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Ever Since I can remember my older sister Kim was on a wheelchair, she was ten years my senior and the older of 4 kids I was the youngest and the only boy. My story like many others begin with one particular event, I was 16 at the time, Kimberly was 26, followed by Sara who was 23 and Mary 20, I was the kid of the house and the favorite of them all, my sisters used to joke and call me the little accident, according to them I wasn’t planed. It was kind of difficult having 3 older sisters, but at the same time since the age difference was a lot they didn’t bother me that much , when I was in high school they had already moved on, Kim had already graduated and was living on her own she worked from home designing web pages, she used a wheelchair and was going to use it for the rest of her life. When she was around 18 or 19 she was involved in a car accident with her boy friend she was paralyzed from the waist down he was ok, I guess jack -that was his name- tried to stay with her as long as he could but it didn’t work out, so eventually they ended their relationship, she was pretty active, was smart, very beautiful and a free spirit, of all my sisters she was my favorite, and we got along great. She never liked to be called handicap and there was almost nothing she couldn’t do. Sara was very cool as well, she was always the party girl and according to her the hottest! Kim and Mary didn’t agree they said she was a slut, they always said it and we always laughed, Mary was still in college and she was the most serious one of them all, she took after mom, when the rest of us took after dad, we all had a good relationship and the girls got along great between them self’s
Mom and Dad had wanted to take a cruise around the Caribbean for some time and when the opportunity came they took it, it was a 10 day cruise, and I was happy for them specially when I heard the cruise would be taking place in October, that meant that I would have the house for myself, I was loving the idea, party at my place, girls, drugs, beer. Dad was always pretty cool with me, I was the only boy out of 4 kids, so he was always proud of me just for being a boy, I was smart, had looks and was a good son, I got in trouble but nothing that serious, I’m pretty sure he could see the huge smile on my face when they told me they were going away, 10 days on the cruise and 10 days to hang out in Florida visiting relatives.
I thought that was the best news ever, until dad burst my bubble, I wasn’t staying at home alone; I would be staying at Kim’s place, that sucked!! , don’t get me wrong Kim was cool and all but the idea of having the house to myself was to enticing, I argued and reasoned with them but they wouldn’t budge, no way they were leaving me alone.
Time passed and finally it happened mom and dad left, I packed some stuff and moved to Kim’s place, she lived in a two bedroom apartment down town It wasn’t far from my parents house, it was on the first floor, had a handicap ramp and was very nice, everything was made for Kim’s needs, the doors were wider, I had been there a tons of times before.
I got set up in the guest room that served as her office she had a pull out couch but that was good enough for me, it wasn’t a big apartment but it was ok for two. After I settled in I went to the living room to watch TV, she had a kick ass sound system and a great TV, as I was surfing the channels I noticed she had some porn channels and they were unblocked, cool.
The first couple of days were ok, Kim would make breakfast, I would clean up and go to school , in the afternoon after school I would hang out and then go home, home being Kim’s house, everything was working fine.
Because of my sisters condition it took her more time to do the normal things we do quickly, like showers, it took her almost an hour to take one, so like any 16 year old I took the opportunity to watch some hi def porn, since she didn’t leave the house that much and I couldn’t be alone, at first it worked great I would wait for her to go in the shower, put on some porn and after a while just change the channel or go to the guest room and masturbate I don’t know why I did it I guess it was just hornyness ,it worked great for the first nights every time I would get more bold, one day in particular after watching some girl get pounded hard I couldn’t take it anymore, first I started touching myself over my shorts, then I put my hand under my shorts, finally I just whipped it out and started jerking off in the living room, I don’t know what happened I guess lust must’ve taken over, I can’t remember how long I was jerking off when I heard my sisters voice next to me- you can go blind if you keep doing that-
I freaked out, how could she have rolled her chair to the living room next to the couch without me noticing it, at that moment I did what any teenage boy would’ve done… I ran to my room, locked the door, and prayed it was all a dream.
I couldn’t sleep that night I couldn’t believe my sister had caught me jerking off, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do, should I deny it?, should I ignore it, I didn’t know.
The next morning I got ready for school and I couldn’t even look at Kim, I think I didn’t even have breakfast, I ran out without saying goodbye, that day in school I felt like crap, I was so ashamed, I didn’t want to go home, I almost told my best friend about it but decide against it, I was anxious, scared, what the hell was Kim going to do? finally the time came to go home, I had to face my demons and take it like a man, at least that’s what I told myself, I was scared shitless, and was hopping she wouldn’t say anything.
I got home to Kim’s and she was there, still working in the guest room/office I didn’t make a sound I just went and sat down in front of the TV, not watching porn of course.
After a while Kim came out, she asked me If I was hungry I told her I was, she went in to the kitchen, I followed her and helped her fix something to eat for the both of us, all this time trying to prevent eye contact and not look at her face, we talked a while and had a nice diner, finally she said she was going to take a shower, I was super awkward around her and I could tell she noticed but she didn’t mention the incident or asked me anything about it.
I was freaked out more than before, she didn’t say anything, was it possible she hadn’t seen me? No way ! She had seen me jerking off!, maybe it was best if we both played dumb. I sat in front of the TV and watched regular TV no porn this time.
Kim came out of the shower and joined me in the living room she jumped out of the wheelchair and sat on the couch next to me, it always amazed me how she was able to switch places so fast only using her arms.
After a while of watching some unbearable show, she took the remote from me and started surfing channels , she was passing channels and nothing good seem to be on, suddenly she hit one of the porn channels and she stopped changing .
