When i foubnd out why my daughter wanted a lap top for Christmas
This is my first story into fiction, Ive been interested in incest since my encounter with my 11yr old niece, so hope you like my attempt, Im working on a follow up to continue the story further.

“Ok” I told my 10 year daughter Emma “Ill buy you a lap top for Christmas if you are sure it will help with your schooling”
“It will dad all the other kids have got one”
“Ok, then we will go to the shop at the weekend, but you have to promise me it won’t be used just for chat lines, and you will use it for school work”. I knew Samantha uses hers for chat lines her mother had told me soon after Emma had asked me for a lap top.

The weekend arrived and we were soon off to the computer shop, Emma was so excited she was pestering me all morning “when are we going to go”. We arrived outside and entered the shop, I don’t know a great deal about computers so I had to go by the salesman word. In the end I paid almost £400, much more then I wanted to, but Emma was thrilled with it. According to the salesman it did every thing bar cook dinner and hang out the washing out.

We got it home and Emma unpacked it, and she set it up in her bedroom, and began playing with it. About an hour later she came down with a disappointed look on her face, I asked “what’s the matter”
“I can’t get on the internet with it”
“Why should you want t?” I asked
“To do all my researches for my school work, I have to have the internet”. Of course she was right, and it’s something I hadn’t thought of. “Ill phone the shop and find out why it won’t work then, ok?”

She seemed happy with that so I phoned, and was told I would need an internet connection, which I hadn’t realised. He gave me a phone number of an internet supplier, and with a credit card in hand, and my details ready, I gave the operator all the necessary information. Emma was by my side, and when Id finished she asked “have they done it?”
“No it will be at least 2 weeks, and we need a telephone connection”. Up till then I hadn’t bothered with a land line as we have always used our mobiles.

Monday morning I spent on my mobile organising a telephone connection to be installed. This was costing me far more then I first imagined. The girl with the telephone company said it would also be at least two weeks to have fitted. I could only imagine what Emma would say when she returned from school.
I was right, she wasn’t very happy with the situation; it was going to be almost a month before she could use it for the internet. I tried to calm the situation by telling her she had plenty of time to learn how to use it. She went off to her bedroom mumbling something I could not hear.

For me the two weeks passed quite quickly, but for Emma it must have been an age, she would check every night when she arrived home to see if any thing had arrived or if the phone line had been connected. But she was happy one evening when a package had arrived, I didn’t open it but left it to her, as it was part of her present. When she opened it we saw it was from the internet company, “what is it” she asked. I looked at the instructions “it’s a router”
“What’s one of those?”
“You apparently plug the telephone line into it and then into you computer and it will get you on the net”
“Oh that’s brill, if only we had a telephone line to plug it into, now that would be wonderful”
Instead of being happy, she was no better then before I shouted after her “well at least we got that now” thinking to myself how ungrateful she was.

The following day the telephone line was connected and the guy even did all the necessary to get the lap top online, at the cost of £10 in his pocket nothing said.
He showed me how to get online, so I would then be able to show Emma.
When she arrived I told her to go and turn her computer on, she looked a bit bewildered. I followed her upstairs. When it was up and running I took the mouse and double clicked on the internet explorer short cut. Up popped the home page of the internet supplier. Feeling quite proud of myself, being my first time I looked at her and said “well?” a large beaming smile came over her face and I received a hug from her “thank you daddy” and immediately sat down to explore the internet, dinner was rushed as she needed to get back to her lap top, to do some research she told me.

Sitting alone watching the TV I felt at last it was all worth the problems I had encountered; at least now Emma was up with her mates and not the odd one out. From where I was sitting I could see the phone socket with the wireless router plugged in, I knew she was doing some research as the green light was flashing continually.

