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The owner of a corporation falls hard for a young Japanese girl.
My name is Paul DuPre. The prefecture officials of the Japanese Island of Shikoku invited me to attend the first graduation ceremony held in the new school I’d donated to them. The high point of the night for me was the valedictory address, which was first given eloquently in Japanese, then translated in unaccented English by the lovely valedictorian for my own benefit and that of my retinue.
I can only hope my own short appreciation speech in Japanese had been half so fluent. I was sitting with one of the school administrators and asked if he knew what the valedictorian planned to major in. When he told me business administration it gave me further food for thought.
There was a reception afterward and again, the valedictorian’s flawless beauty captivated me completely. She left her parents and came to introduce herself and greet me personally. She was gracious and charming and I was very attracted to her. Okay, I’ll admit I fell head over heels in love! She left my side and went back to her parents, and I felt as if there were a huge vacuum in my life when she left my presence.
I immediately decided I somehow had to have her for my own. Some might think that arrogant and conceited of me. I’ll accept that, perhaps you’re right, but she would in time most likely belong with some man, whether laborer or businessman. Why not me?
Yes, there was the age difference to consider, but I told myself, she wanted to be a business manager. How better could she learn than alongside the owner of a large and profitable corporation who had built it himself? I considered myself a fun sort of person. My leisure time was spent yachting, sailing, skiing (both water and snow), SCUBA diving, flying, and other sports. This fine young lady was going to be mine and enjoy the wealth I had earned beside me; she just didn’t know it yet.
I acted precipitately and buttonholed the chief official of the island. I asked him if he felt it would be too forward of me to offer the young lady a full scholarship at a university near my castle in France and an internship with my corporation. I explained I enjoyed mentoring young leaders for development as future executives in my corporation. It is also a good business practice as evidenced by the low turnover rate in my executive staff and their being legendary for their diligence and loyalty to me.
The official was in awe of the generosity of my offer and he introduced me to her parents, the Tanakas. I bowed ceremoniously to them, shook Mr. Tanaka’s hand then held and bowed over the extended small hands of the two women. Mrs. Tanaka is a world class beauty herself. I’ve found out since she has competed successfully in several international beauty contests. She has a lucrative career as a fashion model, and does commercials for beauty products. That night, though, I only had eyes for Miki.
Unlike some petite women, her body and legs are proportioned as elegantly as a ballerina, as her mother is. Granted, Miki’s breasts were still small at that time. One glance at her mother had shown she had the genetics to develop a very nice rack as she matured, and if not, I have always found small breasts erotic, too. The delightful aroma of coconut oil surrounded her. The way her long raven hair framing her face and extending to her waist glistened I suspected she might use a drop or two of the pure oil on it.
Miki’s face is perfection, as far as I am concerned. While ultra feminine in appearance, she has nothing of the wide eyed sex toy look some men prize in a type of oriental woman. To each his own. I would compare Miki’s beauty very favorably with some of the exquisite Chinese movie stars currently in vogue I have admired.
Her face has a broad brow for a young woman and wide set dark brown exotic eyes, arched eyebrows, and high cheekbones that give her an intelligent look, while not detracting from her femininity. Her nose is fine while not being too thin, and her full shapely lips complete with a Cupid’s bow are something from a dream.
I was willing to spend millions for the chance of an affectionate kiss from those perfect lips at some vague time in future years. At worst, I thought, she should make a valuable employee. With her looks and a minimal amount of training she could sell freezers in Siberia, so I wanted her for my corporation, too!
The official explained my offer to them in detail in Japanese. Miki and her parents looked stunned at first, then interested. Mr. Tanaka asked in fluent English, “Thank you for your kind offer, Mr. DuPre, but how are you so certain her grades will qualify her for admission to such a prestigious university?”
I laughed confidently, “I have been assured by the educators here she is more than qualified, Mr. Tanaka. The Dean in France, Phillipe Surat, is a personal friend of mine, and I’m on their board. Part of the school she will study in is the DuPre wing I donated. Should she wish tutoring my corporation’s experts, researchers, and educators in every field and around the world will be available and asked personally by me to assist her. She will be given access codes and authorization to consult with all of them online or by telephone at our expense.”
From the excited look on Miki’s face I could see she’d have jumped at the chance already if it were entirely up to her. I told them, “I won’t ask for a decision from you now, though I would prefer if she accepts, it will be soon enough for her to get some sight seeing done and make herself at home before the next term begins. I will also promise to arrange for her to get some experience in the practical end of the business at my side before then. Here’s my card with my personal number. If you’d like to discuss this further in person before a decision please give me a call.”
The Tanakas had a brief exchange while I enjoyed watching their daughter’s hopeful face. Mr. Tanaka asked, “Would your schedule be open for a meeting tomorrow evening, Mr. DuPre? We could discuss this with Miki and meet further with you then.”
“Please, call me Paul. My yacht, the ‘DuPre’, is docked in the harbor, ” I told them, “I prefer my home and office on it to a hotel, and it follows me around the world when I have to fly. If you’d like to have dinner as my guests aboard her, I could send my car for you around 7:00 tomorrow evening?”
I could tell Miki was having a difficult time suppressing her elation. Her eagerness only enhanced her beauty, if that were at all possible. Mr. Tanaka handed me his card, then said, “My wife’s given name is Reiko and mine is Nori. I am afraid Miki would spit me with my ancestor’s sword if we didn’t at least agree to meet with you and discuss this more thoroughly. We will see you tomorrow, then. Thank you again for the kind invitation and offer.”
That put a sparkle in Miki’s eyes! She threw her arms around her father’s neck and told him in English, “Thanks, Dad!” She next turned those beautiful eyes on me. “Thank you so much, Mr. DuPre!”
“Please call me Paul, Miki, all of my associates do. ” I told her. Her eyes had melted my heart into a puddle! “I sincerely hope you will be joining us.”
I was waiting on the deck of my yacht the next evening when my car delivered my dinner guests. I was pleased but not too surprised to see when they stepped out onto the dock they were each wearing deck shoes. Generally, the Japanese are very thoughtful people. I don’t often believe in stereotypes, but some of those about the Japanese are true.
Their eyes went from stem to stern of my yacht, and they walked up the gangplank. I could tell what they were thinking, but they are traditionally among the most stoic people in the world. My yacht, the “DuPre”, is an impressive sight, I admit. I formally bowed and welcomed them to my home and led them to our main dining room and seated them at one end of the table so we could talk in a close group. The table seats forty people for dining or corporate meetings, so we had plenty of room.
Miki and her mom both looked radiant! Reiko wore an item that had to be from Paris and showed some nice photogenic cleavage. Miki, while chastely draped in a white gown, was a young Goddess, an Asian Isis. I think I detected her mother’s loving hand and expertise in her minimal make up. It was perfect in every way for her exquisite face.
I had warned our Japanese chef, Ozawa, the evening before to be prepared to serve a Japanese family who would be coming for a formal discussion and then dinner. He’d told me then his sisters would be here to entertain, but I wasn’t prepared for the ornately costumed and wigged Geishas who came in and performed a formal tea ceremony for us. The Tanakas seemed to enjoy it immensely.
I slurped appreciatively when they slurped and sipped when they sipped, hoping I’d do it properly and not offend anyone. It was the best tea I have ever been served. Miki giggled and smiled throughout the entire thing, most of it with one or both of her hands over her face. This was all old hat to her, but still amusing. I watched her every graceful move in fascination.
I saw the gleam in Nori’s eyes and knew he knew this was all a set up. When we had finished with the tea and the geishas left I decided to go for it and see if I could get a rise out of him. “It is our custom, of course, to begin every discussion on board with a two Geisha formal tea ceremony.” I laughed, “Would you care for a drink now?”
“Yes, thank you, Paul,” Nori returned, with a smile, “unless your resident troop of Ninjas are going to perform now?” He actually laughed, which made him appear more personable. “Thank you for the tea, seriously. I haven’t enjoyed a tea like that in years and they performed it flawlessly.”
“Thank you,” I told him, “my chef Ozawa had assured me his sisters were artists at it. Should you choose to allow Miki to intern with my corporation, her first research job will be to insure the perpetuation of this exquisite art is being adequately funded. If not, she will write out one of my corporate checks, and then spend more millions publicizing the art and our corporation’s donation to it as a public service. Her lovely face and name will be used in all our publicity in Asia.”
Nori laughed, “You are an excellent salesman, Paul. You know how to motivate people.”
“Thank you, I was a broke college kid selling shoes twenty years ago when I decided to sell my own ideas. My latest idea is my corporation needs a fresh young face in Japan and Asia, one I’ve trained myself and who is loyal to me. Within five years Miki Tanaka will be the face of my Asian marketing, and the mind behind most of it. It has been spontaneous innovative ideas like this that have built my corporation into what it is in those twenty years.”
Miki’s mother Reiko laughed delightfully, “You may have to tie her hands behind her back if her sweet face is ever to be seen!” Miki giggled and proved her mother’s point by using both hands to cover her face.
“She is exquisite now and will gain poise as her confidence in herself grows.” I predicted. “Until then, I will teach her to turn her shyness into an asset. Miki made a brilliant performance with her speech last night. She projected her ‘self’, and I saw sheer genius in her. With my mentoring she will be affecting other corporations chief executive officers and board members the same in no time.”
