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This is the begining of a six part story..
Be sure after reading this, to keep up with the other five parts of Mathew and alice's relationship.
I am begining writer so please don't judge to harshly! Enjoy!
I can't belive this is happening again, I thought. Why can't they just get divorced if they hate each other so much! I've lived with their stupid fighting long enough! 
I was running away that night. Not for long, but for a while. I was getting awfully tired of their constant yammering.
I was going to my boy friends house for the weekend, mom and dad didn't know. They wouldent care.
I shoved tons of clothes into my bag; tshirts, cotton shorts, tanks, camis, jeans, jackets, bras, underwear, and lingere.
Mathew is my boyfriend, and he's also the best thing that ever happened to me. He's six ten, and very pale. He reminds me of the vampires from the twilight series. He's got brown hair that's long and shaggy, but it's got blonde highlights. he's thin, definatly not muscular but lean. His eyes frighten and stun you, because they look so.. Hungry. They are deep brown and big.
I live in London. My house is abnormaly large, and very beautiful. 
I'm Alice. Another reason my life is so much like the twilight series is I'm named after the one who dates a vampire who also looks like Mathew. It's also dark here all the time, and rainy.
Anyway, I'm Alice. I'm five two and thin. I have blonde straight hair. I'm white as ivory, and my eyes are deep, DEEP blue.
Mathew calls them ocean eyes because the coloration is just like the deep blue sea.
My parents have been fighting for a long time now, but still haven't had the good sense to split up. 
I quietly opened the doors to my circular balcony. They glass creaked and the white curtains fluddered as I walked out into the late summer moon light.
I heard the brush shuffle as I walked to the edge of the balcony. 
"Hi mathew!"
His head darted up from the shrubs and he smiled.
"Hi my love!" he whispered back. I tossed down my bag and he caught it.
I walked over to the side of the balcony and threw my leg over. I began climbing down the cracks in the wall, grasping the vines for support.
I landed with a soft thud in the dewy grass.
"My parents are fighting again, Mathew."
"Im sorry my dear, but we should leave then, while their busy."
With that, we were off. We ran through the woods for only a few minutes, but my feet grew heavy the first step. I love Mathew, and if my father finds out we ran away, I may never see him again.
We decided not to go to his house, for fear that my parents may look there first. We ended up laying in a medow. We both layed there for quite some time before Mathew began talking.
"So what is it your parents were fighting about this time."
"Oh, maybe over the phone bill.", I said with a smile that soon curled up and died.
He understood that this wasent the time for jokes.
"So whatcha wanna do?" I asked, making my first atempt at making a real coverstaion.
"well, we could go to my house, although my parents might tell your parents were there. " he said calmly.
"or, we could spend the night in my old tree house." he laughed.
I actually liked that idea.
"I think we should do that." I said with a wild smile. 
If we did spend the night alone away from other people with a whole night... We might... Well let's just say I'll enjoy that.
"ok, well let's get going. It's about a mile down the road. " he said, and with that we headed off.
As we walked I noticed, a bulge growing in Mathews trousers. This excited me alot, and soon I felt myself getting very wet.
"wow, Alice this bag is light.. You dident pack much did you?" he said, I could tell a different tone had taken place in his voice. It frightened me a little because his voice sounded more firm.
I blushed, "Well I dident know what to bring?"
"Oh, that's fine..." he said, then mumbled somthing that was barly audioble. 
We walked for some time, and we finally came up to a large wooden tree house. It had blue shudders, that almost matched my eyes. It had real glass windows and a balcony shaped like mine.
"So what do you think?" he asked, reaching for my hand and taking it in his.
"it's really big! " I exclaimed!
"Thats not the only thing." he said really quiet. I decided to pretend I dident hear it.
We walked closer to the ladder and I began to climb, but my foot slipped on the fourth step, which was high up in this case.
I yelped as my arm slipped off as well.
"I got you." he said, and I felt one hand hold my back straight, and another hold my butt firmly.
His hand on my butt adusted so his fingers were sliding up and down my crack, and then going farther down and reaching my pussy lips. He massaged my lips.
I moaned in pleasure and my legs began to slip and my arms released.
I fell into his arms like a bride being carried off to her honeymoon.
"Well... Haha, maybe I should carry you up." he laughed. I squirmed a bit, I wanted more. 
I was a virgin, but I was horny very often. Usally it's because I'll be thinking about Mathew, his mystery, his domminant nature that drove me wild.
He held me and swiftly climbed the latter so fast I hardly saw how he did it.
We were now on the porch, he opened the large wooden door, and walked in.
The walls were un painted, and the only light was coming from a window with a window seat. The window seat was black with white throw pillows. The couch was black leather and the two bean bags were, obviously, black.
He set me down on my feet and walked to the couch, and sat down with his legs spread, the way men sit.
He took off my bag and set it in his lap.
"Arent you going to join me Alice?"
I walked over and sat down. 
He unzipped my bag. 
Oh god, I thought, he's going to find it.
He looked through, pulling out things and saying he remembers when, blahblahblah. 
