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Yo, it's my first time writing stories. This is my first post on the site. Please send me feed back; I’ll rewrite it if it needs to be. I'll write a sequel, but first I want this one to be good. Enjoy.

Summer time. I loved it best, why? Because I could and would be lazy and do everything I like. All I would do is play video games, listen to music, watch TV, and especially look at porn. At the time I was completely home alone, just playing games. It was starting to get late when I heard a knock. I stopped playing; I waited until I heard the knock again. It came from the window; I got up and pulled up the blinds. I saw Elsa standing there. I open the window and she just comes in. She’s different somehow. She looks sad, but a little normal.
Elsa, she’s a friend. We’ve been in the same schools since elementary, but she’s a grade younger. We aren’t best friends, but we hang out every once and a while. She looks emo, but she only wears bright colors. She has shoulder length hair, its usually black and some other color. This time yellow. She has nice tan skin. She covers her eyes around with makeup to make her eyes look Asian. She has brown eyes. She has a cute little nose, and her teeth are white and straight, due to braces. Sometimes she has a cat like face. She has perky B cup tits. She has a thin stomach and a nice ass. She’s starting to get wider hips and a fatter ass. She’s about 5’6, 120 pounds. She’s really bright, not smart, just bright, she talked a lot. She was fun. But right now in front of me she was quiet. She was different but looked the same.
“Wats up”, I said.
“Can I stay the night?”
“Ugh… um yea, you alright?”
“Yea, so where do I sleep?”
“Um… bed.” I don’t know why, but I left her there. I went down stairs to get me a blanket. When I got back up she was in bed, already asleep. I turned off everything, all before I saw her clothes bunched up next to my bed. I let it go and went to sleep.
I awoke and remembered what had happened. I got up and Elsa was gone. Just my bed. That’s how it started. Elsa would come by once a night or two nights consecutively. Every time she would find me sitting and bring her in. I asked why, but every time she would never answer. She either stayed quite or answered back with another question. One time, during the day I called her, see if she would talk, her mom picked up. I never found out. She kept coming by. She must only be sneaking out at night and getting back in the morning. She made a pattern, an irregular pattern. She would either stay one night or two consecutively. Always leaving a night open. Never three nights in a row. Knowing this at times I did sleep in my bed. This time she did come on a third night.
I was asleep in my bed. This time only in boxers. Elsa opened the window on her own. She stripped down to her underwear. She got in, I was on my back, she rested her head on my chest. She snuggled up to me; she grabbed my right hand and put it on her hip. I was awake for this, but I let it go, back to sleep. Sometimes at night, guys get erect, that brings us back.
I awoke but didn’t move. I pretended to be asleep. I felt her on my chest, my hand on her hip, but she was awake, starring and poking at my dick. She did this for a short while, very short because then she moved my arm and turned on her side facing away from me. She then got me and started to turn me on my side. I was turning over but my dick hit her thigh and was starting to bend in the wrong way, so I turned back on my back. She turned more on her side and got me to move back to my side. This time with nothing in the way. She then scooted back and put me in between her legs. Now I could feel her warm skin on mine. How? When I moved back and forth, I popped out of the front of my boxers. She felt this and scooted down so that the top of my dick was on her panty covered pussy. She started to grind on me. I could feel her getting wet. It felt alright, but I have a good resistance. She kept going getting wetter and wetter. She got into an angle that must have hit her clit because she came. Soaking her panties. She stopped and laid there. She must have come around because she was about to get up and leave, but I stopped her by wrapping my arm around her.
“Enjoy yourself?”
She was terrified and embarrassed. Again in her weird new sense she said: “How long have you been awake?”
“Since before you turned me over”
“I have to go”, she said trying to get up once more, again I held onto her, holding her back.
“Wait, at least let me show you what I can do”, I said as I started to lower my hand. I moved across her stomach, lower until I hit the top of her panties. I moved underneath and found her hair, I continued going lower. I would tease her, lightly brushing my fingers around her, then gently and lightly barely touching her. Only the tips of my fingers were felt.
“Stop teasing me”
I didn’t listen. I kept teasing her. Lightly touching her. I continued this and saw some daylight. I also saw her need to cum. Once again my teasing did it’s job. I stopped and shoved my middle finger in her, all the way to my knuckle.
“oooooohh Al.”
