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This closely follows part 5, where Jessica got her piercings. This is my best recollection of the way Tim related that first night home. Enjoy!
Jessica – Part 6, Tim’s Story

Following the time I had with Jess after her piercings, but before they were fully ready to play with, and while Tim was still away, we had a couple of chances to play a little, but her big event was a plan to really surprise Tim when he got home from four weeks away. The afternoon before he arrived Jess called me and asked me to come over. She explained her plan and asked me to help her select what to wear, and made sure that my wife and I would watch their son. I helped her select a long flowing skirt and a loose cotton blouse, both heavy enough to conceal and full enough to allow her body, and the weights on her nipple and clit rings to move freely.

Tim’s plane arrived late afternoon the next day, and she had me come over beforehand and help her clip the weights on her piercings. She walked around the bedroom naked, showing me how they moved, and clearly enjoying the way they felt. We selected the mid-weight ones, enough for sensation, but not so much that she couldn’t stand them after several hours. When she was satisfied she pulled on the blouse and buttoned it, then slipped the skirt up her legs. A pair of sandals and she was ready. I saw her set the bag of toys I’d left before on the bed before we left.

We were picking up my wife and meeting Tim’s plane, then after dinner we would take their son home for the night so Tim and Jess could have some time alone. Everything went according to plan, although my wife watched the bounce in Jess breasts and the occasional pause and twitch in her hips with some interest.

Some days later Tim related the following story of that afternoon and night. Here are his own words.

When I saw Jess at the airport I could see that she was more excited than I expected, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. It wasn’t until she leaned against me to kiss me that I realized she had the weights on her breasts, and that she was sexually aroused by them. It wasn’t until later that I realized she had the other weight on and that it was banging against her clit when she walked, and giving her little orgasms when she moved.

When we collected my luggage and went to the car she was clearly excited, and as soon as we had Trenton strapped in and started to move she turned to me, unbuttoned her blouse clear to her waist, pulled it open and said, “What do you think?”

I watched the weights swing from her nipples, they’re beautiful, you know, both her nipples and the weights, and I was nearly speechless. This was not the prim and prudish little wife of three months ago. All that came out of my mouth was a fast, “Jess.”

“Don’t you like them?”

“Jess, I love them. Both your breasts and the piercings and weights, but you just took me by surprise. I never expected you to display them in the car in public.”

Jess tweaked the weights and made them swing. She actually moaned. “When I move around with them they make it feel like someone is constantly playing with my nipples. And you know how much I like someone playing with my nipples.” She grinned at me, then she tucked herself in her blouse, but didn’t button it. We were getting towards the exit gate but she said, “Wait till you see the other one.”

As we pulled away she raised off the seat and slipped her skirt up around her waist, then she held the front of it up and opened her legs. I could see the piercing through her clit hood and the weight hanging from it. She flipped it and when it hit her hips jumped. “It’s like a little hammer bumping my clit. It made me cum several times so far this afternoon. Did you notice?”

“I don’t think I’m the only one who noticed.”

“I like it. I like walking around and cumming and I don’t care if people notice. Would you like to touch it?” She raised her hips and parted her legs wider. What could I do? I slipped my hand between her legs and touched the piercing and felt it, then the weight. I pulled at it a little, then dropped it and she moaned again. I slipped my finger between her cunt lips and she was so wet I couldn’t believe it. She only let me rub her for a minute, then she grabbed my hand, put it to her mouth, and sucked on my fingers. I almost drove off the road right there.

She just smiled at me and said, “Better pay attention to your driving.”

My cock was about to rip the front of my pants. What did she expect? I wasn’t sure how I was going to get from the car to the restaurant. And that’s when I realized that she was loving every minute of this. She had something planned, and all I could do was wait and see. I was sure I was going to love it, after all, I’d wanted her to be like this for years. Now she was. Several times she dipped her fingers into her cunt and pulled them out covered in juice. She switched off between licking them herself and sharing with me. It took me a couple of minutes to arrange my cock so I could get out of the car, and watching Jess didn’t help. She buttoned her blouse, but only when she had showed off her tits several times, and she had me open her door and she swung her legs out and showed the whole world her little bare pussy.