A waiter came and took our drink orders. I noticed Miki asked for a Virgin Pina Colada, which confirmed my suspicion of her love for coconut. When those were served our chef came out to confer with us followed by a waiter with a tray of sushi and menus in his hand. I introduced Ozawa, and the Tanakas and I thanked him for arranging the beautiful tea ceremony. He graciously accepted our thanks, then told us he had already prepared several selections of traditional Japanese dishes, or we could choose from the menu. We all cordially agreed we’d trust his judgement with the dishes he had prepared, and he could have it served whenever ready.
Our dishes were placed on the table family meal style, with platters and bowls of food in abundance. We have an excellent waiting staff and I didn’t see a single glass emptied before a full one was placed beside it. I basked in the Tanaka’s praise for the service and food and joked with them, “I’ll have to increase my chef’s salary, before you hire him away from me!”
“Paul,” Miki used my given name for the first time to me and her voice sounded so sweet saying my name! “Forgive me if it’s rude of me to ask, but my curiosity has been tormenting me. What is the length of your yacht? It’s so beautiful!”
“Thank you, Miki. I am honored you’re interested in it,” I answered, “it’s my favorite home, and my personal office. We christened her the ‘DuPre’ after her remodeling. She’s a converted Frigate Class ship, basically the same hull as the Onassis yacht. She’s 325 feet and a few inches in length. The beam is 36 feet 6 inches. If you accept my offer to apprentice with us you will live aboard her much of the time when school is not in session, and on most weekends, so you’ll be readily available for your practical training. We’ll have your stateroom redecorated to suit you.”
Miki looked with pleading eyes at her parents. I knew without a doubt she’d be interning with me, if not immediately, then in the near future. She wanted the opportunity very much. I was really looking forward to it, and not only because of her beauty and my desire for her. While working on selling the Tanakas on her representing us in Asia, I had sold myself on the innovative idea. She’d make an excellent spokesperson immediately. I’d work her into the business end of it as she learned.
Reiko sighed deeply, then spoke, “Paul, your plans for Miki sound marvelous, but we have all seen plans fold and…” I tuned her out, and pulled a checkbook out of my inner jacket pocket and put it on the table. I took out my pen and wrote a negotiable check for what seemed a generous amount for an interns first year salary, payable to Miki Tanaka, then signed it. I slid it across the table in front of Reiko.
“There’s her first year salary in advance, Reiko.” I told her. “ It’s proof of my faith in her ability to learn as well as in my ability to train her to be among the top business managers in the world, as I am. If she accepts my offer today and hasn’t earned a million dollars by her twenty first birthday you have my personal word I will give her one.” Reiko read the check, then handed it to her husband. He glanced at it, then passed it across to Miki. She read it and I thought she’d go ballistic!
“Mom, Dad!” She said excitedly. “My classmates are making sushi and flipping burgers for minimum wage and Paul hands me a hundred thousand dollars in advance? He seems committed to my success to me!”
Both of her parents agreed. “When do you want her to report to you, Paul?” Nori asked.
“I’ll need her here as soon as possible, Nori. We’ll do the preparation for the Geisha ad campaign and use it as a lead in for some others. It may take us a while to reserve the air time and the sooner we get it running the more money it will make us.”
Miki cut to the chase, “I’ll pack my things at home tonight and be here early tomorrow, Paul.”
“Very good, Miki. I like fast starters, and diligence leads to bonuses at DuPre Incorporated. We’ll decide tomorrow which available stateroom you want and give you a list of safety precautions and a life boat drill, though we may not sail for weeks. We’ll set you up with one of our cellular telephones and a desk computer and a laptop on our corporate net connection, among other things. It will be a busy day.”
“In that case, Paul,” Nori said as he stood and extended his hand, “we’d better get your new intern home and put her to bed.”
Miki was beaming and rose as I stood, I shook Nori’s hand, then turned to her, “Thank you so much, Paul,” she said, “I will be the best associate you’ve ever hired!”
I was favorably impressed by her confidence. “Thank you, Miki.” I told her. “I am confident you will be, too.” I walked them to the ramp, making polite conversation, and watched them driven away in my car.
I knew Miki would be so excited she wouldn’t rest and resolved to either allow her time for a nap or end her workday early the next day, not that she needed any beauty sleep. With that thought I went to my rooms. I didn’t get much sleep that night either. That girl had thoroughly captured my heart and soul!
A rap at my door woke me the next morning. I got up and pulled on some casual pants I’d lain out, picked up a shirt, and went to my door. It was Cheryl Baker, my executive secretary. “Miss Tanaka has arrived, Paul.”
“Thank you, Cheryl, come on in.” I replied. “What do you think of my new whiz kid?”
“I adore her.” Cheryl grinned. “I think you two will make a very lovely couple. You can’t fool me, Paul. I’ve known you too long. You’re in love.” What could I say to that? She was right! I laughed and slipped on some deck shoes.
Some of our crew had helped Miki up the gangplank with her luggage. I took her bags from her, “Welcome aboard, Miki! I’ll show you the available rooms and you can choose which you like best.”
“Could I have one close to yours, Paul?” Miki asked. “I’ve never lived aboard a boat, or away from home and I’d feel safer close to you.”
“Certainly, Miki,” I assured her, “Two of the largest staterooms are right next door to my suite.” We’d reached them, and I opened the doors to each, then showed her the door to my larger suite at the end of the hallway. It was within a few feet of either of the two she’d narrowed her choices to. “Each of these have similar bath facilities, though the layouts are slightly different. You can swap back and forth to see which you like best if you want. Feel free to come to me anytime you may feel frightened or lonely. I make a superb hot chocolate that will fix you right up. I may be your boss, but I want to be your friend, too.”
Miki answered, “I may take you up on that offer if we have a thunderstorm, Paul. I have a phobia about them.”
“Oh,” I assured her, “my hot chocolate is an instant cure for all phobias! Let’s get your clothes moved in and have some breakfast, then we’ll find the Captain for your shipboard orientation.” We got most of the necessary things done that morning, she told me she had especially enjoyed the captain’s orientation.
Captain McDuff or “Duffie” makes a very large salary for his ability to cast off and safely pilot the “DuPre” from one side of the world to the other at a moment’s notice, but in my opinion, he is an aspiring standup comedian. I won’t be shocked if someday he retires to move to Reno or Las Vegas to perform in the casinos as a hobby.
I sat her down and told Miki there was one more business item I wanted to discuss with her before introducing her to our pool. “Okay, picture this, you are seated on a low cushion or stool with a traditional Japanese background behind you. An ornate low table is before you. Whether you wear a school uniform, a kimono, or western dress is open for discussion. I’m leaning toward a kimono and your beautiful hair up in a traditional Japanese style.’
“Yes,” Miki agreed, “Definitely a kimono, we are talking about tradition here.”
I resumed my deion. “A Geisha comes in and begins the tea ceremony to serve you. You begin giggling and cover your mouth with your hands, however it feels natural to you. There are no words spoken, the only sound is your cute giggling. Under the screen this message displays for the entire thirty seconds:
‘At DuPre Corporation we respect Japanese traditions. We recently donated blank million dollars in support of the art of the Geisha tea ceremony.
Our associate, Miki Tanaka, respects Japanese traditions, too. One of hers is giggling like a schoolgirl.’”
Miki shouted, “That is brilliantly hilarious, Paul, and diplomacy personified! Who wrote it?”
I modestly blew on my fingernails and polished them on my shirt. “Moi. We’re taking a flier on this one, Miki. You and I will share the credits or the blame as the writers, producers, and directors of this commercial. So you like it? We can edit any part of it you don’t think will work.”
“I think this commercial will make me famous, Paul, in Japan and perhaps Asia and the world, as the Giggling Girl,” Miki enthused, “but it’s not fair to you to share the credits with me. It’s all your idea.”
I shrugged and smiled at her, “All I did was describe what you did so cutely last night at dinner and add our commercial. If this works out as I think it will it will make you that much more valuable a spokesperson for my corporation. My personal opinion already is you are priceless.”
Miki seemed to be replaying all my words and actions of the last few days through her mind, she proved her brilliance when she smiled sweetly and pointedly asked me, “Are you in love with me, Paul?”
I considered her question for a moment, then decided honesty is the best policy. “Yes, Miki, that’s intuitive of you. As the saying goes you had me from the word ‘hello.’ I hope it doesn’t offend you? I promise you it will never interfere with my mentoring of you.”
“Not at all,” she answered, “It makes me happy, but it does give me tons of things to think about.” She proved her practicality by changing the topic. “We can run the commercial by mom and dad to see what they think, but my only concern is what to wear to the award ceremonies and interviews at the network talk shows! Oh, the commercials are thirty seconds long. How will I ever giggle so long without stopping?”
“You let me take care of that, Miki. We’ll do our best to wrap this in one take. We want your performance to be as spontaneous as possible, so I have to keep that one thing secret from you for now. Let’s go get our suits on, and I’ll show you our pool. Oh, yes, take a note, Miss Tanaka. The moment this commercial airs, we’ll post the clip all over the net here in Japan and world wide with English, Chinese, French, and other translations, too!”
Cheryl was in the main lounge as we walked through. “Cheryl babe, can you do us a big favor? Find out from Ozawa what brand of tea his sisters used in the tea ceremony, and have our broker buy all the stocks on the market at or within five percent of the present price for the next twenty-four hours. Have the broker hedge our bet by buying at least as many stocks in other quality teas.”
