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Growing up was not like what most did as my sister and I grew up. We grew up together but we did so a long way from any other people
Growing up was not like what most did as my sister and I grew up. We grew up together but we did so a long way from any other people. Our parent owned a remote piece of property several hours from any town that was close to a substation of the Alaskan pipeline. Its not to say that we could not get to more populated places but not with out several hours drive to do so. However because we were close to a highway with telephone and power lines we were able to have a lot of the modern conveniences that we knew many had. We had satellite television and internet, and we used it everyday to get online to do our schoolwork. As my sister and I were only a year apart our parents had waited until we were both of age to enroll us into home school. We spent an hour with the teacher discussing assignments and understanding homework. Sometimes longer for tests and or other projects we had to do. But for the most part we preferred other means of entertainment. It was this that caused us to become much more then brother and sister. Of course out living conditions probably had something to do with it as well since we happened to share a room.

Our house was small, it had initially only been intended to hold our parents as a means to be close to work without having to travel for several hours to get to the substation. It at the time only had one bedroom with an attached bathroom. When were born they added a wing to one side that became a new master suite for them. Since we had been young at the time they had not worried about building a second room since it was easier to heat the house the way it was now. Over time everyone was so used to it that as we got older it was left alone. As we grew up and became more aware of being different we respected each other enough to our own privacy. We took turns using the tub or shower and changed in separate usually after our showers or in the mornings she would change in the bathroom while I changed in the bedroom, always taking time to call out when I was done.

Megan my sister shared some traits that made her look very sexy from all the women and teens on television and internet I had seen. She was just over five foot six and had to weigh close to 130 pounds. Her skin was a light tan all year long which made her dark auburn hair even more striking. She was toned and lightly muscled from working in the garden over the summer and helping me bring wood in over the winter. I am Eric by the way and stand just under six feet and weigh close to 180 pounds. My hair was a darker brown, kept short and we both shared sparkling sapphire blue eyes. I was more muscular then Megan due to doing harder chores such as chopping the wood we used over the winter. I was also responsible for mowing the small lawn we had and that was done with an old rotary style mower.

On the day our lives changed we had both slept in, not having a lot of work to do as we were only just beginning the summer. I got up a bit earlier then her and after eating breakfast went outside and quickly mowed the grass. I entered our bedroom as I would any other time and stopped dead in my tracks. Megan had not gone into the bathroom as she normally did and now stood between our beds turned toward me with no clothing on and in the state of shock we were both in she failed to cover up. It was the first time I had seen everything on her. Her hair was still pulled back from the ponytail she slept in exposing the long line of her neck. I could not help but to keep following the figure of her down and the next sight was the swell of her breasts. The light tan was not seen on their underside or just around the outline of her nipples. These were a light reddish color that made me think of wild strawberries. The sights continued down and came to the shape of her rounded hips that showed she was all woman surrounded the neatly trimmed bush of auburn hair sitting at the top of her lips cropped into the shape that looked like a heart with the upper part of her slit parting it in half , the rest shaved clean of hair. Then down the long elegant legs that models would die for.

I normally would have turned away to allow her the privacy she deserved, but for some reason I could not. She did not attempt to cover herself instead after a brief moment of shock she grabbed a tank top to pull over her breasts and then a pair of daisy duke shorts. I knew she spent a lot of time with out a bra and on days when it was cold out it was not uncommon to see the pinky sized nipples hard and there were many days that I splashed semen inside the shower wishing I could see the flesh for real. That she was now wearing a pair of tight high cut shorts with no panties on underneath began to cause images in my head and I could feel the blood forcing my cock to get hard. I did not cover it up as my sister had seen it many times before in either a pair of jeans or shorts that I was wearing.

