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Lisa has more fun with even more people
I took one last look in the mirror as John’s car pulled up outside. I think I looked kinda special, and was sure it was going to be a special kind of day.
I had my hair dyed red, a perfect match for the new black and red basque I was wearing. Apart from seamed stockings and black boots, I was naked under my long black winter woolen coat. I could feel the chill autumn air around the parts I like to keep warm, as I got into the car.
Peter had re-organized his living room. The sofa’s and chairs had been pushed back against the walls and two mattresses were now on the floor in the center of the room.
I warmed myself by the open fire as I was introduced to those already there. Frank and John from Jersey, and a lady friend, Trisha, who came over and kissed me, sliding her hands inside my open coat and squeezing me as our tongues played inside our mouths.
Her body was almost identical to mine, a little shorter, but her boobs were the same 34dd, under her white t-shirt. I gave her soft fleshy bum a squeeze as she pushed her hairy pubes into my shaved mound. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed my coat off, then led me to the mattress, taking her t-shirt off as she lay down. I have not felt a hairy cunt for several years now but enjoyed running my fingers through her bush and into her warm wet slit. I could also see the attraction my tits have, as I kissed and caressed hers, sucking and nibbling at her nipples. Trish rolled over on top of me, grinding hard against my mound, her mouth drooling, warm and wet as mine was.
She sat up, sliding her leg between mine, pulling herself towards me until our clits were touching.. I lay back with my eyes shut, listening to Trisha’s moans, and the words of encouragement from the guys as my first orgasm overtook my body.
I stuck my tongue out, somebody had position themselves over my face. I could taste her ass as her smooth slit pushed against my nose. I reached up and felt her firm round bottom, pulling her cheeks apart. It was Teresa. Clare had joined us too, and was giving Trisha the same treatment. I could feel her wet hair as Trisha’s cunt rubbed against mine, and taste the wet woman juice as Teresa rubbed her cunt and ass on my mouth and nose.
My toes were being sucked. I could feel a tongue slipping between each toe in turn, then, one by one, my hands were grabbed and wrapped around two stiff cocks. Then my legs were disentangled from Trisha’s, and lifted into the air, onto a guys shoulders, and my cunt lips were parted as his cock slid over my tingling clit and into my eagerly waiting snatch.
Besides the glorious feeling of uninhibited lustful physical contact, the sound of moans, and even screams of pure enjoyment. It is the scent of sex that I find so thrilling. Perfumes are strictly banned at Peters, so the natural body odours soon fill the room as the action starts to hot up. I find the smell of sweat so appealing, it is only when it has remained on the body unattended for some time that it becomes repulsive. It is a perfect joy for me, in the middle of a steamy sex session, to sit on top of a guy, with his cock buried deep in my cunt, or ass, and stretch his hands out above his head so I can savour the tastes and smells of his moist armpits. Cocks and cunts too have their own special smell but best of all has to be the asshole. Not the smell of poo, but that singularly curios aroma of the hole that the poo comes out of. So deliciously dirty.
My tongue was still poking and probing at Teresa’s holes when she lifted herself off me and I looked up to see it was Frank pumping into my pussy and Peter and Jersey John in my hands. Teresa quickly turned herself around and lay on top of me taking Franks cock out of me and sucking my juice off it as her cunt once more covered my face. She licked my clit before replacing it as peter took his cock from my hand and got behind Teresa. I sucked at his cock as it pushed it’s way in between my lips and hers sucking it into my spit filled mouth before watching it part her piss flaps and sink slowly into her hole.
Frank was still thrusting hard as ever into me, I had been told that he had a lot of stamina and fucked like a rabbit. He slowed down, then pulled his cock out, rubbing the head on my anus before dipping it into my cunt again. He did this several times pushing a little harder into my ass each time, lubricating it with my slit juice before slowly easing it all the way into me. Teresa’s fingers and tongue played with my clit while peter fed me her cunt juice and his balls. Then peter put his cock on her ass, circling it round her hole. I was surprised when she pushed back onto him. She has never before enjoyed anal sex, but she seemed willing to let him slide into her. I was excited at the thought of tasting her ass on his cock and sucking his cum out of her ass like I have done, on many occasions with Clare.
