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I was happy to help Sage, but when I saw the person I was tutoring a shiver ran up my spine. Jordan he was huge I had heard so many stories about the Harehills Hardest, as everyone called him. One story was that he put ten guys in hospital just because one splashed his shoes; another was that he hit someone so hard that they never looked the same again. I didn’t believe that, but it still made me scared of him. All I could do was look up into his brown eyes. “Hey Josh right?” I nodded my head, opening my mouth but nothing came out. I don’t know what I was feeling, but it was something different. “Yeah.” My voice finally croaked. “Erm Sage told me you needed help with your maths?” He nodded and opened his locker door. I waited silently as he changed out of his overalls and into a pair of baggy grey jogging bottoms and a black hoody. “Well do you want to come back to mine now?” I asked, finally finding my voice “sure, you still drive that scooter right?” I nodded and grabbed my blue helmet. I had noticed his bike before and I knew there was no way my scooter would keep up with him, but surprisingly he stayed behind me all the way to my apartment. “You live here?” Jordan asked like he didn’t expect me to live in an apartment. “Yeah with my mum and dad, it’s bigger then it looks.” I led him to the third floor, finally getting in, I sighed with relief when I noticed a note on the dinning room table. “Dear Josh we’re going out for the night. Be back tomorrow, dinner is in the fridge.” I smiled its been awhile since mum and dad has had some time on there own, it’ll be good for them to spend sometime together.

Half way through the night I started to relax, being around this huge guy. He was easily over a hundred and fifty pounds, I could see a bit of a gut but when he scratched it, I could tell it was solid. I don’t know why but when I saw his hairy gut a picture of him laid on my bed naked, popped into my head I had to shake myself back into reality. “Are you alright?” Jordan asked looking up from his books. “Erm yeah its,” I pulled my glasses off and rubbed my tired eyes. “Its just been a long day.” when I looked up I expected to see Jordan irritated or annoyed, but when I saw his eyes I saw concern. He closed his books and stood up. “Get some sleep, my test isn’t for another month.” I jumped slightly when he patted my shoulder, his hand was big and rough but it filled me with comfort. I tried to convince him I was alright, but he kept telling me to have a decent nights sleep, I finally agreed and walked him outside to his motorbike. “Wanna come to mine tomorrow?” He asked as he got himself geared up. I couldn’t help but stare at his butt when he put his kickstand down. “Yeah sure, I’ll come down after college.” He nodded and gave me a charming sexy smile. After he gave me his address he was gone.

I finally got a look at myself, my brown long shaggy hair was a mess my blue eyes were blood shot, I checked out my body at 18 I still looked like a kid, fuck I was a year above Jordan and he looked more like a man then me. Well he looked more like a man then my father. My slim body was almost completely smooth. Just then I got a random picture in my head, Jordan completely naked again in all his glory a big fleshy tube between his legs, hair-covering most of his body. Muscles and that solid gut, I have always known I was attracted to guys I have always loved big hairy guys with muscle guts. When I looked at Jordan I don’t see what people have told me, I see what he really is, a nice, caring, hard working, guy. I just hope tomorrow goes better then today did.

When yesterday came I was almost back to myself. My hair was back to its nice soft and flowing shape I always had the scruffy bed head look, I was now clean and fresh. Finally I didn’t smell like a dumpster, after I left college I decided not to go home, I had finished a little late, I went straight to Jordan's house and when I got there I was shocked. My mouth dropped the white house was huge, with a football sized garden it all looked like something out of a catalogue. I instantly knew it was Jordan’s house when I saw his motor bike in the garden, when I knocked on his door I heard his voice looking up, I saw his head sticking out of one of the windows. His hair was sweaty and he was panting slightly. “Hey Josh come in.” I twisted the handle and locked the door behind me. “God” the hallway was huge, everything looked clean and untouched. I went straight up to the top floor, hearing grunts coming from one of the doors at the bottom of the hall. The soft carpet felt great under my feet, the walls were a calm coffee colour. The door infront of me was open a crack, it was a full gym inside and laying on a weight bench was a shirtless Jordan. His upper body was mostly hairy his chest, his gut. I could see faint bruises on his body. “Hey Josh your early.” I nodded, prying my eyes away from his chest. “Yeah, sorry but I finished college late, so I thought I might aswell come up.” Jordan didn’t seem to care he just smiled and said we could continue were we left off.

While I went over some new equations and sums with him, he just carried on working out. About an hour in I asked him a question, convinced he was ignoring me but when he immediately answered me back with the right answer, I was shocked not only was he taking it in he was getting it. “Jordan you keep this up and you will pass easily.” I smiled when I saw his face it was filled with relief. “Coming from you, it means a lot your really smart Josh.” A slight blush came across my face. “Im only average” Jordan smiled sweetly, I followed him around the small gym teaching and going over things as he trained, I only stopped when he got on the boxing bag. I don’t know if I got aroused or terrified, when he finally stopped two hours later, He stunk of manly funk and his body was glistening with a fine shine of sweat. “Do you want me to give you a ride home?” he asked as I put my shoes back on. “Oh no thanks, I rode my bike here.” he nodded and gave me a hug. I was shocked he was patting my back rather hard. “Thanks again for this.” His smile was huge. “So same time tomorrow” I nodded, we agreed to do this three days a week, so it would be stretched out evenly. I was smiling all the way home, in the shower while I was having my dinner and I fell deep asleep with a smile on my face.

Authors note

Hey guys so I hope your enjoying my short story. I don’t know where I’m taking this but I will try and put up one story a week. Remember I don’t really have any experience in writing so I’m just trying my best. Again comments emails all are welcome, you can reach me at put down your suggestion, what you would like to see, what you’d like to happen, some helpful tips or just your opinion I’m a big boy I can take it Haha again thank you for reading and keep your eyes out for chapter 3 “Jordan’s Journey”

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