Harry was a lonley widower before his 14 year old daughter took her mother's place
Harry Lassiter sat in his den watching the NBA finals. He wasn’t a Lakers or Celtics fan, his team was the Cavs but Boston had eliminated them in the second round, besides, he was a basketball fan; what better way to spend an evening than with a game and a few beers.

Unfortunately, it also gave him time to think. He’d lost his wife four years ago; she’d succumbed to breast cancer and had left him alone with their ten year old daughter, Kari.
Kari was now fourteen and would be high school sophomore when school started again. She was developing into a beautiful young woman. Like her mother, she was petite. She stood a mere 5’1” tall and weighed 104 pounds. Too, like her mother she had raven black hair and sparkling jade green eyes; her hair down to the middle of her back and her eyes accentuated by an almost oriental slant; she was Harry’s pride and joy and he loved her dearly. But even with Kari sharing his life he was lonely. Lonely from the loss of his wife Karen, lonely for the love of a woman to share his life with; he didn’t feel whole and he was depressed.

Kari had gone out with friends after supper, he heard her come in the front door and call out for him. He answered saying that he was in the den. Kari got a Coke and came bouncing into the room saying, “Hi Daddykins, who’s winning?”

“The Lakers are up by three, and hi to you too. What did you do this evening?”

“We just went over to the mall and window shopped. I bought a new CD. Then we stopped for pizza and Cokes.”

“Hey you’d just had dinner, you’re gonna get fat.”

“Come on Dad, do I look fat?”

“No, Kari, you look trim and cute; come over here and give the old man a hug.

Kari snuggled up to Harry and gave him a big hug.

“Thanks, I needed that,” he said.

They sat in silence, enjoying the game and each others company. The game ended and they went up stairs to bed. Harry was just walking out his bedroom door headed for the bathroom to complete his nighttime ritual when Kari came out of her room ahead of him. She was clad in only her panties and brassiere; she didn’t notice Harry. He’d seen her like this before but not in quite the same way, she’d always seemed the little girl but not this time. He just stopped and stared; it was like seeing a ghost. Kari looked for all the world like her mother and it gave Harry a sexual start. His mind went to Karen and his blood went to his penis, Harry stood suffering with a raging hard-on before ducking back into his room. Wow, what was that he thought, that’s my daughter, not my wife. Watch yourself Harry. He waited for her to finish and return to her room. When he heard her door close he went back to the bathroom.

He was still stung by the arousal he’d experienced. It’s a pathetic thing when a healthy thirty-three year old man has to resort to masturbation to satisfy his needs but that’s what Harry was going to do. As he sat down he noticed that Kari hadn’t put her dirty things in the hamper. Her panties and bra were on top of it. Knowing it was perverse he none the less picked up her panties; they were still slightly damp in the crotch from her body; he brought them to his nose.

Harry hadn’t even sniffed a pussy since Karen had died but he did now. Kari’s scent was much like Karen’s though milder, but no wonder, Kari was a young teen, Karen had been an adult woman. Still, it brought back memories. He wrapped the panties around his cock and jacked off to climax.

Once in bed, Harry lay awake thinking about what he’d just done. He’d never sexualized Kari, never considered her as anything but his smart, beautiful daughter but his mind was a jumble now, he continued to visualize Kari in her panties and bra and he couldn’t erase the redolence of her lingerie from his nose. Harry knew he was approaching dangerous territory. Finally he fell into a troubled sleep.

Unfortunately Harry had just started a two week vacation; he didn’t have his job to go to to distract him from his reminiscences about last night. He wanted to get some things done around the house during the first week. He and Kari were going to visit Karen’s parent for a couple of days then go on and see his folks the second week He wanted Kari to know and stay in touch with both sets of grandparents. At least he did have the work to do at the house. He dressed in jeans and a pull over, got the ladder and set about cleaning the eaves. He daydreamed about Kari while he worked; fortunately he didn’t fall off the ladder.

