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Playing in the Rain
This is the sequel to my story, My Favorite Babysitter Ever. By now, you know who I am, what I look like and how I got my first real feel for sexual pleasure. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did feeling it and writing it. These are my first few stories; I hope my stories provide some pleasure and maybe some inspiration for you all dying to have your first sex at an early age. This may become controversial but I ardently support child pornography (the non-abusive kind). Not only is it part of Freedom of Press but I firmly believe it helps eliminate sex education and provide an outlet for kids to express themselves in their own special way. I have now (finally) converted Mom, Anna, her friends and her family, and my best friend and his family into full-time nudism excluding in their work places (except Anna who’s my high-school girlfriend, my future fianc? and is always allowed being naked when she babysits me which is all the time Mom needs to go to work or out of town). I hope I get some pretty good reviews but if I don’t I won’t take them to heart for everyone makes mistakes and that is what makes us human. Please comment if you think I need to work on something or if I did a good job. Thanks for reading about my first experiences, I hope yours’ will be as, if not more, pleasurable as mine was back almost half a decade ago. Our story begins with Anna dangling the purple vibrating dildo and asking if it is her turn now….

"I love you, too, precious. My turn?" Anna asked while sitting up. I sat up on my elbows and replied with a soft, “Absolutely.”My dick twitched on the floor slowly becoming a softy again. With her sitting right there naked, pink hard nipples still looking like pencil erasers, her pussy literally dripping on the velvety sanded wood plank floor, I loved her and she knew that. I got up, leaned into her and stabbed her with my tongue. We fell softly back down but this time me on top of her. My soft penis lightly grazed her sopping wet pussy lips making it instantly lubed, hard, and prepared. I guess it was ready to get back into action.
Like some kind of reflex, I started to grind my cock against her smooth, wet lips and oversensitive clit. We both moaned as we felt the intense pleasure we both were receiving from the mutual masturbation. We continued till she pinched my butt with its still gaping hole as a signal to hold up.
She stopped kissing me and reached to get the lube that wasn’t too far away and put some on the violet cock. When it was dripping lube, she slowly moved it back down to my gaping buttocks. I braced myself for the pleasure and closed my eyes.
Nothing came but a moan from Anna. I looked down to see that she had put it in her own butt, which made a small but quite audible slurp like it was waiting to be placed in there, and turned it on low. She then took her hand that was rubbing softly my butt and took a light hold of my now precum and pussy lubed cock, which gave me a shudder of pleasure, and moving it to the entrance of her beautiful pink love box.
As it slowly moved across her clit and then her silky wet pussy, we both shook with extreme pleasure. It felt amazing but I knew it just was going to get better. We moaned in unison when it reached its destination.
When it went in slowly, we gasped not a moment from each other, if not the same time. It felt like silk just like I thought it would feel like but like nothing I felt before. I could feel a slight vibrating in her smooth tight hole. She, I guess couldn’t take the wait of me going in slowly, so she grabbed and spread my butt cheeks even further and pushed me down into and onto her squeezing those hard nipples and beautiful C cups into my chest.
“Ahhh…Ahhh…You are filling me up, Andy…” she finally said a little out of breath from the quick insertion.
She felt soo tight and smooth I couldn’t say anything; I thought I was going to explode. My dick was now fully hard as it felt ever-so tighter inside than before again. It again, like before, started to go in and out like it controlled my body. I didn’t think it was big enough to bring her body up and down with the rhythm of my humping against the floor, but it did.
She came in close and locked lips with me again, which made it that much more pleasurable. As she stabbed me with her tongue, I stabbed her with my huge thirteen-year-old cock. We started moaning again but this time she was much louder than I was. I stopped kissing her and started to suck on her nipple like a baby, giving her right nipple a bright red hickie. She hummed with great pleasure, reached down, and turned up the purple dick that was still stuffed in her butt hole. I felt the familiar feeling of the vibrator on high.
“I love you, Andy” she said with the most sincere and seductive voice I ever heard. I then gave her the deepest and most passionate kiss I have ever given to anyone (well she was the one that gave me my first kiss and other things) and said, “I love you too, Anna.” I never felt a truer love from someone outside the family than this before. I started to cry and hump her even faster. I really loved her and I knew she really loved me.