Cheryl nodded and picked up her phone. Miki looked up at me and smiled in admiration. I told her, “I’ll cut you, Cheryl, and Ozawa in for a percentage of the profits on the tea, Miki, we’ll likely begin selling when the price levels out at a plateau after the commercial comes out.”
“Thank you, Paul. That’s very generous of you.” Miki said, “How many million were you thinking of giving the Ozawa sisters?”
I told her, “I was thinking five million total would build them a school. What do you think?”
Miki answered, “I think that much might motivate one or both of them to retire. How about giving them two million for the school, and asking them for references to others in the art worthy of splitting the other three?”
“Ah ha,” I grinned and told her. “A shrewd business mind at work. I think you’re right, Miki, we’ll contact them tomorrow. Let’s change and go swimming.”
I changed into my trunks and then waited with my door open only a few moments before Miki appeared in it. One look at her in a bikini confirmed all my earlier conjecture about her appearance. She was as an exquisite rose blossom, ready to bloom into something beautiful beyond deion. She asked, “Are you alright, Paul?”
I sighed, and told her truthfully, “I’m stunned by your beauty, Miki. My human resources office would slap me silly if they knew the way you affect me!”
Miki had a practical answer for that, too. “Then we won’t tell them. Last one into the pool is a gaijin!” She turned and sprinted toward the aft deck, where she’d admired the pool while touring the yacht. She leaped like a gazelle over one chair that was in her way and I was right behind her. As we got out into the open area of the aft deck I gained on her, and it was a very close race as we both dove into the pool!
When I came up from my dive Miki was all over me. She wrapped her arms and legs around my torso, and sought out my mouth with hers. Oh, those full lips of hers were pure heaven to me! I held her in my arms and kissed her, and in that moment I knew I loved her as I had never loved anyone before or ever would again.
We broke our kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. I told her, “You’ve ruined me for any mortal woman, Miki! I love you more than I ever thought was possible.” She was also affecting me in ways not usually discussed on a first kiss. I had gotten an instant erection when she wrapped those dancers legs around me and her bikini covered pussy made contact with my belly. Her erect nipples felt like pebbles against my chest through the light fabric.
“You really love me, Paul?” She asked as if she were hesitant to believe it, “I know my boobs are too small and I’m awfully slender. Some of the kids have hinted I look too Asian.”
“Your boobs are perfect for your age and size, Miki, they are making me crazy right now!” I assured her. “They’ll be larger as you mature, and sixty percent of the world’s population is Asian. I adore you as you are and wouldn’t change one thing about you. You are a young Goddess!”
“That’s good,” Miki told me, “because you’re the first man I’ve ever loved, besides dad and relatives, of course. I researched you for my speech and I loved you before I ever saw you! That speech night before last you say I did so well on? My brain recited the speech from memory, but my knees were trembling after I recognized you in the audience. You won’t tell our Human Resources Office, I hope?”
“Of course not, Darling. We’re both guilty of indiscretions, so we have to be accomplices now. Do you mean your knees trembled like my knees will be trembling the next time I see your father?” I asked her. “He may slice me and dice me when he finds out I’ve kissed his darling daughter.”
“If I recall,” she interjected, “I kissed you first?”
“Yes,” I told her, “but I should have at least put up some token resistance.” We both laughed at that, it instigated more kissing on her part, and I compounded my sins by joining in again. When we broke our kiss I told her, “I suppose we could cast off and be boat people and roam the seven seas, fishing and diving for our meals each day?”
Miki smiled and nodded happily, “I could do that, if you teach me!” Miki squeezed me.
“Oh, I’ll have you diving soon, Sweetheart.” I shared with her. “I maintain an instructor’s certification. In fact we will begin that in this pool after we’ve gotten a few other things off our slate. I saw you loved the sushi last night. You will adore the flavor of fresh conch and abalone, plucked from the bottom of the sea and opened by your own hands. For right now though, where do you see our romance going? Romance it would seem to be, since I have two hands full of your sweet behind, and I have no inclination to let go.”
She shrugged and said, “I only know what I’ve heard from my friends about what lovers do. I was thinking we could talk for hours on our phones between my stateroom and your suite next door and then we could date. We could grope each other in frustration through our clothing in the back row at movies. There is one more option though, we could talk about this for a week or so, then one night when we’re both certain we’re ready you could take me to your bed and show me how to make love.” I laughed in delight at that practical answer, of course, then kissed her some more as our hands enjoyed roaming over each other.
Miki asked me sweetly, “Where do you see our romance going, Paul? See? That question works both ways.”
I thought it over for a moment then spoke, “I would marry you today, Miki, you’re everything I could ever want in a woman. You’re beautiful and brilliant and sweet, and you love me. As far as our deciding when the time is right for us to make love? I don’t know that I could do that and still have Nori and Reiko’s respect and friendship. I’d rather ask them for your hand in marriage first. You haven’t experienced much of life though, and my life may appear romantic, flying to the world’s capitols while one of its largest yachts follows me with my laundry. There is a lot of grueling work to this though, and days and nights we won’t be together with you in school.”
Miki cried, “Hold me, Paul, just hold me! I don’t ever want to go through another day in my life without having your arms around me!”
I held her close, kissed her, and caressed her beautiful body. I promised her then, “Miki, I am a determined man, and I will do or spend whatever I have to to keep us together!”
“Paul,” Miki said, “Mom has warned me about my growing up, and hormones developing and sex drives and all that. We had the sex education in school. Though I still don’t understand fully what it is I want, I want you so desperately!”
I told her, “I know, Sweetheart, and making physical love can be as beautiful as being in love mentally and spiritually and is a natural part of it. I want you desperately too. I need you, Miki. I promise you we will work on having what we both want soon, and I will put my heart and soul into making your first time a beautiful experience for you.”
I carried her to the intercom next to the pool and ordered some drinks sent down. When we went up to shower and dress for dinner it was hand in hand. After dinner we sat in the lounge in each other’s arms, ate popcorn from our theater style popper, and watched a movie. There wasn’t much groping done through each other’s clothing though. Cheryl was there. We did try to stay caught up on our kissing, but that didn’t seem to work. Like all lovers we always wanted more. It was a delight to me to even sit and hold her and look at her.
Wouldn’t you know it, we had a thunderstorm later that very evening! Did the young Goddess I adore come running to my arms desperately seeking comfort? No! I heard frantic rapping and got out of bed to peer down the hall. There stood Miki in scant panties and a short transparent nightie. I could see her breasts and nipples through the nightie, and the cheeks of her beautiful ass looked fantastic as she shivered in fright.
Cheryl opened her door, and hugged Miki to her protectively, then Cheryl saw me watching. She impudently stuck her tongue out at me, closed the door, and I presume she led Miki to her bed. I would fire that insolent woman except she’s irreplacable, and knows more about my business than I do!
I could still smell the fresh scent of ozone from the lightning in the air the next morning when I showered. I dressed and made my way to the dining room for coffee. Cheryl was there and told me she was into her second cup. She also asked scathingly if I had slept snug, then she remarked, “I certainly did, I had a sweet cuddle buddy who kept me toasty warm.”
I mumbled something vaguely threatening to her, which incited her to delighted laughter. She can be an evil woman and doesn’t frighten easily, or not by me, anyway. My breakfast arrived, and as I ate, I asked Cheryl if she had Dean Phillipe Surat’s fax information. She said no, but she had a better one, his secretary Monique’s fax information. I told her we needed to send them a copy of her cuddle buddys trans.
Miki came in, kissed me passionately, gave me a hug, and pulled up a chair. The scent of her freshly showered body nearly drove me insane! I caught her up on the plans. “Good morning, Sunshine. We were discussing faxing your trans to the college. This may cost me. It usually does when I’m dealing with Phillipe. I’m hoping the college will certify me as an instructor in our programs there. They have copies of all my own diplomas, including the honorary ones. I want them to allow me to oversee your Business Administration courses personally, so you don’t have to live in France and away from me. If they would then allow you to take your other academics online we might have to fly there for your exams, but we could deal with that.”
Cheryl tapped her head with a forefinger and winked. “You’re brilliant, Boss and you’re rich. Between your brain and your checkbook you can wheedle Phillipe into anything. If the board doesn’t vote for it immediately we could always sail there and host a faculty party onboard. We could wine them, dine them, take pictures of the ensuing orgy, then use extortion.”
“You know, Cheryl,” I nodded and told her, “you do have some redeeming qualities, I like the way you think.” She laughed hysterically at that! Many of my remarks seem to amuse her that way. Maybe that’s why she uses me like a tool, and toys shamelessly with me, but still allows me to be her boss after so many years.
We put in a call to the Ozawa sisters and set up a meeting and then made an online call to Phillipe. We had a webcam on, as he did. I could tell he got an eyeful of my Miki. He is a typical Frenchman, and can think with only one of his heads at a time. What’s that you say? My name is French, too? Yes, that only serves to prove my point.
After I introduced Miki to Phillipe, he said he had received her trans and was favorably impressed by her grades. I ran the situation down to him, and told him I was grooming her to become the executive officer of our corporation’s Asian Division and wanted to train her myself.
He agreed to take it up with the rest of the board, saying they all knew I was eminently qualified in the career field. He said if the board approved the plan and certified me to teach I could give her the term exams and simply fax the results to them.
“There’s only one problem I see with any of your plan, Paul.” Phillipe spoke, and I knew this was the setup and the touch for money was coming, “Our classrooms are not set up with video and computer equipment for such a plan. We’ve looked into it and were given a bid of almost four million dollars we’re not budgeted for.”