That evening Harry fixed spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a tossed salad. He also poured each of them a glass of Chianti to go with the meal. Harry let Kari have a little wine when it was appropriate. He reasoned that if she could have a drink at home there was no reason to do so outside. Thus, his one hard and fast rule; do not come home drunk, it wouldn’t be tolerated. Harry wasn’t worried about Kari breaking this rule, she was a good kid who did the things she was suppose to do and she’d never shown a particular proclivity for booze.

At dinner they recounted their day’s events then Kari said she was going out with three of her friends. One of them, Marni, was sixteen and she was driving. Harry mentioned that he wasn’t real comfortable about her riding with or even hanging around with a sixteen year old.

“Dad, Marni took the National Safety Council’s safe driving courses, she’s a good driver and I know you trust me to stay out of trouble, I’ll be ok.”

“Ok but where are you going and what time can I expect you home?”

“I’ll be in by eleven at the latest, we’re going to the mall and then to a movie.”

“Ok Baby, eleven’s your curfew, I’ll see you by then.”

Kari gave Harry a peck on the cheek and was out the door.

Harry cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes then thought, ok, what to do, there wasn’t a basketball game on tonight. He could watch a baseball game, he wasn’t a huge fan but he did like the Cardinals and they were playing the Braves on TV tonight. He popped the top on an Anchor Steam and turned on the television. Harry had dozed off during the game. When he awakened the post-game show was on; he glanced at his watch, it was 11:22.

He hadn’t heard Kari come in so he went up stairs to check on her; her bedroom was empty. Harry began to get concerned. She had a cell phone and would have called if she was going to be late. He went back down stairs and called her. Her phone was turned off.

Harry poured himself a snifter of cognac to settle his nerves then he started to pace as he sipped. He tried her phone every fifteen minutes; still turned off. His concern was turning to fright; what could have happened?

Finally at twenty after one he heard her key in the lock, she seemed to be having some trouble. When the door opened she nearly fell in.

Harry was appalled by what he beheld. Kari was reeling, her blouse was torn and her lipstick smeared across her face. When she saw Harry sitting on the sofa she slurred, “’lo Daddykins,” and fell on her butt. She just sat staring at him; she looked like she was going to be sick.

Harry helped her upstairs and led her to the bathroom where she prayed to the porcelain goddess. Harry recognized the sour smell of bourbon. He got a damp cloth and wiped her face then gave her a glass of water to rinse with. When she’d finished he led her to his room and sat her on the bed. He took his easy chair before saying, “Ok, tell me about it.”

“Tell you about what, Daddykins?”

“What went on tonight, it doesn’t look like the mall and a movie to me.”

Blithely Kari answered, “We went to a party.”

“And what did you do at the party?”

“We listened to music and danced.”

Harry was getting angry, real angry. The fact she was drunk was bad enough but the way she was answering him showed a lack of respect.

“Kari, you did more that listen to music and dance; you’re drunk, now what went on?”

“Somebody spiked my Coke, Daddykins,” she answered.

“Oh, somebody spiked your Coke did they? Then what happened to your blouse and make-up?”

“Whatta you mean?”

“Kari, come over here to the mirror and take a look at yourself.”

She stumbled over to him and looked saying, “What’s the matter,” as she reeled back to the bed.

“I’ll tell you what’s the matter, you’re not telling me the truth about what went on tonight.”

Kari had never heard her father sound so stern and angry and it frightened her a little. Tears came to her eyes as she told him, “Daddy I was bad.”

“I knew we were going to a party and I lied to you about the mall and the movie. Some of Marni’s friends were getting together and I wanted to go. They were all older than me, even older than Marni; I didn’t know what I was getting into. When we got there one of the boys fixed me a drink, I could taste the booze but I drank it anyway then he gave me another. I don’t know how many I had but it was a lot. I guess the guy that was giving me the booze was eighteen, at least that’s what Marni said and I thought it was so cool that an eighteen year old was interested in me. He asked me to dance. While we were dancing he kissed me and I let him but then he put his hand up my blouse and under my bra. Daddy, he squeezed my breast hard and hurt me; he was still kissing me. I guess when I jerked away from him my lipstick smeared and I tore my top. Marni yelled at him and told him to stop that I was only fourteen. He did, he seemed scared that I was so young.”

