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this is my first time posting a story like this, so if it's not that great please let me know
*Dark Fantasy/Fiction contains Fem/Dom/Bondage/Rape (of male)
**Parts in italics indicate Mistress’ flashbacks and memories



He awoke abruptly with his wrists handcuffed above his head to a wrought-iron bedpost, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden force of sunlight peering in through the window. He had no memory of the evening before and wondered how much he had drunk to wake up in a strange room bound to a bed.
While he struggled against his bonds he realized that he was indeed handcuffed and there was no way he was able to free himself. Panic took over when he also noticed that his shirt was gone and his pants also gone, ripped from his body and his nether regions were exposed for all to see (or more accurately the person who decided to abduct him and use him against his will) .
Confusion and pain seared through his head as he tried to lift himself off the bed but to no avail. His wrists were cuffed so tightly he thought he would pass out again from the pain and numbness which were surely waiting for him after several hours of being bound. He tried to glance around the room from his vantage point and noticed a door on one side and on the other another door leading to what he assumed to be a closet. The window behind the bed was streaming the late morning sunlight through the black drapes caught back with gold nylon, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to see the window from where he was being held captive.
At that moment the door on the left opened and in walked in a woman who was of average height (made by the shiny black stiletto heels) and had long dark red hair that was flowing down her back. The woman appeared to be in her mid to late twenties but she could have been older for all her victim knew.
“I see you’re awake….that’s good…you didn’t go quietly in the night…although I had my doubts,” the woman said with a sickening smile.
“Can you please unlock me, I promise I won’t hurt you,” the victim pleaded while trying to struggle to gain freedom.
“Oh, I’m not worried about what you are going to do to me,“ the woman replied plaintively. “You should be worried about what I’m going to do to you.” she added.
She then walked over to the side of the bed where her male victim lay helpless and nude, admiring his good looks. Not bad, she thought giving him a once over now that he was completely awake and sober no thanks to the scopolamine she managed to slip into his beer the night before.
Her victim was a tall man, mid thirties, about six feet maybe six one or two at the most, long blond hair and blue/green eyes. Slender in build yet defined with a hint of muscle in his arms which still struggled to get free. Not a chance in Hades, she laughed to herself. He is mine totally til I decide to dispose of him.
“Are those handcuffs too tight for you, Slave?“ she asked , immensely enjoying seeing this gorgeous man bound to her bed and to be used however she saw fit.
He continued to beg, plead and tried to free himself from this calm woman whose green eyes seemed devoid of any emotion except for the gleam of excitement in them.
“Please, let me go, I promise you again I won’t hurt you, I haven’t done anything to you.” he pleaded in vain. “Yes, they’re too tight, they’re hurting my wrists,” the victim complained.
“Good,” She responded without even glancing at him, just irritated by his whining. Only then she decided to take pity on this poor excuse of a man .
“All right! Fine! I’ll loosen the cuffs just a little bit, after all I can’t have you passing out from poor circulation on me, but I’m warning you…if you so much as scream or fight me I will have to sedate you and gag you again,” the woman warned..
“Oh thank you, thank you,” the man breathed a sigh of relief as his beautiful captor strolled over to where he was trapped. He took note of how meticulously she worked over him, loosening his handcuffs ever so slightly but still so tight so he couldn’t escape no matter how hard he struggled and strained.
With a slap across her victim’s beautiful yet astonished face, he was stunned into silence. “That will teach you to be quiet when I tell you to!” She said to him as if he was an unruly child. “You will not speak unless I speak to you first, is that clear, Slave?”
“Y-yes….I understand,” he whispered, now frightened of what this woman was capable of doing now that he was trapped for what seemed like an eternity when in reality it was only for one day.
“Good boy,” The woman replied, now satisfied she had a compliant man in her bed, maybe not so willing to please her at this time but will as soon as she was finished with him.
The woman stood at the foot of the bed watching her captive, all the while admiring her handiwork and the fact that her victim was now bent to her will with no escape plan in sight. She let out an audible sigh then shook her head, keeping her expression calm and unreadable, yet her eyes betrayed her emotion. They were cold and hard and mean.
The slave lay helplessly bound and frightened by his captor’s swing of mood. One moment nasty and cold, the next she was almost gentle and loving with the flick of her green orbs that were staring at him curiously. As if she wasn’t exactly sure why she decided to abduct him in the first place, maybe she made a mistake. After all he was a decent sized guy, over six feet tall, and built to perform (in her eyes, performance is a major feat and must be carried out perfectly). But for now he was her captive, her slave, her victim to use and abuse any way she wanted to.
His mind worked fast, trying to think of a way to escape, but obviously his Mistress already saw this coming, for she left the room for a second to get a high backed chair to sit in while she blocked the door. “Don’t make me gag you again,” she warned with a smile, but that smile held a hint of malice as her victim started to whimper and cry softly, tears running down his cheeks in vain since he couldn’t exactly wipe them away, At no time she felt any sympathy for this slave in her bed.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP I SAID!”, she screamed at him while marching over to where he lay. “Shut up or I will beat you senseless, don’t think I won’t do it!” she hissed. She then pulled out a dirty rag from the pocket of her black dress and jammed it into his mouth while slapping him hard across the face again. Jesus Christ, she thought…and I thought he was going to be one of the easier ones!