He smiled a wicked smile and gently pulled out my black lingere set.
It had a lace garter, see through lace bra and thong, and matching lace stockings.
I blushed like crazy, but grew dripping wet, I felt it almost running down my theighs.
"Well Alice, I think I'd like to see you in this."
He put my bag beside the couch on the floor, so I had a view of his huge bulge. He dropped the lingere set on my lap.
"Go." he said firmly.
I jumped up surprised by his voice, and rushed into the the other room. 
The smaller room only had a table and chairs. I changed quickly into the set. And then checked how wet I was, it was halfway to my knees. I gasped a little, but very quiet.
My boobs giggled as I walked and it was a push up almost see through bra.
I walked in slowly.
He smiled and stood up.
He walked over to me ran a hand through hair Down my back, finding my bare ass. He grabed it then spanked me hard. 
I yelped. 
He gasped and hugged me hard.
"i'm sorry alice! I dident mean to hurt you!"
"it's ok, it felt... Good."
He smiled then walked back to the couch, and sat down.
"come here." he said.
I did as I was Told. 
I was standing in front of him, he leaned forward, grabed me by the hips and pulled me onto him. He spread my legs so I was sitting on him. He kissed me. 
We tounge kissed for a while, and then we stoped. 
"Damn Alice, that outfit is driving me insane!" he said In a whisper.
I opened my mouth to talk, but instead, I reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy. 
"oohmm" I moaned. 
He watched me, with an excited smile in his eyes. His eyes looked.. Even more hungry then usual.
I rubbed more and began to breath heavy, I removed my hand but slipped it Down my panties, I was soo wet!
I moaned softly and moved my hips along with my hand. I began to breathe heavier. I rubbed my clit and started to come. I moaned more and more and he grabed my ass and pulled me twords him. My head landed on his shoulder as I reached my orgasm.
My juices were running down my legs now.
"Alice, you came in my arms. Please I need this."
He gently layed me on my back and he stood up. I squirmed and moaned and spread my legs. I was so horny!
He sat down in between my legs facing me. He pulled off my under wear slowly and gasped. 
"Oh alice, your dripping wet... Tell me," he put a hand on my pussy a rubbed,"how does this feel?"
I moaned. I was moving my hips with his hand, my eyes were closed, and my hands were held above my head.
I sat up and leftes a leg over him so I was sitting on him again.
"Alice," he moaned,"Fuck Alice, I'm gonna fuck you so hard! Your pussy is begging for a big cock isent it?" as I sat on his erect cock through his pants and moved my hips. 
He graped my bra and ripped it off. I was amazed by how strong he was. My c cup tits giggled and he gently rubbed them with his hand.
My bare wet pussy rubbed on his pants, I wanted to be filled with his cock. 
"oh Mathew, I want my little pussy filled with your throbing cock. I want you to fuck me till we come, all night."
He put his hand on my pussy and rubbed my clit. 
"Fuck Mathew! Mmmm ohh fuck me please!" I said.
I wraped my arms around him and held on to his neck. He slid a finger into me.
"Damn, alice your so tight. But your pussy is so fucking hungry. You want me to fuck you? Tell me."
"Mathew I want your huge cock to fill me. I want you to fuck me all night. Please, fuck my pusssyyy! Mmmmm" I moaned as he finger fucked me.
I slid off him into the floor. I unzipped his pants and spread my legs. I arched my back so my pussy was reveled from behind, and I pulled out his cock.
My pussy dripped, I need his cock! 
It was huge and the head was smooth. It was so long and hard. 
I licked his head and then put it all in my mouth. I sucked for about a minute.
"Alice I don't want to come in your mouth... I wanna come in your pussy."
He lifted me up and sat me, legs spread, in his lap. I sat up, put my hands on his cheast, and arched my back. He slid his giant cock in my little wet pussy. I sat down all the way and moaned. 
"fuck... Me..... Hard... Please Mathew." I begged for his cock. 
He put his hand on my ass an bounced me up and down. I arched my back and leaned forward. 
He felt so good, I never wanted this to end. 
"Alice, I love your pussy." 
I moaned. I couldent control myself, I was in heaven.
Orgasms racked my body for hours it felt like. Then I blacked out.
When I woke up, I was on my back, on the couch. He was sitting beside me looking hungrily at my body.
When he saw I was awake, he sat up on his knees, and looked at me.
"Alice... Please my darling, are you ok. Did I hurt you" he was so concerned.
I moaned, squirmed, and spread my legs wide. I was so wet! Damn!
"Fuck me Mathew I'm so horny! Please."
His cock stood straight up.
He sat down and pulled me onto him the same way, and fucked me. 
I slid up and down, rubbing my tits on his cheast, and we fucked for hours. I came. 
"Alice, your really wet. How long can you last? How long can I fuck you? Shit! I'm coming baby."
I fucked more, as hard as I could! I came hard and so did he.. his come filled me and when he pulled out, our sex juices ran down my leg. I fainted again.
We fucked all weekend. My parents never found out, and when I came home, they were happy. Me and Mathew decided we'd fuck every weekend. 


2015-01-14 05:28:42
You have captured an innocence that hints at inexperience that is so adorable, I loved this tale. Perhaps it had something to do with the amateur style in which you wrote this account. It is not something that could be repeated too often but it works here. I quite liked it. Well done.

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2010-06-17 14:18:26
hahahahahahaha oh you twilight fangirl xD hi-larious.


2010-06-17 13:36:18
the great

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