For a few minutes there was complete silence; Harry just sat looking at Kari and Kari was afraid to speak. He thought, my God, she lied to me, she got drunk and she’s damned lucky she wasn’t raped. This couldn’t be his perfect little girl. He was going to have to do something, something severe about it. Harry had never spanked Kari, her mother had, but not Harry. That was about to change.

“Kari, come over here.”

She came and stood in front of Harry, he was seated in the chair. He stood and unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off he lay it on the bed. Next he removed her bra, noticing it was ripped, too. It went onto the bed with the blouse.

“Step out of your shoes, Kari,” he ordered.

Kari complied.

Kari was wearing a pair of white shorts; Harry tugged then to her ankles. He was surprised by what else she had on. She’d obviously dressed for the boys; she was wearing a hot pink thong. He rolled it off, tugging it out of her bottom and dropping it on her shorts.

“Step out of those, Kari.”

When she had he picked them up and put them on the bed with the rest of her clothes and sat back down.

Kari was stunned, she swallowed hard and asked in a quaking voice, “What are you going to do Daddy?”

Taking her hand he directed her to his right side before answering, “I’m going to give you a spanking.”

“Please no Daddy, I won’t do anything like this again. Please don’t spank me.”

“Kari, I believe you when you say you won’t do this again; it’s not the again I’m dealing with, it’s what you did tonight; now lay across my lap.”

Kari was drunk and she was scared. Her bladder betrayed her as a little pee leaked from her and down her thighs. Now added to her fright was embarrassment, she tried to pull away.

Harry didn’t care about the pee, in fact, because it added to her discomfort he was not displeased.

“One last chance to do it on your own or I’ll do it for you. Lay over my lap.”

She leaned forward; her hair falling over her shoulders and lay on Harry. He jiggled her a little to get her into position, wrapped his left arm around her waist to hold her in place and swatted her hard.

Kari kicked her legs out and tried to roll off his lap; he held her down and pinioned her legs with his right leg leaving her resting on his left thigh then he swatted her again.

Harry went for her sit spots first, ten swats on each cheek, thwack, thwack, thwack then he blistered the backs of her thighs. Kari was screaming in pain from the first blow but after the first twenty the screams were replaced by pathetic pleading.

“Please no more Daddy, ooo, please no more, oh Daddy you’re hurting me, pleeese, no, no more.”

The spanking just continued until Kari gave up pleading and was just quietly moaning, ooo, ooo, ooo interspaced with grunts of ugh when the blows struck.

Harry looked her over, his handiwork evident. Her bottom was a fiery cherry red, her beautiful hair hung lank and damp over her shoulders and she lay sobbing not even trying to get up. Harry let her lay there.

Harry wished he’d put on something more than just the shorts he was wearing. Her squirming on his lap had aroused him, he had an erection but he didn’t think Kari had noticed it through her pain. He was admiring her tush; it was beautifully formed, two small succulent melons now painted crimson and when she’d stood before him naked he couldn’t help but notice her full, untrimmed ebony pelt. She even reminded him of Karen undressed. Harry knew he’d have to be careful.

After about five minutes Kari stirred. Harry helped her to her feet, picked up her clothes and led her to her bedroom. He dressed her in a shorty top and asked if she wanted panties.

“I don’t think so Daddy, I’m too sore for them.”

He turned down her bed and helped her in, pulling the covers over her and kissing her good night.

“I’m sorry I had to do that Kari.”

“I know Daddy, so am I. It was my fault.”

“Night, night, I’ll see you in the morning.”

He heard her answering, “Goodnight Daddy,” as he returned to his room.

Harry had trouble getting to sleep; it was nearly three before he drifted off.

Around four thirty Harry’s sleep was disturbed. Kari was climbing into bed with him. She was crying.