Little by little I watched as Peters cock went ever deeper into her asshole getting that wonderful taste of her shit chute from his cock. I was sucking as hard on her clit as she was on mine . Frank still pumping ever harder into me. Peter now had his full length driving into Teresa’s ass, pushing harder and harder with each thrust. His hands were inside my basque, on my tits, kneading them, like a baker makes bread, a little bit rough for Peter, who is usually quite gentle. His fingers squeezing my nipples as he went ever faster into Teresa’s ass. Frank too was giving my ass a real work out, his fingers clawing at my waist and bum cheeks as he fucked me, even harder.
Teresa’s clit was so stiff and solid in my mouth, I could feel my juices flowing as hers flowed into me. Peter started to moan, his hands grabbing my tits, pulling at them as his cock shuddered inside Teresa’s ass. Franks finger nails dug into me as I felt my ass get suddenly looser. He was filling me with his cum. Peter too, was pumping his white cream into Teresa. Unusual for him to cum so quickly. Must have been Teresa’s relatively tight ass.
I know that Teresa must have taken a good mouthful of my fanny juice as I came. I could feel it building inside of me all the time, and as I came I just let go.
She has never actually squirted like me, but there was plenty of her juice for me to suck up.
I could feel Franks cock pulling out of me as Peter withdrew from Teresa.
His cock, still almost erect length, flopped into my mouth as he pulled out of her ass.
He pushed it into me. I eagerly lapped at it. It was glazed with his cum, and tasted of Teresa’s ass. Mmmmmmmmmm. As I licked it clean for him, a wad of his cum farted out of Teresa’s ass and landed on my face. I took Peters cock deep into my throat, sucking every last bit of cum from him as I pulled away. Then eagerly sucked the rest from Teresa’s shit hole.
Frank and Peter left us. Teresa turned around, laying beside me, sharing a beautiful cum flavoured kiss with me. We looked up at Frank and Peter, now sitting on the sofa, and joined them to watch the rest of the action.

The mattress was a tangled mass of bodies. It took a while to work out who was doing what to who. Seven guys sharing two slutty girls.
Alan pulled his cock out of Trisha’s ass and came over to me. I leant forward, expecting him to shove his dick in my mouth, but he knelt in front of me, grabbing my hair on the back of my head and pulled me towards him. I could feel him spit as he whispered in my ear, “ I want you upstairs in the attic. You dirty whore. Not now. I will tell you when.”
With that, he stood up, his hand still on my head, pulling me onto his cock. He drove it straight into my throat. My whole body shuddered as I gagged and sucked on it. It was coated with cum, but it was not his, he was still hard as rock.. He must have been fucking someone’s hole that had another guys cum in it. I slid it out of my mouth and asked “who’s cum?”,it was just as I noticed Richard coming back into the room, his dick hanging limp between his legs. Clare stopped sucking on chunkys (big John) cock and said, “it’s in my ass, if you want some more.” Alan gave my bum a smack as I crawled across the mattress. Clare was on top of John 1 his cock in her cunt. Nick pulled his cock out of her ass, and I cleaned it in my mouth for him before plunging my tongue into Clare’s shitter. The afternoon was only just starting and I was already getting my share of my favorite things.
I could feel Clare’s hole moving as she tried to fart it out for me. Sucking the beautiful cocktail from her lovely dilated hole when I felt a cock being shoved into my cunt.