Stunned again into silence, he could only nod his head which was beginning to hurt with each slap she gave him and his arms were growing tired from being handcuffed all day and night. At this point all he could was wait until she decided to free him, but of course that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Not while she was enjoying her power over him!
She then decided she was bored with just watching him, so she got up from her post at the door and stepped out of the room momentarily to retrieve her big black goodie bag which held certain tools to ensure the fact he wasn’t going to try and run from her. “Don’t you go anywhere now,” she laughed mirthlessly as she disappeared for a moment.
The bound man just lay there feeling resigned to the fact that he was a slave and in not in any time soon he was going to be running away from this beautiful yet deranged woman. He just lay there for what seemed like forever trying to make sense of what happened to him over the past twelve hours or so.
The last thing he remembered as he worked it over in his mind is that he was leaving the bar after feeling a bit queasy after drinking his fourth or fifth beer. Then all was blank, and he woke up trapped in this bed, he had no recollection of meeting the woman or anyone else for that matter. He had no way of knowing at the time she was stalking him for quite awhile or that he was her tenth victim.
When she returned from wherever she was in the big house, she was carrying a huge black strap with duct tape wrapped around the handle. Just the sight of it made his heart pound with fear…and his maleness grow with arousal. Something he didn’t quite expect, but whatever worked to gain something in his favor. Sympathy? A good fucking? Maybe. But now he just felt his blood run cold and he would have trembled had he not been bound and gagged like the slave boy he turned out to be.
“I’m going to undo your cuffs so I can turn you over, but I’m warning you again, if you try to fight me or scream, or try to resist in any way, I will not only beat you but I will cause permanent damage to you and your ego, understood?” she warned.
He just nodded slightly, feeling euphoric for a split second while she leaned over him to undo his bonds and to give him a clear view of her generous cleavage which spilled out from her tight black dress, and to inhale the fresh, clean scent of her skin from her rose petal bath she took recently. She then abruptly climbed on top of him putting one strong knee on his sternum to make sure he wasn’t going to get up and get one over on her.
“Stay put, or else!” she growled softly in his ear, while causing additional arousal from his member.
She had him uncuffed for a second while she gently turned him over on his stomach, but this time restraining his hands with nylon stocking above his head. He lay there feeling discomfort while he strained his pelvis to the mattress. For a delirious second he felt mischievous and had the urge to grind himself against the bed, but it was short lived.
“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” she roared as she snatched her strap from her bag of goodies, and brought it down sharply against his backside. The pain seared right through him and his body grew limp with the shock and force of the beating that was taking place. “TAKE IT ALL, YOU FUCKING WIMP, YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD!” she screamed at him.
Shocked into submission all he could do was just lay there and feel aroused as she brought down the strap against his back again, feeling the sting of her whip only made his cock harder and he grit his teeth against the gag in his mouth. At that moment his back was on fire with the pain searing though him, but for a split second he felt good until the third lash against him was harder than the first two.
“That’s it, take it…take the sting of my whip Slaveboy,” she breathed heavily as she continued the beating that further humiliated him. “Yes, I know you want it, you want me to abuse you, don’t you?” she asked rhetorically, not expecting an answer since he was still gagged.
All he could do was just lay on his stomach taking her physical and verbal abuse all the while feeling his dick get harder with each bite of the strap. He let out a moan as she abruptly stopped whipping him, to inspect her damage inflicted on this helpless being of a man. There was several welts developing on his back and his ass cheeks , some were bleeding quite profusely.
She decided that enough was enough for one afternoon and she again left the room for a few moments to decide on her next course of action, while he stayed in that position like a frightened boy.
At that moment he heard the sink in the bathroom running and wondered for a moment what she could possibly be up to. Disturbing yet titillating thoughts ran through his mind as he continued to lay there like an abused rag doll. He felt something warm and wet running down the sides of his back and tried to strain his head to see what it was. Blood. Warm and sticky it felt dripping from him onto the bed sheet, he tried not to move as to keep himself from bleeding all over her bed and cause himself another ferocious beating.
The woman returned to the bedroom standing for a minute in the doorway and watched her victim writhe in pain, a demonic smile spread across her face as she witnessed the humiliation and suffering her victim must have been feeling. Not that it mattered, she thought as she felt her own sex moistening at the thought of having complete control over him. She held a damp washcloth in one hand while her free hand wandered over her voluptuous breasts where her nipples stiffened with delight. Then her hand drifted down to the warmth between her long shapely legs, but then suddenly stopped herself cold. That can wait, she decided. Right now I have more important matters to be concerned with.
Full of purpose she marched over to her victim lying prone on her bed, his back beaten bloody and black and blue, and for maybe a nanosecond she felt a flicker of regret. Maybe he didn’t deserve this, after all this wasn’t her last slave who tried to hurt her in the past. This was a totally different person. But again, she shook that thought away as well as the thoughts of regret, time enough to feel sympathy for this man who she ruthlessly punished and for good reason in her twisted mind.
She almost lovingly applied the washcloth softly against his inflamed back, causing him to jump in surprise and in pain. He couldn’t yell out due to the rag in his mouth, but she gently turned him on one side so she can remove it from his mouth.
