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I didn’t like Jacko- not really sure that any of us did really and to tell the truth I was a bit scared of him. He was 19 and looked like he hard been carved from rock, well muscled and with a lithe way of moving that resembled a wolf- and you definitely did not want to be on his wrong side. But Jacko was strong, decisive; he made all the calls. he chose them, he said how it was gonna be and he set the order.

There were five of us in the gang, I was 16 and now number four. This was because Rickie was a new lad, from the Puerto Rican quarter; although he was 18, he’d never been out before so I outranked him- just- well anyway at least for the time being. Vinnie was next at three. He was 18 now and handy with a blade in a corner. Then came Raoul 19, nearly as hard as Jacko himself and Jacko’s right hand man. Usually he was no 2 but sometimes Jacko would even let him go first.

It was a hot August night, we’d been hanging around the waste ground where the stores should have been built ten years ago and which now provided makeshift ball courts, scratched out amongst the scrubby weeds and bushes that were trying to reclaim the site. The sun was down and the moon was visible above the skeletal outlines of the distant tenement blocks we called home. The air was humid; it was heavy with the stink of bad drains and poorly repaired sewers. I’d always thought this was just how pure hopelessness would smell and I hadn’t been disappointed.

Things had been hard for me until I met Jacko- I wasn’t much good in a fight and my dad beat me most nights. I had learned early on that I didn’t win, and now confrontation led me to turn inwards and away from a fight. I’m not sure I fitted well with the rest of the guys but I was intelligent enough and I think they treated me as some sort of mascot. Anyway- I took to hanging out and I started to change. It wasn’t obvious at first but their resolve leant me some, and when I used what I had learned and first pulled a knife on my dad, he saw it too. After that things changed for me; I got to feel ten feet tall, and I could see respect in the faces of our neighbors even if it was only reflected from Jacko onto the rest of us. Dad left soon after, neither I nor Mom were too bothered about that, he had been worthless and his departure left us slightly better off with one-less mouth to keep in food and none to keep in booze.

So there we were, we’d played ball, liberated some beers from the local store and now, sweating in the evening heat we began to contemplate a plan for the night. Rickie was new and keen;

“Let’s go downtown man...” he would say “Lets crash a club and score some dope.”

I wasn’t into drugs but scoring downtown was definitely on my mind. Vinnie looked at me

“Maybe yeah, but without the dope….” His voice trailed into his characteristic hissing laughter until Raoul clapped him on the back. Jacko as usual made the decision

“Downtown, we’re gonna score OK”
We didn’t talk much as we walked the three blocks to the club strip, I could see the neons before we got there, Rickie was full of which club we would chose. I guess it was only he who was surprised when Jacko led us off the main street, around the back of the clubs, where the deserted maze of alleys led from the dumpsters behind the clubs back towards the seedier parts we had just left. Jacko led us to a point where the alley did a lefthand dog leg close to its entrance, there was a pile of dumped trash with an old armchair. He gathered us to order and as usual he said how it was gonna be:

“I’m first, then Raoul, Vinnie, Mick and Rickie”

Only Rickie wasn’t clear- “Hey man, first for what?”

Jacko was in the zone now; he wasn’t into painting by numbers. Rickie would pick it up- or maybe not. It was his first night and this would be a test of sorts. I remembered my first night- I had picked it up and then some! Jacko flashed Rickie a glance at him that wasn’t particularly friendly-

“…Keep quiet and out of sight”

We all nodded in assent, Jacko turned and walked back down towards the clubs, we waited, no talking, hardly daring to breathe - Ricky twitching with curiosity, curiosity that would soon be satisfied. I could hear voices, faint and muffled at first but getting closer and more distinct. I could hear Jacko’s base tone and then, clearly, the higher pitch of a girl.

“Where are you leading me…? “ -female giggles “Its awfully dark out here…” more giggles.

Jacko had a way with women, he was handsome in a way I certainly wasn’t and his good looks got me access to women who wouldn’t look at me. As usual, 10 min in a club dangling his lure and someone had bitten! This time on a Saturday night there are a lot of girls on the way to getting totally wasted, and not quite as cautious as they would otherwise be. The trick is to choose the right one at the right stage… Jacko was reassuring;

“Not far, just a little further there’s a really comfortable place- we can… relax.”
More giggles.

