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This is my first post, it’s a true story with a little elaboration so I marked it as fiction, all comments are expected, good and bad. Just be honest with me. I’m sorry for the length but I wanted the back-story in it. If you like it i will continue. I promise the next one will be more exciting.
Back story:

My name is Chase Evans; I was never tall in my childhood years. All through elementary and middle school I stayed around 4 feet tall. I had milk chocolate brown hair and eyes, no muscles, and a high pitched voice. Because of this I was taunted, teased, and never caught the attention of the girls.
There was only one girl I ever wanted, she had light brown hair with streaks of honey blond, her eyes were an intoxicating mix of green and gold, she was tall and athletic, b cup breasts, and a perfectly round butt. Everything I ever wanted...

Her name was Lisy, and she was my first crush. We went to the same Elementary School and the same Middle School, so I saw her everyday of my life for eight years. The entire school knew that I had a massive crush on her. Up until Middle School she had denied having any feelings for me, until one day when we were alone she confessed that she had been lying to me, and everyone, she did in fact have feelings for me.
I thought this meant she was interested in having a relationship with me. I was stoked; I decided I'd ask her the next day at school if she wanted to be my girlfriend. I walked onto our campus feeling great; she was sitting at our group’s bench with all of our other friends. I walked right up to her and asked her if I could talk to her for a second. So we walked a few feet from the table, and asked her out thinking that I already knew her answer. Well I was wrong, she told me no and walked away.
I attempted to talk to her a few more times about it that year, but she always shot me down. I was so confused about this because I knew she liked me. It made me angry and I soon stared to resent her. The years went by and we moved onto high school, I accepted the fact that she would never be mine.

In my sophomore year of high school I had run into an old friend from our group, and we started talking. The conversation quickly went to Lisy, I asked him if he knew anything about it and he told me she didn't want to be made fun of for going out with me. So finally after all those years of wondering why, I finally had my answer.

I was sitting in my room waiting for my friend Anthony to text me, letting me know when I could head over to his house. I was going to a reunion at his house for all our friends in Middle School. I wasn't really looking forward to going because it was going to be populated with people who were real jerks to me, but my mom talked me into it.
My phone goes off, I read the text message, grab my bag, and head out to my car yelling goodbye to my mom on the way out. I hop in my 93 Ford Explorer and take off down the street to Anthony's. He doesn't live far so I'm there in like ten minutes, "God kill me now", I say under my breath and close my eyes, unfortunately when I open them I'm still looking at the house.
I make my way up to the front door and a piece of paper reads (Come on in!!!) So I grab the door knob, but the door starts to open from the other side and I find my self looking down into the blank stare on Lisy Emerson's face.
Yes I said looking down, from the time we all left middle school to that moment I had grown quit a bit. I now stood at 5' 9", with fairly large muscles, and nicely toned body, my hair and eyes had both darkened, and my voice had gotten severely deeper. I was now a fairly attractive young man, and I had no problem attracting female attention.
Lisy on the other hand hadn't grown at all. Her body was just as amazing as I remembered it, though she had grown a beautiful pair of C32 breasts, her stomach was flat, and her legs were toned to perfection. I started thinking about everything she had done to me; the look in her eyes was one that you would give a stranger. I came to a wonderful realization... she didn't know it was me, I almost broke out in laughter when I took a step into the house and she almost fell over. I guess my size was a little intimidating to her because she just kind of stared at me as I walked past her to my friend Anthony.
Me and Anthony made our rounds and talked to the guys. It was interesting to see everybody's expressions when they found out who I was. We spent a few hours laughing about the looks the girls were giving us, until we all started separate off into smaller groups. I had gone out to sit by the pool when I became aware that someone was standing over my shoulder. I looked up to see who it was, but the light from the house made it impossible, "Well hi there", I said to the silhouette. She walked around the lounge chair I was on to sit in front of me. "Ok so I was basically sent over here to find out who you are because its driving a few of us crazy but I already know your name.", Lauren said as she sat down next to me and the light from the house illuminated her face.
Lauren was a very attractive blond; she had sky blue eyes, and cute luscious lips. She was thinner than most of the girls, with B cup breasts and a little ass, but it fit her perfectly and only made her more attractive. She was wearing layered tank tops and short-shorts.

