me on a chaise lounge in the shade.

“Care for a cold beer or a soda,” Harry asked.

“Harry, I think I’ll go for the beer, thanks.”

Anna, Beth and Cherry were splashing each other in the water, all were clad in two piece suits and Molly was too. Nothing outlandishly skimpy but a little revealing none the less; Molly’s bottoms were cut high on the hip and were pulled tight into her crotch; she was showing him a nice deep camel toe. Her top was filled and I do mean filled by breasts that had to be 40D’s. If she had dressed to try to seduce him she surely was dressed for success.

They chatted, getting to know each other. Molly was a registered nurse and worked at our local community hospital. Harry shared that he was an associate professor of history at the community college in town. As they talked, things got a little more personal. Harry didn’t usually share some things about himself but Molly already seemed like an old friend.

He loved teaching, that’s why he did it. He really didn’t need to work; his grandfather had established a $2,500,000.00 trust fund for him that had kicked in when he turned twenty-five. He didn’t share that with Molly but he did tell her that he’d been married and had had a son. Carley, his wife and Hank, his son were killed when a semi, with a driver on amphetamines had run a red light demolishing Carley’s Volvo. That had happened four years ago and the court case was still ongoing.

After expressing her condolences Molly shared her past with me. She’d been divorced for six years from a man named Michael Macklin.

Molly joked, “Mike’s friends used to laugh. They said he only got laid every two years and I had a kid every time. Anna’s twelve, Beth’s ten and Cherry’s eight. Instead of having one at six he divorced me for a newer model.

Harry told her she looked like a pretty snazzy model to him and that Mike was a fool.

Taking his hand she put it on her belly saying, “Harry I let myself go a little after Cherry was born. I kept this tummy and Mike didn’t like it. He wanted someone lank and lean.”

He didn’t take his hand away and she didn’t object. Harry rubbed her stomach telling her, “I like it; I think you’re really cute and sexy just like you are.”

“Well thank you Harry, you’re lookin pretty good too.” When she said that she was looking at my lap where an erection was beginning to sprout, then she looked me in the eye and grinned.

“Come on Harry, let’s get in the pool and harass the kids.”

When they got in the pool they were greeted by a wall of water, all three girls splashed them and, of course, Beth the instigator had to get out and try to cannonball them. They played in the pool for about an hour and Harry got several hands full of Molly, breasts, bottom and even a little of that camel toe. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact she got a hand full herself a couple of times.

“Ok everybody out, it’s time to eat. Maybe you gals can get back in for a little while after dinner,” Harry called out.

Cherry was the first up the pool ladder, she had a cute little bubble butt but still a little girl’s body and her top was looked like two triangles of cloth covering pimples. Anna followed her and what a contrast. Anna had a beautifully shaped ass, flaring hips and tits that were at least 32’s. Beth trailed; she had to take another shot at splashing Molly and him. As she scampered up the ladder one side of her suit was pulled into her butt crack baring one cheek. She had plump cheeks and the beginning of a feminine figure. Her breasts were beginning to bud; she was going to be a beauty, no question. Molly was last, she gave her bottom a wiggle at him, looked over her shoulder and grinned invitingly.

He cooked the burgers and dogs and they feasted. Molly and Harry had their third beers; the girls got Cokes, after finishing and cleaning up the girls jumped back in the pool.

Molly and Harry went back to their loungers; they sat side by side holding hands and talking.

Harry said, “You’re got three really cute daughters Molly.”

With an evil glint in her eye she replied, “Yeah I do don’t I.”

Something about her look made him answer, “Hey Molly, I like big girls.”

Reaching over she squeezed his cock saying, “Good.”

When opportunity knocks Harry’s quick to answer. “Molly tomorrow night after the girls go to bed why don’t you come over, I’ll burn a couple of steaks, bake some potatoes and maybe steam some asparagus, what do you say?”

“Sounds good, I can toss a salad and bring some garlic bread.”

“How do you want your steak cooked and what do you like on your potato,” he asked.

“Medium rare on the steak and,” taking his hand again and placing it on her tummy, “everything on the potato, can’t you tell.” With that she pushed his hand a little lower. He cupped her sex through her suit and ran a finger along her camel toe. Molly gasped a little then said, “We need to talk a little, though.”

“What is it Molly?”

“Harry I don’t want to disappoint you so I better tell you now. I won’t let you fuck me at least not in my pussy. I’ll do just about anything else, though. I know we can have some fun. Before you ask I’ll tell you why. Remember when I said Mike’s friends joked about him only getting laid every two years? Well they were close to right. After Anna was born I’d decided I was going to leave him. He ran around on me almost from the start and I was tired of it. I made him use condoms after that, so what happened, one broke; that was Beth. I went on birth control pills after that. They’re 99% effective, did you know that?”

He nodded no, he didn’t know.

“Well so they say. I guess I’m a 1%er, that’s Cherry. It seems that if a man waves a dick at me I get pregnant so I settled on abstinence.”

“Harry that’s the bad news, the good news is I’m pretty good with my mouth and I’ve even been known to take it up my little, well maybe not so little, bottom. Can you live with that?”

“What kind of wine do you want with the steaks tomorrow?” he asked in answer to her question.

Before they went home Harry set the pool rules for the kids. The main one was that they were not to get in the pool unless Molly or he was there. They were ok with that. He had some outside work to do the next day and told them that, if it was ok with Molly, they could come over around 10:00 in the morning. That got a hurrah.

At 10:00 on the dot the parade entered with Beth in the lead, of course. Into the pool they went. They were all good swimmers but Cherry went through the water like a little otter, she’d be swimming for her school team in a few years.

Around eleven Harry took a beer break. Sitting in the shade he called out asking if anyone wanted a soda. Only Beth came over. She got a Coke and sat in the chair a few feet across from him, facing him. They chatted for a few minutes then she pulled her feet up on the chair splaying her legs. She reached as though she was adjusting the leg band of her suit and pulled the suit aside showing me her young, hairless pussy. Harry caught his breath and looked up at her. She was smiling at him when she pulled her suit back over.

Harry was in awe and dumbfounded; struck momentarily speechless He just sat there. Finally he was able to ask, “Beth why did you do that.”

“Because I wanted you to see me, did you like it?”

“Beth sweetheart, you’re cute but I really like big girls.”

“Oh Harry, I think you like little girls, too, I’ve seen how you look at our bottoms when you think we aren’t looking. Cherry noticed, too, not Anna though, she’s a little slow on the uptake.”

“You want to feel it Harry?”

“For God’s sake Beth, are you trying to get me in trouble?”

‘You won’t get in trouble Harry, not with any of us.”

He’d gotten a raging hard on during this surrealistic conversation and was afraid to stand up. Finally he said, “Beth why don’t you get back in the pool.”

She ran laughing and jumped back in, swimming to Cherry and whispering in her ear. Cherry looked over at him and grinned.

He’d never thought about little girls as sexual beings but then again he’d never been around little girls much. Beth, the little vixen was changing his mind. He wondered what it would be like to screw her, God she’d gotten him hard just talking.

