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This is a fictious story about a boy and his sexual curiosities. I don't usually write stories in this genre, but I thought I might give it a try. If readers find this pleasing, then I will continue writing stories in this genre. Enjoy.
I’m 15 years old. I’m Asian, and for me, it’s not always about gals.

I’ve found certain types of men very, very sexy.

I’ve often fantasized about truckers, for example, the 6’2” 220 pound redneck trucker, with a pot belly and strong sexual urge due to their long commutes on the road.

Some of them just want to fuck something wherever the road takes them. Some of them may fuck a drunken fat ugly woman, or a prostitute, but some of them might go for a nice little Asian boy like me.

I’ve imagined offering to service a gay or bisexual trucker somewhere a truck stop, a public washroom stall, a rented motel room. I’ve fantasized them taking me to their truck to suck their nice unwashed cock to perfection. So I decided to pursue my fantasies. My sexual urges were so strong; I set out to fulfill what I desired.

I posted many internet ads on the ‘craigslist’ ‘men-seeking-men’ categories. I aimed for truckers, and asked that any gay or bisexual trucker who were passing by the Toronto area to shoot me an e-mail.

There were few responses at first, but then I got an e-mail that really stood out to the others. He sent me a picture of his face. It was a proportioned face who wore a beard and had blue eyes. His body pic was perfect. His hairy chest. His pot belly. His sexy bearish thighs and that magnificent 7.5” uncut cock that looked so very thick and yummy.

He was passing through the Torontonian area in a couple of hours. He was going to be at a truck stop near 401/dixie.

In his e-mail he stated that he needed realease after a long trck from Vancouver. He was discreetly gay, and he wanted a cute little boy like me to help him with his ‘manly needs’.

My heart raced. I imagined the things that he would do to me. I imagined him forcing my mouth down on his huge bulging cock. I imagined me taking my first cock up my little virgin asshole.

He even left his phone number in this e-mail! He urged me to give him a call if I was interested.

I dialed the number and waited. After 3 rings, the phone picked up and a voice spoke.


“Hey Brian…. This is George… from Toronto?”

“Ohhh, so are you up for it? You wanna come over here and service me you little asian bitch?”
I was so aroused by the way he talked…. I couldn’t wait to agree to his requests.

“Yes… I do.. where should I meet you?”

“I can pick you up, I can come right Downtown and take you up North so I’ll have you all to myself”.

My heart raced even harder. I can imagine sitting in his truck while he drove me up North. I would be there, admiring his sexy, strong form waiting to service his manhood.

“Yes! Can you pick me up at Harbourfront? Around Queens Quay and Yonge?”

“Sure! I’ll be looking forward to meet you, you little Chinese whore. I’m gonna make a woman out of you.”

“Oh god.. that sounds soo good. I’ll see you in an hour”.

“Mmm… make sure to make yourself nice for me.”

“I will”.

As soon as I hung up, I ran too the washroom. I washed myself completely, and I douched out my ass. I got rid of all the dirty stuff, and injected some lubricant into my butt-hole, so I would be completely ready to take that cock up my ass, later on.

I was so excited, I’ve never done this before. I’ve only fingered myself and played with small fruits like the mini-cucumber.

It was like a fantasy coming true!

I took the subway to the promised address and waited. I expected him and his truck to show up soon, and sure enough, I saw a HUGE 18 wheeler drive down the wide lane.

It stopped before me and the window opened. A handsome face peeked out.


“That’s me!”

“Well what are you waiting for? It’s a 45 minute drive up north! Get the hell in, boy!”

I walked to the left side of the truck and climbed up into the open door. As soon as I settled in, he took off driving.

“Mmmm, look at you” said Brian, “your bodies so damn sexy”.

I couldn’t agree more. I was fairly slim, my legs were feminine, and I (in my point of view) were considerably more attractive than many of the fat woman who did nothing but drink and smoke. That was probably what Brian was fucking before he met me. I felt like a treat, I just wanted to please.

Me and Brian had a pleasant conversation as we drove up north. Supposedly he had a nice secluded area for us, and he did. The truck drove and drove, and finally parked into a spot at a truck-stop.