I heard a scrunching sound as she turned and then a quiet smacking sound as they kissed.

“Hey lover don’t be so impatient!” she murmured in a tone that meant don’t hold back either.

Next to me Rickie at last caught on and gave a squeal - I clamped my hand over his mouth and I don’t think the sound travelled. The two were walking again, their footsteps getting closer. We withdrew into the shadows; I dragged the silenced Rickie with me. We stayed still, quiet, hardly daring to breath. Signs of movement, they were coming around the corner, soon they would be out of sight from the clubs. The girl was speaking

“Here you mean?”

She turned somewhat unsteadily to Jacko with a giggle - indicating the insalubrious pile of trash and armchair with a sweep of her hand as she did so. I studied her as she turned towards the trash pile that hid us. She was lovely. She was young, about 18, quite tall with fair hair- probably dyed but her face was pretty and her skin clear. Her body was firm and her figure trim. Somebody’s daughter, somebody’s angel. A sweet girl who had simply made some wrong choices tonight. She was dressed in a tight blouse, thin for the warmth of the night, the material gathering together the mounds of her breasts and thrusting them forwards for appreciation, exhibiting them to the world in a deep cleavage that rocked gently as she moved. They would get that appreciation tonight. Her skirt was short and tight - barely covering her shapely bottom. Her buttocks were restrained and seemed even to be focused by the tight fabric, each of her steps starting a delightful shivering ripple in her flesh and imparting a gentle sway to her breasts. Her chosen outfit was undoubtedly selected to attract attention - perhaps foolishly so because again, that would work over efficiently tonight. Like many attractive women, she probably believed that she dresses for herself- to make herself - Most have no real comprehension of the subconscious semaphore flashed by an enticing outfit to the testosterone-fuelled male subconscious. Beneath the hem of her skirt her legs were shapely, tapering smoothly to both knee and ankle- where they terminated in a pair of unsuitable high heeled shoes- those should slow her down if there was opportunity for flight. As usual Jacko had picked perfectly. She would do nicely.

In the shadows and unbeknownst to her, four pricks rose, stretched and readied themselves. I felt the familiar excitement in my groin, nervous anticipation - my breathing becoming shallow as my pulse rate increased. Soon it would be time… soon. I was tense, but keen as I was I knew better than to take the initiative- timing is everything, it has to be done suddenly and it has to be done fast. Raoul and Vinnie are more practiced, I could see both out of the corner of my eye crouching, getting ready to spring. Rickie seemed to be readying himself too so I held him back so he would understand to let those more experienced take the lead.

The girl was looking towards Jacko now and away from us. Silently Raoul and Vinnie were up, out of the shadows. They slipped easily across the short space of ground behind the girl, she oblivious to their approach. Then it was on! Vinnie grasped the girl firmly around her neck, grabbing and arm and bending it up into a half Nelson. Raoul encircled her waist with one arm, raising a knife to her chest as he spoke into her ear. The girl tensed and convulsed with the shock, a scream started rising in her throat, but emerged barely audible as Vinnie choked it off. She was struggling now, her legs writhing and her free arm was thrashing at those who held her. I heard her gasp a soft scream and
“Help me” as she appealed to Jacko to intervene, and save her. Instead a grin spread across Jacko’s face, he repeated the instruction most important to him

“Me first”

Rickie and I rose from the shadows and crossed the short space to her. Vinnie held her arm in the lock whilst Raoul made sure she could now clearly see the knife. Rickie and I grasped a leg each, she felt firm yet soft at the same time. The shapely legs were covered in nylon netted mesh, their texture and feel was electric. My prick pulsed strongly.

Between us the four of us manhandled the struggling girl further into the darkness, we rolled her onto her back, Vinnie holding her head down whilst we held each frantically kicking leg as firmly as we could as she squirmed and thrashed wildly on the old armchair. Fighting to keep her knees together and squirming form side to side, sliding her bottom in a delicious side to side motion on the decaying cushions.
“Ooowww!!”- She had bitten Vinnie’s hand; he lost his grip, shaking his now bleeding hand and cursing under his breath. The brief release meant that she managed a frantic cry and started a scream. Vinnie recovered his senses and slapped her across the cheek. The scream died into a sob. He reclamped her mouth;

“Don’t bite me again bitch” he ordered forcefully.” Don’t bite” Got it?