After the girls left he got things together for supper. He didn’t expect Molly until around ten but he didn’t want to be rushing around at the last minute. Then he took a shower and changed. Harry went real casual, commando with loose fitting shorts, a button up shirt and mocs with no socks. He got a beer and turned on the TV.

At nine he put the potatoes in the oven to bake, cleaned the asparagus and seasoned the steaks then he lit the charcoal.

He’d steamed and chilled the asparagus, dressing it with sesame oil and rice wine vinegar then, at ten ‘til ten he opened the wine, he’d chosen a Cabernet, and put on the steaks.

Everything was ready when Molly showed up with her salad and bread.

The dinner was delicious and the company even nicer. Molly proved to be a bright woman, witty and with a self-depreciating sense of humor. Harry found her delightful; they talked about movies, music the arts, just a pleasant conversation. After they’d finished he cleaned up and they took their wine to the living room and put on some music.

Sitting on the sofa Molly snuggled up to him. She took his glass from him, set it on the coffee table and kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue. She unbuttoned his shirt and fondled his nipples then sucked and nipped on them. No one had ever done that to him before, he found it arousing then she unzipped his shorts and masturbated him to an erection.

Molly took him in her mouth and it was fantastic. She was able to completely deep throat him and could constrict her throat like she was milking his cock. She bobbed up and down then enwrapped him with her tongue and swirled it around his engorged member. She tickled his little hole then took him back down her throat. Harry was ready to cum and told her so, “Molly, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, ooo, I’m coming.” She kept at it.

He gripped her head and pumped into her mouth blasting stream after stream of cum and she swallowed it all while still deep throating him. Then she milked him dry. Harry was still gasping for breath when she came up and kissed him. He’d never been a fan of kissing right after and tasting himself but, somehow he didn’t mind with Molly.

“Wow” was all he could say, then gaining a little control he took her hand saying, “Let’s go upstairs.”

In the bedroom Harry unbuttoned Molly’s blouse and removed her bra. He was startled by how firm her breasts were. They were large and freckled but, even after three children, there was almost no sag. He fondled them and gave each a kiss before dropping to his knees and tugging down her shorts. Her pantied pussy was right in front of him. He took her elastic waist band in hand and rolled her panties down to her feet; she stepped out. Her light red pubic hair was sparse and neatly trimmed; he could see the beginning of her slit. He pulled her to him and gave her a kiss at her “V” then stood and took her to his bed.

He took her in my arms and kissed her fervently on the lips then kissed down her neck to her breasts. Taking one nipple in his mouth and the other between thumb and forefinger, he sucked one while gently twisting and pinching the other. Molly let out a small moan. Harry continued kissing downward, over her tummy where he tickled her little innie navel with his tongue and on over her mons to her vulva where he opened her with his tongue and licked along her inner lips. Molly had a womanly musky scent and taste and she was already lubricating. He teased her hole with the tip of his tongue, flicking it in and out of her before moving up to take her clitoris between his lips. Molly had a protruding clit, long and pearly pink at the tip. He sucked on it like it was a nipple then swirled around it and sucked again. It was engorged and red from his ministrations and Molly had begun to moan loudly and buck her hips. He reached around her hips and took both of her back cheeks in his hands and pulled her harder against his hungry mouth. She was already pounding into his face; when he put a finger in her bottom she exploded in orgasm. Her vagina contracted time and again washing his tongue with her fantastic fluids; he licked hard and fast to keep up with her flow. Harry continued to lick as her orgasm subsided, finally her thrusting ceased and she lay back with a deep sigh, “Harry, that was wonderful, God it felt good.”

“I liked it, too, I love the taste of you Molly.”

“Harry I’m glad that you like cause I think I want you to taste me a lot more,” she winked at him.

He lay down beside her, he wanted to take her bottom but he knew we needed to talk first.

As he held her he said, “Molly something strange happened today, it’s about Beth.”

Molly sat up asking, “Oh Harry what did she do now?”

He recounted the episode in detail, he didn’t want Molly to think he was some kind of pedophile after her children but as it turned out that wasn’t what she was concerned about.

“Harry, I can’t believe this, she only waited two days before going after you, I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean?”

“Got time for a long story, Harry?”

“Tell me,” he replied.

“Harry, in our old apartment the girls all had to sleep in one room. Several years ago I put up a hidden camera and audio recording device. It was a nanny cam so I could check on the babysitter. The babysitter never did anything wrong but several months ago I saw the girls. Evidentially Mike had forgotten some porno flicks when he left. I didn’t know about them but Beth found them and the girls all watched. Beth, being Beth, wanted to do some of the things they’d seen.”

“Harry, on the monitor I saw then all go into their room; Beth had a candle and a jar of Vaseline; she’d seen a girl using a dildo on the video and she wanted them all to try it. Anna had gotten some sex education in her health class and she didn’t want to. She told Beth that it would hurt and she explained that they would rupture their hymens if they did that. I don’t think Beth even knew she had a hymen ‘til Anna told her; but did that deter her, hell no. She wanted to go first and, of course, if Beth wanted to do it then Cherry did. Anything Beth does Cherry wants to try. Beth pressured Anna to do it to her. At first Anna refused but when Beth told her she’d do it herself Anna gave in.”

“Harry you wouldn’t believe it, Beth took her shorts and panties off and lay down on the bed. She pulled her feet up under her butt and opened her legs. Harry, I watched. Beth held herself open for Anna. Anna twirled the candle in the Vaseline and pushed it into Beth. I saw her pause when she got to her hymen and Beth told her to put it in her. She pushed it in. Beth gave out a little cry when she was torn but nothing more then she told Anna to push it in and out like the girl in the video. Anna pumped her for about five minutes before Beth said, “Your turn.”

“Anna tried to talk her way out of doing it but Beth can be a force of nature. She pulled Anna’s shorts and panties down and told her to get on the bed. Anna did as she was told; then Beth opened her thighs and pushed the candle in. When Anna’s cherry was broken she started to cry. Beth didn’t care, she pumped her hard and Anna started to react. Her crying changed to a mewling then to moans that weren’t from pain. On the camera I could even see her getting wet and she started rubbing herself. Beth kept at her until Anna had a little orgasm. Then I heard Anna thank Beth, telling her how good that felt. I think Beth was jealous, she hadn’t gotten the same thrill.”

“While Anna and Beth were talking about how it had felt Cherry had to chime in. She wanted to do it, too. Even Beth tried to talk her out of it telling her she was too young and too small “down there.” Cherry nearly forced Beth to do it. She rolled her panties and shorts off and jumped on the bed. Harry, it was pathetic, she’s a little girl, she shouldn’t even know about this stuff but she couldn’t be talked out of it. Beth used the narrow end of the candle. When she broke her Cherry screamed out in pain and started crying. Beth didn’t even pump her; she left the candle in for just a few moments then pulled it out.”

“Harry, I was appalled by what I’d witnessed but I was even more appalled by what I heard after they had finished and I was particularly surprised by who spoke up. Anna must have really liked what she got. She told Beth that if a candle could feel that good that she wanted to get a real man to do it to her. Beth was all for that, she said she’d find the guy they wanted. Cherry piped in that she wanted to do it, too.”

“Harry, I’m afraid Beth thinks she’s found her man. I overheard them and all three of them are crazy about you. I’m sure you’re their target.”