Megan’s eyes got a bit wide at the sight of the stiff rod that was pressed against the fly of my jeans, and looking at me she gave a slight smile before saying, “Guess, if I can please you I got a pretty good chance of pleasing any guy I come across when we can leave here huh?” All I could do was nod in return as I turned red and after clearing my throat turned to the bathroom to wash up. I tried to take a shower much cooler then I normally did hoping it would help deflate the problem I was suffering but the image of Megan standing there nude would not leave my mind and I did the only other thing I knew to deflate a hard on. I was aroused and turned on that when I finally my knees almost gave out as I bucked my hips as rope after rope shot out to wash down the drain.

I got dressed after my cold shower thinking much the way my sister had and went commando to let the air flow pass through the material of the shorts I was wearing. The cool temperature inside of the cabin helped to keep the heat from outside being unbearable. I entered the kitchen to find my sister sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in her hand and one next to her that she had set aside for me. “Hope it isn’t to cold, you were in the shower a bit longer then normal.”

“Sorry sis, I should have knocked before...”

“Its okay, I should have changed in the bathroom like we are used to, but I thought I had enough time to change when I heard the mower running.”

I sipped my coffee not knowing what else to say. She finished her cup then moved over to the kitchen sink. A pile of dishes from the night before sat waiting her attention. She emptied the kinks to fill them with hot water, bending to reach inside the lower cabinet to get the dish soap out. As I watched the folds of her pussy became visible one on each side of the inner seam of the jean shorts she was wearing. I was in mid swallow when it happened and the hot coffee I drank tried to choke me as it went down the wrong pipe. The coughing startled both of us me because it came shooting out of both my nose and mouth. Bent over trying to catch my breath I saw the legs of Megan walk up before I felt her hand on my back and asking if I was alright. I nodded I was as I was still trying to catch my breath, feeling the sting of the coffee that had passed through my sinuses. She stood over me until I sat fully up once more able to breath normally. A few seconds later, she went to one of the closets in the hall bringing a mop and the bucket to clean the floors.

“So what happened?”

“Promise not to get upset?”

“Yeah, you nearly died. Hello that’s more important then me getting mad at out.”

“When you bent over to get the soap from under the sink your labia was on each side of the crotch inseam of your shorts.

“Hell at this rate I might as well, walk around naked with as much as you have seen of me lately. At least then you would not be getting the shock of a life every time I did something.”

“No instead I would probably be walking around with a constant hard on.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Hello back, after a while it gets painful if not taken care of.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Guess it’s a good thing to be a girl then, because I don’t have to worry about that when I am horny I can hide it, well except for my nipples.”

We both laughed and I took the mop from her cleaning up the coffee on the floor as she went to the sink and grabbed a wash rag for the table. It was just after two when we both finished chores. Being a Monday our parents would not be home again until Friday night, as they stayed at the power station most of the week. Megan and I were used to this and found ways to keep from being bored even though we did not have things like a mall to hang out at. We did shop normally online through places like Amazon. I was not finding much on television and Megan was at the computer looking at clothes when she asked me to come over. Flicking the television off I came up next to her as she was looking at a pair of low cut thong underwear.

“What’s with the thong?” I asked as I began to feel my dick harden at the thought of my sister wearing something like that. I was not used to thinking of her in this much of a sexual fashion, I mean I knew my sister looked hot, but the mental picture left from seeing her earlier made it a lot harder not to see her as anything other then a sexy girl I liked looking at.

“Oh. Just searching, I have a bunch of clothes that are starting to wear out and I need to buy some more.”

“Um, okay, bad mental image.”


“Nothing just the thought of you wearing a pair of thong panties is not exactly something a brother should be thinking of.”

“Oh, well stop thinking about it.”

“Yeah because I can just get the mental images of a hot sexy woman wearing hot underwear out of my mind because I am not a typical teen male.”

“You think I’m hot?”

“Um, yeah I think you could beat any of the girls I see on the internet that are in movies or magazines.”

“I know we don’t see many people at all but that means a lot,” as she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I felt them flush and she giggled a little when she pulled away.

“First time kissed by a girl?”

“You know it is, not like I can kiss anyone around here.”

“Says who? I’m a girl and I would let you kiss me.”