Her eyes were wild with fear, swiveling sightlessly from side-to-side.“No, No, Please, No No” she was muttering. “No- OOhhh!!!” she screamed as Raoul succeeded in ripping the flimsy blouse from her breasts. Rickie gasped as her mounds suddenly sprang into sight. The bulk of each breast was revealed as a creamy mound that shook milkily as she struggled, whilst the lower third of each was cupped more firmly in a delicate cradle of white lace; the berry-like nipples just visible above the cradle. Rickie ripped away the bra cups to plunder her breasts; the garemnt wasn’t designed for strength and parted easily in his hands. Relieved of their support her breasts sagged a little more downwards, and assumed a more pointed shape. The nipples were whipping from side to side now as her breasts followed the writhing struggles of her upper body. This girl wasn’t giving up easily. Raoul showed her the knife again. This time she must have seen and understood because she froze and gave a tiny whimper. Taking advantage of her temporary stillness Rickie and I firmly separated her legs by dragging her feet apart. She must have realized what that was about to happen because the movement resulted in another muffled scream and a resumption of her struggles. That meant Rickie and I had each to fix a firmer grip on her legs, higher up above the knee, where we could more forcefully enforce their separation.

I had been watching Raoul’s mouth and tongue go to work on her nipples, greedily sucking the titty flesh into his mouth and chewing on the nipples. I hadn’t noticed that Jacko had unzipped his own fly, but now his prick was standing proud like a flag pole from the fuzz of pubic hair so revealed.

“Hold her” He commanded,

We all held firmer, Raoul released her breast from his teeth and grasped her remaining free hand in readiness for Jacko’s attentions.

She knew the moment was approaching; she fought with Rickie and me to keep her knees together. For a short while she would succeed, but then we would separate them again, opening her thighs to let Jacko reach in and rip the gusset of her nylon tights and tear off the pink panties covering her pubic bush. Her pubic hair was tight and curly, surprisingly dark given her hair color, and I recalled my speculation that her hair was dyed. I couldn’t see much clearly in the half light, but I got the impression of tender pink wrinkled lips of her cunt protruding from the mass of curls. Jacko’s hand moved down to delve amongst them.

She clamped her thighs together and sobbed “Nnooo, Nooo, Please, Please stop!”

The resistance was futile; in truth it only excited us further. Rickie and I raised her knees, bending her thighs up towards her body flexing her knees down and apart at the same time. Jacko advanced between her now-opened thighs, his hand held her cunt open, his prick sticking straight as an arrow towards the entrance to her body. I heard her sobbed scream as the prick head touched the lips of her vaginal opening. This was followed by a grunt from Jacko as he pushed into the protesting woman. She started to wail and Raoul slapped her face again, the wail subsided into a sob once more, but Jacko was in! He started to buck and thrust. No time for niceties, this wasn’t about her, but about our needs. He was like an animal’ the force of his rutting must have hurt her as she squirmed again and tried to move up the cushion, away from Vinnie’s thrusts, lessening the extent of her penetration. He cursed

“Hold her tight” he ordered.

We did as we were asked, pulling the girl back down onto Jacko’s prick. He rutted contentedly into her. Grunts of satisfaction with each thrust gaining another inch of her. She was crying now, tears rolling down her face but at least she was silent and seemed to be struggling less.

“Christ she’s tight” Muttered Jacko though gritted teeth as the ecstasy over came him.

I heard his gasp and watched as his buttocks tensed, holding himself deep within her and I knew he was sperming into her. The girl was wailing now, the battle lost, a sense of defeat overwhelming her.

Jacko was still for a while, his eyes closed as the feelings washed over him. Then he recovered, his eyes opened and he nodded at Raoul. He pulled out of the girl with an audible “plop” a sticky gloop of sperm followed and puddled on the stained and rotting cushion.