“Phillipe, my friend,” I told him, “that is only a small matter and is of no consequence between us. It does change my request slightly though. Send me written approval from the rest of our board and faculty members giving me teaching credentials as a professor, and carte blanche in fully educating my intern including academics, testing her, and determining when she is qualified to graduate and receive her diploma from our university. I will then send you five million, that’s four million dollars for those systems plus another million to cover any unforseen costs. I will give you my word of honor our university will gain prestige from having awarded my intern a diploma when that time comes.”
Phillipes face lit up, he was beaming. “My good friend,” he said, “You have a deal. I will send you the carte blanche. Please pardon me, I have calls to make!” He turned off his camera and broke the connection.
Miki jumped into my lap and assaulted my lips. I enjoyed the assault very much and fought her sweet tongue valiantly with my own. When she broke the kiss she asked, “Does this mean I will be home schooled for my business degree, Professor DuPre?”
“It means you will have your diploma without ever leaving my side and stepping foot on the campus, or in France, unless we choose to visit.” I told her, “Remember well though, my student, I am a hard taskmaster!”
Miki glanced down at my lap and the erection she was sitting on, and said, “I could tell that, Professor, ooh la la!” That saucy comment earned my student an affectionate slap on her lovely butt!
Miki jumped out of my lap as suddenly as she’d jumped into it. “Let’s go tell Cheryl!” She grabbed me by one hand and pulled me to my feet. I had to turn my back and adjust myself before I could follow her. Cheryl wasn’t surprised at all. She’s seen so many of my deals over the years she’s hardly fun anymore. Miki was thrilled enough for both of them, though.
I was very happy about the outcome myself. Probably over a third of the college curriculum was worthess or misleading crap a business manager would be better off never having learned. With my corporate advisors and me deciding what was pertinent information for her to learn Miki should be proficient at least a year sooner. She was already showing a good head for business. We wouldn’t be apart for months on end if this worked out, either.
“Oh, I almost forgot something, Cheryl.” I’d remembered something that might get her excited. I went to our safe, opened it, and took out an envelope. “Last week at my jewelers in Geneva I recalled your anniversary with us was coming up. Here’s a shiny bauble for you, and one for you, Miki. Tokens of my esteem.”
“Oh, my God, Paul, thank you!” Cheryl screamed, “Lady Rolex watches, you big teddy bear!” Miki was speechless and crying, but I got hugs and kisses from them both.
I snickered at Cheryl wickedly as she hugged me. “You misunderstand my motives; now you have absolutely no excuse for being late to work!” She kissed me anyway. Oh, I was enjoying the fine morning!
Cheryl reads me as easily as a book. You know one of those books with large fonts for the visually impaired? She must have known exactly how I was feeling. She asked me, “Boss, the estrogen and testosterone on this yacht could be cut with a knife and they’re getting to me. Would you mind ever so much if I had one of our executive jets fly my boy toy in from England for a few days?”
That question was easy for me to field. “Of course you may, Cheryl. It’s for the good of the corporation. I’ll sign the authorization, at least one of us at the helm should get some relief and be clear headed.” She kissed me again and gifted me with one of her best smiles.
I remembered something else I had intended to check with Miki about. “Miki, do you speak any Cantonese? That’s the language most used in China’s financial dealings, isn’t it?”
“Yes, I’ve had two years of classes in it,” She said, “Dad and Mom encouraged me. They said it would be advantageous to.”
“Your Dad and Mom were right, sweetheart, but could you learn to use it fluently in dealings for our corporation? You may know better than I do how your knowing their language would gain the respect of Chinese leaders.”
“Of course,” she said. “I’d have to be using it daily, or almost daily and with a trained instructor who speaks it as a native language and speaks either Japanese or English fluently. My parents raised me speaking both, and when I speak English I think in it, too.” Miki had favorably impressed me again. She didn’t over-estimate her own ability in the least. I was satisfied if she had the right instructor to chat with every day she’d soon be speaking Cantonese like a native.
Cheryl was listening and taking notes in short hand as she often did when we discussed business. “Okay, Cheryl,” I said, “we need a trained language instructor, whose native language is Cantonese. They should be fluent in Japanese and/or English, and preferably able to live aboard. Their wages would be negotiable, depending upon their skill level. We’d only need their services about, what, an hour or perhaps two each day? I’d think a woman would be preferable. Miki would be more likely to chat openly with a woman, and I’d be less likely to be jealous.”
Miki’s hand shot up like a school kid in need of a quick trip to the rest room! I laughed, and asked, “Yes, dear, do you have someone in mind?”
“Yes,” she said, “Madame Chang, the woman who taught the two years of Cantonese classes I’ve already taken. She retired from the school because she’s getting older and can get around fine for normal activity but could no longer work ten hours per day mostly standing up at the board in class. If we hired her I think it would be a win/win situation for all of us.”
“That does sound ideal,” I agreed, “someone you already know, too. Can you contact her through the school?”
Miki gave me a beautiful smile. “There’s no need to. She’s a friend of mine. I have her phone number in my purse.” She pulled out her cell phone and notebook. She made the call, then began speaking in what I had to presume was Cantonese, because I couldn’t understand it. Miki began smiling and nodding her head at me almost immediately. After a few exchanges back and forth she held her hand over the phone and told me with a grin on her face, “Madame Chang wants to know how much we’d charge to allow her to live with us for a couple of years and tutor me.” I laughed until I was red in my face. I could tell we would enjoy Madame Chang!
I asked Miki, “Invite her to come visit us and the yacht at her convenience and discuss this further. We can send a car for her if she accepts.”
Miki handed her notebook to Cheryl and asked me, “She asked if we could please send the car now. She’s very excited about the offer.” At my nod Cheryl called for our car.
Miki explained the woman was something of a linguistic savant and was also fluent in the other major Chinese dialects. I knew we had to hire her then. China is like a vast fruit orchard ripe for shrewd western companies to pick. I wanted my Miki well trained in their languages and culture.
The Ozawa sisters arrived and we met with them at our dining/conference table. They are both as beautiful out of their geisha makeup as in it. Cheryl called Ozawa in our galley and asked if he’d like to sit in on the meeting to represent his sisters. Typically, he arrived with a large tray of sushi, which we all enjoyed eating. Drinks were served to everyone, then we got down to business.
The sisters were elated at hearing our corporation wanted to support their art, and agreed this would help them to teach the beginners they were already mentoring. They also gladly volunteered to help with the commercial. The dissension arose between them when we asked them if they knew others worthy of being recipients of donations.
I enjoyed hearing their heated discussion immensely, but then I also enjoy listening to disagreements between Italian, French, Spanish and other ethnicities of women. I find them instructive in the use of leverage and force in negotiations. This was becoming counter-productive, though. I took the path of diplomacy and asked them each to write down the individuals or oganizations they thought worthy. We would screen their two lists and then decide.
One of the stewards announced Madame Chang had arrived, and Miki rose to go greet her. I asked Miki, “Please present my apology to her for being busy hosting our other guests, my Darling, and invite her to dine with all of us.” I turned to the Ozawa sisters. “You will dine with us, won’t you, please ladies? Ozawa, I’d appreciate if you have the time, too. I have something to give you.” They all agreed to my requests.
I know how serious the Japanese are about the “face” they present to the world and I felt Ozawa was due a reward in front of his family. I quickly went back to my safe and got the new Mens Rolex I had bought. I had intended to use it as a spare myself, but would order another.
When I returned Miki was just introducing Madame Chang to everyone. She proved to be a tiny middle aged lady who was still quite beautiful and showed the awesome beauty she once must have been.
I bowed over her hand and welcomed her to our home, then held her chair and seated her next to Miki so she’d feel more comfortable. She in turn said, “I can see why my Miki is so crazy about you, Paul. If I were twenty, no, make that ten years younger, she’d have some competition!”
She was rewarded by laughter from everyone, of course, including Miki. As the conversation went on, I began to see this sweet lady had missed her calling. She should have been a stand up comedian. She could make people laugh in any number of languages. I resolved to introduce her to our humorous captain very soon.
A vague idea was forming in my mind to use her and the Giggling Girl, possibly as teacher and student, in one of our future promotions aimed as an outreach to China. I told the two as much and that I would rely on them to help me write that promotion.
During one of the few lulls in our conversation I rose and spoke to Ozawa. I pulled out the watch and handed it to him, “This is a small token of our appreciation for the excellent job you do for us, my friend.”
“Oh, Paul, thank you, you shouldn’t have gone to so much expense!” His mouth was saying one thing and his eyes quite another. He couldn’t take them off of the watch. Both his sisters wanted to see it up close and touch it. I knew I’d done the right thing.
The sisters left shortly after the meal, then Ozawa went back to his kitchen, and we had time to talk to Madame Chang. She was eager to instruct Miki again, saying she’d been her best student as well as her friend. She said living aboard would be no problem, she had done so in primitive conditions half her life. She had no problem with our possibly relocating the yacht to other countries either. We offered her a wage and corporate benefit package and she accepted saying she was delighted with it. Hearing her and my Miki chatting together in Cantonese made me want to learn it, if I could ever find the time to apply part of my mind to the task!
I felt like I was at the top of my game, and all was right with the world. The most beautiful girl in the world loved me, I loved her, and everyone thought we were doing a fine job of managing the corporation. The phone call came and it seemed the house of cards might come tumbling down.