“Are you going to behave yourself, Slave?” she asked with a glint of menace in her cold, green eyes as she pressed the cloth against the bruised and bloody backside which received most of the abuse.
“Yes, I will…I promise,” he whimpered softly trying not to fan the flames of her anger, and her ready hand.
“Good…maybe now you will learn something,” she said almost as an afterthought, keeping her eyes from meeting his. One thing she learned in the past was not to make a lot of eye contact with her victims, otherwise she’d feel sorry for all of them and they’d still be psychologically healthy.
But for now he felt the cool, moist cloth pressed firmly against his back soaking up the blood that seemed to flow freely from him, unable to help himself he let out a soft groan of pleasure/pain while she continued to nurse his wounds with what he thought was care. She then decided to carry out her original plan of action and again keeping his hands and wrists bound, turned him over again onto his bruised back and again keeping her right knee on his chest to keep him from running. Not that he would in the state he was currently in. Firmly tying his wrists to the bedpost once again she sat on his stomach straddling him and leaning forward to whisper in his ear.
“You liked that didn’t you, my captive, you liked feeling the sting of my whip?” she softly said while gently blowing on his ear lobe, feeling the urge to kiss him.
He rolled his eyes upward and moaned thinking if he wasn’t tied up he would wrap his arms around her and pull her down completely onto his thick shaft which had begun to grow harder with each chill her warm breath breezed over his earlobe. “I want you to sit on my face!” he then blurted out risking her anger and wrath. At this point he didn’t care what more she did to him, she can stick a butt plug up his ass and he’d gladly take it if only she would let him taste her sweet nectar from her warm pussy. For a second she wondered what that would feel like, to have his sensuous mouth pressed up against her warm and moist sex. She’s never had a willing victim before and this may turn out to be more fun after all….
Keeping him tied to the bed with her nylons, she sat up and tilted her slave’s head back gently with her hand. She maneuvered herself so she could lean forward pulling her dress up and lowered herself onto his hungry mouth. “Ohhhhhhhh!” she blurted out feeling his full lips kiss her smooth wetness. She felt electric jolts of pleasure shoot through her body as her slave eagerly kissed, licked and sucked her to oblivion. This was better than any other, she thought. Oh this is feeling so good, she jerked slightly and trembled as her orgasm hit her in waves as she continued to push herself into her slave’s face, all the while he was moaning. She couldn’t tell if was from pleasure of what he wanted to do to her, or maybe his whipping , or if it was his wrists straining to get free. She wondered if he would try anything if she untied him. For the time being he’s fine, she thought as she eased herself off his hot mouth, her sex throbbing.
He lay there with her juices smeared on his face and mouth feeling so turned on it was getting nearly impossible not to reach down and stroke himself, had it not been for his bond securing him tightly. At this time his captor seemed to read his mind, for she reached back while still straddling him and ran her long black polished fingernail up and down his erection which had to be at least eight inches in length and maybe 2 inches in width.
Keeping herself steady on his rock hard body she continued to tease him relentlessly running her nails slowly back and forth, up and down almost absentmindedly, making him moan and strain against the nylons holding his wrists bound tightly to the bedpost. She felt herself getting wetter and her clitoris getting engorged from the friction of rubbing herself against his smooth, warm skin. Unable to control herself at this point, she wrapped her hand around the full length of his cock and pulled several times listening to his moans and whimpers of pleasure/pain.
He didn’t know how long it would last, this exhilarating feeling rushing through his body, all he knew was this woman was having her way with him and felt so good. He felt his dick getting even harder and his balls were heavy with cum wanting so bad to be released, but he knew he had a long way to go until his Mistress allowed such a thing.
She continued to stroke him, her mind working on what else she had in store for this particular slave, after all she wanted to keep him around for awhile since he was behaving himself for the most part. Abruptly she stopped, enjoying the look of bliss and confusion written all over his face. He tried to make eye contact with his Mistress, questioning as to why she decided to stop pleasuring him. That was for her to know and him to find out.
“Time to inspect the damage I inflicted on you” she said cheerfully as if she was attending a party or some social function. She eased herself off of him and checked the nylon she had tied his wrists with earlier, good…they were still knotted tightly to prevent any kind of escape…not that her slave was in any rush to do so now.
The woman left the room and again he heard the water running only this time it was the bathtub. He wondered what could she be possibly be planning now, but stayed in his makeshift prison cell while she ran the tub.
She came back inside the room and saw that he did behave himself while she was gone so she decided to reward him in a small way by giving him a soothing bath. Her slave was still lying on the bed tied up like a good boy curious as to what was going on.
“Since you’ve been a good little slave, I decided to give you a reward for your suffering,” she said with a sexy smile which held a hint of evil. “I’m going to untie you from the bed but your hands will still be bound, so no running!” she added. As if I would, he felt like saying, but kept his mouth shut since he remembered how hard she slapped his face the first time he spoke out of turn.
His mistress helped him sit up on the bed, thankfully not noticing the blood stains at first on the sheets as her slave tried to hide it in vain. Didn’t matter at the moment, she was too busy making sure he was still secured. “Stand up!” she commanded. He did so carefully as to not rip open his wounded and welted back which still throbbed dully with pain.