It was very hot porn, this hot chick was riding this huge cock, and she was loving it, I stared at the TV screen and turned around to look at my sister, she was staring at me, she faced the screen and pumped up the volume a little bit, I was freaking out, what the fuck was going on?, suddenly she spoke- I’ve seen this one already-
I froze I didn’t know what to do, of course the porn was hot but still my sister was sitting next to me, I didn’t say anything I was staring at the screen and looking at Kim
She wasn’t looking at me, her eyes were fixed on the screen, I stared at the screen and the guy was about to cum he took it out the chicks pussy and put it in her mouth, Kim stared at me, gave me the control and said- I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow- , she got out of the couch and on her wheelchair and strolled out of the room.
What the hell had just happened, I had no clue!, I turned off the TV and went to bed.
I couldn’t sleep well that night either; I didn’t understand why had Kim watched the porn with me? I was wondering if I should ask her about it or just play dumb.
It was Saturday so no school, I got up a little late and Kim had already made breakfast, she told she was going to do some shopping and asked me if I wanted to join her, I agreed.
Kim used to shop in store about two blocks from her place, she had never liked electric wheel chairs she had a small one that she used all the time and a much bigger one that had handles on the back, since I was going she took that big one, I got behind the chair and started pushing her towards the direction of the store, we talked a lot, got the stuff she needed and headed back home, on the way back we were talking nonsense when suddenly Kim said- you know I watched that porn movie with you so you wouldn’t feel weird about it-
-It did feel weird- I told her
-It doesn’t have to- she said,-just don’t make a big deal about it-
-Ok, I won’t- I told her
We finally got home and started putting everything in place, That afternoon Sara came to visit and we hanged out all afternoon, Sara was always cool, Kim was my favorite sister but Sara was the wild one she was always getting into trouble, we had some laughs finally Kim asked her about her boy friend Rob,
-I dumped his sorry ass- Sara said,
-Why what happened- I asked
-He was terrible in bed-Sara answered – and then they both started to laugh I don’t know if they were joking or not
-let this be a lesson to you little brother if you don’t want to be dumped by a hot girl like me, you gotta learn how to fuck- Sara said smiling, they both continued to laugh
Sara wasn’t a hottie but she was nice to look at, only a bit chubby, she had long black hair, very large breasts and green eyes, she was the tallest of the girls, she had a great sense of humor and always dressed provocative, she used to tease me all the time.
-You’re not that hot - I said joking
-woooo- Kim answered looking in Sara direction
-Not hot ehh- she grabbed me in a neck hold and started hitting my head with her knuckles
-not hot ehh –she repeated- tell me I’m hot-
She had me, I knew it was just fooling around so I didn’t get rough,-ok ok, you’re hot, and you’re hot-
-How hot am I?- she asked putting some more pressure on my neck, all this time Kim was just laughing
-Very hot, very hot- I told her, as she kept on grabbing me and moving me around the room
-don’t believe him Sara!!- Kim snapped laughing
-What’s the hottest part of me -she asked
-your tits your tits-I don’t know why I said that, it was the truth of course
-What do you like about my tits- she continued to have a hold on me?
-They’re big and hot- I told her
-hmm good answer- she released her grip and positioned me in front of her then she proceeded to grab my head with both hands and pull me towards her breasts, she buried my head in them, she moved her chest in a dancing fashion from left to right rubbing her tits all over my face she held me tight between her big tits, finally she released me, she was laughing, so was Kim
I gasped for air and started to laugh as well
We continued to hang out and finally Sara had to go home we said our goodbyes and she told me she would come tomorrow so we could hang out some more and have lunch together. Kim proceed to take a shower I did the same we had some dinner and then I found myself sitting in the couch in front of the huge TV with Kim at my side.
She took the remote from me and started surfing channels again- Do you wanna watch some porn?- Kim asked,
I gasped-ok-
She put the porn channel and it was once again a very hot movie, this time it was a petit girl taking in a huge cock, after a while, I faced Kim and spoke- can I ask you a question?- I whispered quietly
-Sure baby, what’s on your mind-?
-can you have sex?, you know after the accident?- I had always felt curious but it was something you just couldn’t ask
-well technically I can, but I don’t feel anything, my vagina doesn’t lubricate and I can’t have an orgasm- she told me as she kept on staring at the TV
-That sucks- I said
-Totally –she said-I used to love to have sex-
-and have you ever let anyone… you know- I told her feeling a little bit embarrassed, it was my older sister, she was 10 years my senior but still.
-yeah I’ve let a couple of guys fuck me ,but it’s not the same, I like to watch ,it’s kind of weird but it gets me off in some way- she kept her cool
- So that’s why you have all the porn channels- I told her pointing at the TV
-yeah, but its better live- looking at me this time- it’s not the same as on TV, it’s much better live-
-so people fuck in front of you? , that’s weird- it was weird, I was seeing a part of my sister that I didn’t know about
-not everyone, Sara would fuck her boyfriend in front of me, she even let him do me a couple times, she’s right you know he was a terrible fuck!- her eyes were fixed on the TV as she said this, I couldn’t believe what I heard
-Sara – I said- our sister Sara- I still couldn’t believe it
-Yeah, Sara what’s wrong about that? She’s aware of my situation and in some way she’s helping me, I’ll admit it’s not typical to watch your sister fucking, but it helps me satisfy myself sexually.-she was trying to make a point-
-I guess your right but still I don’t know it’s just kind of weird- I was starting to understand
In the TV the guy with the huge cock was starting to fuck the petit girl ass
-He has a huge dick- I said staring at the TV, trying to change the subject
-That he does- she told me-
- Do girls like it up the ass- I don’t know why I asked?