My first inkling of the issue was when Miki came into our lounge with her phone in her hand. Her lower lip was pooched out so far it appeared she would cry.
I actually leaped to my feet and held her in concern. I thought a number of things, including perhaps she’d been told of a death or illness in her family. A kiss didn’t seem to cheer her up, so I asked, “What is it, Darling, what has you so upset? If your lower lip pooches out any further it will cover up my favorite boobs!”
“I was so proud of your giving me my watch I told mom about it.” Miki said, “She told Dad, and she said he is seriously concerned and wants to speak with you at their home.”
For a moment I felt like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar and crumbs on his face, then I braced up. I shrugged and told her, “Alright, Darling, we’ve done nothing wrong. I will go pay Nori a visit. Perhaps I should have been more sensitive in my treatment of you.”
“No please, Paul!” Miki insisted. “We will go pay Dad a visit, on our own terms. I will not allow him to dictate to you, when you have been moving mountains and spending a fortune in my best interests for the last two days. It’s my family so I’ll handle the negotiations. Can you allow me to do that, or should I go alone?” Miki looked so gorgeous at that moment. Her blood was up in my defense, and this was but the first of many times I would see her do what I would later term as her dealing with her inner Ninja!
The corporation owner told the intern, “When you choose to lead, I must follow, my Love.” Thankfully, my response brightened her mood. We checked our fax machine and the carte blanche from the university was in. Miki was officially enrolled in the University program, and my credentials to teach and permission to oversee and approve Miki’s study for her business management degree and diploma were included. Cheryl made a copy of every page for us. She used her notary seal on the pages, signed them all, put them into folders, and filed the original.
Cheryl had already called for the car and it arrived within minutes. Miki instructed the chauffeur, “My parent’s home, please.” It was the same driver who had driven the Tanakas to and from the boat earlier in the week, and the address was in the car’s log.
The drive was not long, but I was feeling more upbeat already. It appeared my Miki was a force to be reckoned with. That became more apparent when the driver parked our car in front of the Tanaka’s home. He opened her door and Miki strode up the walkway and rung the doorbell, as if she hadn’t lived in the home every day of her life until a few days ago.
Reiko answered the door and asked us in. She was obviously shocked Miki had rung the doorbell, instead of simply entering, but hugged her and said, “Your father is waiting for Paul in his office.”
Miki was playing hard ball, she asked her mother, “Please tell Dad we were here, but we’ve left, Mom. This is not the way I have ever seen my father behave toward his friends and family. Paul, please take me home.”
Nori entered the room and spoke sternly, “Miki, stay here with your mother. Mr. DuPre, would you join me in my office?”
Miki calmly told him, “No, he will not, dad, not unless mother and I are included in the discussion. You heard Paul gave me a gift of an expensive watch and you call him Mr. DuPre, instead of Paul? He’d told me in front of you and mom bonuses were given in his corporation for diligent work. You haven’t heard yet he moved Heaven and Earth to keep his promises to me today. He donated five million dollars, and got his teaching certification from the university so I could study for my business degree one on one with Professor Paul DuPre, one of the world’s most successful businessmen. Here is the proof.” She laid the folder on a table. “How many business management professors do you know I could study with who own their own corporation, castle, and three hundred foot yacht?”
Nori began, “Miki, listen to me!”
She cut him off, “I’m not finished yet, Dad. Paul spent the rest of the day keeping his word to you about the Geishas. We will be donating at least five million dollars to them, as well as airing a commercial he wrote and will produce and direct that will win awards and will make my face and name recognized around the world. He accepted my advice about spending three million dollars, and thanked me for it. He has been nothing but honorable to me, and we are deeply in love. When I offered to go to his bed with him for my first time with a man he told me he could not do that without asking you first for my hand in marriage. If you won’t give us your blessing I will go to his bed and be his woman without marriage. Now, have I missed any points you are concerned about?”
Nori blew all the pent up air out of his lungs. I have to hand it to him. She had hammered him hard for nine rounds, then delivered her knock out punch in the tenth, and he was still standing. He walked to her and took her tenderly into his arms. He asked her, “Please forgive me, Miki, I love you, I adore you. Our lives have been dedicated to protecting you since your birth, and it’s a difficult habit to break. Of course you have our blessing in marriage, as in everything you choose to do!” Reiko joined them in their embrace, and Nori and Reiko both opened their arms inviting me to join them.
I put my arms around them and told them, “I thank you both. You have raised a daughter whose love is more precious to me than all my worldly possessions.”
Sweet Reiko seemed very relieved the storm was over, as all of us were. She invited us to sit and said she would make tea. Miki looked to me for permission and at my nod she told them our plans for the commercial. I added to Nori if he dabbled in stocks now was the time to buy tea, and he expressed his appreciation for the inside information.
I asked Nori and Reiko, “We would like to spend more time with you both, and if you would, please pick a time convenient for you to have a dinner and pool party with us, I’m sure we’d all enjoy it. Oh, there are staterooms vacant we will dedicate for your use to change in, stay aboard overnight, or go for a cruise with us for that matter. As the Spanish saying goes, ‘Mi casa, su casa, my house is your house.’” They both expressed their gratitude, saying they’d call Miki later to discuss a firm date.
Miki told them we had hired Madame Chang as a live aboard Cantonese tutor for her and they both said it was a wise thing to do, agreeing it was time to groom China as a market.
We sat and sipped the flavorful tea. Miki cuddled up in my arms since we had now officially become a couple in her parent’s eyes. Reiko asked, “Miki, have you made any wedding plans yet?”
Miki told her, “No, mom, Paul has told me he’d marry me any time I wanted, but he hasn’t made an official proposal.”
I figured this was my cue. Thank heavens for overnight express, and Cheryl for getting Miki’s ring size for me. I had a ring! Miki was astonished as I took the ring case I’d been carrying from my pocket, and opened the case as I went to one knee before her. I proposed to her in Japanese to honor her parents. They both told me later, they were delighted I did. This is a loose translation. “Miki, in your parent’s presence and with their blessing, as you are already my soul mate, would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”
Miki hadn’t expected a proposal this soon. She extended her hand and I slipped her ring onto her slender finger. She said, “Yes, my darling Paul!” I kissed her for the first time in front of her parents, but not for the last time that evening. I think we were all crying. Reiko passed a box of tissues around, and they were appreciated, I assure you. So much for the stereotype of stoic Japanese!
Miki showed her engagement ring to her parents proudly, and they both oohed and ahhed properly over it. Reiko cried again, I loved that sweet lady already. I had asked my jeweler to find a nice diamond for my Miki’s engagement ring, and it was beautiful. He had assured me he chose it himself and it was as close to perfect and flawless as any large diamond that size could be. It would be nestled in close to a larger gem when we married.
The next question that arose was location. Miki asked if I’d want to do the ceremony at home on our yacht, and I told her I was open to suggestions, and if they wanted to we could. Raising the pool floor takes only pushing a button and a few moments and would give us plenty of room for a large wedding party on the aft deck. We could cast off and do this either anchored offshore or circling the islands or the home island of Japan at our cruising speed of twenty knots per hour.
Miki said she thought that would be lovely, and I told her the yacht was only one option, the decision was entirely up to her and her mom to plan as to when and where. If they decided the family home, a temple, or the peak of Mount Fuji was what they wanted, I would be totally supportive of that too.
Reiko and Miki were already kicking plans back and forth. Nori went to his bar and poured him and me a drink of his excellent Scotch. When he handed my glass to me, I thanked him and toasted, “To our ladies!” He was quick to second the toast.
I gave the women something else to consider, “What about the honeymoon? I’m up for anywhere in the world or off of it, a space flight honeymoon would be memorable, but might take time to arrange. You might also want to consider we have a ninety-nine year lease on a small remote tropical island within easy cruising range of here with beautiful beaches for snorkeling and swimming. It’s super for spear fishing and digging for clams. Nori, you and Reiko are welcome and invited to use that retreat anytime you’d like.
“Oh, Paul!” Miki squealed, “Whether we decide to honeymoon there or not, I want to spend some time with you there very soon.”
In front of my soon to be in laws or not, I could not resist pleading with my darling, “Please make our marriage date sooner, rather than later, my Life, my Love!” I didn’t mind their knowing I considered this project most urgent.
Miki kissed me and assured me, “I will be your wife very soon, my Love, and you know all the myths you have heard in the western world about us Asian women? They are all true!” I don’t know whether Reiko, Nori, or I laughed the loudest over that rash statement from our young Miki!
We left the Tanaka home with warm hugs all around. Sweet Reiko kissed my cheek as well as hugging me. My Miki cuddled up to me in our car. She had endured something of a passage from childhood to adult by standing up to her father for me and for us. She was exhausted and when her footsteps faltered on the gangplank I swept her up in my arms and carried her to her stateroom.
I helped her out of her outer garments, kissed her adoringly, and left her tucked snugly into her bed. She must have expended her last reserves in getting up and showering and putting on her nightie, because when I got out of my own shower, dried off, and headed for my bed she was already sound asleep in it. I went under the covers and snuggled up to her, wrapping both of my arms around her. Holding onto my angel, I was in heaven!
I had a hand mostly full of a small breast when I awoke the next morning with a raging erection, and nowhere I could put it yet without serious regrets later. I shifted my arm and propped one hand under my head, so I could lie there in bed and watch my darling Miki’s face until she woke. I was worshipping at the altar of my true religion. I wanted so much to take her breasts into my mouth and worship them more closely. I didn’t trust myself to stop at that, if I did. About an hour later she stirred. I had expended all the patience I had in reserve and couldn’t resist kissing her!
