A night i wish would happn again
Birthday Surprise

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon of lazing around reading penthouse magazine and impatiently waiting for my guests to arrive. Tonight was to be my birthday party and I had been looking forward to it all week. The fridge was stocked with wine and beer, decorations were spread all over the walls of my house and I was desperately trying not to think of the waiting alchohol that beckoned me so loudly.... Yep another typical birthday party.

I had just decided to give into temptation when there came a knock at the door. Lazily throwing down the magazine I climbed out of the chair and headed for the front door. The first of my friends had just arrived. With a big smile on my face I threw open the door to greet whoever it was.

It was Vanessa, beautiful and dressed so damn sexy. Lookin over her shoulder I asked, "wheres Mick?" before stepping aside to let her in.
"Oh he said to appologise to you cause hes not gonna be able to make it to this one Jeff" she replied in a casual manner.
Which didn't bother me too much on account of how boisterous he gets when he has a few too many.
"Why whats his excuse?"
Throwing her bag on the couch she turns around and says dramatically, "he had to go to his mummys cause shes throwing a birthday bash for his sister Jenny... Your not the only one who gets to have a birthday ya know" she declares in a matter of fact tone while heading for my fridge.

Now, I am not a man who is dishonest to his friends but I couldn't help but watch her perfect ass as she opens the fridge door, takes out one of my beers then proceeds to dramatically swallow a good half of it. Vanessa was one of those women that you secretly lust after but know you can never have. My mate met her when she was working as a dancer at a strip club. She had an electric personality and was always the life of the party.

Reaching in I grabbed one for myself and cracked it open. Throwing my head back I drained as much as she had before placing it on the kitchen bench. The scent of her perfume filled the air mixing with the smell of the beer.
God she was hot!!!
A black tight fitting knee length dress and black boots adorned with straps and buckles really set her off. I tried so hard not to look but her dress clung to her narrow figure so beautifully and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I was allowing myself that guilty pleasure of what it would be like to possess her when I felt that familiar straining in my jeans and I knew I had to sit down fast or face embarrassment. So I dropped into the nearest chair at the table and hoped she didn't notice the growing bulge in my jeans.

I was just thinking that I had got away with it when I noticed my beer all the way on the other side of the kitchen... still sitting on the bench. Following my eyes she must have read my mind cause she walked over grabbed my beer then came over and proceeded to plonk herself down on my lap.

"The way I understand it is the birthday boy gets to be pampered tonight." she states in an imitation of a southern drawl. All I could think about was how warm her ass felt through her dress and through the fabric of my jeans and how aware I was of her. Lifting the bottle to my lips she tilted it and let the cool fluid run into my mouth... Unfortunately it ran everywhere else as well. Gasping with apologies she jumped up and grabbed the tea towel, then before I could stop her she was wiping the beer off my shirt, then my lap.

Thats when she noticed the huge lump in my pants...

I expected her to be as embarrassed as I felt and maybe a little annoyed, but there was a moment of hesitation and then she continued wiping down my lap, paying special attention to the bulge you couldn't help but see. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat there red faced and said nothing. She leaned in closer in pretense to get every drop and I could smell the shampoo in her hair that was suddenly right in front of my face. It took roughly two minutes of her deliberately rubbing her hand against me to give me the courage to do what I did next.

I slunk down in my chair to give her better access to my cock and placed my hand on her back... I was feeling so damn hot having this gorgeous sexy girl paying attention to my lap and I let out a moan. I felt her hand grab the button of my jeans and undo it, then she slid down my zipper. I couldn't believe what was happening all i could do was rub her back and hope that she wasn't going to stop. she lifted her head slightly to let me look into those gorgeous brown eyes. I couldn't help it anymore and leaned right in and kissed her hard. Her hand ventured into my pants and pulled out my cock slowly stroking it. I was on fire!

Breaking the kiss she dropped to her knees and started licking the head of my cock and running her tongue up and down the length of it. My hands snuck around and grabbed her breasts. I had always wanted to see what her tits looked like and I intended to finally find out. I let out another moan as I felt her lips slowly start to swallow me, inch by inch. She looked and felt so sexy as she worked away on my cock. I ran my hands over her breasts feeling her hard nipples through the fabric... That was when the doorbell rang...

Aaaah shit! I exclaimed. For once I didn't want this party to happen.

Vannessa quickly jumped up and dissappeared into the bathroom as I cursed my luck.

I stood doing up my pants and zipper and smoothed out the front of my jeans, I could still feel my cock hard and wet from her mouth. Hoping I didn't look too guilty I opened the door and let a few more mates in as they cheered and promised what an awesome night it was gonna be... I couldn't help but feel resentment but I hid it behind a warm smile.

After that a stream of friends arrived filling my house with yahoos and soon to be drunk voices. All I could think of was Vanessa and how close I had come to experiencing her body, but it wasn't over yet. I drunk like a fish along with everyone else and managed to still really enjoy myself. Vanessa was once again the life of the party. All night I couldn't help but ogle at her and I wasnt the only one. Nearly every bloke at the party watched her with envious eyes... even the women.

