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If you can catch an exhibitionist you can keep her.
Fbailey story number 539

I Caught An Exhibitionist

I was out with my camera looking for some pretty flowers to photograph in my neighborhood. I am blessed with many neighbors that have green thumbs. I had made similar trips in past years and this was my first trip around the neighborhood this year.

I would find a suitable house and take a full picture of the house and front yard. Then I would take a full picture of both sides of their front sidewalk. After that I would photograph just the plants that excited me the most and then get some close-up pictures too.

On the Internet I had seen some pictures of tulips where the photographer had placed his camera down onto the ground with the lens pointing straight up at the sky. The pictures were different and breathtaking to say the least. That first house had several beautiful tulips in clusters so I did that ground looking up thing. I took at least a dozen pictures that way before moving on. I stopped at a couple of other houses and then headed home to see what I had on my big monitor.

When I saw the full shot of that first house, I saw a naked woman in the second floor window. She was definitely a woman and not a girl, her big breasts were pushed up against the glass and her hairy snatch was quite visible. Then in most of the thirteen ground-up pictures she was in the window too. The four that she wasn’t in didn’t show the house at all.

In those other nine ground-up pictures she had her ass pressed against the window in two of them, her face and breasts in three, and she was holding her hairy pussy lips open in two of them too. In the last two pictures she had opened the window up and was leaning out. She was naked and she was pretty.

I printed out a copy of just her face and walked back to her house. I rang her doorbell and waited. It took a while but she opened up the door and looked at me in disbelief. She had on one of those stretchy material dresses that fit a woman so snugly that you could tell if she is wearing underwear. She was not. I simply asked her if I could walk in her flowers to get some better pictures. She smiled and told me that she had some much prettier flowers out back in her garden. She told me that her name was Elizabeth and invited me in. I followed her right through the house and out the backdoor.

Her garden was beautiful, the flowers had vibrant colors, and her backyard was quite private. I complimented her on her garden and asked her how she got it that way. I was not prepared for the answer.

Elizabeth said, “I do all of my gardening in the nude, I pee around it to keep the pest population down, and I use my douche to water it.”

I recovered and asked, “Then you were the woman up in the window when I took pictures here earlier?”

Elizabeth said, “Yes, I was. I’m an exhibitionist.”

I asked, “Would you be so kind as to exhibit for me in your garden?”

Elizabeth said, “I’d be pleased too.”

I watched as she so gracefully pulled her dress up over her head, folded it nicely, and then placed it on a chair on her porch. I almost forgot to take any pictures. She grabbed her tray of gardening tools and a mat for her knees. I took several pictures of her pulling weeds and turning the soil around a rosebush. She peed at four corners before she ran out. Then I watched her masturbate and use a plastic bottle to douche herself out into a plastic bucket. She took that bucket and then she watered the rosebush with it.

I was flabbergasted and I told her so. She was pleased and took me back inside her house. We talked about more pictures as the season went on and new plants that would bloom. We discussed the various stages of sunlight throughout the day. Then we discussed other gardens.

Elizabeth said, “How about we go looking at some public gardens and I expose myself at them?”

I asked, “Like where?”

She said, “Well here in New York State there are a couple of flower festival. There is the Tulip Festival in Albany and the Lilac Festival in Rochester. However, there are several communities that have fabulous garden clubs that do some great work in their local parks and in those islands in the roads. There are some nice forests, wetlands, and state parks too.”

I asked, “Are you suggesting a few road trips?”

Elizabeth said, “I’m suggesting a lot of road trips this summer but you might have to help me in my own garden the day after our trips to help me catch up on my own work.”

I asked her when we could start and she replied, “Be here in the morning at eight o’clock and bring your car because you’re driving.”

As I was about to leave I asked if she would be willing to stand in her open doorway while I took a picture of her house from the street. Of course she would, and she did. I waved a thank you and went home to check out my latest pictures. Elizabeth was a work of art and a rare find. I was a very lucky man.

