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Friday Night Fireworks

This is a story of a fantasy night I would like to have with my wife. We often talk about naughty sexual thing when we are having sex and when we are in the heat of the moment she has said she would like to do some wild things, so here is my version of what that could be like.

I have been after my wife to try some “naughty” sexual adventures with me by role playing and letting each of us step outside of our everyday personalities and just let it go and have some down and dirty recreational fucking sex. I asked her on a Monday when we were at lunch if we could have a naughty dress up fucking session sometime this week and she said OK we will do this on Friday but here are the rules.

1. You will have to do everything I tell you to do without question and as soon as I tell you to do it, if you don’t then you cannot ask me to do this again
2. You cannot orgasm without my permission between now and Friday Night.
3. Whatever we do for this game is reserved for this game and you cannot bring it up anytime unless I tell you it is ok to do so.

If you can agree to the rules then I will make your naughty fantasies come true this one time unless I really like it then we will do it anytime I want. I quickly said yes I was willing to obey the rules and was very excited about what I was hoping we were going to do.

When we got back to the office she told me to go into the Ladies room and take off all my clothes. I was surprised with this request because she never likes to do anything like that at the office. I went right in and stripped as I was told. She walked in a minute latter and locked the door and had a big smile on her face. She said she was happy that I was a good little boy and had followed her instructions. She had me turn around slowly so she could see all of me and then she said bend over and she spanked my ass ten time with her hand hard enough to make my ass bright red. She then said for me to give her my underwear and then to get dressed and go back to work “commando”. I did as I was told and was getting a little hard thinking about how great this was going to be.
I was working away as normal when I received an instant message from her and it said “come to my office with a hard cock, you have 3 minutes”. I got up and went to the restroom and pulled down my pants and started stocking my cock to get it good and hard. I spent about 2 minutes and then carefully tucked it into my pants and walked into her office. She said let me see “it”. I unbuckled my pants and pulled out my hard cock. She just smiled and said put “it” away and go back to work.

The rest of the afternoon went by without any more demands until it was time to go home. After everyone else was gone she called me to her office and told me I needed to get myself hard again while she watched. She told me to drop my pants and to start working my cock and keep working it until it was as hard as I could get it. She sat back in her chair to watched and told me this was making her wet she had never really watched a man jack off before and she liked the idea that this was for her pleasure.

I was pumping away on my cock when she got up walked over to the front of her desk and told me to stop and put my hands behind my head. I did and I was standing there with my dick sticking straight out, my pants around my ankles and waiting for the next order. Libby said I think you will need to go home and shave your pubic hair off and stay naked the rest of the evening after you kiss my pussy right here and now. She lifted her skirt and showed me her naked pussy and said get down here and lick it good, I am very wet. I got down between her creamy smooth thighs and started kissing and licking her sweet pussy and then she just pushed me away and said go home
She got up and left to go home and I had to get my pants back on and lock everything up and then headed straight home. Libby had gotten home and put on just a light sundress and was waiting for me out on the back patio. She told me to go get what I needed and to come outside and shave myself here on the patio. I did as I was told and came outside naked and sat down in a chair and started shaving off all my pubic hair. When I thought I was finished she had me stand in front of her with my legs spread and inspected the job. She got the trimmers and cleaned up a few hairs I had missed and then had me turn around and she shaved my backside because she said it was too fuzzy for a naughty boy like me. When she had finished she told me to get the bag off the table and bring it to her. It had some hair removal cream and she then rubbed it all over my dick and balls and then all over my backside. She had me stand there with my hands on my head and let the cream work. Then she told me to go take a shower and report to the kitchen.

Wow my head was spinning, this is everything I could have hoped for in the role playing games and she was doing things I had only wished but they were now happening. After the shower I was in the kitchen and reported as required. She had made a nice salad and we were sitting at the table eating her dressed and me naked and she asked how do you like what we have done so far?

I told her I loved it this is just what I was hoping for and was ready to do whatever she wanted. She said “whatever” with a wicked little smile on her face. I said yes whatever you want. She then said this will be the best sex week you have ever had but it will be my way, excuse me “Lady’s Libby’s” way. We finished eating and she had me do the dishes while she went and got on the computer to do some research for the week.