“What’s wrong, Andy?”
I slowed and finally stopped humping for a moment, “I love you Anna, I mean I really do love you. You are the most beautiful person I know and I don’t want to loose you ever…”
“You won’t loose me, I am right here with you, with your large rod pretty much pinning me to the ground. {Chuckle} I love you too, but can we keep it a secret? I don’t really think Mom will like this very much…”
“Yeah, I think I can keep it a secret as long as we do this again whenever we want; Deal?”
“It’s a deal. I love how you treat me, with respect, trust, and above all love, not any of my past boyfriends have shown that to me. Just keep going! We are not anywhere near done yet!!”
I didn’t respond verbally but my cock to the notion as an accelerator and started back at its job. When I was going again she kissed my tears that were waiting to fall down my cheeks. I kissed her again on her lips. They felt even softer and tasted sweeter than before. She felt velvety and much looser than she was when I started to hump her; I guess her pussy was getting adjusted to my oversized dick.
After about fifteen minutes, my hairless sack started to boil and shake outside her soft womb. She was turning pink like her pussy and breathing quite hard. I felt like my body take over again, my cock started to go in and out much faster, and I started to squeeze her C sized breasts. She moaned with my tongue piercing her mouth. I rolled over with her in my arms, her now on top again. She pushed the purple dick further in her butt as she moaned loudly and bit her bottom lip as it went in. I squeezed her butt cheeks as she came back down to make out with me. I pulled the purple dick in and out as she massaged my balls lightly, she moved back and forth as we continued. She was now hot pink and so plush against my skin.
She pulled the purple vibrator from my hands and then with a very audible pop, like when it was taken from my butt, pulled it out and turned it off. She stopped squeezing my balls and latched her arms onto me. She rolled us over now with me on top and reattached her legs and arms around me once more. She stopped kissing me on the lips and started to kiss down. My body brushed up and down her body as I hugged her and continued to fill her pussy with my big cock. I could feel my bald sack slapping wetly on her damp yet open butt hole. I felt like I was going to cum soon but held it in. She kissed her way to the base of my neck and stayed there. I massaged and squeezed her breasts in circles which made her start to moan again. I started to slow down my pumps and started to really enjoy it.
With me still in her, I removed her legs and put them both on my shoulders. I remember learning in my “sex-ed.”, a deeper penetration can be achieved that way and better G-spot stimulation is also attained. She moaned quite loudly when I started pumping this way. I stretched her legs all the way to the floor and started to kiss her back on her silky lips. I loved the face she was giving of pure ecstasy.
In that moment of intense pleasure, we both heard some rustling outside and stopped our actions almost instantly. We looked over to the door but no one was there. I pulled out of Anna’s pussy very slowly, which gave me a shudder of delight and my dripping wet cock a twitch, and walked with Anna over to the entry way. No one was around but then we heard another rustling. I went out all the way and looked around and again no one was around but then there was one right in front of us. We looked up and saw that it was about to deluge. Anna boldly stepped outside to see if anyone was coming. When she didn’t see anyone or anything, then Anna leaned down started to French-kiss me again and we got right back into it a few feet from the entrance to my hovel. Anna lowered herself and me to the ground. My cock was heading in the right direction so I didn’t need to guide it. Exactly like a laser guided missile, it slipped right back into her sopping, silky pussy.
In less than five minutes, the downpour unleashed itself upon us. It felt great getting soaked as we made love. We went slowly this time, but, kept French-kissing each other, she kept squeezing my butt and I her breasts. She had her soft legs and even softer and unblemished feet on my back which drove me deeper into her. We were moaning as we loved each other deeply. In the midst of our getting drenched, our nude bodies were getting slightly clean on the Irish moss covering the underground. Her now soaked amber hair was soft against my shoulders and chest. Though we were kissing quite fast, my humping was next to almost nothing. Sometimes when I got caught up in a kiss, I would stop all together. She would have to remind me, by squeezing my butt or start fingering it, every now and then to keep going. I would from time to time ignore her signals and just enjoy them especially the fingering.
At the height if the downpour, I was back to my normal humping speed and she was back to moaning while stabbing my mouth with her sweet tasting tongue. I could feel she was making love with me not just having it for my huge dowel. I stopped kissing her smooth lips and declared defeat at tongue to tongue combat, and started to kiss the side of her neck. She would start breathing hard and moaning crazier than before.