Miki woke, returned my kisses, then she looked around and saw where she was. I told her I had carried her aboard, helped her out of her outer clothing and tucked her into her own bed, then she’d appeared in mine, freshly showered and in her nighty. She yawned and told me, “I dreamed I stood up to my dad and told him we loved each other, and you proposed to me.”
I told her, “It was no dream, my Love, look at your left hand.” She looked at her engagement ring and woke up out of her fog and remembered everything about the entire evening.
“I cannot believe I stood up to my father in his own home!” She exclaimed. “That man is a master and is legendary in most of the martial arts known to man. It has been said Chuck Norris kneels and says his prayers in Nori Tanaka’s direction four times each day.”
I laughed and told her, “That’s why I allowed you to do all the talking and you stayed between him and my lightweight gaijin ass until you had him convinced to your way of thinking. You must have had your inner Ninja working, I know your Dad never had a chance to speak, until he gave you an apology. At any rate, my Darling, Nori Tanaka was putty in your little hands last night!”
Miki told me, “I have to call mom and see how she weathered the storm.” She went to her room, found her purse and her phone and returned to my suite, still nearly nude as she made the call. I was delighted to see she was still smiling when Reiko answered. They had a short, but loving conversation. She gave her mom kisses over the phone and she hung up. “Dad kept her awake most of the night making love to her, so she’s worn out, but happy! She says you are a good influence on him, and he’s promised her he will accept your offer and take her to our retreat island for a week after we’ve been there first.” I got kisses over that call, too. My life was looking up again, thanks to Miki.
I asked her, “You do know your dad was right in everything he was going to say to me, don’t you, Miki?”
“Of course, I do.” She shrugged and told me. “About how you cruised into town and arrogantly decided one of Japan’s beautiful young daughters was worthy of gracing your arm and swept me off my feet? Look at this from my viewpoint, though, a young girl who just woke in your arms in your bed on one of the world’s largest luxury yachts. Which of us is manipulating the other, my Love? Are you a cradle robbing lecher, lusting after a virgin, or am I a conniving young gold digger after your billions?” Oh, we laughed wickedly and hugged over those fine questions!
We dressed and went to the dining room for coffee and breakfast, and found Cheryl hadn’t missed out on much. She asked Miki as soon as she saw her, “So, my Cuddle Buddy, you kicked me to the curb for a pretty face?”
Miki and I both laughed, and Miki told her, “We only snuggled together, as you and I did. Paul was a perfect gentleman, and see what he gave me in my parent’s presence last night?” Miki showed Cheryl her engagement ring, and Cheryl made all the appreciative noises though she had opened the box and expertly examined the setting for flaws and brilliance with her jeweler’s loupe when it was delivered. “Between you and me, Cheryl,” Miki confided. “I think Paul has designs on ravishing my virginal body on our wedding day. I am so looking forward to it!” It was Cheryl’s turn to laugh along with me!
I had the last laugh on Cheryl, though. My virgin Miki never spent another night alone in her own room or with her Cuddle Buddy. She chose to spend every night until our wedding cuddled up in my arms, though we both behaved, other than some mostly innocent groping.
I felt like having something special for breakfast that morning, and when one of our stewards showed up, I asked if Ozawa were in the galley. He said yes, he was. I told the ladies I was thinking of a blue crab claw meat omelet with green chiles and asked if they’d join me. Both of them agreed heartily, saying that sounded too good to miss. Ozawa produced a wonderful breakfast for us, so once more I was in his debt. Oh well, I knew I would find another gift soon he would like. A percentage of the profits on the tea should do it.
I had heard no mention of Madame Chang since the day before and asked Cheryl how that was progressing, She told me the last she had seen of Madame she had moved aboard and had hand lines out with baited hooks overboard fore and aft.
Miki said she’d look her up later to chat for a time. After enjoying breakfast Miki and I went looking for Madame hand in hand. We found her in the bottom of our pool on the aft deck. I was startled almost to the point of plunging in, but could tell her posture was more that of a yoga practicer than a drowning victim. We must have watched her a full minute or more before she shot to the surface to breathe. She confided to us, she’d been practicing her breathing for pearl diving! She had dived for pearls in her youth as a job, and still did it as a hobby. Madame Chang was both a useful and interesting addition to our crew.
Miki asked again about the island I’d mentioned and I went to one of our websites and sent maps to her account of where the island is. We had clips of the beach and trees and of us exploring the surrounding coral reef under water and the abundant shoals of fish there. I told her she was welcome to share those clips with her mom and dad.
I did confide to my darling that if she chose to spend our Honeymoon on that island as castaways she might find there had been several improvements made there in the primitive living conditions recently. That bit of news seemed to intrigue her. I assured her there were still no butlers, maids, or ATM machines anywhere to be found on the island.
We called several of the Geishas that day the Ozawa sisters had mentioned. Two came in for interviews and we visited another. They were all quite charming. Miki and I agreed they were each worth a donation and we shared that with Cheryl, so the checks were in the mail.
My next call was to our photographer, Mike Shell. “Mike, Paul here. We are writing, directing, and producing a commercial we want you to shoot.”
“Are you crazy, Paul?” Mike asked. “Okay, forget I even asked. You’re the craziest billionaire I know. You are using professional actors, aren’t you?”
I laughed in appreciation of what I chose to take as a joke. “Of course not. Remember Miki Tanaka, the valedictorian of the graduation I had you video a few nights ago? It’s her. She’s my intern now, and we are engaged to marry. We’ll want you and your crew onboard for the wedding, too.”
Mike laughed. I told him he is as crazy as I am, and I ran the commercial down to him. He agreed we would all win awards if I could only keep that beautiful babe giggling for thirty seconds!
I told him to prepare for a shoot. I gave him a date I would bring her to him. My next call was to Reiko, and she agreed readily to be the hair and makeup artist for the shoot, as well as wardrobe. She would provide an ancestor’s several hundred-year old kimono she said would be perfect for Miki to wear in the commercial.
Our geishas had gotten our checks, and banked them, so they were up and ready to meet us for the shoot. We all got together on the appointed day.
Miki was nervous already. “Paul, I’m so excited, I hope it goes well!”
I assured her, “It will, my love. All you have to do is watch me when Mike calls for ‘action’, and do what comes natural to you.” I kissed her reassuringly.
Reiko made Miki’s face and hair look even more adorable than usual, as only her mother could, and dressed her in her ancestor’s priceless kimono. She sat and the geishas entered the room on cue with the video cameras rolling from every angle.
I turned and dropped my britches and did the boogie-woogie in my undies and mooned her for thirty or forty seconds, so we had ample footage of my Miki full face smiling, then cutely giggling with her hands over her face while the geishas served her. My photographer assured me he had enough footage for editing and we would all go to the awards. We invited him to the yacht for a party!
He did the finishing up touches on the commercial with our connections aboard the “DuPre” and we screened it and all agreed Miki was indescribably gorgeous. She had worn her ancestor’s hand sewn Kimono home and Reiko entrusted the beloved relic into her care that evening. Miki and Reiko were very emotional, of course. Miki promised her mom, the next time she wore the kimono would be to the award ceremonies we were all looking forward to.
The commercial hit the air like a bombshell the next week. Our company stock made record gains, and the reporters were trying to crash the harbor gates. The “Giggling Girl” accepted several invitations to appear on network television shows, both in Japan and in the United States, though she put them all off until after the wedding. I was content to watch this from the sidelines while adding up my profits. Nori thanked me again for the tip on the tea stocks. He made a bundle off them, as we did.
Between the bonus I paid Miki for her acting in the commercial, and the percentage I gave her of our tea profits she had already deposited nearly a million dollars into her personal account. She was very satisfied with the financial benefits of working with me.
Where Miki was not satisfied was sexually. The frustration of abstinence was getting to both of us. She had no experience at dealing with it while in love and aroused. The poor dear clung to me and cried herself to sleep most nights. Her previously Virgin Pina Coladas had light rum in them now. Her being resolved to wear Reiko’s traditional white wedding kimono for our ceremony is the only thing that kept me from taking the issue of her frustration in hand, so to speak.
Somehow, we both survived to the wedding date. The invited wedding guests came aboard. Miki graciously met them alongside me. Her entire demeanor seemed changed. There was a new confidence and assurance in her as my soon to be bride.
The helicopter on the foredeck’s engine whined, then fired up, and then took off. There were security people on it making a last minute check on our island. They’d be excluding any pushy papparazi from the party.
The “DuPre” cast off her lines and warmed her powerful engines as a big tug towed her up the channel to the open Pacific. At the last channel marker the towlines were cast off, and the “DuPre” quickly gained seaway and her giant rudder corrected her direction as the huge props swept the water behind us. The Captain blasted a salute to the tug crews on the ship’s horns. The crew’s cheers were echoed by all of our guests.
I had brought Miki and her parents up to the ships control room so they could have a good view of our stately departure from the harbor. Miki cried, of course, and clung to me. She already loved the great ship as much as I do. Miki then went to our suite to dress, with Reiko, Cheryl, Madame Chang, the Ozawa sisters, and a flock of other maids of honor in attendance. I had surrendered the suite for her preparations. My black kimono awaited me in one of the smallest staterooms. I had elected to wear a kimono, since the other participants in the ceremony would be in traditional clothing.