Harry held her and let her cry against his chest asking, “What is it Baby?”

“Daddy, I’m so ashamed. You trusted me and look what I did, you must hate me,” she sobbed.

“Kari, I could never hate you, you’re still my Sweet Baby and I’ll always love you.”

“You love me even after what I did?”

“Hey, I was upset and disappointed by that, sure, but Kari, I’ll always love you.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she cooed as she rolled over with her back to Harry asking, “Please hold me.”

Harry took her into his arms and held her, spooning with her young body.

Kari wriggled her hips against him, settling in then she wriggled again.

All Harry had on was a pair of boxers, Kari had nothing on her bottom, she’d decided against panties, and Harry could feel the heat coming off her as she snuggled firmly against his crotch. Oh how to deal with this, he thought, he was stiff as a steel rod.

“Daddy,” Kari whispered.

Harry’s voice was raspy as he answered, “Yes Baby.”

“Do you want me?”

Trying to avoid the question Harry played ignorant, answering, “Of course I want you, you’re my Sweet Baby.”

“Daddy, that’s not what I mean and you know it. I can feel you against me, so, “Do you want me? Daddy I want you to,” as she pushed harder against him.

God, Harry thought it was going to break; he couldn’t remember ever being as hard, even with Karen. Did he want her? At that moment, more than breathe itself.

“Yes baby, I want you.”

“Then take me, just like this. I want you holding me and hugging me while you’re in me.”

Harry pulled her further back against him then raised her right thigh to give him access. He ran a finger through her labia, she was already very moist. Sliding his cock along her slit he found her opening and guided his cock to its mouth.

“Baby, are you ready?” He asked.

Kari’s voice was a little quivery as she answered, “Yes Daddy.”

Harry pushed into her; he met her hymen and thrust through. Kari gasped and gave a little mewling sound as he slid into her heretofore virginal vagina then she snuggled back against him saying, “Hold me Daddy, just hold me, please.”

Harry did just hold her, it felt so nice, encased in his sweet daughter, her tender young body pressed against him, he massaged her breasts and rubbed over her tummy down to her downy mons and on to her clit. He took her little love button between his forefinger and thumb and rolled it. Kari moaned from the contact and began to work her hips against him, arching her back, taking him into her clasping depths. Harry started to gently stroke into her, savoring her incredible tightness as she continued to rock back taking him further in.

Harry wasn’t huge, six and a half inches, but Kari was a small girl. As she pushed harder back into him he felt his cock touching her cervix. She continued her pressure against him, trying to force him deeper and deeper then he heard her begin to pant and her body started to shudder, he knew her climax was approaching. He stroked faster, he wanted to be there with her.

Kari opened her legs slightly and pumped hard against her father’s rigid rod, she was building up fast, lubricating heavily, ready to cum. Her shudders turned to a convulsive rippling of her tummy muscles and her vagina spasmed; gripping Harry’s swelling cock as he filled her with gush after gush of his hot cum. They shared Kari’s first man induced orgasm. He was still buried in Kari, softening, as she snuggled back against him. They both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Harry awakened first the next morning. He lay quietly thinking about what had transpired the previous night. He knew he should be remorseful about having taken his fourteen year old daughter’s virginity but, in fact, he didn’t, no remorse at all. Her coming to him in the middle of the night, her offering, giving herself to him, it was the most sensuous experience of his life. Not only did he feel no remorse, he wanted Kari as his lover. He already loved her as a father to a child now he was falling in love with her as a man to a woman. He put his hand under her nightie and gently rubbed her back.

Kari slowly came awake under his light touch. She rolled onto her back and looked up at Harry saying, “Morning Daddy.”

“Hi Baby, how ya feeling this morning?”

“Honestly Daddy, I hurt all over. I’ve got a headache, my tummy’s queasy, my bottom’s still sore and it hurts a little down there, but I feel wonderful being here with you.”

As she talked Harry could still smell the bourbon on her breath and, when she shifted in the bed, the fragrance of sex wafted from under the sheets.