“You’re my sister, I can’t kiss you.”

“Says what,”

“I don’t know, Lots of things I suppose.”

“Like what?” But before I could make a proper reply she kissed me again only this time on the lips. The rush of what was happening overrode and counter thoughts I had and I slowly returned it. When I felt her open her lips a little and press her tongue against my lips I opened mine and did the same. I was getting my first kiss from my sister and hers the first from me. All my senses became more primitive I could hear the deeper breath she was taking, and Smell the faint hint of sweat coming from her. I ran a hand up her arm and to the back of her neck. I think it freaked her out because she pulled away real quick and turned back to the computer going to some news sight.

“I’ll search for clothes later. I want to see what is happening with the war in central Asia.”

I don’t know what happened, but in my own way I was glad that it was over. I was kind of scared of what we were doing, after all she was my sister and I did not want to hurt her. I returned to the television once more flipping through the channels not really finding much on. The couch I sat on partially turned toward my sister and if I lounged the right way I could sneak looks at her wondering what she was thinking and what we were getting into.

Because I was facing toward her, and she had to turn to face me to look at me, I caught several times when she would shift in her chair to look my way, and once to see if I could see what she was thinking I turned toward her. Her had a frustrated look and was biting her lower lip like she was struggling to say something, or try not to. She got up around five p.m. and began to make dinner. I stayed out of the kitchen not wanting an episode like we had earlier. The images I had already were enough to cause a headache as I struggled to make heads or tales of the day.

In the distance I could hear the sound of a storm coming our way, and the pressure began to drop making the house colder then it normally would be this time of day. Being in Alaska during the summer you really can’t call it night since the sunlight never really goes away. Sure it might get dark enough to make it hard to make out further details like on overcast days, but that was the extent of it. When the first strike of lightning flashed and the distant rumble of thunder could be heard I knew it was going to be a long night. Megan hated storms and had a hard time sleeping when it happened. Since we were younger though one way to make sure she felt better was for her to call into bed with me. It looked like tonight was going to be one of those nights.

We had just finished dinner and got the kitchen cleaned up when the lights flickered a few times then dies all together. We both went throughout the rooms making sure all the electronics were off, incase another surge blew out something we could not replace. Although it did not happen all that often we still had other ways to get through the day to day should it last a while. I went to the closet and pulled from the top shelf the oil lamps we had then got down the self generating radio. Moving into the living room, I managed to get one going and hang it from the overhead hook that was used for this purpose. Then I sat down on the couch. Megan was on one side huddled up in the corner as if the house was going to blow apart and take her with it.

“Look, we are probably going to be out of power for a while, we both have books in the bedroom we can read, how about we take the lamp in there and we can cuddle up on my bed until the storm blows over?”
She barely nodded, and when she took my hand squeezed it like she was trying to make the blood leave it for ever, I led her to the lantern then to our room. I hung it on the light peg that was over our beds so the light could be used in the winter if the ice broke the power lines. I climbed up so she was next to the two walls at the head of the bed, and then patiently waited while I grabbed the book she read and handed it to her. Grabbing her blanket next I climbed up next to her and pulled my blanket up over our legs and then wrapped hers around our shoulders. In the winter this worked great for keeping the heat close but even with the temperature decrees in no time we were both covered in a light sheen of sweat.

Not being able to take the added heat anymore I pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor. I uncovered from the blankets long enough to take the shorts before I remembered I was free balling. To late, my shorts were at my feet and my ass cheeks were on full display to my sister, she whistled giggled and said paybacks a bitch isn’t it. Even though I was bright red I am sure I could not help but laugh. “You know
Karma, its got to balance out.”

I was about to put my short back on when Megan said stop. Instead she climbed out of the blankets herself and peeled the shirt which had a slight see through quality to it now, then her shorts. It was the first I had been truly naked around her as she had been to me earlier and I could not help as the slow rise of my shaft became as hard as a steel rod, Megan’s eyes grew wide as she watched as my 8 inch cock raised to its full size. We stood facing each other for a few seconds looking at the sexuality of our sibling before a cold chill ran up her spine as she shivered. I could see the spread of the goose bumps start on her arms and travel over the rest of her body until even her breasts were covered in the little bumps.