My old friend Phillipe Surat had agreed to fly from France and act as my Best Man, and he also dressed in a black kimono. He and Nori seemed to be competing to see which of them could ply me with the most liquor. I wisely poured most of it out portholes and over rails. I rationalized the pollution by thinking the Pacific might recover given a few hundreds of years.
I dressed and went aft to mingle with the guests, keeping a full drink in my hand to prevent being handed another. Food was available everywhere. Ozawa had set up buffets on every deck and kept them restocked. There must have been tons of sushi served alone. Every bar on the ship was wide open, and manned by a steward. I ate several bites of sushi on my way through the crowd to keep the butterflys in my stomach well fed. I didn’t want them mutinying on me.
Ozawa knew by now of Miki’s love of coconut, so there were trays of Coconut Mango Shrimp and Thai Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes on every buffet.
There was a popular band set up in the main lounge and pleasant music was being piped through the ships sound system at a moderate level. I noticed the Tanaka’s pastor checking his watch. It was nearly show time. I saw Mike and several members of his crew were shooting from every angle. Phillipe was right at my shoulder so it appeared we were ready. “I have the ring.” Phillipe said, reassuring me.
The band switched to the Wedding March and Phillipe laughed in my ear. He snickered and asked, “Nowhere to run, Paul?”
I laughed, and told him, “Wait until you see Miki up close before you laugh at me, Phillipe!”
She and Nori were just leading her entourage into view. Phillipe changed his tune. “Mon Dieu, she is an Angel!” To say Miki was gorgeous in her mom’s pure white wedding kimono is as much an understatement as saying the Taj Mahal is a pretty building!
The ceremony went smoothly until it came time for me to kiss my bride. Her traditional head covering gave me a fit, but between the two of us, we got it done! The Captain ordered the ship’s horns blown and someone rang the big ship’s bell for the better part of a minute. The helicopter, our air force, did their version of a fly over.
My darling was beaming! “Come with me, Paul.” She begged me. “I have to change for the reception, a colorful kimono goes over this one now, and I cannot bear to be out of sight of you! ” I was allowed in the suite for this change; then we went back out on deck for more pictures and the reception.
The pictures were a total success, we got some very good press with them. Mike transmitted them immediately to a friend in the media, and we were given kudos not only for sharing them, but also for wearing the traditional costumes. We were hoping if we were open with the media they wouldn’t intrude on our privacy later. I asked Mike to get a promo aired using our wedding pictures with our thanks from Miki and myself to everyone.
Miki and I worked the crowd at the reception. I hoped she wasn’t tiring too much, I knew the costume she had on was weighted to retain a perfect form, so my poor darling was carrying near half a ton of ballast. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but then she is not very big. I asked her, “Have you eaten anything, Mrs. DuPre? I know you’ve been awfully excited. Shall I fix a plate for you?”
She laughed and responded, “That sounds wonderful, my husband, please do!” I found a couple of small plates and chose us some sushi, some smoked salmon and cream cheese rollups, with fresh spinach greens, and several other items I knew she would like. I coaxed her until she said she couldn’t eat another thing.
Reiko found me and introduced me to some family members I hadn’t met yet. One uncle of hers cracked me up. He let it slip there had always been kin of theirs who were boat people! I had to find my Miki and share that with her. She hugged the old man and laughed. I wished there were some way we could work that into a promotion without offending anyone.
I called Madame Chang over and asked her about it. She laughed, then said she’d work on it. I asked Cheryl to find out if Reiko’s uncle had a regular job and income, and if not to ask him to join our commercial writing team. I liked his wit.
We’d reached our island and everyone agreed it looked beautiful and pristine from the ship. I had known what sort of trash the ocean tides and storms can wash in on a beach so I’d hired a work force of nearly fifty motivated teens from a neighboring island. They had come highly recommended.
The crew had been transported to the island two days before on a barge. They had bagged literally tons of garbage, loaded the barge, then raked and swept away their own tracks as they left that morning. We’d already sent them the check our contract required, but I would be looking for a special favor I could do for them.
Bingo, I had it already! The islands of Japan have thousands of miles of coastlines, all of them subject to trash accumulating from wind and tide. Sponsoring a force of fifty teens cleaning the beaches might be a drop in the bucket ecologically, but it would be well worth the cost in the good will created. We could appeal for public help in the cleanups, too. This would put Miki’s face and name back in the media for more favorable exposure, as well. We’d look into it as soon as we came back from the honeymoon.
We tied up well out in the bay. We’d had a cluster of five bridge pilings driven into the peak of an undersea mountain there the year before. We had a buoy securely chained to them we could tether her to. The “DuPre” has a draft of fourteen foot so she has to stay well clear of the inner coral reef. At 325 foot long she takes a lot of space to anchor or moor to give her room to swing with the tide and wind.
The plan was Miki and I would abandon ship and play castaway honeymooners. Our guests would be returned to the dock. The ship would then return to the island to standby in the bay and play helopad and lookout for intruders.
Nori and Reiko would have the full use of our dive boat and the other side of the island. I had already filled Nori in on the newest improvements we’d had made on both sides. He had assured me they would enjoy it, and he knew both Reiko and Miki would be reassured by the privacy, yet knowing they were only a short distance apart. I had told him I understood this separation had to be right up there with the cutting of Miki’s umbilical cord for poor Reiko, and for him.
Miki turned to me and kissed me passionately. She said, “I think we have attended to quite enough of the formalities of the wedding and reception. It’s time for the best part! Let’s go change into our swim suits.” I was right behind her as she ran to our suite. The heavy costume didn’t seem to slow her strong young body at all.
My bride stood fully nude before me for the first time in a matter of moments. Her beauty was breathtaking. I wanted her, and I wanted her immediately! Her quarter sized pale brown nipples topping her small breasts were calling me. Miki wisely stopped me as I approached her. “No, please don’t touch me now, Paul, or we’ll never get to the island!” She put on one of her bikinis as I pulled on some trunks. My trunks were tented in the front, of course.
Our ship’s captain was in his usual fine form. When we appeared back on deck he had a hand held microphone and announced over our ship’s speakers. “This is your captain speaking. All guests and non-essential crew members please join us on deck to throw rice and wish Miki and Paul a fond bon voyage as they disembark the ‘DuPre’ for their honeymoon on this uncharted island somewhere in the, uh, Pacific? Isn’t this the Pacific Ocean? Navigator, you did mark an X on the hull so we can find this island again, I hope?”
Miki and I laughed along with the crowd, and I shouted, “If he didn’t, none of you will get paid next week! Cheryl will make you come back for us, won’t you, Cheryl! Cheryl?” Cheryl, my ever-faithful executive secretary, merely shrugged her shoulders, hugged her boy toy, and laughed!
The captain next announced when Miki and I went ashore he and the crew would be in charge and anyone not having fun would walk the plank. Several of Miki’s young friends and relatives were already using the ship’s guardrail as a diving platform. I asked the captain to assign them a lifeguard and lower a ladder for climbing back aboard. Miki and I wouldn’t need it, we were about to swim to our “uncharted island”.
Miki was busy giving hugs and last minute kisses to friends, and I joined her at this. I may have hugged and kissed one or two too many of the lovely maids of honor because I noticed my bride watching me. I wisely shook hands with the others!
“Paul?” I heard my bride call to me from the rail. She pointed toward the island several hundred yards away. “I’m going that direction. Are you coming with me, my husband?” I resisted the temptation to make an off color comment; there were children in the crowd. I went to take her hand and kiss it. A rain of raw rice began as we climbed to the top rail and dove into the Pacific Ocean hand in hand.
The ship’s horn blasted, and someone found the bell again. Some of the youths must have had strings of firecrackers because they began going off around us on the surface of the water. We quickly kissed, then struck out for the island.
The water was beautiful and the swim pleasant, except I was becoming damned impatient to make the gorgeous creature swimming beside me mine in every way. I told my impatient self to get a grip, behave like a grown man, and enjoy this. It would happen only once and Miki trusted me to do this right!
As we neared the inner reef a shoal of fish exploded in brilliant colors around us, thoroughly captivating my bride. I held one of her small hands in mine as we submerged and she got her first look close up at the beauty and abundance of the life on a coral reef. She turned and smiled at me, her long coal black hair billowing about her upper body in the ocean currents. Oh, how I adored her! We swam to the surface and on in to the lovely beach.
Shouts from the crowd on our ship could be heard as we walked up onto the beach arm in arm. We made a show of soul kissing for our fans and they roared as we hugged fiercely. I picked Miki up and put her over my shoulder as she waved at the spectators and laughed. I was looking for our pallet that was supposed to be located just inside the cover of the first line of trees.
I spotted it and commented, as I carried Miki to our first matrimonial bed, “Aha, this is certainly lucky for us poor castaways. A soft pallet has washed up on the beach!”
“Oh, yes. That is convenient!” My bride laughed and agreed. “A stack of fluffy beach towels washed up too, and the towels all have the DuPre family crest embroidered on them!”
I put her gently down on the pallet and stretched out beside her. I rolled several of our beach towels up and put them under her head for a pillow. We would probably be here for several hours and I wanted to make her comfortable.
We began to catch up on the kisses we’d been missing from being so busy with the wedding. My hands roamed over my darling, caressing her. I hoped I had my priorities together now and could get this first time for the love of my life right. I reminded myself there would be no do overs of this!