Harry found the scents arousing, he kissed Kari then lifted her top and massaged her breasts; fondling one nipple he took the other between his lips and sucked. Kari caught her breath then softly moaned as he attended to the second breast and kissed down her tummy. Snaking his tongue through her raven muff he found her slit. He opened her with his fingers, she was still red and swollen from the previous night and the aroma of their sex still lingered; he ran his tongue along her labia, tasting her for the first time. When he dipped his tongue into her she winced, she was still sore there. He lapped higher, finding her pearly button; it was about half an inch long and coral tipped; he took it between his lips and sucked.

God, Kari thought, as her tummy rolled and she felt a tingling itch building between her legs, that’s the greatest feeling she’d ever had, then Harry put his hand on her butt and pulled her closer, sucking harder on her clit.

Kari was surprised when she felt pressure against her bottom; Harry was circling her tight little sphincter, teasing it and dipping just the tip of a finger in. Then he fluttered her love button with the tip of his tongue and pushed a finger into her bottom. Kari screamed and exploded in orgasmic pleasure, clasping Harry’s head between her thighs as she pumped her climaxing pussy against his face. Harry licked until she’d begun to relax. He wanted to fuck her but he thought she was still too sore; later tonight for sure though.

He looked up at her saying, “Looks like I started my breakfast with dessert.”

“When do I get my dessert, Daddy?”

“Let’s get showered and have breakfast, we’ve got all day.”

“Daddy, my belly doesn’t feel much like food.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll fix you something light; how about an English muffin and tea?”


Kari came down to breakfast in just a robe, her bottom was still too sore for panties. He’d fixed her the muffin with a little strawberry preserves and hot tea. Harry had orange juice and a bagel.

They talked about last night; not the discipline but the coupling. Kari opened the conversation.

“Daddy, about last night, I know it’s not supposed to happen but I wanted it. I’ve wanted to be with you ever since Mommy left us. You didn’t have a woman and I wanted to be your woman. I knew I was too young then but ever since I was twelve I’ve tried to get you to look at me. I left the bathroom open on purpose, I walked around in my panties and bra, I even tried rubbing against you when I sat in your lap. You didn’t notice, why not?”

“Kari I noticed but like you said, it’s not supposed to happen. Baby it’s incest and I was trying to avoid that. I was afraid for you.”

“Daddy, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I wanted you and now I’ve got you if you’ll have me.”

“Oh yes, I’ll have you and have you and have you,” Harry grinned at her.

“Good, now let’s go back upstairs and have one of those haves.”

“Kari, I think I’d better run to the drug store first and get some condoms, last night we took a chance but I think we should be safe.”

“Ok Daddy but make an appointment with the doctor. I want to feel all of you, so I better start on birth control pills.”

When Harry got back from the store Kari had cleaned up the breakfast dishes and was waiting for him in his bedroom naked under the sheet. Harry stripped, took out one of the rubbers and put the rest in his night stand drawer. Kari asked if she could put the condom on for him, he handed it to her. She fumbled a little but finally rolled it on. There wasn’t going to be much foreplay, she’d gotten hers earlier and now Harry wanted in her.

“Let me take a look at you,” Harry said as he spread her legs.

There was still some redness and slight swelling in her vagina and, as he looked further down, her bottom was red and blotchy from her spanking. Harry was glad to see that she was already moist. He aimed his cock at her opening and pushed in. Kari mewled as he probed into her, she felt some pain, then he thrust forward bottoming out and striking her cervix, Kari moaned, ooo, ooo, ooo, oh yes, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meee as she bucked her hips forward to meet his pounding cock.

Kari ignored the pain, it was worth it, her Daddy was in her, she was his woman. She wanted to be his woman, his only woman. She wanted to cook for him, clean house for him and, mostly, be there for him in bed. She wanted to take her missing mother’s place in his life and in his bed. He needed her and she needed him, now she had him. What pain?