More than a couple hours into it I went to grab another beer in the kitchen. I was standing at the fridge wondering if i should try a bourbon when I felt a hand snake around my waist and grab my cock.
"Wait till later birthday boy."
Knowing who it was I turned around to face her and kissed her hard, feeling a delicious thrill with the knowledge that we could be caught at any time. She grabbed my hand and held it on to her breast. With all the alcohol I had drunk, all my inhibitions went straight out the window.
"If you want more your gonna have to finish the party earlier and get rid of everyone cause I dont feel like waiting." she said in a sexy way that had my mind racing through all possible excuses to end this party as fast as possible. Then with a smile that would make Aphrodite jealous, she left the room and joined the rest of the party.

Less than an hour later, I was exploiting the fact that I had drunk too much and was feeling mighty sick. I told everyone that I just wanted to go to bed, and they all left making plans to head into town. Looking around for Vanessa I couldn't see her anywhere and a sinking feeling consumed me that maybe she had changed her mind and left in one of the numerous cars. I walked through the house just in case she was still there somewhere, thats when I noticed someone lying on my bed.

"Are they all gone?" she replied, her voice filled with a seductive tone. I didn't even answer, I just crawled onto the bed next to her smiling like a cheshire. The greatest birthday wish I could imagine was about to happen. As I drew along side of her she reached up and pulled me down to her lips. Her tongue met mine as my hand roamed up and down her sleek figure. Over her breasts then down over her hips... I was getting hungry. Our kissing grew more aggressive and I knew she wanted this as much as I did. I felt her hand grab the button of my jeans and almost rip it off in her attempts to release me. But I didn't want this to end quickly... I wanted to savour it.

My mouth ventured down to her tits, kissing and sucking her nipples through the fabric of her dress. Then down further over her stomach and down to her thighs where I could smell her sex through her dress. My hands roamed down her legs feeling how smooth they were before traveling back up and then under her dress heading for the elastic of her panties. Grabbing them I pulled them down and over her knees, marvelling at the stark white on her tanned legs. I threw them on to the floor before reefing her dress up over her hips so that she was exposed to me.

At that time I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Her pussy was swollen and open, glistening in the bedroom light. Hungrily, I leaned in to taste her. My mouth and tongue roamed everywhere, sucking her lips in and grabbing her clit with my lips before thrusting my tongue in as far as it would go. She responded by grabbing the back of my head and moving her hips against my mouth... Soon she was moaning loudly and I knew she was close to the edge, so I moved my mouth to her inner thighs. Before I knew it, she drew up and knelt next to me before pushing me back down on to my back. Grabbing my jeans she hauled them down jocks and all. My cock was painfully hard as this goddess worked her way up my legs and rested her lips against the head of my cock. Slowly, teasingly, she lowered her mouth over my member while her hand explored and fondled my balls.

Trying to keep my eyes on this spectacle, I took my shirt off before grabbing her dress and sliding it up and over her breasts... then over her head. Her tits were larger than I had imagined and were topped by dark brown nipples. She closed in on my cock again drawing it all in to her mouth 'till I could feel her nose pressing against my pubic region. I could almost feel myself throbbing in her mouth. The feeling was exquisite, and she knew what she was doing.

My hands roamed back down to her breasts feeling there firmness, before finding her nipples and squeezing them between my fingers until they were hard and erect. She moaned sending vibrations through my cock, and her eyes found mine and locked them. It was almost enough to make me cum in her mouth then and there. She must have sensed this as she released it then climbed up to kiss me hard. I could taste myself on her lips as she climbed over me and then lowered herself onto my hard cock. Wet and moist she sank down on me, both of us releasing a moan fueled by raw desire. The feel of her was intense as I gripped her shoulders and pulled her down all the way so that I sank fully into her. Her breasts were crushed to my chest as I grabbed her ass and started pumping for all I was worth. I was rewarded with her ever increasing hungry kisses and whimpers that fueled my lust.

Quickly I rolled her over, keeping myself inside of her so that i was on top. Years of pent up lust and fantasys of this women fueled my desire and I dove in to her pussy deeper than ever. Putting her legs over my shoulders she started moaning loudly, "Fuck me Jeff! fuck me hard!" The sight of her so wanton laying beneath me, and obviously so close to orgasm, sent me over the edge. My hand slid under her ass pushing her hips up. I could feel her cunt muscles grip me and my cock swell, before releasing wad after wad of hot cum deep inside of her. Like animals we fucked. Our hips grinding together in perfect unison in an orgasm that seemed to go on forever 'till finally we collapsed in a heap, enjoying the feel of each other and kissing slow and lazily.

Needless to say, it wasn't the only time that night. We fucked the whole night in every position possible. We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other. That night led to many other adventures and trysts.... Until finally one day I never saw her again. She just dissappeared leaving me with some of the hottest memories of my life. Memories that I will cherish forever... but that is another story.

By Skycladd

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not enough details in the sex part but pretty good story

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