“Molly, this is insane. What can we do about it?”

“Harry, in just two days I think you’ve gotten to know Beth. What do you think she’s going to do?”

“I think she’ll keep trying to interest me, to seduce me and when I turn her down she’s going to find someone who won’t, what do you think?”

“I think you’ve figured Beth out in just two days.”

“Beth, what do you want me to do?”

“Harry I don’t think you’re going to believe what I’m about to say, hell I don’t believe what I’m about to say but Harry, fuck them; that’s what I want you to do, you fuck them all or someone else will and I trust you, so do it.”

“Molly that’s a pretty big step and I could get in some very serious trouble. Have you given that any thought?”

“Harry, the girls won’t say anything. After you’ve done them I’ll sit them down and explain the consequences to them, to you and to me. I’ll be involved enough that I’d be in trouble, too.”

Harry hated to confess it but he was getting hard just at the thought of wrapping those tight young pussies around his cock, he told Molly that he’d do it.

“Harry, I’ll send Beth over tomorrow morning. I’ll tell her there’s something you need to talk to her about. I’ll guarantee you she’ll push the issue, ok?”

“Ok Molly if that’s what you want.”

“Harry it’s not what I want. What I want is for all of my girls to walk down the aisle virginal and dressed in white but I know that’s not going to happen.”

Their strange conversation had dampened their ardor, they never did anything more they just went down stairs and talked out what he was going to do.

“Molly, let’s talk about a few things. Beth will be first. Has she started her periods, do I need a condom?”

“No Beth and, of course Cherry are safe. Anna is fertile but I put her on birth control two years ago, she was having some problems and I did it to regulate her so you’re ok.”

“Molly, even if they’re not virgins I’m probably going to hurt them, especially Cherry. Are sure you want me to try with her?”

“She’ll insist.”

He walked Molly home and kissed her good night.

Back in his bedroom he got out the KY Jelly and put it on the night stand, he knew he’d need it in the morning, and then he went to bed.

Lying in bed he replayed this strange, surreal day. He really was going to let a ten year old seduce him in the morning and he really was going to take her to his bed. And he still wanted Molly’s bottom.

Harry was having a cup of coffee when, at 8:00 there was a knock at the door. He answered and Beth came in. She was dressed in burgundy gym shorts that were loose at the leg holes and a light pink pull over; he asked if she’d like anything. She said no so he carried his coffee into the living room and sat down. She took the chair across from him; it was positioned so she could play her little games.

“What did you want to talk to me about Harry,” she asked as she put her feet on the chair seat and opened her thighs.

She didn’t need to pull her shorts aside, they gaped open exhibiting her panties but she did open and close her legs assuring that she had his attention. He watched her every move.

“Like what you’re seeing Harry, I’ll show you more if you want,” she teased.

Taking one last shot he asked, “Beth, why are you doing this, you’re a young girl, you shouldn’t be displaying yourself to me.”

In answer she reached down to her crotch and pulled her panties aside, displaying her little pussy saying, “Harry I want you to look at me. Do you like what you’re seeing; do you want to touch me, Harry?” As she rubbed a finger along her slit.

“Beth I think we’d better go upstairs to continue this conversation.”

As they walked toward his bedroom Harry wondered how he should handle Beth. Should he kiss her, hold her and hug her; maybe play with her a bit to try to get her ready or should he just take her? He decided on the slower approach.

Sitting on the bed he said, “Beth would you come over here, please.”

When she came to the bedside he lifted her onto his lap, asking her if she had any idea what she was getting into.

Her answer was pretty straight forward, she took his hand and put it on her pussy saying, “Harry I want you to want me, do you?”

With the hard on he had pushing against her bottom it would have been hard to deny that he wanted her, he answered, “Yes Beth I want you if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

She snuggled against me, answering, "Yes Harry that’s what I want.”

He gathered her in his arms and lay on the bed, kissing her before lifting her top over her head. She had micro-breasts, more swollen nipples that full fledged titties, he rolled them with my fingers and Beth moaned. Young breasts are particularly tender so he gently sucked them.

He asked, “Do you like?”

She whispered, “Yes.”

First he cupped her sex through her shorts and panties then I pulled her shorts off. She was wearing cute little girl panties with Ariel the mermaid adorning them, he rolled them off. He was graced by a heavenly sight. Beth spread her legs after her panties came off and he was looking at her hairless pussy and her little slit. She was still young enough that she didn’t gape open, only a little pink showed.

He wanted her nice and moist so he fingered her, opening her with his fingers. Her little labia were a light pink and he could see her tiny vaginal opening. It seemed impossible to him that he’d ever get into it. He lowered his head to her pussy and inhaled her scent. She had a very light fragrance, mild and mellow. She was dry, Harry assumed she was still too young to produce heavy lubrication, then he licked along her slit and teased her little hole with his tongue.

Harry learned soon enough that, even though she wasn’t producing lubrication, she could sure experience arousal. As he licked her she started to moan and wriggle her hips and when he found the small pearl that was her clit and sucked on it her belly muscles rippled from the intense pleasure she was feeling. For a little girl her orgasm was pretty powerful as she pounded her pussy against his probing tongue. It was time to take her.

Harry got the tube of KY from the night stand, greased a finger and inserted it into her vagina. She was incredibly tight even on his finger. He pumped it in and out of her several times to be sure she was slick inside then slathered some on his cock.

When he lifted Beth’s legs and positioned himself at her entrance he found out she wasn’t as brave as she thought she was, her body was trembling and he could see fear in her pretty eyes.

“Ok Beth, you’re about to become a big girl,” he said to her as he pushed into her. She screamed in pain.

He probably should have pulled out and quit but, she said she wanted it and now Harry did, too; he thrust forward.

It took some effort to get into her. Even if she wasn’t a virgin the only thing that had ever been in her was that candle, it didn’t compare with 7 ½ inches of man meat. He had to take her hips and pull her towards me as he thrust forward to get even two inches into her tight pussy. She was screaming in agony and wailing while he pushed in, then she settled into mournful sobs. Harry thought, my God, what am I doing? He’d let himself get out of control, he didn’t really want to hurt Beth, hell he wanted her to like it. He’d like more of this tight little girl flesh in the future. He stopped pushing into her and caressed her face. She continued to sob so he backed out a little and tweaked her nipples gently then rubbed down her tummy to her clit. When he began strumming her little pearl she got control of her tears.

With a painful effort at a smile Beth said, “Harry I hurt, you hurt me.”

“I know Beth and I’m sorry. Let’s try something else; it might be easier for you, ok. I want you to get up on your knees and I’ll enter you from behind.”

Harry wasn’t sure whether it would be easier but he wanted to see her from behind, her cheeks were like two white grapefruits separated by a little rose bud, and he reveled in the light scent of her.

With Beth positioned on her knees Harry pushed her head down onto the pillow, stroked on a bit more lubricant and entered her. He took his time; just the head slipped in then he rested, letting her get accustomed to the intrusion. When she pushed her bottom back toward him he took it as an invitation and pushed further into her. The further he got into her the tighter she seemed, it was like having his dick in a velvet vice. He waited for her to push back. After a few moments she wiggled her tail and took another inch. Harry was about four inches into her; he began to gently pump her. She was able to take just a little more with each of his thrusts. It took over ten minutes but finally his balls were resting against her.