So it went on at 8pm she would disappear to her room and the green light would be flashing until 10 when I told her to turn it off. Once or twice I saw the green light after 10 but on the whole she was very good and did as I told her. That was until a month or so later. I couldn’t sleep, and came down to make a cup of tea. I slumped into the arm chair and turned the tele on to watch something, anything just to pass the time, and hope then I could sleep. My eyes were drawn to a flashing green light, I moved to where the router once was, and found it had been moved behind the sofa. I knew I hadn’t moved it so it had to be Emma. I glanced at the clock, it was 3 am, and what the hell was she doing online at this time?

I put the tea cup down and crept upstairs. Her door was slightly open, I pushed it further. As I guessed she was using the chat lines, I was very annoyed with her, and was going to bust in on her and take the lap top away for a while as punishment. But something stopped me. In the glow of the screen I could make out that her hand was on her lap, I wondered what she was doing, but she would write something, then her hand would go back to her lap. I needed to know what she was doing, but at the same time thought it best to try and do my own research.

I silently closed the door, and went back down stairs, the green light was flashing for another hour. I nodded off on the sofa watching it. The following morning I did my best to investigate what she was doing, but being unknowable about lap tops I didn’t get very far. So a trip to the computer shop was called for. I spoke to the salesman and told him about her early morning chat on her lap top. Not mentioning of course her hand on her lap.
“Oh that’s an easy one sir” he told me “we have a lot of parents in with that question; she was probably using her web cam while she chatted”
“I didn’t know it had a web cam”
“Oh yes all the new ones come with a web cam now”
“Is there any way” I asked “that I can tell who she was talking or camming to”
“No not with out knowing the site and passwords, she only has to delete the information and no one can find out”.
Satisfied I left, but I needed to know what she was doing, so I had to figure out some way to find out. From the cupboard under the stairs I found my old video camera. I hadn’t used it for years so I checked it still worked, it did. Now I couldn’t leave it running as it would run out of tape from 10pm until the early hours of the morning, even using LP it would only give me 3 hrs. I needed to work out how I could have it come on the same time as the lap top was turned on, and begin recording then.

My next trip was to the camera shop, taking the camera to the counter I explained to the salesman “it’s very embarrassing but I think my wife is having an affair. And to check I would like to film what they are doing. But can’t leave it on all day. Is there some way I could have it come on and record if a light switch was used?”
He looked at the camera “well there could be, if it was set to record, and the power switched on, using the mains adapter, not the battery, as that would start recording immediately. Plug the main adapter into the socket of the switch, when the light switch is turned on it should begin to record. But you will need to check it out first”
I thanked him and left.

On arriving home I found the adapter, turned the camera to record, and plugged the adapter into the mains socket and switched on. I left it several minutes. Turned it off and turned the control to play back. To my complete joy it worked, I had several minutes of my sofa. Now to plug it into the lap top mains socket, so that when the lap tops turned on it records. I then run some leads from the camera to my bedroom routing them under the carpet. I connected the wires to the camera output AV and into the input of my portable TV I had in my bedroom. I was feeling quite proud after my testing had worked.

That night lying in bed having set my mobile alarm for 2 am I turned on the TV and waited. At 2.30 the screen burst into life and there was a picture. I lay there watching but to my frustration it was too dark to see anything, all I could make out was her figure from the glow of the lap top screen, but by turning up the brightness I could still see she was doing something under the desk with her hand.
I watched for a while till my eyes got tired from straining to watch.
Tomorrow I need to find a way to light the area under the desk.

Again I spent an age working out how I could light the area needed, not to much light that she would notice but enough for me to see what was happening. I finally found it possible using a small LED (light emitting diode). It produced a tiny pin prick of light but wasn’t visible from above the desk. That too was due to turn on the same time as the lap top. So all was set, and that night I hope the mystery would be solved.