Harry’s thoughts weren’t exactly the same though they did revolve around Karen, his deceased wife. Kari was so amazingly like her, the same long black hair, the same slanted green eyes, the same exuberance in bed, d? vu, in a more youthful package. Harry fucked her harder and she responded in kind.

Kari snaked her slim legs around Harry’s waist and pulled him hard toward her, further into her. He was pounding her roughly and she was responding. She was flopping her head from side to side flinging her long black hair wildly, her tummy was rippling, her pussy clenching Harry’s swelling cock as they both experienced an orgasmic explosion; Kari flooding her love juices over them both while Harry filled the rubber to overflowing; he was afraid it would slip off.

As they came down from their high, Kari mused, she really wanted him to fill her not a condom. For now that’d have to work, then the pills but later, maybe much later she wanted him to put a baby in her. She really did want to be the mother of his child; children? She wanted to be his wife.

They lazed in bed in the after glow of their love making, enjoying touching, feeling and kissing. Kari, just twice removed from virginity was anxious for more. She slipped under the covers and took Harry’s flaccid penis in her mouth. She wanted him hard again; she wanted him in her again. Harry watched her bob up and down on him and smiled, God he was a lucky guy, this sexy fourteen year old wanted more; he hardened under her efforts.

Kari took another rubber from the night stand drawer and rolled it on, Harry was hard as a board and she wanted him. She was surprised when he turned her onto her tummy and got between her legs; what was he going to do? Harry lifted her to her knees saying, “Baby, I want you from behind, I think you’ll like it.”

Kari was up on all fours when Harry pushed her head down to the pillow, parted her legs and sat back simply to admire. He did like sex in the doggie position but even more, Harry was a true ass man and he wanted to see Kari open and on display. Her bottom was beautiful, twin ripe melons, her pussy pink and moist and her little dusty rose colored rose bud. He wanted that rose bud, but not today. He guided his cock to her opening and pushed in. Harry took a certain perverse pleasure watching himself piston in and out of Kari’s tight pussy, he held her by the hips and sawed into her as she arched her back to take him deeper.

Harry couldn’t resist. He moistened his fingers with Kari’s lubrication and circled her little pucker, rubbing and teasing her. He could feel her react, she pushed back to meet the pressure he was putting on her then he slipped a finger into her and started to gently pump in a rhythm with his strokes. She bucked back impaling herself on his digit, moaning loudly; Harry added a second finger. As he stretched her she wailed I pain; he took his fingers out and, grasping her hips pounded into her pussy.

Kari liked the feeling of a single finger in her but the second had hurt, hurt a lot. Her eyes had teared at that intrusion but now Harry was fucking her hard. She loved that. She really preferred him on top of her, looking at her but from behind had one advantage, he could go deeper, pounding her cervix, making her feel it. Her climax rose, her body quivered under Harry’s onslaught, then her pussy gushed copious amounts of her love juice, flooding Harry and running down her inner thighs. She felt Harry swell and she felt his ejaculate pulsing into the condom, it felt good but she wanted his cum in her not a rubber.

Kari sank to the bed on her tummy and Harry rode her down. He lay on her back pumping the last of his cum out then her rolled beside her and held her, kissing her lips, face and eyes, telling her how much he loved her. She felt heavenly.

Together they lay quietly side by side, each with their own thoughts. Kari, happy in the knowledge that she was Harry’s woman lay smiling. Harry’s thoughts were more perverse. Harry was basically a good guy; he treated everyone nicely and would give a friend the shirt off his back but Harry did have a dark side, too. He liked to inflict pain. No, not tearing the wings off flies pain, not beating on people, nothing like that. Harry loved to be the perpetrator of painful anal sex. He loved to mount a woman and hear her moan and cry as he fucked her ass. Harry had given this proclivity much thought, why was he like this? He did know that it was empowering to have a woman under him showing her weakness through her tears. Harry was a small man, only 5’7” tall and about 135 pounds, who knows, maybe it was a complex, whatever, he knew what he liked.

