A first encounter into the forbidden world
This true story involves a girl of 12 years and her uncle of 21 years.

Let me start by telling that my brother and his wife have 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. The story I’m about to tell happened 20 yrs ago when I was 21, the second youngest girl was 11 at the time. The whole family had been down with us for a summer break by the sea, they lived 300 miles from us, at the end of there summer break they were all due to go home, but Daryl aged 13, and Sharon aged 11 wanted to stay with us for another month. My mother agreed as did my brother as long as I was to take them back home by car. This was agreed I would take them both back and stay with them for a few day before returning home.

Sharon was a petite blonde and quite slim, I had always got on with her better then the others and, she always seemed to be by my side whatever I was doing. During the day I had to work so my mother took them out for outing although most of the time it was to the beach and as we had a hot sunny summer that year both of them got a lovely sun tan. After a few days I was up in my bedroom after showering, stood in my under pants when Sharon appeared at the door. I asked had she had a nice day, and she nodded and said she had been swimming all day with Nan. I told her she was getting a nice tan and to make sure not to burn, with that she lifted her little skirt to show me her tanned legs, as I stood there looking at he legs my eyes were draw to her panties, which came as a surprise to me as I’ve often seen her in her panties and even naked, but this time I felt a stirring in groin which hadn’t happened before, and I had to look down, and yes I was semi hard, I turned away quickly in case she noticed and put my shorts on hiding my semi erection.

She then left to go for a bath. Nothing more happened that day but when ever I thought of her standing there showing me her tan I became erect.
The weekend had arrived and I was able to go with them to the beach, as I was an adult, my mother decided I could go with them while she did some much needed house work. So off to the beach the three of us went, we had been on the beach for an hour, and Daryl was in the water, being a very good swimmer I had no worries about him getting into trouble. I couldn’t help remember Sharon standing in front of me the few nights before, and I felt an uncontrollable urge to touch her skin. My chance came when she returned to me, and I was able to use the towel to get her dry, my hands touched her skin, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more, but was afraid she may object and maybe tell her brother or my mother.

She was now laying on her towel, Daryl playing in the water with new friends, when I told her I thought she ought to have some sun tan lotion on her to stop her burning, as blonde’s burn faster then brunettes. So I got the lotion, and as she was lying on her front began to massage the oil into her back, I did her legs and looked at my hands as I rubbed the small tight cheeks of her bum. The back done I asked if she wanted her front done, she said it was ok, so she turned over. Once again I began rubbing the oil in over her belly and down her legs, the feel was sensational and I was enjoying every moment, then I came to the “V” between her legs, and wondered if I should continue, after all she was eleven and she may have some sexual knowledge and know that I shouldn’t be doing it. So slowly I moved my hands closer to that spot, she may no movement to stop me, and soon I was gently rubbing the skin just inches for her pussy. It was then I noticed Daryl on his way back, and he being two years older would know for sure that I shouldn’t be doing it, so I stopped. Nothing more happened that day, and Sharon seemed quite happy with my oiling of her and she didn’t mention it to any one, much to my relief. But that night I couldn’t help think about it, and again got hard, but this time I wanked myself imaging her being naked and me oiling her again, but this time without restrictions.

Another week passed and nothing happened and I was ready to put my thoughts behind me, I realised I had done wrong, but I still knew I had enjoyed doing it. The both of them went to bed early the next Saturday night as both were tired from another visit to the beach. I went up to bed at 11pm, and was just dozing off when I had a feeling I was being watched so I looked up to see Sharon stood the in her nightie. I couldn’t sleep she explained, can I get in with you, I nodded that it was ok, but she had to be gone by the morning, as her Nan wouldn’t like us being in the same bed together.
She climbed in beside me, and we both drifted of to sleep. I awoke again a while later, and could hear her breathing beside me, and the thoughts of the beach came back to me. I moved my hand to her waist slowly so not to wake her. Then a bit lower, I could feel her bum, her nightie had ridden up in the bed, meaning she was naked from the waist down. My mind was in turmoil, I so wanted to touch her pussy but dare I risk it?

I could feel her soft skin on my hand and the curve of her bum cheeks, I rest my hand there for a while, and I had no intention of sleeping now, but hoped that she would remain asleep. I moved my hand up and down her slim legs, and over her bum even touched her bum hole gently, and I was as hard as rock. Then she moved. Had I awoken her with my careless fumbling, she was now lying on her back, I lay still not daring to move my hand which was still resting on her belly, it seemed like ages, and all I could hear was her gentle breathing. Was she asleep or not I couldn’t make my mind up, so I decide to move my hand nearer her pussy, and stop if she said anything and pretend to be asleep, but she didn’t move or say anything, now my fingers were able to touch her young slit, at first I used one finger, no movement from her, so I used two, slowly rubbing both my fingers up and down her slit, even penetrating her pussy lips to the beginning of her hole. I was now dribbling precum, so I had the idea to soak my fingers in precum and use that as lubricant, which I did and was able to penetrate her further, I couldn’t stand anymore, and took my hard cock in my right hand, and has my left hand caressed her pussy lips I wanked till I cum, soaking the bed. I then throw caution to the wind, and scooped some of it up on my fingers and rubbed it into her pussy lips, making sure to get some in as far as I could without waking her.
I then fell asleep knowing that my cum was now part way into her pussy,
In the morning I awoke she was gone, and when I thought back I felt ashamed of the things I had done to my young niece, but at the same time knew I would have to do it again soon.

I shall write again and continue the story of my niece and myself

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2014-07-27 21:41:51
i totaly agree its one thing to fantizise and another to actually do it and leave tht young chid emotionally scarred

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2013-03-01 10:39:37
please fuck her pussy pussy is on fire

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2012-01-22 14:34:27
your all sick only a pig with sleep with its niece and we are humans you should know better then that

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2011-03-28 00:55:49
I fucked my aunt.i was 13,no one was in the home and she teased me to do it

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2010-09-03 14:16:48
My cousin and my uncle both fucked me from the time I was 9. Before that they would finger me and sometimes rub their dicks along my slit. My cousin was 22, and he fucked me first, and my Uncle walked in and then he fucked me too. I loved to stay at their house!!!!!

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