Beth had been moaning throughout Harry’s penetration, it wasn’t as painful as before but it still hurt. She wanted to tell him to stop but she couldn’t; after all she was the one that had wanted to do this. Finally she realized he was completely in her, filling her little love tunnel. She rested for several moments then started working her hips, pumping herself on Harry’s cock. It felt better, then good, then great. She liked the fullness he gave her and, even more, she felt more like a woman than a little girl.

When she started to pump back against him he was nearly ready to explode. Just getting into her, the pressure and the friction had nearly gotten him off but now that he was in he could establish a rhythm; he held her by the hips and began to thrust. It was mind blowing, Harry thought, watching his cock slide in and out of her incredibly constricting cunt. Each time he pushed forward into Beth she grunted, ugh, ugh, ugh and each time I pulled out she moaned a quiet ooo, ooo, ooo. Her sounds were so sensual. He reached under her to give her clit some attention, he was nearly ready to cum and he wanted her to have an orgasm if she could.

When Harry started playing with her pussy Beth started getting the strangest feeling, her tummy was churning and she felt so good between her legs. Harry was pumping into her deeply now and that felt good, too. Beth felt her vagina start to spasm and she could feel Harry’s cock swell up. Suddenly Harry pulled her hips back to him and Beth felt herself being filled with his hot cum.

Harry looked down as he pumped cum into Beth’s hot little cunt. He had her filled and there was no room for his jizz, it was flooding out of her and oozing down the insides of her thighs. Beth had started panting when he flooded her and continued to do so as he drained himself into her. He pulled out but held her in place admiring her narrow hips, her cute little rose bud and her cum filled vagina then he lay down beside her and pulled her into his arms.

Holding her he asked, “Are you ok Beth?”

“Oh yes, I’m ok Harry. Harry, am I a woman now?”

“Beth you sure are, you’re my little woman.”

She just beamed at him. She was so cute; he kissed her softly on the lips and hugged her, holding her to his chest. The sex must have exhausted her, she dozed off.

He got up, cleaned himself up and got a warm wash cloth. He opened Beth’s thighs and sponged the cum off her pussy and legs then pulled the covers over her and let her nap.

Downstairs, he poured a cup of coffee and called Molly.

“Well the deed is done. Beth’s upstairs asleep; I think it was a little much for her. You want to come over and have some coffee?”

“Sure, I’ll be right over.”

Harry let Molly in and followed her to the kitchen. She was barefooted and wearing white shorts and a light blue top. He admired the way her delectable ass filled the shorts; he could see her panty line, something he’d always found sexy.

After the coffee was poured and Molly and he were seated at the table he asked, “Want to hear about it?”

“Of course, tell me everything.”

Harry recounted all that had happened, the pain, putting her in the doggie position, how he was amazed that she was finally able to take all 7 ½ inches and finally how she seemed to enjoy it in the end. Then he told her about how Beth was so full that his cum ran down her legs. Molly was getting aroused by just listening, Harry watched as she flexed her thighs masturbating herself.

“You look a little uncomfortable there, can I do anything to help,” he grinned at her.

“You’re damned right there’s something you can do; let’s go in on the sofa.”

“Why, are you going to let me fuck you?” he teased.

“No Harry, and you’ve already got yours, I want you to taste me and make me cum.”

And so he did.

Lying on the couch afterward Molly asked, “Who next?”

“Molly I’d like the toughest one over with. I don’t really want to try to have sex with Cherry, she’s so darned young but I know she’ll insist, so I guess I’d like her next.”

“I suppose I agree. When do you want her, this evening or tomorrow?”

“We may as well make it tonight. Why don’t you bring all of the girls over around six? I’ll fix some burgers and fries then Beth and Anna can swim while I’m upstairs with Cherry and you’ll be here if she needs some help.”

After Beth woke up and came downstairs she and Molly went home. Harry thought he’d get ready for Cherry but then thought, what could he do to prepare; he couldn’t make her bigger.

Molly and the girls came back at six, Beth and Anna already had on their swimming suits but Cherry was dressed in a little pair of shorts and a Care Bear top, God she looked young. Harry grilled the burgers and set out the condiments; everyone ate. Molly and Harry were sitting apart from the girls.

Molly said, “I overheard the girls talking. Beth bragged about how good it felt and stuff like that. She didn’t say anything about the pain. I don’t think Cherry totally believed her though, even if Beth didn’t say anything she was walking a little bowlegged and winced when she sat down. I think Cherry noticed.

“I guess I better get started,” he said to Molly as he called Cherry over.

“Hi Baby, are you ready to go upstairs?” Harry asked her.

“I don’t know Harry, I guess so,” she answered with a quiver in her voice.

He took her hand and led her to his bedroom where he picked her up and held her in his lap asking, “Are you sure you want to do this Cherry?”

“No Harry I’m not sure but I have to, Beth already did it.”

“Ok then,” he said as I lifted her Care Bear top over her head.

He just held her for a few minutes, hugging her like the little girl she was then he helped her out of her shorts and laid her on the bed. He looked over her tiny body and felt like the biggest rat bastard that had ever lived. She was a little girl; there was nothing womanly about her. Her breasts were nonexistent, just little bumps at most, her figure was still a child’s and she was wearing panties to match her tee-shirt. Here he was about to fuck a Care Bear; he rolled her panties off. Of course she had no pubic hair and her little pussy, and it was little, a three inch slit if that, was still closed up like a clam.

When he ran a finger along the inside of her Cherry started to tremble and make little mewling sounds.

“What is it Baby,” he asked.

“You’re going to hurt me aren’t you Harry?” she whispered in a tremulous voice. He could tell she was already on the verge of tears.

“I’ll try not to Cherry. If you hurt too much just say so, I’ll stop, ok?”

Harry stood her up then and took off his shorts, he already was erect and he thought, the sight of his 7 ½ inch pole scared her even more. He sat back down on the bed and pulled her, tummy down, across his lap saying, “Let me give you a little massage to help you relax.”

She was still trembling. He rubbed her back, down over her hips and caressed her little bottom. Her quivering finally stopped. Now he was getting to the hard part. He squeezed a little KY Jelly onto his fingers, slipped his hand between her legs and opened her tiny slit then rubbed along it with his fingers. When he found her miniscule vagina he probed it with his finger; he couldn’t even get the tip in. There was no sense in even trying to fuck her, he knew he couldn’t but because she had to try everything Beth did he’d have to go through the motions.

“Baby, here’s how we’re going to do this. I’ll lie on the bed and you can straddle me. You’ll be in control. I’ll put my cock against your hole and you can sit on me, if it hurts, stop, ok.”

“Ok, Harry.”

First he filled her with lubricant and stroked some on himself then he lay down and directed her over him. He brought her little pussy down and guided his cock to her hole saying, “Ok Baby, you can try now.”

Cherry tentatively eased herself down. Harry’s cock began to penetrate her but she had to stop, it already hurt too much. She just stayed where she was just looking at Harry. Her eyes were teary; she wanted so badly to do this but she knew it wouldn’t work. She tried to bounce a little but she felt like she was being skewered on a spear. Harry lifted her off and hugged her to his chest asking, “Do you want to make me feel real good?”