Jacko moved to take Raoul’s place firmly holding an arm. He bent over and sucked at the girl’s mouth, she flinched and writhed whipping her head from side to side until Vinnie held her neck so Jacko could have his way.
Finally he released her lips

“You were one great fuck!” he said, almost softly

The girl looked at him, tears in her eyes. She whimpered as Raoul entered her. She was tired- almost too tired to fight anymore and Raoul’s entry was surprisingly simple. I saw his eyes close with the sensations of her; he too started to buck rapidly into her body, delighting in the friction of prick on vaginal wall. His thrusts were firm and strong, the force transmitted to her body but was not entirely absorbed in the tissues of the vagina. Her breasts shook with the shock of each penetration, her body jumping upwards at each thrust and had to be firmly restrained again by Jacko and Vinnie at her shoulders.

Her eyes rolled in her head; they caught mine and held them. Wordlessly pleading as she was shaken by the force of Raoul’s humping. Raoul started to moan, rising in pitch as his delight approached, then suddenly he too was coming in her, his whole body tensing and spasming, straining to squirt his seed as deeply into her captive cunt as he could. We held her firm, forcing her to receive it.

The sweat was running down Raoul’s back, gradually his tense body relaxed, his eyes popped open

“Man that was good” was all he could say.

Vinnie was next- he was impatient- Raoul’s withdrawal was too slow for his liking. He moved over, almost pulling Raoul out of her. There was a moment of tension between them-

“Hey Man- steady”

Raoul Tensed, squaring up to Vinnie, Rickie and I froze, watching with fascination this battle of the giants over their prize.

The moment of stand off meant that the girl was less firmly held than before, her squirming started up again and although this wasn’t her intention, the effect was to cut through the tension, recalling each of us to the task in hand. Vinnie mumbled an apology and Raoul smiled.

“Ok man, she’s worth the wait, go on enjoy” He stood aside.

The girl realized she had lost the moment and screamed again; this time Jacko stifled the sound with his mouth, feeding greedily from her lips. By the time he released her Vinnie had slipped his prick inside her, already moaning with the ecstasy, fucking the girl slowly at first but the speed building rapidly. He bucked easily into her, his hips moving smoothly like well oiled pistons. The girl was giving a little whimper at the completion of each stroke. We grinned at one another- Vinnie was the largest of us and he was stretching her to the limit. But soon his grunts too were rising to crescendo, his body too was tensing and pumping, tensing and pumping, sending stream after stream of his sperm into the girls stretched pussy. Vinnie sagged onto her and groaned at his release. Sweat was dripping from his brow onto her stomach. He raised his face to look at me

“Looks like your-up kid” he grinned

Vinnie pulled out of her, semen spilled from her cunt. The girl looked at me again-I could see it in her eyes, “Surely this kid won’t take me, won’t violate me like these animals, surely this boy will take pity and help me?” But I felt the fire in my loins, I felt the nervous excitement in my balls and my prick hungered for release, this boy had only one thing on his mind and only one course of action open to him. I moved unsteadily from the girl’s side- relinquishing my hold on her leg to Vinnie. The Girl followed me with her eyes as I moved – Her mouth opened and although no words came out I saw her mouth distinctly shape a single word