"Is that so?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

She slid closer never breaking eye contact, "Chase Evans...” When I didn't deny it she added, "You certainly have grown up."

I was leaning back in the chair staring up into the sky when I said, "Three years will do that to someone", so I hadn’t noticed her adjust her position on the lounge chair. She was now straddling it and looking right at me.

Now the fact that most of the girls had been staring at me since I arrived had started to make me feel gustier, so when my eyes made contact with hers and she blushed I decided to throw all caution to the wind.

I dropped me legs down around the chair and leaned in close to her so our faces were right in front of each other. "Why have you all been staring at me?” I asked.

She started to withdraw from me, but stopped and with a smirk she said,” How do you know we've been staring at you, the only way you would know that is if you kept looking our direction."

"I've taken a few glances", I said.

"See anything you like?” she asked.

"You can't intimidate me.", I said as a laugh escaped my lips. "I'm not the same little kid from three years ago. I've been around the block so believe me when I say having girls stare at me is nothing new."

She just smiled..."Well someone’s a little full of himself".

I decided I could be really blunt at this point, I wanted to see what would happen, so I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Yes I am, just like all of you." She was surprised and maybe a little offended, I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't expecting me to call her out like that; and I wasn't about to lay off just yet. "I have a feeling your probably going to share all of this with them so I will say, I haven't forgotten how I was treated, and I can't help but feel like this a game you all are playing, but I feel sorry for you."

"For me?” she asked completely confused.

"Yeah, you were always the leader right?” I asked.

She responded, "More or less".

"I'm assuming you still are"


"That's a yes. Since you still are the leader I doubt that they SENT you over, I think you came over to try and play a game with me. Well let me warn you... you will lose."

From her expression I knew that I had hit the truth. After a few seconds of silence, I started to get up but she pushed on my leg and sat forward so her mouth was right next to my ear, "If you are really are as experienced as you say you are, then this should be nothing to you".

Before I could ask her anything she mounted me, grabbed my face, and kissed me. At first it was just a long peck and she wasn't going any further, I decided I was going to make her realize she had just made big mistake, she was in way over her head.

I slid my hands from her knees up to her waist, letting my fingers run over her ass in the process, and then up her back. She took a deep breath, that's when I licked her lip and bit down gently, she opened her mouth to meet my tongue with hers. She had tightened her arms around my neck so I pulled her toward me, causing her to spread her legs more so she could sit closer to me. I could the feel the heat permeating from her vagina on my crotch and my body started to betray me, I became painfully aware of the pulsating throb in my pants and it was only getting worse. I had to; I couldn't let her know that she was succeeding in turning me on. So I lifted her off my crotch and pushed her away from me, laying her down on her back, I positioned my now completely erect friend down my pant leg, and hoped that it would be enough to hide it.

My right hand was still under her so I rested on my elbow and with my left hand caressed her bare legs some more while I kissed her neck. She let go of my neck so I thought she may be done but instead of stopping she started to run her right hand down my back and run her left hand through my hair. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed her tongue further into my mouth, some how she'd gotten her hand It the front my jeans, any closer and she'd find my raging hard on. I wouldn't let that happen. I had to win, I applied a little more pressure to her leg this time as I slid my hand down toward her crotch, letting my thumb trace the inseam of her shorts, she moaned into my mouth. I pressed thumb into the spot just next to her mound and started rubbing in a circular motion. Instantly she moaned again and this time she didn't stop, I knew if I pushed her a little more she would have to stop, I kissed down her neck to her collar bone. She tilted her head back, taking a deep breath, and arched her body into mine as I bit down on her neck. Before I could do anything more she pulled my head away from her neck.

“OK... I get it... I'm done...” she said between breaths.

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2010-09-06 17:02:44
Read some of the others. The guys and girls with many stories and 10-12 Chapters in each. See how they develop and do things.

You are doing okay. Keep it up.

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Your work is very good, keep it up. Do not pay attention to the ratings keep on writing. Some people give bad ratings if oyu do not screw everything in sight, right away.

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You r a big bastard.dnt knw abt sex.i think u lack ur sex organ.mother fucker

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this is good. please write more

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Was very nice. I haven't read a story like this yet and I hope you can continue with this nicely.

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