When I had finished in the kitchen I went to the study and asked what she wanted next. Libby said I think you can give me a massage on my neck and shoulders while I tell you what I have found. She turned around and looked at my dick which was half hard and said whenever you are naked around your Mistress you must have a hard cock so keep it hard around me or I will have to punish you. Libby then leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down while she was squeezing my balls. There that’s how I want to see you anytime you are naked in my presence, now get some oil to rub me with.

I massaged her neck and shoulders for the next 30 minutes while she explored the internet for possible ideas for our sexual week of adventure. I would stroke my cock to keep it hard as I was massaging her and she would ask me about the things she was seeing and reading. Do you like the idea of Femdom? Spanking? Being made to expose yourself? Cream Pies?

She turned around in her chair and my cock was as hard as it had ever been and she said I can see you really like the idea of me taking control of our sex life. She put the head of my cock into her mouth and took one long slow suck and then she slapped my cock and told me to go to bed.

Tuesday morning Libby had a large lock that she put around my balls right after I got out of the shower and said this was to remind me that my balls now belonged to her and she had also read that it would stretch my balls down so they would hand nice and long. That was how she really likes to see a man’s balls, hanging low and loose. She got out a tape measure and checked to see how long they were hanging. She also told me no underwear and no sitting at the office for the rest of the week. She wanted to see how long they would stretch by Friday night.

Each day as soon as she got to the office she would have me come to her office and drop my pants and stand there and work myself until I was about ready to cum then she would tell me to stop and put “it” away. Then in the afternoon she would have me go to the ladies room and strip and do the same thing, get myself to the verge of cumming and then have to stop. When we got home I was to get completely naked and stay that way the rest of the evening and I had to keep myself hard or she would have me bend over a chair and whip me with a small whip we had in the house. I loved the feeling of having her whip me and make my ass burn bright red.

Friday morning I was awakened with Libby sucking on my cock and pulling on the lock. It seems that she had already learned how much pressure to put on my balls to keep me from cumming and she had an evil little smirk on her face. My balls felt like they had swollen up to almost twice their normal size from all the pressure. Libby stopped sucking and told me to go take a shower and make sure I was completely smooth and stubble free because tonight I was going to get a very special surprise.

I did as I was told and while I was drying off Libby came into the bathroom and saw I did not have an erect cock so she had me bend over the stool in the bathroom and then went and got the whip. She gave me 10 or 12 good hard slaps with the whip and she seemed to be hitting my balls with each stroke, very soon they were swollen and red and she seemed pleased with herself. She had me stand there with one leg up on the stool and expose myself to her and she took some laces and tied each ball separately so they were like 2 small eggs hanging between my legs.

Libby said get dressed as usual and I want you in my office with your pants down and your cock hard facing the door when I get there this morning. I was a little nervous about someone else coming in but she had given everyone else the day off. I went to the office and was doing the usual things when I received a text that said get in my office and wait for me. I went to her office and dropped my pants and started working my cock until I got it hard thinking about what today would bring. I was there about 20 minutes when she walked into the room and said stop working your cock and put your hands behind your back. I did this and then she walked behind me and put on a pair of handcuffs and said I think I will keep you like this all day.

Before I could say anything she tells me that today I am going to give you the naughty nasty sex I think you are always wishing for. I hope you have enjoyed your little game this week because I have tried to make this exciting for you. She was walking around me as she was talking and would caress my cock and balls then my ass. After tonight I will decide if we will ever do this again do you agree to this? I told her yes. Good I knew you would do anything I asked right now. She said get down on your knees and come over here and kiss my pussy and she lifted her dress and showed me her smooth naked pussy and I went right to it and kissed it and licked it and then she pushed me away and turned around and had me kiss her beautiful round fanny and she spread her cheeks and I kissed her rose bud. She was wet all over from the excitement and she told me to get all the sweet nectar between her legs and I did without any more prompting.

When she was satisfied that I had done my job she had me stand bend over her desk and swatted my balls about 10 times and said they are looking really good and had me stay there while she got a tape measure and measured them and said you have stretched about 3 inches since Tuesday. She undid the lock but left the laces on each ball and then undid the cuffs and said get your pants up and get to work.

Lunch time came and she had me come into her office and drop my pants and get my cock hard for her and then she had me get between her smooth thighs again and kiss and lick her pussy. When she was happy she told me to go get the lunch she had ordered and bring it back to the office. When I got back to the office we ate our lunch and she told me that I was to go to this vacant home at 6:00PM sharp once inside I was to strip and follow the directions that would be waiting for me there to the letter. Then she left to get her nails done.

