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I grow up
What young girl knew what incest was or had even heard of the word? Life at home meant everything was taken as part of growing up and seemed normal, so it was with me and for years I became a plaything. We were a family of four, mum, dad and my brother who was two years my senior, locally there were two uncles on my mothers side and one by marriage to my dads sister. My father had been unfortunate and had an accident at work so his jobs were mainly menial and mostly part time or on nights or at weekends and this meant mother working as well, although she never neglected the family. It did mean that uncles and aunts helped out and there was always one or the other there to help with us, mainly the elder of mothers brothers, uncle Bert. He was our favourite as he seemed ancient and everyone said I took after him as I was plump and not very tall, the rest of the family being tall and slim. For as long as I could remember my brother and I were always bathed together and Bert made it a fun time when he was there, tickling both of us as he washed us and not complaining when we splashed about, Ron, my aunts husband, a different kettle of fish, as he only wanted to wash me thoroughly, always taking ages over my lower half while my brother was getting dried.

The change, when it came, happened when my brother was just turned thirteen, not a life changing affair although it left me perplexed for a while and I had to wait to find out what it was all about. Mother was in a good mood and we had a laugh before she started to make sure we were washed properly, getting my brother to stand up in the bath while she rinsed him down. She was not making a big thing about it but suddenly his penis started to swell and as I watched it went hard and stood out from his body and I had never seen anything like it as he went red, obviously very embarrassed as it waived about and seemed to dance out of control. Mother quickly covered him with a towel and ushered him out of the bathroom, telling him not to worry as now he was growing up it was something that would happen regularly. That was however, she told me, the last time she would let us bathe together and when Ron came to look after us a couple of days later I heard her telling him to keep us apart at bath time from now on. My brother went first and was on his own and then it was a grinning and very happy looking uncle that said it was my turn, going with me though and spending twice as long as he usually did looking at me and carefully washing me all over and taking what seemed like an age to part my slit and make sure it was dry, telling me it was a lot nicer now we were on our own.

Mundane and normal life returned for a couple of weeks as dad had one of his turns and was at home so we did not need looking after and like most young kids the unusual happenings of late were soon out of my thoughts. My brother did not have so much to do with me any more and I did muse that it was probably because he was still embarrassed and also noted that he spent a lot time with uncle Bert, and I had a quiet chuckle to myself, blushing when I knew I would like to see his penis as stiff and bouncy as that again. I enjoyed my birthday and the biggest treat was a trip to a nearby stable and a couple of hours horse riding through the countryside and woods on a pony with the promise that it could be repeated if I was a good girl at home, easy because I was already used to doing odd jobs such as errands for both uncles as well as for my mum. True to their word my aunt and Ron took me back to the stables and I had another great afternoon, becoming friends with a girl three or four years older the me who took me under her wing. She introduced us to her dad and after the usual pleasantries phone numbers were exchanged and the girl promised to look after me the next time I went.

Aunt went home and Ron took me back to our house and even thought it was quite early told me to get ready for a bath to get rid of the horsy smells and giggling and happy I was soon in the soapy water. He surprised me by not taking long to wash me but this time he wrapped me in a towel and took me into my bedroom, leaving the door open in case anybody came home, he said, and we would be able to shout to them. It was back to normal then and he spent a lot of time looking at me and gently rubbing me with the towel but then lay me on the bed and started to run his hands all over me, soon tickling my legs and bottom and then gently fingering my crack. I felt him open it up and then his fingertip lodged just inside the small hole that he could now see and made me giggle when he took it out and ran it up and down the flesh that was exposed and then put it back in me again. He quietly told me that this was the place that a penis would go in when I was grown up and married and then it would make a baby after a few times. I might have been young and naive but I knew that much about the birds and the bees and told him so and it was his turn to laugh and he eased just a little more in as I said it would have to be a small one for it to go in there, he answering that I would be very surprised how big a one I would be able to take. He pushed more of his finger in and then pushed it in and out of me and I was quite excited and pleased when it did not hurt even when he went quickly and used most of it, suddenly though we were disturbed by a noise from below and my brother shouted that he was home. Ron left me in a hurry and I heard him flush the loo before going down the stairs, leaving me wondering if he would do it again next time he bathed me, secretly hoping he would as it made me feel quite grown up to be doing things like that.