Throughout his marriage it had been the one major bone of contention between Karen and him. Karen had been against anal sex from the start yet he’d forced it on her. She suffered in agony, moaning and crying, screaming at him to stop but he wouldn’t until he’d filled her bowels. She would lie on the bed, curled in the fetal position for hours afterward, just sobbing. It wasn’t something he did often, maybe four or five times a year but it had gone on throughout their marriage.

Kari was so much like Karen Harry wondered if she’d react the same way. He’d soon find out. Maybe a week or two, after he’d had an opportunity to introduce her to more things. He’d explain to her, just as he had to Karen that it was a part of sex, a part he liked. If they were going to have an active sexual relationship they would do that, too.

Kari saw the doctor the following week and started on birth control but they’d decided to continue using condoms during her first cycle. Her period was ending and she’d begin the second month tomorrow. Both of them were anxious. Kari because she wanted to have Harry’s cum filling her and Harry for much the same reason, he particularly reveled in the squishiness when he came back for seconds.

Harry and Kari were sleeping together now and Kari awakened first the following morning. She went to the bathroom, gulped down her pill and sat on the toilet; she’d left the door open; Harry awoke to the sound of her tinkle but kept his eyes closed. Kari came back to bed, climbed under the sheets and took Harry in her mouth, bringing on an erection then she crawled up his chest ‘til she could sit on his stiff rod.

Harry’s eyes came open as Kari lowered herself on him, engulfing him. She smiled at him saying, “Good morning Daddy.”

“Morning Baby, looks like someone couldn’t wait.”

“No, I couldn’t,” she grinned, as she started to post on him like she was riding a horse.

Harry just watched her bucking on him then he reached up and massaged her breasts, squeezing then gently and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Kari caught her breath and bucked harder, forcing him deeper into her with each downward plunge. When he slid his hand underneath her and started teasing her clit she squealed out her pleasure. He watched as her flat tummy began to ripple and he felt her vagina clenching him then she flooded his crotch with her hot girl cum. She continued to ride him for a few minutes, her bucking slower and easier ‘til she stopped and just sat with him buried in her.

“Daddy, you didn’t cum. I wanted to feel it in me,” she pouted.

“Oh you will,” he answered as he rolled her onto her back and thrust into her.

Harry knew he wouldn’t last long; she’d nearly gotten off when she was on top. He pushed her thighs back toward her chest and pounded into her hard and fast. In just moments he screamed out his own climax as he filled her small cunt to overflowing.
He pulled out and watched as his cum oozed from her down over her brown eye and onto the sheets.

Finally the night came. Tonight Kari was going to lose her anal cherry. Harry had been working to prepare her. He frequently fingered her bottom while he was engaging in oral sex with her and recently he’d started rubbing the head of his cock over her rose bud before he entered her pussy; she’d seemed to like the feel. He’d bought a bottle of Astro-Glide; it had taken the place of the condoms in his night stand drawer.

It was after nine when they walked upstairs. Harry hugged Kari and knelt in front of her. Leaving her top on he rolled her panties off. As she stepped out of them he kissed her downy raven pelt and parted her labia with his tongue, licking along her slit and teasing her little hole. When he started sucking on her clitoris and fingering her back side her knees nearly buckled, only by leaning on Harry’s shoulder was she able to stand. Harry helped her to the bed. Continuing to suck on her clit, he started pumping the finger in her bottom. He felt her sphincter tighten around his digit as she thrust her pussy against his face, climaxing and moaning out her pleasure. Harry licked until she’d settled down before saying, “Kari, I want to do something different tonight, something we haven’t done before, ok.”

“What’s that, Daddy.”

“Baby, I want in your bottom.”

“That will hurt, no Daddy, I don’t want to do that.”

“Kari, I’ll be as gentle as possible.”

“Please Daddy don’t make me do that, please?”

“Kari, if we’re going to share a life together, a sexual partnership, anal sex needs to be a part of it. It’s something I enjoy and I think you will too.”

“I don’t want to Daddy.”

