I just finished the new chapter last night and I was so excited about it I decded to make one of my rare weekend visits to the library so I could post it now instead of waitng for Tuesday. This new chapter has a lot of foreshadowing and inside jokes that I think people will catch if they read the original short story or Jason's Little Family: The Beginning and I think this chapter may be as hot as the first one, but let me know what you think.
Chapter 2

“Mrs. Carter, this isn’t what it looks like,” Jason said all in a rush as he tried to pull away from Liz’s while he looked around for his clothes. For some reason he couldn’t seem to pull his cock out of Liz’s tight pussy, it was like his prick didn’t want to leave her cunt now that it was in her belly. Jason’s panicked mind finally remembered that all his clothes were on the kitchen floor when he realized that the reason he couldn’t pull out of Liz’s pussy was because she had her legs locked together behind his ass so he couldn’t pull away from her without breaking the hold. He also noticed that both Liz and her mother were laughing and he began to wonder what the joke was.

“So,” Mrs. Carter managed to gasp, catching her breath when she finally stopped laughing, “are you telling me that this whole night was a waste of effort and you didn’t fuck my daughter?”

“What?” Jason asked, turning from Mrs. Carter’s shadowed form to Liz’s grinning face. “Liz, you look like the cat that ate the canary.”

“More like the pussy that ate the cock,” Mrs. Carter said, walking into the livingroom so Jason could see that she was as naked as her daughter. The only piece of clothing anywhere near Liz’s mother was the lacy red pair of panties she tossed over to Jason so he could snatch the damp undies out of the air.

“Looks like I owe you twenty bucks,” Mrs. Carter said, kneeling next to Liz and Jason so she could get a good look at Jason’s cock where it entered her daughter’s cum filled pussy. Jason noticed that Mrs. Carters pussy was harrier than Liz’s, but not as thick as he would have expected for the older woman. He wondered if Liz’s mom shaved her pubic hair, not that he really cared because he was more interested in the fact that Mrs. Carter was obviously turned on from the way her slit was leaking so much juice that the panties in his hand were soaked through.

“I did tell you that I’d get his cock tonight if you gave me a chance,” Liz told her mother.

“And I see you managed to get proof of your lost virginity,” Mrs. Carter said, pulling the old towel with the blood stain from under her daughter’s bare ass.

“Maybe we should have it framed,” Liz chuckled as Jason turned from mother to daughter in confusion.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Mrs. Carter told her daughter, carefully folding the towel to preserve the blood stain. “But maybe we can come up with something to remember this night by.”

“Something,” Liz agreed, lifting her head from the carpet to give Jason a quick kiss.

Jason had the strangest feeling that Liz and her mother were sharing a private joke and he was the punch line.

“Liz, I think you can let him go now,” Mrs. Carter said. “I think Jason realizes that I’m not going to do anything to him - at least nothing he won’t enjoy.”

“Thank you,” Jason said when Liz opened her legs so he could pull his soft cock out of her wonderful pussy. He rolled over and sat up on the carpet, looking from Liz to her mother and back again as he continued, “Just what am I missing here?”

“Well,” Liz said with a slow grin, “to start off with, I’m not the innocent little virgin you thought I was.”

“I was beginning to figure that out,” Jason said with a sheepish grin. “You were a virgin, but not an innocent one.”

“You got that right,” Mrs. Carter said with a snort. “My daughter is one horny little slut, in fact she’s almost as big a slut as I am so I should know. I’ve been training her for this night for almost three years.”

“Three years?” Jason asked, looking over at Liz’s smiling face.

“That’s right,” Liz said with an even wider grin as she spoke, “when mom asked me what I wanted for my tenth birthday I told her that the only thing I really wanted was to fuck you.”

“When you were ten?” Jason asked, wondering if he should be shocked or thrilled that Liz and her mother had been planning this night for so long.

“I knew what I wanted,” Liz said with a shrug, “and mom knew how to get it for me. Of course she had a price.”

“And what was that?” Jason asked, wondering if he really wanted to know.

“The price was that once you popped Liz’s cherry I got to fuck you,” Liz’s mother whispered in Jason’s ear, chuckling at the shocked look he gave her. “I knew that if Liz moved in on you right away she’d scare you off. I convinced her to take things nice and slow and taught her everything I knew about seducing an innocent boy like you.

“And what do you know about seducing a poor innocent boy like me?” Jason asked while Liz’s mother slid her hand down his flat stomach to play her fingers along Jason’s soft cock in a way that made it jump to attention at her touch.