So once again I set my alarm and waited. Once again the lap top turned on and the screen lit up, but this time the light was perfect under the desk. I could see her knees and lower legs. I waited and watched for what seemed an age. Then the chair she was in moved back. I could still see, her legs were now open, and her hands were playing with her tight smooth pussy. I was shocked, but at the same time aroused. I watched for an age, and almost with out realising it found my cock growing, as I watched the spectacle of my 10year daughter masturbating for some one online. I imagined an old man wanking furiously as he watched her fingers caressing her wide open pussy lips, then came to realise that I was doing the same, openly masturbating while I watched my innocent daughter. What seemed all too soon the screen went dark again, and the room was plunged into darkness, her lap top had been turned off.
Tomorrow I was going to confront my daughter and show her the tape, but considered it better not to mention how hard she had made me and the relief I felt when I spurt my load over the bed clothes. I was more concerned, from her point of view of course about the dirty old men who watched her.

Emma arrived home from school and before she had time to go to her room I told her I had something to show her. She sat down; I connected the video camera to the TV and pushed play. She sat in silence as we both watched, I noticed her eyes becoming tearful “this isn’t why I bought that lap top you know, for you to show the world your pussy, and have dirty old men wank over you. You said it was for your schooling how did you get started in all this?”
“All the girls do it that have computers; it’s just a bit of fun”
“It won’t be if one finds out who you are and rapes you”
“That won’t happen most are in the USA that’s why I did it late at night”
“Well I don’t know what you mum would say if she were still with us, be ashamed I should think”
“Please don’t take the computer away I wont do it again”
“oh yes you will, and I’m going to watch and see what you do with these men, then Ill decide on the course of action to take”
“You are going to watch? While I play with my thing?”
“Yes, can you see these dirty old men as well?”
“Yes some are old but a lot are young men too”
“And what do they do?”
“They give me instructions on what I have to do”

That night arrived and we both were at the computer waiting “don’t stand in front dad they wont stay if they see you there” so I stood to one side, but could still see the screen, and also what Emma would do.
The computer was turned on and Emma logged in, we then waited for someone to say hello to her.
It didn’t take to long before a “Hello Emma” appeared on the screen.
She replied I told her not to say I was here, don’t think she would any way.
Then there was several moments of idle chat about the weather how she was etc.
Then one asked “do you want to play tonight Emma?”
“Yes” she looked at me, “I don’t like you stood here dad, I feel embarrassed now”
“Don’t be just act normal” but I could see she was nervous.
“What are you wearing Emma” he asked
“My nightie”
“Is it short?”
“Can you see your panties when you stand up?”
“No it’s not that short”
“Stand up Emma let me see” she stood at his command “nice nightie Emma, give me a twirl” she did as he said “can you lift it up a bit so I can see you legs” again she did as was told.

I sat on the edge of her bed intrigued, I knew this went on but now I was witnessing it first hand, a paedophile in action,” if he asks you any details of where you live you don’t tell him ok” I told her.
She nodded at me, but didn’t speak. Her nightie was now just below her pants. “lift it more Emma show me your panties” again she did as he said “turn round Emma let me see your bottom, oh that’s lovely and smooth, I like your bottom Emma, be better if you pull you panties down a little then I can see your bum crack” the next moment she had pulled them down a bit, and at the same time I realised I was finding this very erotic, so much in fact my cock had started to grow.

“I do love your bum Emma” and at the same time I was thinking exactly the same, although I hadn’t noticed before my little girl was growing up fast.
“Can you turn around again and show me the front, don’t pull your panties up though” as instructed she did it. “Do you have any hair or are you too young Emma” she wrote “no hair”.
“then pull them down let me see if your telling the truth, no better would you take them off for me?” within a second they were off and laying on the floor.
“That’s it Emma it is wonderfully smooth, I think I can see your little slit, do you mind me looking at your slit”
“I would love to see your slit closer, could you move nearer and put your leg on the chair” she did it again, and now I could plainly see her slit as well, and now I WAS hard, I had never noticed her before and how much sexuality she had. But hold on, this was my daughter I was thinking about, and now it was my turn to feel some shame.

