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Stacey gets into trouble must to the delight off her older voyeur
This is the continuing story of an obsession that a perverted older married man has for his younger neighbour and the lengths he will go to, to satisfy his needs.

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Stacey – In Trouble

My wife was away for the weekend and I had just returned to my house after having returned from a Sunday drink at my local pub. It had been some weeks since I had seen Stacey in her bathroom although I did still wank over her images in my head. And with the wife now being away this was a perfect opportunity to continue with my new hobby. Checking Stacey’s car was in her drive I could see the sun was shining on this lovely Summer’s day and guessed (hoped) that my favourite sexy young neighbour would be in her garden. I walked upstairs and immediately stripped off my clothes before moving into the back bedroom that overlooked the gardens. And my cock was already thickening in anticipation as I looked through the blinds to see Stacey lying on her back in a tiny brown bikini. Just the sight of her gorgeous body made my cock rock hard as I sat down on a chair with a view to wanking myself silly as I watched her.

Her newly dyed blonde hair was lying on her shoulders as I spied her slim toned body with those perky breasts and an arse like a peach. I had passed the point of caring what she looked like now and my interest was only in one thing, her body. Stacey does have a pretty face with full luscious lips and big green eyes, really a picture of innocence. But for me and my perverted ways her body was all I desired. Now I viewed her from my bedroom window, alone in the house with my eyes glued to the brown two piece thong swimsuit she was wearing. I gazed at the skimpy top and wondered how something that skimpy could hold her perky breasts in without snapping?

Stacey turned onto her stomach and untied the back of her top to prevent tan lines. Her beautifully tanned skin was golden brown and shining in the heat of the sun. I immediately noticed her thong disappear into her bum crack and from even a few feet away she looked completely naked. To me, having gone past the mere attraction and now being obsessed with my neighbour, she was no longer nice, she was disgusting! She looked and acted like a little tart, a slut, a temptress! As I thought this of her she pushed herself up on her knees and arched her back pushing her heavenly bum cheeks out making them more prominent as her breasts bounced in the light warm breeze.

It was inevitable and I felt my cock stiffen again as I watched intently. When I would sit alone wanking at Stacey I would often wonder if she knew what she was doing and perhaps just ‘putting on a show for me!’? Like the slut she was.

I pulled my face back from the glass briefly in fear that she might have spotted me but then noticed the builders over the fence. One had been mentioned by Stacey to me and she had said he was hot! A typical slutty remark, no doubt! But I could see that they were ogling my sexy neighbour from the vantage point of the scaffolding next door. Dirty pervy bastards! How dare they ogle my Stacey!

Stacey hadn’t seen me or them. She was simply changing the track in her IPod. It was a Sunday and she, like me, assumed they wouldn’t be working today. But I was angry. ‘My’ innocent Stacey was unknowingly being ogled by builders as she was positioned on all fours in her garden ‘virtually naked’. She was like a lamb being stalked by two hungry wolves! What a pair of pervy bastards. My eyes trailed back to Stacey…………….and what a fucking dirty slut!

But strangely this thought was making me extremely aroused. I reached down and closing my fingers around my rock hard shaft started playing with my hardening member. I couldn’t help myself as I stared at Stacey and imagined although she was totally unaware, of being mentally ridden by the builders from the opposite house! What dirty disgusting thoughts were going through their heads I thought to myself. Were they imagining fucking her delightfully tight young pussy into it was sore, or forcing themselves upon her in an act of defiance against her wishes? The thought of my sexy slutty neighbour being raped popped into my head and my cock jerked fiercely in my hand as it hardened even further at the obscene thought. It wasn’t as if she had never had a cock before. The only difference was that each time she had she had been drunk as was her way.

The builder’s were both naked from the waist up. They were both tanned and had lean muscle and hardened six-packs. They appeared in their late teens or early twenties so had no right to ogle my 26 year old neighbour! Well, not in such a perverted manner. They even had tattoos on their muscular arms and hair shaved close in. I continued to watch with growing excitement. Oh my god, dirty bastards! The builders had taken out their camera phones and started taking snaps of Stacey but she seemed unaware of them or their actions as she looked at a magazine and listened to her IPod. Despite being appalled at what I was seeing my perverted excitement was getting the better of me and I couldn’t resist and continued to tug harder on my cock. I simply couldn’t help it as I prized open the window to listen to the builders talking. Dirty filthy bastards!

One man’s accent was harsh and pure Belfast as he laughed with the other man knowing Stacey’s music in her ears would drown out their ramblings.
“I would love to pump that sweet ass of and make her squeal with pain!” One man shouted.
“Yeah!” Agreed the other builder quickly. “I’d tie her up and pound her juicy cunt!”

I could hardly believe my ears. The dirty pervy men, how dare they talk to my neighbour niece like that! But I continued to tug on my rock hard cock!

Yeah and make her suck my cock, cock sucking whore!” The first man continued.
“Or better still; give me a titty wank with them melons!”
“Fucking yes! Oh fucking yess, yess, yess!” The first builder almost came as he agreed with his friend!
“Fuck I dream about that all the time and my cock and them tits! Spunking all over them!”