When I arrived that morning Elizabeth was wearing a very short wrap around dress with thin straps and a plunging neckline. Her makeup was immaculate, her hair was perfect, and she told me that she had shaved her legs and underarms. I was pleased when she said that her pussy was untouched. I just love a full pubic bush.

As I drove to our destination Elizabeth opened her dress so as not to cause marks on her body from the tie. Along the way she had me pull over along side the road and then she would get out. She would stand in front of my car and open her dress allowing it to fall well below her ass. I took three pictures of her with several cars in the background both coming and going. Horns honked, drivers hooted, and Elizabeth waved at them all. She really was an exhibitionist.

I pulled up in front of a corporation that had a beautiful building as well as a beautiful flower garden out front. Elizabeth walked over to it and started describing what the various flowers were. Then she handed me her dress and walked out into the middle of the garden to pose for me. She was in no hurry at all. She stood, she bent over, and she squatted down. Then she started to pee a nice golden stream into a water fountain. When she finished she walked toward me, took her dress back, and just climbed into my car naked. Then we drove away.

Elizabeth had me drive to the local waterworks. They had a beautiful field of Sunflowers. We walked up to them where Elizabeth once again handed me her dress and proceeded to pose for me. After several pictures she put her dress on and then she went to the waterworks office. I followed her in while she asked the man if he had a ladder that I could use to photograph her nude in his field of sunflowers.

He looked her over, smiled at me, and then he said, “I’ll have to hold the ladder. It’s an insurance issue.”

Elizabeth then asked him if we could use his office and if he would mind getting in some of the pictures with her. When he asked her if he could fuck her she told him that if he was a really good boy holding my ladder that she would consider a blowjob but that her pussy belonged strictly to me. I just smiled. He knew I was a very lucky guy. However, we had not had sex.

She let him stick his tongue out and flick at one of her nipples for pictures. He got to suck on one and try to pull it off her chest. Then finally he got to hold her pussy lips open and look inside while she was lying on his desk.

After that I took several pictures of just Elizabeth by herself around his office. He got an eight-foot ladder and carried it out to the sunflower field. Elizabeth walked out into it a few rows. The flowers were still quite young and only four-feet tall. Later in the growing season they will approach eleven or twelve feet tall. Anyway Elizabeth’s breasts were just above the heads of the sunflowers and she made a wonderful model. Her creamy breasts in a sea of yellow and black sunflowers would make for a fantastic puzzle to put together on a cold winter’s night.

I was very pleased with our day’s work but Elizabeth wasn’t ready to quit and go home yet. She walked out to the edge of the road and waved at passing cars. After about ten or so the waterworks man told her to get dressed and leave because his radio said that a police car had been dispatched to his location. Some lady had phoned in a complaint. Elizabeth jumped in the car carrying her dress and laughing her ass off the whole way out of town.

She did put her dress on but then had me pull into a farm. She got out, walked up to the farmhouse, and asked the farmer if she could pose naked with some of his buildings, equipment, and animals. He smiled and told her that she could do anything that she wanted too as long as he and his three sons could watch. Of course she said okay and then asked if his wife wanted to join her. He blushed and said that he would ask her. A moment later he said that she would be joining us but that his sons would not be. Apparently his wife didn’t want her sons looking at her naked. I was pleased that she had agreed to join us. He said that she would be out in a few minutes. Meanwhile the three boys came out to see what all the fuss was about.

When the farmer’s wife came out she looked nothing like a farmer’s wife but more like the farmer’s daughter that everyone wants to get up into the hayloft. She had taken a few minutes to comb her hair and then put it into a rather nice ponytail that hung down to her waist. She had on a white blouse and a blue jean miniskirt. We started toward the barn with the boys in close pursuit.

She turned to her husband and said, “Get those boys out of here…now…and don’t come back until dark.”

He simple said, “Okay” and then he took the two oldest boys by the scruff of their necks. The youngest one followed along. They piled into an old pickup truck and were off.