“More than you imagine,” Liz’s mother said with a smile. “Tell me Jason, how old do you think I am?”

“Well,” Jason said thoughtfully, quickly adding Liz’s age to what he thought would be an acceptable age for a young married woman, “Thirty-one?”

“Too high,” Mrs. Carter said with a quick smile before she ran her tongue along Jason’s hairless chest, working her way down toward the boy’s stomach while continued playing with his slowly stiffening cock. “Try again.”

“He’ll never guess, mom,” Liz chuckled. “He’s far too innocent to figure out the truth about you and daddy.”

“I was going to guess twenty-nine before Liz’s comment,” Jason said with a shudder of pleasure while his cock continued to stiffen under Mrs. Carter’s skilled manipulation. “But now I’m going to say twenty-seven.”

“Still too high,” Mrs. Carter said just before she moved her tongue down to Jason’s sparse pubic hair. “I’m twenty-five.”

“Twenty-five?” Jason said, subtracting Liz’s age from her mothers to figure out how old she was when her daughter was born.

“That’s right Jason,” Liz’s mother said when she saw Jason make the calculations, “I was twelve when Liz was born.”

“Guess who knocked her up,” Liz said with a chuckle.

“No idea,” Jason said.

“Don’t give me that,” Mrs. Carter said with a chuckle, “I’m sure you have a couple ideas. Would it help you figure it out if I told you I don’t have any brothers?”

“You don’t mean . . .”

“That’s right,” Liz said, “mom and I had the same father.”

“You mean your father seduced you when you were twelve,” Jason said, surprised that his prick was reacting to the thought.

“Actually,” Mrs. Carter said with a wide grin, “my older sister seduced daddy about a year after our mother died. She was thirteen at the time and I was eleven and I joined in a month after she lost her cherry. At first daddy didn’t want to take any chances knocking us up, but eventually he decided he liked the idea and he managed to knock us both up, first my sister, then me.”

Jason could feel his cock hardening under Mrs. Carter’s teasing fingers as he tried to imagine what she’d look like as a pregnant twelve year old. In his mind’s eye Liz’s mother looked just like her daughter with the same redish blond hair and tight hairless pussy but with a belly swollen with her baby and large tits full of milk.

“Oh, I can tell you liked thinking about that,” Mrs. Carter said, stroking Jason’s slowly hardening shaft, sending pleasant jolts of sexual energy running up and down his spine.

“So, how did your father die?” Jason asked. “At least I assume that he died since you’re living alone with Liz.”

“Yes he did die,” Liz’s mother said sadly, “he died in a really stupid accident just a few months after he managed to knock my sister up with her second baby. He slipped in the tub on the day he was trying to knock me up with my second baby.”

“Is that why you have the rail in your shower?” Jason asked.

“It is,” Mrs. Carter said, “most people think I’m being paranoid, but after the way daddy died I decided I didn’t care what anyone else said, I wanted to make sure my daughter and I were safe.”

“After daddy died I just couldn’t find any interest in anyone else’s cock no matter how hard I tried. But the first time I saw you I just knew that your cock was the first one for me since daddy. That’s why I taught Liz everything she knows about sex so she could seduce you.”

“Wow,” Jason said, “all this work just so I’d fuck your daughter?”

“And me,” Mrs. Carter said with a grin. “After we heard about George Mason and his adult videos we knew you were ready for the final seduction so I arranged to leave for the night so the two of you would have the place to yourselves. After I left I made myself comfortable just around the corner so I could watch for the living room light to come on because that was the signal that Liz had managed to seduce you. I gave the two of you a half-hour to yourselves and then came back to join the fun - that is if you’ll have me.”

“I’d love to fuck you Mrs. Carter,” Jason said with a broad grin.

“In that case why don’t you stop calling me Mrs. Carter and start using my first name, Nancy,” Nancy said, stroking Jason’s erect cock.

“Ok Nancy,” Jason said with a hiss of pleasure as his shaft jumped in Nancy’s hand. Jason started to get up from the floor but Nancy pushed him back down.

“You already had a good workout popping Liz’s cherry Jason,” Nancy told him while she licked her lips. “You just lay back and relax while I take care of everything. Since I’ve been waiting almost twelve years for the right cock to come along I want to make sure this fuck lasts.”

“I’m all yours Nancy,” Jason said, relaxing back into the carpet. “You can do whatever you want.”