-some girls do, I never liked it, neither does Sara-she was staring at me I could’ve sworn she was staring at my crotch I was already hard as rock, not only the porn movie had made me horny but the conversation was turning hot- what about you? Have you ever put it inside a girls ass?- she asked naturally she wasn’t even embarrassed about it
-No, I haven’t had sex yet- it was the truth
-Come here- Kim told me, waving her hand- get closer-
I did as I was told I moved and sat next to her on the couch, she put her arm around me and whispered in my ear as if someone would listen
-Take it out-she looked down at my crotch area
I don’t know why but I did it I opened my pants and pulled out my stiff cock
-Its big- she whispered again, she still had her right arm around me with her left hand she grabbed my cock and started to jerk it slowly- it’s so hard – she told me again
She continued to stroke it, she took her arm out from around me and switched hands, she started to jerk me with her right hand, she would stare at the TV and stare at me I did the same, stare at the porn and stare at her, she would squeeze my cock hard and stroke it faster and faster, I knew I was about to finish, so did Kim, and she just kept on going.
I exploded all over her hand and on my shirt, she continued to do it for a while and squeezed the head until there was no more left.
-go get some towels from the kitchen so you can clean yourself up ,just leave the shirt and ill clean it later- she told me as if it was a normal thing.
I went to to bed right after I cleaned up, what the fuck had just happened! It was a crazy day alright
Next morning everything was back to normal as if my sister had never jerked me!, I clearly remember her hands around my cock, but apparently she didn’t, I was awkward and a mess, around noon time Sara came to have lunch and I couldn’t even look at her knowing what I knew and what had happened in the couch, finally it was to obvious and she asked me what was wrong? I made an excuse about not feeling good, she asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor if I felt sick, I said it wasn’t that bad, Kim looked at Sara and told her it wasn’t that kind of sick, I couldn’t take it anymore so I made an excuse and went to my room. I just dropped on the bed, thinking what the hell was going on, I was very very confused.
I guess I must of dosed off because when I woke up it was dark and Kim was next to me in her wheelchair, she shook me a little bit to see if I was awake.
-What’s the matter with you – she asked
-what’s the matter with me? What’s the matter with me – I repeated my self- last night you masturbated me and told me all those things about Sara- my voice sounded harsh
-Well… didn’t you like it?- she looked concerned, that caught me off guard
-Of course I liked it; I mean I loved it but…-
-But what -she interrupted me- if you liked it don’t make a big deal out of it, you act like if I had raped you or something-
Holly shit, she was right, and I was making a big deal out of it, my sister had giving me a hand job and I was acting like a complete ass, I should’ve just gone with the flow, it was weird but that was all just weird , it didn’t feel bad or wrong, just weird
-you’re right – I told her- I made a big deal out of it, I’m sorry- I felt ashamed
-ok, just don’t make it in to a mess, diner is ready, let’s go eat-
We did, I went to the kitchen and ate a sandwich Kim had made, we talked a lot more, and by the end of diner I was feeling a lot better.
The next week everything passed quickly without any incident, I went to school, hanged out did home work, went out and then to bed.
One night I found myself walking with a towel around my waist after a shower and as I entered my room Kim was there looking for something , I don’t know why but as she was about to leave, I noticed she was staring once again at my crotch.
-Come here- she called me to her side once again this time waving her finger. I did, I stood right in front of her, she leaned forward and took my towel off, she started to play with my cock and almost at once it was hard, she pulled me to her side, on the side of the wheelchair that is, and she looked up at me with my cock in hand, she got closer opened her mouth and I was in heaven.
She started to suck me, she would stop, take it out of her mouth , look at me, jerk it a little bit, lick it and then put it back in her mouth, she was sucking it furiously I just leaned back and let my sister do all the work, I was enjoy it a lot ,I put one hand on the wheelchair and the other on her head, she would take it out and lick it and keep on sucking I could see her looking at me, and play with the head of my dick with her tongue , she would lick the shaft and lick the head then put it back in her mouth , she would jerk it with her hand while it was in her mouth I was loving every second of it, she kept on going faster and faster every time, I held her head and bent forward, she just kept going, It happened I finished in her mouth, she swallowed it all and kept on sucking, I looked down and she looked up, opened her mouth and started to lick my dick clean, she put it again and finished me off, she squeezed , and looked up at me
-wow that was great -I told- her completely satisfied, she kept on stroking my cock and looked up at me once again she put it in her mouth and kept on staring at me.
Finally she spoke- I’m glad you liked it-she looked at me, still holding my dick, I felt great, I just couldn’t grasp the whole thing, my sister had sucked me dry and I had loved every minute of it.
I just stood there for a while just looking at her, -what now- I asked?
-Well nothing-she said- just don’t make a big deal out of it-
I agreed, and got dressed, that night we found our self’s on the couch again watching some porn, I got my cock out and started to masturbate, Kim just watched, it felt weird just jerking off and Kim watching me, but after a couple of minutes it didn’t feel weird anymore, as a matter of fact I enjoyed it, once I came I got a rag and cleaned myself up. I said my good nights and went to bed.
