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This story is for Ray. Credit to him for the plotline, but all teh writing is my original creation.
I stared at myself in the mirror, not because I was vain or anything, just because I was trying to figure out what to wear.

My name is Melinda, I’m twenty four.

I slid a white lacy bra over my 48DD tits and put on a thong. I admired the pale color against my skin, which was tan. I put on a dressy blouse that exposed much cleavage and tight black dress pants. I looked at myself sideways in the mirror, laughing at how my chest and ass looked like big speed bumps while my stomach was a flat road.

My hair is silky black, I’m about 135 pounds, and my eyes are such a dark brown that most people assume they’re black.


I moved in next door to Ray and Ann about two years ago. On the first day, being wonderful new neighbors, they came over and welcomed me to the neighborhood. I couldn’t help but notice how attractive Ray was. One of my first thoughts was: Damn, he’s married.

I became friends with them almost immediately, more so with Ann, though. I didn’t want to tempt myself by getting too close to Ray.


So, today after I got home from work I decided it was nice enough outside to catch a little sun. I stripped down to my bra and underwear before heading out and laying next to my pool- in ground.

I soon decided I’d rather get a full body tan. I pulled off my bra and underwear and before long fell asleep outside.

I woke up not much later to the sound of a car pulling up the driveway next door. Ray must be coming home, I realized. I decided that after two hours of sun, I should probably go inside and actually get something done for the day.

For the rest of the week I was inside for the most part, I’d only been out for a few hours to work on my little garden in the front yard.

Now it was Tuesday, and I decided to take the day off since it was sunny. I went to eh store early in the morning and bought some tanning oil.

No sooner than I got home did I pull off my top and get into a bikini. It was really skimpy, a present from and ex-boyfriend from years ago that I’d decided to keep. I was surprised it still fit, being that my chest had grown about a cup size since then.

I grabbed the oil from out of the bag and headed outside. I turned my chair toward the sun and sat down. I undid the cap and poured some into my hands. I rubbed it all over my body, first my arms and shoulders and back. Then I did my calves and thighs; by the time I reached my upper thigh and started rubbing the oil on, I was getting aroused. I put some on my flat stomach and then decided I’d tease myself a bit.

I put a bit more oil in my hands and started massaging my tits. I pinched and pulled my nipples, licking and biting my lips to keep from moaning a little. Then I moved my hands down to my love hole.

I slowly opened my pussy lips and parted my legs so they were hanging off either side of the chair. I kept my lips parted with one hand and teased myself with the other. I ran my fingers up and down my folds, pulling and rubbing my vulva. I opened my mouth to moan but checked myself before I made noise. My slick fingers, moist with my juices and the tanning oil, moved up to my clit. It was erect and pulsing and was demanding attention. I rubbed it gently at first, moaning softly as my vocals would allow. Then I really started to work, pinching it with my nails and raking my nails across my nub so it felt like teeth. I nearly cried out. I couldn’t bring myself to cum, though- not even when I started to finger myself. I gave up after a bit and just laid there for a bit, closing my eyes.

About a half hour later I opened my eyes and glanced up at Ray and Anne’s house. I noticed that the window with a view of my backyard was the bedroom- I knew because Ann had given me a tour and brought me in their room for a few minutes not long after I’d moved in.

I turned red, realizing that it was possible someone could have been watching me. At the same time, though, it kind of turned me on. No, kind of was a lie. It really turned me on thinking about someone watching me, especially since I’d been masturbating.

I went inside a while later and showered.


On Saturday, I went outside to relax on my porch, when I went outside I saw Ann. We talked across the driveway for a moment before she invited me in for some tea or coffee. I took some tea and we sat down at the kitchen table.

At first, the conversation was normal. Then it moved to some “private” things.

“Melinda,” Ann said, biting her lip out of what I assumed was nervousness. “You know, from the bedroom window I could see you tanning the other day.”

Busted. I turned a little pink. I decided that I’d just tell the truth, might as well. “I know that you and Ray would be able to see me tanning if you were in your bedroom, but that's all right, nobody else in the neighborhood can see my tanning spot.”

“You know, Ray asked me to take pictures.”

I giggled. “Go ahead, if you really want.” I winked. “I’m sure Ray would enjoy them.”

We talked for about a half hour longer before I decided to go home. I thanked Ann for the tea and left.

It was another Tuesday, and, once again, I took the day off. It was sunny once again, so I decided I’d go back outside to catch some more sun.

Before I went into my backyard though, I knew I heard Ann outside on her porch. I went outside and chatted with her for a moment before I moved on to questions and hint.

“Ann,” I said. “Can I ask you something kind of, um, uncomfortable.” She said to go for it. “What’s it like to have your hymen broken? Does it hurt? Does it bleed?”

Ann explained all about her first time. She was cool about telling me, providing intimate details that made me a little bit wet. I also asked about her favorite sexual positions and all those things that were probably better left unsaid. Again, Ann was cool about answering and dished all the details.