Harry had been afraid of this, she was using almost the same words Karen had used the first time and it looked like he was going to have to do the same thing with Kari as he’d done with Karen. He already had the lube on the bed beside him ready for application.

Harry picked up Kari’s pillow and put it above her head. She’d need it in a few minutes. Then, less than gently he rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her thighs, holding her down. Parting her cheeks, he dribbled some of the Astro-Glide directly onto her anus. She wriggled from the cold fluid.

He would have preferred her up on her knees but, for now, he took her as she lay flat. Sliding further up her body he spread her and guided the head of his cock to her tight little pucker.

Kari’s body was tense and she was afraid. When she felt Harry at her back door she clenched her bottom trying to keep him out; it didn’t succeed. When Harry pushed through her defenses and entered her she felt like she was being cleaved apart, her tensed muscles making it even worse. She screamed, an unintelligible, inarticulate shriek then he pushed deeper.

After the initial invasion Kari couldn’t even yell. She just rolled her head from side to side moaning, “No, no, no, no,” as she reached back and feebly attempted to push him off.

Harry had about three inched in Kari when he started to pump her. He was coming clear out of her then just pushing the head in and out. Each intrusion brought new pain. He tried to talk Kari through it, telling her to use her pillow and to grab the sheets, bite the mattress, anything to help her get through. Truth be told, he wanted to hear her. This was his one vice and he was enjoying it immensely; now to bring her to her knees.

Harry’s legs were outside Kari’s; he used one knee to open her thighs then knelt between them. He was out of her for the moment as he grasped her hips and lifted her. Bracing his thighs against the back of hers to hold her up he clasped her cheeks, spreading her open and pushing back into her. Kari screamed again and tried to escape his grip. Her efforts were useless as he forced himself deeper into her and started pumping.

“No, no, no more, please Daddy, please, pleeese Daddy, no more, no more, no, no.”

Harry ignored her pleas, forcing himself even further into her depths. Kari’s plaintive sounds were music to his ears.

She couldn’t help herself at all. This was worse that any rape she could have imagined and she couldn’t do anything about it but moan in agony. At least he was in her now. The worst was when he pushed through her little hole. That felt like she was being skewered on a hot poker. She lay with her head buried in her pillow and sobbed, small mewling sobs like an injured kitten. Harry just pumped her harder. She thought, God is this ever going to end.

Her sounds now made no sense, just expressions of her agony, “Ooo, Oooo, Oooo.”

Harry was now as deep as he could get. He had reached around her, his right hand holding her belly just above her pubic mound. He was amazed; when he thrust into her he could feel her tummy being pushed out against his hand; God he was really deep in her guts. He thrust all the harder.

At long last Kari could feel Harry’s cock swelling; he gripped her hips and held tight against her ravaged bottom, screaming out his ecstatic pleasure as he flooded her bowels with his sizzling cum. He continued pumping her until he was drained. He softened and fell out but continued to hold her in place, staring at her gaping, distended anus dripping his cum onto the bed. Then he pushed her down onto her stomach.

Kari didn’t say anything; she just curled into a ball around her pillow and lay softly sobbing into the sheet.

Kari knew their relationship would go on. She wanted it to and she was certain her Dad did but it would be changed. After the pain he’d inflicted it would be a long time before she could forgive him and from what he’d said earlier, this wouldn’t be the last time. But she’d take it; to her it was worth it


2013-05-28 22:00:23
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2013-05-28 21:36:05
The ending should have been consentual...after all she no doubt had a very nice very firm tight anus from being so young.
He should have been gentle..getting her to like it so much she wanted his thick hot sperm squirted up her shithole as often as she could get it.

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2012-05-19 10:02:53
it was a good story until the anal rape. it would be great if not for that part. i would prefer it to be consensual since it was his daughter and he would be gentler.

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2011-09-22 04:42:09
I'm a girl and I've always wanted to be anally raped. That is such a turn on... Hubby doesn't like anal tho :-(


2011-06-02 06:50:36
Anal rape - against her will - no fucking way. Negative vote.

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