Brian then looked at me and started pulling the blinds to conceal the windshield and windows. After he was done, no one could see what was happening in the truck.

“I sleep in my truck on these long commutes” Brian said, “The truck can convert into something much more spacious than it looks.”

He looked at me dirtily, “after you’ve used your mouth to make me nice and hard, I’ll bring you back to the sleeping compartment to fuck you silly”.

My heart was pounding so fast. I was soo horny; the lights were dim, Brian was looking at me hungrily, and I felt like such a slut. I felt that I was there for his pleasure.

“Take off your clothes” Brian commanded.

“Yes…. Sir… I’m a bit nervous though, I’ve never done this before”

A smile creeped across Brians face. “But you want this don’t you, you want to be daddy’s little bitch”.

I inhaled sharply on these words. “..Yes daddy… I do…. I want you to make me your little bitch”.

I took off my coat and my t-shirt. Then my pants, then finally my underwear. I sat there, not sure what to do when Brian spoke.

“Come here, let me squeeze those nipples”.

I shuffled across the seat, as Brian adjusted his seat recliner so it pushed back and left a place between his legs that looked just about enough for me to kneel at.

He took my nipples in his hand and squeezed. It felt soooo gooood. I gasped as his other hand found my little penis and started kneading. It felt sooo good.

“Look at that little dick” Brian teased. “That’s no cock, you’ll know what I mean when you see what a real cock looks like”

I moaned when he put my nipples into his mouth. He sucked on them so hard, he bit them so tenderly as he ran his hands up and down my smooth body.

“Get between my legs” he commanded.

I shuffled clumsily to the space between his legs. When I got downt here, I could SMELL HIM. He smelled like cock and dried sperm. Due to his long commutes, I know that he don’t take a shower very often. I loved that smell. He was a REAL MAN.

Brian lied back and put his hands on his thighs. “Take it out… put it in your mouth… be my little bitch and gobble my thick, fat cock…”

My hands snaked across his belt and undid his button. I slowly unzipped his jeans and saw the ENOURMOUS bulge under the jeans, barely confined by the cotton boxers. I took a deep waft, it smelled intoxicating.

I pulled his underwear forward and manhandled his HUGE 7.5” cock that was at least 3” thick. It was a MONSTER. It smelled of sweat, urine and dried sperm. It smelled delicious.

“It’s so…. Big…” I stuttered. I wanted to please this man. This big strong man.

“Hmmm…. Wait till it finds its way to your little ass…. Now suck on it”.

With that, he took my hair in one hand, and his cock in his other and slapped me across the face a few times with his huge cock. He then prodded my lips with it.

“Take it into your mouth”.

I opened my mouth and took the huge head into my oral cavity. It was salty, sweaty and tasted like his dried manjuice. I heard him moaning as I took his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“Mmmmm… suck it you little whore…. Ohhhh yyeeahhhh….”

Nature took in and due to the large amount of gay pornographic material I watched, I tried to imitate as best as I can to a nice obedient bitch boy. I grabbed his cock in both hands and started sucking as deep as I could with my mouth. I flicked my tongue around the head and sucked his cock as hard as I could.

“Mmmmm… YES!... You little bitch, suck my big, fat cock you little whore…”

I jacked my hands up and down his huge tool. My mouth still on his helmet and moaned, literally french-kissing his cock.

“Stop” he said. “Stand up, I’m going to take you to the back. I’m gonna make a little bitch out of you”.

My heart pounded as hard as ever. I was gonna be fucked like a little whore. I was gonna be fucked like a little woman who had no power over the enourmous strength and power of this man. Every part of my body was going to be used to make him feel good.

I got out of the space and shuffled through the blinds into the back part of the truck. It was fairly comfy, and cushioned. There were silk comforters and something that looked like leather belts and hoops.

I knew what was going to happen to me. Brian was going to fuck me silly. I had no power over it. He was probably going to secure me as well with the leather straps.

“Lie there” he said. There was a couple of pillows as I lied down, under my head and back. My entire lower body was propped up by more pillows and blankets. I looked hungrily as Brian took off his clothing. His entire body was revealed, and it was just as I imagined. His hairy chest, and hairy pot belly. His thick strong arms and his enourmous pulsing manhood.