“I imagine your back hurts quite a bit,eh?” she wondered. “You may answer the question Slave.
He slowly nodded his head and answered softly.
“Speak up when I ask you a question,” she scolded.
“Yes, it hurts Mistress,” he answered meekly, again trying to make eye contact with his captor, but she wouldn’t have it.
“Um, I think you can call me Mistress Nadia now,” she contemplated while holding his bound hands and leading him into the bathroom where a bathtub filled with hot water was waiting. “Since I already know your name, which is James “ she added.
Amazed, he just looked at her, wondering how she must have known this, for he remembered vaguely his wallet in his pants pocket. Maybe she stole it or just kept it for a souvenir.
“I found your wallet in your pants pocket, and yes I decided to keep it,” she answered nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, it’s in a safe place and when I’m good and ready to release you, you can have it back. If you behave yourself,” she said wickedly.
He just stood there by the tub dumbfounded staring at the water which had steam rising. Too hot, he thought. Hopefully she won’t try to stick my head under water or drown me. Or worse try to scald me, he feared.
“It’s just plain water not flesh eating acid,” she scolded lightly as he still stood staring at the bathtub. “Get in the tub now, don‘t make me tell you twice!” she again said firmly.
Dazed with his head pounding from lack of nourishment and the pain, he slowly stepped into the water, yelping as it scalded his bare foot.
“Don’t be such a crybaby!” she admonished harshly. “It’s not going to hurt you, who knows maybe in time you’ll get used to it.
“It’s too hot, it will burn,” he said as his voice shook, fearful that she may bodily shove him into the tub and he’ll be injured some more. Not that it mattered to her, he thought. She wants to see me suffer. Maybe if I continue to play her game she’ll go easy on me.
“If you don’t get into the tub, I will severely punish you,” she responded as if she was speaking to a dumb child who didn’t know any better. “I told you, you don’t want to make me tell you twice,” she repeated. He finally stepped inside the tub trying to ignore the burning sensation flowing through is body as the water nearly scalded the skin off him.
“Good slave!” she cried while clapping her hands happily as he lowered himself into the seemingly boiling water. “See, I told you it wouldn’t kill you, either go all the way in or I’ll throw you in,” Mistress threatened.
He lowered the rest of his bruised body into the tub, wincing as the hot water enveloped him completely, save for his head and face. ‘Mmmmmm,” he moaned while rolling his eyes in ecstasy, it wasn’t as hot as he first thought it would be, the thought as he lowered himself further into the tub now enjoying the heat enveloping his body.
Mistress Nadia then took a cloth from the towel rack and soaked it and then pressed it up against her slave’s neck gently rubbed it slowly on his smooth skin. She took the time to observe her slave more closely, taking note of his rock hard abs and hairless chest which had begun to glisten from the emanating heat. His face had nearly perfect, angular features with high cheekbones and when she cared to notice earlier, blue-green eyes, which were now closed.
His lower body also showed promise, his legs looked strong and muscled and between them held that wondrous eight inches of pleasure. She figured after this was through she would have to again carry out her plan and rape him since he has risen to the occasion. But for now she decided to just wash his body of the dried crusted blood that coated his back.
“Lean forward for me,” she instructed softly, forgetting for a moment she had to be ruthless even while being somewhat gentle. He did so slowly and she pushed his hair to the side to apply the cloth against his back, watching the water turn red from the blood on the cloth and on him.
“Please, don’t stop this,” he whispered quietly to himself while he continued to get even more aroused from the combination of the heat and the coolness of the washcloth against his skin. He couldn’t help it, he thought. This is feeling incredible and there’s nothing I can do about it. The water felt soothing streaming down his bruised back as he let out a soft groan of pleasure. If it wasn’t for the nylon around his wrists, he would have reached down and worked himself into a frenzy and shot all over the bathtub. But for the moment he just continued to sit and enjoy the fact that this beautiful yet unbalanced woman was not only bathing him but nursing his wounds. He wondered what was going through her mind as she hummed softly while examining his back and then pressing the cool cloth against his welts. Did she actually think I would hurt her or try to escape? This is what went through his confused mind as she continued to work. Confused still because the drug she had administered the night before didn’t completely wear off, he didn’t know what to think, only feel the rough texture of the wet cloth against him as he still felt highly turned on by her touch.
“Okay, you can lean back now,” she suddenly said. He did so without a word, just carefully sitting back and letting the tepid water arouse him some more while there was no decent way to shield it. She stuck her wrist in the tub barely inches away from his bare torso, noticing the water cooled down considerably, then letting some down the drain so she can refill it with hotter water.
“I’m going to make this a little bit hotter so you will feel even more relaxed and maybe even sleepy, but it won’t burn you….I promise,” she said then added, “if you behave yourself”.
All he could do was nod as she stared at his naked glistening form and getting quite turned on herself. There’s plenty of time for that later, she reminded herself. He’s quite pliable and obedient so for the moment I’ll go easier on him but if he tries anything funny…well…he’ll be punished.
The hot water felt so soothing as he lay back moaning softly, trying not to draw attention to his state of arousal that she surely has noticed. But to no avail, she was staring at that wonderful eight inches barely concealed in the sudsy water. “My little pet seems to be enjoying this, I guess I’m going to have to keep him around for quite awhile,” she said aloud as if she wanted him to hear her thoughts.