Still sniffling Cherry said, “Sure Harry I want to make you feel good but Harry I wanted to feel your stuff go in me, Beth said it was so hot.”

Reaching for the KY he answered, “Baby maybe we can do both. Give me your hand.”

Harry squeezed some of the KY onto her hand and put some on his finger. With his he spread it on her little vagina. He told her that when he was ready he’d sit her back on him so he could cum in her then he showed her how to masturbate him.

Cherry’s little hand flew up and down Harry’s stiff shaft until he seemed to get bigger.

When he started to swell he said, “Ok Cherry, get on me.”

She straddled him as he guided his cock to her tiny opening. When she sat on him he blasted his load. It must have been a better lubricant that the KY because Cherry slipped onto his cock, taking the complete head. There was something lewdly arousing about filling a little eight year old, he pumped rope after rope of cum into her, he thought she’d burst as he filled her little vagina. Nothing was flowing out of her, his cock head was like a dam holding the cum in. At least he wasn’t hurting her, she was cooing like a turtle dove.

They both got dressed and went back out to the pool, everyone was in the water. Cherry sat down with him and had a Coke then went in to change into her suit. When she got up Harry noticed the whole crotch of her shorts was sopping, his cum had leaked out of her and filled her panties; he guessed she’d be happy cause he had gotten it in her.

Cherry, back in her swim wear hopped in the pool. Molly got out and sat with Harry. She got a beer and waited for him to tell her how things had gone. He told her everything that had happened adding, “She may be too small for sex but she gives great hand.”

“Yeah, she got me ready with her hand then jumped and squatted on me so she could get some cum in her little puss; she even got the head into her.”

Molly just shook her head saying, “My little trooper.”

“Harry, Anna wants to come over in the morning around 9:00 and I can tell you she’s really excited, will that work for you?”

“Nine will be fine but when are we going to get to spend some time, Molly, I really do like big girls better, especially you.”

“How about tomorrow night after the girls are in bed, would you like to take this big girl to bed?”

“I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Well hold that thought ‘til tomorrow night.”

Anna showed up the next morning at the stroke of nine. When he answered the door she said, “Good morning Harry, may I come in?”

“Sure, let’s go out to the kitchen, I was just having my coffee, can I get you something?”

“Maybe some orange juice, please.”

As Anna walked by he smelled the light fragrance she was had on. She was wearing crisp white shorts and a pale lavender blouse. He was surprised to notice she was showing a panty line, he’d already mentioned how sexy he found those.

When they’d finished their drinks he asked Anna if she wanted to go upstairs.

“Yes Harry, I do,” she replied as she got up and walked to the staircase.

Harry let her lead the way; he wanted to admire her cute bottom.

He lead her to his bedroom and closed the door. She walked toward the bed then turned back to face him. He kissed her as he unbuttoned and removed her blouse then he turned her around and cupped her breasts and kissed her on the neck. She pressed back against him and ground her bottom into his crotch as he unhooked her bra and slid it down her arms. He again took a breast in each hand and gently squeezed. They were beautiful, firm and pert, about the size of peaches. He lightly twisted and pulled on her nipples then turned her back around.

“Anna take your shorts off, please,” He asked.

She tugged down her shorts and stood before him clad in only her panties. No little girl lingerie here, they were French cut and ruffled. She had a chubby mons and the panties were tight enough that she showed a nice little camel toe. He ran my finger along her slit through her panties and Anna gasped.

“Would you take your panties off for me Anna?”

She slowly rolled them down and stepped out of them. He could only stand looking, enjoying the sight of her perfect young body, then he stepped forward and took her in his arms, guiding her to the bed.

He didn’t want to just fuck Anna; he wanted to make love to her. He held her in his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately; she responded, sticking her tongue in his mouth and probing him. They kissed for several minutes, he was massaging her breasts at the same time and her breathing was getting ragged. Then he kissed down her neck and took a nipple in his mouth, pulling her to him while he sucked first one sweet tittie then the other. He noticed the scent of her perfume, she’d put a little between her breasts. Continuing to massage her chest, he moved his kisses down over her tummy where he teased her belly button then lower to the fair red hair on her swollen mound; she’d even daubed a bit of perfume down here.

When he got to her treasure, he opened her with his fingers and breathed in her mild but womanly aroma. Her inner lips were a nice deep pink shade and as he spread her further he could see the small opening of her vagina. Harry started licking her and she started to lubricate. Using her moisture he wet his finger and slid it into her, probing until he’d found her “G” spot then pressing and rubbing it.

Anna moaned, “Oh yes Harry, oh yes.”

While continuing to finger her he slid his tongue up her slit until he found her clitoris; like her mother, hers was fairly large, ideal for sucking, and Harry did. With the suction on her clit and the massage of her “G” spot Anna started to writhe, tossing her head side to side and thrusting with her hips. He knew she was close and he wanted to do one more thing. She was flowing copiously now and his hand was wet, he took it out of her pussy and pressed against her tight pucker. She moaned louder and thrust harder against his tongue. Then he pushed a finger through her sphincter and started pumping her bottom. He thought he’d ignited a firecracker.

She wasn’t moaning now, she was screaming, “Yes Harry, oh God Harrreee, oh yesss, more, please more,” She hissed.

Harry didn’t know if it was pussy or ass she wanted more of, he sucked harder on her clit then slipped a second finger into her bottom. She pumped hard against his invading fingers trying to drive him deeper and panting between her screams.

It was an amazing sight, Anna was throwing her hear violently from side to side and screaming out her pleasure when her washboard flat tummy began rippling and Harry could feel the spasming of her vagina as she climaxed. He was afraid she was going to have a grand mal seizure; she was absolutely out of control. He’d never had a woman so wild, she was hurting his face she was pounding it so hard. He just kinda held her down by the hips and let her orgasm overwhelm her.

As Anna began to come down from her high, Harry got ready for his; he positioned himself between her thighs, spread her legs a little further and pushed into her. He got a big surprise. Maybe because she’d lubricated so heavily with her wanton climax, whatever the case, he slid in completely burying himself to the hilt.

Anna gasped a little when Harry bottomed out in her then rasped, “Harry, what are you doing to me, my God Harry, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”

“Sweetheart, I’ve still got a little more for you,” he replied as he started stroking into her.

He lifted her legs toward her chest to allow deeper penetration. That was a mistake, when he got maximum penetration he hit her cervix causing her pain. He lowered her legs and fucked away. She was tight but so nice. Not at all like a vice, he felt like he was being jacked off with a squeezing fist in a velvet glove.

Anna’s eyes, the same jade as Molly’s, were open and she was smiling, watching Harry as he stroked into her, she loved the fullness she felt from his cock. She wrapped her legs around Harry’s waist and pulled him to her then bucked her hips to meet his thrusts. Harry reached between them, rubbing Anna’s clit as he pounded into her deeper and faster. Anna’s breathing had changed to panting and her vagina was contracting, milking Harry. He thrust harder and harder then pushed in as deeply as possible and exploded, filling her young vagina with his scalding cum. Anna was just a moment behind. She screamed as the ecstasy of her climax overwhelmed her.