I didn’t see her having much time left. With my finger I pushed up towards her stomach. I slid it out until I slowly found her g spot. I stopped again and simultaneously rubbed her clit while I pushed up on her g spot, making her cum. When she loosened up I gently took my finger and licked her juices off my hand, it was sweet. After she came down from her high, she again moved to get up. I again brought her back down.
“How much do you like me?” I said.
“I like like you, I REALLY like you.”
“I like you too, I don’t really know you, but I wouldn’t mind getting to know you.”
“Do you wanna have sex?”
“Have to have me?”
“If everything works out I would be home alone today. Just come a little earlier.”
With that she took of her panties and got up. She tossed them over to me while getting dressed she left me to sleep.
I awoke later on. I felt good, looked down and saw my morning wood. I remembered my plan, it was convenient and easy. My bro would be out. Parents wanted to go out, and they would. My little bro would be the problem. It was simple, he goes away, sleepover. With my Bro’s gone, parents out late, I just had to make it work.
So I did. It was easy with my luck. Now it was all taken care of. I went to go have fun, see my friends. That day I went out with my friends, turns out they both brought there own girl. Funny, their girls have the same name, Ana. We went out; unfortunately I was presented with a problem. They had planned to visit grandma (“Sex Drive”). Victor had his house till 10, it was currently 8. They wanted to hangout but they had other thoughts. It went like this.
“Bro, um we need a favor”
“Wats up?”
“Drive my car around, go somewhere till 10.”
I’m a really smart guy so I figured it out very quickly. I responded with, “O, Houston we got a problem.”
“Gotta be home a lil before 10.”
“Then why?”
“I’ve got sum bidness to take care of.” I like to keep this secretive.
“Bro you can wait to baigt. Baigt= masturbating
“Not that, gotta be home.”
“Visit g-ma for 2 hours or 1 hour, I gotta go wit 2.”
“Fuck, how bout 6?”
“Not gonna visit g-ma at ur house”
I gave up. “I am.”
“What, bullshit.”
“I never, well don’t’ like to lie. Look my house is empty. I set things up alright.
Guaranteed 6 hours.
“It just happened. Ima visit g-ma. I set it up. My bro is always out, plus he kool, I could call him right now and tell him I needed to be alone. My lil bro is spending the night with friends. Parents are going out. The earliest they’ll be back is 2 more like 3. My house is empty with plenty of privacy.
“Damn, wit who?”
“Come over and find out.”
“It’s a little far.”
“Look, everyone her has got time. Ana your good. Hernandez, with a phone call your out late. Vic, Wit a little call you spending the night. Car does have a full tank.”
They all looked at each other; they were sketchy on all of it.
“Everyone here owe’s me a favor. If you want I’ll start you all off new. None of you would owe me anything. Plus should only 4 of us visit g-ma or 6 of us.
They looked at each other and knew I was serious. No more feeling bad about asking for a favor. All of us visiting grandma, 6 hours. They had to. I drove everyone back to my place.
“Check it out, basement couch; either living room is sketchy but okay, kitchen, dinning room, bro’s room’s empty bed, roof, shower, bathroom, floor. Have fun, no parent’s bed or my bed.
It was 8:30, I went to my room, they separated to find a nice spot. They only asked when, I said 10 to 11.
A little under 2 hours later, they showed up to my room. They didn’t feel the need for clothes, only underwear. I didn’t really care; I laid on my bed watching TV. I had the blinds down, there was a knock. Elsa opened the window while I opened the blinds. As she came in everyone was surprised but me. An interesting thing happened that went like this.
“Yup, so lets talk later.” I said
My bros were about to leave but their ladies didn’t. The girls looked at each other, and whispered into their guys’ ear. Then they looked at each other, and over at me.
The girls started talking, both going back and forth.
“Can we watch?”
“Well you are Al”
“All girls know you’re special.”
“You got something we all want.”
“I’m perfect.”
“Yes”, they said simultaneously
“You’re gonna be good.”
“We don’t’ wanna miss it.”
“Bros”, I said.
“Go for it”, they both said.
“I don’t care.”
With that I grabbed Elsa out of the room and went for a little talk.
“You don’t have to…”
“I want to”
“It’s my first time (lie), so how should we do this.”
“Strip, Foreplay, Sex.”
“Alright, you’re going to be on top, set the speed”
“One thing.”
“Wats that.”
“I’m too embarrassed to…”. She made a dick sucking motion. “I’m too nervous.”
“Can I eat you out?” She smiled and we went in
We walked in, we started undressing. We left each other in our underwear. I laid her down and kissed my way down. Taking off her bra along the way. I got down and to work. Mostly I just wanted another taste. I must have been doing something right, because there was a steady supply. I licked and flicked with my tongue. I even stuck my tongue in. I did work for a minute, but I really didn’t know time at the moment. Once I touched her clit, she pushed me away. She didn’t want to cum yet.