Yes, please, he wanted to say, but wisely kept his mouth shut so he didn’t get slapped again. So he just decided to keep quiet and let her use him however she wished.

Her mind reeled back to several months ago when she had her previous slave bonded in her basement, that one wasn’t nearly as submissive and caused so much trouble that she had to sew his mouth shut and brainwash him totally before setting him free. She wondered if this particular slave would try to escape from her clutches, no…she finally figured. He seems to really be getting into this. Maybe I could play with him a little while longer and see how much he can hold out before he releases himself. Not to worry she again thought, he seems like he’s not only built to perform and maybe more than once, but he’s also very compliant and willing at this point to let me have my way with him totally. Good…he’s turning out to be a totally perfect submissive so far.

Suddenly breaking out of her reverie she abruptly stopped bathing him momentarily to fix her eyes on his member which had begun to swell up again from the heat of the water. She then reached out and touched her slave’s astonished face as she ran one finger down his smooth cheek and over his full sensuous lips which had opened slightly with surprise. Then down his strong neck and over his collarbone and lingered shortly, enjoying the look on his face. Continuing tracing his features and structure of his fine body she ran her finger down the center of his chest slowly and deliberately as to keep him hardened yet in his place. He groaned quietly as she went on running her finger up and down his chest which was smooth to the touch. Oh God, I wish she’d go lower, his mind screamed with pleasure. But for now she ran her long lacquered fingernail down to his taut stomach and again lingered for a few moments, relishing his enjoyment. “Ooooohh please don’t stop,” he whispered as she ran her fingernails up and down his length, teasing and torturing him almost to the point of no return, but she stopped and and wrapped her hand around him once again and squeezed gently then roughly. She almost had the urge to take him in her mouth, but stopped herself from such thoughts. No, it would be better to keep him unbalanced, keep him on his toes and just have my way with him when I’m good and ready, she figured.
Back and forth, back and forth went her long shiny black fingernails up and down his engorged member, growing bigger and harder with each gentle yet firm glide. Once again she absentmindedly stroked him while wondering why he was being so submissive to her. Maybe the drug she slipped him last night didn’t completely wear off. In any case she decided that bath time was over and pulled her hand away from his throbbing erection.
“Do you need to use the facilities?” she asked him. He nodded his head, unable to speak as he tried to scramble his thoughts together. He wondered why she teased him so relentlessly as she helped him out of the tub and drying him off with a soft blue towel. When she was done she directed him to the commode and averted her eyes as he relieved himself.
“Thanks,” he said gratefully as she led him away from the toilet and out of the bathroom back into his makeshift prison where she helped him back onto the bed and handcuffed one wrist to the bedpost.
“Good, now I’ll be right back with some food for you,” she said while contemplating his condition. She left the room and was gone for about ten minutes as he lay there his mind swirling with racing thoughts. What is with her shift of mood, he wondered. Maybe she is chemically unbalanced, or maybe is just taking her frustrations out on me because she’s been hurt in the past, he didn‘t know. His head hurt with hunger and thirst, and he wasn’t sure how long he’d go without passing out. But those thoughts didn’t take away the fact he was aroused and ready.
She came back into the room with a tray holding a plate of scrambled eggs and a tall glass of orange juice. “This will keep your strength up…for later,” she said matter of factly as she placed the tray on his stomach and handing him a fork then taking her place sitting on the chair by the door.
He stared at the tray wondering if by chance she decided to poison him and maybe kill him and dispose of his body. His imagination was running away with him and he knew it. Obviously she wouldn’t do that, considering she was intent on using his body for her own amusement and enjoyment.
“It’s just eggs and orange juice, it’s not poison,” she scolded. “Just eat it before it gets cold, and you’ll feel better…maybe,” she added.
He picked up the fork and dug into his eggs, the feeling of real food in his mouth awoke his taste buds and his stomach clamored for more. He sipped the orange juice, apprehensive of it at first then drank the glass straight down feeling it slide down his throat like some magical elixir. With his free hand, he ate and drank while his other wrist was cuffed to the bedpost.
When she saw he was finished she rose from her chair and walked over to him and taking the tray from him and then handcuffing his other wrist. He looked up at her gratefully and she then left the room to dispose of the dirty dishes. She returned this time with her strap just in case he decided to get smart and try to uncuff himself from the bed.
His eyes riveted to her choice of punishment for him, and it gave him a start…and an erection which he couldn’t exactly conceal.
“I see that little snack gave you helped quite a bit,” she smiled while taking note of his enlarged tool. “Maybe it’s time to play again, are you going to play nice for your Mistress?” she asked wickedly, expecting him to obey every command she made.
“Yes, I don’t have a choice in the matter, do I,” he challenged softly, the words escaping his lips before he could stop himself, afraid she may lash out again with her trusty black strap.
“Oh you have a choice, yes, but I don’t recommend you getting smart with me, otherwise you will feel the kiss of my whip,” she answered as she glanced down at his nicely sculpted body, feeling herself moisten at the thought of using him.
“If you don’t play nice, then your Mistress will have a field day with you,” she then said sweetly with a derisive smile.