She whispered in my ear, “I think I am ready to cum. Baby!!”
I whispered back, “So am I, Precious!!”
“Don’t cum in me; that is for later, maybe before Mom comes home, Ok?”
“Ok, Gorgeous,” I said wide-eyed.
I pulled out again and with a twitch, I grabbed her soaking wet hips and plunged it all the way into her tight butt. She had a flabbergasted look on her face but added a mischievous smile. I started humping quite fast and she moaned like crazy again, but for her I had another surprise. I started to finger her soggy pussy with my index and middle fingers while my thumb stimulated her clit in a circle. She started shaking and moaning loudly, but, I surprised her a bit more. I stuck all the rest of my fingers in her pussy or fisted her. She opened her eyes and looked hurt. I started to move in and out fast.
She yelled, “I’m cumming…I’m cumming…Ahhh…Ahhh…”
“I am…Too…Ahhh…Ahhh…” I pulled my hand out in time but not my dick. Her cum splashed on my stomach while my cum squirted ten times into her butt. I filled her up and some of it started to leak out.
We were out of breath, and the rain started to stop and, like some kind of movie, the sun started come out to shine upon us. I stayed in her and started to make out with her. I was starting to get soft so I pulled out with a little gasp from both of us.
Ten minutes later, I moved off of her and lay next to her on my back. She sat up on her elbows and said, “Wow, I love you…”She then gave me the most stimulating and passionate kiss I ever felt. My friend started twitching. She got up on her knees and said, “We should go in for lunch and possibly more fun.”
She turned around to get up but, just in time, I grabbed her wet butt and moved over to me. I spread her cheeks and started to lick and suck her dripping holes. She started to moan and shake again. My friend was getting hard and fast.
She must’ve seen this salute and so she then stood up out of breath, shook her tight, soaking wet butt and pussy in my face getting some of the sweet juices on my face and walked into my hovel to get her stuff. I laid there with my tongue out like an idiot and a waiting to be pleased friend.
I sat up in “Indian-style” and started to stroke my rain, cum, pussy, and ass lubed tween uncut cock.
Ever since I was eleven, I could suck my own dick without hurting or straining myself because it was a few inches down from my face and that is exactly what I did. It smelled and tasted sweet just like her and that made me harder and stimulated than ever. I sucked it intensely and fast but I didn’t hump my face yet, I would share that surprise later, and stroked it as it went in and out. I started moaning low as too not attract Anna’s attention.
“Humph…Hmmh…” I shot in my mouth with six ropes of my ivory seed. I pulled it out of my cum filled mouth and licked it clean. It twitched as it became soft once more. I tasted sweet like frosting but with a minute saltiness.
I got up and walked into my hovel and found Anna not dressed at all. She said, “You know what, I think I am going back to the house naked. I’m too wet anyways to put my clothes back on and it’s too muggy and hot to have them on.”
I then said in kind of a reply with one hand on my hip and one slowly stroking my softy, “It is cool being nude, huh? That is why I am an at-home nudist when Mom is not home. I just love being nude and that’s why I live by ‘go out of this world the same way you came in, naked’.”
She said, “Yeah, it is cool and now I don’t have to strip in order to have fun later,” she then winked at me and moved over by the doorway.
I nodded, got my stuff together, and walked over toward her. She grabbed my bald cock with her smooth hands and then said, “We’ll play after lunch until dinner but we are staying naked, I don’t want to be the only one…Ok?”
“Offf courssssse,” I managed to say with her slowly stroking my uncut monster gradually waking it, “I would love to be naked with you. Your body is too beautiful to hide up with clothes. Why are you scared of people seeing how gorgeous your body truly is without any clothing on to hide it…?”
“{Chuckling} No, I just want you to be naked too so it won’t be a nuisance to get naked later on.”
“Oh…Okay, if you can handle random erections and maybe me cumming on you after I jerk them…”
“Absolutely, as long as I don’t have any clothes on and/or Mom is not home, we can do whatever you want, sweetie…So what do you want for lunch?”
To be continued…

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2013-06-04 13:36:36
Yomama?? Wow. Ignore the rude people, that was great

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2011-08-18 20:23:49
better than the first


2011-08-04 17:35:22
so when is the next piece mate

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2011-05-16 00:07:20
Great story! I also love the wonderful constructive criticism comment below this one!

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Great story! I also love the wonderful constructive criticism comment below this one!

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