Next morning was a school day I woke up to Kim calling my name, I got up and went to her, she was in the bath tub, it was a special bathtub, it had some sort of a chair in it and had hand rails all around, she was naked, the water was running I could see her breast they weren’t that big, she had pink areolas and pink pointy nipples, her tits didn’t fall one bit they were round and looked firm I got closer and peeked in to the tub I could see her pussy, she had a little bit of hair, her legs were together and they looked thin but not that much you almost couldn’t tell, her upper body was in real good shape and looked very firm, I looked at her again and she told me to come closer, I did but I was nervous I hadn’t seen a naked chick so close and live, and Kim had some nice features and looked very nice and sexy
-don’t forget, I won’t be back till tonight, so don’t get in any trouble ok?- she told me, I nodded , at once my dick got very hard and mad a budge in my shorts, Kim noticed at once, no worlds were need I got closer to the bath tub, she moved a little to face me and with both hands pulled down my shorts, my cock sprinted in to action, I was very hard, she grabbed my dick and stroked it a little, she pulled all the foreskin to the back and reveled my throbbing head, she started to lick it, I hunched down and started to touch her tits, they were super hard, and felt great I started to play with them with both hands , Kim was trying to put my cock in her mouth but the position we were mad it hard for her so I pulled away and leaned down some more and started to lick and kiss and touch her breasts, I was loving it, Kim with one hand kept on masturbating me and with the other caressed my hair and my head, she was moaning, I was biting her nipples and squeezing them, they were the best tits ever, all this time she continued to jerk me I don’t know how long I was in that position, bended down licking my sisters tits, while she masturbated me , I ended up kneeling next to the tub and playing with those beautiful breast, when I was about to finish I stood up and Kim hurried the pace knowing what was coming , I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded all around her, it got on her hand, on her face, and most of it on her breasts, she pulled me closer opened her mouth and sucked me a little a more, I looked down and saw the face of my 26 year old sister and it was beautiful, she was smiling.
I went to school that day, and the day just flew, I couldn’t wait for Kim to come home,
I made supper and waited, when Kim finally got home we ate and talked, we talked about everything except about what had happened, after we finished and I did the dishes I went to watch some TV.
Again I ended on one side of the couch and Kim on the other we were surfing channels and ended up in the porn ones, at once I was hard, I started to touch myself and Kim stared my way, she called me to her side,
-Want me to suck you?- she asked
I didn’t even answer I went to her side and stood on the couch, I planted one leg on the arm rest of the couch and the other by her side, she was still sitting and my cock was lined with her mouth, she opened wide and I went in , her mouth was so warm, she grabbed my dick with both hands and was milking it, she cupped my balls and licked my shaft and put in again and again, her tongue would play with my head, I don’t know when I realized that my hips were moving , her hands were holding my butt chicks and I was humping her mouth , she was making pleasure sounds and her hands were griping me tight , in and out, I was holding to the back of the couch and was moving faster every time her mouth was so wet and slippery , I felt I was about to finish I tried to move back but my sister noticed this and held me in place I exploded in her mouth, I came so much, finally I pulled out of her mouth and she swallowed , she looked at me and grabbed my still hard cock with one hand, squeezed it dry and licked it some more, I collapsed on the couch beside her.
My head was on Kim’s lap just staring at her, she was holding her jaw and opening and closing her mouth.
-Now that was good-she said and kept on opening and closing her mouth
-you gotta let me put it in you- I told her
- I thought you just did- Kim said smiling and I touching my face
-You know what I mean, put it inside inside you- I felt kind weird but I did want to have sex with her
-you know it doesn’t work that way- she told me still holding my face- I don’t feel anything that way and sometimes it’s kind of messy
-but I want to have sex!!- Not just oral sex, real sex!-I exclaimed
-Don’t you like oral sex?- she asked
-of course I do! But I want to see how it feels inside…you know- I said softly
-Let me think about it ok?- she leaned down and kissed me
-Ok-I told her
We stayed like that for a while
It was the last weekend together mom and dad would be home next week, I hadn’t done anything else with Kim I guess she was just busy, it was Friday night and I was looking forward for some time alone with my sister, I was excited, I don’t know why but I had the feeling that Kim was going to let me fuck her, but it didn’t work as I had planed Kim told me Sara would be coming with some Pizza so we could hang out.
Around 8.00 Sara finally arrived I was starved, she brought pizza and beer, we sat down in front of the TV and started to eat, Kim on her wheel chair and Sara and me Sat on the floor on the rug, we were having the last slices of pizzas when I opened a beer but Sara took it away from me.
-Who’s the hottest of all sisters?- she asked as she held the beer away from me
-You are- I told her
-Dam right I am- she gave me the beer
-what about me?- Kim asked
-Everyone knows you’re the smart one- Sara told her
- And Marie?- Kim asked again
-Easy she’s the responsible one- Sara answered as she took a bite of pizza
-And what about me?- I asked
-The baby of the house- Sara laughed and took a sip of beer
-ohh come on that sucks I’m not the baby , if anything I’m the man of the house!!- I exclaimed as I sipped some more beer
-Ha -Sara laughed and so did Kim
-You’ll always be the baby- Kim added
- That super sucks! I can be the cool one- I took another sip of beer
-Nope sorry- Sara said-I’m also the cool one
-Whatttt no way- I told her
-yeap also the sexy one, the desired one and the most wanted one- she said as if she was stating a fact and opened another beer.