I wouldn’t want that to happen, he thought. Or do I? At this point, he didn’t care if she beat him senseless, all he wanted to feel was her soft warm sex enclosing around his throbbing hard on and ride him until he felt her hot wetness surrounding his tool.
She reached inside her bag of tricks and produced a long hard plastic stick with a bright red feather attached to the end. Eyeing it suspiciously, he just lay back and wondered what she planned on doing with her new weapon of choice. She stared at it wondering what else could she possibly do to him now that he was very obedient. Maybe she wouldn’t have to punish him anymore than she already had, but of course she would if he decided to grow a spine.
But for now she decided to torture him nicely…if there was such a way. Walking over to him her eyes full of delight she took the stick and ran the feather down his face brushing his long dark blond hair away from his chiseled face which she also noticed was smooth and clean shaven. The feather tickled his cheek and he had the urge to scratch himself had he not been cuffed again to the post. She ran it down his cheek and then softly down his neck, and again down his collarbone lingering it there.
“Mmmmmmmm,” he groaned while enjoying this method of torture. He figured this will definitely keep him aroused and ready for her. Never in his whole adult life he’s experienced this kind of pleasure and he was loving every minute of it. His member swelled up to decent size once again as she lowered the feather down his chest across his nipples, which now tingled excitedly. Back and forth, up and down went the soft tickling red feather she maneuvered across his torso, exciting herself also. She had to restrain herself from jumping on top of that sexy body and impaling her wet pussy onto that strong hard tool. But first things first, she thought as she continued to run the feather down further to his hard stomach, and lower regions.
Suddenly, she had a wicked idea….an idea to keep him on his toes (or on his back to be exact). She ran the feather up and down his long member while watching it grow and pulse with each stroke of the soft sensation of the feather. She continued this for a couple more strokes then replaced her device with the strap.
WHACK!! Down went the whip across his chest. He yelped in shock as the pain lashed through his body from sting of her strap. Biting his lip, all he could do was lay there helplessly as she punished him for his enjoyment. The pain seared through him once again only this time on his chest and stomach, but to his relief not to his erection which had swelled with each lash.
She decided to keep up the game and alternate using the strap and then the feather which would inflict pleasure and softness as well as pain from the strap. Switching tactics, she took the feather and swished it across his chest which had begun to grow red from the heat of the beating.
“You like that don’t you, my little pet,” she murmured with a hint of a growl in her soft voice. “Is this what you want, to feel the sting of my whip? Yes…you do want it, don’t tell me differently,” she whispered as she continued her assault on him.
She whipped him again with the strap against his chest, then had another idea. Reaching into her black goodie bag she found a silken black eye mask which she usually kept on hand whenever she didn’t want her slaves to see what she was doing to them. She pulled the eye mask over his head careful not to pull his hair and lowered it over his beautiful eyes.
Standing there planning her next move she was almost beside herself with arousal. I could fuck him silly right now and he’d be totally helpless, she thought with a smile. But she waved that idea away as she picked up her strap and brought it down sharply against his stomach, and then on his upper thigh, making his skin burn with pain. He couldn’t see what she was up to but felt every sharp lash biting into his flesh. All he could do was take punishment for some unseen sin. He grunted with each snap, getting even more turned on by this woman abusing him relentlessly.
SNAP SNAP SNAP, went the strap against his bare skin now reddening with angry looking red stripes. Swish, swish swish went the feather comforting each welt covering his chest. He groaned while not being able to see what was going on but feeling each assault then gentle tickle of the feather kissing his wounds.
She couldn’t control herself anymore. Keeping him blindfolded she quietly walked over as so not to let him know how close she was to him. For a few moments she stood and stared at his supine form lying on her bed with his maleness poking straight up waiting to be used like some sort of depraved sex toy. Well, she thought. That’s exactly what he is….my own private sex toy, my own sort of blow up doll. She laughed quietly to herself thinking of all the dirty things she wanted to do to him ever since laying eyes on him at the bar the previous night.

Seeing him in this state made her remember all her other slaves she kept chained and blindfolded in her basement. They didn’t behave themselves at all and she had to keep them in line by either whipping the skin off their backs or screaming abusive words to make them suffer for whatever sins they may have committed in front of her. One particular slave made her so angry that she had to hurt him severely to make him understand that he wasn’t the one in charge here. The slave who she called “L” had tried to escape and she had to wrap duct tape around his wrists and ankles to insure that he wasn’t going to break the chains holding him against the basement wall. She also had to gag him with tape covering his mouth so he couldn’t yell out from the humiliation as she raped him with the end of her favorite weapon of choice: her black strap….

She shook the memory out of her mind as she bore her eyes into his covered ones, trying to see into his soul and figure out what was going through his mind. Now it was time for the fun to start, she giggled at the thought of all she had done to him already. She leaned forward and lowered her head to his hardness letting her long auburn hair brush lightly against his stomach. With a flick of her tongue she licked up starting at his balls and all the way up to the tip of his shaft. “Ohhhhh my God,” he breathed in a low husky voice as she licked her way up and down like it was a delicious ice cream cone she was devouring. She then took his entire length into her mouth like a sex starved woman. Sucking him slowly, taking him deeper into her mouth and harder, he was groaning with obvious enjoyment. On and on she deep throated him while moaning with her own pleasure making her mouth vibrate around him.