I can’t remember what his name was, Ian I think. All I can remember about him was the taste of his cum. It was the sweetest I have ever tasted
It was a Sunday afternoon in the summer. Peter and I were alone, watching porn and playing around. Ian turned up out of the blue. He stripped as soon as he came into the room, and without saying anymore than hello, pulled my ass to the edge of the sofa, pushed my legs up, and fucked me. He is a little overweight, but quite attractive in a chunky sort of way. Anyway his dick felt good in my ass. He was quite vocal while fucking. Breathing very hard, Telling me how good his cock felt in this bitches ass. Occasionally changing holes, asking, “ do you like that cunt!?” and “ fuck me you dirty whore.” I really love dirty talk, and was so enjoying it, but it was over too soon. He was starting to sweat a little, his thrusting got quicker and then he pulled out of me. Spun me round on the sofa. Sat on top of me. His bum cheeks flattening my tits. Wanking his cock over my face. “ Do you want my cum ? slut” Yes!! “Eat my spunk? You fucking tramp” Oh fuck YES!!! Give it to me. I sucked his cock through my lips tickling his piss hole with my tongue. Peter had shoved a butt plug into me and was treating my clit to his tongue. “Here it is BITCH!!.” My mouth flooded with his beautiful sperm. Like sweet cream. I didn’t want to swallow it. It tasted so good. I had to swallow. It kept pumping out of him. My mouth was so full it was running out, over my chin. I knew I was cumming too. Peter told me later that I had really squirted. But all I could think about was this wonderful taste. He pulled his cock out, I opened my mouth to show him his work, then swallowed it. Then took his dick into my mouth again to suck out every last drop.
After that, he just got off me, put his clothes back on, said “ thanks for that, Lisa, cya later” and left.
Now he was back in my cunt again.
It was a merry-go-round of sex. People changing places. Cocks filling all our holes. Sometimes 3 at a time. The smell of sex hanging so heavy in the air.
Hot sweaty bodies oozing cum and juice and spit. If I wasn’t sucking on a cock, or someone’s balls. I was licking his ass, or hers. Or my head buried in her cunt.
Ian was on top of Teresa. I could tell from the noise he was making, he was about to cum. I had told the girls about his wonderful spunk, and we were all eager to get a taste. I put my hand between them. Stopping his cock from going to deep into Teresa’s cunt.
His belly wobbled like a jelly as he started to spasm. A little of his cum was on my hand, but the rest was pumping into Teresa’s gash. Clare and Trish had joined us. Looking at them, like children in a sweet shop. Ian pulled out, kneeling between her legs. Trish was down on his cock like a flash. I managed to scoop some out with my fingers before Clare dived into her cum filled muff. I licked it off my fingers. It was even better than I remembered. Maybe because now it was mixed with Teresa’s slit slush. I rolled it around my mouth with my tongue, then looked down at Teresa. She looked up at me with her mouth open, her hips gyrating slightly as Clare made a meal of her gash. I leant over and pushed my lips on her mouth. Her tongue forcing it’s way between them. The cum, and now some of my spit, slowly dribbling out of my mouth into hers. She almost purred as she got the taste of his sweet muck. I slurped as I drew away from her, a trail of cum suspended between our mouths. Then I let the gob full drop. I turned to see Clare and Trish were cum kissing too. I pleaded with Teresa to sit on my face. She straddled me. I looked up to see her parting her fanny lips with her hands, then was amazed to see still more cum dribbling down her piss hole, I opened my mouth as it slowly trickled out. As the first drop hit my lips I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down on me. Sucking for all I was worth. Trying to save all the beautiful juice in my mouth. Then Teresa started moving on top of me. Oh my god, she was going to cum too. Teresa doesn’t exactly squirt, but she does get extremely wet She was wet enough to wash even more cum from her cunt. She was pushing her clit into my chin, her ass was on my nose, and my mouth was full to overflowing with cum juice. It seemed to last for ages, but finally, she lifted herself off me. I got on my knees beside her joining Trish and Clare. Our tits rubbing together, and our hands exploring our sex holes as we kissed and sucked and slurped and swallowed, until we had eaten it all.
I looked around the room. All the guys were sitting on chairs and sofa’s stroking their cocks as they watched us enjoy ourselves. We had finished our feast and were hungry for more. I went over, on my hands and knees, to Jersey John, who was sitting with Frank. They were wanking each other. Jersey’s cock was really rock hard and Franks had almost fully recovered since he shot his load into me earlier. Then I realized they had their arms around each other. I sat beside Jersey, watching them. They were both staring into my eyes, looking for a reaction. “ Do you do anything more than jack each other off? “ I whispered into his ear. He replied, “Oh yes”. My head raced with one of the few remaining fantasies that I have not yet fulfilled. Having sex with Bi Guys
I put my hand on my crotch, It was now so wet, I slipped four fingers inside me rubbing them up against my clit. “ Will you come to the bedroom with me?