The farmer’s wife then turned toward me and said, “Hello. My name is Ellie and I am very excited right now. In fact my panties are wet and I just put a clean pair on. You see it has always been a fantasy of mine to be in Playboy. I actually subscribe to it for myself. Would you believe that no one has ever taken a nude photo of me in my entire life, not even my husband. We don’t even have a camera or a computer or a cell phone. Hell, we are lucky to even have a regular phone.”

There was a pause then she said, “Your coming here today is a miracle, a dream come true. I can’t believe that it is actually happening to me.”

Elizabeth said, “If you like we can submit your pictures to Playboy along with an application. That is if you really want us too. We will have to come back here with the application form and let you pick out some pictures to include.”

Ellie said, “Yes. Yes. Of course.”

I had never seen a woman that excited before. She practically dragged us to the barn. I took a few pictures of her alone and with Elizabeth. Then Elizabeth just removed her dress and was naked. Ellie looked at her then smiled. She was in no hurry to get naked, she had dreamed of this her whole life and she had undressed for a camera a million times in her mind. One button at time arranging the material and posing in between until it was completely unbuttoned to reveal her beautiful sexy bra. She had been saving that bra for years just for this occasion. It might have fit her a few years ago but now it was too snug for her, but it also created the illusion of a very nice set of breasts that had grown, that had matured, that just had to be contained no mater what the cost.

The miniskirt was next and it came off even slower than opening the blouse. Finally the blouse and the miniskirt were placed on a bale of hay. The whole crotch of her white panties was wet to the point that I think I could have rung them out. She was an absolute beauty. Elizabeth backed off and told me that Ellie was my model and that she would help me pose her properly. That put a smile on Ellie’s face.

I could not believe the natural beauty and the way that she made posing seem natural to her too. For a lady with three children she had no visible stretch marks, no scares, and no imperfection what so ever. She didn’t even have a freckle that I could detect. Ellie was the epitome of perfection itself.

She posed inside the barn, in the hayloft, and around some of the equipment before removing her bra and panties. She just kept getting better and better. Her nipples were on the thick side and longer than I had ever seen. Her pussy had an incredible mound right above two big fat puffy lips, swollen with excitement. Her inner pussy lips were moist and protruding from their clam shell housing. There was not a sign of a hair or any stubble, it was as if she had never grown pubic hair in the first place.

Things got even better after Ellie was nude, the pictures seemed better, and there was a glow about her. I felt like I was photographing a celestial spirit.

Ellie sat up on the tractor, she climbed up on some hay bales, and she sat up on a horse. That was her horse the one that she rode in horse shows. He was a golden palomino and his fur shined. Ellie rode him around slowly, as if she were Lady Godiva. She turned around on him, she lay on her back on him, and stood up on him. After a while she got off from him, prepared a strange looking table then got on it on her back. The horse seemed to know exactly what to do and walked over to her. Her scent was strong from all of her excitement he sniffed at her moist crotch and then he started to grow a fifth leg. That cock of his was huge. He simply walked forward a little and waited, Ellie held his cock up to her opening, and then he stepped forward again. She took almost half of it into her pussy as if it were nothing. She grabbed a hold of some fur and then he started fucking into her with all his might. I captured the intense pleasure on her face, I captured her during an orgasm, and I captured an unbelievable amount of horse cum flowing from her pussy.

The horse wandered off to rest and eat. Ellie just lay there in a trance. Elizabeth was in awe. I knew that I had witnessed the most extraordinary event of my lifetime.

Over the summer Elizabeth and I visited many flowerbeds throughout the state. We visited Ellie frequently. I made a movie of Ellie with her horse. Her pictures and application were rejected by Playboy with no explanation…their loss. She was one of the most incredible thirty-eight-year-old women that I had ever seen.

Then Elizabeth agreed to marry me…in a nudist resort.

The End
I Caught An Exhibitionist
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