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The good wife
Sara and I had great sex Friday and Monday. Tuesday my wife Carolyn and I spent the day picking wild strawberries along an abandoned railroad right of way. While there, I got to thinking about fucking Sara and my six inch cock got rock hard. Then Carolyn bent over to pick some berries and I could see her pussy crack. I came up behind her, removed my cock from my pants, and shoved it under her skirt to the opening of her pussy.

"Bill, what a pleasant surprise" as she pushed her back into my cock. I pumped her a few times, then pulled her down and down on the grass and strawberry plants and removed her skirt. Then I began to kiss and suck on her cunt. I was thinking of Sara, and this allowed me to be more aroused. "Ohhh, Bill, its been three months since you did that... oh it feels so good-you know how to eat pussy, my clit needs this, oh god, ohhhh–I'm coming" Carolyn moaned. I sucked on her clit a few more minutes, then I rolled her on her belly and took my cock and placed it on her anal opening. I placed my fingers on her soaking wet cunt and transferred some of her pussy juice to her ass as a lubricant. Then I pushed my throbbing cock, wet with precum, into her asshole. Her ass is still tight, and my cock felt like it was wrapped in honey as i slammed it deep into her ass. We fucked hard, and Carolyn had yet another organism. My will power gave out, and I shot my load deep into her bowels. We laid there for a few minutes, and I gently stroked Carolyn's pussy. I felt guilty about fucking her and thinking of Sara, but shit, that's the way it is.

We put our clothes on and went home. Carolyn was so happy that we had fucked in the berry field. Carolyn said, "just like a university biology professor to fuck a girl along the railroad track. Sometime you will have to share with me some of the unusual places where you have fucked your young college coeds." "Later," I said, "but all of them were not so young."

Wednesday morning I got up to go for my walk. As I passed Sara's house I saw her in the garden. I walked over to say hi, and she asked me to come in.

"Bill, I am so horny this morning, but the kids are at home. Could you get away this evening and meet me here. We will go to prayer service, but I will leave early, and let Bob bring the children home. It is such a turn-on to fuck you while Bob is preaching at the church." I must say that hearing Sara use such language was somewhat shocking. Last Thursday she was the prim, prudish preacher's wife who probably was not on any man's "to fuck" list, except her husband Bob. But now she was my fuck whore, and her dumb ass husband has no idea that his wife likes to fuck with wild abandon.

I told Sara "Carolyn and I fucked like wild dogs yesterday while picking berries on the rail right of way. I just don't know if I can get a hard-on tonight. I will try, and will let you know if the Viagara works. If it does, Bob will have my cock in his wife's cunt tonight." I told her "On your way to church, see if my car was backed in the driveway. That will be the sign that I can get a hard on==If it is, get your pussy ready to be slammed with my cock while your husband is praying."

The viagara worked!

Sara had left the door unlocked, so I went in the house and to the master bedroom. I undressed and turned down the covers to Bob and Sara's bed, and got in bed. True to her word, Sara came home early. She came right up to her bedroom, stripped She came over to the bed and stood there while I ate her pussy. Then she moved onto the bed and moved into a sixtynine position and began to suck my cock as tongued her clit. "Bob would shit if he could see what is happening on his bed right now, " I mumbled.

As I massaged Sara's clit with my tongue, I could tell that she was on the verge of coming. I flipped her over and moved on top of her. Sara wrapped both legs around me as I pushed my dick into her wet pussy. Damn, it's a wonder she doesn't drown my cock. This girl likes to fuck! Quickly we got into rhythm, and we both were groaning and sweating as our bodies slammed into each other. I have always liked to sound of my balls hitting on some gal's flesh and really get on when my cock is sloshing around in a soaking wet pussy, especially when it is some other man's wife. I don't know why I am so obsessed with driving my cock into married women, but it does add a sense of excitement to the sex act.

Both of us were now making more noises than ever before. Sara was really turned with this performance, and now she was ready. "Oh god, I'm cumming, i'‘m cumming " she said as I shot my wad deep into her. As my cock withered, it sled out of Sara's cunt. We got up, and she made the bed.

"Will Bob fuck you tonight?" I asked her. "Maybe, it all depends. It won't take him long. He has a big cock, but does not know how to use it. He will ram it into my cervix three or four times, then shoot his juices into me. It is no fun for me." she said.

"Sara, I have to ask you–are you on the pill or some form of birth control? I have been shooting my sperm into you like crazy these last few days" She said, "no, I'm not. Our religion is against birth control, but I think we are o.k."

"Shit, I don't want to knock you up. What kind of religion is it that says you can't use birth control, but can fuck the brains out of your neighbor" I said.

"Mine, and I love it. Besides, in a way, I could like for you to give me a baby, sort of punishment to Bob for his lack of making love. He takes his big cock, turns me on my back, then rams it into me. No foreplay, no nothing. Just that big cock wasted – he thrusts into me–then cums quickly. He has never satisfied me sexually. You do. So I think God is o.k. with me fucking you every chance I get, and I do want you to plant your seed in me."

I dressed, kissed Sara, and returned home to Carolyn. We went to bed, and she began to suck my cock. "Where have you been? Tastes like your cock has been in a pussy cave," she said. "No, it is the new vitamins I'm taking." Carolyn said, "I'm glad–not sure I would want to share your cock like I did when we got married 30 years ago."

The next day Sara called to ask if Carolyn and I could watch her children for a few days because she had to go home to visit her mother, who had had a major heart attack.

The children came to stay with us while Bob and Sara were gone, and we would continue with their home schooling assignments.

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2010-07-10 11:55:39
I have the opposite problem of Preacher Bob. I have a big cock and love to eat pussy, but I have a wife who doesn't love sex. She screams so loud when she cums I am always afraid someone is going to call the cops on us, but I have to talk her into letting me lick her sweet pussy and fucking her more than once a week is a fight. I have ex-girlfriends who still stay in touch with me because they remember that big dick and want to stay on my mind in case I ever have the desire to stick it in them again. Other women want it, but at home, fucking a thick, nine inch dick is just another job to her, like washing the dishes. I am happy for you and Sara. She should start sucking Bob's dick and teach him a thing or two. You know, my wife has hinted that I am too big for her petite body and a cock your size might fit her spot. She let me fuck her in the ass twice years ago, but won't let me any more. Size ain't all it's cracked up to be. Your cock is allowed where ever you want it. Lucky dog!


2010-07-05 09:09:39
a damn good story . mistakes and all . need more of same .


2010-06-18 04:01:00
Too short. Next chapter, what happens to the two olds girls.
Please, keep writting.


2010-06-15 22:51:44
Good story, and good to read a story written by a guy who does not have a humongous penis. You seem to have a lot of fun with your six inch cock, and make the ladies happy as well. tell us more of your experiences,

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2010-06-15 21:18:18
Better than the last one.

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