“So I take it you’re a virgin, Melinda?”

I nodded, turning pink again. “I’m waiting for ‘the one’ you could say. You’re so lucky to have Ray. He’s a great guy, and I’d guess that he’s good in bed.”

“The best,” Ann said with a grin.

I decided that I’d go home. “Well, I better get home. it’s a pretty nice day, and I want to work on my tan.”

I said goodbye and went back inside. I found my tanning oil. I went back outside, this time into the backyard. I tossed the oil next to my chair and pulled off my shirt. I unhooked my bra and let it slide down my arms and onto the ground. I undid my shorts and let them drop before pulling off my thong. I guessed that Ann was probably in the bedroom, taking the pictures ray had asked for. So I figured why not give them a show?

I bent down and exposed my round ass to their window, turning my chair around so it faced them. I knew it was facing away from the sun, but oh well. Tanning was the real reason I’d even come out today.

I got some oil in my hands and started massaging my breasts, I rubbed the oil on my stomach too. Then I moved down to my legs. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but my legs were quite nice. My calf muscles were toned and tight and my thighs had almost no fat. It was my guess that most of my weight was in my chest and ass, how else would someone like me be 135?

I spread my legs like before, each of them dangling off a side of the chair. I rubbed the oil over my smooth mound before spreading my pussy lips. My folds were warm and wet, getting more and more slick every time I thought about how Ann could be up there snapping photos. I put a little bit more oil on my hand and rubbed it all over my vulva. My folds were already slick, the oil was just adding to the moisture. I kept teasing myself, annoyed that I still couldn’t reach an orgasm.

I must have played with myself for an hour in my attempt to cum, but I couldn’t do it. I finally gave up and went back inside with a glance up at Ann’s bedroom window.


A few weeks went by and I decided it was time I rearranged my living room for the changing season so I could put in the air conditioner. I went next door and knocked.

Ann answered after the second or third knock. “Hi Melinda.”

“Hey, um, is Ray home? I need some help moving around my couch and stuff.”

“No, he’s still at work. But if you want, you can come by in the morning tomorrow and ask him then.”

I thanked her and, after a few minutes of meaningless chat, decided to head home and plan out where I was going to move everything to.

I went to bed pretty early that night, wearing nothing by my underwear, and was up early the next morning.

When I got up I showered, shaving my legs, arms, and pussy. I toweled off and brushed my hair, giggling every time I ran the brush through it, when I yanked down on the end my tits would jiggle in response to the movement. I pulled a lacy bra and thong on, sliding a very low cut blouse and pair of tight short shorts.

I went next door and rang the bell. Ray answered shortly after. “Is Ann here?” I asked, quickly deciding that it would be a mistake to have Ray come over and help me, I’d be to tempted to try- and probably fail- to seduce him. He was so gorgeous. I could see his tight abs even when he had a t-shirt on, his arms were thick and strong. I could only imagine how big he was…

“No,” Ray told me. “She just left to go shopping, she probably won't be back for a couple of hours.”

“Did she tell you I needed help moving some stuff around today?” I asked. “I can never get that stupid sofa to budge.”

“Huh? No. I guess she forgot.”

“Well do you mind coming over, then? Since she’s not home?” I bit my lip, I wanted him, so badly.

“I gotta change out of my Pjs, do you mind coming up with me?”

Come upstairs? Into his bedroom? “Um, I don’t think Ann would want me to do that, Ray. I’ll just wait down here.”

“I don’t think she’d mind if you just came up to talk to me, I need to know where we’re moving everything around to. So why not just explain it now?”

“I dunno, Ray.”

“If you don’t, then you can find someone else to help you.”

I just nodded, still not liking the idea of being in Ray’s bedroom alone with him. He was too hard to resist when Ann was around, how could I now that we were alone?

I followed him silently upstairs, he closed the bedroom door behind me. I stared as he took off his shirt. Oh God, I was getting so wet. His body was something to behold. I wanted to run my hands all over him.

I looked down at his shorts, and it was immediately obvious his dick was hard.

“I better go downstairs,” I said, turning to go.

“I have something to show you, Melinda. Just hold on a second.”

I turned back around and he opened up his laptop, showing me the screen. I gasped at what I was seeing. It was me, while I was tanning. While I was masturbating.

“Ray! Oh no, where did you get those?”

“You know good and well where I got them, you posed for them, you nasty little tease.”

I panicked as he approached. “Ray, really? What would Ann say?” I started to stammer on about how this wasn’t a good idea, he was married, blah blah blah.

He ignored my pleas, instead he pulled off his shorts, exposing his lovely cock. It was shining on the top with precum.

“Ann would say, rip her blouse off and grab her boobs, see if they're real or full of silicone.”

I took a step away, my back came in contact with the door, I’d just managed to corner myself.

He pulled me into his arms and kissed my cheeks, his mouth slid down to my neck and I had to hold back a moan. I bit my lip, hard. His teeth grazed my ears, I shuddered. It was with pleasure, but I hoped he thought I was afraid. This shouldn’t happen.