They laughed as they continued making hand gestures indicating to Stacey’s breasts or slapping motions, as if they were riding her from behind. Pervy little twats, I thought to myself. But the sad reality was this was seriously turning me on. Just then I heard one man say to the other. “Let’s go down to her and see if she needs us to rub sun lotion onto her back?”

My stomach was now heaving with arousal. What were they going to do with my neighbour? I thought to myself with growing excitement. I didn’t know what was going to happen next with these two builders but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like this and decided to film it. I left the bedroom to get my camcorder complete with tripod and a couple of beers. By the time I got back the men were already in Stacey’s back garden! They were slowly walking up to her. I had seen her body when she was drunk but this was awesome as I watched through the camcorder!
‘The wolves were about to attack their prey!’ I thought to myself as she lay blissfully unaware of them with her eyes closed and music in her ears. But then I started to get alarmed as I noticed one of the men had some tent pegs and rope in his back pocket.

Still unaware of their presence Stacey was on her stomach dozing, the camcorder was set on its tripod and the filming had begun. I knew it was wrong and began to feel a pang of guilt about what might happen next. Stacey was my neighbour and she trusted me and confided in me. I thought of stopping the camera and alerting Stacey to the possible danger but just as I was about to the ‘dirty old man’ side of me suddenly took over and I smiled. This was the pervy side of me that wanted to see her innocent pretty little face get buried in the laps of these builders! And I knew as I stroked myself once again that I was in need of relief. Now I was in control of myself and the film and the voyeuristic action that I so enjoyed in my private life. My fingers closed around my thick member as I watched as the oldest looking of the builders knelt down beside my sexy neighbour.

“Oh my god!” She suddenly screamed as she got to her knees in alarm, her perky young breasts bouncing naked as she cupped them with her arms to hide them from her predators! She was kneeling between the two builders looking up at them innocently!
“Easy!” Said one. “Everything’s fine!” He glanced at his friend before returning his gaze, first to Stacey’s breasts and then back to her face, before his eyes reverted to her fleshy mounds that were squashed under her arms. “We just wondered if you needed us to rub sun lotion onto your back? We’re working on the house next door!” He was trying to look sincere.

Stacey quickly looked around but the seclusion of her garden hid everything other than the clear view from my window. She noticed the other builder’s eyes checking out her peachy bum cheeks! “Um no, that’s …………I’m fine, thank you!” She said firmly but still sounding slightly startled by the intrusion.

I could hear her voice was shaking and smiled to myself waiting and filming every move!
“Yes, that’s it baby!” I whispered to myself. “Not so in control now are you, fucking little………………gorgeous…………..slutty tart!”
The builder continued to talk down to her. “You’re home alone aren’t you?” He said trying to be casual; he glanced up at the empty house behind her.
“Uh no!” She protested. My neighbour is next door!” I quickly ducked behind the curtain as she pointed at the houses whilst covering her squashed breasts with one arm.
“You’re lying!” The other man suddenly blurted. “He’s at the pub! We saw him go out and haven’t seen him come back in yet!”
“So you are all alone!” The other builder said his tone firm and menacing. Then he continued. “I’m gonna fuck you…………..whether you want it or not!”

“Listen I have neighbours!” Stacey repeated in a panic but to the growing excitement of me as she started to get scared. “Please I don’t want any trouble, please leave!” Stacey said, her green eyes now dazzling and watery.
One builder smiled at the other then looked back at her. “Awe, poor you!” He scowled. “I……………….. Don’t fucking think so!”

Stacey glanced back at her house and quickly tried to get to her feet to run for the house but I watched as she was cruelly tripped by one of them men. She fell to the grass, face-first with her practically naked arse in the air!
“Oww! That had to hurt!” Laughed the man.
The other grinned. “Well, you’re in the right position now anyway!” He started to laugh as well! My breathing had increased and beads of sweat were forming on my forehead now as my rock hard swollen cock pulsated at the sight of my scantily clad sex-bomb of a neighbour! There she was, face down in the grass being humbled by the well-built skinhead builders. I heard her start to cry and the builders leant down presumably to help her up! But instead they caught her arms, one each and tied them behind her back with the rope! She screamed out but there was nothing she could do. One of the men made a collar from another piece of rope and tightened it around her neck, tying the other end to a wooden steak and driving it into the ground!

My camcorder caught all the action as the ‘hunters had captured their prey!’ Stacey really was now at their mercy. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen such an exciting show, other than the evening that she had been drunk and I had put her to bed, or the night she had masturbated in her bathroom. Yes, those had been exciting, but perhaps now Stacey deserved what she was getting from the builders! I sipped my beer with anticipation of what was to come!