They followed me as I walked across the mattress towards the door. I noticed Trish, who was underneath Chunky, watching us as we left.
Peters house is over 300 years old. The door to the stairs looks like a cupboard in the room. The stairs are very steep, turning near the top, to go straight into the first bedroom. I find it easier to climb them with my feet and hand, bending over slightly as I ascend. Something which those following me often say they appreciate.
There is an antique dressing table next to the bed, with three large mirrors. I noticed I had plucked my stockings as I took my basque off. Then sat on the edge of the bed, lifting my legs up to check out my holes. My pussy was a little redder than usual, and my piss flaps looked more puffy. My asshole was moist, glistening in the weak sunlight that was coming through the window behind the mirror, and still slightly open enough to slide one finger in easily. Frank and John had taken their place on the bed behind me, Frank lying back, while John was sucking him. I lay beside Frank, kissing him as I watched his cock disappear into Johns mouth. Running my fingers through the hair on his chest, I found his nipples were very hard. I started to suck and bite on them. Still watching John devour his cock. I was getting so horny, and wanted fucking. I simply asked, who wants to fuck me?
John answered,” it better be me ‘cause Frank wants my ass ‘. I rolled over on the bed as the two guys got up. Lying face down, with my legs spread wide, I felt John’s cock fumbling around me, trying to find a hole to slip into. He circled my ass, dipped into my fanny, stayed in there for a few strokes, and then pushed his way into my ass. It felt good. In fact it felt really good. John’s cock is about 6 inches long and uncut. Ideal for my bum hole, and it had the extra driving force of Frank pushing from behind. I could see him in the mirror, driving his cock into John’s ass as John drove into mine. It was like I was dreaming. Sharing a bed with two guys that got off with each other. I wanted to see his cock go into his ass, watch them sucking and kissing. Discover how men get off together. I guess it may sound odd to a lot of guys, but hey, you guys like a little lesbian action, don’t you?
We changed position several times, I wanted to do as much as I could think of all at once. I shared Johns cock in my mouth with Frank, while Frank was fucking me. Licked Franks ass and sucked on his balls while he fucked John. Took his cock out of Johns ass and sucked it. Watched John do the same. It was when we were laying on our backs on the bed, the guys fingering my cunt and sucking my tits while I stroked them. That Trisha came in.
She went straight down on me, slurping on my pussy, before pulling herself up, and kissing me with her cunt flavoured mouth. “Having fun?
I looked up into her eyes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She got up and perched herself above Franks cock. “Put it in for me Lisa”. I Rubbed his pee hole on her clit then she sat down as it disappeared inside her hairy wet hole. I got on top of John, asking her to do the same for me. We were riding together, our tits bouncing in perfect rhythm until the guys reached up and grabbed them. I followed Trisha’s lead and started pulling John’s nipples as she was pulling Franks. The boys were working hard beneath us, trying to push back up as we sat down.. I was at bursting point. I could feel my cunt flooding around Johns rock hard penis. Then my head got in a whirl, it was fantastic. We were all cumming together.
The bed was creaking underneath us as we all moaned and groaned. Our heavy breath, our cries of Oh Fuck and Oh yes. It must have sounded really loud downstairs. Good job Peters house is detached. God only knows what the neighbors would think?
I put my arm around Trisha as their cocks started to shrink inside us. John started kissing Frank too as my tongue fought with Trisha’s inside her mouth.
I needed to clean up and revitalize myself.
John’s cock and balls were soaking as I lifted myself off him. Trisha’s pubes were matted with cum and cunt juice. I said I needed the bathroom, Trish said, “ me too”.
We got off the bed and watched the guys get in a “69” and clean each other, before going to the bathroom.