“Maybe we should get back under the covers,” I said not thinking about how she looked.

We wrapped back up and I could feel the heat of Megan next to me as we again tried to read, only we quickly came across a problem we should have caught in the beginning. While reading Megan could not cover her breasts and no matter how she tried the blanket would slip. Not wanting her to be uncomfortable I offered to let her take a bit of what I had so she could pin it to her chest and under her arms. This worked great until about ten minutes later when she began to sweat again. Letting go with her arms she let the blanket fall where it may and told me I would have to suffer not looking at her. I did my best and even managed to get into my book again.

We had lost track of time and we had been able to behave around each other. The sudden bright flash and loud boom as a bolt of lightning to close for comfort scared living crap out of both of us and Megan began to cry. She had dropped her book and her hands covered her face with heavy sobs. I set my book aside and managed to get an arm around her and pull her into me. She took comfort in that and turned herself even more placing her legs on top of mine and leaned stiffly against me. I stroked her hair, and told her everything was okay, we were fine, nothing was wrong. Her sobs became less and then turned to sniffles. She whispered Thank you, and kissed me again on the lips. Unlike the last one we shared there was more fire in this one and a whole different feeling of reality. I puller her hair out of her face and looked into her red rimmed eyes asking if she was finally okay. She nodded slightly and eased back a little.

“I have to get up, I have to go to the bathroom,” as she flipped the covers off her and getting to her hands and knees crawled over to the edge of the bed. I trailed my hand down her back before the words sank in and I watched as my hand passed over the cheek of her ass and I swore I heard Megan giggle. The sway of her ass as she walked to the bathroom was semi hypnotic and I watched until she pushed the door closed after entering. The click of the mechanism was enough to snap me out of it. I yawned and looked at the clock. It was after midnight and normally we would both been asleep by now.

Megan came out and with a smile said it was my turn if I needed it. It was not until she said the words I realized I too had to go. I climbed out of bed and started walking toward the bathroom. As I passed Megan though she reached a hand out and I felt it as it covered and brushed over the head of my dick. I almost froze right there but I managed to make it to the bathroom. I pissed brushed my teeth and left the bathroom. The lantern was blown out when I stepped out and cast the room in shadow. I made my way over to the bed, thinking Megan has gone to hers. As I crawled in I felt the presence of another body. “Can I lay with you for a while,” was all I heard her whisper.

I took the edge that was close to the floor letting the walls act as a shield for her should she get scared again. As I turned to my side I felt her shifting as well, the small twin bed not really comfortable for two. Eventually we found a position where she was facing the wall and I was facing her back a few inches between us with my hand draped across my stomach and that’s how we fell asleep. I woke to the sounds of birds outside chirping my body a bit stiff from sleeping in such an odd position. Something warm was pressed against me and my hand was wrapped around a different warm place. Whatever I was against shifted and pressed back against me as if trying to become part of me.

It was then I felt the more inviting heat that seemed to be wrapped around the length of my cock slightly hard but surrounded by something much softer and silky. I open my eyes to see a head of dark auburn hair and then realization struck me. My hand was on my sister’s breast, and my shaft wedged between her ass cheeks. I almost jumped out of bed in shear horror at what I was doing. Then the night’s events returned and we had gone to bed naked during a thunder storm because of her fear. I tried once more to pull away. Megan rolled over and opened her eyes and a beautiful smile lit up her face as she saw me.

“Morning Eric. How did you sleep?”

“Um obviously pretty good considering we are in the same bed.”

“Yeah, I slept the same way, had I known I would have crawled into bed with you sooner.” Then she yawned and stretched and the blanket fell below her wonderful orbs. She smiled once more as I looked at her, and then she grabbed me in a hug and kissed me like she had last night. “A hero deserves a kiss for a good deed from a beautiful woman he rescued.”