“I'm not kidding Ray, I think Ann would be pissed, stop it Ray, REALLY, what would Ann say?”

He hooked a leg behind me, pulling me closer, pinning me to him. The head of his dick was on my stomach. He spun us around and before I knew it I was under him on their bed. I didn’t struggle, I didn’t want to, as he pulled away my top and bra. Part of e wanted him to rape me, but how could I let that happen while he was married?

“Ray, what would Ann do if she saw us?” I said helplessly.

“She'd say, grab her boobs, squeeze ‘em, suck on ‘em, tell me what they're like.” And he did just that. His strong hands massaged my tits. I was panting softly, my chest rising up and down quickly at his touch. He pinched my nipples, pulling on them, making me gasp.

“Please, Ray, think about your wife!” That was the only excuse I had. Because I did want him, wanted him bad. But I couldn’t do that to Ann, she was my friend. “I'd tell Ann, OH YEAH, THEY’RE REAL, no silicone in these babies, they're wonderful, lets check out Melinda's hot shaved pussy.”

“Ray, no, please! I’m a virgin! Please, no! Don’t do this!” Now I was afraid. “We’ll make a mess if you pop my cherry! Ann will see it!”

“Someone like you- a virgin?! I don’t think so!”

“Yes, Ray! I really am! Please, don’t do this!”

“Then prove it, lemme see your virgin hole. Spread your legs for me, Melinda.” My pulled off my shorts and panties. “Spread your legs, Melinda!”

I shook my head furiously, clamping my legs shut even though I wanted to open them.

He pulled my over his knees and started spanking me. It hurt so much. I started pleading for him to stop. “Spread ‘em, spread ‘em good and wide and I'll stop.”

Tears were welling in my eyes, more for fear than anything else. I knew it would hurt to be deflowered, and I was afraid. He laid me back down, and I was crying as I opened my legs. He grabbed my ass and squeezed, I opened my mouth because my body’s reaction was to moan- my ass was very sensitive and having it touched made me hot- but made no sound.

He ran his tongue all over my pussy, and I had to bit my tongue to stop from moaning.

“We’ll take care of this problem shortly,” he said.

He kissed my pussy with animal passion. I was able to stop myself from moaning, but my legs wrapped around his neck to hold his head there. I couldn’t make myself unwrap my legs. It was instinctive, my body wanted him, I wanted him.

He took my erect clit into his mouth, my hips started bucking wildly as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I was still trying to protest, but the orgasm was making my words incoherent. When I finally recovered, Ray made me get on my hands and knees on the bed. I listened, still fighting with myself about letting this happen. I kept reminding him that Ann would see the blood.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Melinda?” he asked.

I didn’t reply, I was frozen with fear and lust as he ran the head of his cock over my pussy lips. He smacked my ass hard.

“Did you hear my you filthy cunt?! I asked you a question!”

I nodded, tears started streaming again.

He hit me again. I cried out. “I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes,” I whispered, horrified.. “Yes, I want it.”

“You've been teasing me for over two years, now you want it, WELL, YOU NEED TO BEG FOR IT!”

“Please fuck me, Ray-!” He hit my ass again.

“I’m your master now you little slut!”

“Please fuck me, Master! Please take me! I want you so bad!”

I felt him rub my soaking pussy with his cock, he pushed into my hymen. I felt the pressure before it broke, and I lowered my head and bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry out.

He started pumping in and out of me, I was unused, so it kind of hurt. It didn’t take long before he was pounding his entire length in and out of me.

“Beg for it, you nasty slut,” he commanded. “Beg for me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me, Master! I’ve wanted you for so long! I’ve fantasized about you taking me! Please, fuck me! Make my fantasies seem like nothing!”

He grabbed my hair and pulled, fucking me with the same animal passion he’d kissed me with earlier. I wanted him to kiss me like that again.

“OH GOD, THAT'S SO GOOD,” he started to moan and yell. “Uhhhhhh, AHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH, I'm cumming…”

I felt him filling me up, and I started moaning, I was getting so close to my own orgasm that it hurt.

The closet door shook, and I looked up, distracted from my own impending orgasm. “What was that?”

He pulled out of me, and I suddenly felt empty. I wanted him back inside me. My pussy pulsed.

He went over to the closet door. “It sounds like we have somebody hiding in the closet.”

My eyes widened with fear.

He opened to door the rest of the way, and I saw Ann sitting on the floor. He panties were next to her and her fingers were wet. She tried to cover herself unsuccessfully.

He grabbed his blushing wife out of the closet, showing her to me. “Well, now you have your answer, now you know what Ann would say if she found out. I think Ann enjoyed the show don't you? Wasn't Ann a nasty girl? What should we do to her, Melinda.?”

A devilish smile crossed my face. It was my turn to have some fun.

“I think we should . . .”

The End

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