But then I thought, I am a man after all, and it had been a long time since I had sex.
“That’s lovely Emma” he wrote “you have some nice smooth lips, could you open them so I can see inside? Oh yes that’s so lovely all pink, I would like to lick your pussy, would like that too”
“Yes” she answered
“Pretend I’m licking it Emma rub your lips for me, oh my god that’s so nice, I can imagine me licking and tasting you. Put your fingers inside and pretend it’s my tongue. Now two fingers. Oh that’s so nice to watch, are you wet”
“Yes I am” she wrote. And I believed her, she seemed too had forgotten I was there. I had been rubbing myself through my shorts but with being slightly in darkness, and her more interested in him then me and the things she was doing to herself. I took out my cock and rubbed it quite openly, also watching her as she rubbed herself.

“I am glad your wet Emma, do you want to see what you have done to me?”
“Yes please” was her reply
He stood up and his cock was larger then mine and fully erect, and he was wanking gently. “Don’t move Emma, I’m now going to put my prick up your tight virgin cunt do you mind?”
“I don’t mind” she replied
“Then ask me to do it Emma, tell me you want me to fuck your virgin cunt with my hard cock, plead with me Emma”
She took her hands of her pussy to write and I could plainly see they were wet, she was dripping with her own juices, “fuck my cunt with your big prick, and take my virginity, and I want you to fuck me”
My god was this daughter I was watching. “Then I will fuck you Emma you are a nice and polite girl, and I’m going to fuck you senseless” he then began to slowly rub his cock “can you feel it Emma taking your virginity?”
“it feels so nice” she wrote, and then she leaned forward and got hold of her hair brush, and in one movement pushed it deep into her pussy. She was no virgin, she had done this before, and probably the hair brush had taken her virginity.
And I was wanking in unison with him as she pretended to be fucked by him using her brush. This continued for 5-10 minutes until his cum spurted from his cock. He then wrote “thank you Emma shall I see you next week”
“Yes Barney see you next week, you made me cum to”
“Only here to please you Emma you know that, good night my sweet Emma”.
The screen went blank

She pulled her pants on and turned to me, and now it was my turn to feel embarrassed. In watching every thing take place, I had shot my load over her floor and I now sat limp cock in hand. “Daddy” she said “what have you been doing”
“The same as your chat friend I had to admit”
“Did you find it sexy?”
“I sure did”
“Then your just one of those dirty old men you spoke of”
“Yes it seems I am, but the only difference between them and me is I have you here, and can watch in person”
“And would you fuck me with your big cock too?” I had to admit I would, and enjoy it.

The following day was Saturday and I had a plan. Emma came down to breakfast quite late. “Last night seems like a dream” she said “was it real?”
“Yes it was real, and I enjoyed watching you, and would like to take you up on your offer”.
She looked confused “you asked me would I like to fuck you with my big cock”
She went red. “But first we are going to the computer shop”
“To buy the best web cam they have and a microphone, no more tapping the keyboard, and then we are off to the photo shop and buy some photographic lights and then we will move every thing into my bedroom, and together we will put on a show for your dirty old, on my double bed. But this time you will follow MY instructions as well as theirs. And you will become my slut daughter. Who knows we may even start a web site so they can pay to watch”
She smiled at me “that sounds like a wonderful idea, but you have to do something for me too”
“And what is that”
“I want you to lick and suck my cunt like the men have said, I can’t do that myself and I want to know what its like. Then I want to sit on you and make you cum while you have your cock in me. And then I want to suck all the cum from your balls. But first before we go to the shop I want some thing now”
Now my young daughter sounded like a slut and I loved the way she was talking.
“And what do you want now young lady?”
“I want you to take me upstairs and do all the things I’ve just said I wanted, if you don’t do them I wont be your slut daughter”
I stood up, reached out my hand. “Come on then my slut daughter, I agree to your terms”
As we walked up the stairs I aksed her “ Do all your friends have web cams?”
“Yes most of them”
“Who for example”
“Oh there’s Cindy, Samantha, Susan, Paula and Jade, and many more”
“And do they all do the same as you?”
“Yes why you asking”
“Umm I like all of them, very pretty girls with I imagine smooth pussies, and do you think they might like to stop over one night

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