As usually happens when youngsters are itching for things to happen, nothing did and I was in for an even more unusual surprise when my brother decided he too wanted to ride a horse, probably thinking he was a cowboy in the making. He was very awkward with my new friend at first as she was a year older than him and a very accomplished rider so his nose was put out of joint from the start, thankfully by the time the ride was over he was quite taken with her as she gave him some good pointers and to my dismay was a born horseman. Her father was enthusiastic too and was quick to make sure we would all keep our visits regular as his daughter did not have many friends, inviting us to a barbeque the following weekend, arranging to pick us up. We were late leaving the stables and as aunt and Ron were going out in the evening we were dropped off at Uncle Bert’s for our tea and I was a bit surprised when he said he would bathe my brother first and then me. They were ages and I wondered what was happening, looking up the stairs and noticing the bathroom door was open I ventured up intending to shout for them to hurry up. I could here my brother gasping and couldn’t resist peeking round the door and the sight that met my eyes took some understanding as I watched uncle using his fingers and thumb to move up and down the very stiff penis of my brother. He gasped even louder as he stood in the water, his knees slightly bent so that he was fully offering himself to uncle, obviously enjoying what was happening to him, eyes closed and body quivering almost falling over as he suddenly groaned and I watched a couple of squirts of stuff that looked like thick milk come from the end of it and splash into the bathwater.

He sank down into the water and gasped a couple more times, eyes still closed and it was then that uncle saw me and realised that I had seen what had happened. I was going to beat a hasty retreat but beckoned me in and as my reddening brother looked on told me to undress and get in the bath, both of us saying in unison that we were not allowed to bathe together any more. He laughed out loud and told us he made the rules in his own house and it was ok for me to get in and as I looked at the stuff from my brothers penis floating in the water he laughed again and told me it was the seed that made babies grow but I was far to young for it to harm me. My brother made a weak protest but uncle silenced him and said he would enjoy it and when I was naked lifted me into the water, urging him to kneel so that I could look at him. His now shrivelled penis was only inches away from me and once more he blushed as I closely inspected it and suddenly uncle took my two hands and made me cup one round the bag of skin that was hanging down while clamping my other round the soft flesh of his thing. I was mesmerised as he bid me to do the same as he had done and as I worked my fingers along the small dangling sausage like flesh the skin pulled back and the slightly pointed but round end of it came into full view.

He moaned softly and I felt the flesh slowly start to swell and before my eyes it stiffened and even the end of it went bigger as I still worked my hand along it like uncle had and did as he told me when he asked me to go a little quicker. He was soon panting and uncle told me to slow down again so that he lasted and as I did I held the bag a little tighter, feeling two harder balls inside it and I was now a happy girl as I knew what pleasure I could bring by doing this. He started to breathe heavier and his penis was now very hard and swollen and as he groaned with pleasure and release the milky white stuff oozed from him again and dropped into the water in front of me and as I still held on to him felt it shrink and go back to a dangling little sausage once more. My brother left us as I was being towelled down and I blushed when uncle casually said he knew Ron had put a finger into me and he would like to do it as well, looking surprised when I immediately parted my legs and held my crack open in invitation. He did not waste any time and was soon working one in and out of me and I started to feel a little tingle inside my tummy as he went a lot faster than Ron had and even waggled it slightly as he was as deep in me as he could get. It was lovely and I was still tingling on the way home, revelling in all that had happened at uncles, wondering though why it did not hurt to have that done to me.
The barbeque was a grand affair, the man picking us up and taking us to a big house with a very large garden and a field at the side of it which we were quickly told by my friend would have a horse in it on her fifteenth birthday. Her mum was a jolly person and worked as a matron at the big city hospital, dad being the owner of a car sales and garage. It did not bother me that they were far richer than we would ever be and it did not seem to make any difference to the way they treated us, it was a normal get together and when the food was served up I had more than my fill. My brother and friend soon went exploring and the mother busied herself clearing up and it left just me and the father in the big conservatory and when I got excited about the horse he laughed and said both my brother and I would be welcome to visit for extra rides. I asked about the spiky plant that took up a lot of room, different shades of pink and red flowers covering it and making it very impressive. He laughed and took me over to it, going all round it as he said they called it their mood bush as all the different shades were like blushes and he suddenly kissed me on the cheek and pointed to a pink one saying that was the colour I had just gone. I giggled and he pinched my bottom, pointing to a deeper shade and then my face and before I could do any protesting his hand was up my skirt and a finger went inside the elastic of my panties leg and sought out my slit. I knew I was bright red by now, hot faced as I wriggled out of his grasp, stifling a squeal so as not to bring attention to us but giving him a coy look and that made him look round to make sure the bush was hiding us and satisfied he lifted my dress up and slid my panties down and after a quick inspection of my lower body went to my slit again for a minutes play.

