My first sex was oral sex with my uncle but that was just the start.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

It was a few weeks after my fifteenth birthday that I went to my mother and told her that I was sexually active and that my period had been late but had finally come. It had scared the holly shit out of me so I asked her to let me get on the pill. She started to talk to me about not having sex but I brought up the fact that she had given birth to me when she was fifteen. Her tone changed and we started talking about love and lust and sex. She was very open and did not hold back. She answered all of my questions and then some. During the talk I found out that my biological father was a one-night stand with a thirty five year old man that Mom never saw again after. Mom raised me for three years as a single mother before she met and married my dad. She never finished high school.

My name is Jane. I'm 5'5" and weigh less than 110 pounds. I've got a 32 A chest and almost no butt. I had my first period just before my thirteenth birthday and still have very little pubic hair. I'm pretty good in school and love sports. I swim and play softball the most. I'm told that I am pretty and I guess that I am but I don't think much about it and don't do anything like makeup about it.

My first sex was about five months after I turned sixteen and it was with my uncle Stan, my mother's brother who is eleven years older than I am. We were at home while my folks were out. I guess he was babysitting me although we never called it. We were in the living room watching TV. He was on the couch and I was laying on my stomach on the floor wearing a long tee shirt and my pink panties. Uncle Stan started talking to me and telling me how pretty I was. Eventually he started telling me how much he liked my slim body and asked me if I had had sex with anybody yet. I told him no but that I had seen Mom and Dad doing it once. They were making a lot of noise late one night and I got up and peeked in their partly open door to see why. Mom was on her hands and knees on the bed and Dad was behind her pushing his weenie in and out of her. She was saying how much she liked it and telling him to do it harder and deeper. I told Uncle Stan that I had also looked at a couple of sex videos on the internet and that the girls at school talked about it a lot but that was all. I don't really like boys that much. He asked me if I had at least done oral sex. I told him no and that I thought it sounded gross.

Then he got up and reached down and took my hand. "Come into the den. I want to show you something." He led me to the den and sat down at the computer. He went to Google and pulled up a video clip of President Clinton saying that oral sex wasn't sex. Then he opened a clip of a young girl sucking a man's thing. She did it for about a minute, moving her mouth up and down on it when he moaned and held her head. You could see her swallow but you also saw white stuff run out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin and hang off her chin. She choked a little but when he pulled out she scooped up what was hanging off her chin and put it in her mouth and then licked her lips and told the guy how much she liked it. Uncle Stan turned off the computer.

He turned to me and said he wanted to see by body to see how I was growing up. I stood there thinking about it and was about to say no when he reached down and took my tee shirt and pulled it over my head. I didn't fight him but I crossed my arms over my chest and stood there in just my pink panties. Then my uncle took my hands and gently pulled my arms away from my body. Looking at me he said how cute I was and how nicely I was growing up. I shyly said thanks. He pushed me a little making me sit back on the couch. I want to show you something that you will think feels wonderful. He got down on the floor, spread my legs and got between them. He pulled my panties to the side and put his face between my legs. Then he stuck his tongue between my pussy lips and started licking me there. The first touch was almost like a little shock. I jumped and said Ohhh. Uncle Stan kept doing it for a long time and I have to admit that I was really enjoying it. Then all of a sudden it felt very strange and I started thrashing my head back and forth and pushing my bottom tighter up against his face as this wonderful feeling came over me. It lasted for several seconds before I started to relax again. "Wasn't that great? That was your first orgasm. What do you think?" I told him that it was the best thing I had ever felt and thanked him for doing it.