As you know, when we went into the restaurant she slid into the booth first, what you couldn’t see was that she hiked her skirt around her waist as she slid in. When I asked her why she explained that she didn’t want the wet spot on her skirt. I don’t know how we got through dinner. I saw her take her sandals off and stick her feet in your lap. It’s a miracle Judi didn’t see that. She took my hand three different times and wrapped it around her pussy and jammed my fingers inside her. At least twice she came that way. Then she’d lick my fingers, or let me. And she was right about the skirt, she left a trail on the seat when she slid out. Before she walked away she made sure I saw, then she just grinned at me.

Since it was already dark when we got out on the highway she felt less caution. She just stripped right there. At first I thought she was going to tease me all the way home. She stretched out in the seat and played with her pussy and her tits, but after a while I think she realized how much I wanted her. She looked over at me, and I think she could tell my cock was raging, because she leaned over, undid my pants and left it free. That helped by itself, but then she put her head in my lap and sucked my cock while I drove.

After she had me starting to feel better she stopped sucking but continued to stroke me, raised her head and asked, “Have you been saving some cum for me?”


“How long?”

“Four days.”

“I want it now.” She told me. “You don’t even have to tell me, just cum in my mouth and let me drink it all down. Okay?”

“Yes.” What else could I say? She dove back down on my cock and sucked me dry. When I thought I had cum all I could she rubbed my balls and massaged the base of my cock and got a little more and she went after it like she was starving.

When she finally seemed satisfied that she’d emptied me she sat up again, looked at me and asked, “Better?”

All I could do was nod, so she leaned in and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her breath, but it wasn’t bad at all. Certainly, for an evening like this and a blow job like that I’d be willing to taste some cum breath. She sat back in her seat and went back to playing with herself. When I started to close my pants she stopped me. “Leave them open and let me watch you too.”

I drove all the way back to the house and got parked with the front of my pants open and my cock waving in the air. Watching Jess kept me aroused and every time I started to go down she’d stroke me to make sure I stayed erect. When I shut off the car I started to close my pants again, you know how far it is from our drive to the door, but she stopped me again. “No, just buckle your belt. Leave your cock sticking out for me.”

So I did. It felt kind of strange to walk around the car with my cock sticking out of the front of my pants, but when I opened her car door all she’d put on was her shoes. She grabbed my cock and stood up and headed for the house. I couldn’t even talk, I just closed the car door and followed her. Watching her beautiful little ass swaying down the sidewalk in the moonlight had me throbbing before I got to the door. I was so shocked I hadn’t even gotten the door key out, so she just stood there in the light by the door, naked, holding my cock while I fumbled for it. She just kept smiling at me, and I couldn’t stop looking at her body, naked and outside like that where anyone and everyone could see her.

When I finally got the key out and the door open she pulled me inside by the cock and then kicked her shoes off and let go of me. She just smiled, tossed her clothes on the chair and said, “You need to hurry up and get undressed, the real surprise is upstairs.”

I started stripping clothes off while she disappeared upstairs. When I got into the bedroom she had a couple of small lights on and was standing at the foot of the bed with something in her hands. I walked over to her and she stopped me and handed me a paddle. You know the one, long and flat and flexible. She gave it to me and said, “I’ve been a very bad girl and you need to beat me with this, daddy.”

The she turned, bent over at the waist and grabbed the rail of the footboard. She looked up at me, and I was just frozen in place. I had wanted this, but never expected it. She waited a moment for me to start, then she said again, “Beat your bad girl with your paddle, daddy.”

I can’t explain what happened. I looked at her ass pointing up like that, I looked at the paddle, I looked at that sexy smile, and I started paddling her. At first I wasn’t swinging very hard, but she kept telling me how bad she was and that I should beat her for it and I couldn’t stop. I started swinging the paddle harder. It really popped when it hit her ass, and she’d jerk and gasp, then moan, and I’d hit her again. This went on for a while, I was hitting her ass with the paddle and really whacking her good, and she was moaning and jerking and suddenly I hit her especially hard, and she sent a gusher of cum onto the bedroom floor. She stood there dribbling cum and she looked at me with such a look of lust and begged, “Fuck me daddy. Fuck me, I’ve been bad.”