Her breasts were pushed up against me and I could feel the nipples against my skin. It was not long before other parts of my body responded and I could feel the tip of my dick begin to swell. When it was got semi hard I felt something else it brushed against and it had its own heat source. The silky moist skin of my sister’s forbidden fruit passed through my thoughts as I felt a slight give to her lips and heard her light intake of breath. “Calm down there hero, you don’t get the girl on the first night,” as she giggled at the joke she made.

“Sorry sis.”She kissed me a second time before I could say any more.

“Its okay, it’s part of being a man, and having a beautiful naked girl beside you.”

“Might as well, stay that way since I have to do laundry today, and you aren’t going to be able to work the yard after the storm last night,” she calmly said as she pushed me over onto my back then straddled me to get out of the bed. The sight of her being on top like that with her breasts with in reach pushed the rest of the length into my cock and cause it to knock against her opening. She giggled, “Down boy.”

She rolled off the rest of the way and instead of headed to her dresser went strait for the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the shower turn on. Not sure what to think about my sister’s sudden courage to be nude I shrugged and decided to do as she asked, as there was less laundry for her that way. I grabbed the lantern from last night and walking into the rest of the house put it back into the closet it belonged in. I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. By the time I finished pouring the first cup Megan came in wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her hair, she took the cup out of my hand and kissed me then said, “Thank you. Shower’s yours if you want it.”

I took my shower jerking off twice to get my hard on to soften back to normal. I got out dried and returned to the kitchen where Megan placed a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee down for me. She winked that went through both bedrooms, and the bathrooms taking all the dirty laundry to be washed. She sorted them out and started the first load before coming back into the kitchen. When she did she leaned over to grab my bowl and cup. Instead I reached out and wrapped my arms around her then pulled her close to me. Her breasts both sitting right in reach of my face looked to good and I reached out and kissed one then the other. She let out a light moan and pushed a nipple against my mouth. I took it in eagerly, sucking on it as I twirled my tongue over it. I could fell the eager hardening and growing in my mouth as I suckled before I let go and blew over the top of it, then taking its twin and doing the same.

I slid the chair back, and Megan straddled my lap pushing her hips up tight against mine. I held onto her as she rocker her hips, the length of my shaft moving between the slowly engorged labia and pressing against her clit. “Oh god, it feels better then what they say on the internet,” she moaned as I continued to kiss and suck on her breasts. I could feel the wet juice that ran out of her pussy slowly cover my dick as her rocking against my cock became more urgent. We both knew as soon as she rose too high and as she came down the head pushed into her and slid in until it hit a barrier.

“Its in me. Don’t move.”

I did as she asked even though I wanted to thrust my hips up and bury myself deep into her. I sat there the feeling becoming harder to control. Megan began to shake afraid if she moved something would happen and not sure what. I could feel as the shaking got worse and she was slowly loosing the battle of choice and it was going to be made for her. I held tight to her and lifted pulling myself out of her. I was just about completely out when her legs gave and she shifted her weight trying to catch herself. I felt as all 8 inches pushed through her barrier and she finally stopped when our hips were braced against each other.

“She had bit through part of her lip in pain and there was a bit of blood that had begun to run down her chin. Her eyes were shut tight and she was still once more. I tried to move so I was no longer in her but she almost yelled for me to stop. My mind stopped panicking and began to feel what was happening and it was almost indescribable. There was silky warmth that surrounded me confining but not restrictive pushing and pulling pulsing with a life of its own. Then as my sister finally got use to the feeling I felt her once more rocking back and forth with her hips.