We were delivered home and I was tired but happy and was ready for bed early, wanting to think over what had happened, not at all surprised by what the man had done as I now knew that men liked to do those things to a little girl, wondering if he did it to his daughter, knowing that I would never dare ask her though. My bedroom door slowly opened and I thought it was mother coming to see that I was settled, surprised when it was my brother that entered. He had a guilty look on his face and said he had been embarrassed all afternoon as while he was with my friend his penis kept swelling, adding quickly that he did not think she had noticed. I knew it was not the time to make light of it as he was going red as he admitted it and his excitement was showing by the pointed bulge in his pyjama bottoms and so I calmly pulled them down asking if I could play with him and get rid of the swelling. He gasped at my touch and it sprang to attention as I did what I knew was best and stretched all the skin covering out of the way so that I could see the swollen end then slowly pumped my hand sack and forwards along its hardness. I wanted my second ever time to last and slowed thing down by asking him how many times he had had this done to him and between gasps he told me that Uncle had been doing it for a while, sometimes three times in an afternoon.

It was my turn to gasp and although he was now beetroot red with shame his penis still danced in my hand as I paused my playing, sensing there was more to come. He urgently pushed at me and I went very slow, teasing his sausage by squeezing it harder and stopping when it was fully stretched and his body quivered with excitement and I knew from that moment that I was learning the art of getting what I wanted from men even though I was still very young. I remembered how uncle had told me to rest when the penis danced like it was and I did just that and he quietened down enough to continue, though I did make sure not to let it go, He said he went to uncles one afternoon and there was a friend of his there but things did not change and they both took turns with him and for the first time he was made hard four times, shattered by the end of the afternoon though. I thought it was the end of what he was going to tell me and went back to his penis and knew he was going to go all the way this time and in no time at all he was moaning softly ad his penis pulsed and I only just had time to grab a tissue as his seed came out of him in a hurry. We could still here the TV going strong down stairs so he did not hurry to leave my room and as a kind of second though I asked if he wanted me to do it again, he was all for it, telling me he would let me in to his most secret of secrets if I did, this time risking laying on the bed while I stood at his side.

This was a new position for me and I was able to get at him easily, cupping his sack as I took a good look at the penis as I once more stretched it to the limit knowing I would have to go quite fast to revive it so soon. He giggled quietly as it rose up and the end of it swelled again and it was obvious that he was proud to be able to get hard again so soon. His voice was soft and I had to get close to him as he told me he had been playing football in the park after tea one day and when the game had finished he went to the toilets for a drink of water and to relieve himself. There had been two men sitting on the grass, watching the game, and they had followed him in and asked if he was tired after all the exertion and he laughingly said he was sweating and all hot and bothered. One of the men took a handkerchief out and offered it to him so that he could wet it to mop himself and as the cold water was refreshing thought no more of it but took his shirt off and did the same to his body. A rather large white haired fat man came in and the other two froze for a second or two until he beamed and said what a prize they had found and relaxed and grinning then they advanced on him and while the big man held him the other two quickly had his shorts and underpants round his ankles and were at his genitals. Frightened though he was the familiar feelings of a growing erection made him relax and within a minute or two he was ejaculating with more force than usual and his creamy stuff shot out and made the men smile as they watched it splash on the floor. He stopped talking and wriggled and panted and I realised that as I had been eagerly listening to him my working of him had been getting quicker and quicker and without warning he bucked and groaned and his white stuff shot upwards and landed on his belly.

We cleaned him with a tissue and I could not help but ask him if he ever went back and blushing again admitted that if he didn’t go to uncles he went there as often as possible and there was never a shortage of men hanging around wanting to get at the young boys that were in the park, begging me not to tell on him to anybody. He disappeared without telling me anymore and as I settled down thought that he really like the men doing things to him, knowing also that I too got a thrill from what happened to me. More in a while and things were to advance quite quickly during the next year……..

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2010-06-27 17:55:15
A very good telling of things, do agree that you should include that there is boy/boy action, as not everyone is into it. Otherwise this was very good and has my attention.

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2010-06-14 01:06:09
You should have noted boy/boy or gay

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2010-06-13 20:30:00
hot hot hot,My cockis so hard,I've got to go wank off

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