He lie there while this beautiful lady gave him the best blow job he’s ever had, and he was sure he was going to shoot in her mouth which of course would have to wait until she let him. Drops of pre cum oozed out of him as she kept sucking and licking and using her free hand massaging his balls making him raise his hips off the bed and pushing himself deeper into her mouth almost making her choke on his massive hard on.
When she felt her pet was getting close to his orgasm she slowed down and then stopped completely. She climbed on top of him and straddled his hard body but decided at the last minute that since he did such a good job eating her shaved pussy, he should be rewarded with another round again. Leaning forward she kept the blindfold on his eyes while she pressed her lips to his ear and whispered to him, “You want me to sit on your face again, my pet slave? Want me to cum on your mouth again, don’t you?
“Please do, my Mistress, make me yours, I deserve to have my tongue up your sweet hole,” he murmured while straining against her voluptuous body.
“Ask nicely and you shall receive,” she breathed in his ear, flicking her tongue against his lobe. Pressing her full luscious lips against his cheek she slowly sat up and pushed her wetness onto his waiting mouth. His tongue felt so hot and wet jetting against her moist mound as her hands drifted down to her 34D bosom and pinched her nipples making her cry out in delight. Her clit was throbbing from each lick as he happily lapped up her cum like a kitten lapping up a bowl of cream. “Ooooh yes, yes…lick me good my pet, make your Mistress cum hard all over your face,” she panted as her orgasm rocked her body like there was no tomorrow, flooding his mouth with her cream.
He couldn’t see what he was doing, but he knew from instinct where to put that tongue and knew if he didn’t make her happy he’d be punished severely.
“OH Mistress, please, please, please fuck me,” he begged as she spasmed again from another earth shattering orgasm.
He was rewarded with a light slap to his face as she pulled herself off him to further inspect her work on him and was pleased by his obvious lust for her. It surprised him, but at least it didn’t hurt him this time, his head and face didn’t throb with dull pain, but deep down he truly loved the feeling of being her submissive.
She continue to eye him up and down, enjoying the fact that she had a bound and gagged and blindfolded man in her bed, practically begging to be used like a toy she picked up at random. Running her hands down the gentle curves of her luscious body, she felt the heat traveling up her long legs and floating upwards towards the swell of her breasts. It felt so warm and tingly she thought she was running a fever. But it was just the lustful feeling in her loins wanting to be released. It would feel so good if she just let go and acted out her wild fantasies of being in total control of a man for once. Some of them preferred to be submissive and into letting her dominate and use them for her enjoyment. And then you had the ones who were ornery and tried to run away because they’re too afraid to try new things, she reasoned. It was so much more fun to have a captive actually enjoy their predicament, weird, yet true.
Her slave could only continue to lie there handcuffed to the bed completely naked save for the eye mask keeping his pretty eyes closed to enhance the sensations running through his body and mind. Wild thoughts ran through his head as he lay there blissfully unaware of what she was planning, all he could do was imagine what she had up her proverbial sleeve. Feeling completely exposed and helpless, he couldn’t control the hard on he achieved being bound to the bed. For all he knew she could have left the room quietly and not return for hours yet. Or she could be planning another one of her surprises and figuring out which punishment to administer while he felt goose bumps prickling on his skin from either cold or anticipation. All sorts of questions peppered his thoughts continually as he lay there. Where is she, what is she doing, and most of all, why? Why did she single me out? Maybe he resembled someone she knew and didn’t like, or worse maybe and old boyfriend who’s caused some pain and humiliation that she is causing him. Whatever the case may be, he no longer cared. What’s done is done, or being done in this case. He was actually enjoying her control over his body and he wasn’t in any rush to escape from her clutches.
On and on she stared at his sexy form laying there thinking of another method of torture to use on her pet tied to the bed. Wordlessly she tiptoed closer to him her eyes traveling up and down his beautiful body, almost giggling at the sight of him blindfolded and helpless. She took her feather and ran it down his face again softly and slowly and then down again, causing him to almost jump from the chill she gave. His skin prickled with anticipation as she teased him yet again and again. Sighing, she reached downward with her free hand and tapped her finger against her rose petal lips of her moistened pussy. It was now time to let the real fun begin.
Climbing on top of him again she reached forward and gently pulled up the eye mask and let herself gaze into his eyes this one time as she softly kissed his face all around. He felt surprised as she pressed her soft full lips against his forehead, his eyelids and his cheeks, gliding down to his slightly parted sensuous lips. He knew better to let her lead the way and not to try to slide his tongue into her mouth without her permission, although he knew she probably wouldn’t mind if he did try. But for now he let her continue her seduction and enjoyed every moment.
He wished for a moment he wasn’t handcuffed for he wanted to just touch her face and stare into her clear bottle-green eyes silently questioning her motives. Deliriously feverish he felt as she had her hold over him and his willing body, he wished this sweet delicious torture would continue non stop as her eyes bore into his aqua ones.