"Now it's your turn to make me feel good, Jannie. I want you to do to me what you saw the girl in the video doing." I hesitated but he stood up and finished stepping out of his pants. He had gotten them down while he was licking my bottom and I had not even noticed. His peter was hard and standing straight out. It must have been more than six inches long. He took my hand and put it around his thing. "Touch it. I could just reach my fingers around it. Doesn't it feel nice? Make your hand go up and down on it." He moved my hand to show me what he wanted. It did feel kind of neat. It was very hard on the inside but soft on the outside and the outer skin slid back and forth over his hard rod. It was kinda fun to do. I did this for a couple of minutes when he moved closer to me and told me to kiss it. I bend forward and gave it a little peck on the end. "Now stick your tongue out and lick my cock head. I looked at him and he nodded his head yes. I stuck my tongue out and licked. It was wet and tasted salty. I licked around the head and kept moving my hand up and down on the shaft. "Yes, that's perfect Jannie. You're doing it just right. Now put it in your mouth." I opened my lips. He pushed a little. I had to open wide to get my mouth all the way around it. He pushed in just a couple inches and told me to use my mouth just like I had been using my hand and suck while you do it. I started moving my mouth up and down on his cock, a little deeper each time till it hit the back of my mouth and I gagged. "Take your time Jannie. Don't try too hard." After a few minutes I had all but about an inch in my mouth and he was pushing forward in rhythm with my sucking. All of a sudden me stopped and held the back of my head while his warm thick salty stuff squirted into my mouth. Squirt after squirt; rope after rope filled my mouth. I gagged and spit much of it out all over him. Some even came out my nose. He looked at me and told me to swallow, which I did. What was left in my mouth went down my throat. As far as I knew swallowing it was how it always worked as this was the only way I had ever seen it. Uncle Stan took my shirt and wiped my face. Then he kissed me and told me how great I had done it and how wonderful I had made him feel. "Your a wonderful woman and you are going to grow up to be a super slut my little Jannie." I felt pride in what he had said and I had to admit to myself that I enjoyed it.

Over the next couple of months he came to visit twice more and we found a way to get away and repeat our good time. He also started fingering my pussy while I was sucking him off but he never popped my cherry. At school I had also given head to two of the boys that were a grade above me in classes. Finally one of the boys talked me into letting him put his cock in me. He took me behind the curtain in the auditorium during lunch. We took our pants and underpants off and he had me lay on the floor. He got down between my legs and pushed himself into me with one quick thrust and took my virginity. It hurt but not as much as I was afraid it would. Then he fucked me fast and deep for about two minutes till he came in me, even though I had told him not to. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." I pushed him off and got up. "Leave me alone you bustard." We both got redressed and went back to our afternoon classes. I leaked into my panties all afternoon. I must have smelled too as several people gave me funny looks.

The next time Uncle Stan came over I told him that I wasn't a virgin any more. He told my folks that he was taking me to the mall but we went to his house. He took me straight to his bedroom. "I've been wanting to do this but I didn't want to be the one to deflower you. I'll race you to see who can get undressed fastest." He won. He picked me up. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. Then he playfully tossed me on the bed and dove head first between my legs. He ate me out till I was good and wet and came, then he climbed up between my legs and lined himself up to my hole. "Don't come in me Uncle Stan." He slowly worked his cock fully into my cunt. "That feels so good. I've been wanting you to do it. Fuck me. Please." He fucked me for probably ten minutes while we kissed and he sucked my nipples and rubbed my clit with his fingers. I had two orgasms. "I'm about ready to come honey." he said as he pulled out of me and moved up by my head. I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth and welcomed his prick as deep in my mouth as I could get it as it unloaded. I swallowed every drop without spilling any. We lay there kissing for several minutes and then he said that we had better go to the mall and buy me something so my parents did not get suspicious.

Not long ago my dad got a promotion. His new job required that he travel out of town for two or three days every couple of weeks. It was late the first night he was gone on his second trip out of town. Some noise woke me up. I listened for a couple of minutes. It sounded like my folks having sex but Dad wasn't home. I went out into the hall and listened by their door. Yes, it did sound like fucking. I slowly pushed the door open just enough to take a look. There was Mom on her hands and knees with a strange man fucking her doggy style. I looked for a minute and then went back to my room, confused. The next two times dad went away, the same thing happened. Each time it was with a different guy.

On Dad's third trip away I heard her again. This time I took my tee shirt off and walked naked into Mom's room. "If you're going to fuck all these guys while Dad's away, you're going to have to let me join the fun." She looked at me and smiled. "I wondered how long it would take for you to let me know that you caught me. Stan told me how much fun you two have been having fucking. Now hop up here and join us." The next time Stan is over you won't have to sneak off. We'll share him. I've been wanting to fuck my little brother ever since he got big enough to have a man's cock. The only time I ever saw his cock he was five and it was about two inches long. I jumped up on the bed next to Mom and spread my legs wide.


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On the request of my parents, my uncle (fathers' sis hubby) stayed at my house for over a fortnight to take care of me. I was only 12 having swelling buds and hairless pussy. Very first night he took me to sleep
with him he was nearly 35. My head was on his left arm and we started talking birds & bees. He loved me and appreciated my breathe and took me close with his lips on mine. Ultimately he licked and kissed me every where - neck, arm pits, budding breast, naive and finally smooth pussy. I was wet & flowing vow and played with his rod which after good long time he nudged the cock at my cunt hole which within 3/4 days went in automatically. We fucked a lot all the time for full fortnight.

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