I tossed the paddle on the bed and walked up behind her and jammed my cock into her cunt. She started squirming and looked at me again, “No daddy. I’ve been bad! Fuck my ass, Please, fuck my ass hard!”

I just let her pull off my cock and I shoved it into her ass. She started squealing but it was pure lust. I reached around and grabbed her clit and her nipples and pulled on them roughly and she squealed even more. The harder I pounded into her ass and pulled at her the louder she got, and when I felt my cum start to shoot out of me she knew it. She started screaming like I was ripping her in half and grabbing my cock so hard I thought she was going to break it off. When each spurt of my cum shot out she jerk like she was actually shot, until she just hung there, impaled on my cock and quivered. I could feel her cum running down my legs, and her heels against my calves, and she was just shaking. After a minute she managed to say, “Tim, can we lay down and you just hold me? The floor is fine. Just wrap yourself around me and hold me. Please, baby?”

I held her as tight as I could and stayed inside her, and just sort of knelt down and rolled onto the floor with her wrapped in my arms. She was shivering, I thought she was cold, but it was something with the way she’d come, she was shaking so hard. She held my arms against her and kept asking me to hold her tighter. We lay there on the floor like that for maybe fifteen minutes while she calmed down. As she stopped shaking I started stroking her face and hair and the rest of her too. Finally she managed to look back at me and she smiled. “Thank you, Tim. I could never have imagined an orgasm like that before. I thought I was losing my mind. It was like there was nothing in the world left except what you were making me feel. There were lights flashing and noises, and the things you were making me feel, way down deep. Thank you so much.” She kissed me and snuggled on my arm.

“I didn’t hurt you? I thought I might have hurt you with the noises you made.”

“Not really, and it was a good hurt. Does that make sense?”

I kissed her head. “Yes baby, I think it does make sense.”

She wiggled her bottom a bit and giggled. “Do you realize you’re still rock hard?”

I twitched my cock and she jerked. “I guess I am.”

“Did I make a lot of noise?”

“You were screaming towards the end like I was ripping you in half.”

“Oh. I hope I didn’t wake the neighbors.” She giggled again. “Does the hard mean you want some more of me?”

“I always want more of you.”

“I need to get up then.” She paused. “God I hate to take you out.”

“I hate to let you off me, but if we’re going to do anything else we probably should.”

She started to slide my cock out of her a little at a time. “With it this hard I bet it’s going to hurt when it pops out.”

“It might.”

“Let me go so I can get up when it comes out.” She slid forward till just the head was inside. “Oh, damn I hate this.” Then she jerked her hips and I popped out. Jess groaned and jumped up and ran for the toilet. I got up and followed her, but instead of cleaning up I just stood and watched.

“You are so beautiful baby.”

“What? Sitting here squirting cum out of my ass?”

“Even that. Yes. Remember, I know how it got there and how much we both enjoyed it.”

“You’re silly.”

“Nope. In love with a sexy woman who will do almost anything.”

“Are you going to clean up or wait for me to do it for you?”

“I think I’ll wait.”

She just smiled at me, and when she finished emptying out what I’d put in her ass she came over and washed me. She was thorough enough that I was hard again when she finished. She took my cock in her hand and led me back to bed. She didn’t let go while she flipped the covers down. Then she climbed in and lay back and smiled at me. “Please, come here and make love to me. Long and slow and gentle. Please?”

I got into bed and started at her feet and made love to her entire body. It took me almost two hours, but at the end it wasn’t gentle. That wasn’t my idea, but when she got wound up again she pulled me inside her and begged me to fuck her harder and harder. When she came she was screaming again. I rode with her, and she wouldn’t let me out when I finished that time either. She just had me roll onto my side and keep my cock in her pussy. I slept for a little while, I think she did too. But not for long.