I was between her legs now, my prick released from my pants and in my hand. The red mist was over me, I moved forwards. My prick contacted her lips, they were well opened now and the penetration was easy. The head of my prick just caught inside her vagina, and then moved further in. The girls eyes widened in disbelief as I too took her abused body. Then they closed and she gave a single sob, then another and then she was sobbing almost uncontrollably and I could feel the light trembling motion in the walls of her cunt. The feeling was delicious. I closed my eyes to ignore its cause but relish its effect and pushed forwards. It was wet inside her with the remains of three earlier emissions. There was a smell of cum mixed with fishy vaginal mucous. My thrusting pumped some of the gloopy mix out past the tight seal of her vagina around my prick. The sensation was intoxicating. I heard her scream “Nooo, Noo, NOOO” as she finally realized that her last hope had gone and even I would not help her. That understanding gave me an intense feeling of power, of invincibility, of the right to take my pleasure from her and to use her to achieve my own satisfaction. Her body convulsed in her misery- the sensation was delicious. I started to move, in out… in out… slowly, slowly, sliding easily, feeling her open to me at each thrust, reveling in the slippery, slick slide of vagina over hard cock skin, I twitched inside her, she seemed to grip back in involuntary spasm- probably trying to expel me, but I wasn’t leaving her delights unless satisfied. I pushed and pushed, my needs, my urgency growing with each thrust back inside her, into her wetness and her warmth. I could feel a tightness at the end of her vagina and knew I was hitting her womb. I pushed again and again, harder, harder my own grunts rising in intensity at each thrust. I was oblivious to the situation, the guys were gone, the girl was just there for my pleasure, nothing more, nothing else. Just me, using her to climb the mountain. Push! Uuummmm, Push! Ummmm, Push! Ummmmmmm- Lovely, just a little more…more…OOOOhhhh!
I was surprised at the suddenness of my orgasm. I had wanted to last for ever inside her but I could not. I burst within the girl’s body as my friends held her to receive my emission- just as I had forced her to receive theirs. My prick pulsed and twitched, in side her, jumping, pumping, sending my own sperm to join that of the others in bathing her delicate, intimate membranes.
I was trembling against her as I opened my eyes, the other guys were smirking at me- Guess I had gotten pretty vocal.

“Enjoyed that did you?” Jacko grinned down at me. “Come on get off and let the newbie have a go”

I recalled Rickie- he was there still straining at the leash; the only one of us not to have enjoyed this girl. That was a shock- I was usually the last so there wasn’t usually a rush for me to withdraw, this time it was different. Rickie almost pulled me off her, my prick was yanked out of her tight clinging tube and back into the cooler air outside. For a moment I saw red, reflections of Raoul’s brush with Vinnie, but I remembered who I was (and what happened to me in a fight) and yielded my place between her thighs. As I moved back I saw a virtual flood of semen ooze from her body, dripping in stringy globules to the rancid cushion.

Rickie moved into position between her thighs- this was his first time, he was excited. I saw him advance prick in hand towards her, heard her scream at this final violation and then he was in, fucking like there was no tomorrow! Bucking like a jackhammer whilst her body quivered as she absorbed every thrust. It didn’t take long, he froze, tensed, within her, his eyes closed, his mouth popped open and he gasped;

“Oh God what a fuck!”

I could see his hips tensing and bucking, tensing and bucking, and I knew that he too was inseminating the girl, adding his seed to ours in a confirmation of our brotherhood. He started to shiver; I could see his thighs shaking against those of the girl. His mouth spread wide in a huge grin and his eyes rolled open. He was giggling almost uncontrollably, oblivious to the soft sobbing form the girl whose delicious body had satisfied the five of us. He pulled out, the mixed semen clinging in a stringy trail from her cunt lips to his prick. He wiped himself on her skirt.

We were all grinning like madmen- whilst the girl who was still held down by the four of us started to shiver and sob. Gradually we all released our grip on her. Rickie gathered up her soiled skirt and ripped pants and threw them at her.

“Thanks bitch”

The girl immediately curled up into the fetal position around the torn and soiled clothes. Her eyes were staring sightlessly into space, the sobbing had stopped. Jacko squeezed her breast as it hung there, I saw his fingers digging into the flesh but she gave no response. Jacko laughed, we all joined in and then, pricks satisfied, we melted back into the night.

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2012-04-02 01:41:48
WELL within your comfort zone! Another great story

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2011-10-30 03:48:49
Great story! I am female and certainly don't condone violence toward women or rape, but the fantasy of this is really erotic and disturbingly stimulating. Great job!

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2011-10-21 19:51:15
Also an amazing story. I too wish that the girl had been a tad younger and that they had used her ass and mouth, also maybe a little tit-fuck? :D But all-in-all, a great story!!

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Disturbing... and highly erotic. You have done well in the portrayal of the lust the young man felt and his use of the unfortunate girl as an object to satisfy that perverse desire. Rape should always be a fantasy... the reality could never match that fantasy. So keep it in your thoughts and never in your actions.

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i hate rape stories... i really do but u have a gift 4 writing. perhaps u could consider writing real stories, non rape stories. ur words painted every picture... unfortunately. but u have a very vivid imagination. i hope u take my words n 2 context

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