I closed up the office and was at the vacant house at 6:00pm and there didn’t seem to be anyone else there. I went inside just as I was told and stripped right there in the foyer and put all my clothes in a pile in the corner. There was a bag with a note on top so I opened the note and read,

1. You should be naked with just the laces on your balls.
2. Put the blindfold on but don’t cover your eyes yet.
3. Put the handcuffs on behind your back and lock them in place.
4. Go upstairs to the middle of the game room face the stairs and then slide the blindfold down over your eyes no peeking or this is over.
5. When I call you will address me as Lady Libby then wait for the fun to begin.

I followed the instructions and went upstairs to wait. I didn’t have to wait long before I heard the door open and I could hear several voices. Your Mistress is here are you ready? Yes Lady Libby I answered and you could hear them giggle. There was some rustling noises and some giggles and then I could hear them walking up the stairs. This was the moment of truth I was standing there completely exposed and I knew that 2 strange women were about to see me tied up like I was.

My cock was rock hard and pointing straight out. They all gasped when they saw me and Lady Libby said I told you he would do anything I asked. They all came up and it felt like there were 3 sets of hands running all over my body, stroking, pulling, squeezing and Lady Libby said this was what was going to happen. We are all going to take turns making you do something and you are to guess who is doing it to you. If you guess wrong the Lady who gave the task will spank your balls 10 times with the whip and if you cum while you are being whipped you will eat the pussy from the woman spanking you. If you guess right two times then all of us will become your sex slaves for the evening and will do anything you tell us to do.

Do you want to play our game? Yes Lady Libby I want to play and do anything you ask. Great we have all drawn numbers and that is how you will refer to us as #1, #2, and #3. I of course will be #1 and Lady Sonya will be #2 and Lady Beth will be #3. To help you out we will each rub our entire body all over you so you will get to know it a little better. Then I felt a woman press her breast against me and then someone rubbed their fanny against me and then someone rubbed their pussy all over me

Here we go. Lady Beth went first, she said you will suck on one nipple and then you will guess who it belongs to. Then I could feel someone around me and someone was bending me over and someone was holding may face and then I had a large soft tit in my mouth and I started sucking it. I thought for sure it was Lady Libby’s from the size and feel of it in my mouth. I had her tits in my mouth many times so I knew I was going to be right. I said this nipple belongs to #1. Wrong, this nipple belongs to Lady Beth. They had me lay down on a bench and each leg was held open and Lady Beth spanked my balls 10 times, I couldn’t believe it I almost came.

Lady Sonya went next she said with a very sexy British accent you will kiss a fanny and guess which beautiful woman it belongs to. I stood up and once again they all got around me and bent me over and then a warm soft smooth fanny was pushed into my face and I kissed it several times. I was sure this was not Lady Libby’s but I just guessed #3. Wrong, they had me lay down again and held me just like last time and I received 10 good smacks and again I almost came. They told me that it was indeed Lady Libby’s fanny I had just kissed.

Lady Libby said ok a Lady will kiss you on the mouth and then you will guess. They left me on the bench I was laying on and someone came over and bent down and kissed me on the mouth, this mouth was very wet and tasted like pussy I thought. I knew that Libby had always wanted to try some pussy so I thought this might be the right time so I guessed #1. Wrong again, they grabbed my legs held them open and Lady Libby spanked me 10 good swats and she said it looks like your balls are starting to swell up, they look nice and fat.

Lady Beth said I think we should make it easier for him. You will be feed each pussy for 1 minute and then you will kiss one of our sweet pussies and then guess. I was taken off the bench and then they sat down one at a time and pulled my face into their pussy and rubbed it all over my face. Lady Beth was first, then Lady Libby and Lady Sonya was last. When the had finished they had me get back on the bench on my back and someone came and sat on my face for about 10 seconds and then got up and they said guess.

I had no idea I was on overload and in sexual heaven. I said #2. Wrong again and they just grabbed my legs and help me spread and spanked away. This was a great thrill for me. Everything I had ever fantasized about was happening and I was just a sexual play thing for the women.

Lady Sonya said someone will slide down on your cock and then you will guess which pussy it is are you ready? Yes and then I could hear the whispering and then I felt someone straddle me and then my cock was pointed up and a pussy slipped down on it. This was fantastic it was hot wet and felt incredible. She sat there and flexed her pussy muscles and was milking my cock for about 60 seconds and then got up and then lady Sonya said guess who? I guessed #2 Wrong again and the held me open and spanked my balls and I was about to cum when someone grabbed my balls and pulled them down firmly and held them for a minute or so and it keep me going over the edge.