This was almost enough to make me cum as the feeling of pleasure increased slowly and the heat that was building both inside her and in me grew until it felt like we were one fire against each other. Megan still winced slightly but most was moaning and heavy breathing. I caught one of her breasts with my mouth sucking on the nipple rolling it around on my tongue and lightly grazing my teeth over it. When Megan grabbed my hair and forced a kiss I felt the walls inside her begin to suck me in deeper and she took on a more desperate pace as if this was the last thing she could do. I myself was not going to last much longer and I could feel the tingle as cum started to build waiting for release. She slowed down lifting herself until I was about to fall out then she would thrust herself down almost making me bounce from the chair.

I could not hold back any longer though and grabbing her by the hips I started thrusting harder and faster into her as my balls pulled tight against me. I thrust as hard as I could and felt the pressure finally release and like a tidal wave force it rushed out and splashed against the womb of my sister I had just felt against the head. Whatever it had done started a crescendo for her as well she threw her head back and let out a long moan as I felt the walls of her trying to suck me continuously deeper into her. She fell against me and we shuddered together as the bubble of warmth we created around us felt like it burst and the cool air filled our lungs and touched our skin. Still buried as deep into her and the last of my seed oozed into her she smiled wide and wrapping her arms and legs tightly around me tried to smother me with a kiss I eagerly returned.

We continued to sit with her on top of me even after I became soft enough that my dick fell out and a small puddle of our mixed cum pooled on the chair. We continued to hold each other our foreheads pressed together sneaking the occasional kiss from one another. I ran my hands up and down her back lightly stroking from her neck to the top of her ass crack, and eventually she shivered which caused a small aftershock she called it, in her. The buzz form the washing machine startled both of us and she finally climbed off with a kiss before heading to put in the next load.

When she came back she had me climb out of the chair and grabbing a dirty washcloth wiped up the pool that had collected from us. Blew me a kiss then returned to the laundry to wash the cloth. Megan made us both lunch and instead of sitting in separate chairs like we used to she sat in my lap as we both ate. I grew hard once more and this time it was once more stuffed between the firm soft and smooth of her lower cheeks. She would wiggle every time she thought I was going soft then laugh when I would grunt. After I helped her wash the dishes and between loads of laundry we would sit in the living room one the couch petting each other. Once she brought out a warm towel and set it under us and after getting me hard gave me a slow hand job occasionally spitting into her hand to keep a smooth stroke after I showed her how to. It did not take her long to master it and she soon had me spurting through the air and across her chest. She had the last bit slowly ooze out not waiting for any to be left and as it pooled in her hand she reached out with her tongue and licked it.

“They say a lot of women like the taste of it. It’s a bit different tasting, and she wiped her hand across the blanket and wiped off her chest. She placed the towel back down and it was my turn to try it on her. I started with blowing on the outside of her lips as I ran a finger through the slit occasionally running a finger over her clit. Still extremely wet from our earlier play I slid a finger inside her using my other thumb to rub her. Feeling the juices spread across my hand I wondered what it tasted like they had said the same about guys liking the taste of girls. I started licking the outside of her lips the sweet tangy taste was not all that bad, I pushed my tongue into the folds and it brushed against her clit and she clamped her legs tight against my head making it hard to breath.

When she relaxed again she said, “What ever you did before almost made me orgasm right then.” I smiled at her and began to tongue over her clit as I began to work me finger in and out of her. I found a spot inside that was just reachable with my finger and as I brushed against it even when I was not playing with Megan’s clit she would moan and buck her hips. I began to concentrate on flicking across her clit and pressing on the sough spot until I felt her starting to shake once more. I sucked hard on her clit and pressed hard against the spot inside and she grabbed me head while squeezing her legs tight and bucking her hips. My mouth caught all the juices she let out and I tried swallowing it. It was much sweeter and stronger tasting then before but for as much as I tried she still soaked the towel with a thin layer of her cream. My face was coated and my jaw was a bit sore but I smiled at her and she pulled me up and I lay on her stomach. I could feel the small contractions of her uterus as she continued to have little after shocks. After a while I crawled up on the couch behind her and we fell asleep much as we had last night but this time with out the separation between us. I cupped a breast and she wiggled her ass until I was pressed firmly into her cheeks and we drifted off.

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