She pressed her full lips against his again this time forcing his hot mouth open slightly as her tongue flicked against his bottom lip and then biting him softly yet firmly. Oh her mouth felt so soft and tasted so sweet while she kept biting his lower lip almost to the point of drawing blood. He simply couldn’t get enough of her and the way he strained toward her to let her know it. He dared to slip his hot tongue against hers as she kissed him again but waited until she bit his lip again. She responded by moaning and pushing her wetness against his pleasure rod, teasing him relentlessly while pushing her tongue against his fully, entwining in smoldering urgency. He tried to prolong this sweet moment by returning the favor with a soft nip to her lower lip, making her gasp and whisper in his ear, “Mmmmm yes my little pet, you definitely know how to use your mouth, don’t you?
He gazed into her eyes, feeling so turned on by her, her soft yet ruthless touch, her sexy little body encased in shiny black vinyl, and her voice which was reminded him of warm, smooth, dark honey. Practically begging to be used like a toy, he kept straining himself toward her, desperately wanting to feel her tight little box surround him and ride him to oblivion.
When she felt like she couldn’t control her need anymore she abruptly pulled back and placed her hands on his chest while straddling him completely while holding his gaze then teasing herself with his throbbing shaft. She took his length and rubbed it against her hot open sex waiting to be pounded furiously while moaning in sheer delight. Without warning she impaled her tight cunt down on his hardness making him cry out in pleasure and shock. The sheer feeling of his cock spreading her wide and pushing in so deeply made it feel like she was seeing stars before her eyes. His member felt so long and thick as she gyrated her shapely hips and bore down slowly at first then leaning back on her hands leaving her body completely exposed to his lustful delight. Once she found a suitable rhythm she rode him fast and hard, all the while screaming out obscenities mixing in with his grunts and groans of extreme pleasure. She was getting close to her finale, he knew from the way her cunt kept tightening around his rod and engulfing him in her hot juices.
“Ohhhh yes…yes, ohhhhhh fuck!” She yelled out as she felt her body almost go limp from the way she fucked him ruthlessly without caring if he had his orgasm or not. “Mmmmmmm, she breathed lustily with her eyes half closed in oblivion. She then decided to switch things around a bit and abruptly stopped and then attempting to keep him inside her she turned around and presented him with her back as she controlled his body once more as she screwed him reverse cowgirl style.
Eying the Ankh tattoo on her lower back, he felt nothing but total enjoyment from the way she used his dick as a sex toy. He wasn’t sure how much more he could hold out, for the sight of her sexy curvy ass rubbing back and forth and all around him almost drove him over the edge and he had never cum from being used this way before, and he knew it would be a real treat. He also knew he was being raped by this gorgeous, voluptuous creature and he loved every sick, depraved moment of it. She leaned forward giving him a generous view of her backside as she rode his joystick with gusto. Moaning and grunting from yet another mind shattering orgasm, she felt this was the most satisfying screw she has ever had with a slave, and she knew that she couldn’t fall in love with him, yet she didn’t want to set him free just yet ,since he was very submissive and letting her have her way with him. Her pussy tightened and pulsed with each thrust upward he was allowed being he was still cuffed to her bed. Oh, each long stroke he pushed inside of her tight little love tunnel felt like he was fucking a jar of warm honey and without warning his dick twitched and pulsed then shot a load of hot cream deep into her pussy.
She gasped then eased herself off of him, completely satiated, then noticed his dick was still semi hard and covered with a mixture of both hers and his own cum, then frowned.
“I’ll let you off this time around, but the next time you cum inside me without warning I will severely punish you, got that?” She warned him. He just stared back at her in confusion in the afterglow of their tryst, and then he nodded his face moist with sweat, his long hair sticking to his face. “Yes, I’m very sorry,” he said softly, wishing for a moment he hadn’t cum inside her without asking permission fearing she would get pregnant, since he had a clean bill of health and was disease free, but he chased the former thought away thinking maybe she was just being her dominating self. Whatever the reason, he couldn’t exactly blame her, after all for as long as she has been stalking him unbeknownst to him, he was still a stranger to her.
A mixture of emotions flooded through his system making him wonder if she truly wanted to keep him as a sex slave or if she planned on killing him at some point. Oh well, he thought to himself, whatever she wanted she’ll get no doubt about it. All he could think about though at this moment was that exquisite little body of hers that made him hard again. He shifted himself more comfortably in spite of the cuffs locked around his wrists, it was no use….oh well, maybe she’ll unlock him at some point. Maybe when she wants another go-around, he hoped, for he was mad with desire for her now that she opened that locked door to a secret fantasy he had been harboring for quite some time. It couldn’t hurt to keep up this charade, his earlier fear of her subsided after the bathtub session. So if I willingly become her slave, maybe she’ll realize I wouldn’t harm her, he thought to himself.
He was so deep in thought he didn’t realize his Mistress had quietly left the room, to go where, he was clueless, but she couldn’t be gone that long, after all she had a new toy to play with. A toy that was more than willing to do what she demanded. When she wanted and how she wanted.
She decided she had enough playtime and decided to call it an evening, so she left her pet cuffed once more to his prison-bed fully satiated (and exhausted, she was sure) and went to her own bed.
End of part I


2010-07-08 19:16:08
Paragraphs help a lot but your story was very enjoyable. I'd suggest the mistress kills her pet because he did cum in her! It's up to you - your story and all.

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