I was already hard, and she was wet enough for the both of us. She calmed down and got ready. I got up and pulled my boxers down. I gave them a full view. I layed down, she lined herself up. Slowly she sunk down. A slow, grueling, mind bending tightness of a good 3 or 4 inches. She moved up and went the other 3 fast. That must have been too much, I guess I hit the spot or went deep enough, she came. She was straight up, but fell down on me. She got even tighter than before, plus her warm sweet juice. For once I stopped thinking. Only for a second. Then I remembered the couples, must have a good view.
I let Elsa come down from her high. She looked at me with her smile. It made me feel good. She got up and laid down. She was now sideways. I took my queue right at her gate. I slowly pushed in. I started a semi-slow pace. She lost her breath as I went out for the first time. I slowly worked my way in, putting more of myself in each time. I didn’t go in all the way. I started going faster, with long strokes and short strokes. She was getting louder and louder. But I wouldn’t let her cum. Every time she got close, I stopped or pulled out. She though I lost my vitality. She said we could cum together. I had a grand finally planned. But before that there’s something that happened, my brother came home.
I later learned this. My bro only came back for his contacts, he was gonna spend the night with friends. His car was full but he only came in with 2 other friends. Luckily he had his key, he quietly opened the door. He instantly heard Elsa. He and his friends stopped and listened. It took a minute, but he figured it out, he knew everyone was gone but me. He whispered to his friends.
“Al’s fucking, sshh”.He slowly crept up the stairs. My room was right at the top. My door was slightly closed. The couples were out of sight. They all heard Elsa. They got a small peak, then quietly left. They didn’t say anything til they got back to one of their houses. The point is, everyone now knows, people I don’t know, people I heard about, plus we Mexican. Even moms knew, meaning my mom would find out. Oh well, I dealt with that later.
They got their peek; I felt the couples had their show. Elsa did need it. It would be an epic orgasm, either way. But I like to go above and beyond. I instantly stopped because she was close again. This time she was fed up. She was about to say something when I went back to work. I went hard, instantly feeling good; she got her epic orgasm back. She was close, she was about to cum. I simultaneously for the first time pushed all the way in her and put my left hand down to hit her clit and her g spot. I even let myself cum. With all of that, she gave out the biggest scream of pleasure as she came, hard. Her eyes bulged out as she arched her back up. She went down and shuddered. She closed her eyes and passed out from the pleasure.
I again pulled out and laid down in my first position. I laid down and realized several things. I was out of breath, I was spent, I was sweaty, I was sleepy, but best I felt good. It had been a long time since I felt this good. Oh yea, I still had an audience. I didn’t want to but I got up.
“Enjoy the show”
They where at a lost for words. I looked at them. Both guys were hard. Both girls had hands playing with themselves. They looked at Elsa, to me to my dick, back to Elsa. I saw she was still the position. Her legs were spread out, I saw my cum. I left her full; it even dripped out in large amounts. I got her legs and closed them. Covering me and her.
“You were right I am special.”
They realized where they were, they started to process everything, get back to normal. I meanwhile checked the time. 12:30. I saw my phone had a voicemail. I played it. It turns out my parents got a room. They would be back the next day in the afternoon. Around 3 or 4.
“I really am lucky. Well my parents are gone till the afternoon. So visit grandma, stay the night, leave, be safe, have fun. Um… I’m tired, I wanna sleep. I know you have seen one hell of a show. We can talk about all of this later.”
They all got up and left. I covered us up and went to sleep.

To Be Continued…Maybe.

Like I said it was my first full story. Send me feedback, I just want this story to be good. I do have ideas for a sequel, any ideas or comments are always welcome. Hope you like it.

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2014-10-24 17:25:37
I don't know who's talking there's like three or four people talking and I don't know who's who

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2010-06-17 08:47:00
He even said Yo... at the beginning

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2010-06-17 08:45:45
Guys l know why.... Dude is MEXICAN


2010-06-16 23:42:35
Great story keep it going

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2010-06-16 19:01:33
Sorry, but I couldn't finish reading this "Supposed" story, it was just to difficult to read and understand. You obviously have a budding imagination but your writing skills leave much to be desired. Your "Choppy" way of writing with short incomplete sentences is almost impossible for the reader to follow a coherent story line or thought process. There was poor plot development and your use of colloquialisms and slang greatly detracted from your story development. Before you try again I recommend that you take some creative writing courses. Remember when you are writing in the future that you are painting a picture with words in your readers mind. Don't give up, just get better. I give this attempt a 1 out of 10.

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