Harry collapsed onto Anna, they both were spent. He held her for a moment then rolled off and lay beside her, holding her and whispering about how fantastic the sex was, how beautiful she was. She kissed him saying, “Just hold me for a few minutes, please,” as she snuggled to his chest.

Even though it was only late morning they both dozed off. Anna was the first to awaken and she wanted Harry again. She lifted the sheets and admired Harry’s flaccid penis then slid down and took him between her lips, sucking him ‘til he was erect.

Harry slowly came up from the depths of his nap to a most pleasant sensation. Looking under the covers he found Anna sucking him. When she realized he was awake she looked up at him and smiled, “Hi Harry, ready to go again?”

“Anna, you’re insatiable.”

“Harry, I don’t know about that but I do know what I want next, are you up to it?”

“Harry, I want you to take me from behind, please.”

“Sure, if that’s what you want; I like doggie style, too.” He answered.

“No Harry, not doggie, I want you in my, in my, you know,” she whispered.

“Ok Anna, you want me in your bottom?”

“Yeah Harry, that’s what I want.”

“Sweetheart, I’m afraid I’ll hurt you if we do that.”

“I don’t think so Harry, I found Mom’s toy and I’ve used it there. I love the feeling. I know you’re bigger that that thing but it’s what I want,” as she positioned her pillow, got to her knees and rested her head on her folded arms on the pillow.

Harry took the tube of KY and moved behind her. The view was spectacular; her pussy was still wet and sticky with his cum, her tight little rose bud awaited and her ass was comprised of two perfect half moons, pale and freckled. Harry coated two fingers with the gel and rubbed it onto her pucker then inserted one finger, pumped a time or two and stuck in the second. Anna moaned softly at the first, the second elicited a loud Oooo Harry, Oooo, as she pushed to meet his hand. Harry pumped both fingers in and out then added more lube and removed his fingers. Anna was as ready as he could get her.

Harry moved up behind her and mounted her, sliding into her easily. He didn’t thrust he simply pressed forward until he was completely buried, his balls resting against her pussy.

As Harry slid into her depths Anna let out a continual moan, the volume rising the further into her Harry went. She was in full throat by the time he bottomed out, then screamed, “Oh damn Harry, hurt me, hurt me, hurrrt mee, oh, oh, oh, yes Harry fuck my ass, come on Harry fuck me hard, Ooo.”

Glad to oblige, Harry gripped her hips and pounded into her, thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper yet; if she wanted to hurt Harry would oblige. He was thrusting into her so hard that his balls hurt from beating against her pussy. He was bruising her cheeks where his hip bones were slamming against her bottom and still she was wailing, “Hurt me Harry, hurt me.”

Harry was astounded, Anna was reveling in his, what could only be termed, viscous assault. He felt her sphincter squeeze his cock as Anna reached her climax, screaming, “Yesss Harry, yesss. She panted in time with his thrusts, yes, yes, yes as her pussy drained its lovely juices over him. Harry came with a scream of his own, his balls contracted as he fired blast after blast of his hot cum into her bowels.

Anna was spent, she fell to the bed and Harry followed her down, his cock still in her. He continued to pump into her as she lay supine, emptying himself into her sweet ass. Even as he softened he remained buried in her bottom. It was simply the most spectacular fuck he’d ever had; he didn’t want it to end. But of course it had to.

Harry rolled off Anna and took her in his arms. She looked at him and he was surprised to see her eyes were tear stained, she’d been crying while they were coupled; he hadn’t realized that, all he could remember were her screaming exhortations asking for pain. Evidentially she had suffered.

“God Harry, thank you, it was a whole lot better than I imagined.”

“Better?” “Anna, I hurt you and I’m sorry.”

“Harry, damn that’s what made it so good, I wanted the pain and it excited me like I knew it would.”

“Strange girl,” Harry quipped.

“Yeah Harry but did you like it?”

“Hell yes I liked it. How could I not? I have a beautiful young woman surrendering her sweet, tight derriere to me, you’re damned right I liked it.”

“Harry can we do it again pretty soon?”

“Sweetheart we can do it any time you want.”

“Good,” she said as she rolled over with her back to him and snuggled against him.

Harry just laid admiring Anna’s bottom. Beautifully formed it was still small, a teenaged girl’s shape; Harry massaged her cheeks reliving the wanton, lewd pleasure it had just given him; yes, he would want more.

They stayed on the bed for about an hour before Anna got up and started to dress. Harry asked if she wanted to shower first. Anna smiled at him and replied, “Not yet Harry, I want you in me for a while.”

She was oozing cum from both cunt and ass as she pulled her panties back on as Harry thought, how sexy is that, she wants to hold me in her. It caused such erotic thoughts that his cock started to twitch in anticipation of next time.

After Anna left Harry showered and changed the bed linens. He really didn’t her daughter all over his sheets when Molly visited tonight, they’d make their own mess.

Harry had been anticipating this tryst with Molly but, now after Anna he wondered how she would stand up; Anna had been incomparable.

Molly arrived earlier than Harry had expected. It wasn’t quite nine thirty when she knocked. Harry let her in, poured drinks for each of them and sat with her on the sofa. He commented about the time.

Molly told him, “Anna went up to bed early, she looked beat. Beth and Cherry are in Beth’s room, no doubt planning some disaster. Harry, what happened with Anna? She was bent over when she walked and was holding her tummy. When she tried to sit down she winced and tears came to her eyes. What the heck happened?”

How does one explain to a mother that her twelve year old daughter likes rough anal sex and pled for pain? Harry answered as diplomatically as possible, “Well, Anna and I had sex then she told me she wanted it in her bottom; we did that too.”

“I guess that explains her trouble sitting. Are you going to give me trouble sitting Harry?”

Harry rubbed Molly’s bottom saying, “I can’t wait.”

Molly set her glass on the coffee table and took his hand pulling him to his feet answering, “Then let’s don’t.”

In the bedroom Harry pulled Molly’s top over her head and unfastened and removed her bra. He still delighted in admiring her firm full breasts with their dusting of freckles. He kissed each one then pulled down her shorts. Her sassy camel toe was encased in silk panties. He dropped to his knees and licked her through the slick material, enjoying her scent before tugging then to the floor. She stepped out of the panties and stood before him with her legs parted, inviting his attention. Harry encircled her bottom with one arm pulling her to him as he opened her lips and licked along her slit. Molly was already moist, so given this opportunity to play; Harry rubbed along her slit with his fingers then inserted one into her vagina. Molly had a sharp intake of breath and gave out a little moan. Harry was surprised at how tight she was after three children. Maybe it was because there’d been no visitors here for about six years; whatever, he pushed into her until he found her “G” spot and massaged it while he took her clitoris between his lips and sucked.

Molly’s legs buckled, she would have fallen if she hadn’t been able to use Harry for support. She was moaning with pleasure while he fingered her and played with her clit but when he slipped his finger into her tight rose bud she went over the edge. She shook and wailed as gush after gush of her love juiced flooded from her drenching Harry’s hand and her inner thighs. She needed Harry’s help to remain standing until she’d finished then he stood up and led her to his bed.