Lady Libby said ok this is your final chance if you do not get it right or you do not cum when I am whipping your balls when you get it wrong then you do not get to cum at all tonight. She said that someone was going to suck my entire cock into their mouth and hold it there for 30 seconds and then you will guess who just sucked your cock. As a special bonus if you get it right we will all 3 become your sex slaves and will do whatever you tell us for the rest of this evening. If you get it wrong we are going to whip your balls 20 times each or until you cum. Ready? I said yes. There was some movement and some more whispering and then all 3 Ladies were around me teasing me and stroking me and playing with me and then I felt a wonderful mouth slide down on my cock and slowly go all the way to the bottom. Libby had never done this so I knew it had to be one of the other 2 and she pumped up and down just a little and then held still I was about to explode then this mystery mouth slowly pulled off my cock all the way to the end and then she let it fall out of her mouth.

I wanted to cum so badly and thought that I was going to cum either way this time so I just guessed again #3 I said and they let out a little cheer you are wrong again. They helped me sit up and I was straddling the bench when they told me to get all the way to the end and sit with just the edge of my ass on the bench and my balls hanging down between my legs. They tied each leg open and to the bottom of the bench and then Lady Libby got between my legs and started giving me the world’s best blow job. I knew I was going to cum quickly then she grabbed my balls and pulled down hard and held me while she sucked and bobbed and slid the entire length into her wonderful mouth.

2 minutes went by in a flash and I had not cum yet and then she said I will give you a choice. We will each spank your balls 20 times and then we will eat each other’s pussies while you get to watch or you can fuck any one of our wonderful pussies right now with your blind fold still on and then you evening will be over

I said I want to watch you eat pussy. Are you sure that’s 20 swats each? Yes I am sure please I want to see. If we let you watch you might not get to cum. I want to watch please. Without warning Lady Beth started swatting my balls, she said count them out loud, I want to hear every one of them. After 10 she removed my blindfold and it took a couple of seconds before my eyes adjusted but she started again and I counted until she had administered all 20.

Here I am tied to this bench with my balls hanging down between my legs and swollen and to my surprise my cock was rock hard again. I was surrounded by 3 mature beautiful women all completely naked and very turned on. Lady Beth stood up and she was mid 50’s blond about 200 lbs and had large sagging tits with big nipples that were sticking straight out.

Lady Sonya got between my legs and said I also want to hear you count them out but ask me for each one. She was taller than the other 2 long red hair small pert little titties and large round hips. I said please swat my balls and she did, quite hard and it made me jump, one, please swat my balls she did again two and this went on for all 20 until I thought I was going to pass out. She then bent forward and sucked my cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down and got it all wet and hard again. She said your cock is very sweet I can’t wait to taste your cream on Lady Libby’s pussy.

Lady Libby then got between my legs and said I will make this quick, not for you but so we can have some girl fun. She took the head of my dick into her mouth and looked up at me and then swatted my balls 20 times quickly. I was leaking precum already and she just kissed the head and let the string of cum hang from her lips and then she got up and kissed me.

Lady Libby said I hope you enjoy the show because I know we are going to enjoy putting it on for you, because this is what you asked for. With that she got up and had both other ladies lay down and pull their legs open and expose their pussies to me and she got on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass pointing right at me and she kissed both of the pussies right in front of me.

They got into a circle and Libby was between Beth’s legs, Beth was between Sonya’s legs and Sonya was between Libby’s legs and then they all started eating and kissing and licking each other. It was the most incredible sights I have ever seen. Three beautiful mature women eating each other and wiggling around.

Sonya and Beth both came with loud and powerful orgasms and then were just laying there and Libby said would you like to fuck me until I cum and I said yes I would and she said if you cum first you will have to eat my cream pie pussy until I cum all over your face. I said yes please yes I will eat your messy pussy. She untied me and then she turned around on her hands and knees and I got behind her and just as I slid my cock into her hot very wet pussy I just started squirting. I couldn’t believe it but she pushed me back and down and then she sat on my face and feed me her hot sticky fresh cream pie and rode my face and came in less than 60 seconds.

She then turned around and started kissing me and we shared the sex with each other and when she had finished she got up and said How was that for Friday Night Fireworks….

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