I said I needed to pee. I don’t know if my eyes had the same glint in that hers did when she said, “me too”. But before I could ask her, she said, “Do you want to go together?” I turned towards the shower and she followed me in. We threw our arms around each other, our boobs crushed against each others as we ravished each others bodies. Trish got some shower gel and squirted it over ours tits, making them lovely and slippery as they rubbed together. We had a hand on each others fanny’s, waiting for the first squirt. I didn’t have to push, I really was bursting. It was more trouble trying to hold it back, to make it last longer. I felt a warm trickle on my fingers as I started to dribble. We both ducked down at once, our bums bumping into the glass walls of the shower cubicle. “You first,” Trish said, as we both stood up again. I got down on my knees, her hairy twat was right in front of my face. She lifted a leg and rested it on my shoulder. I moved closer, smelling her pubic hair. I heard a slight hiss as I felt her warm piss splash from my chin to my tits. I lowered my head to let some run into my mouth, it tasted so good. So fucking dirty and good. I had a hand between my legs trying to stop myself going when the flow from her piss hole stopped.
“My turn now”, she said. I stood, spreading my legs and, leaning back against the shower wall, parted my bald piss flaps with my fingers. The first splash hit her face quite hard as it hissed out of me. She moved her head around in the spray, showering her face, mouth and hair in my piss. Then she put her mouth full on my pisser, taking a huge gob full before throwing her head back and swallowing it, as I continued to piss over her tits. “Ooooooh keep going Lisa my love”, she said. I don’t think I could have stopped if I’d tried. I pissed and pissed as she came back for mouthful after mouthful. Her tits were covered in soapy bubbles as my piss hit the shower gel. She had one hand on her snatch and two fingers working in and out of my asshole. Good job I had cleaned it out, otherwise I may have done something much nastier. Finally, after what seemed like forever, my flow came to an end.
Trisha sucked up the last few squirts and then stood again as I took my place, this time sitting, on the shower room floor. I looked up and caught the first drop in my eye. I had to wipe it with my hand as it stung a little. Then, copying Trish, I started to drink and shower under her spurting cunt. I wanted her piss all over me. I slid my butt between her legs, lifting it up to support myself with my hands. We were in a scissor position as she squatted down and pissed into my cunt. She knew what she was doing, she pushed so hard she farted as the strong spray hammered at my clit. Then she stretched my cunt lips apart, two, maybe three fingers on each side of my hole, to force it open so her piss would go deep in my cunt. It was running over my asshole and down my back. Over my belly too, and between my lips. I tried licking it, but it had mixed with the soap on my tits and didn’t taste good, like it did when I drunk it straight from her twat. She told me to stay perfectly still as she lifted her leg up between mine so she could squat over my face while drinking from my piss filled sex cup. Her piss was still coming into my mouth in squirts as she slurped her own piss out of me. It never ceases to amaze me that the more people you have sex with, and the more people you chat about sex with, the more diverse and enjoyable sex becomes
. We turned the shower on, and washed each other.
Sharing a shower, or bath, is a luxury that everyone should enjoy. To have her soapy hands massaging every part of my body was pure heaven. We spent quite some time making sure every single little part of us was washed. Turning off the shower, we stepped out, grabbing a couple of towels, to dry each other off. Of course, the hair around Trisha’s fanny needed particular attention. As, apparently, did my smooth snatch. When we were both dry, Trisha rubbed my smooth pubic bone, saying how much she liked it. I felt her hairy twat, and suggested that hers could soon be the same. “Will you do it for me,” she said. “Of course I will my sweet,” I answered.
I grabbed Peters Razor and some shaving foam and took them with us into the living room. John 1 Chunky and Alan were somewhere else with Teresa. Ian had left. Clare was still entertaining Frank, Nick, Richard and Jersey John, while Peter was in the kitchen. She had Frank and John sitting on the sofa sharing their cocks with her mouth, while Nick and Richard shared her fuck holes. “Welcome back girls,” she said, as Trish laid on a towel on the mattress. “You’re missing all the fun”
We giggled like schoolgirls as I knelt between Trisha’s legs and sprayed foam onto her pubes. I grabbed a cushion from a chair and shoved it under the towel so her bum was lifted into the air, now using my fingers to spread the foam. “Oh fuck, I need some water.” I got up and headed for the kitchen where Peter filled a large mixing bowl with warm water. He was preparing some food, but now followed me back to the room. I took the razor and began shaving the top of her bush. It wasn’t long before it was all gone, but then came the tricky bit. I wiped the soap from her hole, and put my finger in so I could pull her piss flap over. I hadn’t realized how big they were until now.