I had one hand on her breast and Miki shifted to undo her top. “Oh, Baby!” I told her. “Your breasts are so delicious looking!” I kissed each of them, to first get her used to the idea. I was determined to be patient with her. We had the entire week and could take longer if we needed or wanted to.
“That feels so good, Paul, especially on my nipples! They are hard for you.” My bride shared, “Would you lick and suck them, please? I’ve fantasized about how that would feel for years.”
Would I? “Precious, I’ve been dying to!” I applied myself to the pleasurable task she had asked of me. I worshipped one breast with my mouth while massaging her other with my hand and rolling her nipple between my fingers, then switched. Miki held my head with both her hands and clutched me to her breasts. Her back and her legs arched and her shapely butt was entirely off the pallet.
“Paul!” My precious gasped, “That does strange things to my insides!” I was smiling around the small breast in my mouth, then released it. I felt it was time to move to the next step.
“Do you know what that means, Miki?” I asked her, then kissed her. “It means you are a very sexually responsive young lady. What does it do to your insides when I touch you here?” I put my hand to her pussy and found her slit through her bikini bottom. My darling’s hips thrust upwards instinctively!
My bride moaned in frustration. “Sweetheart, you are making me crazy! You know I don’t know anything about this, just show me!”
“Miki, your wish is my command.” I told her. “We will move on to oral sex done to a woman, or cunnilingus. Some men won’t do this, but you, lucky girl, happen to be married to a man who loves it!” I peeled her bikini bottom off and put it to one side, then moved her legs apart and planted my knees close to her delectable butt cheeks. I bent over her and kissed her mouth, then slowly moved my kisses, licks and sucks down her slender neck to her chest, breasts and nipples. By the time I began applying my mouth to her belly she was humping her pelvis into my chest.
I moved both of my hands to her butt cheeks and squeezed them, then shoved my arms under her thighs and my hands went up to massage her breasts and tweak and roll her nipples between my fingers. This put my lips and mouth in position to first kiss her clitoral hood, then seek out her clit. I sucked on it as my Miki squealed in delight!
I gave her another intense sensation to enjoy when I varied my sucking and flicking her clit with my lips and tongue with licking the inner and outer labia of her beautiful virgin pussy. Her thighs clamped on my head as her muscles began quivering in her first orgasm with a man. I kept up my attentions on her pussy until she stopped screaming her enjoyment and began begging me to stop! She’d become too sensitive to bear any more of the sensations for the moment.
I moved up next to her to kiss her as she relaxed from the intense orgasm. Her face was so beautiful in her first post orgasmic bliss I wished I had pictures. I’d have to make do with memories. “Oh, you beautiful man!” My wife sighed. “If sex gets any better than that I don’t know how I will ever survive it!”
I laughed in delight and told her, “We’ve only just begun, my Life, my Love! That was only the first page in our book of lovemaking. We will write tomes together.”
My bride had a pertinent question. “On which page do you put your, uh, penis in me? It’s still in your wet swimming trunks.”
I agreed and laughed as I pulled off my trunks. “Yes, I think we’re well enough acquainted I can give this thing some air. This day is filled with so many new things for you, Darling. Your happiness is the most important thing in my life. I’m trying to get you relaxed with some of these other things before we try penetration.”
“You’re doing wonderfully, my love!” Miki assured me. “Before the next lesson begins you mentioned improvements? Does a girl just squat and pee here or is there a lady’s tree to get behind?”
“Oh, I confided, “that would require more exploration of our uncharted island to find out. There may be a bamboo hut, a tree house, or some sort of shelter here.” I stood and extended my hand to assist her. She practically sprang up, eager for more exploration. We walked hand in hand another short distance into the trees before she spotted the house and ran up to the door.
I was right beside her, and picked her up, before I opened the door and carried her across the threshold. The air conditioning was quite a contrast to the warm day outside. I told her, “I think this grass shack should be arranged like most of them. All three of those doors at the other side of this large room should have a bedroom and private bath behind it. The front one should be the master bedroom. It has the largest bath.” The large room was a multi-purpose living, dining room, and bar with a complete kitchen and laundry room in one corner. Miki had given all this the once over and was headed for the bedroom. I asked, “Would you like a Pina Colada, Darling?
She was over her initial shock and laughed, “Yes, please.” She may have decided to test my planning. She asked, “Could I have a couple of Maraschino cherries in it, please?”
The freezer was pre-stocked with several pitchers of Pina Coladas, mixed just as she liked them. I went to the bar for the cherries, and the small fridge there also had other fresh fruit for garnishes. I chose an orange slice for hers and added a straw. I added a tiny umbrella, just because I could, and it looked cute. The bartender had left the recipe on the bar for more pitchers of her Pina Coladas. I mixed a quick whiskey and soda for me and went in pursuit of my bride with our drinks.
She laughed in delight when she saw me coming with her tall tropical drink. She had washed her hands in the lavatory and had seen me in the mirror. Turning to me, she accepted the drink and took a sip. “Mmm, that’s delicious, thank you, Paul! I adore the house, and my brands of cosmetics, toiletries, and everything are all here in the bathroom of the grass shack.”
“It took some planning,” I admitted, “but I wanted this to feel very special for you, darling.”
“Oh,” she said, “this does feels very special, and I feel special, too, Sweetheart. It’s not every bride who finds she has a new house as a retreat on a secluded tropical island.” She’d already sucked down half of her drink, evidently thinking it might relax her. “Let’s shower, then I’ll finish this drink and one more. I should be brave enough by then to beg you to put that big thing inside me.”
I would have laughed, but the way my darling said it sounded as if she were afraid it would hurt. She had confided to me, unlike many athletic virgins her age, her hymen was still intact, so I was concerned, too.
We enjoyed showering each other and my wife cracked me up when she naively asked, “Can I touch your penis now?” She laughed and answered her own question then. “Of course I can, I have a license!” We both laughed for minutes!
I watched her face as she reached for my bar of soap, a large antibacterial brand, and lathered up a face towel, then reached for my penis with it. She grasped me, then said, “That thing is so hard! No wonder it gets uncomfortable in your pants sometimes.”
She instinctively stroked me several times with the hand towel, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I told her, “Miki, that feels so good, Baby!”
Miki asked, “Could you, uh, ejaculate with me doing this or does it have to be inside a woman’s vagina?”
“Sweetheart,” I informed her, and opened my eyes to watch her reaction, “a man’s penis, cock, or prick is a versatile tool. All it requires is stimulation of some sort, whether digital, oral, vaginal, anal, or otherwise. Some men have a fetish for making love to women’s feet, others like to do it between a woman’s breasts. Many boys and some men have what is called wet dreams or spontaneous emissions just from dreaming of something erotic.”
She was a willing student and seemed eager to learn about sex. I leveled with her. “Baby, the more you know about sex the less you will have to fear. Would you want to see what happens when I ejaculate?”
“That seems only fair.” Miki smiled. “You made me climax already, and I’m sure you would like to.”
“Oh, Darling!” I told her, “If I didn’t love you already I would for that type of reasoning! If you’d like to, remove the hand towel and use only your hands to stimulate me. The skin to skin contact feels much better to me.” She did as I asked; though I could tell it took her some getting used to.
She grinned and asked, “Is there anything else I should be doing, Paul?
“You’re giving me a fine hand job, Darling.” I grinned back. “I love watching your breasts jiggle as you do.” The encouragement gave her the idea of shimmying her chest, and oh yes, the sight of my virgin darling trying to visually stimulate me worked!
“You are so sexy, Sweetheart!” I told her. “I’m going to have to invent more superlatives for your beauty. No language I know suffices to describe you!” My talking to her and her handling my prick had evidently turned her on, too. She hugged me and told me, “Its time, Paul, put your penis inside me now!” I picked her up in my arms, and being careful of her head and feet, carried her out of the bathroom and placed her on our bed.
She spread her legs and I climbed between them. I carefully guided the head of my prick to her labia and yes, she was well lubricated. I eased myself an inch into her hot tight sheath, and it was like entering Heaven, cock first! I lowered myself a little more and stopped when I saw her frown. “I’m sorry, Baby.” I told her. I’d reached her hymen.
Tears appeared in her eyes, and she closed them. “Break that thing, Paul!” She demanded passionately.
“I’m sorry, Darling, I can’t bear to hurt you!” It just wasn’t in me to hurt her, as much as I wanted to be inside her. Tears fell from my eyes onto her sweet face. Her athletic legs circled my hips and she determinedly pulled herself up onto my shaft with them. Her hymen stretched and broke and our pubic bones made contact for the first time!
“Ouch!” She exclaimed. “A girl friend broke hers riding a park horse, but I had to go Kamikaze on my husband to bust mine! Hold still for another minute please, Paul.” I held as still as a statue, except for kissing my little Darling’s face madly!
I told her, “I’m so sorry it hurt you, Honey. I couldn’t bear to break it, I’d have had to fly you to a surgeon.”
“I know you would have.” She said. “It wasn’t your fault I had a hymen of steel, probably because of dad’s woman ninja ancestors.” I felt her legs relax and she slid off me as she slackened her muscles. She immediately slid back up on me, so I figured the pain was lessening.
“It feels so exquisite being inside you, Baby!” I told her. “I hope the pain is easing for you?”
For an answer Miki smiled at me and slid up and down on me several times quickly. “That’s much better now, I’m so full of you, it feels incredible! Make love to me, Paul!”
Stay tuned for Chapter Two

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