I couldn’t help but yank hard on my cock! “Yes!” I murmured. “That’s it boys!” This was now getting seriously kinky. My sweet neighbour was about to be raped by two mean builders and I was watching in anticipation and with growing excitement. Stacey’s face was smudged with dirt except for a few clear lines made with her tears. She bit her bottom lip and knew what was coming!”
“Please don’t!” She pleaded rather pathetically.
“Oh fuck…………….. really? Now I’m really turned on!” He laughed as he undid the button on his jeans letting his trousers fall down. He paused and Stacey glanced around to see his cock which was massive and thick and rock hard. His muscles were well developed from lifting with his legs, and his arse looked rock hard and firm from working on building sites. I knew this was now the point of no return for Stacey and her builder ‘friends’ aswell as for me.

The younger builder took out his camera phone and started to film as his friend began to feel Stacey, letting his hand run up and down the back of her thigh and arse. He laughed as he suddenly poked two fingers into her arsehole and wrapped his fingers around her thong and pulled on it snapping the whole thing away!
“I love unwrapping presents!” He said grinning and parted the cheeks of her bum! I watched as he spat onto Stacey’s gorgeous arse and then forced his cock against her, must to her distress. Then he held her hips firmly and pushed hard into her. I watched with my cock now dripping precum and harder than it had ever been as the builder’s big cock sank deep inside the arsehole of my gorgeous sexy neighbour. And it went all the way in, all 9 inches. I wanked even harder as I watched Stacey grit her teeth and squeal with pain.
“That’s it bitch, nice and easy!” Moaned the builder as he began to thrust his huge dick in and out!

“Yeah, yeah, she likes that!” I Thomas as watching intently, at the same time wanking hard. Tears streamed down Stacey’s face. But I felt no pity for her now, I was getting off at the sight of her, my young slutty neighbour, all tied up and being ridden from behind. The builder ran his hands down her tanned back and let them slip under her as he began groping her tits. He closed his eyes and he savoured her womanly flesh. I now couldn’t stop jerking at the sight of this.

The other builder was getting impatient waiting for his turn and dropped his trousers and boxers. He moved to the front and grabbed Stacey by the hair.
“You’re going to suck my cock!” He snarled. “It’s good hard meat for you today and you’re going to do a good job or I’ll slap your fuckin face in!” He sounded angry and Stacey obediently nodded her head. She was now too afraid to say no and just parted her pouting lips and let him side his thickness inside her mouth. He groaned as he felt Stacey’s lips lock around his 7 inch cock. He was enjoying the warm wetness and could feel her tongue moving around caressing his dick.

The two builders were in ecstasy as they fucked my sexy slutty neighbour from both ends. I loved ever second of it too! Stacey looked traumatised as she rocked back and forth accommodating her rapist’s pleasures! She knew she didn’t have any choice, as the men broke her in for themselves degrading her and treating her like a cheap piece of meat! I suddenly felt my body tense and squeezed my shaft hard to prevent the flow but it was too late and I started to cum as the man at the front of Stacey squeezed her tits and the other slapped her arse cheeks as he rode her. Cum spurted out from the head of my cock at the sight of my neighbour being abused and much to my surprise the sight was so exciting my cock didn’t soften. So I continued to wank it. The man at the back was the first to cum clenching his arse he pumped his cock juice deep into Stacey’s tight arse.

A wave of contentment swept over his seedy face and then the other builder grabbed her face tightly as his cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed most of it but some escaped from her mouth and dribbled down her chin. He looked down at her grinning. Tears streamed once more from her beautiful green eyes, and suddenly I, having witnessed the whole event started to cum again shooting another load into my bedroom curtains, the camcorder catching every cruel moment of her rape!
Back in the pub I leant on the bar swigging a beer followed quickly by a whisky. I quickly glanced at my watch knowing my wife was due home at 7. It was only 6.15.

“Pete?” My wife, Carol called as she entered the house. “Are you in?” There was no reply as I finished my beer in the bar and left for the short walk home. My wife started to walk up the staircase pushed open the bedroom door to our spare bedroom. “What? What’s that doing there?” She looked at the camcorder which was set up looking out of the window. She looked through the viewfinder and saw it was aimed into our next door neighbour’s garden. There was a wooden stake in the middle of the garden casting a shadow on the grass as the sun went down lower in the sky.
“Strange!” Carol said to herself. She went to move the camera away from the window and accidentally hit the eject button. A tape popped out and fell to the floor. “Even stranger!” She grabbed it and went downstairs to the video player and flicked on the TV. She hadn’t noticed the cum stains on the curtain.

In a dimly lit room my wife watched as the tape started to play………………!


Carol looked up at the scaffolding on the house opposite and smiled as she saw two builders doing some work. She slowly spread her towel on our front lawn and stepped out of her sarong to stand in a tiny red bikini that barely covered her large soft breasts. Lying face down on the towel Carol felt her pussy and nipples tingle as she hoped with all her heart that the builders might have seen her! She seemed to get nothing from me these days…………………….. so!

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the way you talk about the man sounds like your gay


2010-06-20 00:14:36
very weak . completely unrealistic and the sex action and deions were far from erotic or even interesting


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More about Stacy and Carol Husband and more about his wife and the buuilder next door. would like to hear about the burilder raping Carol and her husband making it with Stacy.

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