-Don’t forget the slutty one- Kim added, she was drinking a beer as well
-haa yeah the slutty one-I laughed
-So I’m the slutty one- Sara said as she jumped me, she pinned me to the rug in seconds, she was just playing but she was strong, I tried to resist her but we were just messing around so it didn’t have to get rough she ended onto of me and pinned me down completely she was sitting on me and was holding my arms with her hands, she was wearing jeans and a green tank top, she had a black bra cause you could see it , I tried to get lose , she grabbed my arms and stretched them over my head, her breasts were in front of me
-so man of the house what are you gonna do know?- Sara asked , as I tried to free myself
-Kim help- I yelped
-Nooo I’m the smart one so I don’t get involved- Kim was smiling
I started to bite in to Sara’s green tank top
-mmm gommm toommmm bimmm y mmmtimm- I said
-What?- Sara asked as she tightened her grip on me
I opened my mouth and let go of her tank top- I’m going to bite your tit- I said and bit the tank top again I started kind of chewing and getting more of it in my mouth
-you wouldn’t dare – she said and with that she grabbed both my hands with one of hers and with her free hand pulled her tank top free of my mouth grip, I got my left hand free of her grip and grabbed her right tit, it was large it didn’t fit my grip, I pulled it towards my mouth and just put a part of it in and I took gentle bite down softly just to make a point
-owww, consider yourself dead- Sara said as she grabbed my free hand again
I was biting her tank top again and growling like a dog, but in a playful manner I managed to get my hands free again but she was still struggling to get a hold of me, she held tight to my left hand so I managed to get my right hand under her tank top grabbed her right breast and pulled it towards my mouth, at the same time as I moved my head forwards and bite down a little bit
-oww, you are so dead- she giggled
Kim was laughing and cheering for me,-you can get her, make her surrender-
-Traitor- Sara snapped laughing – it’s never gonna happen, he’s just a baby-
I still had Sara's breast in my hand and under her shirt, at first it didn’t start sexually or anything but as I felt that big heavy tit in my hand my cock started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a bad game, I squeezed it.
-Squeeze it again and you’ll be sorry- Sara said
Of course that’s exactly what I did, I squeezed her breast, Sara started to move, she moved her body a little bit down and still gripping my left hand with her right hand she moved her left hand down and gripped my crotch I was wearing jeans but she still grabbed my balls and part of my shaft over the jeans, she tightened her grip on my balls
-you squeeze I squeeze- she said
-She’s bluffing- Kim said
I squeezed a little bit at her breast and she did the same she tightened her grip but I had jeans on and my hand was under her shirt and over a bra, so I had the advantage.
- I have the edge- I almost yelled –I’m wearing jeans!!
Sara released her grip on my crotch, slid her free hand up to my stomach and put it down my jeans and under my boxers she grabbed my balls and part of my cock, she cupped my balls would be the best way to describe it,
-Who got the edge now?-Sara said- I got you by the balls-
Kim applauded and laughed again
-Switching sides again- I told Kim as I stared at her
-I always root for the ones that on top- Kim said
-release the tit or the balls get it- Sara said staring directly at me trying to sound like an old Russian gangster
-never!!! I yelled- and squeezed some more, this time my thumb touched her nipple
Sara squeezed harder
-Ok ok – I let go of her tit – I yield
-You made a wise choice- Sara continued speaking with the fake Russian accent
She started to release my balls and as she was pulling her hand out of my pants she touched my dick and squeezed it-
-what have we here little brother- she continued with the accent
I didn’t answer-
-Perhaps I am sexy instead of slutty da?- she asked still squeezing my dick
-Yes very sexy -I said
She released me and pulled her hand out of my pants
We all laughed and I yielded as I was defeated once again, I was lying on the carpet and Sara was kneeling next to me, she looked at her tank top and it was all wet, full of my saliva from where I was biting her and chewing on her.
-jack ass- she said and hit me in the shoulder, she took off her tank top, she had a black lace bra, and I could see her tits they were very large , more than I remember from the times I had seen her in bikinis, one of her nipples was out of her bra, her bra seemed like it was a number to small or something like that her tits where overflowing out of the bra, Sara had always been very white but her nipples where dark and pointy, her dark hair fell over her shoulders and she looked good , she wasn’t as fatty as I thought she was just large.
Sara caught me staring at her- what?- she said looking down at her chest
I pointed towards her right breast where her nipple was out of her bra, she looked at it and fixed it, she put it back in
-Got some nice equipment down there- Sara said and pointed towards my crotch
-I’ve seen it- said Kim from her chair, Sara turned around and towards her looking puzzled
- Its good- Kim spoke again
-Now I’m curious -Sara said
She got up and pulled me up as well
I was standing in front of her not saying a word, she was still taller than me and across of me stood the best pair of large tits I had ever seen, still in their bra but the view was great
Sara got close to me, she was staring directly in to my eyes and started to unbutton my jeans, one button at a time, I was still wearing my boxer and my cock was starting to get hard, very hard
-lets see- Sara whispered as she started to touch my cock and balls over my boxer, she was just feeling around her eyes were fixed on me, she put her hand inside my boxer and pulled it out, it was almost complete hard, she grabbed it with both hands touched it and pulled the skin complete down and moved her eyes towards my crotch area, then she cupped my balls and jerked my cock twice. After that she put it inside the boxer and button up my jeans again
-not bad little brother- that’s all she said and went down to sit on the floor where she was before, I was left standing with a full hard on and my mouth open, what the fuck had happened
-Well?- Sara asked- are you gonna stand there all night?-
I looked at Kim and then at Sara, wtf? I fixed my jeans and sat down next to Sara on the floor; she opened another beer and passed one to Kim.