Lucky really, it made shaving her so much easier. I finished both her flaps, washing the soap off to check they were smooth. Her clitoris was big too, and hard. Almost like a miniature penis. There were still a few hairs on her hood, so I put my finger on her clit to protect it, while I shaved it off. Just her asshole to do now
Clare was sitting on John on the sofa with his cock in her ass, while Frank pumped in to her cunt. So I asked Nick and Richard to pull her bum cheeks apart so I could shave her shit hole easier. Nick had a better idea. He straddled her face and put his dick in her mouth, while he leant on his elbows and pulled her cheeks apart himself. That left Richard at a loose end. My loose end. I raised myself up so he could slip into me. He tried my ass but it was to dry. So he slipped easily into my wet slit. Trisha had started to wriggle a bit as she chewed on Nick’s willy, so I had to tell her to keep still, so I didn’t cut her ass. It didn’t take long before she was perfectly bald. I dipped my hands in the warm water and wiped them all over her smooth cunt, then patted it dry with the towel.
Now for the most important part. I ran my fingers all over her, it felt so good, and it looked delicious. Her clit and her piss flaps looked even bigger now you could see all of them. I parted her lips, her clit was standing erect above her beautiful pink, wet crack.
I lowered my head. My tongue licking up her slit and flicking her clit before I sucked on it. It was gorgeous, I lifted my head to admire it again, leaving a trail of spit running from her cunt to her ass. Then went back down to lick out her poo hole. Richard was still pumping hard into me, and then suddenly, he pulled out. Moving round to wank over Trisha’s newly shaved cunt. I looked up as he started to cum. Teresa had just walked in looking a little weary. “They want you now” she said, “where? “ In the attic,” she replied. I looked down at Trisha’s cum covered cunt and gave it a kiss. Then stood up and walked dutifully towards the stairs.
Peter was waiting in the 1st bedroom. I hadn’t noticed him leaving the living room. He opened the little door leading to the attic. The stairs are even
narrower and steeper than the first flight. I started to climb the stairs. Peters hands were on my bum, pushing me up the stairs. I got to the top, and the attic door was closed. Locked from the inside. Peter said,” you have to put this on” holding up a blindfold. He quickly put it over my eyes and tied it tightly behind my head. I was among friends, many of whom I have known for several years. But I was feeling a little scared.
Peter knocked on the door, I heard the bolt sliding open, and was pushed through the door .My tits, butt, legs, and hair were felt as I was ushered through the room. Then I was turned around and grabbed tightly from behind. His arms were crushing my tits. I felt the bracelets being attached to my wrists, then heard a slight click and the sound of chains being pulled through a metal ring, as my arms were lifted into the air. Straps were put around my ankles, and my legs were parted.
Then I felt it. Pushing against my cunt. It was big. Although my legs were open I could feel it on my inner thigh as it parted the lips of my pratt and pushed into me. I bent my legs. My whole weight swinging by my wrists. Trying to open my legs further, to stop this huge dildo from tearing me apart. I relaxed a little as it pulled out of me, then screamed as it was rammed back in. “ Oh fuck, you guys. Take it easy”. …………… There was no response. All I could hear was the sucking noise as the dildo was pushed in and out of my twatt. I was getting more scared. It was cold in the attic. My nipples were hard more from cold than excitement. Yooooooooouchhhhhhh, something had been clamped on my nipple. Yowwwwwwwwww, then the other one. It felt like my cunt was now accepting all of the massive dildo, and I was getting off on it. Even the pain of the clamps on my tits was becoming likeable. Then sssssssssssssswishhhhhhhhhh, my ass was whacked. “Stand up Cunt”. It was Alan’s voice. I straightened my legs the dildo slid out of me. It was quickly replaced by a cock, from behind, and then another from the front. I was amazed. I have enjoyed dual penetration of my cunt and ass for a long while now, but having two cocks, both inside my cunt. Felt wonderful. It didn’t last long. The cocks were pulled out of me. The chains holding my arms up were unclipped. “ On your knees, Cunt” I dropped to my knees on Alan’s orders. A cock was pushed into my mouth. I began sucking. It started pissing. It spurted out and dripped on my tits as I swallowed. “Drink it all, Cunt.” A handful of my hair was grabbed and pulled. My head was pulled away and the last drops of piss sprayed on my face as the cock pulled out of my lips. I was ordered to get on all fours. This time I was a piss hungry whore, instead of just Cunt.