Harry laid her on her back, got the KY and lubed her. He slathered a little on himself and got between her legs. He wanted her under him, looking at him when he entered her. He lifted her legs and pushed them back toward her chest. Molly helped, she wrapped her arms around her thighs holding herself completely open as he guided his rigid cock to her back passage and pushed in.

Harry was watching her cute face as he entered her. She turned her face to the side and winced, feeling some pain as he slid further into her bowels. Harry pushed forward, pressing further and further into her until he was completely encased in her. He paused for a moment; Molly smiled at him but she had tears in her eyes.

“Are you ok, Molly,” he asked.

“I’m alright Harry.”

“Molly are you sure, you look like you’re in pain.”

“Harry, I am in a little pain but I don’t mind, in fact I like to feel it,” she answered as she wrapped her legs around Harry’s waist pulling him deeper. “Fuck me Harry, just fuck me.”

Harry started stroking into her, picking up his pace ‘til he was pounding her ass with the same wanton abandon as Anna had gotten. Her face showed the agony she was feeling but her body showed it wanted more; she was pounding her bottom back at Harry’s thrusts giving as good as she got.

Harry felt his cum rising. Wanting Molly to cum, too, he slipped a hand between then and rapidly rubbed her clit while he continued to pound her ass. Molly’s breathing was shallow and ragged, more panting than breaths when she felt Harry’s cock swell. She wanted to hold herself off so she could enjoy the feel of his hot cum flood her insides.

Harry came with an intensity that amazed him after all he’d done with Anna but Molly was using her internal muscles to milk his cock. His attention to her clit paid off, Molly gripped him tightly with her legs, drew him even deeper into her and held him there while her cunt pumped out her climax.

Sated, Molly relaxed her grip on Harry’s waist and let her legs splay open. Harry stayed in her until he’d softened then slipped out, leaned forward and kissed her sweet lips saying, “Molly, you’re fantastic.”

Molly hugged him and kissed him back saying, “You’re pretty fantastic too, Harry.”

Harry and Molly spent the next several months getting to know each other. They had dates, intimate dinners, shows and concerts to share. Sometimes they took the girls but many were private. Harry was falling in love, Molly already was.

Harry continued to service all of the girls. Usually they were one on one but several times Beth brought Cherry. It was a couple of months later when Beth and Cherry showed up. Beth said, “I saw something on one of my dad’s videos. Cherry and I want to try with you; we already tried it with just us.”

Harry thought, just like Beth, up to something, as he took the two of them upstairs.

Beth was so anxious to try her new thing that she didn’t need much warming up. She wanted it from behind, she seemed to prefer it that way and Harry liked it that way with her, too. He loved to see his cock sliding in and out of her little pussy.

Both of the girls stripped then Cherry asked, “Can I get you ready Harry?”

Harry answered, “Sure Cherry,” as she got the KY from his night stand. He still used it with Beth, she was just so tight.

Cherry stroked it onto Harry then jumped onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. Harry was about to ask when Beth said, “shush,” and climbed on the bed on hands and knees. Cherry slid down so she was under Beth’s face.

Beth wiggled her butt saying, “Ok Harry, we’re ready.”

Harry moved behind her and pushed into her. He really liked fucking Beth; she was just so damned tight. As he was pushing forward, Beth was mewling like a kitten and when he was completely into her she gave a little grunt. Harry was so occupied watching himself slide in and out of her small cunt that he didn’t immediately realize what else was happening on the bed.

While Harry was fucking her Beth had positioned Cherry perfectly below her and had spread her tiny lips. Beth’s tongue was flying along Cherry’s tiny pink slit, teasing her little hole and twirling around her petite pearl. Cherry was moaning right along with Beth.

Finally Harry became aware of his surroundings. He couldn’t believe what he was watching; Cherry was holding her pussy open for Beth’s oral attention. Instead of being appalled, Harry took delight in the sight; it spurred him on. Grasping Beth’s narrow hips he plowed her harder and faster, ramming into her as she grunted to his every thrust.

It was Harry’s first threesome but, he thought, not his last. First little Cherry quivered as Beth’s oral attention brought on a mini-orgasm then he felt Beth’s cunt contracting around his swelling cock as she wailed out her climax just as Harry exploded into her, overflowing her small cunt.

“Whatta you think Harry, is that cool or what,” Beth asked.

Before Harry could answer Cherry had his dick in her mouth, licking him clean then she went for Beth, lapping and sucking Harry’s cum from her pussy, she wanted her cum, too.

At last Harry answered, “Beth, I don’t know what the hell to think; who came up with that idea, you?”

“Both of us, since Cherry can’t do it yet it’s something she can do and she likes it.”

“Yes, I like it Harry, we even do it to each other at home.”

When Harry got together with Molly that evening he told her, “You ain’t gonna believe this one lover.” And he told her.

“Oh my God Harry, what am I raising?”

“Well Molly I’d say you’ve got three healthy girls with strong interests in sex.”

“Speaking of a strong interest in sex, Molly, when are you going to make love to me?”

“In time I’m sure it’ll happen Harry.”

Things between them went along as before; days of contentment followed by nights of love making, the only thing missing as far as Harry was concerned was that Molly was still holding out.

One thing did occur that Harry didn’t share. His attorney had called; the insurance company for the truck line had offered a settlement of ten million dollars. The attorney said that he’d countered; pay Harry the ten million plus pay the attorney his fees. The insurance company acquiesced; he recommended acceptance of the offer, Harry agreed.

He contacted the trustees for his trust and asked if he could add an additional ten million for their stewardship. They were delighted to accept. Harry was now worth twelve and a half million. It was his secret and he had plans for some of it.

Harry had it in mind that he and Molly should get married; they hadn’t really discussed it but, to both of them it seemed to be the next step in their relationship and Harry had found the house that he wanted for their marital home. It was a 10,000 square foot two story house on a small rise overlooking an oxbow in the river. The property had 2,000 feet of river frontage with a dock and boathouse. Harry figured they’d get a boat later. For now he wanted to concentrate on the house.

Harry had closed escrow and was now the proud owner. He hired a decorator and a contractor. The bottom floor didn’t require structural change but the second floor was to be completely remodeled. The master bedroom was to be two thousand square feet with a fireplace and French doors opening to a terrace overlooking the river. The bath was sumptuous, Jacuzzi bath, separate shower, commode and bidet along with the sinks all done in onyx black with gold fixtures. There were to be three identical 750 square foot bedrooms. These were mini-masters, each with a private attached bath; one for each of the girls. The fourth room would be decorated when needed, it also had a private bath but it was set aside for a nursery, just in case.

After explaining what he was looking for in d?r he gave the decorator pretty much carte blanche with one exception, the master bedroom furniture. Harry did divulge his plans for the furniture so the decorator could coordinate the carpeting and window dressings. He was going with hardwood floors down stairs but in the sleeping areas he wanted carpet; he hated cold feet on winter mornings.

Harry met with a master woodworker, he wanted his bedroom furniture hand crafted and it had to be delivered no later than the first week of the upcoming New Year. They agreed on the delivery date and the price. Harry had one other thing to deal with, the sheets for his new bed had to be custom made, he arranged for six sets.