They started talking to each other I was just spaced, I don’t know what was going I guess when I finally snapped out of it Kim was asking my a question
-Hey –she said, - I asked what do you think?-
-what ?- I didn’t even know what they were talking about
-What the hecks wrong with you- Sara asked as she hit me in the shoulder
-hmm I don’t know, let me see… my hot older sister is drinking beer sitting in front of me wearing only her bra after she grabbed my cock and balls, while my other sister who is also drink beer is telling the first one how she has seen my cock before, so I guess that’s pretty much what’s wrong with me- I tried to put my best sarcastic voice
They both started to laugh at the same time
-Well what else did you think was going to happened- Sara asked still laughing
-I don’t know it was weird that’s all- I was starting to feel like a fool
-Again with the weird –it was Kim who spoke this time
-don’t make a big deal out of it I was just messing around and I wanted to see if your pee pee had grown or do you think it’s the first time I’ve seen it- Sara was taking another sip of beer
- It doesn’t count when you’re a kid- I snapped angrily
-You’re still a kid- Sara said
-No I’m not -I snapped back I was starting to get mad
-Why are you so pissed- Kim asked
-I’m not pissed it’s just…I don’t know you always tease me to much- I was looking at Sara
-That you do Sara, you’ve always been a tease- Kim commented
-Am not- Sara said
- you are, you’re always picking on me and pushing your tits to my face and all that and now you pulled my cock out of my pants- I calmed down a little bit after that
-its true you know-Kim told Sara-
-oh come on don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s just fooling around - she took another sip of the beer- you’re my kid brother and I love picking on you, but it’s never been in a bad way you know that- she was staring directly to my face as she was saying that
- I know but still..-- I made a frown face
-don’t be that way, I’m sorry if I made you feel bad baby- she was feeling bad I could tell
-its not that I feel bad its just that its weird- I had calmed down so more
-its not weird its natural, it’s just the way we are, I was just a little curios after what Kim said and that why I did it, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it- Sara told me trying to make a point
-Oh so it’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with it right?- I told Sara
-yeap- she said looking at me and sipping some more beer
-ok sis, I’m feeling a little curios myself and since its natural and there’s nothing wrong with it I would like to see you naked, I’m just curios and all- I stated a fact
-ufff, touch?Kim said
Sara said nothing she was staring at me
-what’s wrong Sara come on you told me it’s cool, it’s not weird or anything, why should it be weird- I told her
- Ok, ok – Sara said- I’ll show you it’s no big deal, but you have to get naked to, it’s only fair, I only saw your cock and didn’t see the rest of you-
-Ok, ok, - I said – I’ll get naked but since you touched my cock, it’s only fair if I touch you-
- woo , hold on – Sara said and put her hand out
-why what’s wrong? You where the one who was talking about not being anything wrong and about being fair- I told her again
-wooo hoo- Kim clapped- I think she’s bluffing
With that Sara stood up took of her shoes and started to unbutton her pants, holly shit I couldn’t believe she was going with it, then she pulled down her pants and was standing in front of me wearing only panties and bra, her panties where black as well and she had a very nice figure, she slid out of her pants and pulled down her panties, I almost had a heart attack her pussy was completely bald except for a line of black hair kind like a Mohawk , her hips where wide , she was very white and I could see her pussy it was beautiful , she looked at me and put her hands behind her back and undid her bra, I could’ve sworn she was doing it slowly on purpose, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and let her bra fall, I was in shock her tits where huge, she had big dark nipples and her tits didn’t fall they looked pretty firm but where large and very round, my sister Sara was standing naked in front of me and she was beautiful, I just couldn’t take my eyes from her
-see no big deal-Sara said as she held her bra in her hand completely naked
I don’t know if my mouth was open but I just kept on staring at Sara I couldn’t believe it, I stood up and after a second I was completely naked, my cock was completely hard and pointing towards my sister
-You boob- Sara told me – how can you be all hard I’m your sister-
I didn’t say anything I was just staring at her
-Come here- she said -lets get this over with-
I don’t remember walking to her
She grabbed my hand and told me to touch quickly
-What about Kim? - I asked
-O she can watch- Sara said
I started with her breasts, they felt so good, and were so big and soft, I touched and touched and touched some more, I felt her nipples and I squeezed them ,I put my hands under them and weight them , I must’ve touched every inch of her breasts, I was having a blast, then my hand went down and I touched her pussy, first I touched her on the outside of her lips and then I put my finger in it
-woo hold on, what are you doing?- Sara pushed me from her softly
- Touching –I said looking confused
-That’s not touching- Sara said
- I thought there was nothing wrong with it, I just felt a little bit curios that’s all- I told her almost using her exact words
- I think this has gone too far- Sara said, while standing naked in front me, and me naked and horny as hell
-So what now?- I asked
-what do you mean what now, there is no what now, now you get dressed and I get dressed and we continue to drink some beer and hang out- Sara said kind of like stating a fact
-See what I mean you are a tease, you’re going to leave me like this- I said
-Leave you like what, are you insane- Sara was starting to lose it
-Like this, you know what I mean- I told her
-are you crazy, what did you think was going to happened?- she was almost yelling
-I don’t know I thought one thing would lead to the other and you know.. It would happen- I was almost whispering
-what would happened?, tell me – she demanded
- Well you know, that you would let me do it with you- almost so that she couldn’t hear
-are you out of your mind, did you really think I was going to let you have sex with me?- she was almost hysterical, she put her hands to her face and was walking around, looking at Kim and at me .