My ass was slapped, very hard, about 6 times, before a cock was shoved into my dirt hole and fucking me hard and fast. Whoever it was pulled out and quickly shoved it in my mouth, shooting the ass flavour spunk down my throat. I guess it was John, he is around 8 inches, the only one that is sometimes a little too big for me. I gagged a little. My nose was held shut. Someone had their hand in my cunt, stretching me, trying to get their fist in me.
I was gasping for air when one nostril was let go. I sniffed as hard as I could, but it was not pure air. It had the pungent aroma of poppers. Some of the guys use them from time to time, I have tried them before a few times. My head was spinning like crazy now. I was a sex crazed cock sucking cunt with a fist pushing into my cunt.. I was so dirty and I wanted everything anyone could do to me.
I heard the door open. As a cock was pushed up my ass, the fist still inside my gaping cunt. The cock was pulled from my mouth as more poppers were waved under my nose. The cock was replaced by a cunt, a delicious smooth shave wet cunt. It rubbed on my nose, leaving it covered with slit slush, her labia was being held open as she pressed it against my mouth. Then her urine flooded in to my mouth. I drank it like wine. The poppers have that effect on me, I really think I am capable of anything while under their brief influence, and my head was full of them now. The fist was pulled out, and I felt someone sliding underneath me, their tongue going right into my stretched hole. The cock in my ass got looser, sloppier. Oh my God, he was pissing in my ass. The cunt slipped away from my mouth. I held my mouth open and she pushed her tit onto it. Then she bent over and whispered in my ear, “ I’m sitting on Trisha’s face.” It was Clare. Trisha must be the one under me, getting covered in the piss that was being pumped into, and squirting out of my ass. The cock pulled out, then I heard Alan’s voice saying, “suck me, slut”. But it was not my mouth his cock was rammed into, it was Clare’s.
The blindfold was taken off me. Peter’s attic is not very brightly lit, but I could see everyone there. All standing around Clare, Trisha and myself. Teresa had not joined us.
They were all stroking their cocks. Some were hard, some not. Peter offered some more poppers. I took a sniff. Fuck, I was a dirty bitch. I just pushed my cunt into Trisha’s face and pissed on her. Clare kissed me, sharing Alan’s cum with me. One by one the guys either pissed or spurted cum on us. We writhed in ecstasy on the floor, licking it all from each others bodies and holes. It was all just so deliciously fucking wild and dirty.
We were so sweaty and messy and dirty, that the three of us crammed into the shower together, but just washing this time. Our other bodily fluids had just about been exhausted. We went back into the lounge where the guys had just started tucking in to the food and drinks that peter had prepared. Teresa was there too, eating a sandwich. She said that she had not felt well after sniffing the poppers so she had to cut short her time in the attic. Thankfully she was feeling much better now. We sat, and ate and drank, chatting about all of our experiences. There was still porn on the TV, and a lovely fire in the grate, and a warm satisfied feeling in my body. Frank called on me for a final fuck, in the missionary position, on the mattress, before John said he needed to go. It was almost 9pm. I asked Peter if he wanted a hand cleaning up, but Trisha volunteered, so we had our parting kisses, John got my coat, and we left.
In the car, John said he was still fucking horny, he rubbed his hand up my thigh and tickled my quim. He said he would love to stay a while at my house and have another fuck, but really had to get home to his wife. I undone his zip and leant over, giving him a blow job on the way home.
A perfect end, to a perfect day

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