Viola, he was done.

That night over dinner with Molly he asked if she could arrange to get off the first week in January, he said they deserved a vacation and he wanted to spend the week on Aruba, just the two of them. Molly said she was sure she could get the time off and that her sister would, no doubt, watch the girls.

Harry booked a suite at the Occidental Grand Aruba for the week and bought their airline tickets. He also bought a four carat diamond and matching wedding ring. He had plans.

They flew via Miami and on to Aruba. The first evening they dined at the hotel, they were both a little tired from the travel and Harry wanted to get Molly alone. He did have two bottled of Moet iced and delivered to the room while they dined.

Once in their suite both changed into more comfortable clothing and reclined on the sofa, Molly lying with her head in Harry’s lap.

“It’s beautiful here Harry, I glad we came.”

Harry was a little tongue tied, he was about to pop the question and he was nervous. He answered, “Yes it is beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as you Molly.”

Molly scoffed, “Harry, maybe I’m cute but beautiful’s a stretch.”

“Molly, will you be my cute beautiful wife?”

Tears came to Molly’s eyes; she was nodding yes as Harry slipped the big diamond on her finger. He hugged her saying, “I believe in long engagements, how about you?”

Molly shook her head no.

“That’s good; the concierge is arranging a garden wedding for tomorrow morning at eleven. Is that engagement too long?” Harry smiled.

“No Harry, just long enough. Oh God Harry what am I going to wear?”

“Well, I’d like you naked but I was afraid you wouldn’t agree.” As he walked to the closet and showed her the dress he’d bought for her.

“Harry I love it but is it too formal for a garden wedding?”

“Oh I think not, I’ll be in a morning coat, my attire is supposed to be delivered here by nine.”

“Let’s plan on a room service breakfast here at around seven thirty. That should give us plenty of time to dress, ok?”

“Sure Harry that should work.”

The climbed into bed and just held each other, kissing and giggling like a couple of kids until they drifted off to sleep.

The morning went perfectly, they had a light breakfast and Harry’s clothes were there by eight fifty. They went down to the lobby and met with the concierge who introduced them to the man who would officiate. The concierge and his wife were going to stand up with them.

The man had outdone himself, the setting was fantastic. The service went off with a hitch; Harry and Molly were husband and wife.

Back in their room they stripped out of their wedding attire and put on sleep wear, Molly was anxious to get the honeymoon under way but Harry wanted to chat with her first.

“Molly, I’m as excited as you are but there are some things you need to know now that we’re married. Let’s have some mimosas sent up and let me tell you some things that are important for you to know, ok?”

“Harry get the mimosas, I’ve waited this long, I guess a little more time won’t hurt.”

After room service had departed and the drinks were poured Harry sat in the easy chair and pulled Molly onto his lap.

“Molly do you want more children?”

“Yes Harry, I want us to make babies, lots and lots of babies, at least three or four more.”

“When we have babies would you consider being a stay at home mom? I’m not real big on day care and all that stuff.”

“Harry, I’ve always wanted to stay at home and raise children but it’s a matter of economics. A nurse and a college prof make ok money together but I don’t know about making it on just one salary.”

“If that wasn’t a problem you’d be ok with staying home?”

“Harry, I’d love to stay home, tend the hearth, cook, clean and breed, ok,” she laughed.

“Well I’ll certainly go along with the breeding and you can cook if you like but I think you’ll want a housekeeper for some of the other stuff.”

“Harry it makes a nice fairy tale,” she teased, grinding her bottom into his lap.

“Yeah, Molly I guess it does, want to hear the rest of my fantasy?”

“Sure Harry,” she answered as she nibbled on his ear. She was anxious to get the talking over.

“Ok how about this; we’ll live in a 10,000 square foot house on five acres overlooking the river. We’ll have a boat house and a dock and manicured lawns. “How am I doing so far?”

“You’re doin’ great Harry but hurry it up, I want you in me making babies.”

“Ok. I’ll hurry. The house has some custom features. Anna, Beth and Cherry get their own large bed room suites with their own bathrooms. Do you think they’d like that?”

“Sure Harry.”

“And the master suite is 2,000 square feet but what’s really special is the bed. It’s a double King size, hand crafted and made to my specifications. It’s big enough that we can all get on and play.”

“I’d love it, the girls would love it and I think you’d love it most of all.”

“You’re probably right. We move in when we get back.”

“Harry, you’re nuts; you have a vivid imagination but you’re nuts.”

“No Molly I’m not nuts. I have held out one thing about myself from you though. Molly, I’m worth twelve and a half million dollars. Everything I’ve just told you is true. We’ll sit down with my trustees when we get back to see that you and the girls are provided for should something happen to me.”

Molly stared at him saying, “You’re serious aren’t you Harry?”

“Yeah Molly I’m serious.”

“Well damn Harry,” was all that she could say, adding, “I know I’m ready for bed now.”

Molly had on a white nightie and Harry was in just his boxers as they crawled into bed.

Harry took Molly into his arms, hugging her and whispering, “I love you Mrs. Leach.”

They kissed passionately then Harry helped Molly out of her nightie and he took off his shorts. As always Harry was awed by her magnificent breasts, he hugged her to his chest feeling her erect nipples pressed against him as he rolled her onto her back.

There seemed to be an unspoken agreement between them that foreplay was unnecessary. They’d had so many violent romps in the past that tonight called for restrained passion, just gentle love making. Harry got between Molly’s legs.

Molly smiled up at him saying, “Yes Harry, now,” as he entered her.

They say pussy’s pussy but Harry disagreed. He’d fucked, banged, had sex but he hadn’t made love since his first wife had been killed; he made love now.

Harry slowly entered Molly; her vagina was nice, still tight and hot like fire. He stroked slowly and gently. Both had their eyes open, each watching the other, both smiling and taking pleasure in the others body.

Molly whispered, “I’ve been waiting for you Harry and now I’ve found you. I love you.”

Continuing with long languid strokes Harry answered, “I’ve waited for you too Molly, and you’re worth the wait.”

They kept their slow pace, Molly filled, but they kissed and cooed all the while. Nearly an hour had passed when Harry asked if she wanted him to cum in her.

“Harry we’re making babies now, I want all of you in me. Please fill me.”

As they both moved toward orgasm they picked up their pace, Harry stroking deeper and more forcefully as they reached a mutual climax, both moaning in the intensity of their orgasms. Molly felt Harry’s cum filling her and with the intuition that only a woman can have she knew she was pregnant.

When they had finished, Molly rolled with her back to Harry, spooning with him. She hadn’t cleaned up, she wanted his cum to stay in her, they had a baby to make. She wiggled her cute bottom against his groin teasingly. Harry was a bit startled; he was rising to the occasion.

When Molly felt his erection she spread her legs invitingly as she arched her back so he could more easily penetrate her. Harry opened her lips and pushed in. Neither of them moved, Molly was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze Harry. It felt wonderful; Harry knew she’d get him off but maybe not herself. He reached around and found her engorged clitoris, took it between thumb and forefinger and masturbated it until she sighed with quiet relief. Harry followed a moment or two later.

He left himself buried in Molly as they dozed off on their first night as husband and wife.

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