- Well I don’t know, maybe, yes I ...- I didn’t know what to say
-Take it easy Sara- Kim said, she hadn’t moved and I couldn’t quite read her, she was calm.
- woo woo, hold on, I think you’re confused, it’s not the same yanking your chain, as for us to have sex, I love you and you’re my kid brother but that’s just it- she was a little bit more calm
-That’s bull and you know it- I said
-What do you mean it bull?- Sara asked
-look at you!, look at me, your naked, a while ago you grabbed my cock and my balls and I was playing with your tits and put my finger in you, don’t tell me it’s normal or natural because it not, nobody plays the way we do or gets along the way we do, what do you think would be the next step, after all we’ve done…- it came out better than I expected
-he’s right you know-Kim said, Sara was staring at me with her mouth open, and completely naked and beautiful
-What are you saying- Sara looked at Kim
-I think you should do it- Kim said
-Do what?- Sara still could imagine it
- Have sex with him!-I couldn’t believe I was hearing it- I sucked him off so I don’t think he won’t mind
-you what?- Sara looked surprised- when did this happened, how long has this been going on-
-just the other day, we were watching some porn so I sucked him a little bit, and then one day in the shower- Kim was saying this like if it wasn’t a big deal
- I ..I…- Sara was stuttering- you guys are insane-
-says the one naked in front of her horny kid brother- Kim again, all this time I was silent and staring at Sara , she walked around I could see her huge tits moving with every step and she turned around , it was the first time I had seen her ass, it was great!
She looked at me and looked at my cock, she was thinking, I could see it, she got close to me, very close, held my hands in hers looked directly into my eyes and spoke
-You know I love you right?-
I nodded
-Do you want this?- there was tenderness in her voice
I nodded again
-No you don’t nod; you say it- she told me-
-I want to have sex with you Sara- I couldn’t have said it more serious or mean it more
She grabbed my hand and guided me towards the couch, both of us completely naked and Kim just watching us from her chair
She laid down on the couch and looked at me, opened her legs, I could see her pussy lips parting, she moved her hands to her pussy
-Come on then baby- she told me softly,-this is what you wanted-
I did, I got closer, she grabbed my cock pushed the foreskin all the way back and guided it towards her pussy, I felt the tip of my cock touch her lips, I pushed a little and I was in, it felt dry at first suddenly it got very wet I started moving in and out Sara grabbed me and pulled me in ,her legs were very apart I grabbed her waist, at first I looked at her face and she was staring away, like if she didn’t want to look at me, then she turned around and looked directly in to my eyes , she grabbed my hands from her waist and put them on her tits, her nipples felt so hard, I touched and played with those beautiful breasts, she pulled me forward and I was laying on top of her, I started to lick and kiss her breasts, all this while I was inside her, I was having so much fun with her breasts they felt so good, I was still pumping when with out notice I came, I came inside her, it happened so fast , I just kind of froze on top of her, she felt it too , she hugged me and we continued to hug for several seconds, I lifted my face which was buried in her breasts and looked at her, she let me go and held me got closer and kissed me in the lips, I kissed her back, before I knew it I was making out with her tongue and everything, we stopped and she was still holding my face
-You know I love you-she spoke softly
-I love you too- I responded
I pulled out of her, my cock was almost limp, Sara sat up and grabbed it, held it and started to play with it she looked at me and opened her mouth, I could see her as she put it in and started to suck I closed my eyes and leaned back, I was getting hard again as I opened my eyes I saw Kim, I had completely forgotten about her she was in her chair watching us just looking at Sara as she sucked my cock. Sara stopped looked up and stood, she guided me to the couch and I sat on it I wasn’t completely hard but pretty soon I would be, she opened her legs and sat on top of me I was the one who guided my cock towards her pussy this time, those beautiful large breasts started to bounce in front of me, I tried to hold them but they seem to have a mind of their own,-mmm that’s it baby, hold them- Sara said -lick them-, I did , she grabbed one them and pointed it towards my mouth I was licking, biting and kissing , my hands found their way to her hips and then to her butt chicks that also was a handful, she had a great ass and I was holding on to it she was riding me at a steady rhythm, I was enjoying every second of it, Sara started to kiss me she had to lean down a little to do it, she held my face and pointed it to were Kim was sitting she was staring directly at us, Sara continued to ride but we were both looking at Kim, she seemed happy to watch us fuck.
Sara continued to ride me I continued to have fun with her breasts and every now and then I would look at Kim, Sara sped up each time faster and faster, she held me and buried her finger nails in my shoulders and then relaxed- hmm that was a good one- she told me, she just stayed still, she got up and laid on the floor with her legs opened, I followed her lead and before I knew it I was on top of her and in her, she wrapped her legs around me- your trying too hard, just get a rhythm and keep going, you don’t have to push so hard your inside me-she told me,-I listened to her –that’s it good boy keep it up- I did, I started to kiss her breasts again, Sara held them and guided them towards my mouth- that’s it play with them- I was having the time of my life, - are you close?- Sara asked me.
-I don’t know – was my answer
We continued to have sex on the floor, I held her tight and she did the same.