“In that case I’ll start by cleaning your cock with a blow job,” Nancy said, scooting around until she was breathing across Jason’s pubic hair. When Nancy’s tongue touched the underside of Jason’s prick it sent a jolt of pleasure running through his body, forcing a gasp from his lips.

“Liz, you need to get a taste of Jason’s cock before it’s too late,” Nancy called to her daughter.

“But mom I’m . . .”

“Never mind that,” Nancy said before her daughter could finish what she was going to say. “Just slide your sexy little ass over here and get a taste of your cherry juice before it’s all gone. You only have one chance to taste your own cherry juice you know.”

“You’re right,” Liz said with a sigh as she slid across the carpet to lie next to Jason without lifting her naked ass off the carpeted floor. Jason couldn’t understand why she turned at such an odd angle to reach his cock when it would have been easier for her to roll over on her stomach, but once she and Nancy started taking turns licking the blood and combined juices off his cock he didn’t care.

“There now, wasn’t that worth the effort,” Nancy asked Liz after Jason’s fully erect cock was cleaned.

“It sure was,” Liz said, licking the last of the juice from her lips before she gave her mother a quick kiss. “Does cock always taste this good?”

“Not always,” Nancy said with a shrug, “and of course you only get that special cherry juice taste right after he fucks a virgin, but usually it does taste that good. Now why don’t you scoot back and give me some room to fuck this boy silly?”

“Nancy,” Jason said while Nancy straddled his hips and brought her drooling slit up against the underside of his hard shaft. When Jason looked down he couldn’t help but notice that his brown pubic hair seemed to take on the same red tints as Nancy’s pussy hair when he saw them together. “I’m not wearing a condom.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Jason,” Liz said. “Do you really think my mom wouldn’t be as prepared as me?”

“What are you talking about Liz,” Nancy asked, sliding her pussy lips along the underside of Jason’s cock until the whole shaft was coated with her juices.

“Jason was worried about fucking me bareback so I told him that you made sure I was ready to fuck as soon as I started having my period.”

“I guess if you have Liz on the pill then it would make sense for you to be on the pill too,” Jason said with a suppressed sigh. When he looked at Nancy’s firm belly just above his cock he couldn’t help but think how much he’d like to see it swelling with his baby, but since he knew that wasn’t going to happen he decided to enjoy fucking mother and daughter as much as he could.

“Of course that makes sense,” Nancy said, sharing a quick giggle with her daughter before she raised her hips and held Jason’s cock steady while she placed the tip against her slit and then slid her pussy down until the whole shaft was enveloped by her cunt.

Nancy let her head roll back and she let out a long groan of pleasure, “I’ve been dreaming of this day for twelve years, and it’s still better than I ever dreamed possible.”

“But your father must have been bigger than me,” Jason said with a groan of his own at the way Nancy’s cunt muscles massaged his prick. Until now he didn’t realize that two pussies could feel so different, and still feel so good. Liz’s pussy was tighter than her mother’s, but Nancy’s cunt was hotter and wetter than her daughter’s, and it was obvious she knew how to use her cunt muscles to give both her and her partner as much pleasure as possible.

“Daddy wasn’t that much bigger than you,” Nancy managed to say between pants as she slid her pussy up and down Jason’s cock, her perky tits bouncing invitingly every time her bare ass slapped against his thighs. “Since you’re only thirteen you’ll probably be bigger than he was by the time you’re done growing.”

“Do you really think so?” Jason asked, wondering if Nancy really meant it or if she was just humoring him.

“I’m sure of it,” Nancy said, a growl of pleasure escaping from her lips as her body gave several little jerks with her approaching orgasm. Nancy slammed her whole body down with enough force to grind Jason’s ass into the padded carpeting and her pussy clamped around his imbedded cock like a vice. With a force of will Jason was able to hold off his own orgasm while Nancy screamed with pleasure and her whole body shook with the force of her first orgasm.

With her pussy still wrapped firmly around Jason’s invading cock Nancy looked down at the boy and grinned when she noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes off her tits. “Go ahead,” she told the boy, grabbing his wrists and bringing his hands up until they cupped her firm breasts. “You know you want to play with them, so go ahead.”

“Thank you,” Jason said with what he knew had to be a stupid grin as he ran his hands across Nancy’s big tits, paying special attention to her erect nipples as he stroked her sensitive flesh.

“No, thank you Jason,” Nancy said, slowly starting to stroke his shaft with her pussy now that she’d managed to catch her breath. “Trust me, a girl enjoys having her tits played with while she’s fucking, isn’t that right Liz?”