“I’m gonna tie you up bitch.” Brian exclaimed. “Your gonna fight it, but I’m gonna get what I wanted.”

I knew what Brian wanted to do. He wanted to roleplay. So I started fighting as he grabbed one of my legs and pushed it towards the left side of the area, towards the metal wall where one of the straps was attached to the wall in a belt buckle shape.

I tried fighting, tried kicking, but Brians muscles overpowered me. He secured my thigh with leather straps, and my feet. It was high up in the air, strapped in, so I couldn’t move my left thigh.

Brian did the same with my other leg. He then moved to my arms. The same thing happened. Brian overpowered me and my arms were tied above my head. I was exposed. My legs were spread WIDE OPEN like a little bitches. My hands were tied above my head, I was powerless.

Brians cock was pulsing for attention as he looked at my little asshole.

“I’m gonna have fun fucking you up the ass., and when I’m done, we’ll be able to run a flag pole up that little hole of yours”.

I gasped in anticipation, when Brian’s cockhead pushed against my ass. My asshole was well lubricated but he was just too big. I started begging him to stop, but he still kept on pushing slowly. The pain was excruciating. I started screaming, begging him to stop when he slapped me hard across my face. The effect was incredible. That authority. His strength. When I slapped me a second time across the face I knew I had to submit to him. I had to take his incredible cock up my tight little virgin asshole.

He pushed and pushed, and finally was able to get his cock head into the tight rubbery passage of my anus.

“Ohhh yeah… you little bitch… you have the head in your ass….ohhh yeah…”

He kept on pushing, until inch by inch, almost half of his cock was in my ass. He started pumping. Pulling his cock out and plowing an extra centimetre into my ass every time.

“I’m gonna put my entire cock inside you, you little bitch”.

Phut, Phut, Phut, Phut, his cock plowed his way through my little anal-cavity. His hands snaked over my body and started kneading my nipples as he pleasured himself.

My feet were waving in the air, I was a little bitch. Exposed, tied up, and I was powerless. I started screaming as he started pounding me with abandon, my ass felt like it was about to explode, it was burning with friction.

“Ohhh YES!” I cried, “fuck me like a little bitch daddy! Oh my god, fuck me with your big man meat! UHHHHGGG!”

“You’re so tight you little bitch, you’re fucking tighter than anything I’ve ever fucked”

His cock fitted tighter than a piston on an engine, and I couldn’t have resisted even if I tried. His piercing cock and my binds have stopped me from even being able to move. But finally, as Brian’s moan crescendoed, I felt his cock twitch, once, twice then finally unload inside my asshole.


He moaned and groaned and called me names.

“Ohhhh yessss…. You dirty little bitch…. Ahhhh yesss make me cum you little chinese whore…. Ohhh yyeeahhhhhhhhhhh”

Spurt after spurt of his thick white cum filled me, and started spilling out of my anal cavity. My young little ass couldn’t hold so much cum.

“Ohhh yeah…. Oh my god…” gasped Brian. After he was completely drained, he took out his cock and moved towards my face. I was still tied as he grapped my face and commanded me to suck his cock clean.

“Clean it” he said.”suck me clean, like a nice little chinese-whore should”

I opened my mouth as he let me suck off all the cum off of his cock.

He stared back towards my ass with a look of curiousity as he moved back and said,

“Squeeze the cum out of your ass”


“Squeeze it out of your ass bitch, I’m gonna feed it too you”

I started tightening my ass muscles as I felt the warm hot cum spill out of my ass and onto Brians outstretched palms. Every single spurt of cum from my asshole he smeared over his cock and balls.

He walked back and without another word shuffled back slapped me across the face and stuck his still hard dick into my mouth. He made me lick the cum from his dick and balls and announced that he was still horny and was going to cum again, but this time on my face and mouth.

This time he grabbed my head and stuck his rigid cock into my mouth. He pounded my oral cavity with abandon, eager to cum and shower me with his seed. After a while, he moaned and finally came.

His cum hit me across the eye, across my upper lip, and a lot of it ended up in my mouth. I enjoyed the taste as I sucked every last drop from his cock.

Finally, he lay exhausted, and started untying me.

This was certainly not the last time I was going to do this.
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