She told me to get up, I did and helped her to her feet, she was sweating and her tits were all wet, I held her hand and she kissed me on the lips I returned it, she held my cock – it’s still super hard- she was jerking it a little, she guided me to were Kim was sitting she got behind me and grabbed my cock a reach around I could feel her tits on my back
-we usually don’t share, but since we’re all family I don’t see the trouble with it-- with that Sara guided my cock towards Kim’s mouth
Sara was standing next to me one hand on my cock guiding it towards Kim’s mouth she would pull it out, Kim would lick it and mover her tongue around my shaft then she would put it back in, I was kissing Sara’s tits and one of my fingers was inside her pussy, Sara let go of my cock and Kim took over , Sara’s hand was moving around my chest, -that’s it baby , I now it feels good, relax and finish –she was telling me as her hands were all around me, I searched for her mouth and found it , my body tensed and Sara noticed it, we broke our kiss and looked down, Kim was sucking and jerking my cock at the same time, I squeezed my butt cheeks together and tensed my body ,I exploded inside Kim’s mouth once again, she swallowed all of it, she didn’t leave a drop and after I was done she licked my dick clean, Sara was still next to me, Kim looked up at both of us and smiled, we both smiled and started to laugh, the three of us where laughing our ass off.
I sat on the couch naked and Sara sat next to me I was still admiring how hot she was, her tits were so great they were big, huge even but they didn’t fall down, they where firm, her pussy was nice too, she had nice legs and she was just so nice to look at completely naked. I laid next to her and put my head on her breast.
-What now?- I asked after some time of not doing anything
-Well your dream came true didn’t it?- Sara said- you wanted to fuck your hot sister, now you did-
-That he did- it was Kim who answered, we all laughed
-Well did you like it?-Sara asked me
- I did,I loved it, it was excellent, best first time sex ever!- I said
Sara laughed and stretched still naked next to me on the couch
I touched her and laughed as well, I was getting horny again.
Kim and me never had sex, she sucked me off a couple of more times and let me play with her tits but that was it, eventually with time we stopped doing it and never mentioned it again, she continued to date but never got married, she still my favorite sister and we hang out all the time. Sara and me that’s a different story we continued to have sex, at first it would be that she would let me fuck her, she made it sound as if she was doing me a favor, after some time it was her who had to beg for sex, eventually we both liked it the same and just kept on doing it, even after I got a serious girl friend and she got married. Sometimes we would have sex, sometimes we wouldn’t, when we were stressed out we would go and meet at Kim’s house and have sex, it was are sexheaven , Kim didn’t mind and sometimes we let her watch, Sara was always my best sex partner and I was hers, we enjoyed sex together in a way we couldn’t enjoy it with anybody else and we did stuff to each other that we couldn’t do to our partners, sex between us was always wild and adventurous. Mary got married and moved out of town, mom and dad moved to Florida. So it was only us.
Sara got married and so did I, she had two kids a girl and a boy, I had two boys , I always used to joke with Sara, telling her how would she feel if her kids would have sex, she laughed every time, maybe we were starting a family tradition in which brother and sister would have sex every generation. Kim always kept our secret and no one ever knew about it, we never told Mary and never dreamed of including her in our play. Sara didn’t do so good in life, she was always struggling and eventually end up getting divorced. Her separation didn’t have anything to do with the special relationship she had with her kid brother. I on the other hand was very lucky and did good in life.
As the years passed I ended up getting divorced, my ex-wife got the kids , since I was doing so good, I bought a big house and invited Sara and her kids to move in , and also Kim for whom I build a special apartment next door connecting to the main house. Every one thought I was a good brother for taking care of my sisters and her family, I laughed if they only knew how they took care of me when we were kids.
This is the end of the first chapter in my life, a lot of things happened between my sister and me, she taught me a lot when I was a kid. The sex continued and eventually it involved some unexpected members of the family, but that’s for another time., give me your comments and tell me what you think If you like it I’ll continue .

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2010-12-22 20:15:30
very good, gotta work on your grammer

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2010-09-15 21:04:51
This was really very good the Sisters being way older helped. the one sister being Handicapeable was a good twist and a big plus. The Disabled have Sex also. Except some of the Females who are over protected by their care givers. In part because the Stigma and in part because the Caregiver does not want to lose the funding.

Some get married and some have kids. Because of lack of movement most end up dujmpy and fat. There is Exercise that Handicapped can do to keep fit. A lot of it envolves upper body work and swimming.

Movement of the limb even if the limbs do not work is vital.

Some Women and men are capable of Orgamism and the Women Mulit. Just have to find the right partner. It depends on where the problem with the Spine is and the quality of the Rehab. The body often heals itsself in part or in whole. Which is why the body needs to stay strong even if injured.

You are a Good Writer Keep it up. I had a Girlfriend with a Handicap and we fucked our Brains Out for 7 years.


2010-06-25 20:55:03
good story poor grammar, I'd like to read more

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2010-06-25 15:49:04
It is obvious english is not your strength (or forte). Story line was good, I wasn't able to cum, as I felt sorry for the girl in the wheelchair the whole time.

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2010-06-25 06:26:33
You have potential, but you have to work on your grammar - A LOT. Not sure if english is your 1st language or not, but while the story line is good, the grammar makes it difficult to follow at times. In addition to the grammar, work on your spelling. Planned - not planed. Those are two totally different words. Also, separate your paragraphs and use quotation marks.

Again, the basis of the story is good. Work on the mechanics. Find someone who can be a story editor - that might works wonders. I might even be willing to help, if you asked.

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