Next thing I know, I wake up and she’s got my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking it clean. I stroked her hair when I woke up, she looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth and gave me a “Wha?”

“I just woke up to the best wife in the world sucking my cock.”

“I was cleaning up. I love the taste of our cum together, and I wanted to get it all.”

“I’m not complaining.”

“Would you like some too?”

I grabbed her hips and swung her ass towards my head. I didn’t even answer, I lay her on her side facing me and opened her legs and started licking her cunt. She liked that too. I didn’t mind at all, after all, she spent more time with my cum in her mouth than I did. I licked as much as I could before she stopped me, knocked me on my back and impaled herself on my cock. I think she was cumming before she even hit bottom. She rode me like a bad pony. She bounced and twisted and wiggled and came several times. I didn’t think I had another shot in me, but she just kept going and cumming. Finally she had me rubbing her clit, the weight was still there too, while she was pulling her nipples and she came a big squirt onto my belly. Somehow that set me off again and I did manage to put more cum inside her. She slowed down and stopped and just grinned at me.

“Didn’t think you had anymore. Did you?”

“Ah. No.”

Then she just lay down on my chest, mumbled, “Good night.” And went to sleep. I was still hard and inside her, again. I couldn’t believe what was going on, but I was happy. We slept that way for a while, I think 5 hours or so. When I woke up Jess was kissing my chest and rubbing it. I was still hard, and she was still holding me inside her.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Good morning.”

“You want more?” She teased.

“Always. I thought you knew that.”

“Okay, but I want a shower first.” She jumped off me and ran to the bathroom, or started too. She’d forgotten the weights, and when the one on her clit banged into her she had to stop. She clutched her crotch and tits and moaned. Then she walked very carefully into the bathroom. When she finished she stood up and asked me to help her get the weights off. I was only too happy to do that.

While I was at the toilet she disappeared again. She came back and started the shower and stepped in ahead of me. She stood under the shower head and held her arms up. There was handcuff on one wrist, and she looked over her head, then at me. And it was lust again. I picked her up so her wrists reached the pipe, and closed the handcuff on her other wrist. I had to look, so I stepped back. She was hanging there by her wrists, naked, and she couldn’t keep her legs closed. I just stepped up, picked her hips up and impaled her. To make a long story short, she went wild. Again. I lost count of how many times she came, but I finally filled her with mine and stopped. When I pulled out she whined. I washed myself and left her hanging there. “Did you remember the key, baby?”

“No. It’s in the bag.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to wash you hanging like that.” So I did. I soaped her hair and swung her out to rinse. I soaped the front of her body and when I tried to rinse her she tried to get my cock back inside her. She twisted her hips and got her legs around me but I pulled away. I turned her around and washed her back and she tried to get me inside her again when I rinsed her back. The hot water was almost gone by the time I finished. I shut the water off and left her hanging there while I dried off. Then I went back in the shower and started drying her off. She was still twisting around.

“Are you just going to leave me hang here?”

“I think I should until you calm down.” I told her. Then, “Maybe I should get that paddle and beat you again before I take you down.”

She just moaned, long and low. “Please?”

I whacked her ass with my hand and Jess jerked and moaned. I got the handcuff key and came back to her, then I realized that I had to hold her up to get her down. She figured it out at the same time, especially when my cock went between her legs as I picked her up. Did I mention I was erect? Again. She managed to wiggle and get me inside her cunt before I could get the handcuffs undone. I just carried her to the bedroom impaled on my cock with my arms around her and her arms around my head. I dropped her on the bed and just stood there and fucked her again. She came so hard she soaked the bed right before I gave her what I had left.

When I was done I just collapsed. But she wasn’t done. I lay down and she crawled over and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me clean, and erect. I lost track of how many times she got me off. I think there were two or three after that. When she finally quit I could hardly put pants on. I think she’d have had more if I could have done anything at all.

Anyway, thanks for watching Trenton for us. And, thanks for what you turned my wife into. I think. If she doesn’t kill me I think I’m going to really enjoy the new Jessica.

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