“It sure is,” Liz answered dreamily. “Jason sucked my tits while we wee fucking and it was great, almost as good as his cock in my pussy.”

“By the way mom,” Liz said cautiously, “now that I’ve lost my cherry, do you think I can use your dildo now?”

“Even better,” Nancy said, stroking her pussy slowly up and down Jason’s shaft in order to make the fuck last as long as possible, “since I knew it wouldn’t be long before you managed to seduce Jason I went out and bought you your own dildo, I’ll get it for you before you go to bed tonight, ok?”

“Thanks mom, you’re the best,” Liz said with a contented sigh.

“Nancy,” Jason said suddenly, trying to take his mind off how good Nancy’s pussy felt stroking up and down his cock, “are you sure it’s my cock that you’ve been waiting for all these years? You said that your sister had two children by your father, were any of them boys?”

“Trust me Jason,” with a grin as she looked down at her young lover, “if I had a brother, son, or nephew I’d be fucking him right now.” Jason wondered what Liz found so funny all of a sudden, but he was too distracted by his approaching orgasm to really think about it.

“Nancy I’m going to cum,” Jason said when he felt his balls start to cramp. “Are you sure you want me to cum in your pussy.”

“Yes Jason,” Nancy cried excitedly, “that’s exactly what I want. Give me a pussy full of your hot cum, that’s what I’ve been craving more than anything else for the past twelve years.”

“Well here it comes,” Jason screamed, taking his hands off Nancy’s tits and using them for extra leverage as he bounced his naked ass off the carpet to meet Nancy’s thrust, burying his shaft as deep as it could go as he spat several loads of cum into her belly.

As Jason’s cum filled her cunt Nancy let out a scream of pure joy and her body spasmed through her second orgasm of the night with Jason’s cock firmly wedged in her pussy.

“Wow mom, I’ve never seen you orgasm two times like that,” Nancy said while her mother rolled off Jason so that his softening cock popped out of her slit with a soft pop.

“I know,” Nancy said with a contented sigh, “I just wish it could be like this every night.”

“Me too, mom, me too,” Liz sighed.

“Well,” Jason said thoughtfully, “we may not be able to do this every night, but I think we could manage to do it for the next month or so.”

“What do you have in mind, Jason?” Liz asked, lifting her head from the carpet to look at her best friend.

“I just remembered that we’re suppose to sign up for the science fair tomorrow,” Jason pointed out.

“So?” Nancy asked, “how does the science fair give us a month of fucking?”

“Simple really,” Jason said with a broad grin at his own ingenuity, “tomorrow Liz and I will sign up for a joint project. We’ll do something simple like a volcano, but we can make it look like we’ve put a lot of work into it and no one will ever know, especially my mother. For the next month I can use the excuse that I’m coming over here to work on our science project and after we spend a few minutes on the project we can turn each evening into a three way orgy.”

“I think that could work,” Liz said, “in fact I’m sure it will.”

“I’ll make sure it works,” Nancy said, “after all, your mother is my best friend so if she asks me what you’re up to every night I’ll tell her that you’re spending the whole night on your science project and she’ll never know the truth.”

“Oh no, what time is it?” Jason asked jumping to his feet and looking around for a clock.

“It’s nine thirty-five,” Nancy said checking her watch.

“I’m late,” Jason said, running to the kitchen to grab his clothes before he returned to the living room to enjoy the sight of his two naked lovers while they stretched out on the beige carpeting. “My moms going to kill me.”

“Don’t worry Jason,” Nancy said soothingly, “I’ll call your mom and explain that you and Liz were making plans for your science fair project. That way you’ll an excuse for tonight and we’ll have things set up for the next month.”

“Sounds great Jason said as he pulled his pants on over his boxers before slipping his feet into his shoes. Before he turned to leave Jason took a few seconds to get a good look at his two lovers while they stretched out on the floor and looked up at him with satisfied grins. In his imagination he saw the two of them lying next to each other with swollen bellies from the babies he’d just planted in their wombs. After a few seconds he shook the image out of his head, realizing there was no way Liz and Nancy would ever allow themselves to get pregnant, but still enjoying the dream even as it faded.

“So I’ll see the two of you tomorrow then,” Jason said, wondering he that sounded as lame as he though it did.

“Just make sure you get a good nights sleep and a good meal before you come over,” Nancy told him. “We’re going to make sure that you have a great workout when you get here so you’ll need all the energy you can get.”

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